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Japan Social Enterprises/NGOs Directory (update: 8/23/2018)
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No.17 SDGs categoryOrganization NameOrganization type (Japan regulation)Name of RepresentativePositionHQBusinessDate founded Mission and/or social issues tackling toA beginning of the activityWebsiteWebsite (Japanese only)Awards / media coverage
103. Good Health and Well-BeingFlorenceNPOHiroki KomazakiRepresentative DirectorChiyoda-ku, TokyoWe provide home-visit daycare for sick children, small-scale childcare, childcare for those with disabilities, community creation service. Also operate program in work-style reform, social reform with everyone, support for single-parent homes (policy for donation member), and baby adoption.2004/04/12We will support the creation of environment where both parents and children can enjoy their lives without feeling an excessive burden through the management of nurseries for sick and disabled children.We set up the organization "to solve the issue of caring for sick children by the regional resources, and to create the society where the balanace of child-rearing and work can be achieved".NAhttps://florence.or.jp/
217. Partnerships for the GoalsRCFGeneral Incorporated AssociationRetz FujisawaRepresentative DirectorMinato-ku, TokyoSolving social issues by coordinating business relationship between private-, public-, and social-sector; working on recovery of people, community and industry as a discussion partner for enterprises, bureau and local government after the Great East Japan Earthquake.2011/9/27To accomplish our vision to solve social issues and create new value, we make the good use of our experience of coordination. We educate and allocate social business coordinators for over 30 affected local governments. Also, we have worked on over 40 social business cases with over 10 enterprises. Our strength is the knowledge and experience accumulated after the Great East Japan Earthquake. (as of April 2018)After the Great East Japan Earthquake, RCF has started. We have worked on recovery of people, community and industry as a discussion partner for enterprises, bureaus and local governments.NAhttp://rcf311.com/Nominated finalist in the 3rd Nikkei Social Initiative Award
317. Partnerships for the GoalsCross FieldsNPODaichi KonumaCo-Founder and CEOShinagawa-ku, TokyoProviding the program that corporate employees tackles social issue solving, the field-study program that business executives learn about various social issues and the causes, and the social sector empowering program that NGO/Social Enterprises learn each other beyond borders.2011/5/3Create a world in which "Social, private and public sectors work together to create solutions to social problems", and "Every person realizes one’s passion through his or her work".Two co-founders worked at both enterprise and non-profit organizations and they established Cross Fields to connect the business sector and the social sector.http://en.crossfields.jp/http://crossfields.jp/"Nikkei Weekly” (Newspaper), “NHK World” (TV), and "Harvard Business Review."

“Japan HR Award 2014” and “Nikkei Social Initiative Award 2015.”
404. Quality EducationToyboxNPOTaku Kurita / Tomoko ShiraiRepresentative DirectorNishi-ku, OsakaProvide social services to support children's and youth's independence and growth. Management and operation of public facilities, holding workshops and cultural activities, running civic events, advice to local government measures.2003/6/16Aim for the sciety that children and their parents stay healthy and positive.Founded to realize the form of education that leads to the society that people can leverage their good points and support each other's weak part.NAhttp://www.npotoybox.jp/toybox/
508. Decent Work and Economic GrowthSodateage-NetNPOKei KudoChief DirectorTachikawa-shi, TokyoWe support for youth to realize their will to “work” and “continue to work.” We also visualize and systematize our supporting experiences and knowledges, and create more networks among communities, governments, and business industries to support them.2004/5/1Our mission is for all of the youth to obtain social affiliation, and "work" and "continue to work", so that we support for them to be re-connected with society.We were founded under the thought that "Youth support is social investment."
Supporting and realizing participation in society desired by unemployed young people and realization of economic independence is that young people stand on the side that supports society as taxpayers, becoming a community-based presence as a living person.
https://www.sodateage.net/en/https://www.sodateage.net/2014/15 Finalist for Google Impact Challenge
Mr.Kudo had been a member of National Council for Promoting the Dynamic Engagement of All Citizens at the Prime Minister's Office
609. Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureSocial Venture Partners TokyoNPOTakashi FujimuraRepresentative DirectorChiyoda-ku, TokyoProvide funds and management support by partners for innovative businesses that tackle social problems20031) Contribute to achieving the mission of social ventures that are our investment partners. At the same time, 2) the partners themselves as employees of SVP join in support for investment and cooperation, act as their mission to contribute to the innovation through regional and social involvement.SVP Tokyo is the first affiliate in Asia of Social Venture Partners International (SVPI), which has its headquarter in Seattle, US.

