GATE 2015 Admissions
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RankScoreGATE YearCategoryCollege Admission TakenColleges which offered admissionAdmission ProcedureNameNormalized MarkStreamQualifying DegreeProgramSpecializationRoundAny suggestion(s) for juniors?Interview Experience if Any
89882015OBC (NCL)IISC BangloreIISC,IITBDirectSiddhartha Thakur78.1CSBE/B.TechME1
99882015General & OBC CLIISc BangaloreIISc, IITB, IITChennai P.H.DDirectSakina Bohra77.69ITBE/B.TechM.E.Computer Science1Just keep on working Hard, success will fall to your feet
119842015General & OBC CLIIT BombayIITB, IISc Bangalore, IITDelhiDirectKULDEEP PUNJABI77.34CSBE/B.TechM.Tech in CSE ( TA category)1
129752015General & OBC CLIIT-BombayIIT-Bombay,IISC-BangloreDirectSrijay Deshpande76.63CSBE/B.TechMtechData Science1
179642015General & OBC CLIIScIIScDirectPrince75.69CSBE/B.TechMECSE1
189632015OBC (NCL)IITBAll except iitdDirectpiyush hurpade75.56CSBE/ 2 yearRegular1keep yourself motivated every day
249442015General & OBC CLIIT BombayIIT-B, IIScDirectJayesh Kshirsagar74.06CSBE/B.TechM.Tech.(TA) in CS1Standard reference books and Prev year GATE question papers.
289312015General & OBC CLIIT BombayIIT Bombay , IIScDirectPijush Chakraborty73CSBE/B.TechM.TechCSE1Make your own strategy, it helps
349152015OBC (NCL)noiisc bangaloreDirectArjun dhakad71.67CSBE/B.TechMEcs1mehanat kabhi vyarth nahi jati
So keep on doing
definitely you will get good results
359152015General & OBC CLIITB IITD IIScDirectSanjana Vohra71.61CSBE/B.TechME/MTechQuality of study >> Quantity
429032015General & OBC CLIIT BIISc , IIT BDirect70.67CSBE/ cse TA1
568882015General & OBC CLIIT BIIT BDirectVikrant69.45OthersBE/B.TechM.TechCSE1Reading means forgetting. Practising means remembering.
568882015General & OBC CLIIT Bombay`Every IIT and IIScDirectAditya Samadhiya69.45CSBE/B.TechM.TechCS1
598842015OBC (NCL)IIT Bombay IITB,IISC,IITMDirectsandeep vigrahala69.09CSBE/B.Techmtechcs1
708692015SCiit bombayiitb, iiscDirectM Nagaraju 67.84OthersBE/B.Techcs 1
718682015General & OBC CLIISCIISC,IIT BDirectShivangi Agarwal67.76CSBE/B.TechMECSA2
778652015General & OBC CLIIT BAll IIT except D(interview call) and IIScDirectB Kireeti Gupta.67.53CSBE/B.TechCSProbably Machine learning.3
868592015General & OBC CLIIT BIISc, IIT B, IIT K, IIT MDirectPrateeksha Keshari67.05CSBE/B.TechM.tech4
888582015General & OBC CLIiscIisc, iit k, m, kgpDirectAman mishra66.96CSBE/B.TechMECsa2
968542015General & OBC CLIITIIT KanpurDirect66.59ITBE/B.TechMtechMachine Learning1
1058502015OBC (NCL)Indian Institute of Science - BangloreIIT B, IIT MadrasDirectApoorv Neema66.25CSBE/B.TechM.E.CSA1
1058502015OBC (NCL)IISCM.E. in computer scienceDirect66.25CSBE/B.Tech1
1308332015General & OBC CLIIT KANPURIITK , IIT D , IIT M , IIT KGP , IIT R , IITGDirectGAURAV MAMGAIN64.83CSBE/B.TechM.TECH CSEYou can find some suggestions in my blog
I got direct admission after written test at IIT KANPUR...
In IIT D , there were 2 rounds of interviews .
In both the rounds I was asked questions from ALGO , TOC and some MATHS PUZZLE.
1358312015General & OBC CLIIT MadrasIITM,IITkgpDirectVijay64.7CSBE/B.TechM.techComputer Science3
1458272015General & OBC CLIIT MadrasIITH, IITKgp, IITMDirectDivya Saglani64.39CSBE/B.TechM Tech3
1458272015General & OBC CLIIT MADRASIITM,IITH,IITGDirectEshan Shekhar64.39CSBE/B.TechMTECH4Be in touch with your core cs subjects,even after GATE.....
1618172015OBC (NCL)iisc bangaloreiisc bangalore,iit bombay,iit delhiDirectravindra panchotiya63.51CSBE/B.Techmecse1
1858082015General & OBC CLiitriitr,iitg,iithDirectlalit62.82CSBE/B.Techcsecse1
1908212014General & OBC CLIIT KIITB, IITD, IITKInterviewAshutosh Tiwari60CSBE/B.TechM.TechCSE1Try hard until you get your dream college.The interview at IITK is based on pure concept and interviewer will try to see whether your concepts are clear or not. The interview normally ends in 45-50 minutes and they will start from basic questions and gradually they will go into deep. The panel will be helpful but they can ask any questions from your area of interest. So be prepared.
