NameDateEmailWebsite URLTop 3 SkillsTop 3 Areas You Need Help InNo. 1 Goal To Achieve in HustlersDescribe your business in 2-3 sentences
Alec & Brianna5/25/2015 19:26:53Alecbri501@hotmail.comabpportraits.comBrianna
1. Photography
2. Editing
3. Observation

1. Motivation
2. Business management
3. Positivity
1. Positivity
2. Discipline
3. Networking

1. Focus
2. Marketing
3. Following through completely with a plan
Make our photography business sustainable enough to live off of. Family portrait and event photography
Aga Wlodarski2/5/2016 3:00:30aga@everydaystrategist.comwww.everydaystrategist.com1. Problem solving
2. Strategy development
3. Idea generation and innovation
1. Rethinking my business model to create further income streams for my business (both passive and active, and with an international focus).
1,1 Brainstorm, select the best and cost a number of new 'everyday' strategic services and products as these further income streams for my business.
2. Find a winning marketing formula for my various services and products (current and potential).
3. Attract the right clients and CRM.
Grow my business to bring in a regular $2500 per month this year.The everyday strategist™ is my business and my brand and what I love doing every day, I am on a mission to use strategic thinking, tools and methodologies to get things done - faster, more efficiently and effectively whether in everyday life, career, professional practice or in business ventures. The current signature everyday strategist™ range of innovative services include: strategy development and coaching for professional firms and individuals on career and professional practice strategy. The everyday strategist™ mission is to assist clients to achieve their career and business goals by using strategic tools and methods, creative thinking and problem solving to get them get more focused on what is really essential, saving them time, increasing their earning capacity and getting them to be more efficient and effective in achieving their goals.
Alex8/19/2015 16:44:56Langealexlangenow.comStart-up operations (tech, product and go to market)
Venture fund raising
Company valuations
Audience and list building
Social media strategy
Opt-in list greater than 10,000Consulting practice helping startups jump start their growth and prepare for funding events. Private equity consulting for due diligence
Alex Theis11/23/2015 17:50:00alextheis@yahoo.comSpeaking
Helping people see their possibilities
List building
List-building so I can fill my courses and seminars. I help people realize they are limitless and create action plans to get what they want in life. I do this through podcasting, coaching, courses, and events.
Alexandra 7/1/2015•Customer service
•Ability to think outside of the box
•Folding fitted sheets 😬
•Gift of gab
I want to kick the decades old laundry industry into the 21st century!! I want to merge technology (app, website, ability to schedule and pay online), a subscription model (pre-paid college laundry service and subscription laundry service for couples, families, and singles) and giving back ( I want to set up entrepreneur/leadership programs for underprivileged kids!!) !! I want my passion for business, helping others, and folding fitted sheets to fuel the success of this location and future locations!! Fabulous full service laundromat that specializes in a quality wash and fold service. Our mission is to provide a quality service to our customers, employees, and the communities in which we serve.
Andrew2/1/2016 20:26:04Darlowhttp://www.imagingbuffet.comI'm a good teacher, especially one on one,

I often help people learn software like Lightroom and Photoshop so that they can get the most from their photos, videos and other digital files.

I can help people make better prints from their photos and other art.
1. Determining what to do re: my website (I have an existing site but it is more of a digital magazine).
2. How to best set up my funnels and sign people up for my webinars.
3. How to launch my podcast and help people while encouraging them to sign up for my lead magnet and webinars/workshops.
Getting the wheels in gear to put together and schedule a series of free workshops/webinars and then start an online beta class that includes some one-on-one consulting for some or all of the participants. Income goal is $10,000/month for the next three months.I'm a photographer, writer and consultant, with a focus on helping people take better photos, organize their photos and print their photos. I do this through live workshops, one on one training and writing books and magazine articles.

Andrew2/1/2016 20:24:08Darlowhttp://www.imagingbuffet.comI'm a good teacher, especially one on one,

I often help people learn software like Lightroom and Photoshop so that they can get the most from their photos, videos and other digital files.

I can help people make better prints from their photos and other art.
1. Determining what to do re: my website (I have an existing site but it is more of a digital magazine).
2. How to best set up my funnels and sign people up for my webinars.
3. How to launch my podcast and help people while encouraging them to sign up for my lead magnet and webinars/workshops.
Getting the wheels in gear to put together and schedule a series of free workshops/webinars and then start an online beta class that includes some one-on-one consulting for some or all of the participants. Income goal is $10,000/month for the next three months.I'm a photographer, writer and consultant, with a focus on

Andrew Ledell2/5/2016 23:28:00aledell311@gmail.comhttp://doneforyoutech.comGraphic design
Web development
Marketing strategy (less emphasis on this, as our other biz / my wife's biz concentrates on this area)

We are especially strong specialty pages -- opt-in pages, sales pages, membership sites, etc. but great at full websites, print materials, ebooks, etc. as well.
I need to build a more steady stream of clients and I need to charge them all fair value. I'm getting to a point where I feel like I have a good amount of prospects, but I don't close them all and I cut too many deals so they'll be most likely to buy and to like me.

Bottom line: I want to still be the nice, approachable, personable guy who helps everyone get what they want, while also implementing new and effective boundaries that give me more time freedom and more money (doesn't come to me as naturally as the nice and personable part).

I also am getting much better at delegating so I'm selling more and participating in less of the actual "doing" of the business, but I need to hand off even more -- namely project management. I am at a max what I can manage in the time I have.
My #1 goal is to increase my revenue to a steady 5 figures per month and well beyond. If I could be steadily earning $20K in revenue per month, that would really change a lot of things in my life. I would need to scale up my team to accomplish this, which would mean increased costs. But it would end up being well worth it.The digital marketing agency of the future / the digital marketing agency you can afford. We eliminate all the tech headaches and make sure the marketing efforts look kick-ass both online and off.
Anne Sullivan8/20/2015 15:12:16anne@harpmastery.comhttp://harpmastery.comI will persist and not give up.
I can learn anything and teach anyone.
I am an experienced (and really good) harpist and speaker, so I love giving webinars, doing videos, etc.
I know that I could take my business WAY further, but I can't quite believe I can do it.
I need help setting up systems, especially ways to delegate.
I need the steps, support and courage to step to the next level and beyond.
I want this business to make serious money! Until I can generate consistent 10K (or more) a month, I know that I am not helping enough harpists, or making enough impact in my niche. I feel like I'm very close to being able to do this - I want to get there!I help harpists make harp happiness a daily practice and a way of life. Through my blog, online courses and my membership site, I help harpists cut through the confusion and frustration they may be experiencing in their practicing and performing, so that they can play the harp the way they always wanted.
Azul Terronez6/1/2015 22:12:17aterronez@gmail.comwww.azulterronez.comI am best at big picture thinking I see things how they could be and make them a reality.

I work well with others and provide feedback and ask good questions.

I understand the importance of building strong social capital.
I know relatively little about online marketing.

I need to get stuff launched such as a course or coaching program.

I need to learn how or what to delegate to others.
Make 10k a month from my current coaching practice and streamline so that I can create a more passive income from the work I already do. I am a writing coach that helps authors identify their purpose for their book, plan and write their book in 90 days from start to finish and use their authority to build an audience or make an impact.
Barbie Perry1/26/2016 14:30:57barbie.Perry@gmail.comComing Soon!I can Focus like crazy!

I see the long term game and plan my plays accordingly.

I have a skill for helping people understand what they really want and teaching them how to level up and make it happen.

Building a website and linking it with Clickfunnels and my squeeze pages etc... (I severely lack in technical knowledge.)

List Building (and what exactly to say to that list)

Starting a podcast
The Number one Goal I would like to Achieve in Hustlers...

Changed from: Starting a Podcast to Establishing the infrastructure for my Business Woot! Woot!
Through one on one coaching I help successful entrepreneurs level up their mindset and establish effective habits so they can achieve more in less time with greater clarity and purpose.
brian8/21/2015 9:58:38brian@queststories Quickly create high quality graphics, paintings ect.- ive had a career in media arts and animation with strict deadlines matched with high quality demands.

- project management- through years of supervising visual effect's on feature films i learned to delegate efficiently, prioritize, train and work with people around the world.

