CompanyBrandSuggested age rangesPrice of each format and/or optionWebpageFormat (physical, digital or both)
Packaged lessons quanitity and purchase options: subscription, quarterly, modular, etc
Scope & Sequence (length)Structure of Lessons (large group/small group, classroom, kids church, etc)Additional components: missions, scripture memory, musicKey feature(s)Known reason(s) why church customers value the above key feature(s)
Orange252 Kids
252 kids is Kindergaten-1, 2nd-3rd grade. 252Preteens is 4th and 5th grades
Starter $495, Basic $625 up to 25 students, $910 up to 50 students, $1200 up to 75, $1410 up to 100, $1605 up to 200, $1935 up to 400, $2465 over 400 students. Premiums, $645 up to 25 students, $930 up to 50 students, $1225 up to 75, $1495 up to 100, $1695 up to 200, $2095 up to 400, $2695 over 400 students. Additional cost for media package: Starter $400. Basic, $425, $585, $595, $615, $650, $750, $800. Premium, $800, $965, $975, $1030, $1100, $1150, $1200.
http://252kidscurriculum.comDigital download
Year License - 52 lessons. Starter 1-15 kids, Basic and Premium Options based on attendance. Basic is suggested if large group is K-5 and small group is divided by grade. Premium is suggested if both large group AND small groups are separated by age.
Provided yearly
Large group and small group. 252 Kids is a children’s ministry curriculum that weaves music, communicator scripts, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities together
Monthly worship song, student devotions, parent resources, social media content, weekly family experience event scripts, memory verse, Fully customizableChurch strategy, Value based strategy, partner with parents
OrangeFirst LookBabies, Toddler, 2 year olds, 3s-5sStarter $495. Premium $590 up to 25 students, $880 up to 50 students, $1175 up to 75, $1375 up to 100, $1540 up to 200, $11870 up to 400, $2375 over 400 kids. Additional cost for media package: Starter $300. Premium, $345, $355, $360, $365, $375, $450, $450. http://firstlookcurriculum.comDigital download
Year License - 52 lessons. Starter and Premium. Starter is for church with fewer than 15 kids.
Provided yearly
Large group and small group. First Look preschool ministry curriculum weaves music, communicator scripts, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities together
Large group, small group, social media, parent resources, monthly worship song, monthly planning documents, cusomizable lessons, quarterly family experience
Fully customizableChurch strategy, Value based strategy, partner with parents
LifewayGospel ProjectOlder kids, younger kids (Undefined) For a year of digital up to 50 kids $783, $1370 up to 100, $1957 up to 200, $2348 up to 400, $2936 over 400. With the worship hour added 50 kids $1051, $1638 up to 100, $2225 up to 200, $2616 up to 400, $3203 over 400.
printed studies, digital downloads (PDF and eReaders), and an app for iOS® and Android® devices.
Volume Set is a year or 52 lessons.
3-year chronological study plan
Welcome activity options, story, christ connection, questions from kids video, mission moment, Apply the story, discussion and activities
Bible story videos and music videos, missions emphasis, Ministry Grid partnership for weekly training leaders.
The Gospel Project for Kids provides multiple delivery options to help your kids and leaders get the content they need in the way that works best. Choose from printed studies, digital downloads (PDF and eReaders), and an app for iOS® and Android® devices.
Christ centered, chronological bible studies. Gospel focus.
LifeWayExplore The BibleOlder kids, younger kids (Undefined) Print Quarterly: Younger Kids Tool Kit 69.99 or $129.95 with worship. Older Kids Tool Kit 69.99 or $129.95 with worship. Digital Yearly: Less than 50 kids $1083, 51-100 $1687, 101-200 $2292, 201-400 $2694, 400+ $3299
Print or digital
Quarterly or Digital Yearly
Book by book bible studiessmall group/large group/small group formatBook by book format, family study and family reading planBiblical LiteracyBiblical, cultural, and archaeological context of Scripture
LifeWayBible Studies for Life
Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Preteens
Print: Quarterly quick start kids $69.99 per age group and for the extra worship hour $68.95 per quarter. Kids Annual Digital Bundle under 50 kids $806, 51-100 $1411, 101-200 $2016, 201-400 $2418, 400+ $3024
Print or digital
Quarterly or Digital Yearly
QuarterlyLarge group and classroomPractice Bible skills, introductory activity, missions emphasis, Bible study, prayer, review, kids activities, take home cardsRelatable, age-appropriate Bible studiesFocus on discipleship
GroupDig InAges 3-6, grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5-61-20 kids $109, 21-40 $159, 41-60 $209, 61-100 $259, 101-400 $309, 401+ $384
Digital downloadQuarterly 1-yearLarge group and classroom -2 hours of contentFlexible options to fit any ministry with a state-of-the-art online lesson builder, Multi-sensory teaching, Online lesson builder, music videos, parent take home resource, Flexibility and easy to adapt lessons. Drag and drop then share.