All The Best For Your Future.
1928082015OBC (NCL)IIT bombayiit bombay iisc banglore iit delhi iit madras iit kanpur DirectAchala bhati62.79ITBE/B.TechMtech cs ta1
2008042015General & OBC CLnoneIITG,IITR,IITHDirectbrojo62.51ITBE/B.Tech
2008042015OBC (NCL)IIT BombayDirect: IISc, IIT-B, M, KGP ; Interview: IIT-D, K. DirectSwatish.S62.51CSBE/B.TechM.Tech CSE (TA)1
2177982015General & OBC CLIIT DELHIIIT HYDInterviewMilan Kathrotia61.98CSBE/B.TechMCS(MTech in CS)horrible
2267932015OBC (NCL)IISc, IIT-B, IITMIITBDirectAnoop61.51CSBE/B.TechMTech in CSECS1
2267932015General & OBC CLiit guwahatiiit roorkee and iit guwahatiDirect61.57CSBE/B.Techm.techcse1
2267932015General & OBC CLIIT GuwahatiIIT Hyderabad, IIT roorkee,IIT Delhi interview call,IIT kanpur written callDirectAishwary61.57CSM.Tech/MSc.M.techCS1For Delhi concentrate on DS and algorithm ,apart from this probability
2357892015OBC (NCL)iit biisc,iitb,iitm,iitkgp Directsurendra singh rao61.27CSBE/B.Techmtech2
2427892015OBC (NCL)IIT BIIT B, IISC, IIT M, IIT kharagpur, IIT R, IIT K, D(Interview), PGDBA[IIMC, ISI, IIT kharagpur](Interview)DirectSandeep Rai61.26CSBE/B.TechM.Tech in CSE (TA)2
2627822015OBC (NCL)IIT MadrasIIT M, IIT G, IIT RDirectGanesh Bhambarkar60.63CSBE/B.TechCS1Y1
2627822015OBC (NCL)IIT BombayIIT B, IIT M, IIT K (interview), IIT D (interview)DirectGanesh Bhambarkar60.63CSBE/B.TechM.Tech in CS (TA)4
2677812015General & OBC CLIit roorkeeiit roorkee, Nit warrangal.DirectAshish Singhal60.57CSBE/B.TechComputer science3
2677812015General & OBC CLIIT GuwahatiIIT Roorkee, IIT Hydrabad, NIT TrichyDirect60.57CSBE/B.TechCSE
2737782015General & OBC CLIIT RoorkeeIITR IITH IITGDirectAnkur60.32CSBE/B.TechComputer ScienceSpotIf you are not exceptionally good in your favourite subjects then prepare complete syllabus for gate then only you can secure a good rank.A good understanding of concepts and good enough questions practice will definitely lead you a good score.
Best of luck to all future GATE Aspirants.
2737782015General & OBC CLIITGIITKGP-IT,IITG,IITR,IITHDirectpatchigoll v s s rahul60.33CSBE/B.Techcs3
2867762015OBC (NCL)IIt bombayiit kgp , guwahati , madras , hyderabad, bombayDirectsandeep singh chauhan60CSBE/B.TechMTech in CS (TA)CS4Just believe in yourself and give your best . Aim for 1st rank and do hardwork for it.
2867762015General & OBC CLiit kgpitDirectTrinath Reddy P60.33CSBE/B.TechSpotif u are below 200 rank only admission is assured, other u need to depend on other rank when will they with draw kind of stuff. If you are below 400 rank prepare for iit kanpur written test very well. It is another Gate exam, where you need to be in top 10 rank.IIT Delhi, Computer Technology, faculty tries to confuse with multiple questions. think at least for few seconds before you answer.The mistake which i made is these.
2917742015OBC (NCL)IISc BangaloreIITB Mtech CSE , IISc Bangalore CSE, IITM Mtech, IITKgp Mtech, IITG Mtech, DirectJAGAN60CSBE/B.TechCSE
2917742015OBC (NCL)IIScIITK, IITB, IITD, IISc, IITM, IIT KgpDirectJagan PM60CSBE/B.TechME CSA2
3007722015General & OBC CLiit kanpurInterviewamit nagarkoti59.85CSBE/B.Techclear your basics and practice
3237652015General & OBC CLIIT BombayIIT Bombay, IIT Madras (MS by Project), BITS Pilani (SS)InterviewJigar Gupta59.25ITBE/B.TechM.Tech (RA)Computer Science1Just in case you get Rank more than 300, don't get dishearten. You can get IITs and IISc even at rank around 1000. Just don't loose hope. The original fun,if you get rank more than 300,starts after the results. :D
3577552015General & OBC CLiit kanpuriitk iisc iitb Interview58.43CSBE/B.Techmtech cse algorithms1
3847512015OBC (NCL)IISc BangaloreGot Interview calls from IIT-K,IIT-D & direct admission call from IIT-KGP (IT) in 1st roundDirectSURAJ KAUSHAL58.07CSBE/B.TechM.E.CSE2I would like to suggest that:

1. Be Regular (revise everyday)

2. Be Confident & Optimistic till the end (VERY IMPORTANT) of GATE exam.

3. Don't leave any topic ( I left DIGITAL in 2014 & in GATE they asked two very simple questions which I didn't knew, regretted afterwards )

4. Make a plan to finish the whole syllabus before 2 months from GATE.

5. Solve previous year GATE problems (at least twice) seriously & try to solve yourself before going to take help from anyone or seeing solution.

6. Solve as many (good) problems as possible from different sources like Work-Book given in your coaching, from different books, from internet (helped me a lot).

7. Don't hesitate googling (If u are in any kind of doubt try to find it on web from good sources only,Stack-exchange,Wiki,Gate-overflow,Facebook GATE-group,etc.)

8. Finally,TEST Series is MUST. (Join MADE_EASY & GATE-FORUM Test Series, give as many Tests as possible to know how your preparation is going. Don't panic if your marks are not that good as you expected & Don't leave the tests for the last time that I will give test after finishing whole Syllabus Bcoz u will find the syllabus actually never ends :P)


In IIT-K written test was way more tougher than GATE-2015. There were questions like asked in TIFR exam & bcoz of multiple choice options with More than 1 correct answer, it made paper a lot tougher & could not solve more than 18 questions out of 30 with 6 questions of Numerical type to fill in the blanks due to which was not shortlisted afterwards.

In IIT-D, they gave 3 subjective questions,

<1> What will be the time complexity of no. of operations while adding 2 numbers m+n where m & n are binary numbers.

<2> Write an algorithm IN PURE ENGLISH (they didn't even asked to write Pseudocode strictly). Given a queue having jumbled characters of 3 colors say R,B,G & size of the queue is ""n"".You are allowed to take 1 or 2 variables extra & one extra queue to sort them in such a way that G comes before B & B comes before R.

