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7 Steps to Bonding with Your StepchildSuzen J. Ziegahn, Ph.D.AvailableBangor1All stepparents confront feelings of excitement, confusion and insecurity when they become part of a new family.  These 7 basic steps will give you the essentials, from deciding what kind of stepparent you want to be to realizing that love comes later.
1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. Not Available208 pgsBangor3This extremely popular 1-2-3 magic program addresses the difficult task of child discipline with humor, keen insight and proven experience. Dr. Phelan simplifies the job of parenting in three straight forward steps: controlling obnoxious behavior, encouraging good behavior, strengthening your relationship.
1-2-3 Magic: Training Your Children to Do What You WantThomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. Not AvailableBangor1
1-2-3 Magic for Kids : helping your children understand the new rulesThomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. 1 Available97 pgsBangor2Most books about child discipline explain the program to the parents. The parents then explain it to the kids. 1-2-3 Magic for Kids explaine the new discipline methods directing to the children (with parents' help for younger kids). This book is presented from the point of view of young children and includes games, puzzles, questions for discussion and 4-color illustrations.
20 Teachable VirtuesBarbara C. Unell and Jerry L. Wyckoff, Ph.D.Not AvailableBangor1How can you be sure that you're teaching your children the lessons of virtue that were passed on to you? Today's parents often feel that they have too little time in their busy schedules to handle such an important task. They're not even sure where to begin. In 20 Teachable Virtues authors Barbara C. Unell and Jerry L. Wyckoff, Ph.D. demonstrate the simple ways that you can teach your children to care about others and about themselves. By using everyday time together, however brief, you can pass on the lessons of virtue that are most important to your family today and for generations to come.
99 Ways To Drive Your Child SaneBrita St.ClairNot AvailableBangor1This little book is full of wild ideas and hysterical humor to bring the laughter back into a home with an emotionally disturbed child. Need a good laugh? This book will do it! It includes lots of 'one liners' and silly, fun ways to help parents avoid anger around tough topics. Written by a very experienced and loving Therapeutic Mom with years of success helping tough kids heal.
360 SquareCarol Lillieqvist WelshAvailableBangor1360 Square is Carol Lillieqvist Welsh’s story of spirited resilience in the face of unrelenting adversity. Carol is an adventurous, fearless, risk taker who loves challenges and lives life passionately. Her life is a testament to the positive power of walking your own true path, setting goals, and trusting in the ability to make dreams come true in the face of adversity. Adopted at the age of 6 months by what seemed like model parents, her childhood became harsher and more cruel with each passing year. Thrown out of her house at 16, her life became a roller coaster of temporary homes, fleeting relationships, and an unwanted pregnancy. Yet she never gives up on herself or her desire to understand her fiery passion for life. In her search to trace her roots she finds the true meaning of family and identity
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching & Raising Children with Autism or AspergersEllen Notbohm, Veronica Zysk1 Available365 pagesBangor1Winner of a Silver medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards and Lrearning Magazine's Teachers Choice Award , 1,001 Great Ideas has been a treasured resource in the autism community since 2004. In this expanded second edition, Ellen Notbohm (best-selling author of the revolutionary book Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew) and Veronic Zysk (award-winning author and former editor of Autism Aspergers Kigest magazine) present parents and educators with over 1800 ideas, try-it-now tips, eye-opening advice, and grassroots strategies. More than 600 fresh ideas jin tried and true tactics from the original edition.
1001 Things To Do With Your KidsCaryl Waller KruegerNot AvailableBangor1Would you like to make your family life more adventuresome, educational, and enjoyable? Now you can! This all-in-one treasury shows how!
About DavidSusan Beth PfefferAvailableBangor1The story of Lynn's neighbor and close friend, 17-year-old David, who murdered his parents and then committed suicide.
Adopted Children SpeakingCaroline Thomas and Verna Beckford with Nigel Lowe and Mervyn MurchAvailableBangor1This book gives insight into what children and young people think and understand about adoption, the support they receive, and their involvement in the process.
Adopting for Good - A Guide for People Considering AdoptionJorie KincaidNot AvailableBangor1This book will show the reader how to find the child who needs them.
Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families with Special-Needs KidsGregory Kick, PhD, Regina Kupecky, LSWAvailableBangor1Fewer and fewer families adopting today are able to bring home a healthy newborn infant. The majority of adoptions now involve emotionally wounded, older children who have suffered the effects of abuse or neglect in their birth families and carry complex baggage with them into their adopted families.
