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El MoustachioCAEUOCLA
This update makes the map a lot better, but still not enough to be put back into rotation. Was never a fan of the bases because they felt awkward playing defense on.An improvement, yes, but I never really liked ElMo before and I don't feel like this changes my opinion on it. At least mid isn't so uncomfortably split.I still like the shape of elmo, but this remix isn't enough to make rotation.but doesnt it feel better?????

all your feedback seems copy and pasted lmao
I loved the original, and this fixes the issues most had with it (top and bottom being so split), but community has spoken...I'll just say no again...As much as I loved El Moustashio, this remix is not enough to justify it going back into rotation. The community didn't like the original, and I don't see that changing with this map, as it is very similar.
I don't see this making rotation as is due to the spikes being so close to the marsball, you have to hit it near head on for it to work, but I just PM'd lucky to see if it was possible to make mars balls static, which would fix that issue. Going to nom this map for 4 v 4's.

Edit: After talking with lucky a new map element may be in the works...
I kinda like the shape of this map, it has a very unique feel. I am all for a change of pace in the rotation, but at the moment this map is not ready. The mars balls are implemented pretty well, but there are a number of issues that come with having mars balls in a regular map, especially the shaking. In addition, the instructions at the beginning of the game are instructions for mars ball, which this map clearly is not. Although these issues are no fault of your own, until they are fixed I don't see any mars ball maps making it into rotation. I am also not a fan of the hidden pups. People with timers will run circles around people without them, making pubs unfair. The bottom pup seems to be impossible to get as well. Overall, this map isn't bad, but there are some flow and design issues that need to be addressed.initially I was worried about this map, but it proved to be quite well thought out. I'd like to see the "second tier" part of the map made a little bit bigger and less clunky but overall this has potential to be pretty interesting. At the very least unqiue. This is different, hard to tell how this would play exactly. Those jittery mars balls were driving me nuts, and pups being hidden under them is just weird. That bomb in base would make things very chaotic and not in a good way. Seemed like you had to go out of your way to attempt to use boosts. I can see a lot of returns and probably lucky caps happening.I kind of feel like I'm missing something here. But to me, this is just a really clunky gimmick ridden mess. Some of the individual elements could work well in other maps, but everything is so (at times) needlessly clunky here. The mars ball gimmicks aren't terrible but the way these are implemented are just okay. The long range portals seem a bit silly to me. I do like the endzone bomb. As a whole it's just really unpolished feeling I guess.
This has a lot of cool features. The structural setup of the map to begin with is fairly cool imo. The top (while it perhaps could work better with the rest) seems to be pretty good to me. My problems really comes down to a couple of things. Mainly, the boosts are just placed horribly. None of them feel good to use, particularly the corner ones. I think you should probably expand the bases. I don't love the bombs in base, but I feel like it'd feel better with an expanded base. You really haven't changed much despite receiving lots of feedback; I really recommend you do that if you're gonna submit this again. You're better off making drastic changes than making subtle changes if your map isn't even getting 4v4 tested in most cases.Same comments as always, This map is too open and too chasey, you need some more map elements towards the middle fo the map, and possible condense it altogetherAlthough this map isn't bad, there is nothing about it that wow's me. It seems like an overly simple amp without anything fun to do. The boosts in the corner feel horrible to go through. The top is pretty good, and the bases are a little boring, but not bad. There really isn't anything here that makes me believe that people would find this map interesting for more than a few pubs, and honestly, I'm not even sure if it would be interesting for one game.This map is very onedimensional with very few elements having multiple, dynamic, and different uses. If the first game were enjoyable to play (which I don't believe would happen, but still), I have a feeling the next games on it would quickly feel stale with the lack variety inherent to this map. who gave you positive feedback???Boosts and bombs are just not versatile enough, its as if you force people to take them in one way only and that makes games very boring. The team tile by the gate really doesn't belong because the gates are very large, so there is really no purpose for fcs to even try to go though it. Not really sure why the team tiles are there, it basically gives no incentive to go up for fcs and with bombs being so limited they risk spiking themselves even if they do go up.
This one has a a looooot of problems. I don't feel like you tested a lot of these features extensively whatsoever. For starters, the bases in particular but the map as a whole is just undersized especially considering the amount of stuff that is in it. The middle bombs are really chaotic and really don't even benefit the user in most cases. The green gate will probably never be used especially when you can die just holding button if bombs are up. The base is way too packed with elements, it's a clustered mess. Putting portals that skip over the entire mid seems a bit counter-intuitive. Why do you want people to just skip over the meat of your map? Not to mention it's a huge blind getaway for an FC. The gate and boost idea is neatish but I don't like the 45s that you've accompanied with it, and the bomb button/spikes being on the end coming in hurts that tool quite a bit for anyone who wants to use it. The upper bomb buttons are way too strong and don't feel good at all to use. Please understand I don't want you to be discouraged by this large critiquing. Getting a rotation map is VERY hard and I am only trying to help you with all this feedback. I really recommend you check out and examine the maps under the "Rotation" tab. Originality is important of course, but there are just some things such as spacing and polish that pretty much every map needs to do well and studying the good ones is the easiest way to learn how to make a good map (other than just elongated trial & error).When making your map, try to look at maps that have been in rotation and notice how the vast majority of them look nothing like this. Not that you shouldn't go for something new, but try not to make your map cramped and complicated. Think about the maps you have played online and enjoyed and see that they are all relatively simple and open compared to this map. Also, the top lane in your map is asymmetrical and that instantly makes your map a "no", try to avoid that in the future.Try not to have portals that take you from one side of the map to the other, as these completely defeat the purpose of having a mid.You've just got way too much going on here for this to be even playable. It's far too small to fit the amount of elements that you've put in here, and even then the elements that you've made, even given a normal amount of space are far too powerful (4 triple bombs on a single map is overkill). The portals are blatantly overpowered, and yet they are the only viable path through mid for a flag carrier. This map is just a giant death trap, and not in a good way like dangerzone, Those bombs are terrible, most of the boost lanes lead into spikes, and bombs lead you a round about way into base, portals way too OPI can tell you're new. with this many elements the map is just impossible to control. I can see why you wouldn't think that was an issue, but behind any good map is the ability of a good player to control the flow.Everything is so cramped. Take out half the elements, make base larger, make lanes more open and distinct and get rid of that bottom gate.
This map is way too open, and those super boosts wont work like you expect them to most of the time. Feel free to come onto the map making discord and ask us for our help.the base is interesting the rest of the map is now. I'd recommend keeping the base and scrapping everything else.This map is pretty huge to begin with. I definitely see it being really chasey and boring. There isn't much going on. at all and the superboost into the portal doesn't even work. Mid is annoying in my opinion as well.So the teamtile spike area in base is an interesting concept except then you didn't add anything to make it awesome (powerup maybe?) The rest of the map just doesn't feel like it's worth examining further. The superboost portal thing works maybe 50% of the time and the rest is clunky as fuck. First of all it is way too big. Splitting up a lane with 3 small islands makes things very chasey. Not a fan of the superboost, awkward placement, but I can see why it's in due to the size of the map.too much choke, no vertical maps (except market)This one is reeeeeeally rough. I don't feel like you were really thinking about why you were placing things while you were doing so. The teamtiles in base, none of them really seem good to me. The superboosts feel awful towards the portals. The island placement in mid makes absolutely no sense in conjunction with the boosts and bombs. The weird spike areas with teamtiles don't really make sense either in mid. It's kind of hard to offer anything for you to salvage here, it's just genuinely a pretty rough creation. On a lesser note, making a map this vertical probably isn't good (especially with superboosts).
It's a pretty interesting setup with the portals being the way they are. I think the rest of the map is okay... I'm a little concerned it might be a bit boring still though. The middle will probably work pretty well, although I'm not sure about any of the upper part of the map. I've never tested this one in a 4v4 setting and I think I would like to despite some concerns.The bases seem a little open, and I'm not sure if there will be a good balance between defense and offense. I like how each boost and bomb can be used in a variety of different ways. I'm not completely sold on the portals and the ability to boost through the top lane concerns me. I don't think that defenders will be able to get to those bombs in time to counter the top, and there doesn't seem to be a viable way to get to the FC in time. Maybe add a team boost next to the already existing boost to allow defenders to catch up. The alternative is removing that boost and reworking the entire top of the map, which I think might work better.Sam that's just me resubmitting maps tbh.
I've been meaning to ask, was the name related at all to the dank playstation game from the late 90s? That was a great game.
I don't like this maptop absolutely needs work. if im up there, how am i supposed to juke people???? also you should move the offensive team boost to the top lane or somewhere else because i feel like giving the offense a straight shot at the portal is pretty op. best this map has felt yetThis map has a lot of potentital, I just think its slightly too open. Condense it a bit and this is a Y from me next time for sureProbably the most refined version of this map that I've seen yet. I still think that the top left and right portions of the map are the weakest, blandest parts and could use work. Long narrow lanes just do not work, they make chasing annoying and then youre just stuck in the lane without being able to go vertically. There are too many lanes to choose from for FCs making this chasey and resets would happen very rarely.
Looking at this map, it's a complete mess. Your map doesn't have to be a box, and there is no need for any designs in the walls. The map simply has way too much going on. There are so many spikes and bombs and the gate area is pretty useless in my opinion. When making future maps, try to make them simple while requiring skill. This map simply has way too much going on to work. The endzones are pretty good in my opinion.NO FACES (not my rule)neat endzone if you moved the exit portals actually, the rest of the map has already been covered.This map has a few common problems. For starters, everything is just way too 45-y. 45s are good because they help to smooth out areas, but putting them everywhere just doesn't feel good and it takes away a lot of juking potential. Secondly, your map is just pretty cramped everywhere, yet still has a pretty big endzone. That's not really a good combination, probably reverse those. Other than that, the boosts and bombs don't really feel great, and the team gate buttons are really awkwardly placed. It's probably best to start over with another map.ballb i know you have been around for a long time bud so i feel like you can do a little better than this, sorry for being harsh. there are just a lot of elements here that dont work well. Like i get that its your first map but heres some things you should try to improve on. First issue i have is spacing. There are part of the map that really a spaced poorly, and are too chokey or hard to maneuver through. Try and make sure that your spacing works out. YOU SHOULD TEST YOUR OWN MAPS TO SEE IF YOU LIKE THE WAY THEY PLAY. not sure if you tested this one but you should. another thing to think about is what type of wall tile you are using. Generally speaking we try to avoid having only 45 degree tiles for walls. its great to have some 45 degree tiles sprinkled in there, but they need to have a purpose, otherwise they detract from gameplay (there are no corners to a 45 wall tile, flat walls make juking more difficult). The button placement for your gate on the flag tile side is really grim. first problem is that there is an offensive boost right there, and a bomb as well. That area is dangerous enough as is, adding those two elements makes it unplayable. take those away and you still have a broken gate. maybe it would be an interesting mechanic but its poorly implemented. really what you need is to come on over to the tagpro mapmaking discord and ask for advice. There are plenty of willing, helpful people there to help you become a better map maker. We would love to help you with your maps and improve your ability as a map maker. Best of luck <3 jk fuk uThis is actually better than I expected it to be, but its way too clunky, it doesn't flow very well, and with 8 players on this map, it would be bad chaoticThis has some interesting elements, but too many flaws. Please don't make a box out of walls, its not not aesthetically pleasing. There are too many 45s on this. No need for spikes in base because you have a gate. Do not like the gate by team boosts in base, if you want to make it less powerful just use one boost instead. The bomb outside of base is too close to the gate, I would actually put it on the wall, it would make it a lot more versatile. This has potential if you keep working on it.
Unremarkable in my opinion, but seemingly better set up for ctf in my opinionThis has a lot of clunkiness in areas. The bomb button doesn't feel good whether you boost into it or not. The gates with the islands just is a bad element tbh. Bottom mid is okay. The upper lanes are an interesting design. I'm not sure if they would work well in pubs or not, but it's interesting. Really, the fun features on this map are the problem so it's hard for me to want to test this. I'm not sure if the shape is really great for neutral flag but I wouldn't write it off nf you can't have such a large divide between lanes.Seems like map elements don't work well together. That gate needs to be reworked, there are too many lanes. The top islands are too large and that bomb gimmick doesnt do anything interesting.This isn't bad for a first map, but it lacks any interesting features. The middle of the map is really big, and the map is set up like a capture the flag map. There isn't as big of a need for lanes in neutral flag, as it makes chasing weird. The boosts feel overpowered as well, and I think people could cap within seconds of the beginning of a game.Huge open map, multiple blind boosts into base, not a lot to defend with, huge end zone, very little defensive team tiles = not a good idea. The general shape of this map isn't bad, but it needs to not be so open, crush this map down a bit and see where that gets you.
While it certainly is interesting, I'm not a fan of any gimmick here I don't think. The portals just seem like they'd play very roughly considering how complex portals have fared in rotation in the past and the amount of chasiness they could cause. The superboosts don't really feel good on the sides either. I've never liked gated pups like this but at least there is a boost there to make it less of a stalemate. The bottom gate could be good but also definitely could make it way too easy to catchup. Considering how fast it is from base to base even if you go portals, I'm not sure the outer areas would be used by FCs really.Although this map looks pretty fun to play on with some friends, I don't think that it could ever work in rotation. The bases and the top lane are pretty good, but the portals and gate don't really work. Maybe this map could work with a big remix, but at the moment it's not ever going to be ready for rotation.The bases could be interesting but the mid set ups are just not good if i'm being honest I don't like the portals and the gate route is just silly. Good idea, bad implemenation.