- bear hugs
Im a great hugger

business road map.
My partner and wife Jess and i have been working for just under a year to get our first product out. we have a ton of ideas of where to go but are having trouble choosing the best path/product line.

time management
building a business vs. bringing in income vs trading labor for living vs trading art for web design are all conflicting things in my daily schedule yet are all equally important to stay afloat.

learning how to sell
art school never had a business school, and thats where my wife and i met, so you can imagine how lost we are. Reading a ton of books only gets you so far but a mentor gets you so much further.

We need 100 books sold/month to hit our first mile stone. Quest stories is a unique e-commerce/membership business that sells high end personalized children's media including books, posters, coloring books and more.

It's current featured product "The Birthday Quest" (children's book) sets itself apart from competition with eye popping imagery created by a professional feature film matte painter and story writer.

The book offers a visually diverse range of lead characters for the customer to choose from .
Brian Johnson5/19/2015 Nutrition
-Sacred Body language Translation
-Program Construction
Marketing, messaging and avatar, conversion on webinar and opt in pages Double my income in 3 months 30-40k/monthHolistic health and wellness for corporations, entrepreneurs, moms/dads and dis-ease/medication reversal.
Bryan Crawford5/19/2015 I had to make a list: - Online marketing and media. Looking at an organization and knowing why they are having a hard time finding talent. Thinking outside of the box to of a new approach to develop a USP to stand out.Automating the entire process as much as possible so that I can send more time working on my business.

Developing avatar for new model.

Dialing in pricing and terms.
Have my automated marketing campaigns targeting my avatar to help me generate more residual income / business, Been in executive search for 10 years. Transitioning into a consulting role to help companies design funnels to get more candidates and reduce recruiting fees.
Camilla Kragius5/15/2015 5:36:02camilla@nomorehamsterwheel.com Brainstorm/Out of the box ideas/Find solutions
2. Motivator/Driven/Keep people accountable
3. Negotiate/Close deals
1. Email marketing/Create captivating newsletters/List building
2. Create webinars/Sales funnel
3. Learn how to better stay in touch with people (networking)
Make $5K/mo. Focus will be 60% passive, 40% active revenue.No More Hamster Wheel is a location independent online business that focus on helping people leave the rat race through free content such as blog posts as well as paid content such as coaching, online courses and books.
Carmen 6/26/2015 11:58:30cr.vargas214@gmail.comI am great at marketing my store on Facebook. I have gain almost 80% of my customers from Facebook.
I am very determined and hit most of my sales goals.

I need help to become a great leader and hire great sales people for my store.
I need help organizing a system so I can enjoy more time with my children and increase revenue at the same time.
I need help overcoming my fears related to money and organization.
I want to set up a sales system and make $150k per month. I own a car parts and accessories store.
Chris Wiegman8/31/2015 12:03:35cw@multimediabychris.commultimediabychris.comI most enjoy photo retouching and manipulation projects; I also have a love for Architectural 3D Animation and video projects but don't sell much of them. So I mostly provide local Web Design and graphic design services, for smaller businesses. I could use the most help developing a marketing system and sales skills to scale up my freelancing income beyond the "$50K-60K/year" industry-pay for a creative design or animation job.

Im' too scared to specialize in a niche creative service or teaching a creative service (I do have many interests but mostly feel like I need to take everything that pays), I'm trying to find out how to grow to the point were I can be more selective or helpful with the skill I do like.
Consistent, healthy $10K-20K/month months (5 figure months) for my creative services (Or pivot to teaching people creative skills).

I want to be called a self employed creative and make more than a job.
Creative Services. I love getting involved with local businesses to help them up level thier website and marketing materials.
Christopher VanBerg5/20/2015 12:35:19chris@thinkgreatloseweight.comthinkgreatloseweight.comNutritional Programming
Body Language
Conscious Language
Lead Gen
Grow to 1 Million in coachingWe are Holistic Health Coaches, our goal is to transform health care through a preventative model using holistic modalities by focusing on Air, Water, Food and Consciousness
Curt "Moose" Jackson8/26/2015 1:30:08curt@recreationpros.comsummercamppro.com1) Facilitating Groups of People (Round Tables, Masterminds, Teambuilding, Bingo...)
2) Listening to others
3) Working with youth and young adults
1) Blocking out distractions and staying motivated
2) Figuring out which monetization avenue to take
3) Taking bold action - Pushing past my comfort zone

My number 1 goal is to make a living doing this while keeping my integrity intact. Currently, I only bring in about $500 month which means, at the minimum, I would need to 13x my earnings. So, that's my goal, $6500 per month.I am an online content creator (blogger and soon to be podcaster) with a focus on summer camp professionals. My aim is to help camp pros improve their summer programming, staff training and supervision, and camper management by sharing my ideas and experience as well as the ideas and experiences of other camp pros in the community.
Dana Sayer2/2/2016 11:39:35sayer.dana@gmail.comMy top skills are
1. - Customer development and marketing (FB/Insta/Twit. PPC, Native Ads, etc)
2. - Relationship building and connecting
3. - Product development
I do really focused work and then I'm off in my head 'frolicking in the wildflowers' only to come back like "wait a minute, what?" - So today that looked like me eating micro watercress for breakfast....hmm, I wonder if I could grow these easily so I don't have to pay $3 for 2oz. 15 minutes gone! - - -

I need help with financial projections (I'm learning to delegate and see my (1) role in my business...because now I have one! Woot woot!) But as of now I can't see ahead!

I need help with staying on the active action items (20%)

To hit 30K/month in sales with the new products I'm rolling out. **And do it more efficiently and with less cost waste!!

My stretch goal is to hit $45K in sales within 90 day (this is my projected end of Q2 marker).
I sell products on Amazon. And I blog from time to time on but Amazon is my all in right now.
daniel witmer9/3/2015
-exciting people / attracting clients
-being on video
-Asking for help / being more resourceful
-Setting up systems so I am more organized
-Delegating delegating delegating
Get more organized and learn to operate an efficient location - independent business that does 10-15k / month so I can focus all my time on a passion project.I run a fitness business focusing on short, high intensity jump rope workouts for busy people. I designed the workouts because my a past need to lose weight without a gym while traveling for work.
Danny frasca8/24/2015 11:24:43Daniel@apexanesthesia.comAPEXanethesia.com1. I've worked with students for over 20 years.
2. I enjoy weaving humor into dry material to make review more interesting.
3. I easily approachable
1. Organization
2. I've sat on a stool for 20 years giving anesthesia in the OR. I know very little about business or marketing.
3. Need to get outside my comfort zone to self promote.
1. Learn how to increase our subscriptions 2-3 fold by the end of 2016.
2. Learn marketing skills to lure subscribers to our internet course.
3. Brain storm out of the box ideas for passive income.

APEX is a review course for nurse anesthetists and nurse anesthesia students that resides in the cloud. We offer practice tests and high yield review for people taking the board.
Darrell White5/22/2015 Taking action. Marketing strategy for others. Facilitating Mastermind Groups - which I absolutely love. FOCUS. Focus, Organization. (notice how late this response is?) 1) To create a sustainable online income that me and the family can survive on (approximately $5,000 a month) that is more passive than active.

2) (Bonus) To create a sustainable $10,000 a month or more income.
I help baby boomer & generation x small business owners handle their social media.

I also have a blog called Motivating Minutes I'm considering letting go.
David Benowitz2/8/2016 20:28:54davidb@pub819.comcraftandcrew.orgWe do a great job of understanding out guest in each neighborhood that our restaurants are located in. We treat customers as family therefore our regular customer base is very strong. We need help with defining roles in our leadership team. Since we have grown from 85 to 150 employees in the last 13 months the leadership team has often times struggled with their roles( 1 person trying to do too many tasks)

The culture I am trying to implement doesn't always reflect itself with employees that have been with the company for many years.