Adoption: A Handful of Hope Suzanne Arms AvailableBangor1Here, Suzanne Arms - internationally acclaimed author of Immaculate Deception - sheds light on the very heart of adoption: what it means to the individuals it so deeply affects. With compassion and understanding, she explores changing attitudes, provides valuable insight into the long-term effects of adoption and offers detailed suggestions that can empower everyone involved to create successful, humane adoptions
Adoption & Prenatal Alcohol and Drug ExpostureRichard P. Barth, Madelyn Freundlich, and David BrodzinskyAvailableBangor1This book offers information on impact of prenatal exposure, long-term health development, remedial effects of a postnatal environment , counseling and other services available.
Adoption and the Sexually Abused ChildJoan McNamara & Bernard H.
AvailableBangor1This book gives you what you need to know when adopting a child who has been sexually abused.
Adoption At The MoviesAddison CooperAvailableBangor1For the adoptive family that loves to watch movies, this is the ultimate collection. With a film for each week of the year, Addison Cooper has compiled the best movies, old and new, for adoptive family-friendly viewing. Carefully selected, the movies included will help families comfortably talk about important adoption-related topics. Helping all members of the family explore both the pain and joy of adoption, they cover a range of issues such as identity, control, and reunification. With something for everyone--from kids, to teens, to grown-ups--this is a must-have for all adoptive families.
Adoption Is a Family Affair!Patricia Irwin JohnstonNot AvailableBangor2Are you worried that your loved one may face disappointment? Do you find yourself wondering exactly what your role is going to be in the child's life? Does the term open adoption confuse and concern you? Just what are the privacy boundaries for families built by adoption: what is okay to ask about? Adoption Is a Family Affair! will answer all of these questions and more, offering you information about who can adopt, why people consider adopting, how kids understand adoption as they grow up, and more. This short book is crammed full of the 'need to know' information for friends and families that will help to encourage informed, happy and healthy family relationships.
Adoption Journeys: Parents Tell Their StoriesCarole S. TurnerAvailable236 pgsBangor1Chronicles 11 stories of adoptive parents -- from married couples struggling with infertility, to single women, a gay couple, & foster parents -- all of them helping to reshape what ''family'' means today.
Adoption With AttitudeDee A. Paddock, M.A., NCC1 AvailableBangor1Affirmations for conscious living as adoptive families.
A Dream Deferred, A Joy ReceivedCharisse Nesbit1 AvailableBangor1A positive look at the foster care system through stories of its survivors who show there is hope for the future, even in a system often identified by abuse and neglect. With a unique perspective, this collection of inspiring stories is a testament to the fighting spirit of former foster children, and an inspiration to others currently in the same situation to emerge from the system as successful, productive members of society. The stories are true to life, sometimes painful, yet full of hope, revealing those who have graduated and gone on to make the most of their lives, in spite of their challenging beginnings.
Alcohol and TeensJane Claypool Miner1 AvailableBangor1You need facts. This book will give you the important ones. You'll learn about alcohol and what it does to your body. You'll read about teens who drink and those who don't. You'll also find out about alcoholism and teens with drinking problems. If you or someone in your family needs help, you'll find out where to go to get it. Is drinking right or wrong? Should you drink? Read the facts before you decide.
All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome Kathy Hoopman1 AvailableBangor1All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome takes a playful look at Asperger Syndrome (AS), drawing inspiration from the feline world in a way that will strike a chord with all those who are familiar with AS.
A Love Like No OtherNot AvailableBangor1A Love Like No Other features twenty leading writers, all of them adoptive parents, who share their personal experiences with humor, poignancy, and often searing candor.
America's Throwaway Children: The Foster-Care DilemmaJoy Maugans GarlandAvailableBangor1Written by a foster mother, full of anecdotal stories, and wise observations. Walks the reader through every aspect of fostering, the agonies and the ecstacys.
