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Carole & TuesdaySerieshumans live on mars now, and most culture is created by AI... but sometimes people want to do it themselves - such is the goal of carole, and also tuesday2019Q2Bones241 airing ??
Fairy GoneSeriesfairies sometimes possess animals and give them special powers, but people stole the power for themselves and then war happened and now they all gotta reintegrate into society2019Q2P.A. Works1 airing ??
Isekai QuarterSeriesre:zero x konosuba x overlord x tanya the evil, yeah okay2019Q2Studio PuYUKAI121 airing ??
One Punch Man 2nd SeasonSeriesmore of one punch man but this time the animation's bad!!2019Q2J.C.Staff1 airing ??
SarazanmaiSeriesthree kids meet a kappa thing named keppi and i guess the kids are turned into kappa and gonna be gay?? they gotta connect "that way" and take some mythical organ thing outta zombies' asses2019Q2MAPPA / Lapintrack111 airing ??
Zoku OwarimonogatariSeriesit goes on, of course2019Q2Shaft61 airing ??
Karakuri CircusSeriesthere's like a circus and alchemy and karakuri puppets and some sort of curse... the usual2018Q4STUDIO VOLN361 airing am
Attack on Titan 3 Part 2Seriesi'll watch this |:2019Q2Wit Studio101 airing cr
Bungo Stray Dogs 3Seriesheck yeah more of the good shit2019Q2Bones1 airing cr
Gegege no KitarouSerieslittle paranormal ghost boy stops other ghosts 'n' such from beating up humans2018Q2Toei Animation49+1 airing cr
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden WindSeriesIT'S BACK - and this time it's dio's sone giorno2018Q4David Production391 airing cr
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaSeriesman-eating demons abound; what will a boy do when his sister becomes one?! hunt them down of course, probably2019Q2ufotable1 airing cr
Banana FishSeriesfollows a gang leader in new york, but it's a shojo??2018Q3MAPPA242 in progress am
Magical Girl SiteSeriesa more sadistic madoka2018Q2production doA122 in progress am
Asobi AsobaseSeriesthe pastimers club gets up to some bullshit or whatever2018Q3Lerche122 in progress cr
GintamaSeriesaliens have conquered feudal japan! it's self-referential gag-heavy anime humor time!2006Q2Sunrise201532 in progress cr
Lupin III Part 2 (Red Jacket)Seriessuave superthief and his mysterious cohorts - the popular1977Q4TMS155152 in progress cr
Lupin III Part 5 (All Jackets)Seriesah i wonder what this is2018Q2Telecom Animation FIlm242 in progress cr
March comes in like a lion 2Seriesrei is a sad boy and he's also real good at shogi and now he needs to grow as a person and a player2017Q4Shaft222 in progress cr
Osomatsu-san 2Seriesmore fucking hilarious skits starring the sextuplets2017Q4Studio Pierrot252 in progress cr
The Dissastrous Life of Saiki K.Seriessuper powerful psychic bordering god just wants to go unnoticed2016Q3J.C.Staff / Egg Firm242 in progress cr
Yamishibai 6Seriesmore spooky or not spooky short stories wooeee2018Q3ILCA132 in progress cr
ZOMBIE LAND SAGASeriesan idol group attempts to save the city of saga - but they're all zombies??!!2018Q4MAPPA122 in progress cr
Hakumei to MikochiSeriestiny lil gnomes livin in a tiny lil world2018Q1Kerche132 in progress hd
Mitsuboshi ColorsSerieslittle girls terrorizing the neighborhood2018Q1Silver Link122 in progress hd
Revue StarlightSeriestwo girls are inspired by a stage play and return years later to participate2018Q3Kinema Citrus122 in progress hd
Tada Never Falls in LoveSeriestada likes taking pictures and meets a girl from another country while doing so, and does he fall in love?!2018Q2Doga Kobo132 in progress hd
The Magnificent KotobukiSeriesworld war 2 planes in a weird western world setting!2019Q1GEMBA122 in progress hd
Hisone to Maso-tanSeriesplanes that turn into dragons, and the women who pilot them2018Q2Bones122 in progress nf
Aguu: Tensai NingyouSeriesturns out genius is actually a lie, and they're all cheating, so let's beat up the seamstresses enabling the cheating, says a ballet dancer turned savior2018Q3Studio Deen123 will watch dl
Amanchu!Seriesdiving club!! goofs2016Q3J.C. Staff133 will watch
Dragon Ball GTSeriesgoku's adventures continue across the known universe, or whatever1996Q1Toei Animation643 will watch
Dragon Ball GT: Movie: A Hero's LegacyMovie100 years after gt, old lady pan tries to train her grandson goku jr, but he don't wanna fight none1997Q1Toei AnimationN/A3 will watch
FLCL AlternativeSeriesan alternative to the classic2018Q2Production I.G.63 will watch
