Smart Grid Investment Grant Awards -- Recovery Act
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Name of Awardee
Recovery Act Funding Awarded
Participant Cost Share
Total Project Value Including Cost Share
Headquarters Location for Lead Applicant
CenterPoint Energy$200,000,000 $439,187,435 $639,187,435 Houston, TXComplete the installation of 2.2 million smart meters and further strengthen the reliability and self-healing properties of the grid by installing more than 550 sensors and automated switches that will help protect against system disturbances like natural disasters.
Baltimore Gas and Electric $200,000,000 $251,814,234 $451,814,234 Baltimore, MDDeploy a smart meter network and advanced customer control system for 1.1 million residential customers that will enable dynamic electricity pricing. Expand the utility's direct load control program, which will enhance grid reliability and reduce congestion.
Central Maine Power $95,858,307 $95,858,307 $191,716,614 Augusta, MEInstall a smart meter network for all residential, commercial and industrial customers in the utility's service territory - approximately 650,000 meters.
Salt River Project$56,859,359 $57,144,359 $114,003,718 Tempe, AZExpand the utility's smart meter network, adding an additional 540,000 meters, a customer portal, and dynamic pricing that will provide consumers real-time information on energy usage and prices that they can use to reduce their energy bills.
Cleco Power LLC$20,000,000 $49,026,089 $69,026,089 Pineville, LAInstall a smart metering network for all of the utility's customers - over 275,000 meters - that will enable customer interaction and distribution automation.
Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLC$19,839,689 $34,825,374 $54,665,063 Houston, TXInstall a suite of smart meter products, enabling customers to manage their electricity usage, promote energy efficiency, and lower overall energy costs.
South Mississippi Electric Power Association (SMEPA)
$30,563,967 $30,754,038 $61,318,005 Hattiesburg, MSInstall 240,000 smart meters and smart grid infrastructure across a range of SMEPA's member cooperatives, providing increased communication and monitoring for the grid.
San Diego Gas and Electric Company
$28,115,052 $31,312,593 $59,427,645 San Diego, CAImplement an advanced wireless communications system to provide connection for 1,400,000 smart meters, enable dynamic pricing, and examples of smart equipment that will allow increased monitoring, communication, and control over the electrical system.
City of Glendale Water and Power$20,000,000 $31,302,105 $51,302,105 Glendale, CAInstall 84,000 smart meters and a meter control system that will provide customers access to data about their electricity usage and enable dynamic rate programs.
Denton County Electric Cooperative d/b/a CoServ Electric
$17,205,844 $23,760,452 $40,966,296 Corinth, TXInstallation of a 140,000 smart meter network that includes meters, two-way communications, computer systems, and a distribution network that will provide accurate, timely information about customer electricity consumption.
Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative
$19,576,743 $19,576,743 $39,153,486
Portland, OR with addtl. benefits in WA, ID, NV, UT and MT
Implement a smart grid system, including more than 95,000 smart meters, substation equipment, and load management devices, that will integrate 15 electric cooperatives across 4 states using a central data collection software system hosted by the Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative.
Lakeland Electric$14,850,000 $20,228,152 $35,078,152 Lakeland, FLInstall more than 125,000 smart meters network for residential, commercial and industrial electric customers across the utility's service area.
Cobb Electric Membership Corporation
$16,893,836 $16,893,836 $33,787,672 Marietta, GADeploy 190,000 smart meters, covering 100 percent of the utility's customer base. Implement communication infrastructure and load control switches, using state-of-the-art interoperable systems, servers, and data management technologies.
South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation
$9,538,234 $10,097,981 $19,636,215 Somerset, KYUpgrade the electric metering system to a smart meter network for more than 66,000 families and businesses in rural Kentucky.
Black Hills Power, Inc.$9,576,628 $9,576,628 $19,153,256
Rapid City, SD with addtl. benefits in ND and MN
Install 69,000 smart meters, along with the communications infrastructure, IT software, and equipment necessary to operate a fully functional Smart Grid system in service area.
Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative
$9,188,050 $9,188,050 $18,376,100 Norwich, CTBuild a regional smart meter network infrastructure including 5 municipal utilities and at least 13,000 meters that will allow customers to control their electricity use through time-varying rates and control, communications, and management systems.
Talquin Electric Cooperative, $8,100,000 $8,100,000 $16,200,000 Quincy, FLInstall a smart meter network system for 56,000 residential and commercial customers in a mainly rural, four-county service area in North Florida. Also integrate an outage management system and geographic information as part of the Smart Grid.
Black Hills/Colorado Electric Utility Co.
$6,142,854 $6,142,854 $12,285,708 Pueblo, COInstall 42,000 smart meters and communications infrastructure that will help facilitate meter reading and provide a pilot for a dynamic pricing program.
Navajo Tribal Utility Association$4,991,750 $5,620,099 $10,611,849
Ft. Defiance, AZ with addtl. benefits in NM and UT
Install a smart grid network and data management system for all of its 38,000 customers. Integrate the smart grid system as part of the distribution network, which will help quickly identify any system outages.
Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company
$5,033,441 $5,033,441 $10,066,882 Cheyenne, WYInstall 38,000 smart meters and communications infrastructure that will allow consumers to make use of dynamic pricing to reduce their energy use.
Entergy New Orleans, Inc.$4,996,968 $4,996,968 $9,993,936 New Orleans, LAInstall more than 11,000 residential smart meters and in-home display devices, coupled with dynamic pricing, to reduce energy use and electricity costs for low income families.
Sioux Valley Energy$4,016,368 $4,016,368 $8,032,736 Coleman, SD with addtl. benefits in MNInstall a smart grid network across the full customer base - 23,000 smart meters - that will allow for automated electricity readings and additional monitoring of the system in case of outages or disruptions.
Woodruff Electric$2,357,520 $2,658,480 $5,016,000 Forrest City, ARInstall smart meters for more than 13,000 electric cooperative customers that will provide time-of-use data, help monitor demand, and reduce outages.
City of Quincy, FL$2,471,041 $2,471,041 $4,942,082 Quincy, FLDeploy a smart grid network across the entire customer base, including two-way communication and dynamic pricing to reduce utility bills.
ALLETE, Inc.$1,544,004 $1,544,004 $3,088,008 Duluth, MNExpand the implementation of Minnesota Power's existing smart meter network by deploying an additional 8,000 meters and new measurement and automation equipment. Will begin a dynamic pricing program.
City of Fulton, Missouri$1,527,641 $1,527,641 $3,055,282 Fulton, MOReplace more than 5,000 current electric meters with a smart meter network that includes a dynamic pricing program to reduce consumer energy use.
Marblehead Municipal Light Department
$1,346,175 $1,346,175 $2,692,350 Marblehead, MAInstall 10,000 smart meters and a pilot program to assess the effectiveness of real-time pricing and automated load management.
Tri State Electric Membership Corporation
$1,138,060 $ 1,290,394 $2,428,454
McCaysville, GA with addtl. benefits in TN
Install more than 15,000 smart meters to enable consumers to make use of dynamic pricing options. Expand line monitoring for improved outage detection across the service area.
Wellsboro Electric Company$431,625 $529,570 $961,195 Wellsboro, PAImplement the "Smart Choices" project, which will deploy smart meter network systems throughout the utility's service territory.
Stanton County Public Power District
$397,000 $397,000 $794,000 Stanton, NEExtend existing smart meter network to all metering points by deploying an additional 2,400 smart meters, along with the associated computer software and hardware and data collection systems.