And Some Rise Above ItO. Dashawn PatrickAvailable351 pgsBangor1And Some RISE Above It is an authentically told, coming of age story about a boy with an incredible passion for baseball, navigating the perils of growing up in foster care. It is the unshakable love if his grandmother who adds meaning to his life, inspiring him to reach goals he never imagined were possible. Set in Seattle, Washington 1970 through 1990's, this book captures the essence of friendship, family and falling in love for the first time. If you enjoyed The Blind Side, Antwone Fisher Story, and The Sandlot, you will also enjoy And Some RISE Above It.And Some RISE Above It has become a recommended read throughout the United States and abroad, for those invested in changing the culture for children growing up in foster care
Angry Teenager, TheDr. William Lee CarterAvailableBangor1Why teens get so angry, and how parents can help them grown through it using positive and practical steps for using this anget as an opportunity to help teens grow and mature.
An Orphan's SongJean BeckerAvailableBangor1Why teens get so angry, and how parents can help them grown through it using positive and practical steps for using this anget as an opportunity to help teens grow and mature.
Another MotherSarah GerstenzangNot AvailableBangor1Foster parents are in great demand, but they are not necessarily treated well. We follow the author through the home visits, the Early Intervention evaluation, the WIC program that (with much bureaucratic hassle) provides free formula and cereal, and the mandatory parenting training sessions. Central to Another Mother is the issue of transracial placement. Gerstenzang remembers "That first day the contrast between my pale skin and Cecilia's brown skin seemed glaring. Not only did I feel that I had someone else's child, I felt that I had a child from another culture. Would I owe someone an explanation?" Her account is full of anecdotes and reflections about race: acceptance and prejudice from others; the feelings of her two children about having a sibling of a different race; and efforts to maintain links to the culture of the child's origin.
Another Place At The TableKathy HarrisonAvailalbleBangor1For more than a decade, Kathy Harrison has sheltered a shifting cast of troubled youngsters-the offspring of prostitutes and addicts; the sons and daughters of abusers; and teenage parents who aren't equipped for parenthood. All this, in addition to raising her three biological sons and two adopted daughters. What would motivate someone to give herself over to constant, largely uncompensated chaos? For Harrison, the answer is easy.
An Unlit PathDeborah L. HannahAvailableBangor1This book is based on a true story of one family's journey although tragic, it raises awareness to the inherent risks ad rewards of adoption and foster care.
Anxiety & Panic AttacksRobert Handley & Pauline NeffNot AvailableBangor1
Are we There yet?Badeau, S., H.4 Available501 pgsBangor4“Come along with Hector and Sue Badeau on their ultimate road trip – adopting and raising 22 children, from diverse backgrounds with many special needs. Like any road trip, their story has twists and turns, detours and surprises. You’ll be inspired, laugh out loud and shed tears as you share their experiences in foster care and adoption, coping with teenage pregnancies, addictions, unimaginable accomplishments and raw moments of grief after the untimely deaths of three beloved sons. “Are We There Yet” is an entertaining story which also imparts nuggets of parenting wisdom for any parent or grandparent. It is packed with spiritual truths and life lessons for teachers, social workers, pastors and others who care about vulnerable children and families in our world today.
Are You Out There, God?Sister Mary Rose McGeadyNot AvailableBangor1The incredible story of kids on America's streets and how they got there. Uncut, Unedited, close to unbelievable.
Asperger's and GirlsTony Attwood & Temple
Grandin, plus 7 more experts
1 Available150 pgsBangor1This groundbreaking book describes the unique challenges of women and girls with Asperger’s Syndrome. In it you’ll read candid stories written by the indomitable women who have lived them. You’ll also hear from experts who discuss whether “Aspie girls” are slipping under the radar, undiagnosed; why many AS women feel like a minority within a minority.
Asperger's Syndrome and High AchievementIoan James1 AvailableBangor1This fascinating collection identifies famous figures from the past, whose behaviour suggests they may have had autism, a disorder that was not defined until the mid - 20th century. James looks at the lives of 20 individuals - scientists, artists, politicians and philosophers - examining in detail their interests, successes, indifferences and shortcomings
Attaching in AdoptionDeborah D. GrayAvailable378 pgsBangor1Attaching in Adoption is a comprehensive guide for prospective and actual adoptive parents on how to understand and care for their adopted child and promote healthy attachment. This classic text provides practical parenting strategies designed to enhance children's happiness and emotional health.
Attaching Through Love, Hugs and PlayDeborah D. GrayNot AvailableBangor1Capturing the warmth and fun of forming close relationships with children, this book offers simple advice to parents of children who find it difficult to attach and bond--whether following adoption, divorce, or other difficult experiences. This book describes how to use the latest thinking on attachment in your daily parenting. It reveals sensory techniques which have proven to help children bond and explains why routines like mealtimes and play time are so imprtant in helping children to attach. The book offers positive ideas for respoonding to immediate crisis like difficult behaviour and meltdowns, but importantly also offers longer-term strategies to help children to develop the skills they need to cope as they grow up--the ability to plan, concentrate, and be in control of their emotions.
Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies To Care For ChildrenDaniel A. HughesNot AvailableBangor1Children are much more than the sum of their behaviors. By translating attachment theory into real-world parenting practices and sensible interventions, this book shows mental health clilnicians and caregivers alike how to understand the reasons behind the behavoir and cultivate a strong attachment bond, resulting in happier, more sucure children.
Attachment, Trauma, and HealingTerry M. Levy and Michael OrlansNot AvailableBangor1Attachment, Trauma, and Healing examines the causes of attachment disorder, and provides in-depth discussion on effective solutions--including attachment-focused assessment and diagnosis, specialized training and education for caregivers, the controversial "in arms" treatment for children and caregivers, and early intervention and prevention programs for high-risk families.
Autism and Your TeenGrossberg, Blythe, PsyDAvailable100 pgsBangor1If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), your journey togethre through the teenage years to adulthood is often rewarding but may also be complicated, confusing and financially challenging. Grossberg provides supportive advise for finding good medical and psychiatric care, helping your teen learn exective functioning and social skills to navigate middle and high school, and talking with your teen about sexual development and sexual activity.
Autism Handbook for ParentsJanice E. Janzen1 Available198 pgsBangor1The concise, authoritative guide for parents new to the subject of autism.
Austistic Brain, TheTemple GrandinNot AvailableBangor1Weaving her own experiences with remarkable new discoveries, Grandin introduces the neuroimaing advances and genetic research that like brain science to behavior, even sharing her own brain scan to show readers which anomalies might explain common symptoms. A complicated subject written in plain language.
BeautifulJaiya John2 AvailableBangor2This book provides a poetic celebration of displaced children.
Before I Got HereBlair UnderwoodAvailableBangor1Licensed psychologist Dr. Lee Carter, helps parents overcome fears and anxieties about having angry teens in The Angry Teenager. Dr. Lee also reveals how anger can actually be turned into a positive factor in teen's growth and development. The Angry Teenager will revolutionize the way parents see their child's anger and will give them tools to help their teen grow through this trubulent time period.
Being Adopted; The Lifelong Search for Self David M. Bradzinsky, Ph.D.,
Marshall d. Schechter, M.D. & Robin Marantz Henig
3 AvailableBangor3This book uses the poignant, powerful voices of adoptees and adoptive parents to explore the experience of adoption and its lifelong effects
Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teensby Debbie Riley (Author), John Meeks (Contributor)3 Available243 pgsBangor3Working with adopted adolescents is complex. The key to successful therapy and healthy development is to help the adolescent discover and accept the person within. Parents will discover: •the six most common adoption stuck-spots •the complexities of adoption •the adopted teen’s quest for identity •how therapy may help the adoptive families learn and grow together. Therapists and clinicians will discover: •a broad knowledge base on adoption •a step-by-step assessment process •clinical intervention strategies •a wealth of case histories •treatment resources and therapy tools •writing and art therapy samples.
Best I Can Be, The: Living With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or EffectsLiz KulpAvailableBangor1This book is about a young teen with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome who challenged the world to peer inside her life and brain. Through her own writings the reader is taken on a life changing journey that will inpact their thinking about how to help and understand children with brain damage due to FAS.
Billy Had to MoveTheresa Ann FraserNot AvailableBangor1Billy is a 7 year old boy who was taken from his mother to live with this grandmother. When his greanmother died, Billy went to live in a foster home. Billy has a baby sister in the foster home. Identifying emotions is a theme. Billy goes to therapy.
Bipolar: The Elements of Bipolar DisorderDr. Jay CarterAvailableBangor1This book is about the elements of Bipolar Disorder.
Blending of Foster & Adopted Children Into the Family, TheHeather Lehr WagnerAvailable68Bangor1A guide for teens seeking a geater understanding of what it means to be adopted or living in a foster family. Each chapter leads the reader through the many challenges facing foster and adopted children, including the struggles to establish a clear identity, the issues a child faces when he or she is of a different race or ethnic background than the rest of the family, the decision to search for a birth parent, and the best way to manage emotions. This book provides a straighforward, honest exploration of how foster care and adoption impact teens, and is designed to help the reader understand the different ways in which families come together.
