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InfoScott Vanderlip - OrganizerScottscott@inet-sciences.com650 793-0475
DONEdoneL'Auberge InnIsabelle & Peter Cnuddepicnudde@gmail.com1176 Richardson Ave, Los Altos408 306 6544coops & vegetable garden
no eventbrite ticket
doneBunratty CoopBetty McNamarabunratty1@gmail.com4265 Alma Street, Palo Alto 94306650 494-2525coop, vegetable garden, 10,000 gallon rain water storage and grey water system
Dropped out 9.14.16doneDana Meadows Children's GardenKaren Harwellkarenharwell@gmail.com1335 Dana Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301650-329-8199Neighborhood Children's Garden with coop and dabbling brooke with 4 ducks and perhaps some ducklings, bunnies, a beehive, summer garden and 18 fruit trees, berry bushes, grapevines, composting, rain barrels, solar shingle roof for generating electricity and solar panels for heating water.visit
DonedoneFull Circle Farm SunnyvaleVictoria Armigovarmigo@earthlink.net1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086408-296-6605In addition to our Barefoot Coffee Coop, we have added a fenced in area in the orchard with a chicken tractor/coop built by an Eagle Scout. And as a special treat his year we have a new coop with young Turkey's!
no eventbrite ticket
doneThe Homesteaders 4-H Chicken Projectamberlee.emmons@gmail.com3450 Brookdale Dr., Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
getting info by phone
no eventbrite ticket
doneSam's Downtown FeedSamno email please phone759 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126(408) 287-9090coop and bee vendor plus snacks - to be confirmed
CANCELall plants will be done by then. sorry!!Uncle Chon's Anarchy AlleyChonacardott@gmail.comCANCEL831 359 8172vegetable garden growing in apocalyptic neglected soil in alley - free advice and select anarchist literature dispensed
no eventbrite ticketdoneSan Mateo Pet SupplyJennifer Wisnomsanmateopetsupply@yahoo.com346 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94062650-365-6738store that sell chicken supplies is also on the tour
Eventbrite TicketDoneCoop de VilleLinda Caplinger & Scott
243 Jones Road
Los Gatos, CA 95030
408-679-3986 Cell
408-356-0515 Home
Chicken coop built by green builder (Bruce King of San Rafael. Coop was originally built using only reclaimed materials, but in order to get it to fit on our sloped property, we had to add some new lumber. 90-95% reclaimed. 8 chckens (2 silver wyandottes, 6 EE's/Ameraucanas) We have also finished restoring a reclaimed chicken tractor (a time out area for our loud girls).
DoneCampo CluckersMelanie Moyermelanie.moyer@hotmail.com13851 Campo Vista Lane - Los Altos Hills, CA 94022650-766-1995Our site is a former apricot orchard that we are transitioning into mostly drought tolerant natives. Chickens are a recent addition, we received them from a neighbor four months ago. Coop is a very sturdy 4'x8' two story wood structure that was reclaimed from Stanford Community Garden prior to it being moved. The coop houses four chickens who are about 3-1/2 years old. Breeds we have are Ameraucana, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock and Polish Crested. Drip irrigation is used as is grey water irrigation.
doneThe Puff Bottom GirlsAmy Hibbs88hummingbird@gmail.com1862 Jonathan Ave. San Jose CA650-269-9623Coop and run, chicken "enriched" vegetable garden and compost system
no eventbrite ticketdoneHartley FarmLee Hartleyleehartley1@gmail.com14101 Manuella Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
DonedoneCommon Ground GardenPaul
687 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA916-390-0070Possibly a site for Bill's coops. Waiting for Bill to confirm.
doneChateau le CoupRob Lelandrobleland@yahoo.com45 Chilton Ave, San Carlos, CA650-637-8888A smallish but unusually designed coop with a glass penthouse. Sadly it is unoccupied. How do I post photos? The coup is available if you want it! Be sure to confirm by email if you plan to vist.
CANCELdonelittle-coop-on-the-prarieMichele Vitarellimichelevit@yahoo.com1267 Madrona Ave, San Jose CA
doneEmpty NestRandolph Tsientsien@yahoo.com3261 Ross Rd, Palo Alto CA 94303314-422-3194coop with no chickens
doneSilicon Valley Micro Homesteading
Jan Johnston-Tylerjanjt@evolibri.com1310 Bryant Ave, Mountain View CA 94040650 245-1855Four chickens in a custom coop (made by Alta Vista High School across the street) with run
Front (corner) yard, removed our lawn, turned half of the yard into drought-resistant native grass and wildflowers
The other side of the yard, planted fruit trees, vegetable garden, decomposed granite, and sitting area with a small composting area. We let the chickens out in the front yard for weed, snail, and bug abatement.