FLCL ProgressiveSeriesthe classic, progressed2018Q2Production I.G.63 will watch
Gintama'Seriesaliens have conquered feudal japan! it's self-referential gag-heavy anime humor time!2011Q2Sunrise643 will watch
Gintama°Seriesaliens have conquered feudal japan! it's self-referential gag-heavy anime humor time!2015Q2BN Pictures213 will watch
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Part 1OVAbig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1988Q4Artland / Magic Bus / Madhouse263 will watch
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Part 2OVAbig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1991Q2Artland / Magic Bus / Madhouse283 will watch
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Part 3OVAbig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1994Q3Artland / Magic Bus / Madhouse323 will watch
Legend of Galactic Heroes: Part 4OVAbig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1996Q3Artland / Magic Bus / Madhouse243 will watch
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden WingsMoviebig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1992Q4Magic BusN/A3 will watch
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Overture to a New WarMoviebig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1993Q4Magic BusN/A3 will watch
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Side StoriesOVAbig ol' space opera, lots of it, whoa1998Q4Magic Bus / Artland523 will watch
Lupin III Part 3 (Pink Jacket)Seriessuave superthief and his mysterious cohorts - the what1984Q1TMS503 will watch
Mawaru PenguindrumSeriesterminally ill girl is saved from death by a spirit, who then asks her with finding the penguin drum2011Q3Brain's Base243 will watch
Revolutionary Girl UtenaSeriesutena is so impressed by a prince from her childhood, that she wants to become a prince herself - while doing so, she attend ohtori academy, where she meets fellow student anthy, whom she wins,a s the Rose Bride, and must protect from there on1997Q2J.C.Staff393 will watch
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolescence of UtenaMovieutena is so impressed by a prince from her childhood, that she wants to become a prince herself - while doing so, she attend ohtori academy, where she meets fellow student anthy, whom she wins,a s the Rose Bride, and must protect from there on1999Q3J.C.StaffN/A3 will watch
Space Adventure CobraSeriesconan the barbarian in space, the anime, the original anime (after the movie!)1982Q4TMS Entertainment313 will watch
Lupin III: Goodbye PartnerOVAjigen has been hired to kill lupin oh gosh2019Q1TMS Entertainment13 will watch ??
Full Metal Panic! Invisible VictorySeriesthe continued tales of the full metal panics2018Q2Xebec123 will watch cr
Full Metal Panic! The Second RaidSeriesthe continued tales of the full metal panics2005Q3Kyoto Animation143 will watch cr
Hozuki no Reitetsu 2Seriesbureacratic japanes hell MORE OF IT YES2017Q4Studio DEEN133 will watch cr
KemurikusaSeriessome weird post apocalyptic thing from the guy who made kemono friends i don't know why i'm going to watch it but i am2019Q1Yaoyorozu123 will watch cr
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Toutsuki Ressha-henSeriesmore foods warring2018Q2J.C. Staff123 will watch cr
Steins;Gate 0Seriesthe other timeline where rintaro failed to save kurisu 2018Q2White Fox243 will watch cr
Seven Deadly Sins 2: Signs of the Holy WarSeriesmore of the old shit2016Q3A-1 Pictures43 will watch nf
Seven Deadly Sins 3: Revival of the CommandmentsSeriesmore of the old shit2018Q1A-1 Pictures243 will watch nf
Tiger & BunnySeriessuperpowered individuals appear from nowhere. some become superheroes. now, they're broadcast on tv, and a newbie hero is about to team up with a veteran. hijinks??2011Q2Sunrise253 will watch
Kakegurui xxSeriesfetish gambling high school service part 22019Q1MAPPA122019-04-194 finishedYA GOOD: continues the disgustingly exuberant and sexy gambling from the previous season. very choice. rei is hot. shame they went full fem in the very last bit of the last episode. ):
CaligulaSeriessome pretentious ass dude becomes aware that he's living in a simulation concocted by an idol AI trying her best to make everyone happy in a misguided way2018Q2Satelight122019-04-174 finishedNO GOOD: I don't remember why I started watching this when it was first airing. I SURE don't know why the fuck I bothered to finish it.

