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5/8/2014 7:29:46
Divine: Romanian songs from the repertoire of Maria Tănase (1913-1963)
Oana Cătălina Chiţu20134Library CD
Other European Language (Swedish, Czech, etc)
Romanian songs from the repertoire of Maria Tănase (1913-1963)2014-02
5/8/2014 8:11:29Definitive CollectionNeil Sedaka20074Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglish2013-10
Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 1960sForever Gold
5/8/2014 8:22:02
Millennium Collection: The Best of Diana Ross & Supremes,V 2
Diana Ross20004Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglish2014-01
Incomplete Recording (missing disk, etc), Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 1960sSupremesMotown20th Century Masters
5/8/2014 8:34:12W H O K I L LtUnE-yArDs20113Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishDespite this band's critical success, I find most of these tracks to be cloying/unlistenable2014-01Mostly 2010s
5/8/2014 10:18:34CharmerAimee Mann20123Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglish2013-05Mostly 2010sSuperego Records
5/8/2014 10:23:04Super Blues from ChicagoVA20085Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglish2014-02CompilationMostly 1940sFuel 2000
5/8/2014 13:45:04Now that's what I call Country Vol 3VA20103Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
English2014-04CompilationMostly 2000sUMGNow!
5/9/2014 13:28:02Belly Zone: Best of OojamiOojami20085Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishTurkish EDM band which plays bellydance music located in England. Fantastic stuff! 2014-04
Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 2000s
5/9/2014 13:31:12s/tPolly Scattergood20083Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishDream-pop. Great songs, but this album is just getting started. 2013-01Mostly 2000s
5/9/2014 19:24:42Volume: Best of Paul Van DykPaul Van Dyk20095Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishTerrific retrospective of trance master. Disc 1 provides the lighter more electronic stuff. Disc 2 provide a lot of vocal remixes with hard dance beat.2014--2
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes), Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 2000s
5/9/2014 19:34:09Ganging Up on the SunGuster20065Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishUpbeat and modest songwriter-pop, with lots of guitars and quirky lyrics. 2014-02Mostly 2000s
5/9/2014 19:46:40Dream with MeJackie Evancho20112Library CDClassical/OperaEnglishEvancho is a singer prodigy who started very early. Clearly her voice is remarkable, and the novelty is part of her marketing, but this is a thoroughly uninteresting collection of songs. 2014-02Mostly 2000s
5/9/2014 19:53:33Love on the Inside Sugarland20083Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishMiddle-of-the-road country with some quirkiness (the "Steve Earle" song). A nice listen, but could have been more adventurous stylistically. 2014-02Mostly 2000s
5/10/2014 22:40:42Greatest HitsWhitney Houston20134Library CD
Easy-Listening/Old-fashioned stuff
EnglishA greatest hits compilation can't be bad, and I found no surprises here, but it was still evocative of a decade, and full of serenity and beauty.2014-05
Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 1990sArista
5/10/2014 22:42:38Red Hot + Rio 2VA2011Not yet ratedLibrary CDPop/Rock/SoulPortuguese 2014-05
Compilation, extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 2000sRed Hot OrganizationRed Hot
5/11/2014 2:11:15Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De RCA VictorLibertad Lamarque20014
Digital Music Purchase
Easy-Listening/Old-fashioned stuff
SpanishThis great 2 CD collection surveys her works from the very beginning. 2014-04
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes), Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 1940sRCA
5/19/2014 6:29:54MirageArmin van Buuren20104Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishExcellent (though conventional) EDM stuff by a master. The album features collaborations with English singer-songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor, British singer Christian Burns, Pakistani-American singer-songwriter Nadia Ali, American electronic producer BT, Dutch trance producer Ferry Corsten, and Adam Young of Owl City.2014-5Mostly 2010sArmada Music