Body keeps the Score, TheBessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.Not AvailableBangor1Trauma is a fact of life. Veterans and their families deal with the painful aftermath of combat; one in five Americans has been molested; one in four grew up with alcholics; one in three couples have engaged in physical violence. Demonstrates how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers' capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust through scientific advances.
Bonding and the Case for PermanenceJames Kenny, Lori GrovesNot AvailableBangor1A clear and objective definition of bonding which can be used effectively in court; the latest statistics on the staggering increase in mental illness, crime and homelessness among ex-foster children
Boy Who Couldn't Stop Washing, TheJudith Rapoport, M.D.AvailableBangor1The experience and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The Boy Who Was Raised As A DogPerry, Bruce, Szalavitz, MaiaNot Available400Bangor1How does trauma affect a child's mind - and how can traumatized children recover? In the classic The boy who Was Raised As A Dog, Dr. Perry explains what happens inside the brains of children exposed to extreme stress and shares their lessons of courage, humanity, and hope. Only when we understand the science of themind and the power of love and nurturing can we hope to heal the spirit of even the most wounded child.
Braided Cord: Tough Times In and OutLiz KulpAvailableBangor1I was born an addict and ever since I was tiny I have overdone, overlooked or overwhelmed myself. I was born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, otherwise known as FASD. That means my mom drank while I was trying to grow in her stomach and because of her drinking some of my parts got mixed up and didn't grow too well. My differences are hidden and that's a real pain, because it is easy to judge a person by what you see. The most difficult parts of my life are caused from my brain which was probably the most affected.
Brain-Based ParentingDaniel A. Hughes & Jonathan BaylinAvailableBangor1In this groundbreaking exploration of the brain mechanisms behind healthy caregiving, attachment specialist Daniel A. Hughes and veteran clinical psychologist Jonathan Baylin guide readers through the intricate web of neuronal processes, hormones, and chemicals that drive―and sometimes thwart―our caregiving impulses, uncovering the mysteries of the parental brain.
Breaking the CodeLara Fox and Hilary Frankel2 AvailableBangor2Most parents know that what a teen says isn't always what he or she means. But few understand that what a parent says and what a teen hears are also two very different things. Here, two sixteen-year-olds present typical dialogues between parents and teens--and then translate them. Now you can find out why even though you think you're being helpful, you're suddely getting the silent treatment--and how changing just a few words can make a world of difference. Inside, you'll find sections on buliding trust, money, personal privacy, academic pressure, siblings, smoking, clothing, and how to become more involved in your teen's life.
Broken ChildMarcia Cameron1 Available447 pgsBangor1This is a powerful tale that readers on a harrowing, unforgettable journey into the nightmare of parental abuse and the darkness of mental illness.
Broken Cord, TheMichael Dorris2 AvailableBangor2This story is about limits of love and ignorance.
Building a Joyful Life With Your Child who has Special NeedsNancy J. Whiteman & Linda Roan-YagerAvailableBangor1All parents want the best for their child, and for parents of children with special needs, this can mean that their own well-being is neglected. Drawing from their own experiences of parenting children with special needs, interviews and workshops with parents, and research findings, Nancy J. Whiteman and Linda Roan-Yager explore practical ways in which parents can develop a resilient and positive attitude towards caring for their child with special needs
But I Don't Feel Too Old to Be a
Doreen NagleNot Available287 pgsBangor1This is a sourcebook for starting or restarting motherhood beyond 35 and after 40 years old.
Butterflies…Don't Land on ManureJay CarterAvailableBangor1This book is about a transformation of an ordinary man.
Can't You Sit Still?Randolph W. SeversonAvailableSaco1This book is about ADHD and what is going on and helpful solutions.
Caring Heart Speaks, TheGail Underwood ParkerNot AvailableBangor1From the first night a child arrives, to the days and ways they leave, the challenges of raising other people's children are covered by the meditations in The Caring Heart Speaks. Find inspiration, laughter, and comfort as you read the candid, heartfelt meditations. They will help you to: Address grief, loss, and attachment issues - Deal with birth families and legal concerns - Survive the challenging behaviors of troubled children - Make peace with your inner fears - Find joy in miracles small and large.