GroupHands-On BibleToddlers - Grade 6$117.29 for each learning lab for each age group (Toddler&2, Preschool, PreK-K, Grades 1&2, 3&4, 5&6), $27.79 for digital curriculum guide for each age group, or $615.79 for all learning labs
Print and/or Digital downloadQuarterly2-yearAge-Graded Classroom - 30-60 minutesIn addition to gizmos, you’ll use unique games, snacks, and crafts.Creative Gizmos, Learning Labs, The Jesus Connection, Hands-On Fun at Home,
GroupFaithWeaver Now10 Age Levels (Infants-Adults)$51.29 Teacher packs for each age group (Infant, Preschool, PreK-K, Grades 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, middle school, senior high, parent, adult) or $514.89 for one each of all 10 age-levels' Teacher Pack or Leader Guide and 5 of each Student Book including Adult and Parent materials, $6.19 for kid, student, or parent handbooks. 12.39 teacher guides, 28.95 student book download
Physical and digital download centerQuarterly3-yearAge-Graded Classroom - 60 minutesAge-level insights, music and sound effects, dramatic bible skits, take-home pages for parents, and colorful student books.Digital Download CenterGenesis to Revelation in 3 years, Synchronized across all ages
Preschool, Pre-K&K, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6
a 112.49 for each kit (Preschool, PreK-K, Grades 1&2, 3&4, 5&6), or $449.96 for all 5
PhysicalQuarterly2-yearAge-Graded Classroom - 45-60 minutesRelationship building, God sightings, Bible Buzz, Buzz in action, prayer, faith buzz at homeDigital Download Center, Using 4-5 of the 8 multiple intelligences, Instant Sunday school without prep, Uncommon Bible Stories
GroupKidsOwn WorshipPreschool to 6th grade in one room$41.19
DigitalQuarterly3-yearOne Large Room for multiple agesHelp kids learn to experience God through a weekly Bible Point, fun activities, and engaging worship.
All-in-One Kit Stretch your ministry budget even further with this all-in-one kit that includes a ton of worship and Bible-learning activity options.
Downloadable files make it easy to customize and distribute lesson content
GroupBe BoldPreteenStudent Packs $12.99, and Leader Guides $15.99
PhysicalQuarterlyPreteen ClassroomFun weekly mystery missions and unique student workbooks.
Preteen curriculum requires one Leader Guide per class, and one Student Pack per student. As students will use the pages of their books to complete each week’s activity, it is vital that each student has their own book.
Bold Action Student Book, Mystery Mission Cards, and Mystery Mission Stickers.
David C CookDisciplrPreschool, Elementary, and Middle School
Lite: free, 2 spaces, 1 admin, 1-20 kids (heartshaper preschool, Discipleship Jr. , Sproutbox, Child's Sermons in a bag, integrity music: our God saves). Essential: $468, 3 spaces, 1 admin, 20-50 kids (Lite options plus Bible-in-Life, Tru Classroom Edition, Heartshaper, Rio, Gospel Light, Kidamazoo, JumpStart3, Yancy, Doorpost Songs, Justin Graves Band, Go Big! VBS And more!). Plus: $948, 10 spaces, 3 admins, 50-100 kids (Lite and Essential options plus, Tru Large Group/Small Group, D6, Spiritual Parenting, The Big God Story VBS). Premium: $1428, unlimited spaces, unlimited admins, 100+kids (Lite, Essential, Plus options, and additional resources and VBS). OptionsMany optionsSoftware includes scheduling and customization features as well as carefully chosen curriculum options.Customizable beyond a single curriculumMany curriculums all in one netflix style software for one price.
David C CookHeartShaper
Toddler & 2s, Preschool, Pre-K & K, Early Elementary, Middle Elementary, PreTeen
Each agre group teachers guide is $8.49, Toddler teachers kid $44.99, PreK&K 59.99 print, 79.99 digital, 149.99 digital multi user Preschool $59.99, 79.99, 149.99, Early Elementary $59.99, 79.99, 149.99, Middle Elementary $39.99, 69.44, 119.99, Preteen $39.99, 64.99, 119.99
Print, Digital 1 user, Digital multiple users, Disciplr
Quarterly2-yearClassroom, 2+ hoursteacher guide, student activities, interactive visuals, CD with autio tracks and printable files, take him student magazine, teaching picturesSpecial Needs Friendlytoddlers to preteens through the Bible 5 times.