doneShanti FarmPam Carltonpam@shantifarm.org31107 Page Mill Road, Los Altos, CA 94022650-224-8453We have a coop and run with 13 chickens, a large vegetable garden, compost bins, a small barn with 2 nigerian dwarf goats and a couple of bee hives. I am very happy to answer any questions about the animals and gardens as well as questions about making goat cheese, goat milk soap and beeswax candles.
doneCalifornia Native Garden FoundationAlrie Race St, San Jose, CA408-292-9993Chicken coop with five hens. Teaching and learning garden with vegetables, herbs, and California native edibles
mappern/aMap organizerChip Garnerchip@garnertotalenergy.com415 218 7497
donedoneL’esprit de CoopMaureen Searingmosearing@gmail.com1460 Dry Creek Road, San Jose, CA 95125
doneCoop de VilleTish Hoehltotish2@gmail.com2105 Cowper St, Palo Alto 94301650-323-4980Coop de Ville houses 8 "Girls" each chosen because of the color of egg she lays. The coop has an automatic chicken door on a timer. The side yard chicken run allows for easy neighborhood viewing. Newly installed 500 gal rain barrel with pump that is filled with PA ground water weekly by a truck water service. The water truck also waters the front yard and curb twice weekly. Vegetable garden and citrus grove in pots.
donePirate ProduceSundown Hazenitswhatitis@me.com725 Santa Ynez St, Sunnyvale, CA650-796-25949 layers, 3 turkeys, aquaponics. homesteading
donecHICK n bEESMelody Garlieppinfo@chicknbees.com15695 Los Gatos Blvd. los Gatos, CA 95032408-358-7410chicken and beekeeping supplies store+Fall HoneyTasting Event on the same day! Possibly an observation hive...
done (Charles Street Garden)Phil's Cadillac CoopJanet Hammajrhamma@pacbell.net433 Charles St., Sunnyvale, 94087408-605-4601Phil's Coop is located in Charles Street Community Garden. We have 3 bantams, 3 pullets, and 1 adult standard Welsummer. All different breeds. Expect to have our new run area ready by tour day. Open House at the Community Garden on Tour day, and Library Story Time starts at 11 am.
doneChickee PlayhouseBill Michelbmichel@alum.pomona.edu337 Lowell St., Redwood City 94062650-575-6441Easter Egger, Black Star, Buff Orpington; D-Link 5030L chickee-cam
doneChicken AlcatrazGeri Spielergspieler@gmail.com181 El Carmelo Ave, PA, 94306650 852 9700Six Girls: Two Black Maran's, Two Easter Eggers, One Plymouth Barred Rock and one Red Star. I also have over a dozen fruit trees and do a lot of canning. I will have jars of Persian Mulberry jam for sale.
doneHalf Acre HobbiesSuzanne Kassocrazee_kasso@yahoo.com90 Marvin Ave Los Altos, CA 94022650.941.34512 pullets and 4 hens occupy the coop which was built 9 years ago by 3 generations of Kasso men. Coop is located in the veggie garden along with a 3-stage compost system, vermiculture bin, and rain barrels. A small vinyard of Primativo and Petite Syrah grapes occipy a portion of the front yard. 2 bee hives watch over the formal rose garden and wild flower garden. We will offer honey tasting: Kasso vs Costco and fresh lemonade from the 70 year old lemon tree.
DonedoneThe Feathered NestRachelle Wallis
Michael Wallis
741 Carolina Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085650-630-7333
Our coop has 5 hens: a Barred Rock, an Easter Egger, 2 Black Laced Wyndottes and a Black Australorp. Expecting some new additions of an Olive Egger, a Cuckoo Moran, Giant Blue Cochin and a bantam Spray Cochin. These will be housed in a separate smaller area. We also have a worm farm and a 525 gallon water cachement system. Our bee hive is almost ready to launch! We also home brew kombucha and have scobys available for any who might like to make their own.
doneThe Egg-PlantCarrie Coletsyd530@aol.com1915 Barton Street Redwood City 94062415-577-2574Added by scott from email from Carrie
doneTaylor St. FarmMonica Vazquezmonica@garden2table.org200 W. Taylor St. San Jose CA408-641-83131-acre Nonprofit urban farm with chickens, bees, veggies, four types of composting systems, and more. Our farm stand which is open on Saturday's from 10-1 features freshly harvested veggies, farm fresh eggs, locally gleaned fruit, and other hyperlocal products. Our volunteer built coop and run houses 12 hens and features a compost bin, dust bath with roof, and a no-mess chicken feeder. Our chickens are very involved in our mission to run the farm sustainably.
doneTechnicolor ChickhousePierre Michaelpierremichael@gmail.com1016 Bentoak Ln. San Jose, CA 95129949-463-1801Homemade coop and run. 5 hens, FlowHive bee hive, large veggie garden.
