2018 Irvine Watchdog Candidate Forum Question Submissions
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What is being done to make Irvine more affordable for the middle class family?
What is one policy change that you would suggest to improve housing affordability in Irvine?
What are your plans regarding housing affordability problem and lack of it?
How would you increase affordable housing in Irvine?
What is your position on the Veterans Cemetery at the Great Park?
Will the Vet cemetery be built on the ARDA site if you are elected?
What is your stance on the Irvine cemetery issue and on the role that developers have played in shaping the public opinion on this issue by spending millions of dollars?
Do you support the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery being built on the original site in the Great Park?
Where should the Veterans Cemetery be built — in the originally planned location, or elsewhere?
Will you pursue having a Veteran's Cemetery built at the ARDA site?
Do you support ARDA (original) site for cemetry even if it involve costing Irvine tax payers millions of $$ in clean up costs?
How are we monitoring outside crime trends that affect our city’s safety. What new measures are we taking to prevent It.
As a candidate for local office, will you be accepting campaign donations from developers in Irvine?
Irvine is getting too crowded & losing its village appeal. Why so much development?
What are you going to do about monopoly of Irvine Company and to reign in uncontroller development?
The City Council recently voted unanimously 5-0 to reaffirm the current General Plan & zoning for the Rancho San Joaquin golf course to protect it from future redevelopment. What is your stance on the RSJ golf course and other designated open spaces in Irvine? Should designated open spaces in Irvine continue to be protected from future development?
How will you mitigate development with community services like police, fire protection, senior and youth centers, etc...
Although the master plan has been modified over the years to accommodate current needs at the time, would you be willing to revert the future development pace?
Why is the city rapidly welcoming more construction projects? Who is responsible for the overpopulation that has recently grown.
Current practice allows entitlements approved for a development to be transferred when the developer wants to relocate that development. Will you require developers to resubmit an entirely new study on impacts of the development on the new location?
What are the plans for residential construction in the future?
The General Plan and Master Plan are assumed law because many city ordinances and zoning regulations are based upon these Plans. Given an application by a developer with and EIR with significant mitigations and extensive MOU, what will be your top non-negotiables for zone changes? For example, if the development increases traffic in ANY way but the developer negotiates a bond for a traffic signal, adding lanes, or restriping. Would you approve or deny a zone change?
Many cities bigger and smaller than Irvine in Orange County have changed to district voting to better represent the residents of their cities. Would you support district voting in Irvine?
The Irvine Unified School Board recently adopted district-based elections instead of at-large elections. Do you think the City of Irvine should do the same? Why or why not?
How do you feel about the OCFA vs Irvine Fire Dept?
If elected what is your stance on affirming Irvine's General Plan?
Will you support the efforts of the Orange County community to convince the Irvine City Council and Great Park Board of Directors to set aside acreage in the Cultural Terrace of the Great Park for a O.C. Cultural and Natural History Museum? Orange County is the only county in southern California without one. So far the Great Park is the Great Sports Park and parking lot.
What is your vision for the Great Park?
The music levels, specifically bass levels, from the 5 points amphitheater can be heard from my home in Turtle Rock. The low sound frequency is such that it rattles my windows and penetrates through my walls as a thumping sound. Furthermore, concerts are held on weekday evenings (sometimes going past 10:30p) when the majority of residents have to work the next day. I know I am not the only person to be disturb by this as there are huge threads/topics on NextDoor from residents across all of Irvine. What is your plan to address this? How can we hold 5 Points accountable to installing better noise blocking walls?
What is your vision for 100 acres county land? What is the plan?
Besides the long-term solution of affordable housing, what responsibility does the city of Irvine have to reduce homelessness in the short-term?
What will you do about homelessness?
What are your plans for helping the homeless?
What do you believe led to the county wanting to place the homeless in Irvine?
What do you think Irvine's role should be in providing a solution for the homeless in our county?
How will you address the homeless crisis and protect public health and safety?
Do you support needle exchange program?
Do you support homeless shelter being built anywhere in Irvine?
What is your stance on maintaining the city general plan as it is?
Although the master plan has been modified over the years to accommodate current needs at the time, would you be willing to revert the future development pace?
Should Irvine be a sanctuary city?
Will you encourage companies to provide latest technology television/internet/phone services to all Irvine citizens, not just those in new developments?
What are some of your clean energy initiatives? How would you implement these initiatives? What are your plans to protect the planet?
What can you offer our city that is unique from the other candidates?
Many city council candidates emphasize their business background. I'd like to hear their proudest achievement as a business leader.
What single issue do you believe should be addressed by the council
What is your position on economic disparity?
How do you feel about the foreign investors taking advantage of taxpayer dollars by receiving free labor and delivery and medical care in our Irvine hospitals by taxpayer dollars?
Which of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights do you feel is most under threat in Irvine, and how will you support that right?
What have you already done to increase diversity and tolerance in Irvine?
Do you feel that Irvine should be more cooperative or more confrontational with the County of Orange, and why?
