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TimestampWhat is your name? What's your email address?And your phone number?What is your art? Can you do a live demonstration of art/process? What would it be? What would you need from us to help you make this happen? Why are you awesome? Do you have a table/setup? What size is it?NotesParticipated in JanuaryFebruaryMarchapril
12/12/2012 13:52:40Caitlin Raecraenium@gmail.comI make chainemaille jewlery, mostly head pieces, chest pieces, bracelets and necklaces. I also craft hats out of found materials. Everything tends to take a very sparkly and colorful tone, my chainemaille is not traditional at all.I sure can, it would be slow, tedious and probably not very exciting to watch. It would consist of me and my plyers busily working to bring links together to create something beautiful, slowly. I CAN do these things live.. but its boring for the spectator.A table. Maybe a table cloth.. i could provide a table cloth if not.My life has brought me on a pretty dope journey in the past two years, introducing me to bangarang, and taking me to where I am now... A free lance performer, chainemaille artist, crafter of unusual hats and a part time pre school teacher. I find these things to be way awesome. If you don't, then perhaps I am not completely super duper awesome. Maybe that's what you all need. All you awesome people in one place are going to make the world explode, I could be there to balance it out.Caitlin RaeY
12/12/2012 16:14:58Vanessa Baskinvbaskin@arcadia.edu215 303 2194I want to bring some originals and prints of my 2D artwork. I am also planning on bringing handmade jewelry, recycled clothing and leather working. I'm also hoping to bring tshirts that have sacred geometry designs I created and put together. These tshirts are actually specifically made to raise funds for our math and art camp from Frostburn. I can do on the spot DIY tshirt making specified to what a person wants. I could also do anatomy inspired body painting. Providing a space or table, if it is available, would be great. Also information on costs and the space will help as well. Able and willing human sacrifices. If you could give any sort of promotion towards our fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated. And if I can also help your cause in any way I can, please let me know :)I have a wide array of skills when it comes to producing different types of art, and I have a plethora of materials and information that I would love to share with others. I have some training in biological sciences and anatomy, so I have tons of obnoxious scientific knowledge to share!Yes, body painting + tshirtsVanessa BaskinY
12/13/2012 14:30:32Ramensaintkarabell@yahoo.com2156206367I'm bringing paintings, drawings, and prints, mostly figurative.If I had a nude model set up, I could do a live drawing/painting -an interpretive figure study demo.Just the space to set up a model,I'm awesome because I look at things and re-create them for the rest of the world to see.Yes, Live figure drawingRamenY
1/3/2013 0:04:30Gastonfenderrocker666@gmail.com3026508829I will be bringing glass pipes and glass jewelry.Yes i can bring my torch and kiln up and do a live glassblowing demonstration but I have already been informed that I would have to do this outdoors?Just space. I have all my own tables and equipment.I'm a student of many arts and am always willing to share the knowledge I've collected with anyone who asks. Yes, GlassblowingGastonY
1/3/2013 0:44:20Dan ShernoffDanMasonTattoo@gmail.com856-745-2293Graffiti inspired character art of a cheeky yet macabre nature Yes, it can be anything from a live canvas painting to a mural.
If Mural space was available i would come with my own paint and materials(Same with live canvas painting), and create a comic style image with 2 or more characters welcoming in the new year like champions.
The only things i would require to do this, would be tarp to keep paint off the floor and surrounding area if a problem, and a ladder to reach as high as possible Aside from the fact i want to do this for free, ill bring cookies with me when i come to paint. your choice of cookieYes, Live canvass paintingDan ShernoffY
1/3/2013 1:51:49Kara Christiansenkaraadelli@gmail.com2679976100I have a line of jewelry made from watch parts and other recycled materials. Also some fun UV reactive accessories an feather earrings. usually make more pieces while vending anyways. I would be me assembling feather earrings or doing on the spot alterations on pieces to be sold. This is not very entertaining. Although my table would be pretty and glowing. Just let me know how big the space is and what time I can be there to set up. I love to do what I do. As a jeweler by trade I believe that there is a person for every piece of and it is my job to create it or find it. I dedicate lots of inspiration and love to making costumes and going out to dance and share with people.Kara ChristiansenY
1/3/2013 10:40:59Lisa Mofesolankes@msn.com215-765-2701Plywood collagesYes10' x 10' spaceproof is in the puddingDoes CollagesLisa MofeY
1/3/2013 12:37:24michelle yeagermichellemarieyeager@gmail.com267-226-8820Costume and clothing design.I could be in costume. I could also do a belly dance or fire performance. Or I could put on a small runway show.Just a table space , possibly room for a rack and a heads up if you wanted me to do a performance. I won't be ready for this Friday but would be interested in future events.I've been working with pexies on several levels for a few years now. I've made costumes for archedream, setu tribe and franks kitchen to name a few. And have been performing bellydance and fire with lux arati at pex events as well as parties and events around philly. Ready In May Earliestmichelle yeager
1/3/2013 17:23:37Caitlyn RainbowKittyFxckc.losanowych@yahoo.com6106057269hemp jewelry, perler bead jewelry, and glass bead braceletsCaitlyn RainbowKittyFxckY
1/4/2013 20:21:08Joelle webber - lazergloWebberjoelle@yahoo.com302-725-8464Lazerglo clothing & lazers;-)Yes, i can demo it.... Just by playing with the lazers to the amazing music...Nothing except to spread the word & maybe a dark area...Because i know all of u awesome people that help inspire my creative side through amazing music & events that allow each of us to b radically included;-)Joelle webber - lazergloy
1/4/2013 22:23:32Brian 990 - 3283Handmade items. Mostly jewelry.


stretch bracelets
bracelets with clasps

I try to use real sterling silver and genuine gemstones often, while also keeping my prices affordable.

