Pink Floyd Jam at Red Light Cafe 10/17/19 8-11:45PM
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Updated Jam information - PLEASE READ!
In an effort to minimize band changeover, maximize the amount and quality of music played throughout the night, and provide the best experience possible for all stakeholders, this jam will be a Bring-Your-Own-Band / Play-Your-Own-Block" jam. The songs will be broken up into blocks of 15-20 minutes, and bands will sign up for a block. This will allow bands to shine in their 15-20 minutes of fame, focus on rehearsing their block, and maximize the amount/quality of music and enjoyment for everyone.
We will have the list of offered blocks prepared in the near future, and will take into consideration the songs that folks have already signed up for. If you have any thoughts on what your block should be, we will take that into consideration, too. Please comment below with your proposed block for consideration. Also, if we're going to be doing an entire album, Dark Side of the Moon, for example, one band will be playing the first side, and another band will be playing the 2nd side, etc. We did this with The Wall three years ago, and it worked very well.
If you don't have a band, we will assist in helping you find a band, or feel free to use the event page to coordinate finding a band/finding musicians for your band.
If any bands need rehearsal space, Adrian will have designated rehearsal nights where you can rent his space - $15 for 30 minutes or $25 for an hour.
We appreciate all the musicians who participate in these jams, and the music we all make together. We appreciate your flexibility, and want to make this the best experience for everyone, from the musicians, to the audience members, to the venue owners.
Participants who are not designated house band members will be asked to chip in $5 at the door on the night of the event to help defray production costs and pay the house band for their invaluable services of bringing their awesome gear for your use.
There may be more than one person signed up for the same song/instrument. That's fine, and it's good to have options. Just double-click on the cell, add a comma, and then your initials in the cell (in order of sign up). ***Please don't remove somebody else's initials from a cell without their consent in the process (if that happens, use the Undo function, or hit Ctrl-Z).*** If multiple participants sign up for a song, final assignments TBD by the jam coordinator based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) equitable distribution of songs, optimal performer/song assignment, and time constraints. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated in this regard.
Ideally, participants are signed up weeks in advance so everybody knows what to practice, thereby contributing to a high quality performance. But sometimes we cannot finalize the list in a timely manner for various reasons. Some people like to hold back and see who else signs up (and for what song), some people drop out and leave gaps, sometimes there's too few songs and we need to try to find more, sometimes there's too many songs and we need to pare down the list, etc. Don't wait too long! Please help by filling out your preferences ASAP, regardless of who else is or is not signed up, and be prepared for the set list to morph. It will eventually shake out, and as soon as humanly possible. Your patience and flexibility are most appreciated!
The initial list is just a list of suggestions to choose from, and can range from 40-300 song suggestions. The final list will be 25-30 songs for a 3-4 hour set.
Don't NOT sign up for a song because there is already somebody signed up for that song. If "shuffling" needs to occur, it's good to know you can cover a song, even if you're not initially assigned to it. Use those initials. Your flexibility is definitely most appreciated.
On the other hand, if you know every song on the list, please don't immediately sign up for every song. The first thing newcomer participants are going to see is that "all the songs are taken". But that's not necessarily the case. We want maximum participation, so we leave room for others. Pick your favorite ~3-5, and if a song is still not filled when show time is nearing, go ahead and fill it out. Or put an asterisk by your initials to indicate you are cool with giving it up if somebody else wants it.
Depending on number of participants, you may end up with a lot of songs (if signups are low), or a few songs (if signups are high). 3-5 songs is usually an optimal range of songs to play, to ensure focus and to avoid overload and fatigue.
Sometimes particpants want to bring their own group (that's fine!), have multiple players on an instrument, cancel, or want to move to other tunes. It's good to have options/backups in case this happens. Please indicate you know a song if you know it, just in case you may be called upon to perform that song. Use those asterisks!
As much as we'd like, we can't have 30 people playing on "(insert everybody's favorite song here)," so please help fill out tunes that need coverage and think about pushing yourself to learn a new song or two. Once we play Variety Playhouse, we can have all 30 of us up on stage... If you're not signed up for a song, please don't be on stage without the band's consent. Sign up for it in advance!