<3>In a min heap having [ 2^(h+1) - 1 ] nodes. we have to find the maximum node. The probability of going right or left to a node is same from the root. We start from root & go to the leaf, we stop if we reach the leaf node. Than what is the probability that we find the maximum node.

No one was eliminated after written & there were 2 interview rounds, after the 1st I was eliminated, they asked me about my written paper & asked how I solved & asked to draw the graph of logx, e^x , their intersection point, logx cutting the X- axis, etc.
3947472015General & OBC CLIIITBNITWDirect57.8CSBE/B.TechM.TechIT1
4257422015General & OBC CLIIT KanpurIIT M(MS), IIT K(Mtech), NiT CalicutInterviewDebjeet Majumdar57.37CSBE/B.TechMtechCS1IIT M (MS)
Process - Written Test + Interview
Written Test - Easy Objective test + subjective test
Interview : choose a subject , questions on that subject only( i chose Discrete Maths)

Ppl till 500 Rank called , a written test consisting 30 questions. Ppl with good score got direct admission about 19. Then some other were interviewed and another 19 ppl were selected.
4257422015OBC (NCL)PSU(insurence sector)IIT delhi(interview) IIT Kanpur(interview) IITB(RA - not attended) IISC(Mtech in SERC - not attended) IISC(ME direct admission 4th List) IIT roorkee IIT kgp(3rd list) IIT Madras(3rd List) IIT Guwahati (1st List) NIT Warangal(CCMT 1st Round) IOCL interview call Directmohammad juned57.37ITBE/B.Techmy suggestion is for those who have got a dicey rank ex- 180-230(gen) and 350-500(OBC) please fill each and every form for counselling you never know what you can get. I know people who have got gate score 750 but didnt expect IISC ME so they didnt filled up the form, but i got the offer of ME at 742 score(w.r.t OBC not gen).

study the concepts properly from standard books and good teachers
as i am from IT branch i didnt had AUTOMATA,COMPILER CO as my btech subject ,this was the first time i studied these subject which was very intimidating.
i currently work in MNC and prepared with my job.

gate is not a tough exam if i can get this rank with these constraints by studying only 3 months before exam. surely you can get a rank under 50 with a little more effort

TEST SERIES is a must give as many as subject and full length test as possible and try to ace those test.

once again GATE is not at all a tough exam compared to the level of preparation required in CAT or JEE (if you have not yet realised this wait for the D DAY) with a little extra effort and 3-5 months time of your precious life you can fulfil your dream called "IIT"

with respect to IIT Kanpur and IIT delhi if you get an interview call please prepare for it whole heartedly many good people coudnt clear the interview because of no revesion.

the lab facilities and infrastructure for computer science is awesome there as compared to other iits (iit roorkee , kgp and guwahati ). iit madras,kanpur,bombay,delhi,iisc have very good computing resources such as supercomputers, high performance graphic labs, visual reconstruction labs, ultra high speed networking lab)

IIT delhi interview - you can only clear your interview there if you have studied and prepared out of intrest.
they will dig down through your logic and asq you questions about reasons that you used in solving that problem
they asqed me to formally prove my logicwith induction , graph theory, probability.etc. they asqed me multiple solutions for the same problem.

for those IITs with direct admission sit back and relax wait for the subsequent lists and never get dishartened

