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druThis spreadsheet contains details of the members of the Climate Change
Coders meetup at
based on the answers they gave when they joined the group. This data is publicly available on the website already, but if you don't want your details in it please use 'Edit profile' on the group, or leave the group, and then let me know and I will regenerate it. Steve.
This spreadsheet is the result of the first ever CCCoders project (see completed by Dani, so a big thanks to you for offering to do it and then getting on with it :-)

To refresh member details, go to Tools > Script Manager > (refreshData function should be selected) > Run. This script calls a javascript server script (which takes a minute or two to run due to throttling) and the GNU GPLed open source code is at: Well done for open sourcing it all Dani - starting as we mean to go on ;-)
NameIntroductionWhat are your tech skills? (only if you are a techy)What do you think about climate change?
Adrianold school web/dev and computer/networking stuff, interested in sustainable business development, bit of a eco-warrior :)front end web (HTML/CSS), PHP, javascript, some PERL, python, but ready to pick up and improve when req.dont mess with something you dont understand .. especially when your life depends on it. Always better to go with the flow
Al FureyWork in a cleantech startup, would like to get involved in changing perception of emissions reductions to a positive one, not spending, investing.Robotics PhD, Matlab/C, lately some R and ScalaWe need to act now,immediately. Everyone, but most especially the highest emitters. Would love to get a crew together to deploy an online, competitive, (gamified/fun/compelling) tool for monitoring and comparing personal/regional/corporate/national emissions reductions vs emissions reductions pathways. The emphasis should be on positive i.e sustainability progress to 100% not emissions reductions down. Tool should push the high emitters to exceed their emissions targets and make it easy to do so, i.e. link to sites for renewable energy, car sharing, led lights, offsetting etc. Affiliate fees to fund promotion.
Alexandrahey i m a web developer and a nature loverPHP HTML/CSS jSscary and a big waste
Andrew HattonAndrew Hatton, Head of IT, GreenpeaceundefinedIts bad
Andrew StrettonData Architect / Data Scientist currently working with social data in marketingPython, NoSQL, machine learningWe need to get on with doing something, but also understand better the way the message is communicated and not judge people for doubting.
andyR programmer, maps & data visualisation. Ex ecologist.R & data stuff.It's happening, dangerous, our fault and we have the chance to mitigate risks.
andy bensonhi my name is andy bensonive been a developer for around 20 years currently work doing alot of database and quant stuff (sql,t-sql,pl/sql) but believe can pick up anything exploring python and r outside work at the momentIts THE issue of our times and has the potential to cause the earth to have a catastrophic future.But we seem to be sleep walking to oblivion without doing much about it because I suppose most people feel its not something which is going to impact them in their lifetime or they cant directly do much about it.
Andy JIT solutions analyst/developer with a particular interest in (marine) conservation15+ years as a developer/architect using a range of platforms and languages (web, desktop, mobile, C, C#, Java, Javascript, ASP, SQL, BizTalk, etc)A huge problem that as a society we must face up to and find solutions for
Andy LulhamWeb developer, previously for, 10:10, Lighter Later, Solar Schools. Open Knowledge Foundation labs member; MySociety code contributor.Various web programming languages and technologies (e.g. python, PHP, javascript).It’s kind of a big deal.
AnthonyReally interested in trying to do something about climate changeI am a product manager in my day job, I work in the field of big data so know about databases, a bit of hadoop and a bit of programmingIt is being ignored...
Anton FlüggeJust completed a PhD in computational and statistical rainforest ecology. With an interdisciplinary/computer-sciency background I am interested in data analysis, machine learning, computer modelling and optimisation, and complex systems.Machine learning, statistics, programming (main languages MatLab and Java, but also used others), some Android and web development experience.I am an optimist - humanity will be able to deal with climate change. But it is undoublty one of the major challenges of our time, we need to start to act, both for prevention and mitigation measures. Luckily, solutions to some of our problems in the energy and traffic sector (intelligent inter-connected systems of renewable/sustainable components) would be beneficial even without climate change. Implementing those intelligent solutions needs substantial technical expertise.