5/21/2014 10:51:47Four Sonatas (Charles Ives)Hilary Hahn20124Library CDClassical/OperaEnglishIntense/Expressionistic Modernist sonatas with great performances and lots of crescendos and passion2014-5Mostly 2010sValentina LisitsaDG
5/21/2014 11:57:17Beg, Scream & Shout: Big Ol' Box of 60s SoulVA19975Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishPhenomenal collection of little known and well known tracks. 6 CDs. Allegedly not a lot of rarities, but still many surprises2014-5
Compilation, extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1960sRhino
5/22/2014 10:13:10Opa Hey!Kottarashky20095Library CDEDM/Dance
Other European Language (Swedish, Czech, etc)
Bulgarian dance/hip hop with lots of Balkan instruments and feel and frenetic vocals. A delight! 2014-5Mostly 2000sAsphalt Tango Records
5/23/2014 10:28:30Slave AmbientWar on Drugs20135
Digital Music Purchase
Englishawesomely put together album with dylanesque vocals, soaring guitar riffs, electronic ebbs and flows and continuous excitement. All the songs flow together well. 2014-5Mostly 2010sKurt Vile
5/23/2014 10:30:53Carefree
Samantha Stollenwerck
Digital Music Purchase
Pop/Rock/SoulEnglishReally punchy mainstream rock with a woman with attitude like Sheryl Crow or Ann McCue. Not a bad song here. 2014-05Mostly 2000s
5/23/2014 10:42:30Adams EffectPepper Adams19895
Digital Music Purchase
Jazz/Instrumental (generally NOT electronic)
EnglishOne of the final performances from his jazz legend. Great budget purchase, but with lots of depth and direction. 2013-02Uptown
5/23/2014 15:59:23Distant Earth RemixedATB20114Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishGreat but conventional trance remixes, with If It's Love (from Hulafantastica) being one of the highlights. Very bright and upbeat, with great female vocal tracks. Very danceable2014-05
Remixes of previously recorded songs (by same person or others)
Mostly 2000sATKontor Records
5/26/2014 12:16:43Favourite Worst NightmareArctic Monkeys20074Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishHip and clever songs with a lot of hard pounding rhythms. Fun and mainstream.2014-05Mostly 2000s
5/26/2014 12:19:22Francophonic 1Franco20085
Digital Music Purchase
African languages (if an equal mixture of English and African language, choose this)
Outstanding 2 CD intro to the Congoleses guitarist, singer and jazz master. This volume comes from stuff in the 60s and 70s2012-04
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1970sCantos Music
5/28/2014 16:59:46Missa Solemnis (Beethoven)Gustav Kuhn20084Library CDClassical/OperaItalianGreat and exciting version of Beethoven's mass.2014-05Mostly 2000s
Chorus Academy of Tyrolean Festival
5/28/2014 17:06:53Dual MonoGreenhornes 20034
Digital Music Purchase
Pop/Rock/SoulEnglishGood tough rock and roll with a 60s garage band vibe by an Ohio band. 2014-02Mostly 2000s
5/28/2014 17:14:44Mughal E Azam SoundtrackNaushad 5
Digital Music Purchase
Sound and Stage (Bollywood, OST)
Hindi and other Indian languages
Classic soundtrack with songs written by Naushad and performed by Lata and Mohammad Rafi. Includes lots of classical ragas, ghazals. Probably the most memorable Bollywood soundtrack! 2014-05CompilationMostly 1960sLata Mangeshkhar
5/28/2014 17:19:17At the Close of a Century (box)Stevie Wonder 19995Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishpriceless box set which reveals the multifaceted talent of Stevie over the decades. 2014-04
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1970s
5/29/2014 14:36:35Trance Divas (1 and 2)VA20045Bought/Used CDEDM/DanceEnglishGreat 4 CD set of unedited trance tracks by well-known people. High % are fun and worth listening. AKA as "trance divas" (vol 1 and 2 = the 4 CD set).2013-05
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 2000s
Heavenly: Ethereal Trance Collection
5/29/2014 14:38:351992-2012 AnthologyUnderworld20125
Digital Music Purchase
EDM/DanceEnglishUnderworld did early techno in the 1990s. This double album contains best of from that time period as well as less stunning but still interesting tracks from the 2000s. 2014-02