David C CookBible-In-Life
Toddler, Preschoo, Early Elementary, Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adult
Each age group has a teacher guide $10.99, Creative Teaching Aids $22.99, Craft $5.99, and take home $5.99, Digital, Disciplr, Quarterly2-yearClassroom 60-90 minutesScripture Memory Videos, real-world applications, age-appropriate ideas, questions, and issues, lesson videos, Scripture video each quarterConnect everyday conversations to God's word
David C CookGospel Light
Nursery 0-2, Preschool 2-3, PreK-K 4-5, Elementary 1-2, Elementary 3-4, Preteen 5-6
Baby Beginnings Nursery Kit $139.99, Preschool Kit $149.99, Pre-K Ages 4-5 Classroom Kit $149.99, Elementary GR 1-2 Teacher's Classroom Kit $149.99, Elementary GR 3-4 Teacher's Classroom Kit $149.99, Elementary Large Group GR 1-4 Classroom Kit $209.99, Preteen GR 5-6 Classroom Kit $149.99, Digital, Disciplr, Quarterly2-yearLarge Group, Small Group, Classroom 120 minutes
Teacher guide, Family Fridge Fun Takes Home (two packs, enough for 10 kids), Kid Talk Cards student discussion guides (two packs, enough for 10 kids), Bible Teaching Poster, Pack, Get Going! Worship CD—REPRODUCIBLE!
Jesus-centeredBuilds year on year to go through the bible 5 times. Strong emphasis on discipleship and evangelism
David C CookTru Storyage 3 – grade 8
Age 3 $49.99, 4's&5's less than 25 kids 89.99, 4's&5's 25-50 kids $124.99, 4s-Kindergarten less than 25 kids 89.99, 4s-Kindergarten 25-50 kids $124.99, 4s-Kindergarten 50-100 kids $154.99, 4s-Kindergarten Less than 50 kids $124.99, Grades 1-2 $89.99 less than 25 kids, Grades 1-2 $124.99 25-50 kids, Grades 1-5 less than 50 kids $124.99, Grades 1-5 50-100 kids $154.99, Grades 3-4 less than 25 kids $89.99, Grades 3-4 25-50 kids $124.99, Grades 5-6 less than 25 kids $89.99, Grades 5-6 25-50 kids $124.99
Digital, DisciplrQuarterlyProvided yearlyLarge Group, Small Group, Classroom 75-120 minutes
Explore creative activity options, Discover teaching and interactive storytelling, Big God Story Bible passage, Worship Response, Small Group reflection, activieties, and blessing
Worship Response, Explore Scripture chronologically, spiritually forming, parent-empowering curriculum that equips children, leaders and families to know Jesus and live out a vibrant lifetime faith
David C CookAction Bible Curriculumpreteens ages 9 – 12$129 each quarter
DigitalQuarterly2-yearClassroom or Large group/small groupThe Action Bible Curriculum uses a 4-step lesson path designed to engage preteens at every turn.60-90 minutes per lessonPreteen specific lessons to help them feel comfortable and build relationships.
SparkHouseSparkage 2 to grade 6K-5 Leader guide $24.99, Kid Leaflets $5.99 (sparkhouse digital 1-25 kids $179.99, 26-50 $279.99, 51-75 $399.99, 76-100 $549.99, 101+ $699.99)
Print (or all Sparkhouse Digital)Quarterly3-yearClassroom or rotation
Four part sequence: Gather, Open the Bible, Activate Faith, Send - Activities and discussions for lessons. Leader guide includes reproducible resources including activities, coloring pages, and family pages.