Barry Mac MahonWeb developer, can do devops, mostly Java background. Also a sailor. Chemistry academic backgroundGroovy and Java back end, decent front end, high scale web, finance It seems inevitable, but we should do what we can to mitigate it. Perhaps the current mass extinction event is a more significant issue
BasilHi there! My name is Basil and I am interested in tech, environmental sustainability and data.Not a techy - but great with data!Climate change is going to affect us in a massive way - and I feel the impact is currently being understated. I would like to play a part in the solution.
Bill RobinsonCoderMany languages, web, games and tools. Professionally: games.We only have one shot at not making a pigs ear of things.
Brian_BI am IT manager concerned with climate change.undefinedundefined
Bruce DurlingI'm the CTO of Mastodon C and also help organise the London Clojurians.Big Data, mapping, making web sites, simple data analysis, horrible data scrubbing.It is real and is happening.
Bryn TruscottSoftware developer. Founder member of Transition Town RedhillJava, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, PHPDefinitely a bad thing. Someone should do something. Us, perhaps?
Cedric KnightJack of all trades, 25 years in London, 10 in Hackney, currently thinking about emissions reduction strategies.General troubleshooting, debugging and hacking of Perl, PHP, bash, C++. Less JS or Python. Sysadmin & security.Politicians still haven't realised how urgent it is. Just read and agreed with most of Berners-Lee & Duncan Clark's _The Burning Question_, but want to promote fee-and-dividend on extraction with border adjustments.
Chris AdamsI'm freelance developer and product manager, and I run Cleanweb LondonI'm comfortable working with (in order of familiarity): Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP. Also front end, user testing, and I'm a scrum certified product ownerIt's _the_ existential of our generation.
Chris GrayA hard working and results driven Freelance Designer, I have worked with many different companies from a wide range of fields. My skills include strong capabilities and consistently good results in both the print and web based graphics fieldHTML, CSS, JS,
Ruby on Rails, Some PHP
It is a potential threat with a rapidly closing window of reversal before any damage done is irreparable
Chris GuyI am currently working for an environmental data company called AMEE as a Ruby on Rails DeveloperRuby, Rails, MySQL, postgres, Java, JS, JQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3I think we should all try to do more to reduce our impact on the environment
Chris JamiesonWeb dev for Friends of the EarthHTML/CSS/SASS/PHP/JS/jQuery/...Bad, obvs...
Chris JefferyI get angry about the crappy things we do to our planet, and I like to think we can be better.I'm a software developer.I'd like to do something about it.
Christian JaegerStudies, worked.Lisp, functional programming, C/OpenCL/etc.Does it happen?
Claudinescientist getting into tech.learning PythonI trust in the scientific process and I wish more people trusted the evidence for human-induced climate change.
Clifford SingerDigital campaigner at Social Spark and Digital Action Labfront-end design: html/cssnot good
Clive ElsworthI'm 53 and live in London with my wife. I was a "RESULTS" campaigner on Ending Hunger in the late 80's and 90's, which meant organised

meetings learning the issues, getting stuff in the media and visiting parlimentarians.
I've been programming as a freelancer for 20 years, although most of this was to maintain credibility for teaching public IT courses, mostly SQL based. I've designed and coded lots of LOB apps, more recently created a set of SSRS reports from a SSAS cube on council property maintenance. Now I'm developing with Silverlight / C# / MS Entity Framework / RIA Services. Yes I'm a Microsoft man, but that's what was on offer from the training company and it paid. My claim to fame - I installed the very first (co-ax) network cable in the Friends of The Earth Building in the 80s.In 2007/8 I watched Channel 4's "Great Global Warming Swindle", and my father accused me of being a member of the Flat Earth Society for believeing its message. So I started buying books on the subject, but it wasn't until I read James Hansen's Storms of my Grandchildren that I felt able to come down on the side of "It's real and Man Made".