Fill an anime with half-hearted pretentious philosophy and also basically make it an isekai I guess wait am i describing every isekai

i guess they get out in the end unlike most isekai

whatever it sucked
Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-sanSeriesa look into what it's like to be a bookseller in a japanese book store, starring a skeleton and a bunch of other weird characters, apparently autobiographical2018Q4DLE122019-04-164 finishedYA GOOD: a very entertaining look into what it's like to be a bookseller in a japanese book store. pretty cute art, too.
The Saga of Tanya the EvilSeriesan... isekai! a salaryman is recinarnated by Being X, claiming to be God, into a war-torn world, as a little girl, who's really good at magic, and has to fight in the war2017Q1NUT122019-04-144 finishedYA GOOD: wow i liked this so much more than i expected. apparently it's really fun to watch an absolute piece of shit just wreck everyone on the opposing side. she has no compassion for the enemy, and only looks out for herself. it's... awful. and a blast. and her war with being x? chef kiss
Double Decker! Doug & Kirill: Extra StoriesOVAside stories involving the detectives2019Q1Sunrise32019-04-104 finishedYA GOOD: excellent little side stories, love just seein' these goofballs living life.. also derick's bi? hell yeah.
Double Decker! Doug & KirillSeriesa simple, hard-working detective agency investigates the spread of a drug that turns people into monsters sometimes2018Q4Sunrise132019-04-104 finishedYA GOOD: it keeps a balance between absolute silliness and somewhat seriousness that is pretty difficult to maintain. i'm somewhat impressed. it's a very silly silly show with silly characters and a silly plot. enjoyable.
Gurazeni: Money Pitch 2Seriesthere's money under the pitch! and now there is conflict on the field!2018Q4Studio Deen122019-04-0814 finishedYA GOOD: the previous exteme mystery ED girl has now actually played a part beyond voiceless crush. i adore this show. it's not a quality show i'd recommend unless people ask for a very specific thing, but i just... like it a lot.
The Rising of the Shield HeroSeriesyo it's an isekai and this guy's a shield hero2019Q1Kinema Citrus2582019-02-270.326 noNO GOOD: much as i always try to look for the good in a show where people only see the bad, this is just bad, even the stuff outside the bad stuff is so mediocre it's not worth it. i tried.
Attack on Titan 3Seriesthe titan menace continues to exist, ahhh, oh no, help2018Q3Wit Studio / Production I.G122018-10-1514 finishedYA GOOD: i mean it's more of the same. we're just getting deeper into the weeds. i'm okay with that.
Dragon Ball SuperSeriesit's... it's back?!2015Q3Toei Animation1312018-03-2514 finishedYA GOOD: y'know, there's a lot in this. battle of gods are remake sucked. so did return of f. filler was great. future trunks arc was great, black/zamasu the best actual evil villain ever in the show (buu still wins out over all, he's just too fun). tournaments and tournaments, i wish there were less of those, but it worked out well enough. some really fun fights. jiren was boring as fuck, but... still delivered fun fights. can't wait for it to come back.
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyMoviebroly's back! but it's a new broly! and a new story!2018Q4Toei AnimationN/A2019-03-0914 finishedYA GOOD: this is up there among the best of dragon ball content. it's incredible from start to finish. i loved it. they took the worst fucking character, a big baby screaming goku, and turned him into a compelling character with a legit story and motivations. good.
