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Advanced Pitched Roof & IronRidge Design AssistantIn this presentation, IronRidge shares tips and tricks for residential installations culled from our trainers’ years of on-the-roof experience. Topics covered include: attachment best practices for different roof types, how to splice rails and square modules, and how to design a residential solar project in Pitched Roof Design Assistant.Brady Schimpf, IronRidge May 3 / 1 - 3 pm / Sport Court
Advanced System Design with HelioscopeThis presentation will start with the basics of using HelioScope, with a focus on new trends specific to the Oregon market. We will also cover advanced design trends, constraint-based-design optimization, racking optimization, conductor optimization, and inverter sizing, including how some of these optimization choices are different in Oregon versus other geographies.Paul Grana, Folsom LabsMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor A
Battery Bank Options, Sizing and TestingThis course will cover a variety of applications that use renewable energy to provide power and charge battery banks. We discuss how to decide which battery type is best for an application, how to size a battery bank and some of the features found in Trojan’s newest lines of solar batteries. Stacey Delzeit, TrojanMay 3 / 3 - 5 pm / Sport Court
Best Practices for using QuickBooks and 3rd party Add-Ons
QuickBooks data is not just for accounting! Learn how to use it for all divisions of your company and best practices to make it work, and what assistance is available through the ETO Business Development Program to improve processes and reporting from sales and finance to project management. Annie Kendrick, Kendrick Business ServicesMay 2 / 3 - 4 pm / Cambridge
Best Practices in Closing the SaleMany solar businesses and sellers would admit that ethically and professionally “Closing the Sale’ is not their strong suit. This course will fast track your ability to confidently and calmly navigate this critical part of the solar sales process. Your closing ability can dramatically improve … it just requires a bit of coaching and your experienced solar instructor will help!Greg WelshMay 3 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor C
Better Job Costing and Labor Controls to Increase Profits
The solar industry is a labor intensive industry. Even with the modern technical advances, power tools and computers, contractors and subcontractors still need a labor force to complete their projects. And the cost of that labor force might be more than you know. It is crucial for solar contractors to understand and measure the true costs of sending an employee out in the field. Once determined, the estimator can use that cost rate creating estimates and the accounting/project management department can use the same rate for job costing. This session will teach you how to determine the true cost of field labor. Leslie ShinerMay 2 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor B
Beyond Silicon: PV Cell InnovationsLearn about cutting edge developments in PV cell design and manufacturing that improve efficiency and offer more product versatility. A deep dive into a few third generation solar cells, including perovskites, switchable PV windows, and graphene quantum dot silicon. In addition, this presentation will consider the life cycle of these new technologies.Michael Ginsberg, Mastering GreenMay 3 / 3 - 4 pm / Cambridge
Commercial Design Considerations using Transformerless String Inverters
This training will walk you through commercial design considerations when using high-power string inverters and the different applications for ground mount, rooftop and carport systems. This training will include installation details, string sizing, AC/DC connections, wiring needs, string combiners and monitoring.Michael Nieman, Yaskawa Solectria SolarMay 3 / 8:30 - 10 am / Windsor A
Commercial PV Design from kW to MW
This course will cover the common topics encountered with commercial PV design and installations. Discussions will include transformer selection for matching inverters to utility interconnection voltages and consideration of inverter topologies in commercial applications. Other topics to include PV array to inverter power ratio and power factor considerations with inverter selection. Ryan MayfieldMay 2 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor A
Commercial Roofing for Solar what to do and what NOT to do
TBDSteve LeslieMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Belmont C
Commercial System Design Under the New Tax Bill
In this session we will model a commercial solar installation in Oregon and show how the savings and Return on Investment increases under 2017’s new tax code. We will demonstrate how best to take advantage of the tax codes provisions to maximize your client's returns.Alex Carter, Aurora SolarMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor B
Customer Relationship Management and Workplace Efficiency
The residential solar landscape is changing and those professionals that can master lead follow up and customer networking and referral development will succeed. This course will focus on tips and strategies to employ with your CRM as you follow up and network with your lead and customer base while increasing efficiency and productivity.Greg WelshMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor C