The characteristics of SVP is to improve the organizational capabilities and continuity of activities of nonprofit organizations by providing funds, resources, and managerial expertise to local nonprofit organizations over the long term. This model has become known as "venture philanthropy" since 1997.
717. Partnerships for the GoalsLIFULL social fundingCompanyDaigo SatoRepresentative DirectorChiyoda-ku, TokyoRunning a crowdfunding platform
Consultation for fundraising
2012/10/1To increase the sum of social good, we try to increase both those who want to make our society better and those who want to support them.The parent company, LIFULL manages one of the biggest real estate portal sites in Japan. Besides that, LIFULL Social Funding integrates and manages social innovation business such as donation website and purchase-based crowdfunding website.NAhttps://lifull-socialfunding.co.jp/
809. Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureETICNPOHaruo MiyagiRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoAssistance for long-term internships, incubation, and holding seminars and events about entrepreneurships.1993"Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities"
ETIC. aims to develop and produce entrepreneur-minded leaders who resolves social problems and create new value through their own intentions and actions.
We contribute to an increase in profits by evoking transformation of the whole society through building and improving the social ecosystem in which entrepreneur-minded leaders are developed.
A study group for students, who were aspiring to start one's own business, and a student organization that had been supporting a long-term internship at venture companies, shifted to an non-profit entity with the expansion of the function of the secretariat and started as ETIC.https://www.etic.or.jp/english/index.htmlhttps://www.etic.or.jp/index.php
917. Partnerships for the GoalsJapan Foundraising AssociationNPOMasataka UoPresident & CEOMinato-ku, TokyoProviding "Certified Fundraiser Program"
Planning and providing youth programs related to social contribution
Providing educational programs about fundraising
2009/2/18Beyond any social status, we try to connect people and acceralate the circulation of fund among private entities to solve social issues.With the assistance of 580 supporters from all over the country, Japan Fundraising Association was founded in 2009 to realize the society that circulates 10 trillion yens in total for social investment.http://jfra.jp/enhttp://jfra.jp/
1017. Partnerships for the GoalsCoalition for Legislation to Support Citizens’ Organizations (C’s)NPOHiroaki SekiguchiRepresentative DirectorNakano-ku, TokyoWorking on the legal change for supporting potential authorized non-profit organizations and civic activity
Founding the qualification system for authorized non-profit organizations and designing accounting standard for Non-Profit Organization
1994/11/5Create systems to support civil activities. Empower people’s ability to make the world better.It was created by a group of Japanese nonprofit and grass-roots organizations, in order to create better support systems for such groups in Japan. Initially, the objectives of C’s were to:
1. Assist the creation of a new legal incorporation process for NPOs;
2. Promote a tax system which encourages non-profit activities, including:
tax-deduction for donations and in-kind contributions, and reduced tax rates for non-profit organizations; and
3. Promote activity reports and accountability of NPOs.
1104. Quality EducationG-netNPOShuji MinamidaRepresentative DirectorGifu City, GifuRaising potential entrepreneurs that can serve as innovators in local industry, and promoting regional revitalization in the Gifu area2001/10/1"urban community renovation for easy to challenge"
The management innovation of local industry and constructing the ecosystem for cultivation young people who have a sense of ownership in Gifu.
Negative impression for region which young people have is strong, social problem of region that population outflow to urban area, imdustry decline, tends to increase.We start our activity because we question taht some people blame others that national government and local government for some problems. And we think management innovation of local industry and cultivation young people who have a sense of ownership need to solve some problems.NAhttp://gifist.net/Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award (METI)
55 cases of social business (METI)
Career Education Award (MEXT)
1204. Quality EducationTeach For JapanNPOYusuke MatsudaFounderMinato-ku, TokyoTeach For Japan recruits and develops promising future leaders to teach in their nations’ under-resourced schools and communities and, with this foundation, to work with others, inside and outside of education, to ensure all children are able to fulfill their potential.2010Correction of economic and social polarization due to the educational opportunity and changing the quality of education with diverse human resources.We have problem consciousness that the gap between skills of teacher in the field and that the society expects, pressure of work, acceptance and cultivation for teachers. In such a case, we saw Wendy who starts of Teach For America, we decided to start japanese model of Teach For America to construct infrastructure for coming true ideal education.NAhttp://teachforjapan.org/
1304. Quality EducationADDSNPOHitomi Kuma
Yuno Takeuchi
Co-representativeShinjuku-ku, TokyoReferral to a therapist and giving training for parent to support children who have developmental difficulty and the parent.2011/12/16Child autism and child who has developmental difficulty.
Supporting program are training course for parent and cultivating for student therapist and referral.
We start to practice the support of child autism with education based applied behavior analysis(ABA).NAhttp://www.adds.or.jp/
1404. Quality EducationHoukago NPO After SchoolNPOKuniyasu HiraiwaRepresentative DirectorMinato-ku, TokyoMaking the place for children after school and providing a viriety of after-school programs that keep children safe with local community people at school.2009/6/10"SAVE after-school hour for children!"
 We are challenging to spread good models of after-school care
as a part of social infrastructure in Japan so that children could play safely and spend quality time after school, involving local community people and many companies as social partners.
"More than 70% of crimes victimizing children occurs in after-school hour."
Houkago NPO Afterschool was founded to make after-school hour safe, enjoyable, and valuable for children and their families. Another issue is that children is too busy. They need more free time to play with friends, relax and try many things. We're offering
 a variety of after-school programs to foster children's interests and self-esteem.
NAhttps://npoafterschool.org/Good Design Award(2008,2009,2015,2017), Kids Design Award(2008,2010,2014,2017)
1505. Gender EqualityKamonohashi ProjectNPOKeisuke Motoki
Sayaka Murata
Co-FounderShibuya-ku, Tokyo1. Policy Engagement and Implementation Support
2. Nurture Leadership of Survivors
3. Ecosystem Development
4. Field support to enhance survivors' access to justice and entitlement
5. Others including strategy development, etc
2002/7/18Our goal is to put an end to the issue of human trafficking. To achieve this goal, we work in partnership with local NGOs in India to stengthen criminal justice system to increase deterrence to the crime of human trafficking and to facilitate trafficking survivors' recovery and healing and the growth of their leadership.Our founder was told a tragic story about a girl in her early teens who was sold to a brothel for the price of 100 USD in a developing country in Asia. She co-founded Kamonohashi to tackle the human trafficking in Cambodia where the problem was the most rampant.http://www.en.kamonohashi-project.net/http://www.kamonohashi-project.net/
1617. Partnerships for the GoalsHUGNPOYuki HommaRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoMarketing planning, consultation service, branding and PR
Media development and management
Planning and running study tours
2011A majority of those who want to work hard and try to make the world better are not specialized in marketing. We support them from the phase of planning to actual execution.HUG was founded to help individuals or organizations with communication. HUG becomes a catalyst to connect wonderful people and projects and tries to make a sustainable communication ecosystem.NAhttp://h-u-g.jp/
1704. Quality EducationHattatsu Wanpaku KaiNPOTomohiro OdaChief DirectorUrayasu City ,ChibaWe run "Kokko, the classroom for mind and vocabrary" aiming at early detection and early care for children with developmental disabilities. Also, we provide consulting to groups or individuals aiming to establish similar classrooms.2010/12/09The opportunity of early care in Japan is short.
If a child with a developmental disability come true to get early care, they could grow up and live a prosperous life.
A man with a developmental disorder not having noticed its characteristics born in nature, had great difficulties in working and living. If he can receive medical treatment early, given the opportunity of learning methods and human relationships suitable for him after having the characteristics understood in the surroundings, he could fully demonstrate his abilty and might have become a person who changed the world. That's the reason this NPO is founded.NAhttp://www.wanpaku.org/index.html
1804. Quality EducationD×PNPONoriaki ImaiChief DirectorChuo-ku, Osaka
We strive to provide high school students who are unable to feel hopeful about their future with opportunities to experience success and to communicate and bond with people.
1. Crescendo: Our own class-oriented program for correspondence courses and part-time high schools
2. Igocochi Cafe: Make a cozy cafe (Igocochi means cozy) in the high schools for preventing dropout
3. LIVE Engine: Support high school students getting employed and create innovative work
2010/03/09We want change the two objectives in Japan. First, it’s a high dropout rate of part-time high school students. There are a significant number of part-time high school students in Japan who are suffering from issues such as poverty and domestic violence. The dropout rate for first year students is 21%, 14 times the corresponding rate for full-time high schools, and many of these cases are not for positive purposes, but for circumstantial, regretful reasons. In Japan, not having a high-school diploma is highly limiting employment options. Moreover, without a place or an organization to belong to, such as a school or a workplace, it becomes even more difficult to move on to the next step, causing higher rates of unemployment. Second, it’s difficult for students who have financially difficult situations to find employment after graduating high school. Many students in financially difficult situations are unable to pursue further studies or find long-term employment, and end up settling for less stable casual or unofficial positions. For these reasons, many students feel pessimistic about their future as they hold little prospect of higher income.The reason why D×P start this project is caused by Noriaki Imai, founder of D×P, his experience. He's got Hikikomori (Hikikomori has entered the Oxford English Dictionary as "In Japan: abnormal avoidance of social contact") experience in Japan when he was 18~23 years old. Why that's happened was because of his Hostage Incident in Iraq in 2004. He was captured by Iraq resistance and when he came back to Japan, he was told that ''you should not come back to Japan'' '' you should die because Government try to help you using our bloody tax''. From that experience, Noriaki's been Hikikomori and when he got recovered from this, he met so many high school kids who got drop out and poverty issues, that's why he started this.NAhttp://www.dreampossibility.com/
1917. Partnerships for the GoalsSocial Value JapanNPOKen ItoExecutive DirectorSetagaya-ku, TokyoR&D on evaluation approach to social impact and providing the educational program
Providing pragmatic knowledge and support for introducing the impact evaluation
2012We try to enhance social productivity in both local and global communities through promoting research, education and execution of quantitative measurement for social impact.It's been urgent to tackle social issues more effectively and efficiently, making the most of limited resources. Social Value Japan was founded to help organizations with the social impact evaluation and the improvement of productivity.NAhttp://socialvaluejp.org/
2017. Partnerships for the GoalsCommunity Youth Bank momoYusuke SuzukiDirectorNagoya City, AichiProviding loan for individuals or organizations that tackle regional social issues2005/10/23We support potential young entrepreneur by giving advice about fundraising and management. We also collaborate with local financial partners to re-design financial ecosystem which can be a nation-wide role model.Millenials rose up to create a new financial system and founded "Community Youth Bank momo." We try to make sustainable financial ecosystem so that our children and grandchildren can live in the local community as we do. We distribute invested money with low interest rate and no security, to non-profit organizations and social business entities that tackle regional social issues.NAhttp://www.momobank.net/
2101. No PovertyChance for ChildrenPublic Interest Incorporated AssociationYusuke Imai
Kei Okuno
Representative DirectorKoto-ku, TokyoWe offer the vouchers which is available for private supplementary schools, a cramming schools, learning, for children who cannot afford to have the opportunity of out of school education. The voucher is limited to those outside the school education service.2011/06/20To end the intergenerational cycle of poverty by supporting children and youth who cannot receive enough education because of economic reasons, and their families.Our goal is to realize a society where children can be independent as they grow up regardless of their economic situation. We distribute “Education Vouchers,” which can be used to attend cram schools and lessons, to children who have been affected by the Great East Japan earthquake, and children in Kansai, who cannot receive off-school educational services because of their economic situation.These vouchers are funded by donation from citizens and sponsorship from companies.https://cfc.or.jp/english/https://cfc.or.jp/
2204. Quality EducationKizukiCompany and NPOYusuke YasudaFounder, CEOShibuya-ku, TokyoOver the last 6 years. We have helped more than 1,000 Japanese high school dropouts and school absentees enter university.
We also send teachers to schools who have excellent skills in assisting students with their studies and improving their motivation so that they do not drop out of school to begin with.
Besides, we provide consulting services for the unemployed as a government-subsidized project.
2015/7/13Kizuki is a company that helps dropout youths in many ways.
Our mission is to make the world a place where young people can live with dignity and overcome whatever hardships they face in their lives.
The reasons why I started up Kizuki is that I was a school drop-out.
When I was 16, I was a gang member. I had several stepmothers and changed addresses many times; at one time I lived with my grandparents and at another time I lived in the dormitory of a school. I always felt lonely, neglected, and isolated from society.