There is little to no reason to use the outside of this map at all. Pups are so far away from the action, by the time you get one, the game will be over. I like the bottom path, but make top bigger and not so short. Or keep the top quick path and cut off the bottom completely.
Its like a smaller version of the map spiders. The portals are interesting, but I dont see them working very well. A lot of the map elements have a high learning curve and casual pubbers aint got no time for that.Way too over the top.
hmm got some cool things goin on, but probs not enough for rotationI'm not usually huge on boosts like the ones you have in the back of base, but I think that one works there. However, I'm not huge on the bomb, it just seems a bit too uncomfortable to boost into particularly. Probably stick with only two buttons there imo. Middle is a bit long, however, it does seem like it'd play alright. I think with how closed off the base is and how strong the teamtiles are right outside if this could play a bit overly defensive. Pubs won't necessarily dislike it for that, but I'm not sure this really qualifies as a "fun" kind of defensive. I don't like the mid spikes by the pup. This map has some fun aspects, but the current setup of base, especially with how the bomb was implemented keeps me from wanting to test it.This map feels pretty generic and big. I think that the FC would be able to avoid defenders with ease using these boosts, as they can go from one side of the map to the other. The bases are pretty boring and the bombs don't really seem to work that well.This seems over designed to a point where every boost you take just perfectly rolls you off and and feels nice, but that makes things too predictable and gets stale quickly. The buttons look nice, but i can't see them working too well. The overall shape will make this map very chasey.I hate the full wrap into base.I'm not the biggest fan of the bases, but I see how they could function well defensively. Mid jsut seems huge and has so many many sipkes. Seems too open imo. Super reliant on the boosts to get from one end to another, so if theyre taken by the fc, very hard to catch up, even via team tiles.
Campbell's Fiesta Nacho CheeseCAEUOCLA
This could potentially play like convoy and has a few similar elements but it just feels kind of unfinished all around like a pk 15 min map.This map has some cool aspects. I like the gated bombs. They're in an interesting location and could play in an intriguing way. Although, the button's location will probably lead to the bomb being down a lot which is kind of a bummer (and pretty much unfixable because NF is a clusterfuck all over the whole map). I don't really like the boosts by the gate, they feel a bit overly awkward, although they're probably decently balanced. My main concern is that the divided lanes will lead to play that will be unpopular in pubs. There are not many strong offensive tools but given the size of the endzone I'm not sure that'll stop this from being a cap fest. Still, it could be fun to try out.i want to test it, but i feel like theres no way to catch up, despite there being many ways to catch up, all because of the very very sharp turn. if you made the turns less sharp, and the endzone island not so big, or some way for defense to switch lanes, maybe it could work.I think that this map kinda requires a goalie to ensure a good defense, but other thank that I like it. All the bombs and pretty cool. I think that this might be ready for a test.Seems very simlar to convoy, needs a lot of polish if you want it to get in.
I remember earlier versions of this map and they were better than this. I hate the spikes in the endzone, and this map feels pretty huge. There is way too much going on and there are way too many spikes for my liking.This is actually the definition of clunky.This map is super awkward and clunky. Lots of weird boost lanes that dont really go places you want to go. Seems like they were just thrown in there for the hell of it. And again, way too big.There's a lot of awkwardness in design here. The bases are built in a way that makes doing basically anything uncomfortable to the point it won't even seem fun. The gated boost in base is an interesting idea; however following the theme, it's located in such a way I think won't feel good. The green gates will go completely unused as is. I think the supers are perhaps okay in theory but don't really feel good. The endzone is kind of interesting but I hate the bombs' locations. Basically, there are a few ideas to work with here, but there's an insane amount of clunkiness and just an overall lack of polish at the moment preventing it from being enjoyable.
isnt this just cedar except snackafied?Gates in mid tend to never be used and there are paths from one base into the other base without any obstacles.Vaccines do cause autism. Memes aside this is what Aniball once called "cedar if Snack made it" and god damn is it accurate. It's just really boring feeling. It's not particularly special in anyway but at least it might be balanced. I'm not really a fan of the button bomb but that's kind of small. Just not what rotation needs really.too dull for me.Nice 15 min map. Not really a fan of any part of this."man this maps plays like dealer but without all the fun"

*checks map maker*


But yeah, you took away like 90% of the fun elements on dealer and were left with this bare bones version of a map. needs more excietment than this
Apparently this tested well but I honestly don't really see how or why? Seems fairly bland
Liked it more than I thought I would. Except for the mid, there's nothing I care about. it works, but it's not interesting. I think this finally might be ready for testing. Best mid we've seen on this map. If this doesn't work tho, it might just be worth sitting this map on the backburner and putting out different maps The map is too large in my opinion. I am also not a fan of the boxy-ness of the bases and the bombs/boosts that send you into spikes. I think that when someone gets spiked in such a way on a map, instead of learning to avoid the spikes they will instead just disregard the map as "bad",Mid isn't more chaotic, just more full of stuff and clunky. This map seems pretty large as well, maybe crush all the elements towards the center of the map and it will turn out better. Also this map seems very reliant on boosts, find some other good way to get across map to catch up, or revise the placement of the boosts.I like the mid, the rest just feels very bland. 4 grabbing tools in base is just too much, I would redesign the base altogether. The Lanes are a bit too large, there should be some chokes somewhere.I suggest you stop wasting a submission on this because to be honest none of the edits you're making are getting it anywhere closer to being something I and I assume the majority of the MTC want it to be. I guess you could argue the spike setup in mid is "innovative," but I think "bad" is a more apt way of putting it because they really limit the bombs so incredibly much that they seem counter-intuitive. The gate and pup areas are still extremely meh to bad and nothing else really stands out at all.tombolo gate is useless
This is the definition of a figure 8 map that has few chokes and plenty of boosts to be abused by a solid fc. Probably would have done better to be submitted forthe comp thread tbh.

I do however give it points for being very well polished (but that isn't really surprising considering it's been around for so long)
Worse than multiple previous versions i've played. the lanes are way too big, reduce the size by a few tilesWhile I guess it's intriguing in theory, I'm really not liking the way the superboosts were implemented. They feel pretty clunky to use and for such a great risk that it is to get through an enormous gate, they feel fairly weak. The neutrals also don't feel very good; they have a very meh feel to them when you combo. There is a lot of emptiness everywhere which I think would lead to very stagnant play. The prospect of 4v4ing it doesn't excite me whatsoever currently.Wasn't this in every top maps like 4 months in a row like 8 months ago?It is a bit too round, the gates are too long making them useless aside from the one gimmick. I'm not a fan of having 2 very large lanes for fcs to escape from.the surprising part about this map is that the only thing i like about it are the super boosts. everything else sucks.This map could be okay, but the boosts that take you from one base to another base without having to dodge any obstacles are silly in my opinion. If that is fixed this map might be ready for testing.
widemouth but if snack made itCAEUOCLA
I like that you've built a map with a spike field in mid which I think could be somewhat interesting. With that said, I really don't like a few things about this map. For starters, the only tool in base besides bomb which will be down a lot is the boost going into the corner which seems kind of annoying to me. I also don't really like the gates, although having a full gate there would be dumb too. The thing I dislike the most is how you've built the bottom of the map; it feels like it was just shoved in to have something there. It's pretty undersized too I think but apparently people like that so I guess that might not be the reason it'd be unpopular necessarily.too small not enough fire. but nevertheless i like it. just pretty sure it wouldnt do well in pubsSuper awkward spike field and boost placement. Too wide for such an open baseIts like mode 7 with a different mid. Seems very boring and frustrating for both offense and defense. I like the size, but the base boost is not good.

I don't think a map this size needs 1/5 covered by tt's either.
I like this map, but I don't think people in pubs will. I like mid, although maybe there should be a 2 tile wide gap to make it slightly more reliable, but definitely keep the small gaps. The bases leave a little something to be desired, as they feel a bit awkward in my opinion.Possibly even too simplisitc. The sheer number of boosts at mid that overlap bothers me. I'm also definitely not happy with the fact that all but 1 boost route from mid to bottom ends up putting you through the gate. so easy to rack up trolly kills that way.

It's a highly polished map but i feel like the substance is lacking
You're good enough to know that with such crazy portals the rest needs to be bland, but the portals are too crazy.It has some cool ideas, but overall, I'm just not huge on their implementation currently. The portals seem to feel a bit weird in how they're set up and used. Middle is kind of bland. I'm not loving these superboosts, I don't really like how limited they are. The corners of base I think probably would work well. Maybe it's just me, but the rest just didn't feel great.I kinda like the portals, but having two is kinda crazy in my opinion. The middle of the map is pretty empty and 3 lanes leading to the endzone seems like a bad idea to me. Maybe with some improvement, these portals could work, but at the moment they are just way too hectic.The portals are just too crazy. I like the way the endzone is setup and it could have potential. This needs something else mid and a choke are improving as a map maker. good job
I like the idea but it's not clean as is (blind portal bad), and i think that makes it fairly abuseable. I like what you've done with the rest of the map. This map feels way to big to be this boost heavy. One minute you're looking for the fc, the next he's boosting past you and so far out of reach. Team tiles dont help very much if they can blind boost in from multiple areas without warning.
similar to monarch and doesn't really bring anything new to the tableI'm pretty hesitant to give this a green light because it currently doesn't add anything to rotation. With that said, the build of this map is fairly well-done. It seems balanced yet crisp, and the gate setup probably works okay. I like the bombs in top mid. I'm not sure about those little islands on the sides of bottom mid. It probably plays decently but it simply just doesn't add anything currently. If you can't come up with any exciting twists for this map, you should probably just let it go.I don't mind this map, it flows pretty well imo. The bottom gate is pretty useless though, you can still go though bottom at full speed even with an enemy holidng button. You need to alter this somehow for next threadThis map seems a little bland to me and lacks a unique playstyle. My favorite thing about the map is the top, especially the boost. I love how you can boost from top to bot, so good thinking there. Speaking of the bottom, I don't like the gate, as it seems pretty pointless. The flags seem awkwardly placed but maybe that's just me.the most interesting / different part of this map is the mid gate teamtile section and for the life of me I can't figure out what it's meant to function as. At this point its a clunky catch up mechanism that can be made slightly harder to pass through by using a gate but i'm not sure dude. The mid bombs are nice though I enjoy them. not personally a fan but best this map has ever felt. good job in that sense. gate is dumb, your map needs something more spicey without being out of wack. maybe consider asking moosen to help you out.There's nothing here which makes me care.I have higher standards to reach than 'not worse than bigmouth'
Seems pretty boring, but a well made map, mid is kinda bland except for the bombs at the bottom, maybe add something thereI like the shape of the map and I like how many options there are for defenders. It's kinda hard to see how well this map will play without testing it, and I'm ready to see what happens. hmmm indeedIt's not really my cup of tea but it's well balanced and I could see this playing fairly well, so i'm not against testing it. Moderately upset that one of the most obvious boosts (through gate into mid) leads to a spike?? bases could be pretty cool so that's exciting. I like the gates, love th pups, all the bombs feel like they could be placed better.