if everything goes against you be ready to try your luck in spot round
4627362015General & OBC CLIIT MadrasInterviewAdithya Sk56CSBE/B.TechMS
4707352015General & OBC CLIIT KanpurInterviewChandan Pandey56.77CSBE/B.TechM Tech ML or Algorithms will decide later1Read standard Textbooks and give at least 8 months of time.
I prepared for only 3.5 to 4 months so performance was not as expected.
4767332015OthersIIITHinerview call from - IITK,IITB(RA),IITM(MS)Interview56.65CSBE/B.TechM.TechCSE1
4927322015OBC (NCL)IIT HYDERABADIIT KGP (IT),IIT Roorkee,IIT Guwahati,IIT Hyderabad, Got interview and or written call from IIT K ,IIT D (MCS) , IITD ( EET) , IIT B (RA) , IISC M.Tech SERC DirectShreyans Dhankhar56.55CSBE/B.TechM.TECH CSEnot yet decided 2
5007862015General & OBC CLnit warangalnit warangalInterviewgftywg54CSBE/B.Techdirectcse2
5147282015OBC (NCL)IIT-K & IIT-DInterviewKrishna Chaurasia56.23CSBE/B.TechM.Tech in CSE1
5147282015OBC (NCL)IITGIITG,IITRDirectpartha pritam 56.23CSBE/B.TechCSCS1
5147282015General & OBC CLNoneIITK Interview, IITB Ra, IISc Mtech and Msc interview, IITM ms, IITG Mtech TCS, IIT Patna, IITH Mtech RaInterviewMari Ganesh Kumar M56.23CSBE/B.Tech1You can contact me to get interview experience for IITM ms and IITB ra.
5562015General & OBC CLIITBIITD, IITM, IITR, IITKGPDirectPraneeth A SCSBE/B.TechM.Tech2
6776992015General & OBC CLIIT MadrasIIT Madras, IIIT HyderabadInterviewAnchu R S53.8CSBE/B.TechMSCSE1Look for ms admissions in iitm and iiits during winter admissions. Look for interdisciplinary research admissions in iits
7196952015OBC (NCL)IIT KanpurIIT KanpurInterviewDonthu Vamsi Krishna53.45CSBE/B.TechM-TechCSI got direct admission after written test
7196952015OBC (NCL)IITKIITB RAInterviewDonthu Vamsi Krishna53.45CSBE/B.TechM TechCS1
7356932015General & OBC CL53.23CSBE/B.Tech
7506902015OBC (NCL)IITGDirect53.1CSBE/B.TechMtechTCS1
7506902015OBC (NCL)IITROORKEEiitr, iitgDirectShashank Urade53.1CSBE/B.TechMtechcse, tcs1
7746932014OBC (NCL)iithDirect51.3CSBE/B.Techm tech
7896872015General & OBC CLNITIEInterviewSurbhi Bhattar52.78CSBE/B.TechPGDIE1
7986862015General & OBC CLNot yetIIITBDirectShravan52.74CSBE/B.TechM.TechIT1
7986862015General & OBC CLIIScIISc, IIITB(MTech)InterviewShravan S K52.74CSBE/B.TechM.Sc(Engg)IISc SERC Computer Systems1Don't give up in the interview. Keep tryingIISc
Be strong with your basic topics given in brochure.
8266832015OBC (NCL)Iiit BangaloreIiit Bangalore, nitieDirectRohit Dhangar52.46ITBE/B.TechMtechIT1After old iit go for iiit h/b/d do not go for nits. Feel free to ask any queries.At this rank do not stop studying after gate you can get any IIT for obc category. Just continue studying.
8266832015OBC (NCL)IIT kharagpuriiit Bangalore, IIT kharagpur, Nitie, nit warangalDirectRohit Dhangar52.42ITBE/B.TechmtechITSpotAt this rank go till last rounds
8526792015General & OBC CLIIITHMNNIT, IIITB, IIITDInterviewRachita 52.15CSBE/B.TechMTech cse1Keep on revising gate syllabus even after exam is over for 3-4 months. It will make interviews and other tests very easy.
8836782015General & OBC CLIIT MadrasIIT Madras,IIIT Bangalore,BITS PilaniInterview52.04CSBE/B.TechMSAlgorithmic problem solving
8836782015General & OBC CLIIIT BanagaloreDirectAnkur Gupta42.04CSBE/B.TechMTechComputer Science1Be regular for your studies and keep practicing previous year gate questions. And make sure your concepts are well.
9166752015General & OBC CLIIIT BangloreIISC for M.S , NITIE, IIITB, IIITA, IIITDDirectujjwal saini51.8CSBE/B.TechM.TechCS1
9406712015General & OBC CLIIIT BangaloreIIIT Bangalore , BITS PilaniDirectPULKIT ANEJA51CSBE/B.TechM.Tech (IT)1
10036652015General & OBC CLIIIT-HIIIT-H, IIIT-B, IIIT-D, IIIT-AInterviewUdbhav Kalra50.97CSBE/B.TechM.TECH.CSE(FOR GENERAL)
Do not stop studying even after GATE (except you are sure of getting direct admission).
1. You got GATE score > 600 or 650 ----> try for IIIT-H, BITS Pilani, Research programs at IITM, IISc.
2. You got bad rank ----> try for IIIT-H, BITS Pilani.
Questions from Project, favorite subject(s).
10036652015OBC (NCL)noneIIIT BangaloreDirectMani50.97CSBE/B.TechM.TechCSE1GOT call from
IIT Madras MS : Got out from Test ( 2 test are there : 1 objective and 1 subjective).