In 2001, when I was 18, I saw the 9-11 attacks on TV. I thought, “I want to change my life. There may be things that I can do to contribute to society.”
So as a step toward that goal, I decided to go to university, studied very hard for two years and successfully entered university at the age of 20.
2301. No PovertyHomedoorNPOKana KawaguchiChief DirectorOsaka-shi, Osaka- Employment and livelihood support for the poor including those living on the street (homeless people)
- Homeless prevention program
- Awareness activity related to homelessness and welfare issues
2010/4/25To provide the opportunity which homeless people can stand up, as well as care for homeless people and to implement public awareness programs.The current chairman, Kawaguchi, discovered the issue of homeless at the age of 14, and began activities such as warm meal services and 100 People Workshop with an aim to eradicate homeless raid incidents. She established the organization when she was 19 years old, and through activities such as bike sharing service "HUBchari" and accommodations "AND CENTER", she has provided employment and welfare support for more than 1800 homeless people .NAhttp://www.homedoor.org/
2411. Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesCHIIKIKARANPOIchiro AsahinaChief DirectorMinato-ku, Tokyo- Suggest the menu of possible policies to the local public entity and the local residents and execute together.
- If the project succeeds, aim for expanding the model to other local public entity and local residents, who have the same problems. Through progress of success from one point to a "surface," we aim to increase the national strength.
2012/5/23The agile and efficient revitalizatoin strategies suited to the current situation of local areas are limited. There is scarcity of human resources, who are active in the revitalization of local areas, as well as lack of professional knowledge (concentration of human resources in urban areas). Another problem is the scarcity of fund (both public and private) for the revitalization of local areas. We solve these problems through various approaches.Nowadays, the continuing depopulation in the local communities and the stagnation of economy and society are causing a decrease in the overall national strength. It is a general understanding that the revitalization of local regions is the key to break away from today's stagnated condition, and there are many activities at the local level. However, the number of successful programs is limited. Moreover, at a national level, many applications are drawn up and implemented, but the impact is limited.NAhttp://chiikikara.org/
2504. Quality EducationCANVASNPONanako IshidoChief DirectorTaito-ku, TokyoProvide "Places for children's activities" mainly by workshops, such as product development, town planning, teaching material production, museum production etc. Since its establishment, we have held 3000 workshops and delivered workshops to 350 thousand children.2002/11/27Offering the opportunity which children create and express, share something.As time changes, the required capability changes. We want to provide such a place, where children have different background and various abilities can creat new value by communicaing with each other.NAhttp://canvas.ws/
2603. Good Health and Well-Beingmaggie’s tokyoNPOMasako Akiyama
Miho Suzuki
Co-representativeKoto-ku, TokyoMaggie’s tokyo offers multi-professional services to anyone diagnosed with cancer, their family members, friends or carers. All of maggie’s services are free of charge. When visitors walk through the door, they are greeted by our cancer support specialists, who will listen, answer questions and talk through the elements of Maggie’s Cancer Support Programme, assessing which programme is suitable for them personally.
2015/4/1We aim to contribute to strengthen nation-wide consultation and support activities for cancer patients, and to increase awareness about cancer in the society through collaborating and complementing with hospitals’ treatment and consultation services. We also envision a society where patients live with pride without hiding their diseases.According to a study, those who pass away due to suicides or unexpected accidents within one year after diagnosed with cancer is about twenty times as many as those who pass away for similar reasons soon after diagnosed with other diseases.
Cancer patients have anxieties for the recurrence and feel lost over the course of long treatment. Support for them and their families and friends, however, is not enough. The government, municipalities and hospitals for cancer are now working to strengthen consultation and support services at a quick pace.
We emphasized with the vision of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in the UK, and established maggie’s Tokyo with the belief that a place to provide emotional and social support to people with cancer in Japan is necessary.
2704. Quality EducationKataribaNPOKumi ImamuraChairman of the BoardSuginami-ku, TokyoWe provide the visiting lectures to enlighten the high school students by proving the chances to talk with the senior.2001/11/1Offering the opportunity which high school students talk with senior to help their career build.High school's classmate recognized that the values would be changed by home environment and education opportunities, though people have the same background. The thinking of " I want to be a person like that" will even affect the future image. So, how can we eliminate the gap which bring by opportunities and envoronment. As one of the answers, we make communication space by giving visting lectures.https://www.katariba.or.jp/english/https://www.katariba.or.jp/
2811. Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesKyoto Foundation for Positive Social ChangePublic Interest Incorporated FoundationMasataka FukaoChief DirectorKyoto City, KyotoConduct fundraising, distribution of information and consulting to organizations which are involved in public activities. Connect these organizations to those who want to support public activities.2009/3/26We aim to contribute to the creation and the development of the sustainable and flourishing local community. To achieve this goal, we realize the hope of both public welfare organizations and those who want to support public activities such as solving the social problems and revitalizing local communities, coordinate resources and build the mechanism under which every person in the society support the public welfare.Kyoto Foundation for Positive Social Change aims to construct a local community, where each citizen can recognize themselves as the necessary existence to the society, and he/she can take part in the society. Especially, with diverse and multiple issues arising from drastic changes to the social structure, such as depopulation and the aging soceity, we want to focus our effort on forming a civil society, where knowledge and action come together, and for it to take on challenges boldly. To realize such a society, we will continue to make constant effort and to challenge with the theme, "Cycle of funds to support civic public activities."NAhttps://www.plus-social.jp/
2911. Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesArea Innovation AllianceGeneral Incorporated AssociationHitoshi KinoshitaRepresentative DirectorShinagawa-ku, Tokyo- Provide support program for those who are working in town building programs.
- Conduct joint trainings and communicate the method of problem-solving and information analysis.
2009/11/1We construct the alliance between local community and corporation or among local communities. We then develop and promote programs which contribute to local economic revitalization, and bring those business to the global market.
We also form local independent management model, with the collaboration between both domestic and foreign organizations who work for revitalization of the local community in urban areas and rural farming and fishing villages.
Until now, the revitalization of local communities is conducted independently. However, we need to collaborate beyond region to develop the activities because local resources are limited. Our organization was established by a group of those people with passion to change the local community.NAhttp://areaia.jp/
3003. Good Health and Well-BeingLight Ring.NPOAyaka IshiiRepresentative DirectorMinato-ku, TokyoIn order to expand social support for those with mental illness, we provide the programs on how to support them. we also provide lectures on mental health for middle,high school, univeristy students, as well as teachers.2010/01We wish to prevent mental problems and illnesses. So, we will increase the number of people who will learn, explore and disseminate ways of maintaining mental health and relieving stress.
We will encourage people with high problem consciousness to connect themselves and to enjoy multifaceted learning and activities. We aim to create cozy places where they can talk about mental health.
In Japan, the awareness of mental illness prevention is not enough and more focus is on soultions after falling ill. As a result, there is a lack of countermeasures for maintaining the mind healthy. Therefore, we, Light Ring., believe the "social condition which lacks awareness and measures for prevention" is the social issues.NAhttp://lightring.or.jp/
3116. Peace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsTerra RenaissanceNPOShingo OgawaChief DirectorKyoto City, KyotoPromote self-reliance of war-affected people in Asia and Africa by enhancing resilience together with raising awareness on the issue of landmine, small arms, child soldiers, and root causes of these issues in Japan.2001/10/31We aim to encourage every citizen to recognize "responsibility for the next generation" and to contribute to the realization of a society where all living things can live safely. In order to achieve this goal, we support the removal of landmines, and reconstruction efforts in conflict and disaster-affected areas, support conflict-affected people such as landmine victims and discharged soldiers, and promote public awareness of global citizenship.Masaya Onimaru established Terra Renaissance while studying at Ritsumeikan University with the aim to "realize a society where all living things can live safely" (October, 2001). What inspired him to establish the organization was when he visited a minefield in Cambodia that was damaged by landmines. He asked himself, "what can I do?" and realized, "I can tell the landmine problem to the Japanese people."NAhttps://www.terra-r.jp/
3208. Decent Work and Economic GrowthGuruguru Cheer-Up SupportersNPOMiori KashimaRepresentativeIshinomaki City, MiyagiSupport for community in disaster-afflicted areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake2011/5/11We find and broaden the specific stage of activity and workstyle for the person while cherishing one's stage of life and the lifestyle.
Also, we focus on the resources including human resources original there and find the way that how to make good use of their value.
The trigger that we established our group was there were many people who had no way of transport from their shelters.
However, we realized to support transportation in the afflicted areas, we noticed that it was only the means, and that "destination" and "places to belong" are necessary. It is the afflicted area that lost "places of work and communities in which people can feel they are accepted." They need not only transportation means, but also "contact point or places to be involved with society." From then on, we are aiming to create a "place to interact with people and be active" = "work making life worth living."
3317. Partnerships for the GoalsMakairaCompanyKo FujiiCEOChiyoda-ku, TokyoMakaira is a public affairs consultancy focused on technology, culture, and social innovation that aims to solve various issues among stakeholders and bring new values to the society.2014/6/3To enrich the world by solving clients’ problems through communications and strategic stakeholder engagement.We think that we should breathe new fire into Japanese commercial sector that has long stuck to 20th-century business model. Thus, Ko Fujii co-founded Makaira to meet the needs of PR and advocacy for promoting social sectors and promising technology.http://makairaworld.com/en/http://makairaworld.com/Japan Times: Ex-bureaucrat on mission to trigger technological revolution
URL: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/05/01/national/ex-bureaucrat-mission-trigger-technological-revolution/#.W1qq49j7Sm0
3517. Partnerships for the GoalsReady ForCompanyHaruka Mera
Naoki Hiura
Representative DirectorBunkyo-ku, TokyoRunning crowdfunding platform2014/7/1We connect planners, and supporters who synpathize with their concept and want to support them.READYFOR is a pioneer crowdfunding company in Japan.NAhttps://readyfor.jp/
3604. Quality EducationBrain HumanityNPOManabu MatsumotoChief DirectorNishinomiya-shi, HyogoWe provide edcuational guidance for teenages comprehensively, including homeschooling and culture learning.1994/5/1Offering the opportunity which the students touch different values to present an option for the future.Started from the assistant activities during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we take part in various fields now, like holding wild camp event, oversea workcamp,supporting the truancy children etc.NAhttp://www.brainhumanity.or.jp/
3703. Good Health and Well-BeingMadre BonitaNPOMaco YoshiokaFounder, CEOShibuya-ku, TokyoProviding classes on care before and after childbirth, training and authorizing instructor who can implement the berore and after chilrbirth care program, collecting and analysing knowlege ont after childbirth care.1998/9/3By means of post-partum care workshops and by providing birth/postpartum preparation apps, we will solve social issues which are likely to occur after childbirth such as postpartum depression, infant abuse, couple discord and M curve problem (the declining employment rate found in Japanese women in their 30s).Currently, "healthcare for mothers after birth" is not enough. After childbirth, allthough mothers' psycial and mental situation are close to its limit, their health comes second as they have to pay more attention to the newborn duing the period necessary for their own healthy recovery.