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes), Greatest Hits (tracks from several different albums)
Mostly 1990s
5/30/2014 11:01:09
Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds, Nigerian Blues 1970-6
Digital Music Purchase
African languages (if an equal mixture of English and African language, choose this)
Grab-bag of Nigerian pop songs (with Funkees, Sir Victor Uwaifo, Tunji Oyelana, etc represented). Many are low-key or slow, not the typical Afrobeat fare. Still lots of great musical moments. This was my first Afropop album, and it really blew my mind when I first heard it. 2012-06
Compilation, extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1970sSoundwaysSoundways
5/30/2014 11:05:09Luchshye pesni – 15 let. El Kravchuk19975
Digital Music Purchase
El Kravchuk is a Ukrainian singer with an almost operatic voice who sings tunes with a techno pop. Some of the pieces seem low-key, lyrical, soaring, danceable. This is a compilation from the last 15 years and truly wondrous. I didn’t warm up to it immediately when I first heard it in Ukraine, but now I can’t get enough of it.1997-04Mostly 1990s Moon Vinyl s.r.o
5/30/2014 12:33:49
Soundway Presents Nigeria Special #2 (Modern Highlife)
Digital Music Purchase
African languages (if an equal mixture of English and African language, choose this)
Probably more accessible than Vol 1, Vol 2 has more rhythms, danceable stuff and lots of sax. 2013-06CompilationMostly 1970sSoundwaySoundway
5/31/2014 22:18:51Land (1975-2002)Patti Smith20025Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishRemarkable compilation of a loud and boisterous and lyrical rock talent. Lots of great poetry and measured anarchy. Totally blew me away. 2014-02
Compilation, extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1970s
5/31/2014 22:25:43Annie UpPistol Annies20134Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishGood up and coming girls harmony country band. There's some drums and uptempo songs, but most are slow and elegiac. Very in the style of Miranda Lambert and Dolly. 2014-05Mostly 2010s
6/2/2014 10:36:26FurtherChemical Brothers20105Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishPhenomenally good and catchy (albeit conventional) EDM album by Chemical Brothers. 2014-06Mostly 2000sAstralworks
6/2/2014 16:43:09One LoveDavid Guetta20105Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishGreat pop EDM with fast movements, upbeat lyrics and great vocals. This album establishes Guetta as a great mainstream talent. Sure, you'll get sick of the melodies eventually, but while they're still fresh, enjoy the headrush! 2013-08Mostly 2000sKelly Rowland
6/3/2014 12:40:12DNALittle Mix20124Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishFun bubble-gum hip hop by a group of young females who won a TV contest. Songs are actually good, but they sound like a bunch of Rihanna-wannabees -- they haven't really found their unique sound yet. But that's ok. 2014-06Mostly 2010s
6/3/2014 13:54:11Pesni Pro Tebya Mark Tishman3Library CDEDM/Dance
Good slow pop melodies by a man with an enthralling voice. Not as dramatic as Valery Meladze, but more low-key melodies. 2014-6Mostly 2010sПесни про тебя Марк Тишман
6/13/2014 21:03:35
Cartegena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Columbia 1962-1972
Digital Music Purchase
EDM/DanceSpanishAbsolutely incredible & unrelenting collection of cumbia dance beats. Lots of sax and rapid trumpet crashes. Wow! 2013-02Mostly 1960sSoundway
6/13/2014 21:11:35
King of History: Classic 1970 Benga Beats from Kenya
D.O. Misiani20104
Digital Music Purchase
African languages (if an equal mixture of English and African language, choose this)
Snappy, light-hearted Kenyan 60s music which isn't outstanding, but just is so easygoing and tropical you forgive its repetitiveness. The rapid rhythms get intense sometimes, but vocals and melodies are always interweaving. 2014-2Mostly 1970sSterns Music
6/14/2014 18:33:41
Shango, Shouter and Obeah: Supernatural Calypso Fro
VA20025Bought/Used CD
Folk (includes Celtic, gospel, Cajun)
EnglishExtraordinary early Caribbean music. Catchy, Danceable, Jazzy. 2014-01CompilationMostly 1930s
6/15/2014 13:33:44MirameEleftheria Arvanitaki20084Library CDPop/Rock/Soul
Other European Language (Swedish, Czech, etc)