Multi-Age classroomOne option for multi-age classrooms
SparkHouseWhirlAges 5-10K-5 Leader Guide $24.99, K-5 DVD $24.99, K-5 Leader Pack $6.99 (sparkhouse digital 1-25 kids $179.99, 26-50 $279.99, 51-75 $399.99, 76-100 $549.99, 101+ $699.99)
Print (or all Sparkhouse Digital)Quarterly2-yearClassroomfour-part sequence: Welcome, Hear, Respond, and Launch. Bulleted questions and numbered step-by-step directions.Animated character videosAuditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles
SparkHouseHoly MolyKindergarten - 4th GradeYear 1 / Unit 1 / DVD $34.99, Grades K-2 Leader guide $10.99, Grades K-2 learner guide $5.99, Grade 3-4 Leader guide $10.99, Grades 3-4 Learner guide $5.99 (sparkhouse digital 1-25 kids $179.99, 26-50 $279.99, 51-75 $399.99, 76-100 $549.99, 101+ $699.99)
Print (or all Sparkhouse Digital)
Quarterly (12 lessons)
2-yearClassroomEngage through imagination, activities, interactive games, and creative crafts to engage in the Bible story.
Meant for leaders and students to watch together, the Holy Moly DVD features animated scripture retellings that ingite a biblical imagination.
The Holy Moly videos are designed without narration so kids have a chance to watch each retelling and discuss, in their own words, what surprised them and made them wonder.
Stuff You Can UseGrowPreschool AND Elementary Materials$597 or you can can add volunteer, parent, and event resources for $997 (or $289 quarterly)
DigitalYearly3-year scope and sequence Large group and small group
Drag and Drop message builder. Parent and Volunteer emails, large group activities, big idea, bible story, questions, object lesson, story, worship response, memory verse, small group activies and discussion questions,
Diversity in writers, Affordable, annual curriculum and strategy.
First Assembly North Little RockHigh Voltage KidsElementary$79 digital or $99 physical (jumpdrive in packaging) download or digital jumpdrive
Series based purchases. Usually 6 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 24 seriesLarge group and small group
Introduction video, "watts up" video, bumper videos, memory verse video, Bible story, game, object lesson, skit, call to action, family devotion take home, small group experience, and kid take home page
Supplemental videosSeries to plug into other curriculum options, humor, easy
My Healthy ChurchTruFire Story1st - 5th gradePrice Per Quarter $124.99 for 0-50 Kids or $154.99 for 50+ Kidshttps://trufirecurriculum.comDigitalQuarterly3-yearsmall group/large group/small group format
Memory verse, storyteller videos, digital images, sound effects, discussion questions, supplemental activities, small group enhancements, weekly home lesson
Spirit-empowered focus, interactive response stations, customizable digital resources, built-in family support
Holy Spirit emphasis,
MooblioGo!Elementary or preschoolElementary $599 up to 25 kids, $799 up to 75, $999 up to 250, $1199 251+ or $99 per Unit (4-5 lessons)https://www.gocurriculum.comDigitalYearly3-year Large group, small group, and response stationsCustomizable, media slides, videos, illustrations, parent take-home, training materials, social media
Storytelling and Learning Styles, teaches chronologically through the bible each year but also lines up with the Christian calendar.
Chronological curriculum
FourFiveSixDeeply Rooted Preteen Preteen$99/mo or $999/yr scope and sequenceLarge group and small group over 3 hours of contentTeacher prep, large group, small group, extended small group, interactive activities, games, snacks, video clips, powerpoint slides Weekend or midweekPreteen option,
Answers In GenesisAnswers Bible Curriculum
PreK-1st, Grades 2-3, Grade 4-5, Middle School, High School, Adult
$29.99 per unit but you purchase each age range. To teach PreK-5th grade you would buy 3 levels of each unit. $89.97 for 10 weeks.
10 lessons per unit
4-year chronologicalClassroom or large group/small group
Posters, downloadable videos, PowerPoint slides, memory verse songs and videos, teaching stories, activities, crafts, games, and more (for younger ages
Family curriculum across all age ranges,Apologetics, Answers in Genesis brand
Randall HouseD6 CurriculumGrades K-1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5Print: $99.99 teaching bundle for each age range. Digital: $49.99. Children's Church $299 yearly.
Print or DigitalQuarterlySix-year discipleship strategyLarge group and small group and at home resources
At church lesson: Large group master teacher to introduce, connect, learn and explore. Apply, reponse, and hands-on activites for small group. At home devotional study, Splink Parenting Resource,
Family curriculum, Allignment across all family ministries, resources for hom, parent tools
Fellowship ChurchElevate KidsAges 6-12$159 digital or dischttps://elevatekidsnow.comDigital download or disc
8 lessons per series
5-yearLarge group and small groupTheme based, application specific, video elements, Skits, videos for families (, Theme heavy curriculum, humor
Hillsong Hillsong Kids BigAges 5 to 12 $230 retails most are $184 (subscription available for $50/month) pack or digital download
9 week volume sets
3-yearLarge group and small group
Theme Video, message video, gametime videos, countdown video, big message live guide, quick reference guides, small group materials, activity sheets,
Quality and engaging videos, worship lyric videosQuality videos and worship components.