This corporation works to increase the awareness of the importance of after childbith care in the public, meanwhile, to develop, research and provide "the before and after childbirth bodycare and fitness program." It also trains program instructurors. In doing so, it aims for women who become mothers to spend the introductory period of childrearing comfortably, and contribute to healthy development of children, prevention of child abuse, local revitalizatoin, women's empowerment (support for women's independence), and declining birthrate.
3816. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutionspeace winds JAPANNPOKensuke OnishiRepresentative DirectorHiroshimaEmergency relief, restoration/reconstruction assistance, and development support in conflict and disaster-affected areas.1996/02/01We provide prompt emergency humanitarian assistance to people whose lives are being threatened by conflicts, natural disasters, and so on.
We provide reconstruction and development assistance for independence of the people who are in need due to the collapse of social infrastructure.
We work on prevention and resolution of conflicts through activities at the support site.
We distribute information on the necessity of support and raise public awareness.
We promose recommendations for more effective aid system, and make efforts to improve the system.
Kensuke Onishi was a coordinator in charge of northern Iraq in the Asian Human Rights Fund. Since the fund withdrew from Iraq due to financial difficulties, he founded Peace Winds Japan with two other staff members.http://peace-winds.org/en/http://peace-winds.org/
3916. Peace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsAsia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management JAPANNPOKensuke Onishi
Representative DirectorSagaDisaster support activities. Our "The Airborne Rescue and Medical Team" consists of a search and rescue and medical teams, and is dispatched to the affected areas immediately after the occurrence of a large-scale disaster on disaster-support planes. A-PAD Japan is a Japanese affliate of A-PAD, which provide mutual support to public-private partnerships across different countries in the event of disasters in Asia.2015/11/13A-PAD quickly corresponds to the large-scale disasters at home and abroad, as the Japanese platform which aims to build a mechanism for NGOs, companies, and governments to coopereate with each other across borders for disaster relief in the Asia Pacific region.Established in November 2015 as a Japanese platform of the Asia Pacific Alliance (A-PAD), which carries out support activities in public-private partnerships across different countries in case of large-scale disasters. To be able to provide assistance as soon as possible in the case of an emergency, we have deployed a disaster-support plane at Saga Airport and set up a "flying doctors team" that can head for the afflicted area immediately after a disaster occurs.http://a-padj.org/en/index.htmlhttp://a-padj.org/index.html
4017. Partnerships for the Goals8bitnewsMediaJun HoriRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoRunning owned media2012/10/10We manage the online media platform where anyone can raise the voice.NANAhttp://8bitnews.org/
4111. Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesGreen BirdNPOToshinari YokooChief DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoOrganizing "City Cleaning Project" and volunteer recruitment for the project2003/5/1Anyone can be a member of green bird if you declare "not to throw away trash and cigarette."
The main activity is "cleaning of the city," but this is not mandatory.
It is only necessary to have the feeling that "polluting the city is uncool."
Participatory type volunteer project born in Harajuku/Omotesando with a concept of "Clean city cleans people's mind."NAhttp://www.greenbird.jp/
4203. Good Health and Well-BeingNEXTEPNPOTomoyuki ShimazuChief DirectorKoushi City, KumamotoProviding support for: - the children who have to stay at home because of severe disability or intractable disease. -truant children in primary or middle school, and their parents. Planning and implementing exchange meeting and lectures between different industries.2000/12/01In order to create communities full of smiles, we, together with people there, will conceive and implement projects necessary to solve the problems of medicine, welfare, education etc.A project to create the places for interaction and learning regardless of generation or profession was launched and has been operated mostly by college students in Kumamoto who were aware of the necessity to meet with a lot of people, elevate themselves and design the future.NAhttp://www.nextep-k.com/
4317. Partnerships for the GoalswajacompanyKoji KoyasuCOOMinato-ku, TokyoRunning "FASHION CHARITY PROJECT(FCP)" that the users can donate and buy fashion items and contribute to the sustainable world2003/5/6We aim at bringing sustainability and scalablility into charity.To make charity sustainable, we have to make needs-based system without relying on good will and sympathy. FCP was founded to embody the concept through promoting ethical fashion on e-commerce platform.NAhttps://www.waja.co.jp/fcp/
4403. Good Health and Well-BeingSwitchNPOYuka TakahashiChief DirectorSendai-shi, MiyagiProvide accompanying-style support for young people's school and workplace. Run educational activity for prevention of mental illness.2011/3/2We handle any type of consultations concerning employment and education and aim to show various options and suggest better way of lifeTakahashi, our representative, whose hobby was sports in general, fell down while participating in a motorcycle endurance race several years ago and had to quit her job due to the serious compound fracture of the thigh bone. After that she was forced to live a life in a wheelchair. However, she continued rehabilitation and regained her ability to walk. Based on those experiences and her own problem consciousness, she decided to establish an organization that would be committed in education assistance and employment support mostly for young people from the mental-health point of view.NAhttp://switch-sendai.org/
4501. No PovertyLiving in PeaceNPOShinzo Nakazato
Gong Yiqun
PresidentTokyo- Support microfinance institutions by creating microfinance fund in developing countries
- Support to improve the care environment of child welfare facilities and children's career paths.
-Supporting refugees in finding sustainable and skilled employment opportunities in Japan.
2007/10/28We have two goals for our activities; "reduction of poverty through achieving equal opportunity" and "development of a model for part-time social contribution." We strive to establish a model where members of the society can contribute to the society while working for corporations.Living in Peace (LIP) has established in October 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. We believe that the alleviating poverty enables poor to take control of own lives and makes it possible to achieve a peaceful life. To achieve this goal, all LIP members are motivated volunteers who work over weekends and after work. This provides new working style that people who want to contribute to society can have full-time job on the side from volunteering. LIP mainly work in three different projects, Microfinance Project (LIP-MF) , Kodomo Project (LIP-Kodomo) and Refugees Project (LIP-RF) LIP has its roots in supporting Cambodian and Vietnamese microfinance institutions and foster children in Japan, and later started supporting refugees in finding sustainable and skilled employment opportunities in Japan.NAhttps://www.living-in-peace.org/
4617. Partnerships for the GoalsAccountability for ChangeNPOKazuya KomadaRepresentative DirectorTokyoProvinding training courses of accounting standards for non-profit organizations, and promoting networking between accounting experts and non-profit organizations2016/3/3We use pro-bono approaches and contribute to the sustainable growth of social sectors. Also, we work on educating accountants who can adopt new-generation frameworks to support the business sectors.Accountability for Change started accounting-related services to condribute to the development of social sectors and raising new-generation accounting professionals.NAhttp://www.accountability4change.com/
4717. Partnerships for the GoalsKIBOWGeneral Incorporated FoundationReiji Yamanaka運営担当者、KIBOW Impact Investment Team DirectorChiyoda-ku, TokyoProject KIBOW has been able to develop activities in the following three fields:

1) Bringing hope to people and becoming a hub of network through KIBOW events organized in disaster-hit areas

2) Serving as a bridge between Japan and the world by sending “Emails from Japan”, a regular email update on the progress in reconstruction efforts in Japan

3) Collecting donations totaling over 90 million yen, which are being allocated for reconstruction initiatives.
2011/3/14Our business is categorized into three branches. 1) Making places that leaders from affected areas can exchange their opinions and values. 2) Providing grant for those promicing leaders 3) Operating social impact investment.On the evening of March 14th, three days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, a group of young entrepreneurs and leaders gathered at GLOBIS in Tokyo. Amidst continuing aftershocks and rolling blackouts, and with nuclear reactors exploding in Fukushima, we engaged in earnest debate about what we could do at a time of such national crisis.
KIBOW being a coined word from Japanese “kibou (meaning hope)” and “rainbow”. It was a voluntary-based project aiming to support the earliest possible recovery of the areas seriously affected by the catastrophic events.
4804. Quality EducationTokyo Community SchoolNPOKazuyuki KuboFounder & Chief DirectorNakano-ku, TokyoManaging a "micro-school" that aims at providing educational opportunities that focus on experience-based learning as well as technology-based individualized learning.2004/08/30We will create an environment where children can learn with confidence in a familial atmosphere, and provide a new style of education known as the "micro-school". Children engage in learning that is based on a curriculum that has been built at the Organisation over years of experimentation and research.Founded as a place to implement education with the philosophy to "learn and grow steadily, together with people, society and nature, blossoming as unique individuals and realizing their full potential".http://tokyocs.org/en/http://tokyocs.org/
4917. Partnerships for the GoalsCAMPFIRECompanyKazuma IeiriCEOShibuya-ku, TokyoRunning crowdfunding platform2011/1/14We make the new place that anyone can have access to, send the message to many people and get support through crowdfunding.How should we live in this post-capitalism era? One of the answer is "bringing everything back to each individual." Making the most of the existing system and updating it, we, CAMPFIRE tries to make the society more democratic with the assistance of information technology.NAhttps://camp-fire.jp/
5005. Gender EqualitysourireCompanyAtsuko HorieCEOMinato-ku, TokyoJapan's first family internship "Work & Life Intern"2010/11/01Our mission is to create a society where everyone can live a life in his/her own way and raise children with a smile.The CEO of sourire, when she was in college, had an amazing experience of supporting a woman entrepreneur to raise her one month-old baby. She learned how challenging child rearing is as well as how the entrepreneur balanced her work and life. Such experience of learning from role models in college has led to the CEO to start the Work & Life Intern.NAhttp://sourire-heart.com/
5104. Quality EducationCode for everyoneNPOYuta TonegawaRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoWe support the teachers to give interesting programming class.2015/7/1In order for every child in Japan can fully enjoy programming, we provide sufficient education to teachers who are lack of IT literacy.Japanese government decided to make programming a compulsory subject in an elementary school from 2020. However, most of teachers are incapable of teaching it.NAhttps://code.or.jp/
5204. Quality EducationWakatsukuGeneral Incorporated AssociationKazuma WatanabeRepresentative DirectorSendai-shi, Miyagi1. Providing internship opportunities to raise youth and helping them with networking 2. Supporting youth-led project that aims at solving local problems 3. Promoting the cooperation among industry, bureau, academic institutions and citizens 4. Supporting the public relations matters 5. Launching business in order to fulfill the corporation's purpose2011/7/12Support and help young people to join the regional society and make an innovation.Aim for the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, young people are beginning to challenge for solving social issues. We are founded to support them to accelerate it and to change this Tohoku into the place where young people grow.NAhttp://www.wakatsuku.jp/
5304. Quality EducationLearning for AllNPOHyungsik LeeRepresentative DirectorShinjuku-ku, Tokyo-Provide high-quality learning opportunities to the children in difficult situations.
-Foster human talent for solving social problems.
2014Our mission is to eradicate the education gap in Japan. To achieve this mission, we provide children in difficult situations with high-quality learning opportunities, and contribute building a society which all children can believe in their own potential.The founder grew up in the area where many families suffered from poverty and saw "disparity" and "poverty" with his own eyes. He had a friend who belongs to a fraught family situation, and met a lot of people who had to give up their dreams because of their educational circumstances. By those experiences, the founder was determined to commit solving social problems of "child poverty" as a person deeply concerned, and launched "Learning for All".NAhttp://learningforall.or.jp/
5403. Good Health and Well-BeingJapan Care Venture AssociationGeneral Incorporated AssociationMasayuki SaitoRepresentative DirectorChuo-ku, TokyoWe provide support for the care industry entrants through consultation and event management.2000We aim to establish a system of open mutual support mostly among young entrepreneurs in the nursing-care industry.It is urgent that we correctly recognize the situation where the current nursing-care industry is situated and create an industry in which the sound competition principle would function by enabling the users to select services, which is the basic philosophy of Japan's nursing-care insurance system. In order for sound business operators to provide high quality nursing services, it is essential to acquire human resources of better quality. Therefore we believe that it will be more important than anything else to make people aware of the excellence of services and professions concerning nursing and build a scheme to make talented personnel willing to join the industry.NAhttp://www.jcva.jp/
5505. Gender EqualityNijiiro DiversityNPOMaki MurakiRepresentative DirectorKita-ku, OsakaResearch, lectures, consulting, and other activities to promote workplace equality in Japan.2013/7/26Our mission is to create a society where sexual minorities and the allies can be empowered and everyone feels comfortable to live in through transforming the workplace in Japan to respect sexual minorities."Promote diversity and inclusion for all including sexual minorities"
Nijiiro Diversity envisions a world where sexual minorities are treated equally, support with each other, tend to their health and wellbeing, and show their full abilities. It is beneficial not only for sexual minorities but also for the business and society to create a work environment where diversity is embraced and everyone is valued.
5617. Partnerships for the GoalsBLP Networkprivate organizationToru TakiguchiPresidentTokyoManaging pro-bono network of legal workers that non-profit organizations can find lawers2012/8/29We try to sustain the development of social sector by using approaches of legal affairs in private sector and work on adbocacy to adopt legal changes.Nowadays, many non-profit organizations and social ventures are growing drastically and at the same time, the needs for lawers who can work on lagal affairs in business side. To provide the networking service among the business-oriented lawyers, BLP-NETWORK was founded.NAhttp://www.blp-network.com/
5704. Quality EducationPIECESNPOIbuki OzawaRepresentative DirectorBunkyo-ku, TokyoWe bring up the community youth workers and provide the further training. We also take part in the citizen network creation project.2016/06/22We support underpriviledged children in order not to they feel being isolated from the society through training "community youth worker".The founder was a psychiatrist. This clinical experience realized her that in the background of various problems surrouding children exist social isolation of children and weakining of mutual assistance and division among stakeholders who support growth of children. She was then determined to create divesified and inclusive safety net for children before they fall in such socially isolated situation.NAhttp://www.pieces.tokyo/
5803. Good Health and Well-BeingKagayakiNPORyoichi IchihashiRepresentativeHashima-gun,GifuWe provide home-visit support incliuding medical check, care, music treapy, management nutrition. We also provide travel suppport for the disabled, solution for peope vulnerable to disaster, awareness training and children's cafeteria.2009/4/1We support people who wish to spend the rest of their lives at home with peace of mind.Since we were established in 2009 as a clinic specialized in home health care, we have been visiting patients who have difficulty going to the hospital, with 1,500 personnel, 24 hours every day, 365 days every year. We have been engaged in human resource development projects and educational activities as a regional base for realizing communities where people with disabilities can live with peace of mind.http://www.sogo-zaitaku.jp/en/index.htmlhttp://www.sogo-zaitaku.jp/index.html
5917. Partnerships for the GoalsService Grant JapanNPOIkuma SagaFounder & CEOShibuya-ku, TokyoWe support non-profit organizations by matching business professionals and graphic design with non-profit organizations. Services for non-profit organizations vary from marketing, IT, BPR and strategic planning. We attract more than 4,000 professionals, and successfully deliver more than 100 projects annually.2009/5/13We offer project-based grant to strengthen the financial foundation of non-profit organizations by making the good use of our experties in management.NANAhttp://servicegrant.or.jp/A member of Global Pro Bono Network
6004. Quality EducationKIDS' DOORNPOYumiko WatanabeChief DirectorChuo-ku, TokyoWe provide the learning support for free to the children who have economic hardship.2007/01/01We support junior high students with financial disadvantage by providing
free tutors to prepare them for high school entering exams.
6104. Quality EducationTEDICNPOYu KadomaRepresentative DirectorIshinomaki City, MiyagiWe provide the space to study and learning support for the children in Ishinomaki area.2011/05/12We provide a place where children who lost their place because of the poverty or child abuse feel comfortable.The founder was told by many children who suffered from the damage of huge earthquake which hit north-east part of Japan in 2011 seemingly contradictive stories saying "thanks to the earthquake I got support", "only after the earthquake I was free from the difficulties". He realized the fact that many children are suffering from poverty, bullying, negligence, abusing and the other difficulties against which they can do anything by themselves and can't say "help me!" to the others. These experiences led the founder to take action for children to live a life with happinessNAhttps://www.tedic.jp/
6205. Gender EqualityFathering Japan KansaiNPOAtsushi ShinodaChief DirectorChiyoda-ku, OsakaHost seminars, conduct research, and provide consultation on paternal child rearing.2010/05/23Our ultimate goal is to change the concept of child rearing and to make positive influence on family, an organization and society, by creating values and enhancing father's role in child-rearing.When I became a father, I felt it difficult to balance work and child rearing. I have met many fathers who think raising children is a burden on their lives. Though it is true that having children comes with many responsibilities, it is a shame that child rearing keeps parents away from doing what they want to do. I started this organization to shift the paradigm by making child rearing not a burden, but a springboard for success.NAhttp://fjkansai.jp/