As usual, the technology is there to solve the problem (Solar PV, even modern, safe nuclear) but not the political will. In this case it
will require a cohesive, robust international political will in order for sufficient fossil fuel to be left in the ground. That means educating and empowering the masses all around the world. So I'm happy to see Climate Change Coders have already taken the initiative. I've also taken an interest in US based Citizen's Climate Lobby who have around 50 compaigning groups in US/Canada. And I'm also writing a musical show called Climate For Change:
Dan CunninghamI run the global Geeklist #hack4good seriesUX design, information architecture, front-end development, ruby on rails, machine learningTo some extent is is inevitable so we need tools and initiatives to prepare for the effects and build resilience. Some actions can perhaps slow it down e.g. reforestation. And I suspect some large-scale geo-engineering is also possible to drastically change the situation - but that's a pretty scary concept with such a complex system here!
Dan FarrowFreelance web designer & father of twoDesigning & building websites with PHP, WordPress... learning LinuxIt scares me
Dan Smith26/m/kentish town. Front end developer, specialise in app development, mobile/desktop apps, data visualisation & interfaces. Professional experience visualising data & building data interfaces with government & NGOsFrontend: jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, visualisation toolkits (D3, JIT, Raphael), a bit of angular & backbone
Backend: CouchDB, OpenRefine, graph/linked/semantic data (SPARQL, RDF, TTL), ontology modelling, API creation
I feel that my individual input will always be insignificant compared to that of organisations and corporations. I don't campaign or really spend any time at all thinking about climate change, so I'm left waiting and hoping for those corporations and conglomerates to make the first move, as a sort of "call-to-action" - that if they are willing to make the world greener, then it really is time to take action.

I can't see that happening though, so I'd be interested in contributing to something that could make a mark or disrupt the way of thinking at the higher levels of unreachable organisations.
Danii NebotFrontend dev, interested on all things JavaScriptJavaScript development, client side AngularJs, some EmberJs, fullstack Node.js with express and currently playing with Meteor.js. Some knowledge of MongoDB as well.Would like to help!!
Darren MooreI have + 15 years experience with online tech; Perl, PHP, Python, Mysql, Mongo, HTML5, CSS, JQuery + Team Management and ScrumMaster experienceI think I answered that above!It would feel great to be doing something about it
David Kleberdeveloper, climate modeling and visualizationProgramming, VR, visualization, modelingthe weather be wacky...
David McRobertScottish cyclist who is still built like a prop.Recently graduated with an MSc using Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate and MySQL for my MSc project but have 8 years experience as a QA analyst with 5 of those in automation working as a developer in test. Work with Selenium Web Driver\ Eclipse. I follow the science quite closely, have taken Coursera courses in it and have a reasonable background in the physics. It is pretty clear we are not on a prudent course in terms of emissions either in the UK or globally and we are rapidly running out of room to maneuver.
Deborah Scott AndersonDeborah Scott AndersonundefinedI am looking for techies keen to help me build and exciting social networking site linking the effects of climate change and weird weather on gardens and to encourage investment and interest in renewable energies. Keen to come along to one of your meetings to explore if anyone is interested in working with me on a development programme to secure funding for this unique idea.
Dil GreenHi, I'm dil green - not a tech,but a (real world) architect. I've been involved with sustainability for a long while. Now looking to move into the tech/startup world, interested to meet/talk with techs about what can be done.undefinedI vacillate between technologically inspired positivity and politician engendered terror! The former just about trumps the latter. Most days...
duncan mac { w₃ }I’m a web developer & designer. I like JS (all the ends). Perpetually in beta™Full-stack JavaScript/Node.js, design, a smattering of Ruby, Python, etc.Looking forward to exploring opportunities to contribute; thinking about ways to help consumers, activists and enterprises better address climate change.
Duncan WalkerAnalyst in IT team at Friends of the EarthA dash of PHP and HTML/CSSIt's a massive problem for the short and long terms in itself and is emblematic of a lot of other problems - social, political and economic.
EdLiking hacking up web app / web-of-things ideas at the moment. Once studied engineering. Started out in international development but came back to 'get our own house in order'.industrial design / engineering, javascript, HTML5, node.js, xively, drupal, wordpress, IA, UX.Not a fan.