Kaguya-sama: Love is WarSerieswhat if two people liked each other but would go out of there way to never admit it?? and also it's funny2019Q1A-1 Pictures122019-04-0814 finishedYA GOOD: hilarious when it wants to be. kinda boring when it doesn't. the last episode was sweet enough i guess but i'm really not invested in them ever actually getting together. i want them to be forever in this state. of course, it won't happen, but you know. chika and ishigami for life.
Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Hakamori to Neko to MajutsushiOVAthere's a murder mystery of sorts and a professor and his apprentice are tasked to solve it... i think2019Q1TROYCA12019-01-0314 finishedYA GOOD: i went into this blind, purely because of the title, and it was great. i can't wait for more. apparently it's part of the fate franchise?! welp. shame it's only the one episode, but apparently there will be more eventually. just a cool setting with some nice procedural investigation of a crime using magic and stuff. neat!
Mob Psycho 100 IISeriesthe continuation of the psychic boy's personal growth2019Q1Bones132019-04-0514 finishedYA GOOD: god it's just incredible that bones manages to consistently pull off the animation feats they do, while also delivering on mob's continued and dramatic personal growth. the two aspects of the show never step on each other's toes. they compliment each other. it's... good!
Mob Psycho 100 Reigen -The Miraculous Unknown Psychic-OVAfrom the perspective of the fraudulent master2018Q1Bones12019-01-0614 finishedYA GOOD: not the best mob content, but reigen's a great character, and it's always surprisingly positive to see things from his perspective, even though he's basically a lying cheat. he always helps people, despite everything!
Run with the WindSeriessome college dudes start a marathon running team2018Q4Production I.G232019-03-2614 finishedYA GOOD: fantastic from start to finish. i loved all the characters (cept maybe the twins, but even they grew on me), so much, and it delivered on every single note it played. i'd say i want more btu the ending was so good i don't. it's great!
The Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeSeriesman dies, is reincarnated as a slime in alternate fantasy universe - and happens to have a super good power2018Q48-Bit242019-03-2614 finishedYA GOOD: not the best adaptation - the art and character designs always feel a little off, and it really dials up the fanservice, it feels like - but really pleasant and comfortable throughout. real fuckin rushed near the end tho whyyyy
.hack//SIGNSeriesvirtual reality game world killing people in real life2002Q2Bee Train2715 finishedYA GOOD: ...D: (??)
5 Centimeters Per SecondMoviestory of boy and girl who move away from each other and yet long for each other2007Q1CoMix Wave Inc.N/A15 finishedYA GOOD: it was all right, i liked the idea, but it sort of wore on me with its melodramatic melancholy
A Place Further than the UniverseSeriessome girls gonna get to anrtarctica if it kills 'em (it prolly won't kill 'em)2018Q1Madhouse132018-03-3015 finishedYA GOOD: Some nice rad girls decide to go to Antarctica despite being in high school?? But hey it works out and they're awesome and they grow and it's funny and touching and sad and beautiful. Animation is top notch. Never fanservicey. Really good.
A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-Seriesis something the matter???? artificical living creature tissue is taking over japan, what do2018Q1Production I.G122018-03-1515 finishedYA GOOD: I say good because I liked it overall, but most of what I liked was the grounded stuff. College students hanging out, detectives investigating crimes. What I was far less interested in was the actual core conceit of the show, the assholes with superpowers and junk. I think they were aliens? I forget. Whatever. Wasn't super exciting.
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.Seriesinternal affairs man investigates internal affairs and becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy, rut-roh2017Q1Madhouse122017-03-2815 finishedNO GOOD: i sorta liked how boring ti was, but then it got REAL boring, and even the twists were boring and then it was over and i don't know... it was pleasant to watch because it was boring, but it was also bad because it was boring
Afro SamuraiSeriesblood and sex, basically, badass style2007Q1Gonzo515 finishedNO GOOD: not really, but it was sorta cool-looking
Aim for the Top! 2: DiebusterOVApretty girls in mechs fight insectoid aliens2006Q4Gainax615 finishedNO GOOD: not really, kinda boring
Aim for the Top!: GunbusterOVApretty girls in mechs fight insectoid aliens1988Q4Gainax615 finishedNO GOOD: not really, kinda boring
AkagiSeriesakagi plays mahjongg for the first time against the yakuza, wins, and keeps playing - SCARY2005Q4Madhouse2615 finishedYA GOOD: tense gangster mahjongg and shit
AkiraMoviea dystopian version of the city of Tokyo in the year 2019, with cyberpunk tones1988Q3Tokyo Movie ShinshaN/A15 finishedYA GOOD: rad baller, awesome 80s art with good animation to boot!