6304. Quality EducationChildren and Youth Support & rearing AssociationGeneral Incorporated AssociationSeigo UekiRepresentative DirectorOsaka-shi, OsakaWe hold the lectures, training semiar and courses for developmental disorder teenages to get the certification.2009/08/07Our mission is to assist the development of human resources and research to support children of developmental disorder.There are about 700,000 children with developmental disorder in general elementary and junior high schools nationwide, and many of them are in trouble with acquiring academic achievement and choosing career despite lack of intellectual ability delays. We support children to demonstrate their possibilities in society through the training of supporters with the correct knowledge which become a sympathizer of children with developmental disabilities.NAhttps://cysa.or.jp/
6517. Partnerships for the GoalsNimaimeNPOHiro YukiPresidentShibuya-ku, TokyoSupporting those who try to create something new beyond their workplaces, status and the previous social framework2009/9/1Since the trend of work style in the world is changing, we try to accomplish our mission taht anyone can work beyond the present status.The founder got inspeired by innovators who work beyond their organizations and status. To promote the new career path among workers, he founded "Nimaime" which means the second name card in Japanese.NAhttp://nimaime.com/#&panel1-1
6608. Decent Work and Economic GrowthAction against Child ExploitationNGOYuka IwatsukiPresidentTaito-ku, TokyoFor abolition and prevention of child labor through social contribution activities such as social business by supporting children in India, Africa, and Ghana, working with citizens, governments, and companies in Japan.1997/12/1ACE (Ace) is a Japan-born international cooperation NGO with the vision of a world without child labor. Aiming at achieving the global goal specified in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) "ending child labor by 2025," we provide direct support to children and families, who are involved in child labor, advocacy to the government, collaborating with private corporations, and raising awareness of citizens and provision of participatory opportunities.In 1997, Yuka Iwatsuki learned of the global movement of "Global march against child labor" which traveled for six months for a distance of 80,000 kilometers across five continents to appeal for the abolition of child labor with the cooperation of more than 1,000 organizations in 103 countries worldwide.
However, there were no organizations that implement such movement in Japan. She thought, ""what a waste of a great chance! I want to inform the reality of child labor!"" Thus, to implement it in Japan, she wrote a letter of intent in one night and invited Shiraki, who is currently the executive director of the organization, and five students launched ACE as a fixed-term NGO.
6717. Partnerships for the GoalsThe Sanaburi FoundationPublic Interest Incorporated FoundationSeiichi OtakiPresidentSendai-shi, MiyagiSupporting disaster-affected individuals or organizations in Tohoku area that plan to start fundraising2011/6/1We make the most of our knowledge and experience and connect planners and supporters who both want to breathe new fire into the future of disaster-affected regions in Tohoku area.After the Great East Japan Earthquake, The Sanaburi Foundation started to support the recovery in Tohoku area and regional promotion.http://www.sanaburifund.org/shiensupport/en/http://www.sanaburifund.org/
6817. Partnerships for the GoalsKaze to tsubasaCompanyEri MizutaniCEOSetagaya-ku, TokyoConsultation service about organization development
Research, PR and policy planning for bringing collective impact
2017/04/02We support potential social entrepreneurs and try to enhance their management skills.Engaged in research and consulting projects related to policymaking of non-profit sector, especially social finance and social investment, the founder started Kaze to tsubasa.NAhttp://www.kazetotsubasa.com/
6917. Partnerships for the GoalsFuture SessionsCompanyTakahiko NomuraCEOShibuya-ku, TokyoInnovation consulting and producing the Future Sessions2012/6/1To create new social innovation, we connect imaginative and creative experts, pragmatists and entrepreneurs.To support social innovation beyond enterprise, government and non-profit organizations, Future Sessions was founded.NAhttps://www.futuresessions.com/
7017. Partnerships for the GoalsJapan Social Impact Investment
General Incorporated FoundationMitsuaki AoyagiRepresentative DirectorMinato-ku, TokyoEstablishment of output-driven private-public partnership such as social impact bond
Research-based lobbying and networking for promoting social impact bond in Japan
2017/3/17We try to create role-models of social impact investment, practice them and solve social issues.Japan Social Impact Investment
Foundation started to create a new capital flow model beyond private and public sectors.
7117. Partnerships for the GoalsYaromaiCompanyShoji AkimotoCEOGifu-shi, GifuConsultation service for founding and managing public industrial support centers2014/05/08We support local enterprises and entrepreneurs so that local communities become active as it used to be in the past.NANAhttp://yaromai.wixsite.com/info
7201. No PovertyVOLUNTEER PLATFORM (VPF)General Incorporated AssociationShinji FukushimaPresidentShinjuku-ku, Tokyo•VPF social action project (Direct support project)
•Sending volunteers oversea (Intervening support project)
•Volunteer Portal Website (Indirect support project)
2003/11/25VPF has a vision of supporting vulnerable people and children around the world – with an aim to create a world where everyone has their right to choose their own way of life without being held back by poverty and other life conditions.There are many approaches to international cooperation such as political, economical, and educational. Through research of methods of international cooperation, "sustainability" and "efficiency" have been the challenges of many international cooperation activities. We then began to think that using the economics and IT coud be very effective. At that time, the word ”social business” was not common; however, we believed social business utilizing IT can solve many bottlenecks of international cooperation, and we started the contribution program using this solution. We established the International Cooperation NGO Volunteering Platform in 2003 (incorporated in 2011), with a purpose of supporting people and children around the world in difficulties. We are working endlessly to achieve the goal.http://volunteer-platform.org/en/http://volunteer-platform.org/Award for the "Disaster Relief Service"
7304. Quality EducationJAENPOMichiru BannoRepresentative DirectorOsaka-shi, Osaka-Dreams Come True School, the employee training program collaborates with career design program for students
-Entre-turn, the long-term practical internship opportunities for college students
2001/03/03To nurture the mind of entrepreneurship, JAE offers various internship and taining programs to university students, business persons, school teachers and public officers.We will continue to create opportunities for children and young people to "be acquainted with the power to create society of the future" as well as "to know the as is".NAhttp://jae.or.jp/
7403. Good Health and Well-BeingAIMSNPOShintaro TakaiPresidentChiyoda-ku, TokyoAIMS organizes Grief Care Programs to provide emotional support for children who lost their parent to cancer.2011/8/1AIMS provides emotional care and support for healthy development of children who have lost their parent to cancer.After being diagnosed with cancer and told how many years are left for his life, a father of a little daughter researched about available grief care and experts for his daughter. As he learned the reality of care in Japan, he decided to establish AIMS to provide emotional care for children.NAhttp://www.aims-japan.org/
7517. Partnerships for the GoalsPartnership Support CenterNPOMasayo KishidaRepresentative DirectorNagoya-shi, AichiOrganizing "Japan Partnership Award"
Education and Enlightment
Research and Development
Building public awareness of transsector partnership.
2006We try to increase the number of social partnerships, mainly among non-profit organizations so that everyone can respect each other.After visiting the headquarter in 1993 and organizing partnership tour with enterprises and non-profit organizations in 1996, Partnership Support Center was founded in Japan.NAhttp://www.psc.or.jp/
7605. Gender Equalitygood aging yellsNPOGon MatsunakaRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoPromote social education/ Promote gender-equal society/ Promote healthcare, medical and wellbeing2010/4/4We aim to create a place where people with various characteristics can age comfortably while being themselves regardless of their gender, age, nationality and experience.Good Aging Yells is founded to promote a society where LGBT can age well.NAhttp://goodagingyells.net/
7705. Gender EqualitymanmaCompanyHinae NioriCEOToshima-ku, TokyoFamily Internship/ Life Career Support Program/ Consultation/ Lectures and training program/ PR support/ Event organizing, others2014/1/1We aim to create a better environment for families by cooperating with local communities, youth and the government.Concept of family is going through significant changes as the society becomes more diverse. How should the family be in today's society? What system is needed to support family? We strive to realize our vision – Expand the concept of family and make everyone happy - through addressing issues surrounding familie by going to the field, thinking and creating solutions as an actor.NAhttps://manma.co/
7804. Quality EducationseishunNPOWako IshiguroRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoWe run the online media for teens, which is planned and edited all by teen agers.2015/9/1We are managing a web media by the teenagers, for the teenagers. Through PBL(Project Based Learning) style of active learning, teeagers collect first-hand information and realize their own ability to challenge new activity and how exciting it is to take action.Founded to implement PBL, Project Based Learning, the education that engages students in solving a real-world problem or solving a real-world problem or the school, into the society, and to support people that promote PBL.NAhttp://seishun.style/
7908. Decent Work and Economic GrowthShuRCompany and NPOJunto OhkiPresident & CEOShinagawa-ku, TokyoB to B (Company): Online Japanese Sign Language (JSL) interpretation service, in-person /call center JSL interpretation services, and online JSL dictionary
B to C (NPO): Sign language TV and adult education courses offered in JSL, JSL translation service, video production, and lectures
2008 Realize the social equality between
the Deaf and hearing people no matter they can hear or not.
Junto Ohki was attracted by the beauty of the Japanese Sign Language (JSL), and started studying by himself while in college. In the same year, Junto produced, choreographed, and performed a sign-language back-up chorus for a singerYo Hitoto for the New Year's Eve singing contest sponsored and broadcast by NHK. Through this experience, Junto noticed that the Deaf only had few entertainment choices, and started volunteering in video production in sign language. He founded ShuR Group in 2008, after realized insufficient social infrastructure for the Deaf (e.g., they cannot make an emergency call in sign language.)http://shur.jp/en/index.htmlhttp://shur.jp/https://www.ashoka.org/fellow/junto-ohki

