War of Crown Tier List
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Courtesy of Oncewasblind (IGN is Log1c)
Updated as of - 6/19/2017
Thanks to DrRobosnarfen for editing assistance
- Passive skills are indicated in bold and italics.
Special 5 StarFWWLD
Skills are listed in order of strength. Basic attacks and the worst skills aren't listed.
EldinFSSThe King of mages, but drastically differs per element. He's either heavy offense, or mid offense with good support. Either way though, he deals pure death from a distance. Fire and Water have especially slow charge speed. Fire's is mostly negated by Communion though.2,856Mana Arrow220% long range bomb that has a 100% chance to add silence. 3 turn cooldown. Great for neutralizing a single target for a turn.
WSS2,856Spellstorm220% magical attack damage, that applies 40% slow for 2 turns. 4 turn cooldown. Due to Eldin's high attack stat, this hits like a truck.
WSS-Communion45% faster Action Charge Speed for the whole team regardless of their element. Noticable in long battles, and gives a small edge in PvP.
DS1,428Mana Storm110% Long range AoE with a 3x3 radius. 4 turn cooldown.
LA-Focused MagicA potentially game changing support spell. Best used to get an ally's clutch spell back in rotation. Adds a lot of flexibility to your team.
ArendelLSSDue to the tactical nature of this game, tanking needs to be done indirectly, which Arendel does better than anyone else, by giving a team barrier and a passive defense buff. His Fire and Dark versions lack these skills, turning him into a tanky brawler instead.-Shield of ProtectionGives your entire team (3x3 hitbox) shields for 25% of Arendel's HP for 2 turns. Also makes them immune any and all debuffs.
WSS-Defensive TacticsReduces all damage for your entire team by 7%. At skill level 2, goes up to 15%.
WS920Wind SlashHits like a truck at lower levels (300 fixed with 75% DEF), but eventually fades due to poor scaling.
DB+-Shield of Elvens15% increased block rate and blocked attacks reduce damage 10% further. More useful in PvE, since you can ignore him in PvP.
FB688Sonic DropCross AoE centered on Arendel. Short on both range and damage (150 fixed with 45% DEF), but it's his only AoE.
FeriaWSSThe support Queen. She's able to save your allies from iminent doom, and can even take a hit herself with her Block skill. Her Wind version in particular is extremely powerful, able to save your team members time and again. She's a monster in PvP.-Prophecy of the GoddessGives any friendly target invincibility for 2 turns. Oh, it also gives their basic attacks 20% lifesteal. Easily the best support skill.
DSS-Blessing of the GoddessGreat healing that scales with magical attack stat. On average will heal about 50% of your health, both this turn, AND next turn.
LA1,871Divine Retribution210% single target, 3 turn cooldown. Pretty big nuke for a healer.
FA-BlockGives Feria a 30% HP shield after she gets hit, protecting her from future attacks. Absolutely essential to her survival.
WB-SacrificeGives your team all 30% HP shields when she dies. Nice, but kind of pointless, since you can just ignore the versions that have this.
KaliasDSSKalias is a pure torrent of damage. His single target skills have low cooldowns and insanely high magical attack coefficients, all of which are only further improved by his Applied Magic passive, which gives up to 50% of the target's magical attack, making him a dangerous mage killer. His Dark version dishes out pure single target nukes, while his Water version has the safest skill set of any mage in the game. Both are top tier.2,336Spatial Rend180% magic attack that also gives Kalias a 45% magic attack shield for two turns. His bread and butter skill, keeps him nice and safe.
WSS2,596Gravity CrushA whopping 200% magical attack skill on a 3 turn cooldown. The most powerful nuke in the game. Lowers Jump, but no one really cares about that.
WS2,077Spell Surge160% AoE attack that hits in a 5 tile line. Can be cast as long as it hits any target in range, giving it an effective range of 8 tiles. Basically makes Kalias an AoE sniper.
LA-Applied MagicDeals up to 50% of the targets magical attack in bonus damage. Keep in mind, this is based on the stats of your target, so it's useless against physical characters.
FB1,558Spatial Decay120% AoE, 4 turn cooldown. Identical to Eldin's Mana Storm, but with 10% more damage. Range 4 attack with a 3x3 diamond hitbox.
EdgarFSTanky DPS. He doesn't really give any protection to your team though, just some crowd control. He's a reliable front-liner that, in the right element, can dish out solid damage. Think of him as a jack of all trades brawler that shines everywhere, but never too brightly.798Void Slash100% chance to stun for 1 turn, and deals 100% physical attack damage to boot. Also has a low cooldown.
LA1,037Sunder Earth130% AoE with a 3 turn cooldown, that also applies 300 action gauge slow to all targets hit.