Bot boosts could be better.
It's definitely better than a lot of submissions, but it's just not really doing it for me. It sort of feels like a crappy version of Pilot. Certainly it has a different shaping but the bottom half of the map is fairly similar, but worse. The rest is okay... I'm not really a big fan of the way you setup the neutral boosts by the gate. They feel like they should have some combos and more options but they don't really. The bottom bomb is also just kind of meh. I'm sure it's playable so I'll give it an m, but it just doesn't seem great.The main problem with this are that boosts and bombs are not just seem way out of place. I like the base, mid is fine, pups by base could be positioned better.
Aside from the fact I just dont like Fronj or Renegade, this map is still missing something big. Bottom seems to go too far down and there is little use for the corners other than once every minute to grab a pup. Feels like a combination of monarch and hyper reactor and not in a good way. Base seems very open and flag that close to a wall with a bomb right next to it isn't a great ideanot a bad base, outside bot needs quite a bit of work though.I like it, but I think the community might hate it tbh. There's a lot going on but not so much that it's to the point of being overwhelming. The bottom feels a little open and drab compared to the rest of the map though. Definitely enjoy the pup area, the bases, and that boost by those spikes.viniger
While I do want to test this, it's not without a few dislikes. I feel like the flag is too close to the wall currently. I think it'd make things feel better with even just one more line of tile space above it. The very bottom of the map is somewhat boring; perhaps move one of the boosts down there or insert a new one or something (obviously might have to adjust other things to do this)? Past those things though, it's one of the better U maps I've seen. I like the gate and teamtiles setup overall I think, although I wonder if it might be too easy for offense to go through teamtile way. The bomb pup area is cool. It has a lot of fun features so I'd like to try it out.A butt shaped map that has a lot of potential. The flag seems to be in the wrong location. Generally not a fan of having 4 pups, so that bottom pup area could be changed to work better with the bottom lane.
Seems a little bland, but pretty well balanced. Mid portals are awkward and have the same feel with reflex 2 portals which will make this map insanely chasey with a competent fcdid someone say reflex two?????? in all honesty not a fan of the mid portal gimmick, never was. rest of the map is okreally don't like the pup areas or the reflex tyvmMy ping was kind of shite while testing this, but I am a fan of the way these elements feel. I think despite chasiness concerns mid portals like this were definitely dope on Reflex and I could see them being popular again. Perhaps there needs to be more chasiness counters though. The gates are an interesting design, however, I'm not sure they'd often be used in an effective way. Maybe a bit Ultradrivey there. The rest feels pretty good though. I really think this one could be pretty good, so barring balance concerns, it might be my favorite map from solo testing.I'm worried about how the gates are likely to play, I don't see them as being a good way to stop anything really. To me everything else was just okay.
My main concern with this map is the lack of options for defenders. Offense can grab the flag and boost back into their base unobstructed, and it will take defenders a good 4 or 5 seconds to get to the opposing base. The teamboost regular boost combo is just way too op in my opinion. I kinda like the portals in the middle, but I think that they have some potential. I can't really make a decision until I test it with other people in a game environment. The bombs are pretty interesting by giving offenders the option to buy some time and defenders the ability to make some cool snipes. I don't really see the gates being useful at all at the moment. They are way too easy to avoid and way too far away from the flagtile for it to be worth defender's time.A slightly less chasey version of reflex2 that doesn't improve on the original enough. Can't see the gates being very useful, that bomb is interesting i guess, base could be better.
artichoke me daddy mmm yeahh dont stop papiCAEUOCLA
portals look very unnecessary.I think this is the direction that this map needed to go, I'm not sure about all of it but i'm not against testing either. harder daddySeems to flow pretty well. I'm not sold on the base portals but I really want to try this 4 v 4. Will nominate for sure.This looks very dope, but I can't see the portals working well, if any FC is able to boost out he is gone and there is no way to catch up. Gates in base are interesting but most likely too OP for defense.I don't like the portal lane, particularly as a pup area. This is a weird ass map. I think I like it, and definitely want to see it tested. The gate setup is pretty interesting and I think it could play well. The portals are... strange, I'm not really sure how I feel about them. They could be cool but honestly I'd just like to see how they play before I have a final opinion on them. I'm not huge on the middle boost setup but it works okay. The gate setup here is an incredibly interesting way to try to balance the map. This seems like it could be a pretty fun one.Despite some issues I see, I really want to test this map because it's so unique. My main gripe is the portals. there is no way for defenders to catch up if the FC is able to boost through them. I think that this could be easily fixed with a team boost either by the gate or, preferably, by the regular boost by the portals. I love the gates and the boost bomb combo you can get, definitely excited to test this one out.
What happened to the gate thingies? they were the best part of the map imo. Wall tile selection on this map is poor at best in my opinion.
There are just too much room up top and bottom for fcs to go, this would mean constant regrab and very tough to reset. I do like how the mid bomb takes you into the flag and and that curved island is cool. The team tiles mid are pretty useless.The entire top lane should be removed in my opinion. It's way too open and allows FCs to get away from opponents way too easily. There are too many boosts and I think it would just be incredibly chasey. Top portion of the map won't get used very much, the only use now is if you use the low boost to grab with, but even then a wall a few tiles above the top boost will have a similar effect. Boost and bomb placement is also pretty bad, you can't chain very much.too tallOne thing I didn't mention before is that the pup placement is a bit silly. See Resolute feedback for other details. Although, I do think that this version is better (assuming the bottom is fixed).
This map is simply boring. I'm all for simplicity, but make it smaller next time.yeah the polished version of this is tehuitzingo lmao. I swear ive seen this same map set up with 3 lanes, one covered by a gate fucking every map thread (nothing against you RTJ, im just getting sick of seeing mildly different variations of the same map)It's kind of interesting how much of a swing this is from one of your other submissions, Brazos. I think for as over the top the gimmicks are there, the elements in this map are equally as underwhelming. Basically the only thing that's really interesting to do is boost into the bomb which is dope but not really supposed to be what stands out about your map. It could play balanced but considering how little it seems to add to rotation I don't want to 4v4 it.very versatile, mid section ruins map.This is boring.A bit too boring, bases are set up similar to gatekeeper, mid isnt anything special, same with pup areas.For such a non-gimmicky, simpistic map it's remarkably unpolished. A polished version of this could possibly do well in rotation but at the same time I don't really feel like anything would be added
Not a bad start, but mid needs more sprucing. I like the bases, as well as the bomb/pup areas
Speedier SpeedwayCAEUOCLA
This is one of the most beautiful maps I have ever seen in my entire life. I love the the simplicity of the map. The super boosts are implemented perfectly and the bomb pup areas are genius! I especially love the autopilot feature you added, where one can pick up the flag hit a boost, and take a food or drink break while they get boosted around back into their base. One concern I have is that it might be a little but too easy for defense to catch the FC, but other than that this map is complete perfection. For all of those reasons, this map gets an "n" from's certainly a map

if that isn't y worthy i don't know what is
I felt a little slow going though the pup areas as well as the spike areasThis is the map that all other maps aspire to become. So beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes.nice meme would be fun for a meme test at the end of the night but to be honest this is too much of a meme for me to just give it a meme yes so instead i'll give it a meme no and hope that this meme doesn't win over the other memetc memebers through its sheer mememitude didn't test this one, but I can tell from the preview that it's going to be a great addition to rotation.gotta go fast bitch
you really don't deserve feedback at this point

you are the biggest argument I've ever seen for potentially limiting who can submit
submitting the same map over and over won't make us magically like itSee feedback on previous 20 times this was submitted#VALUE!dickburgersdon't let your dreams be dreams.
The base is hella narrow but I kinda want to test it. If the defense is as OP as it looks, you could always remove the team gates or make them have to be activated.same thing as the other maptoo compact. Avoid using only 45 tiles, nothing to juke off ofbase pup needs some serious work. mid would actually be ok if you got rid of the gates and widened the outside lane a lot.These base exits are way too small for starters. There's really no way an offense would have a fighting chance to cap in pubs on this. People think Floral Mappe has too strong OD and this is WAAAAAAY stronger. I don't really like the team gates. For one thing, opposite team will probably never even use, but they also just add to the defensiveness. Everything is too 45y also. 90s allow for more juking potential off of corners which people like. Try to only put 45s in places that you feel it's necessary to make smoother. I'd recommend you expand the whole map in general, and add more to mid.Its an interesting concept, but lacks execution. For starters the base is just too narrow. Too many 45s all around, need corners for juking. That gate on top needs to be reworked. Cool shape though.This map offers like 1 lane the entire way, and is way too narrow the entire time. Open it up and add a top and bottom lane and you have a pretty solid map. Bomb/spike are is useless as is. gates are pretty weak, and base needs expanding as well, but overall not the worst map tested so far...
I'm not sure if I like the boosts in base. I think they could be better (and really to an extent bases as a whole). Mid is pretty cool, I like the gated bombs as long as they're not down a stupid amount. The bombs by buttons is something I always like to see for the most part and no different here. I'm pretty on edge about how I feel about this necessarily being top map worthy, but since it played alright last thread I'll go ahead and vote to test it again.Nothing too special about it except the grabbing mechs, which are like perfect. Awkward wall placement, gates seems to be more used blocking defense from getting though after a grab than stopping O from grabbing. Base just seems too offensively happy. D has a bomb in a corner, and a boost up against a wall that restricts the boost lanes for snipe D. I like the pup/bomb area, but its just not doing it for meNot a huge fan of that 45 degree tile by the gates, seems pretty awkward. The rest of the map seems pretty solid and interesting. The lanes are balanced and I think that offense and defense will be pretty fair on this map. Hopefully it tests well.i really dont like the 2.5 tile choke lane, very aesthetically cancerous, i hate that 45 tile just jutting out like that. There is some slight clunk boosting off the wall towards base with the neutral just below/above gates. rest of the map seems pretty decentmight be a little too boosty in base and I'm not totally sold on how the pup areas flow. otherwise it seems fairly fun.
It's a good shape, but this map seems pretty small to be this boost heavy. Gate seems pretty OP as well, maybe have each button only block 1/2 of the portal?My main concern is defense on this map, because it seems that offenders will be able to grab and boost back to their base quickly. Maybe implement some team boosts? I like the portal and really want to see it tested.I don't think the portal is well enough implemented on this map for it to be the main gimmick. I would put a block somewhere between portal and exit portal so that you cant constantly go in and out (yes thats why gate is there to prevent it, but i think itll make the map better). That mid spike is too easy to hit when bombing which is a bit frustrating. Pup corners could be improved . Overall a solid map. not that bad, I worry it might flow a little too well at times.The portal makes me skeptical a bit but I do think it's a fairly fun element. I'm not sure if it'll lead to too much chasiness and/or chaos but from solo testing alone I thought it was cool. The rest of the map seems to work feeling very smooth throughout, although perhaps adjust the islands in mid. I don't really have much else to say other than this gated portal is either genius or broken. Either way, I want to give it a test.boosting around feels nice but maybe thats cuz there is nothing there to obstruct the boost lanes. hmmmmportal isn't great, some flow problems.
Maps on. Fuck it Maps Off.CAEUOCLA
Very cool map, probably a bit too chasey since its just too round. Mid is super fun.cmon folks theres no reason to test this map, its just event horizon with a pup instead of a grav well. no way this would do well in rotation in its current shape, even if it looks mildly interesting. Also fuck checkered teamtilesYou keep switching up mid but it's not even the problem with the map. You need to address the chasiness before you do anything else.For sure's got that chase problemI want to test this. With that said, it's definitely potentially way too offensive currently. The way you've changed mid since how it was in the past is for the better, but I still feel like offense is definitely at an advantage here still. I'm not a big fan of the shaping of base, just seems pretty meh. In the end though, it has a lot of fun elements and seeing as I've never 4v4ed this one before, I'd like to at least give it a try.Seems to flow pretty well, Not sure how the mid bombs will play out, but I like a bit of chaos in my maps. Not a horrible map but I have some definite concerns. Mid is pretty cool, but I don't see defenders being able to catch up to FCs all too well. Although there are reduced methods for grabbing, there are many ways for the FCs to get back to there base without being hindered. Especially the double boost combo that allows you to boost right into the flag tile, that needs to be fixed asap.
i hate myself (but the MTC more)CAEUOCLA