Design Considerations for Energy StorageBroaden your vocabulary on energy systems, gain knowledge of various chemistries that are being used in the market today, and review pilot programs and incentive structures being deployed in the US and abroad. This course will cover off-grid energy storage systems, the "new normal" for battery back up systems and what is coming with energy arbitrage and load management systems. Kyle BolgerTBD
Design Speed DatingCome get to know a whole suite of design firms that could simplify your work. Helioscope, Aurora Solar, Energy Toolbase, PV Complete, Energy Toolbase, Site Capture, HOMER.May 2 & 3 / 12 - 1 pm / Lobby
Designing Behind-the-Meter Solar+Storage
This course will provide an introduction to a new modeling tool built on top of industry-standard microgrid design optimization, HOMER engine, which can evaluate the business case for a microgrid with various combinations of solar, storage, generators, and combined heat and power. John Glassmire, HOMER EnergyMay 2 / 1 - 3 pm / Cambridge
Drive Into the Future with SolarEdge: EV Charging Single Phase Inverters
Join us and learn how the intersection of two powerful shifts in our culture, electric vehicles and smart energy, are coming together to create business opportunities for solar installers. SolarEdge will discuss what you need to know to sell, design and install their latest product: EV Charging Single Phase Inverters.John Hardwick, SolarEdge
May 3 / 8:30 - 10 am / Windsor B
Energy Storage System Design Using Lead Acid Batteries
This workshop will focus on troubleshooting lead acid battery-based off-grid and grid-tied systems to identify and correct potential issues causing loss of capacity or battery failure, as well as recommended ongoing maintenance steps and procedures to optimize system efficiency, battery capacity and cycle lifeSteve Higgins, Rolls BatteryMay 3 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor B
Engaging Next Generation Clean Energy Talent
This interactive session will give an overview of how industry can engage emerging talent through connections to K-12 education. BEF's CE program will provide hands-on resources, solicit insights from industry stakeholders, and provide tangible next steps for encouraging youth to pursue careers in solar energy and clean technology.Chaun MacQueen, Anne Le, Bonneville Environmental FoundationMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Belmont C
Getting Your Solar Project BondedSolar contractors are very good at installing and operating PV systems, but are often in the dark when it comes to understanding the surety bonds they are required to have in order to start the project. This course will cover the details of surety bonding, why you need it, and how to find the help you need.Nathan Wonder, Brown & Brown NWTBD
Global Impact, Local Opportunities: Installing 100kW array at the Portland Rescue Mission Women's Shelter
Worldwide, 1.2 billion people live without electricity. Solutions are needed to connect energy-poor communities with the expertise, equipment and finances required to integrate solar. Come learn how you can get involved with Twende Solar through local and global volunteer opportunities and project partnerships. Let’s go solar, together!Marissa Johnson, Twende SolarMay 2 / 12 - 1 pm / Windsor A
Ground Mount Layout and Considerations
This presentation by industry old-timer Cliff Schrock will review the physical layout considerations of soil type, array sizing and wiring, inverter and conduit locations, methods of mounting the arrays to the ground, and thermal expansion and contraction issues. Auger and ground screws will be shown and applications discussed.
Cliff Schrock, SunModoMay 2 / 3 - 5 pm / Sport Court
Growing your Business without Growing out of Business
Why is it that when you suddenly double your sales, your profit is cut in half? The industry today is tiered with builders of specific sizes, but there are wide gaps between growth stages. This session will discuss why, as a contractor, you can’t grow slowly and steadily, but have to make incremental jumps. Discover the cause of the growth plateau and why it occurs in the construction industry. Leslie ShinerMay 2 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor B
Hot Topics for PV Systems in the 2017 NEC: Rapid Shutdown, Disconnects, and System Grounding
The 2017 NEC saw the most profound changes in terminology and system design since the inception of Article 690. Learn about the background of Articles 690 and 691, new to the 2017 NEC, from one of its architects. Bill BrooksMay 3 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor A
Innovations, Low Serial Numbers & Oopsies in the Solar Industry Innovation reaps failures and successes. Learn from a pioneer of the Oregon solar industry, Peter Greenberg. Peter has used 12+ new products never before used in the state or country, including dual axis trackers, bifacial modules, data loggers, and cleaning systems. Discuss the past feed in tarrif and Peter's vision for the future of solar in Oregon.