I also make bookmarks, too. (Currently out of stock.)

Hand-wire-wrapping of traditional jewelry-making. (Similar to rosary style necklaces). (Although to teach a large class, I'd need more needle nose pliers, side cutters, and flat nosed pliers for each student).

I also make my own polymer clay components for jewelry-making.
I could teach more advanced students how to make beautiful beads and buttons (similar to the "cane" technique used traditionally by glass-makers)
Beginner classes:

* Stretch cord (depending on the size of the bead holes, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, or 1.0 mm cord is usually good)
* Unwanted cheap beads (such as cheap wooden or plastic beads)
* Polymer Clay (Since Pearl Art's & Crafts went out of business on South Street, I think the store with the cheapest price in town on polymer clay is the Art Store on 3rd and Market. If I'm not mistaken, they even have sales on it, where it's only $1 a block!) At least 2 contrasting colors would be needed to create visually beautiful beads, buttons, and centerpieces out of the clay.
* A Kiln devoted specifically to polymer clay. (You're not supposed to use an oven or any other surface that may be used for food when preparing the polymer clay, or firing it.)
* Exacto knives
* Thicker wire for poking holes in the polymer clay buttons and beads before firing them. (Wire coat hangers bent straight work nicely.)
Intermediate classes:

* Needle-nosed pliers
* Flat-nosed pliers
* Side cutter tool
* Wire (24-gauge is standard to work with. Students wouldn't need to work with genuine sterling silver. Black wire, or silver-plated wire would be sufficient. Copper wire, or other sorts of wire used by electricians can be used, too.)

(The above may be purchased at a reasonable price from places like Michaels, Joanne's Fabrics, etc. or from Hagstoz & Sons in Philadelphia's jeweler's row, or Pamma [just around the corner from jeweler's row towards 8th and Sansom].)

* Polymer Clay
* A Kiln devoted specifically to polymer clay. (You're not supposed to use an oven or any other surface that may be used for food when preparing the polymer clay, or firing it.)

Advanced Classes:

* Sterling Silver wire (usually dead soft or half-soft 24 gauge sterling silver)
* Gold-filled wire (dead soft or half-soft 24 gauge again to reduce hand fatigue from repetitious wire-wrapping)
* Semi-precious beads

* Additional misc. materials, too. (For advanced techniques, color blending, and/or color shading of polymer clay, various plastic shaping tools can be used, as well as a pasta maker and rolling pins devoted to polymer clay use -- not to be used for food. I also find that disposable sushi trays work nicely for putting varieties of beads and findings out in front of you -- preventing them from rolling around, or falling on the floor.)
I am capable of anything and everything.

And since I'm already awesome, yet honestly believe I am less important than others, I am capable of elevating them higher, reaching far above their own potential to achieve the impossible.

I have also been told time and time again that I have "the spiritual gift of teaching". It's true. Not only am i able to teach anyone anything (even if there is a language barrier, or handicap such as deafness. I can still teach using motions/gestures, drawings, and genuine sense of empathy and concern. Mix in my other attributes of not minding to teach the same thing over and over and over and over if the student needs me to, plus an infinite bottomless well of patience, and I can honestly say I am the best teacher on the entire planet.

Also, at the risk of sounding eccentric and delusional: I am magic.
I am. Everything I do, everything I touch, everyone I talk to is affected, infected, and influenced by this positive magic.
Brian Caster
1/15/2013 19:03:16Draco Byrondracobyron@yahoo.com3024678125Handmade jewelryAnything I have supplies for on handCeiling lightingBecause I'm Draco!Yes. About 3 feetDraco ByronY
1/15/2013 19:42:41Lisa Zorattilzerat@live.com2156948720I Vend:

*Tribal animal inspired art, painted on found objects
*Small handmade candle holder sculptures
*Handmade stickers
I make hand drawn stickers!I would need a table or a place to hang my work.Cuz im nice, make noises, dance a lot, I'm dependable, creative and silly!I can't fit it in my car~Lisa ZorattiY
1/16/2013 0:20:59Breebhaffner87@gmail.com6103227984Hemp jewelry featuring various weaves of thick and thin hemp, glass beads and pendants, wire wraps, metal pendants, wooden beads, etc. I also make melted crayon art and could bring some of those pieces with me.
If provided with an electric source I could do a live demonstration melted wax artJust the "okay" and the space to set up! I have a table, chairs, and battery-operated lightsource so I'm pretty self-sufficent.I'm an art therapist who spends all of her free time making her own art to share with the world... my life literally is art, neverending creation!I have a small table, about 2"x4" and beer chairs.Breey
1/21/2013 19:09:51Feya Sterlingfeyasterling@gmail.com215.760.3331I make limited edition garments and accessories out of hand painted fabric from COMPULSION events and other select fabrics. Clutches, messenger bags, hoods and hoodies, etc. Price points range from $10 to $150. Not really, all my sewing is done at home.access to electricity for a lightAll my merchandise is one of a kind and caters to the community i work with including street artists, ravers, skateboarders and DJs. i can do a 2 by 6 table or a 10x10 tentFeya Sterlingy
1/22/2013 20:06:04joni dulljonidull@yahoo.com856-275-3005Jewelry/wraps, hats, home decore - kind of a mix bag, what ever I'm working on at the moment.I can do any type of demonstration. I would just need to bring my supplies with me.Nothing really, unless lighting is an issue. I can bring my own lighting if electric is available.Have always been an artist/crafter. Just recently started to try selling the stuff I make, so I feel like I'm still learning the ropes. Would really appreciate the opportunity and exposure!I can work with any size available. I do have a 4ft x1.5 ft table that I can use for setup.joni dullY
1/24/2013 1:18:12Caitlyn RKFc.losanowych@yahoo.com6106057269hemp jewelry, fuse bead/perler bead jewelry, glass bead braceleti may have a table, not sure yet though, or how big Caitlyn RKF
1/25/2013 14:38:46Andre Jonesnattyrebel32@gmail.com7033994913Paintings, prints, and books.I can do a live painting.Space and opportunity.I am one of Philadelphia's premier visual artists and I have an amazing collection of paintings ranging in subject matter, as well as a published coffee-table book of my latest collection.My vending table would be about 2x6 feet.Andre Jonesy
1/25/2013 15:34:03Randolph Reyesreyesrandolph2@gmail.com2675889149My art is mostly horror themed and general weirdness. I'd like to bring a few small to medium sized pieces. I vend my art and other trinkets.Yes, very simply it'd be me working on a piece. No pyrotechnics. I'd need your support and cooperation in setting up the space. I'd provide everything I would need.I'm awesome because my art is amazing and unique. I'm always thinking of new ideas on how to evolve the art show and incorporate all of the arts into a singular viewing experience. I'm very chill and dedicated to taking over the Philadelphia art scene. Yes, I'm not quite sure the exact measurements of the table but I suppose it's an average sized table. Randolph Reyesy
1/25/2013 16:00:42Emily Townsendemilypaigephotography@yahoo.com4845741035Photography/jewelry Just a tableI bust my chops to get the right shot, I bring baked goods to pretty much any event and I'm a joy to be around. Get back to me!I do not.Emily Townsend
1/25/2013 16:36:43Spyral Stormjuliemurphyarts@gmail.com215-421-1010I draw/paint random, strange cartoons and other random things. Like waffles. And genitals. I also spin a 6 ft flag to music and oftentimes make funny faces.Yes, see all of the above.A space for drawing/painting. And a space to spin a 6 ft pole. It would be awesome if I had space to toss it, as it goes pretty high up in the air.Because baby skunks like to eat many quiches on Wednesday mornings as a tribute to glandular freedom.NoSpyral Storm
1/26/2013 11:29:07Shane NicholsonSpn1221@aol.com2156030181A realistic, urban style art of all media. Oils, acrylics, airbrush, charcoal, and, watercolors. My style is very different because I can paint beautiful bright scenes along with twisted dark pieces. I was founded on graffiti so that would be the easiest and fastest piece to do but depending on the time limit anything can be accomplished.A table if needed I am awesome because I'm a genuine person and that's all someone can ever ask for. I do not but would need one and can provide one if needed.Shane Nicholson
1/26/2013 11:44:12Peej Carrollphilip.j.carroll@gmail.com856-701-1882The art of healing and relaxation through touch. I'd like to vend my services for a small fee that can be afforded by anyone so that they can have anywhere from a few minutes or 30 minutes if they desire of massage work preformed on them.All massages are preformed live for any and all to watch.A warm inside space with just a few feet around my chair so I am able to move around each client to work on themHave you seen this beard lately? It's pretty fucking epic(beard massages do come at a premium rate, i mean come on that shit is exfoliating as fuck), oh and I have this sweet paddle that says BANGARANG on it.I have both a massage table and chair, I would prefer to bring my chair as it takes up far less room and it more portable.Peej CarrollY
1/27/2013 23:24:18Alexander Kachenkoakachenko@gmail.com609-634-8216Vases, teacups, coffee cups, hand drums, flasks, and pipes (if allowed). All my work thrown in porcelain and is of top quality. I could do a wheel throwing demonstration. Keep in mind, my wheel weighs near 100 lbs and the process is messy. In the proper venue it would be certain to draw a crowd.I am willing to give any show a shot. If you are interested in the pottery wheel demo, please contact me to discuss what can be done.I am an outsider in the art world. I never planned to be an artist, but became addicted to ceramics while taking two wheel throwing classes in college. I have a natural nack for this, and have learned most of what I know through experimentation with the help of other artists. I pride myself on taking radical approaches to one of the oldest art forms.
I don't have a table, but I can get one. I could fill a 6 foot by 4 foot table.Alexander Kachenkoy
1/28/2013 9:29:17Mac and Stefpunkouter@gmail.com702-726-1928Flower sodas. Specifically Lavender Lemonade, Rose Berry, and Jasmine Green Tea. They are like Italian sodas with home made syrups. Not exactly, the syrups are pre-made in a kitchen, this is essentially vending. But samples could be given. We need a small space near the bar (because adding a shot to these beverages is what people really want to do at a party). Provided table or bar space would be preferred, but with enough notice we could come up with something.Our syrups have been a huge hit at Carnival (snow cones), Farmer's markets, and most recently at the Echo Enchanted after party. Only a small amount of table / bar space is needed to serve. We will have a few bottles with syrups, a few bottles of soda water, some cups and a small cooler of ice.Mac and Stefy
1/28/2013 21:06:05Ramensaintkarabell@yahoo.comno phonelots of prints, figure drawings, portraits, ect.i can do a live figure drawing if there is enough space to set up a modeljust the space and oppurtunity to showcase my work!because i'm really good at drawing the golden girlsi don't have a set up i would stack a couple boxes or crates, since alls i have is prints i dont need much room to set upRamen
1/28/2013 22:09:17sara funk dee artsarafunkdeeart@yahoo.com6105154232I paint.. or facebook me!!I can paintnah Im independentwhy am I I need one? You tell me the alotted space and I work with itsara funk dee art
1/28/2013 22:19:06Craig Spearspearovski@gmail.com6094329090GeoJangles

