Percussion Ensemble Works by Women Composers
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This database is very incomplete and a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute works. Thank you!
ComposerTitleNumber of PlayersInstrumentationLevelHow to PurchaseNotesLengthLink to performanceadded by
Keiko AbeConversation in the Forest I4Solo Marimba
Percussion 1:
6 high pitch wooden instruments (include 2 Mokushos, 2 wood blocks and 2 temple blocks)
6 high pitch metallic instruments
Percussion 2:
6 middle pitch wooden instruments
6 middle pitch metallic instruments
2 bongos
3 tom-toms
Percussion 3:
6 low pitch wooden instruments
6 low pitch metallic instruments
2 bass drums
adv soloist8" Doyle
Keiko AbeConversation in the Forest2Two marimbas Doyle
Keiko AbeReflections on Japanese Children's Songs III4Player 1: Marimba
Player 2: Marimba
Player 3: 5 Wood Blocks, Naruko, 4 Tom-Toms, Bongos, Crotales (high octave), Wind Chimes, Bass Bow, Temple Block, 2 Superballs
Player 4: 2 Bass Drums, 4 Mokusho, 2 Tam-Tams, Suspended Cymbal, Bell Tree, 3 Kin, Finger Cymbal, Chinese Cymbal, Ratchet
adv" Doyle
Keiko AbeThe Wave5Marimba
Percussion I: Bongos, 3 Congas, Cowbell, Claves, Slapstick, Temple Blocks (5 pitch), Wind Chime, Suspended Cymbal, Finger Cymbal, Glocken
Percussion II: 4 Tom-Toms, Claves, Binzasara, Temple Blocks (5 pitch), Glass Chime, Suspended Cymbal, Glocken
Percussion III: Timpani (1), Bass Drum, Claves, Slit Drum, Tubular Bells, Tam-Tam (middle), Suspended Cymbal, Ratchet
Percussion IV: Timpani (1), Bass Drum, Claves, Slit Drum, Tubular Bells, Tam-Tam (large), Suspended Cymbal
adv Doyle
Keiko AbeThe Wave Impressions3marimba and two percussionists Doyle
Keiko AbeWorks for Marimba Duo2Two Marimbasadv Doyle
Alexis AlrichMuse of Fire4finger cyms, tri, 5 suspended rebar pieces, small chinese opera gong, snare drum, temple blocks, chinese drum, 2 cowbells, tambourine, sus cym, bass drum, vibraphone X2, marimba X2, high hand drum, low hand drum, gong, adv Doyle
Johanna BeyerMarch for 30 Percussion Instruments7tri x3, high and low metal bowls, 3 chinese woodblocks, 4 rice bowls, dragon's mouth, tambourine, 4 toms, 2 cyms, anvil, 4 temple gongs, snare, gong, BD, thunder sheet, lion's roareasy ONLY in 4.5 time4'James Doyle
Johanna BeyerPercussion9not-specificeasy Doyle
Johanna BeyerPercussion Opus 147tri, 2 metal bowls, 4 dragon's mouths, tom, cym, anvil, gong, snare, BD, timpano, lion's roareasy ONLY4'James Doyle
Johanna BeyerPercussion Suite52 chinese blocks, tri, tambo, cym, BD, xylo, rattle, castanets, tam tameasy ONLY 3 mvtsJames Doyle
Johanna BeyerThree Movements for Percussion5, 4, and 9tri, woodblock, tambo, snare, 2 timpani, gong, cym, lion's roar, BD, high/low tris, Eb bell, high/low WB, pair of cyms, tom, snare, gongeasy ONLY . Mvt 1-5 players, Mvt 2-4 players, Mvt 3-9 playersJames Doyle
Johanna BeyerWaltz for Percussion7high/low tris, anvil, 3 dragon's mouths, tom, cym, gong, two timpani, BDeasy ONLYJames Doyle
Marilyn BlissAurora Borealis4Player I: Small Suspended Cymbal, Vibraphone (with bow)
Player II: Small Suspended Cymbal, Glass Wind Chimes, Vibraphone (with bow)
Player III: Wood Block, 2 Temple Blocks, Large Suspended Cymbal, Glockenspiel
Player IV: Tam-Tam, Sleigh Bells, Maracas, Marimba, "B" Crotale, Stone Chimes
intermediate Doyle
Jane BoxallBucketheads3Player I: Bucket, Cowbell
Player II: Bucket, Suspended Cymbal
Player III: Bucket, Wood Block
easy Doyle
Jane BoxallClappercussion44 bodieseasy Doyle
Jane BoxallInsect Stick44 pairs of stickseasy Doyle
Jane BoxallMad Hatters4Player I: Hi-Hat and Wood Block (highest)
Player II: Hi-Hat and Wood Block (high)
Player III: Hi-Hat and Wood Block (medium)
Player IV: Hi-Hat and Wood Block (low)
easy Doyle
Jane BoxallQuintessential5Player I: Claves
Player II: Tambourine
Player III: Guiro