Amagi Brilliant ParkSeriesdude gets hired by amusement park to help save the park from being closed foever2014Q4Kyoto Animation131/5/201515 finishedYA GOOD: v'ry f'nny, also maybe doesn't earn the SERIOUS before it starts, but earns it by the end, nice
And Yet the Town MovesSeriesgoody, slightly surreal take on small-town life in japan, starring a not-quite-normal maid cafe2010Q4Shaft1215 finishedBlu-RayYA GOOD: weirdo surreal small town japan life
Angel Beats!Seriesdude wakes up in a weird world where people can't die, discovers it's a purgatory of sorts2010Q2P.A. Works1315 finishedYA GOOD: it's got that sort of "don't tell the viewer ANYTHING" vibe going, which is cool
Angolmois: Genkou KassenkiSeriesprisoners sent into exile must stave off a mongolian invasion into a small island in japan2018Q3NAZ122018-10-0615 finishedNO GOOD: lmao that ending was so bad i actually laughed out loud......... I really liked the first couple episdoes. They set up a really strong action series. Unfortunately it was absolutely nothing but downhill from there. Down down down down. And now we're here, in hell.
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That DaySerieschildhood friends get back together because one of them is haunted by their dead friend's ghost2012Q2A-1 Pictures1115 finishedYA GOOD: although it is just a BIT melancholy so... bear that in mind
AnotherSeriespsychological horror anime thingy: some kids die, but why? (describing things spoils things, so avoiding doing so)2012Q3P.A. Works129/1/201515 finishedBlu-RayYA GOOD: i don't watch a lot of horror stuff, unless someone directly recommends it, and i'm glad tegan recommended this one. i really appreciated that the show gave me a lot of clues that if i were smarter would've allowed me to solve some of the mystery (all of it?), and also included a lot of red herrings that made me think the show was going somewhere it wasn't. i was genuinely surprised a lot of the time. very well done, this one.
Another: The Other -Karma-OVAfollow-up/prequel to psychological horror anime thingy (watch after the series, not before, even though it's a prequel)2012Q1P.A. WorksN/A9/2/201515 finishedNO GOOD: it serves no purpose whatsoever, just over explained stuff that didn't need explaining, and doesn't even fit the series tonally. it also features a healthy scene where two very young twin sisters grope each other in a bath tub. great, anime!
AppleseedMoviefuturistic thing about fighting dudes2004Q2Micott & Basara / Digital FrontierN/A15 finishedNO GOOD: it was gross
Arakawa Under the BridgeSeriessome dudes livin' under a bridge2010Q2Shaft1315 finishedYA GOOD: it's fun goofy surreality
Arakawa Under the Bridge^2Seriessome dudes livin' under a bridge2010Q4Shaft1315 finishedYA GOOD: it's fun goofy surreality
Assassination ClassroomSeriesalien gonna destroy earth but he's training some grade schoolers to assassinate him!2015Q1Lerche226/21/20155 finishedYA GOOD: as far as i'm concerned, it's a pretty good adaptation of the ridiculous manga - i'm annoyed by a lot of the standard tropey sexism but i like it besides that junk, it's just dumb fun
Assassination Classroom 2Seriesalien gonna destroy earth but he's training some grade schoolers to assassinate him! ...continued2016Q1Lerche252016-07-0915 finishedYA GOOD: i thought it was a pretty solid adaptation of the manga. okay now that that's out of the way, i also found it to be fun and funny and touching, although it's certainly not my favorite show. nagisa looks better with long hair.
Attack on TitanSerieshumans driven back by giant human-likes, but oh no, the titans broke through the wall2013Q2Wit Studio / Production I.G2515 finishedYA GOOD: though nothing special