One-Of-A-Kind handmade Shamballa bracelets and danglers! I take my time... and select the best beads

I use semi precious stones and handmade/picked beads to create luxury rage bracelets with my own flare and style!

I also began doing wire wraps recently... I have some small examples, but would love to explore other peoples knowledge in the subject and display some of my own experiments
I could teach how to do the basic shamballa knot and all the small tips that I employ.

Again, I am a beginner at wire wrapping, but could show how I do it, or have a discussion about it.
nothing really... I was there last month... it was a dope setup in that back room!Cause I love Bangarang and the Arts Garage! YES! ha... and I spin dope beats with OddCake, share as much as I can muster at every event I attend and Love, and Respect every person I meet! ... and I love to dance MERRI have a small picture frame displaying all of my pieces... Its like 10 in X 18 in

I also have a small table and cover

Craig Spearyy
1/29/2013 10:14:24Dorothy Ann (Buttz)buttz.dorothyann@gmail.com215.704.7315I make spectacularly awesome sparkly fun hoops...upcycled plastic sculpture...recycled clothing etc...If I were to come for first friday I would be primarily vending hoops (HDPE, PE, PP) and could bring a few fun sculptures (Let me know if you want pictures!).I can do a live demo of hoop making...would require electricity for a drill/hair dryer. Essentially I would be sitting in a chair with a bunch of tubing, cutting, drilling, fitting, taping, singing, laughing, teaching. I also hoop dance and can demo that. Hoop dance would require some sound...I can bring my own sound if necessary, though I do not have a professional sound settup, and I could bring a few dummy hoops for others to try out!Electricity and a chair!Because I love what I do and I love to have fun...I love learning and I love sharing. People feed off of others energy, positivity and enthusiasm is contagious and I'd love to bring some more of that!I have a small table/table cloth...The table is 2.5'x5'. Would have sculptures on table and hoops hanging on a portable clothing rack/leaning on table.Dorothy Ann (Buttz)y
1/29/2013 19:54:56Kittykatherinegrace289@yahoo.com856-281-0629UR: usable art (hats, bags, jewelry, etc) made mostly form recycled materials. Made with the intention of inspiring people who see and use it to love themselves as they have everything they need to fabulously rage all night long. Yes, it would look like arts and crafts time and that would be awesome.Your okay, a small table and a little space somewhere O where do i begin :)
I'm a doer. I like to do things
I love throwing thing together and making them awesome
I love the act of creating
I love shared experience with people
I love to learn from and teach others
I'm compassionate, intelligent, understanding, a good listener, a good collaborator, creative, Innovative, super fun and all around awesome sauce.

(thanks for that opportunity)
yeah I'm awesome
No table :(Y
1/30/2013 13:10:04Northington Massaronorthington.massaro@gmail.com267-648-8329I have acrylic paintings(in various sizes) of my series "Wanna Bes" (colorful illustrative animals that wanna be other animals & animals that wanna be dinosaurs), "Rocket Pack Rats", "Zombie Pin-Up Girls", a few stand alone pieces, and 3D multi medium "Pirate Platypuses". To see samples, I invite you to view my website
I, also, would be bringing prints of "Wanna Bes" and various other pieces.
Price ranges: $40-$200 on paintings; $10 ea. or 3 for $20 for prints