i wish there was a server entirely dedicated to velkin mapsNot too sure about the far outside bomb area, I think that just gives fc too much freedom on a NF mapI like the amount of options that both offense and defense have here, and I really like both of the gates. Mid is pretty good but I'm not sold on the double bombs right now. I think that this map has the potential to play really well for a long time. Not a huge fan of pups that are hidden behind bombs either, especially this one, as hitting the bomb is gonna send you pretty far away.Lots of very cool elements. Here are things that could be improved:
1. The double bombs dont work too well right now, that area needs to be made wider (which would also make them more versatile and wont be overpowering where you can bomb into wall sending everyone back)
2. Do not like button bomb at all, those gates are just too thiccc.
These updates are certainly interesting, and I'm glad you've opted to make drastic updates, something many mapmakers refuse to do. I'm not huge on this current middle setup, I think the double bombs are a bit forced; they don't really feel like they're the best thing to put in mid. The pups are just silly imo. I think I like the base changes in general, the gate with bombs is an interesting setup. One big concern I have is that the gates into base will be too strong for the offensive team to hold. As they're the main way to catchup currently, I'd say it's likely to be problematic. Overall, I think it's alright, I'd just adjust the entrance-to-base gates and mid overall. Base could use one more offensive tool as well.
shitty ass maps by a shitty ass personCAEUOCLA
There are way too many bombs here in my opinion, and mid kinda feels like a NF map. I think this has the potential to be pretty interesting with the unique shape, but I think that It will be way too chasey as is. Someone sitting on the button esentially blocks the corner boost as well as holds gate

this just leaves a bomb in the corner out tof base which is pretty easy for another defender to block. Mid bombs seems pretty useless and little to no incentive to go far outside to the pup corners. You map name is correct.
wow i didnt know the playmaker made maps

real feedback tho its a little bit bare, and hand offs could be strong as fuck, but i like the shape of the map, and the elements in place work
This suffers from the same problems as draft where the map is just too wide causing it to be too chasey. Draft bases were also more interesting.This one is alright. I think the general shaping could work pretty well. The gate could be good. The double bombs and teamtiles are a pretty poor tool to have in mid to me. They feel kind of forced, I think you could do something better there. I do like the side double bombs though, although that might just be a bit more of a personal preference of mine. I think having such a bomb centric map could be boring since bombs are down so much. It probably needs another boost or two. The current boosts work but I don't really like how they feel. It seems like you were just trying to be more original than using wormy boosts, but in doing so it's a less quality boost combo. It probably is at least balanced without having to use a teamboost so props for that.I think this is playable enough to the extent that it probably warrants a test
if we are voting it back in it will be done with the fuckin throwback sheet fuck all yall for just voting in velo thats some bull shitWe already said that we wouldn't set this precedent after velocity got added. If it comes back, it will do so in the throwback sheet.
There is just way too much going on in this map in my opinion. There are a lot of different routes and ways ways to grab/chase, but with so many, I see this map as being nothing but hectic. Way too many ways to grab in my opinion, the gates only counter one mechanism, The portals are okay but they are kind of overpowered in my opinion.just a few too many spikes and too much chaos and danger. bombs and spikes go well together when there is timing and skill involved in bombing people into spikes. they do not go well together if by simply hitting a bomb many people die from spikes.I'm not just really a fan of the elements used here. I don't like the portal setup, just seems not that exciting to me. I don't really get why you built the gate the way you did there. While I find the other neutral gate okay, it's kind of weird to have since it's probably stronger to just boost out instead of bombing back up through that gate in most cases in that area. Middle is kind of nonexistent which doesn't really help anything. I don't know, I'm just not really feeling it. OLTP COMMITTEE GOT IT RIGHT

jk lmao vardo
Super clunky and chaotic in a bad way. Portal is weird afThere just seems to be too much going, that gate is odd and so is the portal. Not a fan of how the lanes are set up either.I'm a fan of the complexity and variability of the boost routes on this map. it is however, not without its flaws. The portal gate is weird
Feels more like a neutral map to me, it's just too big to be a capture the flag map. It'll be extremely chasey given its current state. The superboosts are pretty good in my opinion , and the bases are kinda cool, but might end up feeling cramped. oh honey!
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more like


Actually tho I don't think chasing would be a thing that would happen on this map.
Fun boost routes, but feels even worse than Untitle. Base is super chokey to get out of, gates seems pretty pointless, unless you were being forced to go though it, it shouldn't get very many pops or even much use. Offensive super boost cornering thing doesnt work very well with the rest of the map.I'm not really liking this map to be honest. The bases don't feel very good, particularly the supers suck. I don't really get why you didn't put a platform for bombing into exiting base. Base in general just feel small and cramped. The supers outside of base are kind of cool, but eh, I don't really think they are overly exciting. They have a couple cool options but taking them straight up doesn't feel nearly as good, or more importantly strong, as it does in Constriction. The gates could be interesting I suppose, but I don't really buy into this map much.Just too big, that gate placement is underwhelming and superboosts i'm not a fan of.
it's an awful lot better than the gravity well filled mess it started as.I just don't really enjoy this I guess. There is only really one offensive tool in base which will probably lead it to being pretty defensive given the strength of the teamboost for d. I don't really get the teamgates, they seem like they really don't have a use (at least a necessary one). The very mid is okay, the setup with the bombs at very bottom is kind of cool. The upper lane is an interesting concept but it's kind of meh in practice I think just because there's not really anything cool you can do with it. Also, that button bomb feels awful. It just doesn't feel great right now. I think a lot of that it comes down to starting with a bad shape.props for getting this as far as you've gotten it but still it's just not good enough. Keep up the good work. Get rid of the face, this is clearly the Millennium Falconim still giving this a no because i dont like the shape you are trying to force on this map. I still think the map is too tall, and it will be very easy for a skilled player to dominate in such an open field.Seems pretty big and open and has lots of map elements that don't add anything to the map itself. Bottom will rarely be used except as a turtle corner or by some asshold trying to raise his hold on a NF mapSo I think the main problem is that you tried to make a face out of the map rather than actually making a map. Too much of this needs to be reworked.Not complete trash but it definitely needs some work. The gates are kinda weird and the map feels pretty open in general. I kinda like the top lane bit I'm not sure how it would play in games. The main problems with this map are the openness and the tallness of it.
fuck you guys i think this looks like a great map. I love the gate. it basically forces the offense to the outside lane, and then if they get out that way the defense can track em down with the blue team boost. the portal is whatever, idk if its good or bad, but its not horrible. going straight down into it could be a pain. rest of the map is well spaced with good lanes. not sure if you can get resets thoFelt fine, a little clunky. You need to find a way to make it flow more. That portal in base is super weird tooYou could probably go somewhere with this map, but it's very far from being ready now.The configuration of this map feels so strange. Having an exit portal be so close to the portal just doesnt work. Mid is pretty cool.Im so sick of base portals.The portal setup is pretty cool. I like the way you've implemented the gates as well. However, this map just overall has a really congested feel that I'm not a fan of. Lots of areas that shouldn't feel congested do to me (the base exits in particular). The current middle could work I think, but it's not exactly carrying the map either. The map just needs better spacing and shaping mainly.At the moment, this map isn't the amazing, but I think it has potential. Mid is pretty cool and I like the gates as well. The bases feel way too weird for me, there are a lot of spikes and it just doesn't flow that well. I am also not a fan of being able to boost from one side of the map unobstructed (top and bot lanes).
more like malignantportal bombs are ok but they don't really add all that much, split endzone is just not a good idea.Huge and double endzones make it a pretty quick no.Just feels pretty huge to me. I kinda like the pup areas, but I'm not sure how well they will play. The split endzone doesn't really work here, its way too easy to cap and you might as well just have a huge endzone that spans the entire base. Those few tiles in between the bases won't really stop too many caps as far as I can tell.The split endzone is not something I'm against in general but it seems like everyone that ever tries to do this never builds the map to incorporate it in an intuitive way. While it's probably okay here, there's not really a particular reason for it to be this way; developing a map that benefits from a split endzone would be far better. The base in general is lackluster anyway with one tool that isn't really exciting to use and a bomb that wouldn't be up too much. Middle is okay but not particularly standout. I don't like the cliche team gates.The endzones are massive, there are no cool capping elements in base, the rest of the map bare and boring with potentially interesting elements being tucked away somehwere.
I think the entire bottom is pretty cool in design. A bit simplistic, yes, but it works pretty well. Not only that, but this might be the best mars ball implementation I've seen yet. The portal implementation isn't fantastic currently. I think maybe having no portals at all in that area would be better. I don't really like the team gate button placement. This is a pretty cool submission though.Idk what's happening but I keep getting a map that's different from the preview (Puff by velkin)i cant test it either for some reason. ripI can't get this to test through the link in the packet or find it on Unfortunate / Maps.Jukejuice