Early birds receive "favorable consideration," but we must also make room for new participants (who will visit the spreadsheet and invariably say, "Oh, everything is taken - by the same 5 people who signed up for 20 songs - so I guess there's nothing left. Oh well...") We don't want them to think that, so please be prepared to make room for newcomers, and don't sign up for a ton of songs at first. We want maximum participation. Use those asterisks on songs you could take or leave.
Every jam is different, and always involves a process that takes some time, back-and-forth negotiations, trading songs, etc., to figure out the final set list and song assignments. There are many factors beyond anybody's control that determine the final setlist for these kinds of jams, including songs that have enough people, equitable distribution of stage time, good balance in the set list, etc. If your picks don't get enough other signup participants, it will probably not make the final list. This may mean you don't get every song you picked. Know that it is not the intention of the coordinator, or anybody else, if your songs don't achieve "critical mass." We can only play what we can play, and that might mean the set list changes into something nobody foresaw. You might have suggested great songs, but we just simply might not be able to have the players to perform them. Please be prepared to be flexible if that happens. Jump on some other songs on the list where you might fit (possibly trading with others, taking songs with asterisks, or giving some relief to participants who might have a disproprtioante share of tunes). Be ready with other songs that do have enough participant signups. Reach out to your colleagues to help fill out a song.
No guarantees can be made, but every effort will be made to accommodate all requests. The goal is a balance of maximum participation, as well as putting on a good show. Your flexibility is most appreciated! This is a complicated balancing act!
We like to do chronological order, but have also done alphabetical and random. That means your songs are probably not consecutive, but could potentially be, depending on circumstances. Please stay tuned to any changes in the spreadsheet, especially a few hours before the show, when minor shuffling usually needs to occur. Best practice is to pull up the Googledoc spreadsheet on your phone. Know that it is not editable if you open it in a browser instead of using the Google Sheets app (which allows editing). Referring to the Googledoc in Sheets will allow you to see changes made in real time, and edit the sheet (if necessary, and if applicable). Sheets is downloadable from any app store, and does not occupy a lot of space on your phone.
Don't plan on breezing in for your song and taking off right after. Part of this whole experience is being present for the show and supporting your fellow jammers. It's also a good way to monitor the variety and level of performers in this great city of ATL. There's a lot of talent in this city! And we like to celebrate it!
Final lineup and set order TBD ASAP, ideally as soon as 2 weeks before hit, with occasional last minute changes (everybody's favorite time to flake). Please stay tuned to any changes in the spreadsheet regarding set list, order, etc. If the signups fill up, editing will be disabled.
If your heart is set on a tune that hasn't "made" yet, please help by recruiting more musicians, or ask somebody else already playing the show if they wouldn't mind filling in, or be ready to play the tune solo, if approved by jam coordinator.
If you don't see a great song on the list, please suggest it!
You are extremely encouraged to attend rehearsals. We want a great show, and these rehearsals are a great way to do Quality Assurance, check for inconsistencies, get accustomed to playing the tune with a real band, make sure everybody is playing in the same key, assure high quality performances, and it's also great to hang with, and hear, fellow bandmates. Usually, but not always, rehearsals take place 1 and 2 weeks before the show. Sunday through Thursday nights are usually the nights to choose from for rehearsal (based on polls, usually), but we also have been known to practice on Fri and Sat if there is enough interest, at a bandmate's house or other rehearsal space equipped with backline. You are more than welcome to organize your own rehearsals with members of your group and/or host other bands rehearsing. Of course, you are always free to rehearse to the recording on your own time. No on-stage bed-shitting allowed. ;-)
Expectations are to perform the popular version/key of all songs (usually the studio recording), unless otherwise indicated and agreed upon by *all members* on that song. Sometimes the radio cut or MTV version is preferred, as it can be a truncated version, or have a shorter arrangement. Sometimes the "live" version is preferred, as it can have a longer arrangement, different feel, added solo, tight ending instead of a fadeout, etc. Always confirm which version your band is planning on playing, especially if you are using a chart that may be in a different key. Usually songs are a hybrid of the studio and live versions, but that's why we rehearse...