8/22/16: CANCELLEDFlustered Cluck FarmTara and Greg Rousselroussels@mac.com25431 Adobe Ln. Los Altos Hills CA 94022650-796-8272Backyard coop and run with an old Giant Cochin, three Easter Eggers, two Rhode Island Reds, one sweet Barred Rock and one large, mean Barred Rock named Eleanor Roosevelt. Our Giant Cochin kindly hatched three mystery babies for us this summer (fertile eggs came from another farm), and we believe they are cochin and barred rock or Brahma, we can't really tell! Adoptive mamma, Mrs. Fluff, loves them no matter what their lineage. We have a shady tree swing for the little ones, and will offer something cool to drink for thirsty travelers.
doneShannon FarmGeoff & Natalie Woodcockgeoff@ubcomputer.com15815 Shannon Road Los Gatos CA408-608-5131We have some Buf Orphingons and some Blue Cochin chicks. We have an automatic door on the coop which we really like. The coop itself was designed by some crazy engineer in Santa Cruz whom I bought it from. It's quite sturdy, functional, and well insulated if a bit heavy/overbuilt. I have the plans if anyone is interested. We have a little garden and a greenhouse as well. We also keep bees - just harvested 80 lbs of honey from 2 hives! We could probably break some out if anyone is and hives are located near what we refer to as the "Shannon river" - a creek that runs down the north side of Shannon road. Unfortunately it is dry right now, but if we get a good rain it might be running! Our "farm" area is nothing fancy, just hoping to meet some nice people and exchange ideas!
doneValley Christian Junior HighSteve Parmentersparmenter@vcs.net100 Skyway Drive, San Jose, CA. 95111408-513-2482We have an Aggie Club on the Junior High campus that is responsible for the care of our 6 chickens. We have 3 breeds, Americauna, Buff Orpington, and Rhode Island Red. The students under the leadership of Mr. Dwain Fairweather maintain the coop and care of the chickens.
doneinfo requested on 9/5 - called left msg 9.7 - saw her at the coopster meetingMenlo Park 4-H Chicken Co-opJulie Figliozzigirlfig2u@yahoo.com271 Hedge Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025650-853-1305A cute coop designed for easy access provides 4-H youth an opportunity to raise chickens in a co-operative arrangement.
doneTalked to coopster today by phone and indicated she is on the tour and will send photos today 9.10Tony Nolascothenolascofamily@yahoo.com252 Hedge Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025650-269-6422Chicken Coop and run with 7 Bantam Chickens + extra yard run (currently being built)
We have a sweet little Victorian dollhouse styled chicken coop with a run built around it + we are building an extra run in our yard for our chickens to roam through our garden. Our chicken are treated as pets and are used to being held and around small neighborhood children who stop by to visit daily.
We will be offering free lemonade/water and treats, as well as a sitting area with chairs and music for a quick break between coop stops.
DoneAlta Vista (MVLA school district) Urban Farm and CoopShannon Wernetteshannon.wernette@mvla.net1325 Bryant Ave., Mountain View CA 94040650-793-7113Student built and refurbished coops featuring our newest "Dr Suess" coop. Bantam chickens, Marans, Olive Eggers, and a Plymouth Rock. You will also find our student-built hyroponic system as well as an orchard, and vegetable and succulent garden. We will be selling/builidng custom built coops, sheds, and garden beds to any interested coopsters. Succulent arrangements also for sale.(support the school)
doneNFO Bee Co.Marius Ciortearadu43@yahoo.com610 Eighth Avenue, Menlo Park, Ca 94025510.681.8805We have a one year old garden topped coop built and designed by us housing 8 hens-2 barred rock, 1 dominique, 1 buff orp, 1 australorp, 1 ameraucana-who is currently broody, 1 australorp and 1 delaware. 7 of the hens are under 1 year one of our barred rocks is 4. We have 7 thriving hives on site, including one Flow Hive. We have 10 fruit trees, olallieberries, blackberries and strawberries, passion fruit, a medicinal herb and garden and pollinator habitat out front along with a variety of common and rare succulents all fertilized by the casting of our worms. Our garden inside is mostly comprised of salvias, however, you will find a little of everything my wife has created what she calls a California cottage garden, I call it a mess. We will offer honey, lip balm, lotion sticks and beeswax candles for purchase.
COOP DROPPED 9.10.16doneFour Acorns FarmLaura Menardlaura95070@gmail.com18531 Decatur Road, Monte Sereno, CA 95030408.375.9639
DoneDry Creek BeesCharles L. Evanscharles@superdudes.com1420 Dry Creek Road, San Jose, CA 95125408.666.9109Bee hives nestled into a beeyard designed to provide optimal shelter during winter and maximum exposure during warm months. Hives sit atop a permeable patio base to prevent run-off during rain. A natural looking water feature and nectar bearing drought resistant perennials demonstrate the beauty of a bee-friendly garden. Honey tasting, and water stop.
New Coop added 9/6DoneWillow Glen High SchoolJustin Burschjbursch@sjusd.org2001 Cottle Avenue, 95125408-535-6330
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