8003. Good Health and Well-BeingAIDS Orphans Support NGO PLASNGORuiko MondaPresidentTaito-ku, TokyoProviding the AIDS orphans support for improving their livelihoods, giving life planning assistance
Encouraging the HIV postive people to take treatment actively, Advocacy for the issues
2005/12/9Aim for a society where children who are affected by HIV can open up their future by themselves.HIV / AIDS orphans has not been cared enough. Even if they are taken over by relatives' houses, they are treated as discriminatory. We started to support those orphans to go back to school.NAhttps://www.plas-aids.org/
8103. Good Health and Well-BeingHealth and Global Policy InstituteNPORyoji Noritakeexecutive directorChiyoda-ku, TokyoHealth Policy Research and Study, Policy Recommendation, Human Resource Development, and Information Exchange2004/4/1Our mission is to improve the civic mind and individuals’ well-being, and to foster a sustainable healthy community by shaping ideas and values, reaching out to global needs, and catalyzing society for impact.
We commit to activities that bring together relevant players in different fields, in order to provide innovative and practical solutions, and to help interested citizens understand choices and benefits in a global, broader, and long-term perspective.
To realize civic-driven health policies, the organization was founded as a non-profit, independent, non-partisan and private health policy think tank. We aim to become the innovative energy for health policy, by establishing agenda relevant to various stakeholders and presenting new perspectives and argements in order to solve issues on health policies at the global level.http://www.hgpi.org/en/https://www.hgpi.org/HGPI was ranked 4th among global health policy think tanks, and ranked 3rd among domestic health policy think tanks in the University of Pennsylvania's 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.
8217. Partnerships for the GoalsGrassrootsNPOHayato TaniRepresentative DirectorChiyoda-ku, TokyoProviding support for grass-root activity and problem-solving in public sector2017/7/1We try to maximize the value of civic activity through support for grass-root acticity, management consultation and etc.Grassroots Japan started to meet the needs for solving issues in public domain and helping each citizen to raise the voice.NAhttps://grass-roots.net/media/
8317. Partnerships for the GoalsMurakami FoundationGeneral Incorporated FoundationAya MurakamiRepresentative DirectorShibuya-ku, TokyoProviding financial education program2016/8/22NANANAhttps://murakamizaidan.jp/
8417. Partnerships for the GoalsWITGeneral Incorporated AssociationMio YamamotoExecutive DirectorBunkyo-ku, Tokyo- Leadership circle for social impact
- Management partner development for mission-driven organizations
- Learning Journey and Creation Journey (Field visits and trust relationship building)
- Matching of board members, advisors, mentors, and business partners for mission-driven organizations
- Board & Governance workshop and consulting
2011/09/01WIT aims to accelerate social innovation through catalyzing dynamic and in-depth collaborations among mission-driven organizations and business leaders across different countries and sectors. We envision a society where everyone can make a difference from anywhere in the world.WIT was founded in the wake of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011 to collaborate and empower mission-driven organizations in the affected area, in partnership with US-Japan leaders from diverse fields. We changed our organization name from WiA to WIT in 2014, and has expanded our geographical area of activities to outside of the affected area as well since 2016.http://worldintohoku.org/http://worldintohoku.org/
8510. Reduced InequalitiesNantokanaruNPOMasahiro Okaoto
Yuto Yoshida
Co-representativeYokosuka-shi, KanagawaSelf-reliance support for the youth who cannot live at home:
Provide a support package of job, housing and education