If you'd like, I could do water color pieces of the "Zombie Pin-Up Girls" while I'm there.Being supplied with a display/demonstration table would be greatly appreciated. Donated canvas or watercolor paper, and/or supplies to temporarily borrow to use during demonstration would be awesome.My artwork! I love meeting and answering questions of admirers. I try to create artwork that everyone can enjoy. I do not own a table; when doing events, I set up blankets on the ground. This is due to having to use public transportation to get to each event and unable to carry a table along with my artwork.
2/1/2013 17:41:02Bernardoautomotivesculptor@gmail.com732.773.8413I make pop-surreal automotive art castings. I have a series of small pieces that are produced in cast resin and hand painted by me personally. They're very cool and are priced in a place that the people who come to your events would find acceptable. They're called Carp!My art doesn't REALLY lend itself to live event type stuff but I'm willing to do some sculpting live anyway..I'm sure I could manage to make it amusing.Not much.. I've been to many shows and know whats involved in loading in and out on a short time basis.I just am. It's a hard thing to define but everyone that sees my stuff is almost always blown away. I make it a real point to make stuff thats imaginative, funny, cool and very well crafted. Go to www (dot) bernardcorman (dot) com if you want to see my work. Then hit me up. I have tables or pedestals..these pieces are small and would only require a small amount of floorspace to set up. y
2/6/2013 14:13:46Chris FordChrisforddesigns@gmail.com6093389697Acrylic on canvas, boards, ladies, etc. Dabble in stone carving. Would vend my pieces. Absolutely. I can paint on people. Can bring some friends to start and then paint whoever is down throughout the night.The space and preferably use of an electrical outlet. I have a piece that incorporates a light bulb. I make eyes work.

Facebook site - The Emancipation of Chris Ford's Imagination!/pages/the-emancipation-of-Chris-fords-imagination/18864679203?fref=ts

I can work with whatever space you have for me. I've done lumber trees to put my pieces in for viewing to my version of a table. I'd rather design the set up based on the space available.
2/22/2013 14:12:49Tarahoodlemysticalcreator@hotmail.com4846822844jewelry, semi precious stones, crystals, love!Yea I make things to order while you watch!If theres no elevator and lotsa stairs then I need help carrying heavy tubs. I also need electricity so I can use lights if its dark!Cuz I do what I love and I love what I do. And I just want a chance to share my love around mang!It can fit into any space you have, I have three 5 foot tables and easels and whatnoty
2/23/2013 22:00:22Jennifer Hermann :Handmadejenmae21@hotmail.com215-992-4943Jennifer Hermann:Handmade is a jewelry and art project based in Philadelphia. I use found materials, stones, shells, enamels and all kinds of metals-- working with them to create preciousness through hand treatment and design. The most important thing is that what I make makes my heart happy so it can, in turn, make yours happy, too. I take special care to try to make work that is unlike anything you have seen before. The work is rustic, handmade and often fits in the fashion niche of Boho Chic while, at times, also branching into a quirky contemporary folk art direction.Yes. I can do a quick prepared demo of a luminary votive made from an aluminum can, I can do sawn earrings with a quick fire patina, or I can do enameling on copper. Electricity, bright light, ventilation, moral support, kindness.

Time and space.
I'm pretty much good at everything (except math). I love hard work. I have a lot of energy. I'm handy. And not too bad lookin', either.

Uh, since you asked. I don't usually go around saying that sort of thing...feels kinda weird...
Yes, I have a 6 foot pop up table and a tent. If Indoors, I don't need the tent. I also have a large lamp made from a giant oil drum that I sometimes bring to shows. It has the image of a 1st generation ipod on it, made by drilling lots of small holes to create a luminary effect. I often use it to display the small luminary votive candle objects that I make from aluminum soda cans.y
2/25/2013 1:23:39Lisa zorattilzerat@live.com215.694.8720Handmade crafts, hoops, small paintings, stickers~I can draw stickers, my partner can hoop!Just a table please~Cuz I'm full of energy, I love to dance, dress up and be creative!
2/25/2013 14:29:50ashley andrewsashley@wewenthard.com3023830541Illustration: framed and unframed prints it wouldn't love, happiness and a table.because i make people smile. a lot. I'd like a table if you've got one to spare. y
3/12/2013 1:23:19Kati Killkatikill@yahoo.com2673079416the universe.... photography, paintings, posters, badges, magnets...suitcases... a dead bodystrip-tease act... I am thee artgood lighting, booze, a few muscular slaves to do my biddingbecause I'm Kati Kill... nuff said :)no.... tho, I'm sure I could score something
2/26/2013 10:52:13emmaemmasalamon@hotmail.com2672667807Glass objects such as paperweights and artsy decorations stuff. Vases, soup bowls, cups, bottles, (functional glassware)
glass magnets
fused glass decorations
lampworking- making beadsa spot :)What i make is different and is artsy as F*ck ! I m fun and easy to work with and make a lot of cool stuff that needs to get out there!!!No, i do have different size tables though
3/1/2013 9:46:54Artikraftvibrantjunglist@gmail.com2679872675Artikraft [] is myself, Leah Au Fait, and Kenny DePrince. We are both artists who make paintings and drawings. We wish to do live art paintings, drawings, caricatures, as well as selling art we have accumulated.Yes. Kenny can do live art of his modern graffiti style and I can do live art of japanese anime style caricatures and other asian inspired art such as mario & luigi, zelda, snow white, any character from any movie or game--- japanese style!just the okay to use space for live artbecause we provide art unlike anything this city has ever seen!We have a table, it is just a regular size (6ft)
3/8/2013 16:37:28Dirk, Lana, Pogo,;;; catbrewingco@yahoo.comDirk - 302 559 3039 Lana - 215 962 4463 Cat - 215 620 7545 Pogo - 215 285 0272We want to bring baked goods, and other tasty treats for people to buy. We're raising money to enter the 2013 Tough Mudder obstacle course run. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Two of us completed the 12.5 mile race last year, and this year we want to bring a team. We're hoping to raise money to pay for our registration (~135 per person x 4 person team = $540).
We may also bring homemade LED fur scarves to sell for around $35.
We can demonstrate the tastiness of our baked goods, and we can demonstrate the coolness of our LED fur scarves.Nada, zilch, nuthinEveryone's pretty awesome! I don't know that we're any more awesome than you.We have a folding table, it's about 8 ft by 3 ft.y
3/11/2013 17:33:42Draco Byrondracobyron@yahoo.com3028973573Handmade gifts, jewelry, and home decorationsYes. Anything I have available supplies forTo make sure bangarang stays awesomeWell naturally its because I'm DracoYes. About 3 feet and I can share space on my table
3/11/2013 18:38:58Joelle webberWebberjoelle@yahoo.com302-725-8464I can bring a Lazerglo Lounge & wall, And a lazer projector & fog machine (optional, if the venue allows)..I would also like to vend lazerzzz, Lazerglo clothes & Glo gearYes, creating a customized Lazer light show for the crowd throughout the night & a fun Lazerglo drawing surface for people to draw on....;-)Just Peace, Love & Happiness!!!;-). (So I just need an email saying I've been chosen to vend....)Because I met bangarang!!!;-). And because I luv u all so much...., that I'm willing to load & unload my truck & schlep some kool stuff all the way from Delaware to your awesome event, to help give "Artsy as Fuck" people a fun, different, interactive, clean, entertaining, artistic, glowing activity to do when their takin a break from dancin their asses off to your badass beats;-)2 clothing racks, each 4'x2'
1 Lazer drawing wall 10x9
1 ez up 10x10
1ezup 9x9 (optional)
1 red & green Lazer projector
1 fog machine (optional)