Peter Greenberg, Solar GnosisMay 3 / 4 - 5 pm / Cambridge
Inverter Expectations: Today & Tomorrow
The first inverters were large but simple devices with few features and very limited flexibility. Today, a 10kW inverter is a fraction of the size it was 20 years ago, yet it accomplishes more tasks and inverts much more efficiently. This course covers current inverter offerings and compares them in terms of key features, code requirements, market penetration, and expected changes over the next year. Specifically, we will cover inversion efficiency, shade mitigation, design flexibility, AFCI requirements, rapid shutdown techniques, installation/commissioning, monitoring/O&M, and utility interconnection requirements.Jock Patterson, FroniusMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Sport Court
Market Sector Strategies for Commercial New Construction & Major Renovation Projects
This session will discuss ways to maximize solar project success in new commercial construction by tailoring the project approach based on market sector. Energy Trust New Buildings will share market sector trends for solar and identify successful strategies to use with various types of projects. They will also explain available solar design incentives for Commercial New Construction & Major Renovation projects.Whitney Miller, Energy Trust of OregonMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Cambridge
Media ManagementTBDEnergy Trust of OregonMay 1 / 10 am - 11:30 am
Modeling the Economics of Solar + Storage
This training will reveal how to accurately estimate the savings for different types of customer-sited solar + storage projects. This will include a discussion of the “price signals” that utility rate designs & Net Metering frameworks provide. We’ll also discuss what other motivations besides financial ROI are driving customers to adopt storage today.Adam Gerza, Energy ToolbaseMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor C
Oregon Solar Workforce Development Workshop: Help develop a skilled and stable solar workforce in Oregon
This workshop is an opportunity for the industry to hear what current workforce development efforts are underway and to identify areas of need and opportunity, identify beneficial partnerships, and leverage resources to begin to build support for a skilled and stable solar workforce in Oregon.
Moderated by Meghan CraigMay 2 / 8:30 - 10 am / Belmont C
PowerClerk 2.0 Tips & Tricks
Join Energy Trust of Oregon’s Robert Wyllie as he helps guide you through the latest (and greatest) version of PowerClerk. Gain insight into the new interface, learn how to get your applications approved the first time, and acquire new skills to speed up the turn-around time between submission and design approval.Robert Wyllie, Energy Trust of OregonMay 2 / 8:30 - 10 am / Windsor A
Project Management for Solar ContractorsTBDPSU Center for Executive &
Professional Education
May 1 / 8:30 am - 5 pm
PV Installation Safety: An Interactive Session with PPE
This course will be an overview of PV safety working on roofs and adverse weather. From learning about the best personal protective equipment to practicing ladder safety and lock out tag out, participants will get hands on experience in how to stay safe while installing a solar array. Participants will learn about:
• Fall Protection/Fall Prevention
• Ladder Safety & Working at heights
• Working in severe weather. Causes, Identification and Treatment of heat exhaustion/stroke, hypothermia/frostbite
• Electrical Safety and LOTO
• Head Protection & Eye Protection
Peter ParrishMay 2 / 8:30 - 10 am / Sport Court