There seems to be limited to very little cooperation and regular discussions between the City of Irvine staff and officials and UC Irvine administration, which has caused problems in the past concerning traffic and roadway construction near the campus. What is your viewpoint and how would you specifically address this to improve relations between the City and UCI?
Why do you want to be a representative on city council?
What in your background qualifies you to serve the city as a council-person?
What plans are there for more dog parks and pickleball courts/programs?
What is your specific plan to address our traffic issues?
What are your solutions for traffic?
What thoughts do you have on alleviating and making improvements to Irvine's current traffic situation?
What are your ideas for managing traffic?
Do you feel that more mass transit options would benefit Irvine? Why or why not?
How will you create better traffic flow without eliminating greenbelts?
What is your practical solution to traffic congestion on Irvine streets and surrounding freeways?
How would you improve traffic flow in Irvine?
The overwhelming traffic had started to effect the residents routine life and has taken away the tranquility of the city. How can we stop it from becoming a commercial/industrial design looking town rather than a beautiful haven that it always has been.
Do our road system adequately accommodate the new residential build?
IF Irvine had a well oiled public transportation system, how would you motivate drivers to use more public transportation? For example, when taking their kids to school or driving them to the Great Park for their sports activities?
What is your position on removal of greenscape to make way for more lanes on our roads? Many of Irvine communities have a set back from the roads, are wrapped in trees, surrounded by sidewalks and bike paths. Many Irvine roads also have beautiful medians with Jacaranda, birch, and pine trees. Some that have been around since Irvine's beginning. With the recent lane additions to University Drive adjacent to UCI and the 405 expansion plan hundreds of trees have been removed.
How can we ensure that City Council candidates are not "bought" by special interest groups like FivePoints?
Are you receiving any donations (directly or indirectly) from developers?
How many of the candidates are not taking funds from developers?
What candidates are taking money from developers to fund their campaign?
Since Citizens United is a law of the land, would you agree to recuse yourself from voting on issues before the City Council if you accepted donations from businesses involved in an issue that's before you?
Do you believe that corporations are people?
Who can promise not to accept money from corporate-PACs, the developers, developer lobbyists, developer associates and major corporations?
Do you agree with the recent change in by-laws for our ICLT, closing its doors to the public?
Yes or no. Did you receive the questions before the city council debate at IVC held by the Greater Irvine Chamber?
Yes or no. Have you signed the voluntary Code of Fair Campaign Practices?
How will you create clear and verifiable communication to citizens?
Will you be accepting or supporting the acceptance of ANY money from developers?
Do you accept funding from developers, PACs, political parties, or individuals?
Do you take PAC or developer money for your campaign or are aware of PAC or developer money being spent on your behalf?
How would you decrease developer money being spent on political campaigns in Irvine?
Do you accept funds from FivePoint Communities (campaign or otherwise)?
have you or any of your people accepted money from Five Points
Are you now, have you ever, or will you be accepting campaign financing from developers
Will you refuse to accept donations/contributions from developers and other special interest groups?
If you do accept donations/contributions from developers and other special interest groups, will you recuse yourself from voting on any issue coming before the Council regarding those developers/special interest groups?
What is your position on City Council use of Social Media? Does a Council person's "personal" social media accounts become a matter of public record? How about censorship on their pages and blocking of comments or of specific residents from commenting or even viewing their "council member" public or group pages?
What are your plans to solve the affordable housing problem in Orange County?
What will you do about underdevelopment in our city?
You will you balance current Irvine residents' desire to maintain slow development and preserve open spaces with the city's long term needs for affordable housing and sustainability?
Is there a way to give more love to some of the smaller businesses other than Google etc?
What can be done to get more family owned restaurants in Irvine so we don’t have to drive to other cities in order to support small businesses instead of corporate chains?
Will you advocate for repealing the Prevailing Wage mandate initiated during the Agran/Krom days? Prevailing wage is not required for Charter cities like Irvine and this mandate is costing Irvine taxpayers to pay millions of extra dollars on public works and private construction projects (in return for union campaign contributions?)
Measure B proved to be a very divisive issue in our city in recent memories. In the strictest legal sense, all Measure B determined was the prohibition of land swap between City of Irvine with the ARDA site and Five Point with the strawberry field site.
How do you as a candidate interpret the result of Measure B and why?
Has any candidate considered having a ballot measure asking homeowners if they even want a Veterans cemetary in Irvine, vs. the previous ballot measure of assuming that residents want it and only asking which of two locations to put it in?
(I am a veteran and I, and my veteran friends and family members are not interested in a Veteran’s cemetary in Irvine. You will get an honest answer asking this question on a ballot vs. in public.)
How will you promote recycling and preservation of open space?
The Great Park is, disappointedly, mostly just a larger version of a typical Irvine Park, namely sports fields. What is your vision for the park and for adding features for the non-sports playing/watching residents of Irvine?
Will you provide an environment that will allow Irvine to be a leader in assisting in the management of our homeless population in Orange Co. and what would that leadership look like?
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