EmilyInterested in programming - learning Ruby, Rails and R. Work in a climate-focused NGO.Can do basic HTML/CSS and have made some Rails projects. Make wordpress websites quite often (tweaking other people's themes, not creating them myself). Always looking to expand my skillset.It's fucking scary but on the bright side maybe it's a wake up call for humanity to start treating each other a bit more fairly and to put our fellow creatures and planet before our individualistic desires to be as rich as possible.
FionaRecent Digital Media Tech graduate.php, web and app development, wordpress, digital media designit's scary
Francesco Emanuele BucciGeophysicist, data scientist apprenticeSome coding and visualizationsundefined
Gavin ClarkAll round developer, currently working for a learning startup in London as a backend developer.Front and backend web development, app development, language processing.It's a fact - and not enough is being done.
Giovanni ViolaJunior Java dev also with PHP experience.undefinedI think we all need to do something about it, as soon as possible.
Gottfried ZojerWork for a big Tech company and interested on Big DataPython,Haskell,MongoDB and Parallel Computing A challenge and I m interested on it since the last Ice Age
Hermione TaylorI'll be honest, I'm not much of a coder. But I run The DoNation, which is a web based organisation that's inspiring 1000's of people to start cutting their carbon and living more sustainably… and this sounds super interesting.undefinedWhat a question… where to start?!
I want to joke and say something silly, but it's not much of a joking matter. But then there's no good in being doom and gloom… hmm.
I guess I think this:
It's serious and pretty terrifying. But I have hope, because when we put our minds to it us humans are pretty smart creatures. We should be able to solve it. The challenge is how to encourage smart people to put their minds to it...
Ian RichardsonFreelance coder working in the not for profit sector, interested in getting different Charities to collaborate on coding projectsC#, SQL Server, javascript, jQuery, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Html, CssVery concerned about it; longtime member of FoE and Greenpeace
Jack KellyComputer science PhD student studying electricity disaggregation algorithms.C++, Python (including the standard "scientific computing" stack of numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, scipy etc), Linux, a little Java, Matlab, R. Machine learning, embedded software development, a little web development.I totally echo Steve Halso's views about climate change! I have a 2 yearold with another child on the way and it really worries me that they and their kids will see climatic change on a scale not seen for millions of years. We need to do something to fix the problem we've made.
James EdwardsI'm a tech consultant and bedroom developer in my spare time! I tend to mostly do devops/infrastructure automation work in my day job. Always looking for cool Open Source projects to get involved in.Build/Release stuff, linux, java, python (and various other scripting languages) and general infrastructure. It's an enormous pressing issue that we need to act on urgently!
James GardnerJames GardnerWeb systems architect with specific skills in Open Data, Open Source, Python and JavaScript (co-founded the Pylons framework that powers and to be tackled!
James ShawJava programmer currently reading Meteorology at University of ReadingJava, some Python, Fortran, Cundefined
James SingletonCleanweb London organiser and
James TullHi, PhD student in Climate Science. Interested in big data and technology.undefinedIt is going to frame all of our future decisions
Jamie BaxterI'm currently working as a Business Analyst specialising in UI design.UI design (iRise, wireframes), VBA, C, SQL, Certainly the most pressing challenge of our times, and it will be those who are most impoverished who will feel the changes first and hardest. I would like to help in any way to combat this impending catastrophe.
Janet ChapmanICT Teacher and Unicef Climate Change ChampionundefinedVital we all work together to solve it.
Jason NeylonI am a web developer at and volunteer with Repowering London & Brixton Energy, crowdfunding and installing community owned renewable energy. I help organise Cleanweb London a meetup about the web and sustainability.Ruby/Rails, Clojure, Html, Javascript, R, getting into hardware (Arduino & Raspberry Pi)Will completely change the world within our lifetimes so we urgently need to use technology to adapt and mitigate against it.