P and L Statements/ Budgeting.
Make $25,000 per month by the end of the program. Have pieces in place to open next location and break ground in 2016. We are a passionate and innovative family company dedicated to providing craft food and spirits in a fun welcoming setting that reflects our community, guests and our staff
Dr. Stacy Mobley6/29/2015 1) Strategy and Flow (so easy for me to see the quickest path with solid results). I can literally 'see' where people are getting stuck

2) Out of the box thinking to make things simple. This even goes for what I do professionally (I'm not your average natural doc either).. And speaking about to groups or on video (hate writing)!

3) Natural Medicine, the true kind, not this watered down hyped up stuff talked about everywhere (online and on TV ;-) PLUS making this practical, do-able step by step, without a shitload of supplements that only chase symptoms, naturally (the only difference between this and mainstream medicine may be less side effects). Stop the supplements and all the symptoms come back.. -- clearly this is a 'trigger' and 'passion' of mine!
1) A solid lead generation strategy to attract (speaks) directly to my ideal clients (may need 2 separate strategies - 1 for corporate and 1 for individuals). What I do (versus what they "think" I do..)

2) Build a business structure to scale via my offerings (active vs passive)

3) Creating a successful beta launch of a group program & framework that I have outlined (speaking of scaling ;-)
To set up a solid marketing system(s) to attract quality ideal leads (corporate and individuals) for my coaching and group programs while building a thought leadership platform (to open the door for more speaking engagements, opportunities not even on my radar, etc) while growing and maintaining a monthly income of $15, 000/month ++ that grows exponentially via active and passive means.I own a virtual preventative medicine (natural medicine) boutique practice to help go-getters (entrepreneurs and professionals), especially introverts to maintain sustainable energy, a solid practical step by step plan, and accountability to stay on top of their game in the world.

Elisabetta Scarabelli5/18/2015 4:43:50elisabettascarabelli@gmail.comwww.elisabettascarabelli.comI have a lot of patience when it comes to teaching
I am a strong planner and do not procastinate
I commit and complete my actions
1) I have not sold one course yet and I fear no one will even be interested.
I fear I will run out of people to offer my products to.
2) I do not have a big budget for marketing - at present I leverage on my husband's marketing business to get ideas and implementation of marketing strategies
3) I do not have enough time to do all the things I want to create (research for blogs, writing, editing videos and the like)
At least $5000AUD per month in income and at least 1000 subscribers by the end of 2015; a mention in a popular magazine or by a popular twitter/blogger; write a guest post for a popular bloggerI offer an Italian experience by way of blogs that talk about anything Italian, from food to touristy places to the language. At present I monetise by offering Italian courses: the first launched 4 days ago, is a crash course for those who just want basic sentences to get through basic conversations. I have big ideas for this business, from interviews to Italians overseas to webinars for those who can't get enough of the language and possibly a podcast. I love teaching and making people independent learners.
Feldo Nartapura5/27/2015 23:56:23feldo@sataysfied.comsataysfied.comTalking to connecting with people
#1 Goal is to be able to generate more income and have my business more organized. So that I have more time and energy to pursue other projects within the online space whether that is working on a blog for small business or something related to food Catering delicious Indonesian and Filipino food to startup colleagues and private parties throughout the Bay Area. Providing a piece of mind to admins and party planners that our food will be delivered on time, consistently delicious and in a professional manner.
Hadiya Coppedge10/21/2015 19:45:18lotusrunnings@gmail.comPersonable
Go Getter
Staying Focused
Time Management
Making money online
To make 5K per month to quit my job and Hustle full time! Lotus Runnings is an yoga & health coaching online community.
J. Deckert6/29/2015 16:08:48j@jdeckert.comjdeckert.comStrategic Planning
Project Execution
Principled Negotiation
Translating my practices from me>team to me>audience.
Developing a lower commitment offer than 1-2 year engagements.
Develop scalable, non 1:1 offer, for potential clients not ready or not a good fit for full scale engagement.I provide strategic planning and project management services for mid sized companies, too small to have a PMO/full time staff but large enough that they are in desperate need of project management structure and discipline.
Jackie Beck8/31/2015 14:20:34jackieaz@gmail.comhttp://www.thedebtmyth.comBecoming & staying debt free, using & modifying WordPress, seeing things that are not obvious to others. getting additional (and more in-depth) press in major & local outlets, determining how to get my Android app updated & increase all app sales while not losing focus on my main goal, coming up with an informative & interesting elevator pitch.By the end of Hustlers I will have completed at least one launch of the Destination Debt Freedom program with 50 members or more.As a debt freedom expert, I help people to become and stay debt free for good. I do this via my blog, the Pay Off Debt app for Apple & Android, and the upcoming Destination Debt Freedom program. My husband and I have also paid off over $147,000 in debt, including our house.
Jama'l Chukueke2/9/2016 6:16:32jamal.chukueke@gmail.comwww.diversitydad.comGood with people
Good listener
Good problem solver

Implementation and Execution of ideas
Make 5k per monthHelping dads that have been through a negative experience in their past or current challenging situation. My job is to help them turn that into a positive through being a involved and engaged dad.
Jan Koch8/20/2015 4:50:23jan@jkoch.mehttp://jkoch.meWordPress development
WordPress coaching
Split-testing / CRO
Transitioning from freelance work to selling digital products
Marketing my online course and the WP Summit
Becoming more time efficient
Stop doing freelance work and make $10k/month selling the WP Summit and http://wpmastery.clubI help digital entrepreneurs use WordPress to grow their businesses.
Janet Stephens12/14/2015 14:07:16info@bearpawcreek.com and sewing soft line products. I enjoy learning about web design, social media, marketing, and implementing the knowledge to grow my site. Leadership and time management.Growing retail market site. More traffic with conversions of course.Grow retail market to 10K a month. Designing, and sewing movement props, bags and totes. Our business both serves wholesale and retail customers.
Jason Dulay5/16/2015 I have a lot of experience in running an outsourced team
- General overall tech knowledge
- Good grasp of general marketing concepts
- honing down on my target market and actually building a strategy
- I'm all over the place at times and can't sit down and focus
- sticking to a strategy instead of wanting to try out everything new that comes along
I want to be one of the stories that Jaime tells when she talks about Millionaire Hustlers. What that means is that I have to bring Rose Receptionists to a 20k/mo company in the next few months.Cost effective receptionist services for small and medium businesses. I'm planning to target one industry at a time. The team is based out of the Philippines.
Jeffrey Biles9/1/2015 17:05:53bilesjeffrey@gmail.comwww.emberscreencasts.comI'm amazing at writing code (especially Ember.js)
I'm great at coming up with out-of-the-box but workable ideas.
I'm good at teaching.
I need help increasing traffic.
I need help converting that traffic into mailing list subscribers or twitter followers.
I need help converting that audience to a paid subscription.
I want to massively increase my number of paid subscribers.

I currently have 89 paid subscribers. To reach $10k/month I would need 1,000- that's my stretch goal. I'd be very happy with "just" tripling it to 270.
I help programmers learn new skills for the javascript framework Ember.js.

My primary method of doing this is through twice-weekly screencasts, but I'm also writing a book.
Jeffrey Biles9/1/2015 17:03:34bilesjeffrey@gmail.comwww.emberscreencasts.comI'm amazing at writing code (especially Ember.js)
I'm great at coming up with out-of-the-box but workable ideas.
I'm good at teaching.
I need help increasing traffic.
I need help converting that traffic into mailing list subscribers or twitter followers.
I need help converting that audience to a paid subscription.
I want to massively increase my number of paid subscribers.

I currently have 89 paid subscribers. To reach $10k/month I would need 2,000- that's my stretch goal. I'd be very happy with "just" tripling it to 270.
I help programmers learn new skills for the javascript framework Ember.js. My primary method of doing this is through twice-weekly screencasts, but I'm also writing a book.
Jennifer11/22/2015 0:36:00info@bestfountainpen.combestfountainpen.comwriting, editing, passionmonetization strategy, product idea & development, using google analytics data to determine what to focus on or change... using conversion funnels, a/b testing etc.grow sustainable net profit from $600/month to $6000+/monthfountain pen reviews, tips & tricks for fountain pen enthusiasts.
Jesse8/27/2015 18:24:13jesse@rudetech.comwww.rudetech.com1) Electronics and circuit design
2) Communication (writing, phone calls, etc)
3) Organization and planning
1) Knowing what opportunities to pursue next (How to decide among projects like: offer a new product, pitch to more stores, find a warehouse and get tenants, do more custom work, etc)
2) Planning out and scheduling my day around all the activities I want to stuff in there.
3) Increase monthly income and start paying myself from the business.
I think having a goal, is my goal... if that makes sense.