Player IV: Bongos
Player V: Frame Drum
easy Doyle
Jane BoxallUnsquared Dance4Player I: Drum (highest) and Cowbell
Player II: Drum (medium) and Temple Block
Player III: Drum (medium-low) and Ride Cymbal
Player IV: Drum (lowest) and Tambourine
easy Doyle
Caroline ChenHamlet6glass x6, mixing bowl x6, glockenspiel, tabla (2 bayan, 1 dayan), marimba, large gong, peking gong, steel drum, 2 timpani, metal on timpani, paper, musical saw, sword/knife sharpener, mouth siren x3, fighting robots-2 sets, flexatone, tile, vegetable, electronic fighting swordadv' Doyle
Caroline ChenThrow Me Light3lights x3, woodblock x3, bamboo wind chimes x2, marimba, vibraphone, wooden ball, gong, top octave of crotales, BD x2, snare x2, temple blocks, cym adv'James Doyle
Da Jeong ChoiDifferent But One Body4Percussion 1 - vibraphone solo, surdo or large chinese drum, highest tom tom
Percussion 2 - medium high tom tom, E crotale, 3 congas, 2 triangles
Percussion 3 - medium low tom tom, medium cowbell, bongos, tambourine, temple blocks, woodblock (small), triangle, 2 splash cymbals, Chinese cymbal
Percussion 4 - (shares splash cymbals and Chinese cymbal with percussion 3), high tom tom, medium high tom tom, medium low tom tom, lowest tom tom, djembe, glockenspiel solo with trioJames Doyle
Kyong Mee ChoiA New Earth6marimba, vibes, glock, xylo, chimes, crotales, various multi instrumentsadvancedcomposer's website: www.kyongmeechoi.comwith electronics, dramatic, intense, also quiet and still in places13'Payton MacDonald
Andrea ClearfieldRound for Three Muses4Gong, vibes x2, bows (6-8), Angklung, Sandblocks (2 pr), Snare, toms x6, BD x2, mark tree, finger cymbals x4, singing bowl x3, pebbles in bowl x3, sus cym x3, seed pods, guiro, roto toms x3, marimba, shekere, metal sound, pre-recorded tracksdifficultComposer's website: soloist with percussion trio, all parts sing15' Doyle
Andrea ClearfieldTRAX44 marimbas, opt. vibraphonedifficult quartet6:22'James Doyle
Julie DavilaBailando La Soca10-15Player I: Xylophone
Player II: Lead Pan (optional)
Player III: Marimba 1
Player IV: Double Seconds (optional)
Player V: Marimba 2
Player VI: Double Tenors (optional)
Player VII: Vibraphone
Player VIII: Double Tenors (optional)
Player IX: Bass Guitar
Player X: Celli (optional)
Player XI: Triangle, 2 Brake Drums
Player XII: Shaker
Player XIII: Timbales
Player XIV: Congas
Player XV: Drumset
easy Doyle
Julie DavilaJunkyard Rumble8+4 to 10 two and a half gallon galvanized silver buckets. You will need to add rivets to the top rim of the bucket to enhance the sound (instructions included with score)
Large plastic or rubber maid type trash cans
5-gallon pickle buckets
Large poles (2 inches in diameter and approximately 6 feet tall)
Paper bags
easy Doyle
Julie DavilaRecycled4-12bucketseasy Doyle
Julie DavilaTumbao Talk6-10congaseasy Doyle
Karen ErvingThree-Play3Player I: 4 Cowbells, Suspended Cymbal
Player II: 4 Temple Blocks, Wood Block
Player III: Tenor Drum, Snare Drum, 2 Bongos
easy Doyle
Alexandra GardnerCoyote42 marimbas (5.0 shared) for three players, vibraphonemediumComposer's website: mvt work16'James Doyle
Evelyn GlenniePok-It4Player 1: Scots snare drum, UDU drum, small hand cymbals, one low tom tom, one pair of bongos, 10" splash cymbal
Player 2: tenor drum, triangle, one low tom tom, one pair of bongos, 10" splash cymbal
Player 3: caisse claire, triangle, one low tom tom, one pair of bongos, 10" splash cymbal
Player 4: piccolo snare drum, triangle, one pair of bongos, 10" splash cymbal
medium Doyle
Alice Gomez/Marilyn RifeMambo Africano6Player I: Maracas
Player II: Claves
Player III: Bongos
Player IV: Congas
Player V: 1st Marimba
*Player VI: 2nd Marimba
easy Doyle
Alice GomezAfterthoughts8Player I: Xylophone
Player II: 1st Marimba
Player III: 2nd Marimba
Player IV: Bells
Player V: Snare Drum