DA878Whirlwind Slash110% AoE with a 4 turn cooldown, and a very wide range.
WB1,037Sword of Heaven130% physical attack from a few spaces away, also gives Edgar a barriee that absorbs 50% damage for 2 turns. 4 turn cooldown. Great initiation move.
WC-Will of the AncientsKind of bad. Here by default, since he's rarely in range for Magic-Devouring Blade. Still, this keeps him from getting blown up by mages.
NazdanDSSThe best overall DPS in the game. Nazdan is the only character in the game with potentially 2 large AoE skills. His teleport movement helps him close in on targets and make quick escapes, and the 20% lifesteal on his basic attack ensures that he'll stay in the fight.1,278Apocalypse130% AoE with a 4 turn cooldown. The best melee AoE skill in the game. Has a range of 2 with a hitbox of 3x3. Almost impossible to escape.
FSS1,229Death's Judgment
125% AoE with a 3 turn cooldown. Requires Nazdan to be next to his target, and has a 3 range cone shape A Dark Nazdan exclusive, and also one of the best AoE skills in the game. Also adds Silence.
LSS-Soul Drain30% bonus physical attack for 2 turns when Nazdan gets off a kill. Since Nazdan is likely your main DPS, this triggers pretty often.
WSS2,064Death Sentence210% single target attack with 3 turn cooldown, and 10% bonus damage of lost HP. Solid single target damage, great for finishing off wounded targets.
WSS2,064Decapitation210% single target attack with 3 turn cooldown, and 7% bonus damage of target's max HP, solid single target damage. Great opener, but deals same damage regardless of enemy's health.
GarredDSSGarred has the best single target damage in the game. He's unusual in that every skill he has is useful, but the standouts are Savage Strike, a single target with a 2 turn stun, and Bloodbath, which does massive single target damage, with a bit of AoE.1,425Savage Strike145% single target with a 100% chance to Stun a target for 2 turns. 3 turn cooldown. Really shines in PvP.
LSS1,966Bloodbath200% single target, and hits 3 targets behind it for 120% as well. 4 turn cooldown. Sadly, no Garred has both this and Uncontrollable Rage.
WSS1,524Death Vortex155% AoE attack that hits in a wide circle. 4 turn cooldown. Not as good as Nazdan's AoE, but still pretty potent.
WS1,966Flying Axe200% single target attack with a range of 2. Also reduces movement range by 1 for 2 turns. 4 turn cooldown.
FS-Uncontrollable RageThis skill enables Garred to oneshot some targets. Absolutely brutal in PvP, and very helpful against nightmare bosses in PvE.
FranLSFran's Light version deals great AoE damage, while also providing solid debuffs to opponents. Her Cleanup skill makes her especially dangerous. Fran's Dark version however is just a slightly above average ranged DPS, who can debuff with basic attacks.1,133Starbeam95% cone AoE with a 3 turn cooldown. Removes 2 buffs and beneficial effects from targets hit.
DA-1,551Starfire Blast130% line AoE with very long range, and a 5 turn cooldown. Reduces DEF of targets hit by 60% for 2 turns.
-CleanupWhen Fran kills an enemy her physical damage is increased by 35% for two turns.
1,312Starfall110% Ranged AoE with a 3x3 radius. 4 turn cooldown. Identical to Eldin's Mana Storm.
1,312Star Fist110% line attack with 4 turn cooldown. Knocks enemies hit back by 3 tiles.
Special 4 StarFWWLD
Many 4 star units have the same end-game potential as 5 star units. Don't dismiss them just because they're lower initial rank.
EshiriteFSEnter your generic hero. And while his starter Fire version is exactly that, if you dig a bit deeper and you'll find his alernate versions have true potential. Not only is he a capable damage dealer, Indomitable Will makes it incredibly difficult to finish him off.-Fearless Advance60% bonus damage to targets with higher ATK than him. Great in arena and versus bosses.
WA1,426Sword of Elvens170% attack to front target, 90% to 3 spaces behind it. Has 6 skill levels, incredibly strong when maxed out.
LA1,510Triple SlashCompletely average on your generic Fire Eshirite, but note, Water's version has a 50-80% chance to stun for 2 turns.
WA1,007Sword ReleaseLine AoE with decent damage, 80%. Note that with this, Light Eshirite is one of the few characters in the game with two AoE skills.
DB1,194Determined StabSure, it looks awful at rank 1, doing 250 fixed damage with a 35% coefficient. But at max rank, that fixed damage goes up to 900.
LyilisDSSGeneric heroine, used either as an AoE DPS with her Light version, or as a sniper as her Wind and Fire versions. Water and Dark's passive boosts basic attacks by 20% for your whole team, and Water and Dark both gain 20% more basic attack, putting them on top.1,928Stormwind Arrow185% single target damage. Pairs very well with Focused Strike.
