Adult belt progression
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Fighting PrinciplesSet UpsPositioningCritical Distance, Extension, Bridging the Gap, Lead vs. RearFive Primary Techniques, Initial Speed, Combinations, Defensive ChoicesStraight vs. Curved Line, Angle of Attack, Line of Attack, Offensive ChoicesActive vs. Passive, Leading Centers, Independent Motion, FakingConstant Forward Pressure, Economy of Motion, Relaxation vs. Tension, Immobility vs. MobilityTiming, CommitmentUnpredictability, Broken Rhythm, Uncertainty
StrikesElbow Smash, Vertical punchBackfist, Ridgehand, Half Twisting PunchHook, Uppercut, Full Twisting PunchLunge Punch, Reverse Punch, HammerfistPalm Up and Palm Down Chops, Full BackfistReverse Backfist, Forearm HorizontalCup Punch, Jumping backfistSpinning Backfist
KicksKnee, FrontHeel, Toe OutSide, BackCurl, Roundhouse45º Roundhouse, Inward and Outward CrescentHook, Donkey KickMuay Thai Roundhouse, Jumping FrontSpinning SideInward and Outward Axe
Blocks & CoversSingle and Double FramesHard Inward, Upward, Downward and OutwardSoft Inward, Upward, Downward and OutwardFull Covers, Long Covers, ShinScissor, Palm HeelKneeElbowsShoulder
StancesNormal, Horse, SezaTiger, Lead, Medium CatCrane, Glass HorseLong Cat, Twisted HorseKnee Down, Bent Glass HorseSide DropShort CatReverse Glass Horse
FootworkPivotShuffle UpShuffle In, Step 45ºShuffle BackSwitch Step
SparringChi SaoHarmonyStreet, TournamentGrapplingRandori, BoxingKickboxingStick, Muay ThaiSan Chou, MMARunning a Ring
DrillsStreet stage 0, CyclesStreet Stages 1-3, 4 Count StreetThrust vs. Snap, Ki Ai, Reps, Monkey LinesStreet Stages 4-5, The Ticks, 6 count blockingMulti PersonStrikes and kicks from the groundJumping strikes and kicksSpinning Kicks and Strikes
FormsMo Yee Do (Through First Turn)Mo Yee Do (Through Retreating Section)Mo Yee Do, Pak Sil Lum 6 (To Sil Lum Kicks)Pak Sil Lum 6Mo Yut Do, Mo Sam Do (To Wrist Grab)Mo Sam DoSil Lum Pai (Before Drunken Tiger)Sil Lum Pai, Creative Forms
WeaponsEmpty hand vs. ClubEmpty hand vs. KnifeStick vs. StickEmpty Hand vs. Improv Weapons
TumblingBody RockHollow Body RockBack BreakfallShoulder RollSide and Front BreakfallsCartwheel, SomersaultStanding Forward Roll, HeadstandBackward RollBackwards Somersault, Handstand
ThrowingPummellingArm DragO Soto GariDouble and Single Leg Take downs, SprawlHip Throw, Ankle PickFoot Sweep, Rear PostBody LockTomoe Nage
GrapplingMountGuard, Technical Stand UpSide Control, ShrimpingArm Bar, Rear Naked Choke, Rear MountAmericana, KimuraGi Chokes, GuillotineTriangle Choke, Arm TriangleBiceps Cutter, Calf CutterKesa Getami, Knee Bar
Grab CountersSingle WristSingle Shoulder, Single Lapel2 on 1 WristBoth Shoulders, Both LapelsFront and Rear Bear HugsHeadlockRear and Front Chokes
ConditioningSuperman, Sit UpBurpee, SquatPush Up, Jump Rope SinglePull Up, Shoulder PressDeadlift, Jump Rope CrossBack Squat, KB swingFront Squat, Wall BallPower Clean, Overhead SquatPower Snatch, Double Under
Reading & WritingBushidoArt of War, Brown ThesisBrown/Black ThesisFive Rings, Black Thesis
Events & Teaching18 Minute30 Minute6 teaching hours8 teaching hours10 teaching hours3 Tournaments, 18 teaching hours1 Tournament, 36 teaching hoursRun School for a Week, 45 teaching hours
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