I feel that I've been unfocused and am still experimenting to find what are the most effective activities I do, but having a clearly defined target I can cross-check all my activities against will help (I think).
I am an ex-Rocket Scientist who makes music-related signal processors. I used to do custom work only, but I recently started selling mass-produced guitar effects pedals (my own designs) wholesale to music stores.
Jessica Ruiz8/20/2015 18:09:21jess@queststories.comwww.queststories.comPersistance! and I do not procrastinate. -gaining social proof & traction within the industry
-delegating tasks
-focusing on one thing at a time.
meet our minimum product order of 100 books We sell personalized children’s books. “The Birthday Quest” is our pilot product. It’s a personalized adventure story that offers customers 8 separate and diverse characters to choose from. As we continue to develop new products our focus will remain consistent with the original. providing a choice of diverse characters, high quality art, the adventure, and the high level of personalization is what we will continue to strive for in each additional product we bring to the market.
Jigisha Patel6/3/2015 19:17:32jrpdesignsaf@gmail.comwww.jrpdesigns.netMy top 3 skills are beading, filming videos and editing, creating pdf
list building
finding my customers pain point
I'd like to building the business to make $5000/month but I want the skills to be able to market and grow an online business.I teach people how to make beaded jewelry. I sell video tutorials and pdf tutorials online.
Jillian Riley5/14/2015 19:32:19amomwithalessonplan@gmail.comamomwithalessonplan.comI am great at brainstorming and making a plan. I am good at SEO and creating sharable content. I think I'm a pretty good writer as well. Taking a plan and turning it into action. I tend to plan, plan, plan and then get bored before ever actually taking action. Sales. I'm brand new to the idea of selling my own product. I could probably use some help knowing WHAT I should focus on. My number one goal is launch a product. I need to make 2250 a month (along with 2000 in passive ads) to remove sponsored content completely. The less sponsored content... the more time to focus on my own product. The switch is scary but definitely the way I want to go. A Mom with a Lesson Plan is a parenting/family blog that provides parents with simple parenting techniques, family connection ideas and playful learning activities. Currently my income stream is from ads and sponsored content. I would like to change that to rely more on my own products and less on payments that are out of my control.
Jo-Ann2/1/2016 18:27:16sloancoach@gmail.comwww.sloancoach.comI like new ideas and creative ways to do the same old thing. I am a teacher at heart and present in a lively and energetic way. I have a burning desire to teach and coach and can persevere when I have a clear path to follow.I need to dig in and get very clear on what I want to achieve (I want it all!). I need a plan and structure in my day based on priorities with tangible milestones that make a difference in my cash flow. I can sit and create until the cows come home but that's only part of my service. I need to differentiate myself, make an impact on my customers and get the contract.
I want to differentiate myself from the hundreds of other realtors who also teach and get my name out to decision makers with a wow factor and book $10,000 a month in whatever way I can: live workshops, webinars, online program, 1:1 coachingTraining and Coaching. I deliver designation and certification courses from the National Association of Realtors to real estate professionals. I write real estate courses. I am establishing myself as the stress management guru for realtors, or life coach to the real estate rock stars.
Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Closing sales
Building my team
Build a business that turns over a minimum of $11,000 per month from 12-18 customers the LOVE what I do for them and recommend me to everyone they speak to. With the FREEDOM to spend time with my family and be a role model for my daughter.I help small businesses communicate with current and future clients to build relationships and desire for their products and services. Matching the perfect client with the perfect customer using smart marketing.
Joe Rose1/31/2016 12:09:53jrose@turnberrysolutions.comwww.turnberrysolutions.comSales/Business Development
1. Scaling my business (getting the right people in the right seats) that can do what I do. Better Accountability/Better Management layer.
2. Improve Employee Satisfaction. Maintain small company fun culture as we grow and need more discipline
3. Recruiting
Become a more strategic thinker and develop a better process for handling the mundane (passive actions) so I can focus on running the business. Get better at communicating the mission/goals to my team and holding my lieutenants accountable to achieving their goals.Learn to be a better delegator.We are an IT consulting and staffing firm with a proven track record delivering large-scale technology projects and providing IT staffing solutions.
Jonathan Rivera8/28/2015 16:22:05jonathan@thepodcastfactory.comhttp://ThePodcastFactory.com1. Direct response marketing
2. Podcasting
3. Connecting people
1. Consistent Sales
2. Consistent Leads
3. Passive income
I want my online income to match my real estate income - which means I need to get to $25k per month.Front End: I have a podcast network with some of the top direct response marketers in the world.

Back End: I help successful business owners create their podcast platform.
Joseph Trambulo1/30/2016 16:30:37jtpt77@gmail.com Clinical - Manual Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Biomechanics
2. Integrated thinker - able to see connections between apparently unrelated items. Great for problem solving
3. Always learning - podcasts and audiobooks.
- Social media - differentiation.
- Building internet products and eCommerce to get away from one on one treatment (time for money model)
- How to focus on the top 20% of activities so I don't burn myself out on the remaining 80% of stuff that marginally moves the needle - recovery always suck.
- Build my business so it can be my full time gig
- Grow income so work is "optional" for my wife
- Build momentum so I can build other businesses and eventually become your next EM interview ;)
An expert in movement science, I provide solutions to make your feel better, move better and exceed your performance expectations.
Karen Pattock8/31/2015 9:44:41karen@makeadifferencemakealiving.comhttp://www.karenpattock.comI have the ability to see the big picture as well as the steps to get from A-Z. I am very good at explaining things in a way that is easy to understand and logical which makes learning for my clients very easy.
I am consistent in my content delivery which has consistently built my list over the past 4 years.
Now that I've had my signature program running for a little over a year I believe I'm missing a huge opportunity by staying inside the Health & Wellness space. I would like help in assessing my target market. Also, I need clarity in determining the type of support I should be using to build my team.My number one goal is to get clarity on my target market and the support team I need to take my business to consistently over $10,000 per month.I teach Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs how to bring their business online by leveraging social media and email marketing to attract new leads and turn them into paying clients.
Karl Boehm5/16/2016karl@spiralmarketing.comwww.spiralmarketing.com1. Marketing Strategy 2. Digital Marketing 3. Brand Strategy :)1. Delegating / Budgeting 2. Project Management 3. Balancing Ambition and Stress :)Over $20k per monthDigital Marketing - usually get hired by brands looking to get more leads online, have teams/support for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Funnel Optimization (ironically my site hasn't been done properly b/c I keep getting business that pushes it down the priority list.) Design, and Development too.
Kate Byars1/22/2016 (coming soon)I am a corporate marketer with 20 years experience steering multi-billion dollar brands with original, thought-provoking marketing that moves the needle.

I am keenly focused and help teams stay true to the big picture and biggest ROI.

I am a visionary who clearly sees solutions that help my clients move beyond what they thought was possible.
Digital resources to design a virtual company in a traditional brick and mortar space.

Accountability so I stay focused on building my business and not get distracted with the demands of my current clients.

Sounding board and support team (dare I say: champions!) that I'm on the right track as I roll out my new digital brand.
Successfully on-board two clients under my new digital brand umbrella. In other words, get this company off the ground and into action, stat!I'm Kate Byars. I help $5 million companies push past their current revenue ceiling to become Fortune 100 enterprises using big league, strategic marketing that is laser-focused and gets results.
Kate Volman5/18/2015 17:56:25kate@katevolman.comwww.KateVolman.comMy top skills include:
1. Business Development - I am good at speaking, giving presentations and getting people excited about things.
2. Connecting - I love helping business owners connect with the right strategic alliances and partners to help them grow their business.
3. Interviewing - Video interviews featuring other people's products, services, etc.
1. Creating the right plan and sticking to it every week even when other opportunities show up.
2. Make better use of my time (when and where to outsource certain work).
3. Stop overthinking content creation and then waiting to share it and get it out b/c it is not perfect and/or I may want to change direction down the line.
My goal is to increase my email list (7,000+ by end of 2015).
Earn an income of $10,000 per month.
Have a clear, concise business model so everyone knows how they can work with me. And have the right partners in order to earn passive income from promoting other products/services.
I help small businesses grow by:
1. Creating and executing an effective online marketing strategy
2. Coaching them on how to execute their own marketing strategy

I recently started working with companies on their video marketing by interviewing them and creating content for their website and social media sites.