IIT Kanpur Test/ Interview: Test level was more than GATE. But Time was more than enough. 2.5 hrs for 30 questions.

IISc MS CSA : Cleared the test which was easy but didn't clear interview. They generally ask algo ,discrete and Linear algebra in interview.

IIT Bombay RA
3 Rounds: Test , Program Execution and Interview.
10216642015OBC (NCL)IIIT Biit k& IIT b[ra](for written test),IIT r & IIT g( counseling ),nitc (will get in top nit in spot round but did not attended left ccmt in 3rd round)DirectSaikrishna 50.9ITBE/B.TechM.techIT1To get into IIT without tension get rank under 500 for OBC and for general under 200 Don't know about sc/st candidates. Don't stop studying after getting the rank continue the same.
10216642015General & OBC CLIIITDIIITB,DAICT,IIITAInterview50.9CSBE/B.TechCSEIS1
10486602015General & OBC CLIIIT DelhiDidn't apply anywhere elseInterviewNishant50.61CSBE/B.TechMTech in CSEData Engineering1Keep BTech % also good for admission. HerePractice coding for coding round
12006302015General & OBC CLIIIT- Hyderabad IIIT-Delhi,IIIT-banglore,IIIT-M (ms program interview call)Interviewkalpish50CSBE/ CSE1Try to crack IIIT-pgee if you dint make it to any IIT's its the best clg after XYZ listed iits in the country IIIT-H
A panel of 3 senior professors,they ask algorithm and other computer science questions. Questions can range from simple stack-linked list puzzles to b+ trees and other fundamentals .Don't try to fake It mainly revolves around your interest, your past experiences. They may ask about your work and your experience during b-tech and after that ("if industry experience then don't add that much but still you have more to speak about ").
12386432015OBC (NCL)NIT SurathkalDirectkaran49.19CSBE/B.TechIS1try not to get tensed in the exam...becoz due due to tension i lost 16 some ques i have solved them correctly but written wrong ans and i haven't read some ques which were very easy ....

i took help from the site , fb group gatecse ,and offcourse he is my source of inspiration during the exam...HARI KRISHNA MALLADI i tried to do whatever he said on
got call from
IITM--MS rejected
IITB--rejected in interview
IITG--there was a written test for MTECH TCS but more preference was given to gate score
IITP--i have not to take admission there after seeing its campus
NIT surathkal--got in first round
12786392015General & OBC CLInternationa Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H)IIIT-H, IIIT-BInterviewTejas Savalia48.84CSBE/B.TechMS in CSEArtificial Intelligence1If you do score less in GATE, like I did and don't get any of the IITs, don't get disappointed. You just have to take a few more tests and go through few more interviews. Few other colleges like IIITB are considered equivalent to newer iits in terms of education and placement for MTech. And you can get IIITB at a lower score. (611 GATE score is the cutoff for 3rd round this year from what I've gathered from facebook comments, no interviews).
But definitely aim for IITs :D
I appeared for IIITH and ISI Kolkata interviews, here's the experience for both:

My interview was on the 2nd day of scheduled interviews. I was the last candidate to be interviewed that day. My interview was completely opposite of what I had expected :D I had read accounts that the faculties are friendly and help along. That was definitely NOT the case with me. Perhaps they wanted to end the day with a bang :D or perhaps it was just because I had also applied for PhD (not my first preference, though). They said at the start, "Oh isko PhD karna hai! Lete hai na iska ache se" :D

Now the interview:
They asked which subjects, I said I'd be comfortable answering questions in AI cause that's what I've worked in for past year and a half, and also Algorithms. They started with questions on logic, the discrete math logic, argument given, AI contains logic, so you've to answer that :D Questions were quite simple, answerable.