Sorry about that I'd still say my main concerns from the note on cook's colony exist on this map though.
nearly all of the portals need to be reworked. I would also prefer the mars ball 10x more if it was caged in with walls rather than spikes. currently I worry that the gate might be a little too overpowered as well.In the future please use unfortunate maps. It's an interesting that is just too unpolished for me.
The Quintessential MapCAEUOCLA
Too much going on for any team coordination. there are like 4 lanes and fc could hold for a very long timeWas conflicted as to whether or not this map could work for a little bit, but in the end there is jst way too much going on. FCs will be able to run circles around defenders, Portal gimmick is kinda coolish maybe but is pretty dumb for rotation. I don't see too many people using the gate when they can simply go around it without too much extra time.too many ways to get out. i dont really get your reference

honestly too many lanes. too many options and it will be tough to get resets because lots of open space and lots of trickery i guess
The gimmick actually made me vomit a bit. I dont like the gate and team tile set up in this, mid is okay.The portal gimmick just seems pretty stupid to me. It'd be the same to just have the portals be a wall and move the team boost to the top lane wouldn't it? Essentially, at least. The gate is kind of a neat setup but I'm not huge on the bottom corners of this map. I think the bomb button is just kind of a poor setup. I'm just not really digging these gimmicks overall. It probably is at least playable but meh.
Not to be racist or anything, but Asian people WHEEZECAEUOCLA
Cool base, but it seems like it would be kinda easy to cap unless there's a goalie. I
r e a l l y like the way that the endzone is set up and really want to see a shift in NF endzones. This is exactly the type of base that would make maps more interesting, but the rest of the map is too lacking and blockey.
I honestly think this would be worth testing just to see based on how different it is. It's so weird and honestly it could be made to be a lot smoother but I want to see if it even plays well.i mean i plan on noming this now if people dont vote for it, because its too different to not be nommed (also it actually looks playable).
also i hate that fucking vine its so retarded. why. who laughs like that wtf.
Huge map for how little goes out outside of the base area. I do really like the base area though, crush this map down a bit and it might have a chance next thread.umm its like too square and like too outlandish
I would like to see the endzones like this be perfected though.
I want to like this but there's just too much fucking moosen here. The wormies in mid are just a bit retarded if I'm honest. They can so easily go into team gates. I do like the idea of the endzone setup, but I don't know if it'd really play well. More importantly I think the exit portal would play pretty fuckin wank. I don't even have a reason why but I enjoy the corners away from bases despite being so strange. This map is weird as shit but not for pubs currently. never change mosssI enjoy the creativeness with the base, but the rest is too much. the gate is too powerful, the outsides are too wide. This could work if streamlined.
structurally decent at best, the map doesn't feel good to traverse andn is fairly unimpressive, unpolished. Too many spikes in my opinion. The gates are okay as is the shape of the map, but nothing really stands out to me.The shape is cool, but thats because its bulldog flipped upside down. Very unpolished, do not like the spike placement, mid bombs and the island in base and gate is placed awkwardly.i dont really think its "very unpolished," rather i believe that the top mid part is somewhat underpolished. the rest of the map has a pretty good feel to it, and almost reminds me of monarch a bit (in a good way). I feel like offense would have the power coming into base, and defense would have to react.There's a lot of good aspects here. The base setup (well, ignoring the gate) is different from the norm but seems like it'd still work. The shaping in general is pretty good. There is a pretty apparent issue though. The gate makes the base extremely defensive. It seems like it'd be very hard to get out of base with that gate located where it is. Other than that, the bottom corners feel like they have one spike too many, and I don't think upper mid should be completely spikes (add something to boost into). Side note: middle could be a bit more interestingBase and mid are pretty neat, but theres a lot of area between those two with lots of nothiness and boredom. Condense the map or add something more there. Pup also feels super far awaay from the action
the lanes are a little too divided. don't like the endzone at all.The portal boost thing just feels broken and i'll be honest most of this map doesn't feel great to me. If you're going to limit a team boost so much might as well just not have it. Needs a lot of work.I actually thought the mid was fairly well done. The boosts could be a bit better but I think I like the rest in that area. Although, I'm not sure if double bombs is really necessary. The team gates are okay for helping defense catchup. I don't see offense really using these ones though. I'm just not really much of a fan of this base. I don't like the 45s nor the superboost. I think it's neat to have a teamboost for defense in that location, but don't let it be super uncomfortable. The other tools in base are rather meh imo (I especially don't get the rough 45 corner you've put in front of the boost). It's decent, mid is something you can work with.Not a huge fan of the endzones. I also don't like that you can boost into the endzones from the mid boost. Has potential, but feels like a first draft still. Lots of good idea, that just got put on some tiles and dont have the best flow yet.i cant give this a hard no because this is a really good first map, but i already gave my 2 cents on what needs to be fixed for this to be a viable rotation map. Hoping that you can pull through next thread and present us a master piece. good luck <3
who hurt meCAEUOCLA
If maps are making it back into rotation, they will do so in the throwback rotation sheet.You can submit maps under your real account Lucky. We won't judge you.i like my women like i like my men. ryan renoldsI like my 45 deg tiles like I like my women: well groomed at worst.
This map has some cool aspects. I really like the bomb by endzone, I think it could lead to some dank chaos. I think the portal boosts work fairly well, although idk if the portal is really necessary. Past those though, I'm not really liking a lot of the features. The boosts in mid are okay, I don't really see the need to put the teams though. The base area as a whole just doesn't seem great to me. I don't like the bombs really and the boost is just meh. The team gates are probably also unnecessary. It's a decent enough shape but I'd like to see some better features.The portals felt nice. Map is just too unpolished as of right now, the lane inside should not have those spikes, the gate is just meh, too many 45s, the double bombs feel uninspired.flow is good, portals feel awk, NO SPIKES PLEASEconceptually, I'm a fan of the bases but honestly this feels pretty empty to me. I don't like the portals either if i'm honest. i think if we test this you guys will be pleasantly surprisedThis map has pretty good flow, but I'm not a huge fan of the shape of the bases. I'm not sure how I feel about the bomb/spike area either. The portals seem kinda pointless to me (you could just remove the wall/portals and have basically the same thing) but they work fine and could stay i guess. My main problem is how empty and open the map feels in many places,
A lot of aspects of this map really just leave me scratching my head honestly. I think the out of the way gated pup will just lead to extremely obnoxious stalemates. The supers are okay, but they don't really feel good going towards the wall. The team gate setup with the bombs doesn't seem thought out at all to me really. Middle is very large and open and that's proven to be pretty unpopular in recent times. I do think it will at least be balanced for the most part, HOWEVER, the route you've taken to balance it is a bit meh (having a really strong teamboost). I'm not really buying most of the gimmicks here.The map is a bit too open all around, not a fan of huge gates with a pup inside, and that superboost is OP. Some cool ideas that could use better execution.The teamgate bomb thing is something fucky. I like the idea of the gated pup but i would hope you would have made it much less clunky (like mild high). I don't think you need the spike next to the button either. mid is bland. Gate pup is too much work for a pup, Super boost seems way too powerful as well with little defensive map elementsThe bombs are unique but probably won't ever get used in pubs as you intended. I like the gated pup are in spawn. I hate the superboosts that grab, they are cheap and horrible for defenders. I understand why the flag is so far out of base but it just looks weird to me.know your abcde's of cancer

a= ass symmetry
b= bad
c= cancer
d= dont ever use checkered team tiles
e= dont use super boosts either tbh i hate them
I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, should probably cut out the gate pup but I think the gate bombs are dope af.
I really don't like the shape of this map it feels awkward to play on, not to mention that because of the shape this map looks asymmetrical (even though it isn't). Bases feel reallllllllly empty and mid feels horrible to me. The bombs could make for some interesting plays, though. It just feels unimpressive to me mainly I guess. The base is very THICC and seems kind of boring to me. Middle is more interesting for sure, but the open bombs seem kind of out of place to me. Gates in this sort of area can be cool on some maps but I think it's kind of a lame setup here. I don't really know what to say other than it just doesn't interest me much.Seems like a huge chasefest. I like the gates a lot, they seem very useful for both O and D, and I like the mid bombs, but base is huge and this map just feels very big.
not very impressive in any category.its a lot bigger than it looks. Might make for too chasey a game. i think if the bases were a little smaller, you would have a great map
Time passin', things change
Revertin' back to our daily programs, stuck in our ways

on a more serious note boosting around feels bad. make sure things dont feel jarring when you do them
Too much is going on here. Look at the current rotation and note how much different your map looks. Try to balance simplicity with replayability and you'll get a map that is going to be in rotation for a long time.Mid is a clunkfest. The portals are a clunkfest. The superboost is awful. Bottom sides are okayish but the bomb gimmick is over the top. I guess bottom mid boosts are okay but rather limited as well. This map is bad. I would give you real feedback but you're going to continue to put shitty gimmicks in shitty places they shouldn't be, particularly shitty superboosts that make no sense. ffs pizzaWay too much going on with this, you need to simplify things. The richochet portals dont work here, too OP.Way too crowded for me. so much going on especially at mid that just congests the entire map. Honestly not a bad start. I like the many boost lanes you have going on, mid is just cancer though. You need to have a lot less in there. I like the bomb/pup area and even the super boost across map, I think this is probably one of the best uses of super boosts in a long time
I dont like how the endzones are backwards. If more than 1 person goes though the endzone portal at once, youre spiking on the red gate almost every time. Feels super clunkyToo many portals that dont exactly work well, gate with the boosts is too restricting, having 2 entrances into base is bad in this. Superboost is too insane here. Capping mechanisms in base are have you managed to take a step back since previous threadsmost of my feelings about this map were summarized by the other note, but i would add that the 45 deg boost thing is actually not as fun or good as i anticipated. I feel like you don't let your map breathe and just keep adding more to it when something doesn't work rather than adjusting or fixing what you already have. type here

Wayyyyyyy too many portals here. This has too much going on. Endzone location is kinda cool and the portals in the bases could be good with a little reworking. The team superboost is way too crazy for me.
superboost going out still = ret

upper mid still = ret

mid portals still = ret + bonus ret for adding new ones just as shit

rest of updates are interesting but there's too much AIDS for anything more than n
outside portals aren't terrible.
Bryan's BooksCAEUOCLA
Way too confusing. Gates could be interesting if reworked, but the entire map just a mess. The designs outside of the map are aestically appalling by the way, don't add those into any maps.Seems like a total clusterfuck of shit going on here with very little information about how this is meant to be played. get rid of the crap, polish this up, find a better way to use the gate mech, it's te only thing not boring about this.It's okay I guess, but honestly it's just too Dovey for me. The boosts are all actually okay, although I'm not really sure I'd define them as feeling ideal. I think this map could end up playing really circularly which is obviously not good. Yes, there are teamtiles in mid but I doubt they solve the issue. The gates seem like they were pretty much randomly located which is a bit silly I'd say. They'll definitely get some kills but they don't really prevent an FC from easily escaping them.Feels awkward all around, the gates are dont work, mid has too many team tiles, overall its just too square.This seems like a very early draft of this map. Just a bunch of map elements thrown all around and then you submitted it. Also wtf is with the random tile design outisde of the map? Get the map itself working smooth, then get the aesthetics in.
Updates don't really improve the map to me so I don't really see much of a point in testing this again.I don't see how this changes anything tbh. Still like this map, im not a fan of how the gate is set up.The problem with this map is that it is boring. Even during the first time I tested it, it felt repetitive about halfway through the map. Nothing glaringly bad, but there isn't anything of interest.This is just emerald without the base gates. Instead you moved them to a a worse placeupdates take the map in the wrong direction.
There are some cool aspects here. I like the setup of the lower base exits. They might be too hard to defend, but in general, I think they're cool. I really loath how upper mid was made, particularly the top boosts and islands. They don't feel good in conjunction, and even when not used together feel very poor. The shaping is pretty good on the entire bottom, but the top just isn't doing it for me currently. I'm sure it COULD be developed into a good map.shitadel+spike lanes=morphinhotop route is just unnecessarily clunky an dI don't like it. I'm not a fan of most of top if we're being honest. The bomb closest to the inside spike lane should be one that i can use to escape base not spike. That'd be ncie. Top route seems awkward to go though, boosts drop you no where you want to go, and base is lacking boost grabbing mechanisms (both current can be countered by a defender sitting against a wall). I do like the bottom path though
This is kind of like blobfish, just a lot more open which would make this very chasey. Map is a bit too large and it feels like the top lane is out of place. Spike field is too long.I'm not opposed to testing it, but I think that it has a few potential problems. It might end up favoring offense, and there are too many spikes in my opinion.
Purple PillsCAEUOCLA
not a fan of having 2 entrances in base that are far apart, you will spike yourself half the time using the boost to cap. Mid is too tall.