Kathy FitzHenry2/3/2016 14:20:11kf@julietmae.comworking with flavors.comGood Communicator/Sales person
Distilling complicated/abstract ideas into tangible/relate-able pieces
Making a podcast that really pops.

Building an audience

Marketing anaylsis
At the end of 90 days, I want to have created on line presence that is of real value to my audience that will generate a steady income through podcasts and associated products: ebook, webinar, consulting services.Transitioning from a product business to a content business.
Until December 2015, we had a successful boutique gourmet spice company.
I am looking to redirect my working with flavors blog to food entrepreneurs and foodies, via a combo of podcasts and blog posts - tag line: where commerce and cuisine connect.
Katrina M Thom7/29/2015 17:44:53katrinamthom@gmail.com -- focus on 'mommy blogging' and multi-collaborative blog
-social media - using social media practically to get results
-student - being a student and translating the information I learn to better myself and business
-Next steps -- what should I do next to get me where I want to be.
My number one goal will be to build the beginning of TOTS Network as a business model with an immediate goal of increasing traffic to TOTS Family so we will have the cash flow to get us there. Low goal 80,000 PV a month (double) high goal 120,000 PV a month (triple) current views.I co-own TOTS Network which comprises of two blogs Thinking Outside The Sandbox and Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family.
Kaz1/25/2016 21:43:25Fitness.zenshin@gmail.comzenshinhealthandfitness.comI'm a people person so I'd like to connect with other people

Knowledge in fitness. With my creativity and knowledge, I can not only provide specific and tailored exercises to meet their need and goals, but also make exercises fun and interesting.

I can speak English and Japanese (Japanese is my first language)
1. Guidance, support and advice on my activities that I should focus on to grow my business and achieve my goals. (Clarity)
2. Keeping me accountable. (Accountability)
3. Connecting with successful business people (Connection)
$10,000 monthly income by online VIP coaching and membership siteFitness coaching business specializing in helping people in their midlife (over 50 years old). My service includes offline and online but I'd like to grow my business more on online coaching such as VIP online coaching, membership site and programs.
Kennedy Chisanga8/30/2015 23:38:03kennedychisanga@outlook.comnfbs365.comBusiness Analysis, Provide IT strategies and support Growing business and maintaining a happy client baseDevelop a business acumen for success and beyond.General business with a focus in IT based solutions through consulting and supplying of equipment. Helping govt and business take advantage of new technologies.
kevin baker8/22/2015 17:31:16etherscreen78@gmail.comapexanesthesia.comWriting killer content for my course.
Ability to learn quickly.
Having a clear vision of where the business needs to go.
Perfecting the copy, message, and flow on our website.
Identifying and implementing the key 20% that gets me 80% of the results.

This is my first business, so I'm learning everyday what it is to maintain and grow a business.
My number one goal is to double our monthly revenue.

We're currently averaging about $10,000/month (I have one business partner). In addition to running my course, I maintain a full time clinical anesthesia practice. I spend about 35-40 hrs/week in the OR and ~ 30-35 hrs/week on my business.

My goal is to increase revenue enough to be able to reduce my clinical time to 20 hours a week. Ultimately, I'd like to work 8 hrs/week in the OR and use the rest of my time to focus on my business and actually enjoy life a little bit.
I run an e-learning course that prepares student registered nurse anesthetists to prepare for the National Certification Exam. This fall we're going to offer this same course to certified registered nurse anesthetists in practice and award continuing education credits.
KIm Jefferson9/3/2015 9:20:34kbjefferson49@gmail.comhttp://www.fabfitsquad.comI'm a creative person with the ability think on my feet. I'm a a doer!!!
I am looking to build a few DYI products that I can turn on and off when I want.
Time Management --
Being consistent with my business without being "busy" in my business.
Create a blueprint to follow for my business for 2016.I am a lifestyle manager who helps women feel and look amazing!
Kimberly Houston2/2/2016 14:15:31kimberly.houston@gmail.com response copywriting, web copy, & marketing communications strategy for creatives, solopreneurs and small biz. The ability to help my clients figure out their “meaningful difference” – what makes them stand out among others who provide a similar product or service and gives them an edge in the marketplace. #1: I need to start generating solid, reliable revenue each and every month, month in and month out. Since I left my corporate writing gig to go out on my own a year ago, my income has been all over the place, some months good, and some months not so good. Need to get on solid, reliable footing here.

#2: A reliable, repeatable system for getting more premium clients that works if I work it (and the chops to deliver it skillfully and elegantly)

#3: Accountability + knowing with unwavering clarity what I should be working on each day/week to get me to my goals.

(This is longer term, but I also want to grow my email list and create a minimum viable product this year. Ultimately, one of my biggest long-term goals is to develop a healthy revenue stream from things other than one-to-one client work.)
$5400/month in repeatable, reliable revenueMy business is Kimberly Houston Ink. I’m a copywriter and marketing communications strategist for creatives, solopreneurs, and small business clients; I also have a background in sales and PR. Besides writing copy for others, I also love to teach non-marketing types how to write compelling copy that attracts, engages and sells to their ideal clients, without coming off as too "salesy" or becoming a pro copywriter themselves.
Kristin Ingram8/23/2015 18:55:25kristin@smallbizlife.comhttp://smallbizlife.comSmall business taxation
Accounting technology
one-to-one networking
one-to-many marketing
developing sales copy
social media strategy
To generate $10,000 per month in revenue through passive or near-passive income streams, including affiliate advertising, webinars, courses, and one-to-one consulting. CPA focusing on small, home-based, and online businesses through couching calls and online webinars. I provide consulting on income tax, self-employment tax, sales tax, starting and growing a business, cash flow management, pricing, and accounting systems. We are launching a podcast called small biz life on September 14.