3/11/2013 23:21:02Colin Carroll "Doc Holiday"brotherscarroll@gmail.com302 367-0448Music, Fire, Good VibesI spin fire, play live music and dj. I also slackline and have organized several theme camps for various regional burns and festivals. Loving support, freedom to create, and a few appropriately timed snuggles.I opened my heart for the first time in my adult life about 12 years ago. Since then I've found the most awesome community and friends I could ever hope for. My life is amazing. Never without challenges, yet continually, ever-expanding growth and wonder.
3/12/2013 5:57:31charee/ kOSMIC kATsmith.charee@yahoo.com484-638-3522
I would like to DJ if there is room
I live in the Reading area and try to get out to philly as much as possible. It has been a few momonths since I was at the arts garage. I played with the echo collective for thei cyperpunk apocolypse show..good time. Always great vibe from everyone that comes out.I am enjoying life , living and loving every moment of it. I do have all my own equipment. 2 turntabkes, mixer , bunch a great music ect.
3/13/2013 10:21:33Lisa Zorattilzerat@live.com215.694.8720Fine art: Candle holders, stickers, canvases, paintings, sculpturesStickers, bodypainta Table is great!I like making arts, dancing, dressing up and being silly~
3/20/2013 8:44:44William thegoldenpyramids@gmail.com215-839-9405I'm multi-instrumentalist songwriter/producer and I bring a live/original rock band to the table. Its a 3 piece rock outfit with a female drummer. Our main items of vending would be shirts and CDs.Yes we can definitely do a live demonstration of what we do. It would consist of explaining how all the instruments work individually and then how they work as an ensemble.To make this happen we would need an area to perform in, preferably a stage, pa system for the band and vocals and a great crowd would be nice as well.We're awesome because we bring a dynamic show with high energy and great musicianship. We're hyper on stage and really get the crowd involved interacting with the band. We're also one of the few black rock groups in Philly putting it down with authenticity! Yes we use a small table about 4ft by 2 ft give or take.
3/20/2013 8:53:28Rachel Doughertyracheledougherty@gmail.com2157407763Acrylic paintings, hand-pulled screenprints, digital printsI could bring supplies and do live painting or drawing. A friendly disposition, I'll come prepared with everything else.I'm a small-but-mighty Philadelphia illustrator, working primarily with acrylic paint and an offbeat sense of humor. I've illustrated two children's picture books, numerous advertising and editoral campaigns, and I co-run the online illustration collaboration project Ten Paces and Draw. I like to paint giant piles of people, kids falling down, wobbly cityscapes, presidents, cowboys, raised eyebrows, crocodiles, accordions, indignant ponies, and much more.