not broken
mid is way too boostythis is broken

just eyeballing: seems pretty stupidly vertical with an overly open mid

cool gates probably and 50/50 on whether that boost behind endzones is over the top

bases = :100:
rest = :thinking:
Broken link
Cook's ColonyCAEUOCLA
The distance from base to base is worrying. The portal in base is pretty cool, the rest feels mediocre. Remind me of rocketballs, but less interesting.strong submission for an early map. I'm still worried about the potential for fc dying on the gate as they come through portals as well as how easy it would be to troll by sitting on the button as the other team returns through the portal. I really like the bases in this map, and the mars ball works pretty well. Portal exits should be reworked though, I think that they're way too close to the one time is enough

seriously though I doubt you realize the same map was submitted twice so look at Cook's Cove for real feedback
See other submission for feedback on this map
im not giving you feedbackWhile this map has some cool aspects such as the interesting portals and the way you've indented the wall to make bombing cool outside of base, there are a lot of dislikes that turn me off with this map. For starters, I don't really get why you made the neutrals in mid be possible to superboost with. It seems a bit out of place and they don't really make any sense to have anyway. The design of base is okay... but it's rather large and the elements in it are all pretty concentrated around the flag, so I think reducing the size of base would be good. The portals do have some cool routes but I wonder if they're really even necessary considering you can essentially do the same thing without them, just in a less complex way. Middle's shaping is kind of cool, but the rest needs more work imo.Portals aren't bad, superboost is pretty useless for the most part but I see no reason to get rid of it. Mid felt awkward at first but by the end of solo testing I thought it flowed okay, but in a game environment I think it might be a mess. The divots in the wall are cool and also allow for some cool jukes. There should also be a wall behind the spikes for aesthetic purposes.The mid is really cool, you need to make the map work better around the mid. Bases need a lot of work and get rid of the gate and portals. The shape is also too round where fcs can run in circles. Supoerboost is pretty cool where its not overpowering, the problem is that it doesn't really go anywhere.I don't liek the middle superboosts they are bad. The extra 45 deg stair case pieces are not great. The portal thing is cool though. streamline this!! Cut the extra space, make it less chasey, get rid of the supers.
Solo tested better than expected, here are things that I dont like:
The gates are too wide, should be one less tile and repositioned as well.
Team boost in that location is a bit overpowering.
This update feels a lot more vertical than past ones. I worry there will by way too many blind collisions through the mid.I like this map. Despite some concerns that come with vertical maps, I think that this one will play fairly well. I like how powerful the gates are, giving defenders a solid and consistent option to block a lane. I really like the team boosts in the bases and could see a lot being done with them.make it horizontal and then we will talkI like the shape, it could prove to be pretty interesting I'm just not that into the rest of the map.I actually kind of like the way a lot of this feels despite looking pretty bad upon preview. The boosts all feel pretty nice in their location and the map has a pretty good shaping overall. With that said, it is beyond silly to me to want to force verticality so much. Verticality is seldom seen in rotation because it is inherently harder to do things such as boost on a vertical map. You've put boosts that are designed to be used very vertically which seems like a pretty bad decision for a vertical map. I'd really recommend making this horizontal. I'm not sure if I like the gates just because they're so far away from base and I don't think people would want to sit that far away from flag so much.
Kinda cool map but I don't really see it working in rotation at all. The spike lane is going to be the main thing that people go for and it will end up being a complete mess in pubs. Portals are okay but really aren't anything special. This feels more like a throwback map to me than anything else.i think he means neptune, not nirvana. I am not sure this map can really work because the spike lane is so close to base, and with no alternate way to shut it down other than the bombs. On monarch, the spike lane has the team boosts and the bombs, with ways to boost thru. Here, if you dont have the bombs, the only possible ways to stop an fc that is ahead is either try and poost them into spikes or hope they fuck up. Honestly poost strats are hard to do, and not many people will understand thats how you stop them. furthermore, a skilled fc likely wont pop despite the fact that its like a 1.25 tile lane. rest of the map is decent.I won't deny that its a good map i just don't think the 5 spike lane will ever workI kinda like it. Portals seems a little pointless though, just there to be there and doesnt add much.It's decent, but still just seems kind of meh to me. I'm not sure that will ever change with the current setup of the map. The portals are an improvement but I still don't love their implementation.Too similar to nirvana that swaps one gimmick for another and im not a fan of either gimmick.
This just plays pretty boring, similar to hexane, theres like 1 exciting thing to do on this map
I don't really like it, but I'd be open to test.I've never been a fan of these grail boosts on this map. They work I guess but they just seem kind of boring to me. The Levitate-esque holes are cool though. The endzone area feels a bit lackluster to me. While I like the team gate button being by a bomb (I think that's a cool mix up for button placement), I'm not huge on the team gate in general as it's a bit cliche and just doesn't seem great here. I don't like the base boosts in the corner. It's just kind of meh overall to me.Mu problem with grail boosts is that they are a bit too unpredictable. The base setup is vapid. I do like the mid a lot, gates a great and bombs work well.fuck you all this looks pretty funMid is the only part of this map that I like, especially the gates. The base gates are okay and I like the option of being able to go through it without the button being help by a teammate. The grail boosts are bad in my opinion and the endzones are awkward. I recommend replacing that jagged 45 by them. The bases also feel really clunky to me.
Feels really clunky to me and the ease with which one could get across the map (especially with an in base handoff) really throws me from liking this map. Personally i don't see myself ever wanting to use the top of the map. At the moment mid is kinda overpowered. The button should control a mid gate that completely blocks that lane. I'm not sure why you opted to put the gate at bottom. The top of the map is way too far out of the way and doesn't really help offenders or defenders too this a bigmouth remake?

top and bot lanes aren't worth it with how straight mid is.
Distance from flag to flag is too short without any obstacles, cant see the bottom gates be very useful.lots of clunk, and there should be some 45s where there are regular tiles. boosting feels bad. bigmouth was better.
I really like the shape b ut there's a lot that is throwing me off of this right now. you've got the bomb lined up to take across top (which would already be difficult with the spikes), but you've got the little knob wall tile making it harder. The portals don't work well surrounded by spikes (especially when you take the boost through them) and a lot of this just feels constricted and clunky. Pretty cool design, but doesnt work too well. Spike lane up top is cool, but overall there are a bit too many spikes. Not a fan of how the portals here.simple things, like boosting diagonally bot results in you hitting the other boost into the spike. Mid also feels a bit cramped.I kind of like the map, but I just don't see something with so many spikes ever being liked by the community. Portals are meh but I like the rest of the map for the most part. There are a lot of really cool paths that this map offers and I really like that, but at the moment mid really needs to be reworkedol g dubya, cant go wrong there.

you cant juke in the spike lanes :(
Do It Look Like I'm Left Off Bad & Boujee?CAEUOCLA
I'm honestly unimpressed by this map, it feels sloppy, the boost routes are poor, the teamtile placement can best be described as modern art - at worst thrown down randomly, the spike areas make little sense and overally it's just super clunky.I don't remember the original map name you had to the gates like this, but I loved them from the start. The rest of the map is meh, but please focus on these gates. I want to see them in a map eventuallytheres maybe a few too many 45 degree tiles but i really like this map. fuck the hatersThis map just doesn't really feel good to boost on. I think a lot of it comes down to just being too cramped in areas, but also island placement overall could be better I think. I'm not sure if I'm really buying into this gate gimmick, I think it could be decent but it's not particularly blowing me away. The boosts and bombs feeling so rough just kill it for me currently.The gates are okay but nothing spectacular. The boosts are okay but some of them are a little op in my opinion, while the rest are pretty awkward. It's not a horrible map, but it really isn't amazing. The gates are the best think and I The gates are pretty cool.Don't like that there are too many exits in base and mid is pretty bad. what blaze said
"how can i make something that looks like gumbo, but plays like shit? oh i know!" and thus this map was created
I do really like the ways the gates have been implemented (although not sure the team portions are really necessary). The bases in this map are pretty boring to me though, to be honest. The portal gimmick is okay, but only having one boost in base combined with having a strong teamboost right there... I'm not really huge on that. Yes, the double bombs could be used to cap, but let's be honest that'll never happen in pubs. The rest of the map is okay, but kind of forgettable. I do like the general setup though, the gates seem like they could be fun.Not bad, but wtf is with that portal. It adds nothing except it moves you over like 3 tiles and takes away some speed.Looks awesome, has a lot of potential.Not really feeling this to be honest. It doesn't feel very great (especiallyt he base areas). I'm not a fan of the portals and I don't see how they would work in a way that's versatile. Gonna be chasey asf from what I can see. The bomb button combo is pretty cool and I guess the gates are okay as well, but they kinda look sloppy in my opinion.
Electric Light OrchestraCAEUOCLA
Super boosts are not very good. Portals would be better if they weren't forever-portals and had a cool down instead. This would also allow cooler players and boosting though the spikes too. Mid is pretty bland
I'm still not a fan of a few aspects. I feel like the boosts aren't located very well (especially not a fan of that single one in base). The portals are alright but boosting into it doesn't feel great a lot of times. I think a lot of that is due to the way the teamtile lane and the islands were built in base. It's a decent map though and the portals are certainly an interesting feature. I think with a reimagining of the map it could perhaps be something special. The superboosts are dumb.This map needs a lot of work but I really like the portals. Some pretty dank jukes could happen by slowing down just before entering the portal and coming out of the portal and going the opposite way that you would normally do. The superboosts are kinda pointless and need to be rework, as do many of the boosts, but I certainly see potential in this map.worst tramp boosts in a whileThis would be very chasey because the base is so open and there are so many grabbing tools. Not of fan of having portals that will take you to the other side of the map.Superboosts are totally random and hard to control. The portals are surrounded by spikes which is not a great thing fyi, the map in general feels clunky
Not bad, but pretty bland and boring. Need someway to add some spice.It plays alright I'm sure but it's just kind of a somewhat boring typical build of a map. The portals are the only really differentiating element but they don't feel very good in conjunction with many routes. Also, they don't really allow you to do anything you couldn't do otherwise for the most part. The boost placements are overall fine but extremely typical, especially the wormies. It's hard to find anything other than the portals to complain about here really, I just think it's a boring map past them.This map is pretty similar to a lot of the other maps that are/have recently been in rotation. Try to break the meta. Other than that, this is a decent start and feels okay. Could definitely use some polishing if you ask me, it just feels kinda clunky in a lot of places. The portals need a longer cooldown, at the moment that can still be used to troll if you go through one and hit the wall, wait a little less than a second, and go back through the portal. the gates are pretty good but other than that the bases are mediocre. The base is a tad too small and I did not like the portals, interesting shape though.This is much better in terms of mapmaking than some of your previous works. i still think that this is clunky and generally not a fully formed idea. so i would like to test it because the concepts are there, but im pretty sure that people are right in that the rest of the map is not. I think its pretty cool personally, but you need to fix some sections, and make them feel better. I feel like juking people in the portal area will be hard because there are no normal tiles to juke off of, no corners, only 45 flat walls. also boost combos feel pretty bad on this map, and bombing into the boosts doesnt feel great either. that being said i really love what your doing here because it feels relatively fresh.I really like your style, This map needs quite a bit of work though and I'm not quite sold on the portals.
Not here

How to Say Throwback in Different Languages
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Saying throwback in European Languages
Saying throwback in Asian Languages
Saying throwback in Middle-Eastern Languages
Saying throwback in African Languages
Saying throwback in Austronesian Languages
Saying throwback in Other Foreign Languages
Please find below many ways to say throwback in different languages. This is the translation of the word "throwback" to over 80 other languages.