Catch A Fish, Throw a Ball, Fly a Kite: 21 Timeless Skills Every Child Should Know (and Any Parent Can Teach)Jeffrey LeeAvailableBangor1This book is for parents who want to teach their children what they really want to learn - even the skills parents never mastered or haven't practiced in a few decades.
Catch Them Being Good a guide to positive parentingJody Kussin, Ph.D. 2 Available150 pagesBangor2This book is an extremely valuable parenting tool. Dr. Kussin has created a sound, practical program that provides parents of children ages 2-18 with the confidence to learn common sense, simple tools that really work. The true effectiveness of this program is based on the unique emphasis of strengthening the parent-child bond. Dr. Kussin's years of experience, wisdom, insight and authority in the area of parenting are clear. Quite simply, this book is an essential gift for any and all parenting needs.
Celebrate! ADHDKirk & Anita MartinAvailable175 pagesBangor1Kids with ADHD are the most interesting people on the planet. They have worlds swirling inside of them that few understand or appreciate. Our goal is to share their gifts and passions with the world. Learn how to: Leverage competitive advantages & superior traits, focus energy, creativity & compassion, live with purpose to benefit others, improve school performance and reduce anxiety.
Changing Your Child's HeartSteve SherbondyAvailableBangor1
Chicken Soup for the Adopted SoulJack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and LeAnn ThiemanAvailableBangor1This book will touch your heart with stories of finding and creating families. From tales about international orphaned babies and children who spent years in the foster-care system to those who were adopted at birth, this very special compilation conveys the true meaning of unconditional love.
Child Called It, ADave PeltzerAvailableBangor1This book chronicles the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history.
Child is Waiting, ADave Thomas Foundation for Adoption7 Available29 pgsBangor7The adoption process can appear complex or confusing. This guide was created to offer you some basic information about the system and resources to get you started on the journey.
Child of my HeartAlice McDermott AvailableBangor1This book is about a woman who recalls her fifteenth summer with the wry and bittersweet wisdom of hindsight.
Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, TheEdward M. Hallowell, M.D.AvailableBangor1This book is a celebration of childhood and of the magic that happens between parents and the children they love.
Children and Grief: When a Parent DiesJ. William WordenAvailableBangor1Drawing upon extensive interviews and assessments of school-age children who have lost a parent to death, this book offers a richly textured portrait of the mourning process in children. The volume presents major findings from the Harvard Child Bereavement Study and places them in the context of previous research, shedding new light on both the wide range of grief and the factors that put bereaved children at risk.
Children and Stress (Handbook)Marty Loy, Ph.DAvailableBangor1This book provides an overview of childhood stress and a wide array of creative activities that can be used to help children gain control over their stress. Included are activities that help children adopt healthy coping strategies, learn new stress management skills, and value the benefits of relaxation. Each fun and engaging activity is a complete lesson plan, providing all the details an adult needs to conduct the activity and follow-up discussion.
Children and Trauma- A guide for parents and professionalsCynthia Monahon, Director of a children's mental health clinicNot AvailableBangor1Teaches parents and professionals about the effects of such ordeals on children and offers a blueprint for restoring a child's sense of safety and balance.
Children of Methamphetamine-Involved FamiliesWendy Haight, Teresa Ostler, James Black, and Linda KingeryAvailableBangor1This timely, well-thought out book provides valuable insights on identifying and addressing the mental health needs of children living in rural communities whose lives have been profoundly affected by parental methamphetamine use. The authors' skillful interweaving of clinical narrative and epirical research results in a substantial contribution to informing practice and policies related to families affected by methamphetamine use.
Children Who Shock and Surprise Elizabeth M. Randolph, MSN,
3 AvailableBangor3If you are tired of reading complex and hard to understand books on Attachment Disorder (AD), and find yourself wishing for something brief, yet comprehensive and to the point on AD, this is it.
Children with Tourette's
Tracy HaerleAvailableBangor1This guide is for parents of children and teens with Tourette syndrome. It provides information on the latest research and medical developments in the field, and sections on education, legal rights, family life, daily care, and emotional issues.
The Church and Foster CareDr. John DeGarmoAvailableBangor1This book explores simple and life-giving ways churches, individuals, or any faith-based organization can engage in serving this often overlooked community. From real-life situations, foster care parent, educator, and advoate Dr. John Degarmo lays out how God is calling the church to become involved.