Children's Ministry DealsChildren's Ministry DealsAges 6-12$97 is the average price for series, although at the time of this project they have a yearlong deal for $97.
DigitalMany optionsNo, Modular aprox 33 seriesLarge group and small groupEach series is different. Most include large group object lessons, a teaching segment, an application segment, and small group activitiesCheapCheap - It's easy to find a theme or lesson fitting what you need.
Gospel Publishing HouseFaith CaseAges 5-12$139 per serieshttp://www.faithcase.comPhysical
10 lessons per series
No, Modular aprox 5 seriesLarge groupVideo segments followed by simple-to-lead object lessons and Bible stories.Only one leader requiredFast paced for short attention spans, DVD driven with web based supplemental materials for home
Open NetworkLifeKidsGrades 1st-4th gradeFree
Series based purchases. Usually 4 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 70 seriesLarge group and small groupEmcee Tech guide, supplemental activities, family activity, message video, teaching segment video, propresenter files,Free, character basedFree, Easy to download, free videos in multiple file types
Newspring NetworkKidSpringGrades K-5Free
Series based purchases. Usually 8 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 37 seriesLarge group and small groupMedia and videos, skits, graphics, outline notes, lyric music videos and motions, special needs documentsFree and great humor driven skits, Themed environmentsFree, easy to use, skits
Elevation ChurcheKidz1st - 5th GradeFreehttp://resources.elevationchurch.orgDigital
Series based purchases. Usually 4 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 44 seriesLarge group and small group 85-90 minute
Kid connect welcome time, bible connect scripture memory, you connect prayer, bring it challenge, shopping lists, graphics and slides, and worship suggestions
Free, scripts, talking point cards, games, connect questionsFree, high quality graphics and games, creative.
KidMoKidMo Johnny Rogers1st - 6th Grade + CD-Rom
Series based purchases. 5 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 27 seriesLarge group and small groupInteractive multimedia-based curriculum, Map Books; take-home study guides, DVD Driven,Video driven
Creative For KidsJesus in JeansGrades K-5Each quarter is $59.95
CD and downloadQuarterly2-YearLarge group and small group
Object lessons, memory verse, hands on activities and game, focused prayer, stuff you need list, power points on CD, dramas or videos, a teachers guide, review week component complete with review questions and suggested games, 12 Weekly PowerPoints, 12 Fun drama skits, Activity sheets, and more CD containing all files needed
Monthly posters and promotion banners, Jesus' life and teachingsFocused teachings on Jesus
Kids Want Answers Kids Want AnswersAges 6-12Each series is $350
7 lessons per series
No, Modular aprox 17 seriesLarge group and rotationsHighly engaging teaching videos (10-15 min per lesson total), Screen graphics, Editable leader guides,Games include all kids, Lessons focus on life-change/Bible application,
Corinne NobleKMC CurriculumAges 5-12Digital all access membership $299 or $29 monthly, From $19.95 to $99.95 per series
Digital or USB
Between 3 and 8 lessons per series
2-YearLarge group and small groupJumpStart3 video/audio bundle, bumper video, graphic slides, and social media images Skits, games, object lessonsJump Start 3 fans, Corinne Noble connections
The Christian Broadcasting NetworkSuperbookGrades 1-6th$250.00/year or $25/month
Digital but you could buy dvd season of 13 episodes for $195
120 lessons. Full access when you buy a subscription
4 seasons (40 courses)Large group and small groupGamification, Scripture memory, videos, games, crafts, activities for at home.access to the full libraryVideos, Full length episodes, bible background videos, 120 lessons, translated into 25 languages
DiscipleLandCore BibleGrades 1-6Disciple Guide for students $4.95 each, Teacher guide print $11.95, Teacher guide digital $24.95, Family Life with God Pictures 23.95, Family life with God and Teaching Pictures digital combo $29.95, Bible cards $10.95
Print and DigitalQuarterly6-YearClassroom 90-120 minutesCollectible Cards, additional activities and downloads.Translation independentCost savings where you only purchase disciple guides each year after the first purchase.
DiscipleLandDiscipleTownElementary$44.95 per unit
24 units with 4 weeks per unit.
96 lessonsLarge group (children's church)Leader guide, review activity, power point template, object lessons, table talkers for family, email template, certificates, logos, puppet skits.Skill development focusedDiscipleship focused on the "How to's" of spiritual disciplines.