Player VI: Claves
Player VII: Gong, Bass Drum
Player VIII: Bongos
easy Doyle
Alice GomezHeartbeat4Player I: Suspended Cymbal
Player II: Small Gong, Snare Drum
Player III: 3 Tom-Toms
Player IV: Bass Drum
easy Doyle
Sarah HenniesEverything Else for 4 or more performers4+"non-musical sound-making actions" Doyle
Sarah HenniesFlourish2two vibraphones'James Doyle
Sarah HenniesLives (2)1-5variable keyboard instruments Doyle
Sarah HenniesSettle2-3vibraphone vibraphone15'James Doyle
Jennifer HigdonSplendid Wood63 marimbasdifficult players each marimba11:30' Yehilevsky
Jennifer HigdonZones4-5Mixed instrumentation - keyboards and unpitched instrumentsadv' Groh
Julie HillRudi's Batuque9Bells (crotales and/or lead steel pan)
Xylophone (double second steel pans)
Vibraphone (cello steel pans)
Marimba (bass steel pan)
Djembe (Timbau or other light weight hand drum)
Timbale (Repique or high pitched tom)
Toms (3) (marcacao or sudos - 3 pitches played by 3 different players)
Snare Drum (Tarol)
Drum Set
Bass Guitar (optional)
easy Doyle
Noriko HisadaProgression4Hand Claps Doyle
Anna IgnatowiczPassacaglia2marimba and vibraphoneadvanced8:30 Doyle
Anna IgnatowiczPreludes2marimba and vibraphone Doyle
Anna IgnatowiczThe Silence Pierced By Distraction2Two 4.3 octave marimbas Doyle
Hideko KawamotoAround the Corner4Percussion 1 - low and very low taiko, 2 cymbals
Percussion 2 - timbales, snare drum, cymbal, 2 low toms, medium taiko
Percussion 3 - bongos, snare drum, cymbal, 3 toms, medium high taiko
Percussion 4 - low and very low taiko, 3 cymbals, maracas Doyle
Elizabeth KellyS.O.S.Two amplified thundersheets (one wooden, one metal) Connors
Olivia KiefferDown the Hatch, She Wrote2two vibraphones' Doyle
Olivia KiefferPower Walking Music8-11 Doyle
Olivia KiefferReflection Canon2two vibraphones mvts10' Doyle
Tonia KoReal Voices and Imagined Clatter4timpani10.5' Connors
Libby LarsenDDT4vibes, sus cym x4, guiro, temple blocks, high bongo, high tri, ship's bell, med. woodblock, xylo, marimba, small woodblock, med. tri, small log drum, bass marimba, tambourine, small bell, ratchet, power drillDifficultComposer's website: Doyle
Libby LarsenLike Blind Men Tapping in the Dark2marimbamediumComposer's website: marimba-players on opposite sides5' Doyle
Hannah LashGlockenliebe3glockenspiel trioDifficult8:50' Yehilevsky
Li TaoChou Xi3bongos, 5 wood blocks, chinese gong 7", gong 9", finger cymbals, hihat, low tommediumComposer's website: set ups3' Doyle
Li TaoThe Dance in the Fire42 5.0 octave marimbasmediumComposer's website: marimba is shared6:10 Doyle
Andrea La RoseCanon for 4 Snare Drums44 snare drumseasy'James Doyle
Andrea La RoseThere Where Once4Spoken word-all players. player one: agogo bells, drumstick, a medium rubber mallet, a brush. player two: suspended cymbal, using drumsticks, soft mallets, medium rubber mallets, a coin or washer, brushes. player three: sandblocks. player four: vibraslap.medium
Andrea La RoseTwo Thoughts55 different pitched triangles, 5 temple blocks, 5 toms, 5 almglocken, 5 cyms, 5 police whistles, guiromedium'James Doyle
Sherrie MaricleFour Rudimental Twists4Snare Drum, Tenor Drum, Crash Cymbals, Bass Drumeasy Doyle
Sherrie MaricleRhythm Trip4Body Percussion Doyle
Missy MazzoliVolume22 vibraphones or vibraphone and steel drum with 2 kick drums and 5 glass bottles of water'James Doyle
Kristen McGuireCelestial Welcome8Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba, Chimes, Snare Drum, Tam Tam, Suspended Cymbal, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Timpanimedium Doyle
Anna MeadorsImpulse62 Marimba, 2 Vibraphones, 2 Glock., Drum-set, and multi set-upadv.http://www.annameadors.com9" Friend
Zae MunnTangles in the Web6Player 1 - high cowbell, timbales, bongos, tenor drum, bass drum
Player 2 - low cowbell, two woodblocks, tambourine, high and low tam-tam