Jay greasleyweb dudegeneralistundefined
Jinn KoriechIndependent devops chef and startup geek. Currently hobby project is RaspiMail. Interested in big data analytics, medtech, self-assembling teams, and more.devops, have deployed very large infrastructure, from design to maintenance.We're responsible for our environment
Jody Photographer turned wannabe developerundefinedWe need to do what we can to stop it and then adapt to it...
Jon SummerHi i am a engineer interested in environmental and human factors of designs.rusty objective C, old school C, and learning Javascriptjust one of the problems we have to overcome together.
Joseph McArthurFounder of the Open Access Button (, Trustee of Healthy Planet and ex-Activities Director at Medsin UKNone unfortunately, I can only bring ideas and campaigning skillsKeeps me up at night, scariest thing of our time if you ask me
Joy KAgilist for many many years as developer, scrum master, trainer and consultant in it for over 30 years and want to start using my skills for something other than workOld school developer mainly scrum master , organiser, note taker, project managerI am interested to see what we can do about raising more awareness at the ground root level
Julie DonnellI am a former software engineer and engineering manager and had to retire due to spinal problems. My career has mainly been in communications. Since retirement I spent time learning about ecosystems and am due to start two MOOCs on climate change.C and C++ mainly. Some basic web development HTML/CSS. Unix and embedded development. Technical management of development, integration and test teams.Very concerned and feel it is not being addressed quickly enough. I am trying to find ways to make a difference. Really pleased to see this group but I live in Poole, Dorset and will follow CCCoders activities online. I hope I will find a way of making a tangible contribution.
Kam LaganI'm a novice developer.I develop in c# but would describe myself as a novice. I just want to help charities.undefined
Kevin O'BrienStatistician / R user / very interest in this.R of the greatest challenge that humanity faces.
Kijung KimI'm Kijeong, I'll stay in London for 5 moths. I have a lot of time to help!C++/JAVA, GIS programming(map), I made SVG map(like googlemap), I also interested in C++ Template Metaprogramming so it could reduce processing time so much! ( I forgot many things but if it's necessary I can do it!). Also I have experiences about processing data.We borrowed resources from next generation. Furthermore, we pollute environment. And developed society have already polluted it. But only weak country people suffer from the effect. I'm not sure whether I can change it or not. However, at least I'd like to try to change it.
If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek then I'd ask you to stand beside me.
Kim Spence-JonesI'm Programme Director of, trying to kick-start smart and connected homes in the UK and push the technology towards an open and low-carbon solution.Freelance project manager with Agile experience; fluent in HTML and CSS, some expertise in JavaScript and Python.It scares me big time.
KreamtJava and Python web developer.
Proud GNU/Linux Enthusiast.
Lover of all things open-source.
Java, Python, Haskel, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Spring, Flask, Django...Climate change is inevitable, but our consumerist societies put unnecessary strain on the environment - making life tougher for those less fortunate.

Low carbon living and playing an active role in encouraging low carbon living will make the world better for everyone, and is a worthy cause.
Laurence KirkJava devJavaundefined
Laurence Watsondeveloper at Sandbagpython/django, bit of web bit of datamost pressing issue of our time
LeaI'm Lea. I would be glad if I could be useful. Development ( C#, ASP.NET, Java, SQL,...) , IT support ( Microsoft products) Honestly, I think it's kind of frightening.
But Do something is the best way to get things better.
Lorcan McNathGathering data for a really phenomenal map that we hope to open soon which will connect people with where their energy is coming from.undefinedundefined
lukehedgerFrontend web developerJavaScriptFascinating, puzzling, fear-inducing.
Malachi ChadwickI do communications at 10:10, the carbon cutting project (

We're actually looking for a new in-house developer at the moment, but I'd also love to meet coders that are keen to get involved on a more casual basis.
I'm not a techy, but I know my way around HTML and CSS. I'm trying to learn ruby too, but it's slow going! Climate change threatens pretty much everything that's good about the world. It's hard to imagine a thornier problem, but I love seeing the ways that tackling it can bring out the best in people.