I also have a site called Accounting In Focus, which is an accounting resource site for college students.
Lauren Sergy8/23/2015 10:29:58lauren@laurensergy.comlaurensergy.comMy top skills are speaking, writing, and instruction. My strengths as a speaker and writer are critical in attracting clients and in teaching others how to be excellent presenters. Instruction is also my strong suit - I can break down difficult concepts and skills and teach them to others in a way that is highly practical and effective.i need help with prospecting and sales. I am also looking for help in creating more sustainable systems and processes for tackling the prospecting/sales...thing, and guidance in helping me focus my efforts in building my business.My top goal is to secure a minimum of $6,000 in paid speaking engagements by the end of Hustlers. I am building and expanding a few areas of my business, but the work as a paid speaker is what I really want to make sustainable. In addition to the fact that it pays well and I LOVE speaking, it is also critical marketing for new clients and will positively affect the rest of my income generation activities.I am a public speaking coach and trainer. I help professionals and entrepreneurs become incredible speakers and presenters, helping them meet their goals in work and business. I provide coaching, corporate training, online classes, as well as speaking for conferences and events.
Lee Jones1/29/2016 5:31:53lee@clearidea.ushttp://www.zoing.lyPlanning.
Team leadership.
Software architecture and development.
Marketing and sales automation.Create a process for identifying target demographics then building marketing automation and sales systems targeting it.
Being able to accurately measure the ROI of each marketing effort.
My core business is a custom software development company (
I joined this group to launch a subscription service focused on comprehensive website maintenance and support.
Leslie Tyson2/3/2016 2:52:02hibiz808@gmail.comIn ProgressMy top 3 skills are:
1 - Copy Writing & Editing
2 - Project Management
3 - Mastering software programs and online tools/systems
The top 3 areas I want to work on is:
1 - Building a team to assist with projects
2 - Building my list
3 - Improving cash flow
My goal for this 90 days is to generate an additional $5000 per month.I help business owners and entrepreneurs manage their business through hands-on support and consulting. I am particularly passionate about getting their message out via ebook publishing and marketing.
Linda Melone8/25/2015 18:30:19Linda@lindamelone.comwww.lindamelone.com1. Writing: I am a seasoned, accomplished writer
2. Fitness professional: I hold four certifications and 15 years experience in the fitness world
3. Creating clickable headlines & topics (my editors tell me I'm good at this :))
1. Developing products that generate income
2. Following through with people on my list
3. Turning blog/newsletter readers into buyers
Increase my monthly program subscribers to 50+. I currently have six people in a beta program and am still fine-tuning the program itself.I help women over 50 get in shape and lose weight.
Luis Diaz 8/24/2015 17:09:55luisryanfit@gmail.comluisryanfit.comPlanning
Remembering specific details on clients and finding ways to add value and go above and beyond using that information.
Training for body composition
Setting up marketing funnels
Developing a social media strategy
Business system and automating tasks to free up more time
Have 50% of my revenue ($1000 per/month) come from online personal training clients.Online and In-personal training for busy young to middle aged professionals in who want to all the benefits of a personal trainer without the high costs of working with one 4 or 5 times a week.
Marie Masse8/20/2015 20:44:26marie@fearlessandframed.comhttp://www.fearlessandframed.com1. Copy/writing... or so I've been told I write to my audience as if I'm speaking directly to them.
2. Super-charged positive and driven attitude (always have been this way).
3. Excellent leader
1. Calming down this brain of 1,000 ideas for new products
2. Get a real grasp on what efforts I'm putting in actual work and what I'm truly wasting time on. I have a hard time prioritizing, because most tasks we do don't show results instantly (i.e. blog posts when I could be working on an email series)
3. My niche is SMALL. How to take my little business and get bigger players in the industry to either give me the opportunity to guest blog for them or see being featured on my site as a benefit to them.
To get out of this fuzzy state of mind of 'what do I work on next?!' that has been consuming me... to see customers mind blown with happy results from my products... and at least $5k a month consistently would be a dream for now.We have proven to reveal to our photographer clients that they have conformed to trendy photo sessions and remind them how their hearts want to photograph much more meaningful images (much like what they shoot on their personal time). We teach photographers how to shoot and run client photo sessions in a documentary-style (unposed) while making a profitably photography business along the way.
Mark Struczewski1/21/2016 16:10:26ski@markstruczewski.com communicator (former radio DJ, also am a speaker).
Writer (write a weekly email and blog 2-3 times a week).
Love helping people. (My former Tony Robbin's Results Coach said that he can't teach people to have the passion and love I have for my clients)
Getting more coaching clients. I do webinars every 2 weeks (inspired by John Lee Dumas). I have a small email list and am struggling to get traffic to my website, to get webinar registrants and join my email list.

Knowing how to sell my services.
In the next 90 days, I will be hosting 6 webinars. It would be awesome to get 2 coaching clients from each (12 total). If every client purchases during the webinar at the least expensive option ($450 for one month - 4 hours), that'll be $5,400. Which is $1,800 a month.I help entrepreneurs conquer procrastination so that they get more done. At present, I am coaching people but want to create an online course (passive income) and raise my coaching rates.
Matt Ruedlinger6/3/2015 15:39:30matt@triplermarketing.com am good at networking. I really enjoy helping others and making their lives easier. I have been doing sales for 20 years.I need help in creating a sales system that I can look at and see "oh that is why I have been successful". With that system I can hire other and train them to use the system. I want to be able to take a vacation and know that my business is self sustaining and growing, even when I am not there.Create systems that allow me to spend more time networking and building the company client base.I work with clients on web design, promotional products and marketing campaigns.
Matthew Keefe2/2/2016 11:11:45matt@pixelbit.comhttp://pixelbit.comWeb/Mobile development
Managing projects and teams
Ability to quickly learn
Marketing (almost the same as Sales)
$300k in 2016PixelBit is a web and mobile digital studio. We work with clients of varying size and point in their business. I started doing this line of work back in 2003 while still in high school.
Megan Watt2/1/2016 17:06:38megan.dreamcatalyst@gmail.comdreamcatalyst.org1. Speaking & Coaching
2. Organizing things and people to create awesome efficiency
3. Connecting people
1. Identifying the 10X or 100X moves I should be spending time on to grow my impact. I want to create a laser focus plan with tangible results.
2. Developing a better sales funnel and follow up plan
3. Growing my income so I can grow my team
To hit at least $10K/month by the end (May 1, 2016)There are 3 main components to my business.

1) Speaking (benefit: inspiring and teaching people how to dream bigger and take action, while using their strengths and the power of connection).

2) Training/Consulting (benefit: helping organizations build strengths based teams to increase employee engagement, productivity, and profits)

3) Career coaching (benefit: helping people land their dream job)
Michele Lashley5/17/2015 13:52:15kmlashley@nc.rr.comwww.pageturnermission.comWriting
Taking difficult concepts and making them easy for anyone to understand.
Finding the focus of my business.
Becoming more confident (and more creative) in putting my skills to use in building a business.
Getting past limiting beliefs about my own success.
By the end of the Hustlers program, I want to have a solid (& proven) business idea that has traction and that can help me eventually get to the point of making at least $20K/mo. And I want to have fun doing it!!I had originally thought The Page-Turner Mission would be focused on helping freelance writers (or those who want to become freelance writers) learn how to build a profitable full-time or part-time writing business. But now I'm wondering if I should focus on teaching people--particularly entrepreneurs and others who need to promote their products, services, etc.--how to create AWESOME content that will engage their current and prospective customers. (Think content marketing.) The content would include videos, website copy, podcasts, presentations, webinars, etc.
Mitchel Schwindt7/7/2015 17:09:16msingularis@gmail.comhttp://MitchelMD.comDistilling complex material into easily digestible and actionable info
Learning and exploring
Creating content
Outside opinion - expertise
Increase revenue 10X
Improve focus and clearly define my 20% of actions that produce success
Learn from other hustlers
I am a physician entrepreneur helping people in their 30-50's achieve optimal living -health, wellness and longevity.
Monique Alvarez2/1/2016 22:05:22monique@pinnacleafta.com, marketing and networking are my three top skills. Getting the best out of people is my gift.I keep getting the message (and Jaime said it again tonight) that I offer tremendous value and have a way with people, especially in my niche but I need to charge more.

I also want feedback in how I am presenting and wording my services and Masterminds so I can do that.