Greek easy listening singer whose songs don't shout, but just are calming influences. Sounds like a less wild version of Shakira -- which is actually a complement. This album is a collaboration with Spanish composer and producer Javier Limon. 2014-3Mostly 2000s
6/15/2014 18:33:32Soul of BrazilTim Maia20085Library CDPop/Rock/SoulPortuguese This combination of off-the-wall & groovy Brazilian 70s psychedelic makes this album an amazing and thrilling listening experience. 2014-04Mostly 1970s
6/15/2014 18:39:20Decada de los 90s: 40 AnniversarioVA20102Library CD
Easy-Listening/Old-fashioned stuff
SpanishWeak collection of slow Tejano and Conjunto songs. Individually not terrible, but unremarkable. 2014-04CompilationMostly 2000s
6/15/2014 23:03:19Arde el Cielo: VivoMana20083Library CDPop/Rock/SoulSpanishVery good live concert of an upbeat Latino band that sounds like a Spanish U2. Lots of ballads with guitars. 2014-05live concert Mostly 2000s
6/16/2014 0:32:11Lost Cuban Trios of Casa MarinaTrio Melodicos 20104Library CDPop/Rock/SoulSpanishMellow and understated Cuban recordings from the 50s. Not as flashy or stately as Bueva Vista Social Club, but still a good smooth sound2014-04Mostly 1950s
6/16/2014 21:26:03Imagina: Songs of BrasilKarrin Allyson20084Library CD
Jazz/Instrumental (generally NOT electronic)
Portuguese Charming and smooth jazz renditions of Brazil songs by American jazz singer Karrin Allyson. This feels more Brazilian than American, and Allyson's embrace of fado is uncanny. 2014-04Mostly 2000s
6/20/2014 10:26:30Mama Mamochka Taisia Povaliy20084Library CDPop/Rock/Soul
Slow and upbeat mainstream Russian pop, with a bit of dance techno thrown in. Ukrainian Taisia Povaliy sings with a lot of heart (in the Pugacheva spirit). The songs themselves aren't that great, but Povaliy makes them soar. 2014-01Mostly 2000sМама-мамочкаТаисия Повалий
6/22/2014 13:40:58SabsylmaZap Mama19945Bought/Used CDPop/Rock/Soul
African languages (if an equal mixture of English and African language, choose this)
Amazing female African a capella album (with sound effects and drums). Joyful, fun and zany, with pygmy humming and other surprises. 2013-02Mostly 1990sLuaka Bop
6/22/2014 13:48:30ColiseuAna Moura20083Library CD
Easy-Listening/Old-fashioned stuff
Portuguese Live fado concert by a hot young Portugese singer. All the songs are slow, emotional ballads with simple guitar accompaniment. Generally all are ok, none stand out.2013-10live concert Mostly 2000s
6/22/2014 13:54:39Me Llamare TuyoVictor Manuelle 20133Library CDPop/Rock/SoulSpanishNY born Latino salsa singer who sings romantic song with electronic sound effects. Often too slow to be danceable, some of the songs start to hum, but everything seems very restrained for the genre 2014-04Mostly 2010s
6/22/2014 13:59:17Best of Folk Music from LatviaVA20084Library CD
Folk (includes Celtic, gospel, Cajun)
Other European Language (Swedish, Czech, etc)
Surprisingly rich compilation of folk songs with Balkan singing style, but with modern pop instrumentations. Everything sounds oddly European, but I totally got into it. 2014-06CompilationMostly 2000s
6/22/2014 14:02:30Punk Goes Pop Vol 5VA20122Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishCollection of mindless death metal/heavy metal. Despite the abyssmal rating, the guitar riffs were great and occasional songs stood out as decent. I deleted 50% of the songs at first listen though. CompilationMostly 2010s
6/22/2014 14:06:58Twenty-fiveGeorge Michael20085Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishUnbelievably fun and catchy tunes by a pop star who dominated in the 90s. Michael has always flown under my radar, but now I can call him a favorite2014-06
extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1990s
6/30/2014 13:50:05Remixes 2: 81–11Depeche Mode20115Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishGreat and lively remixes of Depeche Mode songs. Note this is only 1 album of a 3 album set. (Library was missing the others?0 2014-05
Remixes of previously recorded songs (by same person or others)
8/2/2014 18:31:32Court Yard HoundsCourt Yard Hounds20104Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishStrong country-rock by 2 of the 3 Dixie Chicks. They sound a lot like Sheryl Crow -- smooth mainstream sound and with two singers have lots of harmony. 2014-05Mostly 2000s
