Goal: facilitate the workflow of the OTP TEDxWarsaw team - remember that TEDxWarsaw OTP team conducts training sessions for volunteers who are interested in transcribing/translating.Why do we need this?There tens of thousands of TEDx talks available for transcription and translation, alongside TED-Ed and TED talks. A 15-minute talk means about 20 hours of work in total, with 6 steps to complete on the way. There are no tools to monitor the process except for the slow "search" option in Amara and looking at each talk individually. To encourage volunteers to get things done we need more control of the pipeline and clear priorities.Important:Please do not translate talks outside of Amara TED team - this just causes the task to get locked out until crediting/synchronization/line breaking issues are resolved. It is also best to wait with transcription as transcribing the talks outside of Amara and without the final cut of the video may cause synchronization issues as well as crediting conflicts. If someone contacts you about wanting to translate/transcribe please refer them to the TEDxWarsaw OTP team.
Instructions:Task status:Task status explanation:Tasks:Who can perform them?
To add talks please:CompleteThe task is complete on Amara, next task is open.TranscriptionAnyone (1 language fluency)
Add your event as a tab ONLY if it had live speakers. Do it by duplicating the Template tab. Rename it to YEAR EVENT_NAMEIncompleteThe task is partially complete on Amara, but available to be assigned and finished - degree of completion can be specified as a note. If possible the person who started it should be contacted and asked if they'd like to finish it. Other than that it is free to be taken and completed.Review (of the transcription)A person with experience in transcription
List the talks providing the name & title as well as a short description in the appropriate columns (as a note) length in minutes and the language the talk was given inUnassignedThe task can be taken by a translator on Amara.ApprovalLanguage coordinator for Polish or English
Decide on the priority of the translation task by choosing ! !! !!! in the P columnAssignedThe task is assigned to a translator and he/she is working on it.TranslationAnyone
Do not change the status of tasks! Having uploaded the videos to YouTube does not necessarily mean that the first task is open (unassigned) on AmaraUnavailableThe task is not available on Amara, this can be because it has not been uploaded to YouTube yet, or it was frozen because one stage has been completed outside of Amara. The person who completed it outside of Amara should be contacted about signing up for the OTP and completing the task/giving up or sharing credit if a lot of changes have to be made.Review (of the translation)A person with at least 90 minutes of talks translated
CommentAnything unpredictable, explanation as a note in the cell or someone called dibs on the task.ApprovalLanguage coordinator for Polish or English
Be patient :)<empty cell>It was left like this on purpose. Either it hasn't been checked yet or the previous task has not been completed yet.Information about roles and workflow:
We can do this for you!More about the OTP: Languages:If the talks have been/are being translated into other languages or if someone expressed interest in translating them into other languages
Just give us a list of speakers with final talk titles from your eventOTPedia - how we share knowledge: show someone expressed interest in doing the task choose Yes add the name of the person in a note in the appropriate cell and set Comment status.