Quick Mount PV: Respecting the Roof
For over 12 years Quick Mount PV has lead the solar industry with innovative solar mounting and flashing products. This presentation will cover the basics of Solar Roofing Best Practices for comp and tile roofs, and a new rail-based racking system, QRail, and the QDesign software tool. NABCEP credits available.Johan Alfsen, Quick Mount PVMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Sport Court
Rapid Shutdown and Effective Grounding with Yaskawa
This training will walk you through methods to achieving rapid shutdown and effective grounding compliance for commercial PV systems utilizing Yaskawa Solectria Solar products.Michael Nieman, Yaskawa Solectria SolarMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor A
RE JATC MeetingQuarterly Apprenticeship meeting for Renewable Energy Joint Apprenticeship and Training CommitteeLou Long, JATCMay 2 / 11:00 am - 1 pm / Windsor A
Remote Site Assessment & Verification with Site CaptureTBDChris Doyle, Site CaptureMay 3 / 1 - 2 pm / Cambridge
Residential Solar FinancingThis presentation will discuss financing options for solar projects. Relevant for both installers and office personnel attendees will receive marketing materials and information about our robust lending products and how to use those products to help close their sales and make solar more affordable for everyone.Jennifer O'Gorman, Generations Credit UnionMay 3 / 12 - 1 pm / Windsor B
Simplified Design and Installation with the IQ 7/7+ and the IQ Combiner+
This presentation will cover the Enphase IQ 7 series, which is smart-grid ready and optimized for high-powered 60-cell and 72-cell modules. Join us to learn how the IQ platform with the Enphase IQ Combiner+ with Enphase IQ Envoy simplifies interconnection and streamlines PV and storage installations by providing a consistent, pre-wired solution for residential applications.Jarett Skeffington, Enphase EnergyMay 2 / 8:30 - 10 am / Windsor C
SkyBox - Simplifying Solar+Storage
OutBack takes the difficulty out of adding batteries to grid-tied solar with SkyBox. The SkyBox platform steamlines the installation process and allows home-owners to take charge of their solar. Commissioning a SkyBox inverter is as easy as making only three connections: PV, AC load, and battery.Bo Magluyan, Outback PowerMay 3 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Windsor B
Solar + Storage: The 2017 NEC and Looking Toward the 2020 NECLearn about the impact of Article 706 and PV+ Storage systems in the 2017 and 2020 NEC. We will cover lithium-ion, electric vehicles, new approaches to power distribution and Power Control Systems (PCSs) that will enable load side connections to go well beyond the “120% rule” for connections within buildings.Bill BrooksMay 3 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor A
Solar Financing & Going Beyond ROI
Since 2012 PSCCU has helped over 4000 homeowners become Solar Citizens, putting nearly 120 Million dollars back into the local economies we serve. Learn how having alternative financing options for solar can help you seal the deal and move past ROI – because we all know it’s not what it used to be. Shannon Ellis-Brock, Puget Sound Cooperative Credit UnionMay 2 / 12 - 1 pm / Windsor B
Solar Microcredit in Nicaragua
Learn about the program design, technology, administration and funding sources being leveraged for our solar MicroCredit Program in Nicaragua. While the demographics and energy needs of rural households in Nicaragua are drastically different than Oregon, we will consider applicable lessons for our state as we advance equitable access to solar.