Common Sense ParentingRay Burke, PhD. & Ron Herron 2 Available200 pgsBangor2This is a guidebook for parents of children ages 6 to 16 facing a myriad of family challenges: a teen who's defiant; siblings who constantly bicker; a child having trouble in school, or parents and kids who occupy the same house but don't communicate or have fun together anymore.
Communicaton Tips for Family Members and Caregivers (Schizophrenia)Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.AvailableBangor1This booklet will provide you with general information about schizophrenia and what your role may be in its treatment. It is not meant to replace any conversation with the healthcare professional or treatment team member treating the individual with schizophrenia.
Connected Child, TheKeryn Pruvis2 Available234 pgsBangor2This book is designed to help build bonds of affection and trust with your adopted child, effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders and disciplining your child with love without making him or her feel threatened.
Connecting with Kids through StoriesDenise B. Lacher, Todd Nichols & Joanne C. May2 AvailableBangor1This book describes how different kinds of narratives can help with specific difficulties and illustrate their techniques with the story of a fictional family who develop their own narratives to help their adopted child heal.
Connection ParentingPam LeoAvailableBangor1This book offers practical, compassionate parenting tools and offers a positive and proactive approach to parenting within today's limitations and pressures.
Coping with Death & GriefMarge Eaton HeegaardAvailableBangor1This book tells stories about young people's experience with death. It explains basic facts about death and discusses the different stages of grief and gives suggestions for letting out feelings of sadness and anger. This book offers help and support for anyone who has had to deal with the death of someone close or for anyone who wants to know more about death and grief.
Coping with Peer PressureL. Kaplan1 Available200 pagesBangor1
Courage To Heal, TheEllen Bass and Laura DavisAvailableBangor1This book is an inspiring, comprehensive guide that offers hope and encouragement to every woman who was sexually abused as a child-and those who care about her. The authors provide clear explanations, practical suggestions, a map of the healing journey, and many moving first-person examples of the recovery process drawn from their interviews with hundreds of survivors.
Courageous Love: For
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Laura Montane Bailey1 AvailableBangor2This book gives grandparents the tools and confidence they need to run this parenting marathon.
Creating Ceremonies Innovative Ways to Meet Adoption ChallengesChryl A.Lieberman 2 AvailableBangor2This book is about a single mother with two adopted children and a social worker specializing in adoption, have joined forces to create a rich and vital resource to help adoptive families better cope with the day-to-day changes and challenges of life together.
Creating Compassionate Foster CareJanet C. Mann and Dr. Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks2 AvailableBangor2Inspired by over 20 years of work with families in the child protection system, Janet Mann, an experienced foster parent, and Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks, a professor of developmental psychology, have written this book to tell the stories of some of the children and families they have served. Janet, with her husband Paul, developed an innovative approach to foster care--The Children's Ark--which afforded birth parents the opportunity to reside, under supervision, with their children during evaluation and treatment. Drawing on this experience, along with current attachment research and theory, the authors share a relationship-based approach from which to reimagine foster care in ways that are child-centered and both more compassionate and more effective. Through their stories, they draw valuable lessons to help foster carers and professionals better respond to the complex needs of children and families in crisis.
Crucial Confrontations Kerry PattersonAvailableBangor1A resource guide that gives you strategies for those difficult discussions at home and in the workplace.
Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families, AColleen SelfAvailableBangor1It takes a loving and caring couple to bring an adopted child into their home, and every year, thousands of couples makes room in their homes and their hearts for these special children. This story collection celebrates the individuals and families who experience these feelings first hand.
Daily Affirmations For ParentsTian Dayton, M.A., A.M.S.AvailableBangor1How to nurture your children and renew yourself during the ups and downs of parenthood.
Damaged Cathy Glass1 AvailableBangor1True story, eight year old Jodie's behavior is so challenging and disturbing that she has already been through five foster carers in four months. But it is Jodie who is the real victim. Only Cathy has the Determination, patience and love to really change her life for the better.
Damaged Angels Bonnie BuxtonAvailableBangor1A story of Bonnie’s adopted daughter with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Dear BirthmotherKathleen Silber & Phylis SpeedlinAvailableBangor1This book discusses open adoptions and the emotional benefits for all the parties involved.
Dear ZoeMax DepreeAvailableBangor1In this deeply personal and moving series of letters written to his granddaughter on her difficult birth, Max DePree explores the mystery and miracle of birth, potential, and God's love.