Saying Throwback in European Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Albanian rikthim
Basque throwback
Belarusian атавізм
Bosnian atavizam
Bulgarian връщане към миналото
Catalan reversió
Croatian atavizam
Czech návrat
Danish tilbagevenden
Dutch throwback
Estonian Sarnasusi
Finnish takaisku
French throwback
Galician retroceso
German Rückschlag
Greek ιστορική αναδρομή
Hungarian primitivizmus
Icelandic throwback
Irish throwback
Italian ritorno al passato
Latvian atavisms
Lithuanian Perjungimas
Macedonian враќање назад
Maltese throwback
Norwegian tilbakeblikk
Polish powrót do przeszłości
Portuguese retrocesso
Romanian throwback
Russian атавизм
Serbian атавизам
Slovak návrat
Slovenian Atavizam
Spanish reversión
Swedish återgång
Ukrainian атавізм
Welsh throwback
Yiddish טראָובאַק
Saying Throwback in Asian Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Armenian throwback
Azerbaijani throwback
Bengali প্রত্যাবর্তন
Chinese Simplified 返祖
Chinese Traditional 返祖
Georgian throwback
Gujarati પાછળ ફેંકો
Hindi विपर्ययण
Hmong throwback
Japanese 先祖返り
Kannada ಥ್ರೋಬ್ಯಾಕ್
Kazakh Throwback
Khmer ជា throwback
Korean 후퇴
Lao throwback
Malayalam ത്രോബാക്ക്
Marathi प्राणी किंवा वनस्पती
Mongolian эргэн тэмүүлэгч гэж үзэцгээж
Myanmar (Burmese) throwback
Nepali थ्रोब्याक
Sinhala හා පාලිතයින්
Tajik throwback
Tamil த்ரோபேக்
Telugu త్రోబాక్
Thai การเปลี่ยนกลับไปสู่​​สภาพเดิม
Urdu throwback کے
Uzbek tushish
Vietnamese sự thoái bộ
Saying Throwback in Middle-Eastern Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Arabic ردة
Hebrew חֲזָרָה לְשָׁלָב קוֹדֵם
Persian رجعت
Turkish gerileme
Saying Throwback in African Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Afrikaans throwback
Chichewa throwback
Hausa throwback
Igbo throwback
Sesotho throwback
Somali Mfuleni
Swahili throwback
Yoruba throwback
Zulu throwback
Saying Throwback in Austronesian Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Cebuano throwback
Filipino kilos sa pabalik
Indonesian throw back
Javanese throwback
Malagasy throwback
Malay throwback
Maori throwback
Saying Throwback in Other Foreign Languages

Language Ways to say throwback
Esperanto retroturniĝo
Haitian Creole throwback
Latin Throwback
stop itI love this map, but if maps are going to make it back into rotation, they will do so with the throwback sheet, not by this process.
Pork SodaThis EUOCLA
There are too many lanes to a point where fcs will just run around in circles and no returns will ever come.The lanes on this map are really far apart, and there are a ton of islands as well. Defenders are gonna get destroyed on this map by the most mediocre FCs because of the way the map is set up. The pup/boost area is kinda cool and I like how you have to use a little finesse to get behind the boost to grab, but other than that this map is seriously lacking. uniquity is not a word, Blazeth.too tall, islands too bigWell, this one is certainly unique. Uniqueness isn't always a good thing though, and this one would show that. The large islands and shaping of the map in general while unique, will lead to lots of chasiness probably. It seems you tried to balance that by making a really defensive base (I mean, past the bombs, the boosts are REEEALLY weak). I just don't really like that idea of balance. I'd rather the whole map be offensive than you make base boring to balance it. The bottom exits also seem a bit silly. Despite all of this, it could at least be fun to try out, so I'll just give it an m.The size of mid is what is worrying me most right now. how far apart the lanes that run thorugh it could lead to a lot of chasing.
Floral Mappe (Update)CAEUOCLA
fan of the updatesfuck the community your map is honestly fantastic and every game ive played on it was awesomeI'm honestly happy with the current version of the mapI don't even like these changes but community is probably never coming around on current version, if any, sosame. powerup spot might be better though.Don't really like the update, but auto thoughReally wish that the gates weren't made as useless as this, but definitely agree with the pup changes. My main concern with the previous version of the map was that the entire bottom was empty whereas the bases and top lane had everything, and I think that this addresses that issue well. I'm voting yes not because I agree entirely with the change, but because something needs to change ASAP. I really don't see the gates being used much anymore though.
Just way too much going on here for me to like it. I definitely like the flow, but there are way too many spikes, I don't see the community voting fondly on it because after they spike themselves they'll immediately get salty. The portal is very clunky, Spikes should have walls behind them because it looks ugly right now.i hope beefy didnt make this because it feels pretty shit man. I hate how far out the spikes hang, really ruins the flow of the bottom lane for boosting. Top corners are horrid. rest of the map is spaced really poorly.the bases are just unnecessarily tall, mid i fine thoughI'm not a fan at all of this portal gimmick. It seems a bit silly and well, just not really fun. It might play decently but there's definitely much better ways you could setup a portal in base. The structural shaping of base seems a bit off, a bit long and not really intuitive with the back wall shaping. I'm not a fan of the upper spike areas. Challenging boosts are good, but there's not really well thought-out boost routes with that boost imo. Middle works but the entire sides need a lot of work.
The bases felt a bit too cramped. The spike lane is awesome. Gate I don't like, maybe if it was green, but also the bomb goes right into it which i'm not a fan of.Lacks flow in a lot of places, but I love the spike lane, definitely want to see more of those in rotation. It's gonna be hard for offenders to grab and get out of base in this map's current state.i really like the in base bomb, gives the fc options, might be way too powerful. rest of the map is decent. probably a little too cramped for pubs.
feels like a map from someone newish to map making. my main concern is that the map is really big. other than that its not terrible. it needs slightly more to make it interesting. I'm not a big fan of the way this map feels. The boosts in general don't feel very good and there's a large amount of emptiness throughout. The giant gate thing seems to draw inspiration from Qio, but I think Qio did that in a far better setup (if you're gonna have a giant gate that's hard to escape, it's probably good for it to be stronger route undoubtedly). To be fair, you have the offensive teamtiles to help hear, but still. Middle is very lackluster. Even if the map's build was cleaned up as best as possible, I don't think it really adds anything to rotation as is.The map shape is basically a box, which is not good. It also lacks flow in most places. I spawned really close to mid so the spawn area needs to be moved back. The map is just way too open and boxy.Boosts on the wall and so far out of the way are just too constricting. Not much shape to the map and the lanes don't feel good.
What's with the portal? I don't like it. the rest of the map isn't that well formed and it feels clunky. nice mappo pizza spartan. Jokes aside there is way too much going on here. the portal exit is way too far away, and boosting in thru the gate side is horrible. just looking at the map feels overwhelming. tone it down sonThe portal feels horrible to use and the rest of the map flows pretty bad in my opinion. It's not a horrible map but it definitely needs some polishing before it's ready for testing. seriously though, those portals. not really that keen on much else in the map either.This has potential if cleaned up. One too many tiny islands which makes chasing frustrating, bit too many weird crevices and the portals is terrible, gates should be repositioned.It has some cool aspects but other aspects just ruin it for me. I really dislike the boost in base and I'm not really keen on the implementation of gates. The bombs are all nicely placed though. The portals just seem like they'd play very poorly to me. They really don't even work great with anything, I don't understand their implementation at all. It's an okay map but really not worth testing to me at this time.
I agree that the defensive portals are bad, but the rest of the map seems pretty fun worth testing imo
I'll pass on this exit portal gimmick. It seems a bit silly. I mean I'm fine with the two upper ones I think but the defensive ones are pretty dumb to me. I just hate how open it is everywhere, seems like it'd be a loooot of clusterfucks with no boosts nearby to escape the pain. The boosts and bombs that there are are okay, but not really overly exciting to use. I hate the team gate setup; it seems both cliche and shitty at the same time.Kind of like plasma but with worse execution and a bad portal gimmick. The gimmick will allow fcs to go backwards and use portal to go forward, thats just not how neutral flag maps should work.Not a huge fan of the portals at all. The map feels really open as well.very bare in spots, but feels pretty cool, interested in testing it
Superboosts are crazy and gates are annoying. It's also bad form to have a map in rotation based on a "glitch". Did you expect yeses? but why? that just makes the game so frustrating. Rest of the map is just too crazy and unpolishedPutting aside how meme it is to build an entire endzone around a glitch, this map has a lot of problems. The team gate things on the side can be sat in eternally (I think at least, couldn't really tell if buttons triggered it). It's kind of a stupid thing to put there either way, the superboosts in general. They don't work very comfortably at all. I think the bombs on the side are a bit stupidly strong. Past all of that, it's just kind of giant and open everywhere which is kind of lame.Yeah no. Sorry.

There are way too many bad things going on at once here. I wish you luck with future submissions though.
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needs that gate on the boosts fam otherwise this is an inconsequentially average maptoo tallStill no. This is way too tall and awkward to work.The bottom is waaaaay too quick for FCs currently. That's definitely going to be an issue in a 4v4. The defense really needs a tool to slow down the lower exits for this to work imo. The shaping of the map is pretty interesting. The upper lanes (especially with the base being so closed off) would probably see a lot of use. I think the middle might be just a bit too giant and open. Overall, it's decent past the balance concerns I have with the bottom boosts, which are fairly significant.Do not like how the base lane is just so long, I swear we've tested this 4 times before
Barack's ObamapCAEUOCLA
I think the flow of this map is probably its strong suit. It feels fairly good overall. Another thing I particularly like is the double button setup, I think that could lead to some interesting teamwork. Nothing particularly stands out about this map from other decent ones currently though. The middle setup is very boring in general, and while the bases work, I think they could be more exciting too. I'd say the likely cause of the problem is just starting with a fairly generic shape to begin with. I wouldn't hate testing this but I don't think it really adds anything to rotation. MAGANot a fan of the gates to be honest. I think the map is gonna be pretty chasey considering how open it is. Bases are okay for the most part but there really isn't anything that stands out to me a great. Mid is a yawn.