Andrea Johnson, Green EmpowermentMay 3 / 12 - 1 pm / Windsor A
Solar PV Systems and the 2017 NECThe 2017 edition of NFPA 70 National Electrical Code dramatically changes the practical safeguards for PV systems. It introduces more changes to Article 690, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, than any revision cycle since 1984, when the NEC first adopted Article 690.This course will review all of the critical requirements for the proper installation of PV systems by the NEC and will focus on significant changes made in the 2017 versions. Articles to be reviewed include 690 - PV Systems, 691 - Large-Scale PV Electric Power Production Facility (NEW), 705 - Interconnected Electrical Power Production Sources, 706 - Energy Storage Systems (NEW), 710 - Stand-alone Systems (NEW), 712 - DC Microgrids (NEW). The course is intended for: Oregon State Certified Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Inspectors, Building Officials, Engineers and Designers. Sean WhiteMay 1 / 8:30 am - 5 pm
Solar Ready for New Residential ConstructionTBDEnergy Trust of OregonMay 2 / 10:30 am - 12 pm / Cambridge
Solar Thermal System Design, Installation & O+M, and The Sol-Reliant
Hands on training in John Patterson's Sol-Reliant solar thermal system. Participants receive continuing education credit for the Solar Thermal License renewal. Attendees will:
- Complete the final hook up for a working Sol-Reliant system
-Solar water heating overview: The similarities and differences in various systems installed today
-Efficiency comparison of the most common systems sold in Oregon
-Service and maintenance for different systems
-Longevity and durability of various systems
John PattersonMay 2 / 1- 3 pm / Sport Court
Solar+Storage: The Why & The How
The future of energy storage will pair internet-connected devices, smart breakers, energy storage and solar together to provide homeowners a seamless experience. Their home will now have to ability to coherently and intelligently react to power outages and demand response events called by the utility. Olaf Lohr, SonnenMay 2 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor C
Synergy in Battery Based Power Systems: Problems and Solutions
This class is for the more advanced installer/designer that understands basic electricity and how battery based systems should work for the loads they need to operate. Attendees will learn what can and should not be done with a standalone battery based power system and its needs. Topics include:

* Battery Based power systems problems & solutions for both DC and AC outputs.
* How to program the charging systems correctly based on your battery size and type.
* Why some batteries fail in certain environments and others do fine.
* What battery should be used for different needs and loads.

Dean AbneyMay 2 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor C
The Solar Financing Landscape
Our residential customers are ‘stating’ that they want to’ own’ their solar …. and solar financing makes this so easy. Meanwhile, if you were previously focusing on cash or lease your will need to switch strategies. This course gives you all the tips and insights from a residential solar trainer who has taught thousands to sell more solar with financing. Don’t miss it!Greg WelshMay 3 / 1 - 3 pm / Windsor C
Three Phase Services and Interconnections for Commercial and Industrial PV Systems
This presentation will cover an introduction to the types of three phase services used for commercial and industrial sites, voltage levels, grounding, distribution, and wiring configurations. Service entrance switchboard designs that may be encountered will be covered along with their impact on load and supply side interconnections. Marvin HamonMay 2 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor A
Troubleshooting Lead Acid Battery-Based Systems & Ongoing MaintenanceThis workshop will focus on troubleshooting lead acid battery-based off-grid and grid-tied systems to identify and correct potential issues causing loss of capacity or battery failure, as well as recommended ongoing maintenance steps and procedures to optimize system efficiency, battery capacity and cycle lifeSteve Higgins, Rolls BatteryMay 3 / 3 - 5 pm / Windsor B
Using Zoho CRM for Solar ContractingThis session will explore how to use Zoho CRM and complimentary tools to increase appointments, close ratios and customer satisfaction through better communication and project management.John-Mark Bantock, ZohoTBD
When Others Drop the Ball: How to Keep your Cool & Ensure that the Job Gets DoneThis workshop provides perspective and guidance for responding to others in a manner that allows us to keep our cool and ultimately ensure that the job gets done. If we are intentional about our responses, and more aware of what happens for us when others don’t follow through, we can respond to disappointment in a manner that inspires action. Tamara StatonMay 1 / 8:30 - 10 am
When the Grid Goes OutFires. Floods. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. What happens to the grid when disaster strikes – and can solar help? Learn how grid outages affect businesses and communities, what happened when the grid went down during Hurricane Sandy and the other natural disasters, and how solar, batteries and microgrids kept the power on during Hurricane Irma and the northern California fires this year.Oregon Clean Power Co-OpTBD
Winning with Financing in Residential Solar
& Introducing Ensemble by CED Greentech
In part 1, learn about driving conversion rates up, lowering cost of acquisition, and protecting margins with fierce discipline:
- Common Installer misconceptions
- What Installers Say / What Homeowners Hear
- A different approach
In part 2, learn about Ensemble and installer benefits:
- Why Ensemble
- Installer Benefits
- Next Steps
TBDMay 2 / 8:30 - 10 am / Windsor B
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