Then we moved on to countability, no where had I meantioned TOC as one of my subjects :D
how many functions binary functions from a set of n numbers?
What if n is infinite? how many functions?
How many programs in the universe? I said infinite.
Are they countable? I said, yes. How? I start by counting my own programs :D (I actually said that :p). That's too funny an answer (Then they actually said that :( )..
Name few countable/uncountable sets.
Is a set of rational numbers countable? (I said no, which is wrong. Here's when they laughed at my face)

Then I was asked to get up and draw curves on the board. Gaussian distribution, y = x^2, y = xlgx. (when the y = x^2 curve didn't pass the origin, they questioned that instead of assuming that I'm not used to drawing stuff on board and the marker sort of slips :D)

Write an algorithm to check if two strings are anagram. I suggested one. He said he doesn't think it'd work and gave me two hints for two different programs. Explained the first one. The second one was very similar to what I was explaining so I got confused to what he actually wanted different. Then he asked how much time will it need. I answered in terms of complexity and he asked what is the exact time. Answered that.

There was one lone question directly related to AI: Bayes theorem.
No question on my project, which was also in AI. They did however seem impressed with certificates of online courses (Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on coursera and Artificial Intelligence by Dan Klien on edx) That was the only moment when they seemed impressed in the interview.

It lasted about 45 minutes when others' that day lasted about 15-20 minutes. I had made many blunders and ultimately, I was sure that I won't get it. :D

ISI Kolkata:
These interviewers were the exact opposite of my IIITH ones. They were extremly frank and helpful. They started with frank questions like hwo did you reach here, where are you staying, what job offers do you have at hand and what will you do if you get placed in TCS from ISI? ( I had TCS job offer in hand). Which subjects? I had studied discrete maths for ISI, so said so along with AI and algorithms and TOC (I had studied that after iiith bluder :D) I specified countablilty so they asked question on that.

Name countable sets.
I said rational numbers, and they asked me to prove how they are countable.
How many prime numbers in the universe, infinite... prove that. I did. I got stuck in between and they were very kind to help me out made me see where I got stuck.
How many permutations of numbers 1-9 such that the sum is 45 between the digits 4 and 5?
Same question with few added restrictions. Sum between 3, 4 should be 34. 2, 3 should be 23 and 1, 2 should be 12.
I derived those while they patiently waited and gave hints whenever needed.
How many steps of comparators needed in the minimum to sort n numbers, given that you have infinite comparators. Draw the circuit and explain.
Algorithm to sort a linked list.

Everything was to be explained on board. I was at the teacher's desk inside a classroom while 7 interviewers sat on benches :D
It lasted about 50 minutes. Not as many questions, but it took time to think of the answers to those asked.
Ultimately, it was very pleasant!

I had very high hopes for ISI kolkata and absloutely no hopes for IIITH, the results came out. I didn't clear ISI and clearde IIITH! :D
All fine with me, IIITH was the first preference anyway :)
13346342015OBC (NCL)InterviewHareesh Kumar48.48CSBE/B.TechMS IIT M
14026302015General & OBC CLseeking for Phdjatin48.08CSM.Tech/MSc.
14156272015OBC (NCL)iit roorkee,nit surathkalInterviewkk47.92CSBE/B.Techmtechcs1
14466262015General & OBC CLIIIT BangloreIIIT BangloreDirectAnand N47.76CSBE/B.TechMTechIT1Please study well. Go through NPTEL videos and go through the AIR 1 suggestions for books and Paper Solving Techniques
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