8/3/2014 9:51:30King of HeartsLloyd20105Library CDHip Hop/ RapEnglishExpertly-produced dance hip hop without the angry lyrics. The songs sound really "mainstream," but in fact the melodies are complex and very interesting. Includes lots of collaborators. 2014-06Mostly 2000s
8/5/2014 14:28:11Rosie FloresRosie Flores19874
Digital Music Purchase
Country (includes Bluegrass)
English Great 1987 debut album by this Texas country singer . Traditional country with a strong guitar presence and hints of rock and roll. She sticks to the genre pretty closely, and I personally prefer the more soulful songs like “Somebody loves, somebody wins” than the more upbeat numbers.2014-08Mostly 1980sAmerican Beat Records
8/20/2014 21:29:33Artificial FireEleni Mandell20094Bought/Used CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishIn this album Mandell goes for a more gentle, laid back sound. Her typical style is kind of a raucous free-for-all, but this toned down album reveals Mandell's mastery of the pop rock genre. 2014-01Mostly 2000s
9/7/2014 20:23:27Neptune CityNicole Atkins20075Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishSweet and slow heartfelt country pop by a NJ female crooner with a little bit of Johnny Cash, a little bit of Loretta Lynn or Iris Demint. Powerful voice with exquisite production.
Mostly 2000s
9/14/2014 9:54:43Sing the DeltaIris DeMint3Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishLugubriously slow country songs. She's a good writer, but the melodies are repetitive and unfortunately tedious. 2013-05Mostly 2000s
9/14/2014 12:07:45Help, I invented the InternetPost Human Era20134
Digital Music Purchase
Pop/Rock/SoulEnglishMellow dream-techno with soothing lyrics which is fast, upbeat, danceable and full of reverberation. Feels like 80s synth sound, with a low-fi simplicity. Really 4 1/2 stars. 2014-03Mostly 2010sbandcamp
9/14/2014 12:15:41Welcome Interstate ManagersFountains of Wayne20035Bought/Used CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishOutstanding, happy-go-lucky and offbeat alt band with great lyrics talking about suburban angst with heart and humor. Some hard-hitting songs, but most of them are easygoing guitar ballads that never really go crazy. 2013-06Mostly 2000s
9/18/2014 6:30:11Coco BewareCaveman20115Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishMore dream pop with smooth rhythmic guitars and ethereal male vocals which give the whole experimental rock project an quiet and understated quality. Like Black Moth Super Rainbow, the music shimmers a lot, and that's good. 2014-02Mostly 2010s
9/21/2014 17:53:09Tin StarLindi Ortega 5Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishOutstanding country album by Toronto born singer with lots of heart and bluesy rock intensity. Her earlier album Cigarette and Truckstops is equally as good. 2014-2Mostly 2010s
9/21/2014 18:08:57Twist This PussyPeter Rauhofer 19984Bought/Used CDEDM/DanceEnglishLegendary EDM remixes by a 90s DJ. Despite the raunchy song titles, the tracks themselves are PG-rated, with lots of hard beats and samples. This 90s album might not be his best, but it represents the 90s club sound. 2014-3CompilationMostly 1990s
9/21/2014 20:03:16Irish TourRory Gallagher5
Digital Music Purchase
Pop/Rock/SoulEnglishPhenomenal live blues rock concert by Irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher2014-07live concert Mostly 2000s
9/21/2014 20:10:04Spinning around the SunJimmie Dale Gilmore 19935Bought/Used CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishOutstanding heartfelt country CD about sadness and lost love. "Just a Wave" is just a terrific version of Butch Hancock's song.2014-03Mostly 1990s
9/21/2014 22:04:59Live in Boston 1966Junior Wells19665Library CDBlues (Slow, SoloEnglishGreat live blues concert which brings down the house. Long guitar and harmonica sections that really gets the crowd buzzing. 2014-03live concert Mostly 1960s
10/3/2014 23:06:58Quick Smoke at Spot's Church19915
Underground Digital
Pop/Rock/SoulEnglishGreat Australian pump/New wave/jangle rock stuff. This compilation consists of a lot of B-sides and rareties.
