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FY2016 Priorities (pending revision)
DonePriority LevelRankingItemDetails
PHIGHUpdate List of Families Report so that exit date is factored into calculations. Fix it so that the graduates/terminated/active data is accurate based on the datesIf a user selects specific dates, the adult's exit date should be checked based on those dates --- if the report dates are 10/01-12/31, an adult who graduated 01/10 shouldn't be included in the report if it is filtered by graduates (same if they terminated). And, if those same dates are used for 'all adults', the numbers at the bottom (the totals) should show the status during those dates --- meaning, if someone graduated on 01/10 they should be in the total for active, not graduated.
PHIGHStylized/ PDF ReportsNeed professional looking reports; Names need to be different for each report.  Start with Diet Summary.  Try to do Diet, Adult and Youth Summary in FY2014.  Checklist Summaries after checklists are finalized
nHIGHRedesign Section I of the Adult Checklist Summary Report for Additional Checklist QuestionsFor Additional Checklist Questions... change the labels of the columns to 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to account for different question types.
nHIGHTranslate Checklist Diagnostic Report to SpanishUMD offered to help with this, ideally we can work on this after we update the Adult Checklist so we are not duplicating efforts
nHIGHEmbed hyperlinks to specific sections of the WebNEERS manual within those sections of the system (e.g., on the enter recall page, link to the section of the manual on entering recalls)
nHIGHCommon Food ItemsReevaluation how the common food items work; query states to see how they want this feature to work
nHIGHMove Annual Updates and Budget Justifications out of the WebNEERS data databases - i.e., decouple them from a specific yearThis should also fix the issue whereby the link generated in the email notification only works if they are logged into the correct year
nHIGHReplace date picker with new date filter.Roll out section by section (adult, youth, etc.). Test in beta. Confirm that users are ok with new methodology
nHIGHLock SNAP-Ed Database at year's endCreate way for SNAP-Ed users to lock their regional databases at the end of the year to prevent users from entering data in an old reporting year by mistake
nMEDIUMClickers & Web App Pilot projectRun a pilot to see if using clickers for youth checklists and/or a web app for adult checklists would ease data entry
nMEDIUMRegional Feedback Report & Regional Tier ExportCreate a Regional Feedback Report that universities can use to review regional data.  It should look the same as the University Feedback Report and allow the university to provide comments.  Consider whether the universities could have the same mechanisms to mark items as good or needs attention.  Also, create a tier export file that mimics the Federal tier export, but has one row for each Region and a row for the University results
nMEDIUMNational Feedback ReportCreate a National Feedback Report PDF that is available at the Federal and University level so that Federal Users can print and use it and so Institute users can compare their results.  Consider having an option to view it by Region and by Tier.
nMEDIUMAdd a way to tag Additional Adult and Youth Checklist Questions as Reliable/ValidNeed a way to mark questions as having undergone reliability and validity testing.  This additional tag needs to be displayed on the Manage Questions screens (for Adult and Youth Questions) so WebNEERS users can easily identify those questions that are reliable/valid. 
nMEDIUMProvide a way to indicate that you want to ignore an error on the Adult Error, Staff Error and Youth Error ScreensSometimes something flagged as an error isn't actually an error.
nMEDIUMConsider ways to standardize group namesperhaps give the option to add it under defaults or to create a setup screen??  see tasktire for discussion
PONGOINGSticky Filters (also back button)Want selections to 'stick' if you have to go back to a previous screen
Additional Wish List Items - To be Prioritized if/when FY2016 Priorities are Completed
DonePriority LevelRankingItemDetails
nLowHighAdd option to filter Diet Summary Report and Checklist Summary Report by Graduates vs. All Participants with entry and exit checklist
nLowHighCreate permissions for users to only view those adults or youth groups he/she entered
nLowHighCreate a way to batch print regional checklist and recall reports (similar to way adult summary reports are run -- ability to make selections and run filters on one screen)
nLowHighAllow Staff to reside in multiple regionsAllow staff to be available in multiple regions. right now if a staff person works in multiple regions, his/her information has to be entered into WebNEERS twice. This inflates the total number of staff and makes the FTE difficult to calculate
nLowMedAdd ability to specify a default additional question set to Adult Checklists. In some states, users always add the same additional question set for each adult, and the user has to select this same set each time, for each checklist. Maybe this could be part of "Create Default for New Adults".
nLowMedAdd Address Verification Filtering options to regional reportsallow regional users to filter reports by County, CBSA, and Congressional District
nLowMedDetermine way to hide or better manage the list of secondary staff on the youth group entry screenOne idea was to sort by the checkbox instead of the staff type. Could also consider something similar to the Manage Region section where you physically add an item?? (use autoselect plugin to allow for searching and selection of staff)
nLowMedUpdate Eat More/Eat Less Graphic at the Institution Level in the Diet Summary ReportChange headings and update graphic to better align with one day recall
nLowMedAdd option to run Youth Summary and Youth Checklist Report by staff and by zip codesimilar to how adult reports work --- need to discuss whether this is all staff or just primary staff
nLowMedAdd option to filter by date for Adult Checklist Review, Group List Report, Group Review by ID, & Youth Checklist Review
nLowMultiple User TypesAllow users to log in to multiple institutions
nLowDefault Permissions (user created)Users at all levels may have a standard set of permissions that they provide to various users, they want to be able to save and add them to new users rather than recreating them each time they add a user
nLowRegional Data Transfer - adults and youth to different regionsUsers want to be able to transfer adults and youth to a different region rather than being restricted to transferring them to just the region they are part of.
nLowTransfer Responsibility - adults and youth groups to multiple staffw/ Regional Data Transfer - users want to be able to transfer a subset of adults and/or youth groups to other staff members
nLowSystem CalendarGive the system a calendar whereby users can define deadlines and be reminded of them
nLowEmail ReportsGive the system the ability to email reports to users (they would come from the system as opposed to being attached to an email outside of the system)
nLowMake Food Items export available at the Regional and Institute Level
nLowEFNEP/SNAP-Ed (steps)externally combine
nLowCreate option to migrate more than one region at a time
nLowCustomize List of Family ReportHave the option to select which data points to include on the Detail list of Families.
nLowAdd a New Staff Member in a Youth GroupAllow users to add a new staff member from within a youth group record
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