- Ensuring employment experience to acquire specific skills and become self-reliant
- Creating an environment where the youth can hear “welcome back” and “I am home," and they can have meals together
- Conducting activities such as education support, programming education and a dog program through which they can learn compassion
2016/07/13Self-reliance support for the youth who cannot live at home:
How can youth find housing and employment, when they are from children's homes, reform schools, and prisons and cannot return to their families? What is needed for their recovery is not the temptation from the underworld, but the support from the local community. Until now, we have relied on the devoting efforts by limited number of players such as probation officers to solve this issue. However, with increasing citizens' interest, it is necessary to expand the supportive network, not limited to the administrational position.
Co-representative, Okamoto(a scaffold constructor), has accepted more than 70 youth from children's homes, reform schools and prisons for 13 years. Together with co-representative, Yoshida, a former mayor for eight years, they established the organization to improve the retention rate for work.NAhttp://www.nan-toka-naru.net/The Japan Times
DEC 30, 2016

Yokosuka businessman with troubled past looks to take in ex-offenders, turn them around

8601. No PovertyFree The Children JapanNPOSanae NakajimaChairperson of the BoardSetagaya-ku, TokyoTo achieve our vision, we implement two core programs:
1) Free The Children program: International cooperation and supporting activity to free children from poverty and discrimination in and out of Japan. Active in Philippines, India, Mongolia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. In Japan, we have supported children who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto Earthquake.

2) WE Movement program: The activity for Japanese, especially children and the youth, to not only teach them about domestic and international social issues, but also to to make them think these problems as their own issues, and to nurture capabilities to change the society for the better.
1999/01/01To create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.

Mission1: To Free children around the world from poverty and discrimination.
Mission2: To Free children from the idea that they are powerless to make a difference.
One morning, Craig, a Canadian boy (then 12 years old), was shocked to discover on the newspaper that there are many children working like slaves across the world because of poverty. Why do they have to work as children? Why can't they go to school? With these questions and a sense of anger, and he began to feel the urge to help those children, who were forced to work. He then thought the children's problems should be tackled by children themselves and thus established “Free The Children” (Current WE).
One day, a 25 year old Japanese woman, Sanae Nakajima (current CEO) read an article about Craig's establishment of Free The Children, and was resonated with the philosophy of “international cooperation for children by children.” She felt that Japan needed this kind of movement for children to raise their voice for issues related to children, and to create a better world. To introduce Craig to Japanese children, she esbalisehd the Japanese branch in 1999. Currently, as many as 1,500 children and youth are active members.
8701. No PovertyFairStart SupportNPOTeppei NagaokaRepresentative DirectorYokohama-shi, Kanagawa- Career education program:
Provide individual consultation on employment and coordinate company visits and work experiences according to users' requests and competence. We partner with about 100 companies. We develop customized support for each individual, including interview, company visit, job experience, internship and social gathernigs from diverse industries. Through these activities, we support employment at the time of graduation.

- Follow-up services
Prevent early turnover by creating a community as a safe space and organizing events such as sport tournament and dinner party regularly among the youth and volunteers. We also contact the companies the youth are working at, the facilities they lived and their part-time high schools, and follow them up after they start working.
2013/1/4“Provide support to every youth who must find employment at the age of 18"
From the year of establishment to last year, we had provided employment support with the primary focus on children's homes for social nurturing. Since July 2015, we have broadened our scope to youth in part-time high schools. There are, however, many youth in general high schools who are from families receiving welfare benefits or have roots in foreign countries. They also have to become independent at earlier stage of their lives.

“Nationwide expansion"
Since the fall of 2016, we have began expanding the area of our activity, and we are currently in the midst of starting our support in the entire Kanto region. Moving foward, we will accept more individual requests for support in the new areas and make achivements. In the future, we will broaden the area further for the nationwide expansion.
Nagaoka, current CEO, who worked to support company's recruitment and students' job search in a private company, identified major issues in the youth and employment such as the shortage of youth in small and medium sized companies and increasing number of unemployed youth. After realizing that children from children's homes have a higher chance of ending up in the "working poor," he decided to support youth employment and started the activity as a solo proprietorship in 2010.NAhttp://fair-start.co.jp/
8808. Decent Work and Economic GrowthFreelance Association JapanGeneral Incorporated AssociationMari HirataRepresentative DirectorChuo-ku, TokyoProvision of the benefit plan for freelance / Survey / Advocacy / Community building / Career support / Support for the corporations who intend to work with freelance.2017/01/26We assist people who want to work under their own name as independent contractor or side jobs without depending on corporations. Specifically, we aim for: 1) supporting the autonomous career development of workers, 2) promoting awareness of equal partnership between corporations and individuals, 3) developing a social security system that is neutral to working style, so that people can go back and forth through various working styles such as corporate employee, freelance, and side jobs according to life events and career stage.The association is an organization founded by professional-freelance with the vision to improve the choices of various ways of working style, so that each person can build a career autonomously according to their life events and career stages.NAhttps://www.freelance-jp.org/
8904. Quality EducationBlastbeatNPOShinichi KamiyoRepresentative DirectorSuginami-ku, TokyoSocial Education/Community Development/Academic・Culture・Art・Sports/the Sound Growth of Children/Economic Stimulation/Vocational Ability・Employment Opportunity/Contact・Advice・Support2010/9/10Blast Beat offers social enterprise programme that leverages young people’s interest in Music & Sport to engage them in learning life skills and more. Participants are exposed to alternative career paths and opportunities as they learn by doing via an event management & creative social enterprise creation programme.An educational program that started in Ireland in 2003. Following Britain, America, South Africa, volunteers founded the program in Japan in the summer of 2009. Over the next eight years, over 50 high schools and over 400 from 80 universities across Japan participated in the program. (As of June 2018)NAhttp://blastbeat.jp/
9003. Good Health and Well-BeingHome-Start JapanNPOYasuyuki SaigoRepresentative DirectorShinjuku-ku, TokyoHome-Start volunteers help families with young children deal with the challenges they face. We support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children. As Hom-Start national organization, HS-Japan is promoting its home-visiting family support for young children all over Japan and improving its quality.2006/07A child’s early years are critical to their future. We want to see a society in which every parent has the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life.We support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children.Home-Start started in 1973 in Lecester, UK and spread over 22 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Nothern America. Since 2009, across Japan 2,000 volunteers have supported 6,000 families and 10,000 children to transform their lives. There are 96 local, independent Home-Starts.
Families struggling with post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems and many other issues receive the support of a volunteer who will spend around two hours a week in a family’s home supporting them in the ways they need.
http://www.homestartjapan.org/eng/http://www.homestartjapan.org/Awarded in Healthy Parents & Children 21 in 2016 as Most Outstanding Award by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
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