I want to see if there are any untapped streams of revenue in my business model.
Make $3200 a month. That would be doubling my current income.I help creatives make money doing what they love through marketing and agenting. I encourage them to keep creating while I fill in the rest. I am an advocate for creative professionals.
muki8/23/2015 16:22:35muki.pederson@jahsoba.comwww.jahsoba.com1. People skills
2. Strategic thinking
1. Having 20 happy customers
2. Growing the memberships - finding the avatars
3. Validating the business model - testing the market
I will have 100 paid members by the end of the program. (excluding friends)Atlanta Vegan Groupon
A membership service that provides deals and discounts from restaurants to wellness programs.
Nick Palkowski8/26/2015 8:40:21Nick@YourPodcastGuru.comhttp://YourPodcastGuru.comPodcasting
Creating marketing strategies that enhance relationships with your audience, and convert them to clients
Product creation, and business strategy.
- Creating a team of people that will help run and scale my service based business (finding the right people).
- Focusing on my unique abilities (content creation and business strategy) and working to build the systems around me to take care of the rest. I want to focus on working on my business and not in my business.
- Launching my membership site.
$25,000/Month by the end of Hustlers 90 days (November 27th)I help speakers, coaches, and consultants maximize their impact and income through podcasting. We provide a done-for-you service where you show up with the content and we take care of the rest.
Norman Boyd8/21/2015 18:41:39norman@artofsmallbusiness.comwww.artofsmallbusiness.comHelping business owners articulate their business vision and then formulate the plan to get there. Keeping them accountable to the plan and building the sales engine to ultimately deliver the business growth.Focusing my efforts. I am a great visionary, but get lost in the details.
Seeing projects through to completion before moving on the the next great thing - my ADD gets the best of me at times.
Staying the course, not constantly on the lookout for the next service, product or venture.
Get my processes all in place and forward facing. My marketing, list building and lead gen process in place. Develop the courage, behind my platform, that will allow me to go out there and kick butt and grow my practice before the 2016!I help small business owners get unstuck. I help them reconnect with their original passion and business vision so that can get back in control of their business and their life. I want to help them re-imagine and regain the business that will serve them in living the life they deserve.
Patrick de Boer11/5/2015 1:24:27patrickdeboer@gmail.comclilmedia.comEnergetic and enthusiastic
Organised and prepared
Transistion from live to online training
Marketing my online courses
Improve website
€500,- per month as a minimum. Everything more is great and would be appreciated of course, but right now my income is not steady and that's my first priority. Both live and online training for teachers who teach in CLIL (Content and Language Intergrated Learning) which means teaching a subject in a second language.
Peter1/29/2016 22:50:31peter@BartendersAcademy.combartendersAcademy.comIdea Generator
Verbal Communicator (Public Speaking)
Connecting with people
Generating more leads
Generating more sales
Have a more powerful marketing process
Generate $30K in sales per month from bar student revenueWe Train Bartenders! We help bartenders accelerate their path to success by teaching them how to use their bar skills to generate additional revenue.
Peter Bragino5/15/2015> Creativity - Painting, Drawing, Design, Music
> Discipline - Former US Marine
> Observing - As an artist I do a lot of observing but in business and in relationships in general I'm finding it more and more important to observe and witness.
> Communion - Gathering people and engaging them. As an artist you tend to live a solitary life but I'm changing that and engaging more
> Marketing - I'm an open book here..
> Flying - I need to get enough momentum so that I can leap off this cliff of having a sustainable income from my art and never look back soaring forward and onward.
I'd like to achieve an actionable plan to market, share, and develop income from my art. I'm a Fine Artist making paintings and mixed media sacred objects that encourage deeper connections, introspection and spiritual growth. I currently have my website, online store, and studio in Amityville NY as the main portals of my business.
Phil Stolaronek8/27/2015 9:25:04phil@mindfulft.comwww.mindfulft.comI'm very good a following through with set goals.
I'm good at harnessing fear and jumping in.
Good people to people skills.
Focusing in on my business path / goals.
Building an audience.
Building an email list.
Build an audience.We create weight loss and fitness products that start with a persons mindset.
Think Tony Robbins meets Tony Horton (P90X creator)
Philip Ideson8/31/2015 (coming soon)Subject matter expertise in procurement, and outsourcing. 15 years working across all levels of procurement (upto the Executive level). Have bought and delivered outsourcing solutions on behalf of major corporations, including a spell in India managing a 200 FTE BPO & KPO center on behalf of a $15B revenue firm.

Building processes / SOP's. Expert in building and implementing SOP's from the ground up, and improving existing processes.

Change management. Daily responsibility for driving procurement-related change - at all levels - across major companies.

Cultural awareness. Lived and worked across US, UK and India. UK/US dual nationality.
Doing the hard things. The biggest "hard" thing for me is converting cold prospects to warm leads. I have funnels, inbound and outbound plans. I have some experience in converting warm leads. But I need help in building a pipeline of warm leads and then being able to consistently convert to paying clients.

The other major "hard" thing is focus. I have been planning for years and years quit the day job. Now it is finally happened, I have years worth of ideas - inputs - buzzing around to cloud my judgement!
From a revenue perspective - my stretch goal is to have $15K-$20K revenue / month by the end of the year.

From a client perspective, my target is 5 paying clients by the end of the 90 days. (note, my entry level productized service is priced between $5K - $20K depending on client size and the plan is that I upsell more traditional project or retainer consulting to products that buy this service). I will learn as I begin market outreach how realistic those price points are.

From a reputational/branding perspective, to have established myself and my company as a leading authority in the procurement outsourcing advisory market (not sure how to measure this though!)
Provides advisory services (both productized and more traditional consulting) to companies who want to increase the value achieved from their supply base by levering procurement as-a-service. We help companies determine if procurement-as-a-service is a fit for them and, if so, how they build and manage their oursourced programs to maximize their ROI.

Procurement-as-a-service is a form of knowledge based outsourcing that gives companies access to subject matter experts who are intimately familiar with the market dynamics of particular products and services. This expertise allows companies to invest in suppliers more strategically, achieving more favorable pricing and greater value for money than they could do on their own (essentially the opposite of sales!).

Procurement-as-a-service is a new delivery model that combines the next generation of outsourcing and temporary labor. Clients typically need revenue of $1B+ to justify their investment.
Phillip Hudson8/24/2015 21:08:20phil@theycallmephil.comhttp://rookseo.comSEO
Social Media
VA Management
$30k a month in revenue.I currently run an internet marketing agency. I also have several ecommerce sites and want to make those my priority income. I've had a successful ecommerce site in the past but had to split with my partners over differences.
Priscilla Blackwell2/1/2016 creative expression; through food, interior design, music
- patient teacher
- great baker
- identifying the best marketing strategy/branding for our ideal customer
- stop overthinking and take action, even when I don't think I have everything just right
- focus
I want to achieve a level of income that will not only sustain my family, but also grow the business. The income generated from my business will allow me to resign from my 9 to 5 and focus 100% on my business. Petite Cakes USA is a pop-up gourmet dessert shop, specializing in made from scratch personal size bundt cakes. We use family recipes that date back to the 1940's to create flavorful, super soft, melt in your mouth cakes and top them with our signature silky smooth cream cheese buttercream frosting.
Rachel1/25/2016 21:33:50Archelaushttp://intuitiveart.comcreating engaging content
making "woo woo" stuff practical
keeping it all going
simplifying my business (funnels, autoresponders, etc.)
making selling a priority
having less fear reaching out to people and organizations
I want to reach my goal of signing up 9 people a month for my Certification program. (selling $27,000/month) I fluctuate now between $4-$9,000/ month.I teach and certify people in my own version of Intuitive Art. It allows you to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self.
Raine2/2/2016 0:19:31limetreefruits@gmail.comlimetreefruits.com1- creative - always thinking outside the box and very very resourceful
2- motivator - always find the silver lining of things and help people see through those same lenses
3- visuals + graphics - very good translating people's ideas into visuals
1- deciding my next biz direction
2- clarity of the steps on said direction
3- setting systems
I want to decide on a profitable biz direction and develop it strongly that I can just re-run it or expand it on my own after the program is over.currently mostly about planners {paper planners, specifically Filofax} . My niche is very very narrowed as Filofax lovers get to be very obsessed over it but not that many. I provide free digital planner printables that leads to a full paid packet of 150+ printables pages. All hand-illustrated by me.
Rebecca5/18/2015 Creating content teachers are interested in
- Product Design
- Using Pinterest to market
- Email marketing
- Time allocation (resource creation vs. marketing)

To at least double my monthly sales to consistently reach $6,500 a month. I write a blog for upper elementary teachers and have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers to sell my educational resources.
Richard Cartright2/1/2016 22:22:37richardcartright@gmail.comwww.constructionconductor.comNot sure I understand the question... I am often rather personable. I know my product subject matter and have a fully developed concept based on currently used models. I am a capable content creator and have been known to be creative. I am a good technical writer.I basically need help with strategy, marketing and achieving sustainable sales. Make a sustainable $5K or more a month.I help renovation project owners save time, money and sanity by providing a home renovation system, tools and coaching to take them from concept to completion and dream to done without having to lift a hammer.
Ritu Riyat9/9/2015 16:35:51hello@rituriyat.comrituriyat.comTeaching yoga and meditation
Creating new ideas and programs
Being productive and creating and sticking to a schedule
Staying focused on active action items
Organizing my business foundation
My number one goal is to develop an awesome online product to generate passive income and share the knowledge and skills I have. Revenue goal is 15k per month. I help people optimize their well being by creating lasting change through food, movement, and meditation.
Robert Landers1/27/2016 7:45:15landers.r@gmail.commisrubins.comSales/Cold Calls - In Person

Sales/Cold Calls - Over the Phone - This is all I have really done to get my products in stores. I have been successful, but need to generate more and better leads. Also, need to measure results better.