Seedbed KidsTrackersGrades K-6Fully digital up to 25 kids $399, 25-50 kids $699, 51-100 kids $1199, 101-200 kids $1499, 201-400 kids $1999, 400+ kids $2499. Print: Leader guide $19.95, classroom kid $59.95-84.95, Student activity booklet $2.95, Take him cards $4.95, Animated videos $14.95, worship music $9.95, Teaching poster $14.95, etc. digital or physical40 weeks
40 weeks and optional special days
Large group and small groupMemory verse, supply list, worship time, activity pagesAppealing graphics and video contentOld testament study, lessons are fully scripted, optional media, special days
Hendrickson/Rose Kids28NineteenElementaryCombo kit $119.99 per serieshttp://www.28nineteencurriculum.comPhysical
Series based purchases. 6-7 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 4 series, more coming soon
Sunday School and Children’s WorshipMain point, leader devotional, activities, bible lessons, memory verse. Undated, fun themes, Designed to meet this mandate from Christ to make disciples and teach them to obey His commands
Church On The MoveSeedsGrades K-5Free
Series based purchases. 4-8 week lesson series.
No, Modular aprox 52 seriesLarge group and small group
Activities for pre group, big group, small group, home. Games, illustrations, invitations, small group set up, icebreakers, questions, prayer, wrap up and home challenges
Free and funFree, easy to use, quality videos, quality worship experiences
Super Church (Mark Harper)Super Church 2.0Ages 6-11DVD/CD or digital download set $499 for a year or $149 for 12-week series.superchurch.comPhysical or Digital
Series based purchases. 1 year or 12-week series.
2-YearLarge group and small groupDrama, object lesson, interactive lesson, review questions, prop listSpirit Filled curriculumEmpower children to be the church today.
KidNationKidNationElementary$249 per unit
DigitalUnitsModular, 35 unitsClassroom50 editable slides and activities with each seriesGames and fun for all age kidsGraphics and sound effects to engage kids in the lesson.
Brittany NelsonDeeper KidminElementaryVariety
Holiday, Single lessons, units
ModularVarietyLarge group and small groups, a variety of series from a variety of churches and authorsCreative and on demand downloadsEasy to use and access
YancyHeartbeatElementary and Preteen$99.95
5 packed lessons
5 lesson on worshipLarge group and small group
More than 90 Minutes of Content in each lesson to pick & choose from, easy to use USB, leader training, themed graphics and videos, powerful reflection and response
Heartbeat Curriculum comes with 5 packed lessons, designed seamlessly for weekend and mid-week services and easily adaptable for VBS, camps and conferences.
A powerful curriculum to teach what it means to be a worshiper.
ISeeIt Production
That's A Wrap and A Closer Look
Elementary ages$69https://iseeitproductions.comModularHolidayHoliday Lessons
main worship service, Sunday School hour, home team, children’s ministry, block party, missions outreach event, chapel, etc.
A new two week live-action and animated children’s Easter curriculum!
Large group, application, worship, animated stories, bible verse, small group, take home, cract, skits
Holiday series
Abingdon PressBible Story Basics
Pre-Reader: 3-7 years old Reader: 8-12 years old
Annual Class Pack $49.99https://www.biblestorybasics.comPrint Yearly3-yearSunday SchoolBible-driven, and provides kids the basic tools for reading and learning the Bible.
A simple age-level structure makes Bible Story Basics straightforward and uncomplicated for leaders while providing age-appropriate lessons for kids.
Through the Bible every year.
CokesburyDeep Blue ConnectsAges 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, Large Group/Small Group Kit Spring 2020 Download $120.99
Print and Digital QuarterlyLarge group and small group or Sunday School
Children will explore families in the BIble, learn how today's faith families care for children as they grow, build loving relationships, and find out what it means to be part of God's family.
Weekly episode videos kids love. Interactive Scripture memorization. Mobile app with games for kids!
AwanaBriteGrades K-51-25 kids $500, 26-50 $700, 51-100 $900, 101-200 $1200, 201+ $1900https://www.resilientdisciples.comDigital
Yearly Subscription
3-year chronological study planLarge group and small group
Easy-to-use lesson have engaging activities and media that are aimed at giving kids both a "spine" to live grounded in Scripture and a "heart" to love those around them.
Prep, Start, Teach, Discuss, and Send elements for each lesson! Adequately prepare kids to lead the church of 2050. This curriculum focuses on child discipleship.