Please check out my portfolio at:
or my brand-new etsy shop at:

Hoping to hear from you!
I don't. I could borrow one, if need be. It's a long rectangular folding picnic table. I have a cloth ready for it.
3/20/2013 9:21:44Jerrica Alfordjerricadotcom@yahoo.com2153277438Traditional art, watercolour, marker, coloured pencil. Fairys and botanical themes.I can, It would be the drafting, layout and coulor process of a mixed media piece.A yes!Im charismatic, six feet tall, and a fun person to be around! So possiblyNot yet, im buying one this weekend. Looking for 4foot by 4foot, or 4-6
3/20/2013 10:19:23Kate McCaffertyMcCaffertyk@student.bucks.edu2679812635Photography, and painted trashed collages.Yes, I could do a demo of the painted trash collages. I think I would be pretty low maintenance. However, some friendly enthusiasm is always appreciated! I am not awesome. But I have 6 toes, does that help?I have 3 table options. One that is around 5 x 2/12, another that about is 51/2 x 2 and a third about 4 x 1 1/2 .
3/20/2013 10:46:39J. Sitowskijacob.sitowski@gmail.com313-701-8644Live electronic/experimental music. Very minimal set-up but a big sound :)

You can hear some of my songs at:
Of course! I use a mix of analogue and digital equipment to create a really unique, retro-but-modern sound that is very much informed by the space around me as well as the audience watching. In an ideal setting I also enjoy incorporating visuals generated live to go along with my music.Just your support :) I play everything live. And I've been doing this for nearly a decade, so I'd say my style is legitimately unique and trippy and definitely feeds off the energy from the audience. I'm an affable entertainer and I honestly believe I'm doing something totally different than most Philly artists.

I won't disappoint!
Everything fits on a small table and can be assembled or taken down in five minutes.
3/20/2013 12:04:33Bruce Singletonbgs45@live.com267 240 0428 Silk floral designs, Tie died tee shirts, bandannas, table cloths and runners and wall tapestries all tie dyed, Art wrist bands Nature photography postcards. here is my website http://bruces-photos.yolasite.comNo. Only because what I do takes too long to demonstrate. A table and one chair My work is awesome mainly because I create and live from my heart and my heart has no limitations at all. My heart is my true self. Got to read the book yall and if you look at my website you will see and hear the shape of my heart and the products my heart produces.

Thanks for your time. and hope to hear from you soon.

Bruce Singleton
No I don't have a table setup.
3/20/2013 17:49:53Drew McNaabemodelacro@yahoo.com215-888-5857Digital photo-illustration, photography.Not reallyActually another part of what I do is model. If the art garage was interested in putting together an open studio figure drawing event, as much as I would love to come and sketch, I would be interested in modeling. I have a lot of experience modeling for artists, sculptors....short, long, portrait, costume, figure (nude).Great artist and awesome model. If not for this event, maybe another time.Not at present
3/21/2013 16:23:35Joe AndrewSlashography@gmail.com4847443580I'm a DJ and a photographer. Along with this we are currently pushing a clothing line for the creative young person. We would love to show off some of our tees at your event Yes we could. We can provide photography of the event or even DJ. We would do all of this while showcasing our clothing. As a versatile company we are willing to work with you in any way possible We would just need to be stationed near an outlet or we could run an extension cord. We have a lighting display for our table We are a one stop entertainment shop. What's more awesome then being able to work with one company for all of your entertainment needs?Yes we do. We have a table that's about 6 feet long
3/21/2013 22:10:26Elissa SappFucentopy@yahoo.com267.394.0283I think I may have the wrong form ha ha but I'm submitting my band Ballroom Spies in hopes of attaining the opportunity to perform at one of your events. They sound like a real hoot! You can check us out at, or Facebook youtube and twitter, you know the drill ;) thanks so much for your time hope to hear from you soon, ElissaWere extremely performance driven and take pride in giving our live act as much passion and intensity as our recorded art. Just a pa and some room to jump aroundWe are passionate,riveting, fun and artsy as fuck. We believe that we are responsible not only to entertain but to inspire. It is a privilege to occupy the spotlight for even a moment so we make sure that when we do we deliver something unforgettable that is worth seeing and hearing.Just merch stuff, CDs stickers and the like.
3/22/2013 6:09:22william kenneromgthatlookslikeme@gmail.com4842889669I am a caricature artist extraordinaire who draws images that are fun, Aesthtically beautiful and that capture an amazing likeness to those that I'm rendering in there other worldly cartoon form.I draw the person right in front of them and include what they ask. Two chairs.I'm am very malleable, and can adapt to change and create on the cuff. I also have an uncanny ability to figure out what couple of features to exaggerate or accentuate to capture likeness. I can change styles and make it funny or more Aesthtically attractive of requested. Small french easel and a couple if chairs.
3/24/2013 0:17:43April Ewellstylespfan84@yahoo.com7178088290acrylic on canvas / shirt shreddingshredding shirtsyour eventim a soul having a human experience in 3 dimensional linear world.. i am tht i am...need i say morei didnt purchase yet//it will b avg size
3/24/2013 10:41:37Nicholas CobbNicholas@boldmovements.com5703509282I am a photographer, and would like to sell my prints. I have many great photos that I'd love to get out there. I sell framed (or not framed) 13 x19 prints. I've never done anything live, but I'm sure I can work with it. Maybe set up a little booth to do free portraits and whatnot. Probably just a table, I can bring my on the go equipment. I guess I'm awesome because I'm a high school student who has managed to start up his own photogrpahy studio, hire two other photographers to the team, and successfully start my studio as an online business. I've also made it to some of my more local art contests and shows.