If we move quickly between songs, we can average 9-10 songs per hour. That means a 30-song set list could be 3-4 hours. We usually start at 8PM and go til 11 or 12, but we may start earlier, depending on the venue. One technique that may be employed to minimize band switchover (which may result in coitus interruptus) is to group 3 songs per band.
We plan to play the songs in the original (studio album) keys. Please notify your fellow band members ASAP if you are changing the key! No on-stage surprises, please! Sometimes the sheet music key doesn't match the recording key. Always confirm! Also, be ready to transpose if necessary in case somebody might not have gotten the memo. Transposing for vocalists is fairly commonplace, so please be ready to accommodate singers' ranges, especially if they're reaching too high or low. Singers, please don't pick songs that are out of your range. There should be enough songs on the list for you to find some tunes in your wheelhouse, so focus your attention there, and please don't make the band transpose too much, unless they are all fine with it.
Vocalists: you must sing the song in the original octave. If the part is too high for your voice, don't sing it down an octave, and vice versa. Either get your bandmates to transpose down (or up) to a comfortable range for your voice, or don't sing it. Also, keep the parts in different ocatves, if that's what the song calls for. If the verse is in a lower octave, and the chorus is in a higher octave, don't sing both in the same octave. Find the range for your voice so you can hit both octaves. The song loses effect when you remove this relationship of octave separation.
Please help spread the word to other musicians and vocalists who might be interested in sharing in the fun, as this relies heavily on participation from a steadily rotating cast of the musician-public. Feel free to sign up for more jams! Check the BadAsh AllstarTeam Facebook page for future jams.
Please help BRING PEOPLE to these shows! These jams have significant production costs, and are very time consuming for the organizer and house band. In order to be sustainable, these jam costs must be defrayed by getting ***asses in seats***. Please help promote the show in any way possible, bring a friend or 10, share the event on Facebook, and help fill up the room with live music enthusiasts!
This has become a fun networking and social event for local musicians, vocalists, and those who support them. Feel free to invite everybody you feel would be interested in such a thing. Enjoy meeting new friends and fellow musicians, and networking!
Only House Band members can receive monetary compensation for their invaluable services of providing backline and filling in. One day, we'll be able to afford to pay everybody. In the meantime, enjoy not schlepping gear. It's just a jam.
If you're interested in being a house musician/vocalist, please make it known to the Jam Coordinator ASAP.
People will be paying admission/cover to hear us, and we need to make sure we make enough to pay production costs. As such, the audience may reasonably expect the performers on stage to actually know the song and perform their parts well (not that you won't, IJS).
Please come prepared and make your bandmates sound great!!! Your bandmates are doing the same, and counting on you to come prepared! Memorized lyrics and changes are always nice! This is a team effort, and when all members of the team do their part, a great performance results.
Please do not sign up to participate and miss your song(s). Many other participants are counting on you to follow through with your commitment. If for any reason you feel you cannot fulfill your commitments, please do not sign up for any songs.
If you sign up for a song, you are expected to perform on that song. Please do not leave the show before you have performed your songs. Others are counting on you to fulfill your commitment. Don't bail on your bandmates.
If you sign up and discover that you for some reason cannot participate or need to leave the show early, please notify the jam coordinator ***ASAP*** so that a suitable substitute can be found (if possible), or feel free to find an appropriate substitute, if you know one.
It might be "just a jam," but at the same time, these jams have a very high level of performance (thereby resulting in a killer show...). Please bring your A-Game. This ain't your grandma's karaoke.
Every jam coordinator likes to run things a little differently (mix up all jam participants, hand-pick bands for certain songs, feature different bands in town for a mini-set, a mix of all three, etc.), so please be in communication with the coordinator to confirm expectations.
Contact jam coordinator Adrian Ash on Facebook, or at, with comments or questions, or if you are new to the jams, reach out and connect with your contact info.
Thanks for your participation!!!
***Please proceed to the tab below (or above, if it's mobile) entitled "Pink Floyd Jam at Red Light Cafe 10/17/19 8-11:45PM" for a current list of proposed songs. Feel free to browse past jams under the "Link to BAAT Jams" tab.***