CompilationMostly 1980s
10/4/2014 0:18:45Mi Secreto de AmorLucero20115Library CDPop/Rock/SoulSpanishExcellent Latina singer reminiscient of Selena who sings a lot of traditional Mexican styles. Although an excellent singer, these songs are also slow and beautiful. 2014-1-1Mostly 2010s
12/22/2014 23:17:35EpiphanyChrisette Michele20095Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishGreat soulful warbling, smart lyrics and understated production make this album a winner.2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/23/2014 10:06:03Call it my gardenCarrie Elkin20114Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishSlow & gentle songs with lots of folksy touches and deft country touches. Elkin is an Austin singer who gravitates towards the slow and simple (though generally upbeat). 2014Mostly 2010sRed House Records
12/23/2014 15:47:00StrongerSara Evans20114Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishMainstream country-rock by Nashville diva. Lyrics are downbeat, heartfelt, but slow. Not a lot of variety within this narrow hybrid genre. 2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/23/2014 22:13:45Perfect Symmetry Keane20084Bought/Used CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishReflective U2 wannabees sing slow uplifting ballads with lush orchestras and crescendos. It's still pretty good even though it doesn't take many chances. 2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/23/2014 21:40:43Sarah ShannonSarah Shannon20024Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishUpbeat & likeable light rock with a 70s Carly Simon/Linda Rondstadt feel. I didn't like the songs all that much (they felt too precious and jazzy), but they set a good mellow mood. Lots of potential here, esp in the slower songs like "I'll run away." 2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/24/2014 1:02:54Leslie's in the KitchenClayton Dyess20054Library CD
Jazz/Instrumental (generally NOT electronic)
EnglishSolid and peppy jazz performance by Houston Jazz legend, with heavy emphasis on jazz guitar and organs. Reminiscent of Herb Ellis. 2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/25/2014 8:40:44SongVersationIndia Arie 20134Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishSoulful harmonies with Turkish instrumentals and uplifting gospel-like warmth make this a nuanced album which still manages to feel like upbeat pop. The album is still about her voice, but at least it's not constantly shouting or crying or cooing. 2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/25/2014 12:50:38Nine Types of LightTV on the Radio20115Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishOddly rhythmic rock with sly lyrics make this album a winner. Often the men don't really sing -- they just mumble or shout or moan -- but the high-tech funky guitar-based sounds makes it a real winner. 2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/25/2014 13:38:44C'monLow20115Library CDEnglishSlow and dreamy Mazzy Star-like ballads as sung by a male-female songwriting team. 2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/25/2014 13:57:15
Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles
Suzanne Vega20145Library CDEnglishA more mature and serene Suzanne Vega singing with fairy tale-like lyrics. Her voice has a lot of the old magic and funky weirdness. The arrangements are offbeat, percussive but never overpower Ms. Vega's musical perspective. 