And I like comic books.
Like I said, I've never done any of this, but I'm sure I can figure something out.
3/24/2013 11:53:54kimkimilyhaas@yahoo.com7328412843acrylic paintingsa spotbecause everything i do is handmade3x3 or 2x4
3/25/2013 15:10:12Sean Richard Doylesean.richard.doyle@gmail.com2152061832Sean Richard Doyle’s abstractions delve into an abyss of color composition. House, oil, acrylic and spray paints belie canvas, board and wood slab in his effort to present color outbursts. Call it pixilated void, or colored Braille, Sean R. is attempting to introduce a need for blasts of color in everyday life. Influenced by the omnipresent blank city wall, Sean R’s style evolved out of the need to brighten up and influence color concentration on his viewer’s eye. Where it is easy to get lost in one of his works, Sean R.’s aim is to promote a heightened sense of awareness of the great many colors, all at the urging that the viewer trains their eye on one color abstraction at a time—color meditation, perhaps. His first public viewing is set to take place in Philadelphia, early spring 2013—a fitting emergence for a new artist under the guise of a budding spring.Yes, I mostly use spray paint, but I could demo my process using house paint should spray paint not be permitted. I generally paint on thin boards located on the floor.Blank space in dire need of color.www.seanricharddoyle.comI could have a table, but would prefer constructing a display out of wall studs, oh which would measure 8' tall and be at least 3-4' wide.
3/25/2013 17:30:09Markkkkk Bakermbarkitek@gmail.com2157679694Acrylic painting - modern pop art
and various small woodworking/sculpturing
I would love to paint while I sit there and peddle my wares. That would be wonderful.
Beer. Just kidding. Nothing that I can think of.My last name is Awesome.
I am a freelance architectural designer, painter, thinker, problem solver. I like to say that I am a modern times Michaelangelo. However, I do prefer Bernini because his work is AMAZING.
3/28/2013 4:49:06Mike Meyermikemeyer799@gmail.com484-888-4171I am in a band called Jess Kelly. We infuse peoples brains with loud music until they get boners. Listen to jesskelly.bandcamp.comFuck yes. We would take our instruments and stare at them until they played.A PA system. That's it. Oh and people to listen to us.Because, we make music that is real. And I, Mike, drum in my underwear sometimes. We might bring cookies as well.yes?
3/31/2013 22:31:06Kate Dietrichheathenswear@gmail.com703-966-8118Heathenswear was developed this year by my partner, Susie Musie Clark, and I. Please check out our Facebook page:
It has links to our Esty page as well. We like to combine different textures of fur with stretchy fabric to create arm warmers, animal-ear hoods, an are currently developing some summer items to expand our line (mostly booty shorts & leggies) We also do all kinds of custom work.
It would be possible, but perhaps too cumbersome for this particular kind of event. We do mostly sewing, which is not only fairly messy but takes up a lot of space. I'd be happy to explore the possibility for events where space would allow.An invitation! We want to be involved : ). Heathenswear was born from our theme camp, Garden of Heathens. We work and live by the following principles: Craft, Respect, and Joy. Heathenswear strives to create clothing for an experience. Nothing in the world makes us happier than decking out our friends and fellow burners in clothing, costumes, and accessories that allow & promote self-expression, magic, and most importantly, JOY! We want to share this sentiment with your event.We usually use a 2x4' fold-up table. We have our own lights, too, if there is an outlet nearby. We like to use mannequin heads & arms on our table as well to for display purposes, when space allows.
4/1/2013 16:15:13Lindsay Checkerzlstric525@gmail.com410-971-9191I make cute flower hair clips and bows. I also make little bags/coin purses. My friend makes flower headbands, she may or may not vend with me.Because I can't pay attention and I love my cat. I have so many dreams and no idea how to even start pursuing them. However, I'm going to start by making things I like and selling them to raise money for the "Lindsay and Jake want to travel the world Fund". Then maybe along those travels, I'll find my path. Naturally, I love ska and swing house music the most but my heart is in trance. My favorite color is purple and I love springtime! Yes, I'm not sure about the exact size, but it's your standard folding table.
4/5/2013 11:32:08Sam Dougan-Clarksdouganclark21@gmail.com6105663896Hand blown glass jewelry, pendants, jars and ornaments (pipes and sex toys if allowed). Wooden rings and plugs. Friendship and hemp bracelets/ necklaces. Specialized bracelets. If allowed I could do live lamp working demonstrations.Cool people to buy stuffbecause I enjoy life and bangarang parties:)I can bring a table of whatever size is allowed
4/22/2013 17:44:35Shannon Monaghan & Jessica Van Reethpolitebuzz73@gmail.com609-631-9063The art of beauty, combined with fire spinning, and the elegance that can only come from within a burner.Fire spinning. I talked to Andi, and she recommended a duo. So Jessica is going to spin fire fans, as I spin hula hoop. We are going to do a choreographed performance to music. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.If possible, comped tickets would be very helpful. We're both willing to come and set up beforehand, as well. Breakdown if necessary. We've both volunteered before, so you know what we're capable of.We are awesome at not lighting ourselves on fire, and keeping safety third. ;) I'm kidding, first. I always use a safety blanket, and have experience enough to stay safe while firespinning.