not bad, shame about the flag decals.lets take a figure 8 map and impose circular flow on both sides of the map. Bases are nice, gate is cool, mid underwhelming.
i have many problems with this map. i feel like there should be like a bomb or something behind base. maybe not no big deal there. The main issue is that if fc gets out either way they have access to the boosts first with no way of the defense catching up for a long time. I also would love it if there were some spikes on the outside lane so that you could kill people with the inside bombs.Just way too long and open while mid is way too busy. Pup areas are good. I don't really see a map with this shape working.The lanes are a bit too long and too wide which is annoying for chasing. It does give me a 45 vibe which i like.I don't really see the appeal of this map. It doesn't seem to have anything to it that makes me want to play it. Its mid is overly flooded with stuff, yet almost the rest is overly empty. It's odd, but not appealing. The lack of entertaining things to do in general seems like it'd make for a very boring pub map.tighten this up and I'd love it. seeems chasey rn
Portals are way too memey. Bases are alright but nothing special. I like spike lanes but at the moment this one feels weird.It's kind of hard for me to give this anything but n considering you've built the entire middle around an awful portal gimmick. I really don't think it's a good one. Why not just put spikes? It's a dumb camp tool for FC past being able to spike people. The bombs being open is also dumb considering they just spike you. The bottom spike lanes aren't really good either, they're overly spikey not allowing for much creativity with boosts at all. I do think bases are decent but probably pretty defensive. The bottom corners feels completely unnecessary. I don't really know where you go with this map tbh.i like the bases. everything else sucks. made things way more complicated than it should be, the portals are pretty cool, but theres no need for it
I was a pretty big fan of the bases, also not sure about the portals but it's worth a test.My main concern is how many ways there are to both grab and escape base, and I think that will make the map hard to defend. I like the shape of the map in general and I like what you did with the gates. There are obviously issues but I think it might be worth testing.not a fan of the mid. Bases are aiightWay too many grabbing tools for the offense, besides that this map is pretty cool. The portal could be too OP for fcs coming into base though.This version is a very interesting take on the map. I've got some concerns that the map will be too easy for the offense (particularly, I think the portal gates coming into base will be easy for the offense's defense to control, and that portal is pretty strong). In general though, I like the design choices taken with this map. The base is kind of simple but seems to work. I think it's worth seeing how this would play out in a 4v4. The double bombs seem to work well here.fuck yeah dude feels pretty great
I really like the setup of this middle. The gated boost seems like a neato feature at the bottom. The bomb setup at the top is pretty cool also. I like the lower corner boosts, they seem to be placed pretty well. I'm not huge on the current placement of the wormies, I think they're in a somewhat awkward location, I'm not really sure why but it just feels a bit off to me. The back of base button bomb is probably fine but I think I'd prefer it be open (even if blocked off). Just feels more empowering that way. The gate indicators could kill people idk if that's really even relevant enough to be a problem but lol thought I'd mentionWasn't at all keen on the base. nales seem decently balanced but I could still see it being too easy to rush to re with those teamtiles mid. you are all fake newsVery interesting map, my main concern is that top has too many bombs making it an ideal spot for fcs to go and just bomb defenders away or even spike them. Not sure how to feel about that base bombdon't love mid, or base bomb. I don't really see people using the bottom late all too often, and I definitely don't see people going out of their way to hold that button. It's most beneficial to boost through mid as I see it, top will only be used for pups because it's really dangerous for FCs, and bot will be mostly useless.
never fuck malaysiansCAEUOCLA
if i paid them, i'd still %&$^ them.It really is a shitty neutral flag version of Monarch so props for that. I am not a fan of any of the neutral boosts, they feel so meh to use. Like, you can combo to cap with them but that's basically the only thing remotely exciting. The side bombs aren't wired so shame on you. I think I'd prefer the gates be something else. Right now they're an unhealthy mix of cliche and just uncomfortably designed. It just has a very forgettable feel to it I guess. There doesn't seem to be anything cool or fun about it so I have no interest in testing of the bomb buttons is unwired. The rest of this map especially the gate is poorly made. Exit portal location is terrible because when you go though it you leave the whole inside part open. There arent any cool capping mechanisms either.bigger, shittier, nf monarch
definitely feel like it will be too easy to cap, because long distance caps
One of the bomb buttons are broken at the moment (not wired properly). I like the amount that can be done with each of the boosts but other than that this map is lacking. I'm really not a fan of the gates either.
Suffers from 45 deg tile abuse and the map in general is meh. I like where the bases were heading but still they aren't polished. honestly its pretty lackluster, but my biggest grip is that its very similar to teh and qio. its not near as polished as teh, i dont see this in its current state getting above 65%Basically still meh in a lot of ways but with an even worse mid

I still think the gate + boost setup could be good but rest is kill
There are some interesting ideas here. I think the bomb with pup setup is pretty cool, although I'd open up the outside of the 90s areas a bit more. A bit of a common theme I suppose, most of this map feels alright but just a bit undersized overall. The boosts in base feel rather clunky I'd say. I really dislike the portals setup currently, especially for entering base since it forces you to blindly boost at something. Middle works for the most part I think. The single 90s pretty much everywhere are good which is surprising, however most of the rest needs work.nice shape, but bad execution in portals, mid and behind base.I don't like the portals at all. They feel blatantly unbalanced.
Too many grabbing tools for fcs, bit boring overall.Well made, but doesn't get me hard, ya know?new count mapula but worse tbh

lchor >>>>>
Ball-E is my bitch loverCAEUOCLA
Cut out like a lot of this. I think that bomb is interesting, but the rest is convoluded and falls flat.

you have so many maps in the backlog that have had comments like this one. Put some of them together!!
mid is very interesting, the rest of the map lacks some simple problems such as having too much space behind the flag, flags being too closemaybe im biased somehow but i really like velkin mapsThese teamtile areas seem pretty dumb to me. Not only is having a huge teamtile area just kind of stupid (especially by a teamboost), but the bomb in there is pretty terrible feeling. I'm not really a fan of the button bombs, they seem like they'd be down almost all the time and would only ever be used effectively on accident. The gates work I guess but I don't really know if they're going to help the defense a ton. The rest is just kind of forgettable. The main features aren't very good.
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The portals in base don't work with the boost you ahve set up, in fact only one thing works and that's the bomb. The green gate might as well be a wall, it really just won't get used. The superboosts are in the wrong direction (switch the teamtiles), and the one through mid leads to a spike. The powerup idea is innovative but unfortunately lucky has said that he won't allow button timers to be in pubs which basically means that the concept will never be allowed in pubs. The bases are way too defensive, portals seem out of place, cool idea with the pup and gate, but that is too frustrating to deal with in pubs.I'll try not to sound too harsh but there's a LOTTTTT of problems here. For starters, I think the superboosts are facing the opposite of the way they should face. Even then though, they don't feel good to use. Secondly, the portals are really weird. I guess they work but they don't have many options (for example, Transilio's have far more with the boosts/bombs). The green gates aren't wired, and even if they were they probably would never be used. Timed buttons aren't allowed in pubs, but even if they were these would be super campable for FCs. Middle is okay but the spike arrangements don't really feel like they were built to incorporate the boost routes. The bomb placement in mid is odd. I appreciate the effort and the unique ideas, but this one just needs a lot of cleaning up.
Bolstered CaliperCAEUOCLA
I really think you ushould have reversed the team boosts but beyond that this seems like a fun and fast paced map with some cool boost routes. I think it would play well if you made that one small teambosot switch. That bomb in base is just too gimmicky for my taste, having 2 bombs so close to the flag is something i don't like on any map. This will end up being a might be a bit much.

I don't really have too many issues with the map but it doesn't grab me.
It's just a bit boring to me. I do think it's designed fairly well. I'm not really big on the bomb gimmick but I guess it works. The boosts in mid seem to work fine too, but the whole map just kind of has an eh feel to me. I'm not sure what exactly I want, just a little more umph I guess? I'm not completely opposed to testing this but surely there's more creative maps with just as much polish.too easy to get ahead, i would never go thru mid
Why did anyone think the mid buttons should trigger the bombs? That's my main complaint with mid, other than that this mid is verrry intriguing compared to the top map version. It's a bit rough in polish I think, especially in the bombs area, but that's rather minor as well. The main concern obviously is with balance and I'm not sure if that's been resolved since it was in top maps. It has some cool aspects but I'm not expecting it to play much less circularly than before. Also these aesthetics are fuckin wank.It's sad to see how much this map has fallen off since you were unable to figure out a mid. The mid bomb button idea is not good. The rest of the map has minor clunky problems and very few of the boosts combo well together. Waaaay too much going on, not a fan of the portal and all the bombs connected to buttons.
This is a very interesting asymmetrical map, buuuuut I just cant see it ever working pubs, one side will always have an advantage and people would complain and bash the MTC even more.It's pretty decent for an asymmetrical map but I have a few nuisances with it that are preventing me from wanting to test this. For starters, the gated boost on the right seems really strong for the offense while there is really nothing to match it at least to the same extent on the other side. This seems problematic. Secondly though, I'm just not really big on the way you've incorporated the portals. The boost feels limited with it (perhaps necessarily) but even if so, I don't really like seeing fun sacrificed for balance. If I wasn't more intrigued by this for being asymmetric I think I'd find the majority of the map just okay. I don't want to give more credit to a map than it deserves for being asymmetric.I kind of just want to test a mostly balanced asymmetrical map tbh.Asymmetry is inherently unbalanced for one side. I can see why this would be submitted for competitive play but for pubs this can't be done, no matter how balanced. lol
pilot without the choke pointsThere is too much open space in certain parts kind of like pilot, but worse. This seems too outdated for the current map meta.Okay so here's the thing. This is good. In another time this would have been at the very least tested in a 4v4, possibly considered for rotation. the problem is that at this point it doesn't really bring anything to rotation that we don't already have except the bomb behind flag concept. Other than that this more or less feels like pilot with training wheels.I don't really get the double spikes. I guess it's mimicing wormy but I feel like it works better on wormy because it's not so much in the flow of things. These spikes don't really make that area seem any better. It's okay in some aspects. Base is alright. The top and bomb probably work. Just, the whole map definitely seems boring to me. I don't think this would bomb by any means if we add it but it'd add absolutely nothing to rotation.I'm concerned about how powerful the bomb could be as a grabbing tool but it seems surprisingly well designed for what it is.
Shoop da WoopCAEUOCLA
I was surprised by this map, but I really really like the button double gate concept i think it could be really cool. There are several parts to this that could be polished but the shape and structure are enough for me to give this a tentative yes. No one man should have all that power...Excited for this one, only concern i could see with this is long pub games because it would be hard to get resets.this is like that one shitty map with the portals in base that i nommed except way better and more polishedSimplistic and fun, might be a little offensive favorable though, we'll have to test and seeThe design of these gates seems like it'd make for some very intriguing gameplay. I think base could still be improved, but the way the gates are designed could be both innovative and fun. The side neutrals take some getting used to but I think I like them. I would like to see mid feel a bit less congested and maybe a bit smoother as well. The pup areas feel like they could be better, they feel like they were designed the way they are mostly to be visually pleasing. I can definitely see the huge entrances (especially the one where FC can teamboost right into flag) being problematic, even reminiscent to the same problems a map like Wormwood had where it's too difficult to defend multiple entrances; that doesn't stop me from wanting to at least see how this map plays though.
This feels like one of those 'flows too well' situations. I like all the thought put into the gate, but I keep taking boosts in the most obvious way and they throw me right into the flag without any effort or skill.meh, wouldnt mind testing it but im not nomming itFeels a bit small, but one of the best maps ive tested so far. I like the boost lanes and bases, and it feels well balanced.The bases are nice on this map. I do not like the tile selection in the bottom right section because of how the interact with the boost to put you in an awkward purgatory like position in mid. Beyond that my biggest complaint is that this feels like it could be made bigger such that once you get out of base you aren't immediately entering your own. The mid game just feels weak and all the boost routes seem centered on and around baseplay which makes me feel like this is just two bases smooshed together. This is better than Vice I think. The bases feel more interesting, and I like these gates a lot more. It might be too offensive, but that's for 4v4 testing to tell I suppose considering it's not obviously so. Middle is still a bit lackluster, but I do think this is a bit better than before. The boosts are also just better than before. I don't love the area with the bombs by pups, but it works okay. I'd like to test this one.Solid map, everything felt very natural with great spike placement.
See feedback of your other versionThis is far too small, with too few options to get out of base. The team gates are practically worthless and the mid is bland. The walls are so slick and flat that the map is devoid of character. Submitting variations of the same map is a good way to split MTC votes. Changing spikes isn't nullifying other problems. See Sharp feedback.
the endzones are pretty huge but you have all the makings of a nf that the community will adore. i personally dont really like it too much because there is nothing to it, but the community has always been full of simple people amused by simple things. cool idea with the gates. I'm worried about the multitudes of ways you can cap.Mid boosts seem pretty weird, and not quite there, but the rest of the map is solidFelt like it was missing something in base to really make this rotation worthy.This seems like 85-95% of the way to a highly polished rotation ready nf map. Slightly bare in the mid to base transition areas, but I like this enough to testThis is probably my favorite NF submitted this thread. I like the shaping you made with the map as a whole. It's a very good NF shape (albeit a bit cliche but the double endzone negates this quite a bit). The way you've setup base is very cool imo. I'm a bit concerned the teamboost for O might be too strong but I think I'd like a test to decide for sure on that. One thing I don't like is the way you've made the walls in the middle area as a whole. There are just 45s in areas there probably shouldn't be, especially around the bomb. The teamgate setup is a cool way to help defense. I'm not sure I like the middle bomb but that's very minor. This has heaps of potential.
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