2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/26/2014 12:07:15LogosAtlas Sound20094Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishSlow and hazy shoegazing rock. A for originality and it is melodically interesting, but it seems pretty aimless; the words are almost an afterthought...2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/27/2014 13:45:34Head and the HeartHead in the Heart20094Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishHeartfelt Indie folk rock debut with vocal harmonies on just about every song. The simple and sincere album definitely has moments, but ultimately it seems forgettable and repetitive. Kudos for not overproducing though. 2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/28/2014 10:21:18There is Love in YouFour Tet3Library CDEDM/DanceEnglishVarious electronic experiments by a well-known producer which occasionally get groovy, but mostly are unremarkable2014-12Mostly 2010s
12/28/2014 10:24:43Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll BoyBig Kenny4Library CD
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishCountry rock album with lots of memorable melodies that sound more Southern rock than country. 2014-12Mostly 2000s
12/29/2014 13:03:07And then nothing turned itself inside outYo la tengo20003Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishSurprisingly bland album. It's not unpleasant, and this is a top quality minimalist band known for slow mysterious tracks, but I didn't feel as though it was taking me anywhere. Mostly 2000s
12/30/2014 1:02:21Age-Chief Blues StoryVA20115Library CDBlues (Slow, SoloEnglishIncredible double disc compilation from Chief Records. Lively tracks by all sorts of R&B stars not normally anthologized. 2014-6
Compilation, extended album (such as multidisc, or more than 120 minutes)
Mostly 1960s
6/24/2015 22:39:07La Jolie Fille de Perth, orchestral suite: MarcheAndré Cluytens20024Library CDClassical/OperaEnglishLively and solid historic performance by French conductor Cluytens of Ravel and Bizet2015-2Compilation
6/24/2015 22:47:20Piano Concertos: Shostakovitch Liszt ProkofievLise de la Salle20065Library CDClassical/OperaLIvely piano concertos that are not very well known. Particularly enjoyed the Prokoviev and Shostakovich2015-3CompilationMostly 2000sGrammophone
6/25/2015 9:56:26Valentina Levko: Star of the BolshoiValentino Levko20135
Digital Music Purchase
Gigantic compilation from this Russian diva features lovely selections from her operatic career. Mainly songs and arias from Russian composers, but also Bach, Purcell, Schubert. 2015-6CompilationMostly 1960sВалентина Левко
6/27/2015 19:33:28Ultimate Petula ClarkPetula Clark5Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishGroovy compilation of Clark's dance 60s pop hits. As outstanding as this is, this contrasts with her earlier showtune style. The hits here are vanilla but lusciously arranged2015-1CompilationMostly 1960s
7/11/2015 15:55:44Box SetSonny Clark19605Bought/Used CD
Jazz/Instrumental (generally NOT electronic)
English4 CDs of albums: 1660 Leaping and Lovin, Cool Struttin, My Conception, Sonny's Crib. Smooth jazz and very accomplished. 2015-1CompilationMostly 1950s
7/12/2015 17:32:13Cosmopolitan Classics George JonesGeorge Jones5
Digital Music Purchase
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishGreat and lively country classics. 2015-6CompilationMostly 1950s
10/30/2015 7:47:54BlunderbussJack White20125Library CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishBreezy bluesy pop by White Stripe lead singer. Fun, Catchy melodies2015-1Mostly 2010s
10/30/2015 7:51:44Sky MotelKristen Hersch19993Bought/Used CDPop/Rock/SoulEnglishDefinitely a lesser Kristen Hersch album, but full of great moments and lyrics. Slow, moody, poetic, very much of a downer. In other words, quintessential Hersch! 2015-1Mostly 1990s
10/30/2015 7:55:03Welcome to the CountryGram Rabbit20135
Digital Music Purchase
Country (includes Bluegrass)
EnglishOutstanding psychedelic country by a band more known for its heavy metal/punk. 2015-10Mostly 2010s
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