Work Ethic - I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make this company successful - this could also be called stubbornness :)
Develop a sales/marketing strategy and executing it. I've really just been winging it this past year. Cold calling sporadically and no marketing other than random instagram and facebook posts.

Stay engaged with customers. I have loyal customers and haven't done anything to connect with them. I need to build an email list, offer discounts, ask for referrals, provide valuable content, giveaways, etc.

Inbound Marketing / Creating more inbound sales.

I'd like to be doing 10 K / month.

Last year I did 37,590. 15,914 via the website and 21,676 by cold calling stores. (10K of this was a distributor purchase)

My ultimate goal is for this business to be my full time job. I'm a risk manager for a large construction company - do you have any idea how boring insurance is! :)

I sell two dry rub seasoning products online and in retail stores (directly, through a broker, and a distributor).

The products have been around since 1935, so I have a decent customer base b/c of years of word of mouth.

It took me a year to sort out the business, now I am ready to get serious about marketing, measuring, and selling.

Rodney C. Davis2/3/2016 14:12:16rodneycdavis@gmail.comhttp://thelifeparent.comLife-skills development (parents and teens)
Personal Developent Speaker
Developing an audience and mailing list
Putting a coherent business strategy together
Web development
Get profitable: Consistent monthly income of $5,000No business as yet. I hope to assist more parents in developing their life-skills to the next level. My company will use an eclectic approach which includes cutting-edge neuro-science, as well as research in emotional intelligence and resonant leadership. Products and services will include speaking, tranformational events, group coaching, and digital training books and courses.
Rohan Bhansali8/23/2015 19:16:50RDBhan31@gmail.comwww.teamfindyourfocus.comI am good a forming relationships, particularly with my team and customers. I am focused (for short period of time) at the task at hand. I'm not afraid to try new things.I have trouble leaving my comfort zone. I need help with maintaining consistent effort. I sometimes have trouble following through.Get my business to $10,000 a month. I am a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody. I help people get started on weight loss and nutrition programs, as well as start their own network marketing business.
Salah Naoum8/31/2015 Web development : 18 years of experience, over 700 websites built.
- Search engine optimization, all aspects
- Creating a 10k per month information product, using my current skills.
- Designing an online sales funnel
- Working on finding better avatars for my businesses
Create 10k in passive income (create an information / product / service)... Go from running a web dev / SEO business to selling information products.Help small businesses rank well on search engines
Do it in an affordable way and provide results, reports, rank tracking
Do it 10 times better than any "affordable SEO" company out there
Sanja5/17/2015 13:26:09bodyinfushion@gmail.com at motivating people.
-great at solving problems when they hit a road block/struggling.
-creative with making fitness work in anyones lifestyle (i.e. fitting time in for training and/or eating clean)
I need help with building my online presence.
I want to build a product or system to launch, not sure what it should be
I would like to boost social media presence, potentially get sponsored with fitness supplement company as well (to increase my exposure)
Make more $ via online. Im content with my in-house training schedule; want to get more online work, whether modifying my current diet plans I offer or launching a new product or system for new clients,...not sure what to focus on.
UPDATE: #1 Goal by end of MH: Earn $5000-$7000/mo via online only.
Im a personal trainer/nutrition coach/life coach who helps the average person looking to lose fat, get more fit, and improve their overall health. 90% of my clientele is in-house (my at home garage turned studio); the rest is online primarily via nutrition programs. A small percentage of my clients compete in bikini, figure, and fitness competitions.
Sara La Delfa9/3/2015 21:29:05saraladelfa@yahoo.comwww.MarketingIsNOTSelling.comMarketing/Business
Building my initial email list
Refining my message (I'm great at writing for others, just not myself!)
Refining my sales pitch
I'm great at establishing timelines and accountability with my clients, now I need some help for me so I stop procrastinating! :) I want to get my landing page right, start building my email list (from scratch) and start marketing the e-course while I finish the modules.I am a marketing ninja that helps small business owners learn what marketing is, get rid of the slimy image and get excited about promoting their businesses! I also teach them the essentials that they need to get started in their marketing and help them with design, copywriting and lots more through my new e-course and 1:1 coaching.
Sarah MacLaughlin8/31/2015 21:22:27sarah@sarahmaclaughlin.comwww.sarahmaclaughlin.comI connect with the struggle parents feel--I get it. I help people see their growning children in a new light and make it easier to offer connection instead of useless threats/bribes/punishments. I need to understand internet marketing better in general. I need help setting up structure and focusing on one thing at a time. I need help structuring/wording my email campaigns.Have multiple program offerings up and running, including a 100% automated one. Have sales cycles in palce. FEEL GOOD and comfortable about what I offer for the price I ask.I educate and inspire parents so they can reduce stress and enjoy their kids more. I offer science, skills, and support so moms and dads can be the parents they want to be, and create the peaceful homes they desire.
Shlomo Freund1/23/2016 17:00:57Shlomo@startupnoodle.comwww.StartupNoodle.comI count myself as a good listener to people, so people like to speak with me. I'm a major networker and know lots of people, leading one major entrepreneurship group in Beijing (but I don't live there anymore). Also because I lived in China for a few years I have a wide perspective over things.

Summing up:

1. a good listener
2. knows how to network
3. International perspective

I need help with finding out what my website should be focused about and how to make money from it. For now it feels everything is trial and error and doesn't bring the results I want. I'd like to build an ACTIVE community of followers that can tell me what they need and am able to sell them again and again. I have a blog for entrepreneurs who wish to come to China and start their business. I found this niche to be really hard and I'm trying to get more on other aspects of mentorship and consulting for startup.

I have a podcast about business in China called "China Business Cast". We just now started looking for sponsorships.
Simone Salmon1/30/2016 13:50:58support@ssalmonauthor.comssalmonauthor.comHighly organized
Technically savvy
Building a tribe of loyal fans
I would like to create passive income with my novels. I would also like to start a podcast based on my journey into psychic mediumship to help others tap into their creativity and passion. I am also interested in learning how to effectively monetize both areas so that I can quit my 9 to 5.I am an author of paranormal scifi and fantasy fiction. I also write about psychic phenomenon and intend to start a podcast based on that premise.
Sophia Bera5/26/2015 8:08:36sophia@genyplanning.comwww.genyplanning.comI'm great at simplifying peoples financial lives so they can reach multiple financial goals simultaneously. I know which retirement plan you should set up for your business. I help many clients with career coaching and I love talking to others about how to build a business to support the life that you envision.There's so much more I could be doing with my website to grow my newsletter list, capture more leads, and create products that I can sell on my website.Make $12,500 in gross income in one month.Gen Y Planning is a virtual financial planning firm geared towards millennials. We help clients in their 20s and 30s use their money to match their values so that they can live their great lives.
Steven9/2/2015 23:23:40ace10km@gmail.comCreative Thinking
Lead Generation
- Strategy
- Growth
Make 1k a day.Selling delivery services, cleaning services, lawn mowing services and chair covers.
Susan Burnssusan@susanburnslegal.comsmallbusinesslegalschool.comTake the mystery our of the law. Make it clear and understandable. Clear explanation of risks.Approachable.Technical. Technical. Copywriting.I want to have Small Business Legal School ready to roll as an entire package or individual lessons for purchase as an evergreen course by the end of Hustlers #2.I make the law easy to understand so business owners can avoid unnecessary risks and focus on making their businesses successful. This is done through an e-learning course with handbooks and audio lessons. [included in the course is two 1/2 hour individual sessions with me per year?]
Tatum8/21/2015 10:50:32tatumrebelle@gmail.comwww.totalmommyfitness.comcoaching.... hmm, I've been a coach for a very long time and it is my default because I'm good add it. Looking to add more skills that I feel confident in! I feel kind of like a jack of all trades, but a master of none at the moment.narrowing down a big vision to smaller, actionable steps that add up to big results in both the impact that my business makes as well as the monetary return.Focus on the top 1-3 things in my business that I can scale and increase income to at least $5k/month online. Fitness coaching for pregnant women and new moms, both in-person and online. Currently making the transition from working with women directly, and moving toward training fitness coaches and health professional to work with moms through an online certification course.