WS938Starquake90% AoE attack available on her Water and Light versions. Great range, does decent damage when combined with Whispering Spirit.
FA-Focused StrikeBoosts her physical attack by 50% (up to 100%) for 1 turn, 100% bonus action speed and 1 extra move range. Great for sniping in PvP.
LA-Focused EyeBasic attack damage of all allied heroes is increased by 30%.
WA1,042Piercing Arrow100% AoE attack, unique to her Light version only. Only has a 4 turn cooldown, which is pretty short for an AoE skill.
Mad ScientistDSSolid AoE attack buffs with moderate ranged damage. Both elements are nearly identical, with only one skill difference. His Dark version slightly edges out the other, since Physical Blast does solid respectable damage.-Forbidden ExperimentIncreases physical and magical attacl by 50% to allies in range. Gives Mad Scientist stealth for 1 turn.
WA-Physical Blast160% single target with 50% DEF penetration. 3 turn cooldown.
-Experimental SpiritBasic attacks have a 35% to put targets to sleep for 1 turn.
-Open Fire90% AoE in a cone. 4 turn cooldown.
KalitoLSSKalito is a support tank designed to control the flow of battle. He does this by speeding up the Action Charge Speed of his allies, and by slowing his foes or lower their physical attack. His Water, Wind and Light elements do up to 125% damage on basic attack, rivaling Garred. -Debilitating ShoutMassive range debuff that cuts physical damage by 50% for 3 turns. With 4 movement range, provides incredible protection from heavy physical hitters, like Nazdan and Garred.
FA-Triumphant Roar65% action speed for 3 turns. A helpful buff with a large range. Can make a huge difference in arena.
WB-Master Strategist-250 action gauge on basic attack, which lets Kalito somewhat lock down a target he's in range of when not using his utility.
WB-Unwavering Will30% damage reduction. Makes Kalito tankier.
DB1,474Heavy Blow210% single target, 3 turn cooldown. Strong attack for a tank, but not the best way to use Kalito, since he shines as a support tank.
ArinLSSolid healer that can provide both AoE heals, a self heal, and a revive. Light, one of her best versions, combines all three. Water lacks the revive, but makes up for it by being able to remove harmful effects with her AoE heal. Fire is decent, but the other versions are lacking.-Purifying Wave25% heal to all friendlies in range. Water's version removes 1 debuffs from each friendly, 2 debuffs at level 3.
WA-Prayer of DevotionRevives 1 dead ally at 20% HP, at the cost of 20% of Arin's HP. The revive amount gets up to 80% at level 3. Very important to level.
FA-Mysterious LightRestores 20% of Arin's HP every turn. Useful for helping her stay alive, and so that she doesn't have to waste her heals on herself.
DB-Healing TouchSingle target heal for 30% of target's HP. Rather generic heal, but Fire's version also removes 1 harmful effect.
WC-Benevolent AuraHeal for 15% of target's HP for 2 urns. Short 4 turn cooldown, can get down to 2 turns, providing constant heals.
ZileanFSZilean is a raw force of destruction. While her short range may limit her value in PvP, and her being a single target DPS makes it hard for her to contribute in adventure mode, versus bosses is where she truly shines. Her Fire version is her most cohesive skill set, the only element that has two spells to apply burn, which triggers her passive.2,057Phoenix180% magical attack with a 100% chance to burn 10% current HP for 2 turns. A tank buster and boss slayer. Zilean at her best.
LS1,715Emberstrike150% magical attack with a 80% chance to burn 7% current HP for 2 turns. 3 turn cooldown, 1 shorter than Phoenix.
DA-Flame ShockWhen Zilean attacks a burning target she deals 5% of the target's HP. Keeps her doing HP % damage all fight long.
WB-Blessing of FireIncrease critical strike chance of all allies by 20%. If attacked, their action gauge +200. A fantastic support skill, misplaced on a DPS character.
WB1,543Combustion135% magical attack to single target, increases their cooldowns by 5 turns. Cute, but only works on skills already on cooldown.
KindleDSWith an attack range of 6, Kindle is the designated sniper of the game. His skills are focused on dealing single target damage,which synergize extremely well with his Keen Senses passive. Great at poking down targets with Aimed Shot, or picking them off with Final Blow.Aimed Shot170% damage and has an incredible range of 8. Allows Kindle to poke engage, softening a target for follow up or forcing support skills.
FSKeen Senses80% increase criticial damage. Keystone to Kindle performing his role. Build crit chance on him and watch his damage numbers fly.
WBFinal Blow125% + 10% HP loss execute. Perfect follow up to Aimed Shot to two hit a squishy from absurd range.