Mark CridgeManagement Coordinator at the Green Party.undefinedundefined
Mark StevensonPopulation ecologist and epidemiologist Coding C++, R, SQL, HTML
Statistics Bayesian and frequentist
Mathematics odes and solving methods
It's the biggest threat to our global civilisation
Martin HowesApp designer, Windows developer. Former local councillor. Working in London and Luton.Apps for Windows 8.1 are my main speciality. Also happy to work on design for all mobile platforms and the web.Reducing our carbon footprint is very important, but we also need to prepare for the impact of climate change.
Martin WarneWeb Developer interested in sustainabilityDjangoundefined
Matt Corbishley Software engineer, mostly in C#C# windows and web techs, VBA, some F# and Rundefined
Matthew SkeltonBuilding, deploying, and operating software systems since 1998.Delivering working systems.There are great opportunities for switched-on techies to make a real difference in reducing the effects of climate change, especially in the area of domestic energy use.
Meganformer cleantech vc and policy maker, newbie web developer, keen to work on some new projectsruby on rails, html, css, some javascriptundefined
Natalie EskinaziPreviously a producer of theatre, comedy and short film, I am now embarking on a career in web development. I am completing a 12-week intensive development bootcamp in Ruby, which concludes on 20/12/13, and I am looking for work in non-profits.Junior Ruby on Rails developer. I also know HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, JQuery, CoffeeScript, Sinatra, DataMapper, PostgreSQL RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber and Jasmine.I believe it is the most important issue today. Many people are still denying that it's happening or simply refusing to alter their lifestyle. Anything I can do to help environmental charities further their reach and achieve their targets will be great.
Neil HayesI'm a Digital PM with some front end coding skills at my disposal.Front End Dev (HTML, CSS, PHP)It makes me ruddy bloody angry!
nicsetonDigital campaigner at Greenpeace managing content and community engagementonly HTML CSS JS so far... ;):(
As the moral crisis of our time, it's gonna take a lot of work, but I reckon we (activisits) can achieve a lot if we're strategic. :)
NieveLooking to develop more than just, javascript, ruby.undefined
Nigel CrawleyC.A.T graduate, Energy Geek and App developer. Interested in resilience and permanent culture.Web (HTML, SVG, CSS, JavaScript and PHP), iOS + Mac Apps (Objective-C), Arduino, Raspberry Pi (Python)It's happening... now!
NikTechie, involved in transport sector. Keen to apply tech for social good. Architecture, scaling, c#, sql server, mongo, js, html, etc. Coming to the conclusion any solutions are likely to be engineering based - politics is too slow and likely to fail.
Ody PSoftware developer, interested in enviromental issues, curious to see what can come out from this meetup!software developer c++,c#, .netIt 's happening
Paul RobertsI am a web developer at WWF-UK, interested in data visualisation, mapping, and other ways to use programming to help the environment.Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, D3, I am a backend developer with experience also on the front-end.I don't like it.
Paul ThompsonOne of the Freegl-e GeeksLinux, Coding, etc.undefined
Peter MorrisIslington Freegle moderator past 8 yearsundefined Humans are causing the climate to change at an unprecedented rate never seen before. The scenarios look grim. For anyone interested in taking part in discussion on how London Climate Coders can help freegle and freegle projects they could work on please email me.
Radosław ScheibingerI'm an agile software engineer at eBayundefinedundefined
Ralitsa Stanchevaserver side java developerundefinedundefined
Richard RoafI help communicate environmental issues for a range of charities and campaigning groups through my company Alter Eco Communications.HTML and CSSIt's really bad and digital technology can help build a mass movement to stop it. Hopefully.
Rob VI'm a software engineer who want to help tackle climate issues.Java, PHP, enterprise architecture, web servicesHumanity and especially world leaders have to take it more serious and not just swipe the problem under the carpet. I believe that technology already exists to tackle climate change.
RobertI've spent far too much of my life hacking around with OpenStreetMap dataPython, django, postgres, various other languages to a degree.undefined
Sean QuaintmanEco-geek looking to apply my programming skills to a good causePC repair, HTML, PHP, Java/Javascript, C++, Visual BasicTotally sucks! But it's unavoidable, and we have to adapt