LCMulti-Shot105% attack with a 70%, 3 turn action charge buff. Powerful buff that synergizes with Survival Instincts and Smoke Bomb. But seems out of place for a sniper.
WCSurvival Instincts100% action charge speed beserk passive. Beserk passives are easy to play around and Kindle is too vulnerable to feasibly be damaged under 50% and not dead.
TulkinWBSeriously undertuned, loses too much damage to gain AoE on all his abilities, even though a 1-range cross patterned splash damage is incredible hard to use. Moves up in value in PvE because AI movement is predictable and manipulableFire GDR-8685% 3-range cross patterned splash. Easily hits an entire team when used. Although lower numerically, with movement + splash radius, the GDR has a substantial effective range
LB-Missile Strike140% nuke to main target, 60% splash in 2-range cross pattern. Tulkin's most powerful single target damage, actualy competitive with similar ranged abilities.
DCSkilled Technician1 turn, 30% damage reduction after using a skill. Straightforward but effective. Will be more consistently helpful then Stay Back!
WCBuckshot100% 1-range cross splash, with 30% defense penetration. Basically the same skill as Mortar Blast, but will do more damage to tanky targets.
FDStay Back!2 increased movement range beserk passive. Like all beserk passives, inconsistent but exceptionally powerful when they work out. No direct increase to combat efficiency, however.
CezarDA+Powerful damage dealer in all regards, who's biggest disadvantage is from her general lack of mobility and range. This is slightly made up for with movement impairing debuffs, but will depend on other characters for safety when facing multiple enemies.Explosive Arrow155% nuke with a 4 turn cooldown, and a 2 turn 50% action speed reduction. Strong as is, even stronger with Superior Aim, as well as setting up Superior Aim for her other abilities.
WARat Trap120% 2 turn immobilize and 100% increase to Cezar's charge speed. A pretty loaded skill. Aside from Superior Aim synergy, ranged immobilizes are effectively stuns for melee-only attackers
LBSuperior Aim 90% damage increase against debuffed targets. This is an absurd steroid, however it is limited to a couple types of debuffs.
FBDeep Breath600 additional damage on basic attack. Super powerful but forces you to choose between her powerful abilities and raw damage from basic attacks.
WCShoot Crossbow175% single target skill that reduces target's momvement range by 1 for 2 turns.
SinLSDodge is silly, it really is. Dodge in this game negates every tick of a skill, making you immune when you're lucky, which can completely reverse the momentum of a fight.No Antidote10% dodge and 7% max health bonus damage on a poisoned target. Bumps Sin up to 15% total dodge, on top of making her stronger against tanks, and even more deadly to squishies.
WSPoison Slash165% nuke with 70% healing reducton. The assassination skill. If it one shots the target, great. If it doesn't, they're still dead. Unless there's a certain Feria on the other team...
DA+Poisonous Feast120% 2-range cross AoE centered around Sin. Poor man's apocalypse. Not bad, but not the best hero for the melee AoE role.
FB+Poison Spray90% 1-range ring AoE centered around Sin. AoE passive enabler.
WBLeeching Poison
40% max hp health restoration when attacking a poisoned target. Set-up dependent, lifesteal passive...on an assassin? It differs from Azlar's passive from the fact that it's not only restricted to basic attack
DeathmondWSSDeathmond easily rivals Nazdan as a damage dealer, but trades off some ability scaling for utility. Being able apply healing reduction to multiple targets makes Deathmond the perfect initiator to a deathball composition. 1,007Dance of Death120% AoE, 4 turn cooldown with 60% healing reduction in a 3-range cross pattern centered on Deathmond. Shuts down the large majority of support tools, setting up kills for the rest of your team.
DS-Aura of Death30% crit chance. Puts Deathmond at 35% crit chance, giving her large returns on aggressive crit/crit damage itemization.
LA+1,594Sunder190% single target, with 95% line AoE behind the target. 3 turn cooldown.
FB-Razor-Sharp Mind45% bonus damage to her attacks on bleeding targets. This bonus damage actually outdamages baseline crit damage (+20%), but is dependent on her autoattacking first (and bleeding them).
WB-Chain Dance100% attack increase self-buff, 25% defense reduction self-debuff. Actually quite powerful with Arendel's debuff prevention. Problem is that you rely on Arendel's debuff prevention.
AzlarLSThe most versatile melee DPS. Azlar's skillset varies from tank killer, to protective utility, to target elimation, to bulky fighter. Azlar's skills are very good, even Whirling Strike, which is a weaker version of Garred's Death Vortex.Axe Strike120% attack with 100% healing reduction. This skills is a death sentence unless the opponent has a cleanse or an immunity.
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