Player 3 - suspended cymbal, three tom-toms, piccolo snare, snare, tenor drum
Player 4 - anvil or brake drum, 5 temple blocks, bass drum
Player 5 - thunder sheet, tenor drum, bass drum, 4 roto-toms
Player 6 - small triangle, large triangle, suspended cymbal, whip, snare drum, timpani Doyle
Pauline OliverosTraveling Companions3 dancers, 3 percindeterminate Doyle
Tawnie OlsonAs Rain Hollows Stone3Player 1 - Bongos, congas, bass drum (shared w/ player 2), 23" timpani, cym Player 2 - Bongos, bass drum (shared w/ player 1) crotales, gong, Player 3 - 2 medium-low toms, congas, djembe, 25" timpani, cym'James Doyle
Gemma Peacockeall corners of these floating worlds, swept3adv. by NYU9'James Doyle
Gemma PeacockeDeath Wish42 marimbasadv. by Third Coast Percussion9' Doyle
Gemma PeacockeDisbelief41 Vibraphone (for players 1, 2, 3, & 4)
1 Set of crotales (for players 2 & 3)
1 Triangle (for player 1)
3 Cymbals (for players 1, 3, & 4)
2 AM radios set to play static (one for players 1 & 2 / one for players 3 & 4)
1 Guiro (for player 4)
3 Sets of two woodblocks or wooden slats (for players 1, 2, & 3)
2 Snare drums (one for players 1 & 2 / one for players 3 & 4)
1 Orchestral bass drum (for players 3 & 4)
adv. by Mari Takeda15'Gemma Peacocke
Cayenna PonchioneThe Creation6Marimba 1 - 5-octave marimba, uses toms of Percussion 4
Marimba 2 - 5-octave marimba, uses toms of Percussion 2
Percussion 1 - 5 log drums, 5 brake drums, 3 small tam tams, temple blocks, orchestra bells, chimes, crotales, bass bow
Percussion 2 - 5 log drums, 3 brake drums, 3 suspended cymbals, 5 toms, medium cowbell, small woodblock, crotales, bass bow
Percussion 3 - 2 snare drums, tenor drum, 3 cymbals, large tam tam, vibraphone, bass bow
Percussion 4 - bass drum, 5 toms, medium tam tam, large tam tam, 3 triangles, bass bow Doyle
Susan PowellThe Gilded Cage44 toms, 4 brake drums, 3 splash cyms, kick drum, china cymadvanced' Doyle
Susan PowellRe: Disaster55 graduated tomseasy-medSteve Weiss:' Doyle
Andrea Reinkenmeyer
#@&%!* (expletive deleted)
4Percussion 1. Timpani, Roto-toms, Bass Drum, Bongos, Small Cowbell, Mounted Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal; 2. Marimba, Bass Drum with Pedal, Mounted Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Large Cowbell, Hand Chimes, China Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal, Chinese Gong, Hi-hat, Suspended Cymbal; 3. Timbales, Cowbell, Xylophone; 4. Floor Toms, Congas, Wood Block, TriangleMed!* (expletive deleted) for Percussion Quartet was premiered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in December 2000. This dynamic piece exhibits a heightened state of frenetic energy through explosive outbursts and a bubbling undercurrent of churning rhythmic figures. It explores disparate musical influences like popular and world music, while highlighting the flexibility and virtuosity of the percussion ensemble. The title reflects the demanding physicality of the individual parts and the tricky ensemble work. In fact, I was once told the expletive should have been inserted!6:30 Doyle
Kaija SaariahoTrois Rivieres4Player 1 - triangle, metal plate, woodblock, log drum, stones, 4 tom toms, bass drum, 2 stone plates, small suspended bell
Player 2 - triangle, finger cymbals, 2 small suspended cymbals, medium suspended cymbal, temple blocks, maracas, zen cymbals, 4 roto-toms, tabla, small tam tam
Player 3 - triangle, small bell, small suspended cymbal, medium suspended cymbal, 4 gongs, woodblock, small bowl gong, small and medium woodblock, tambourine, frame drum, Chinese tom, bongos, tam tam
Player 4 - triangle, crotales, Chinese plates, tambourine, 3 timpani, congas, guiro needed: 4 head sets with vocal microphones
4 directional microphones
1 lexicon LXP-15 with pedal
1 Yamaha SPX90 II or SPX1000
PA mixer with minimum 12 inputs, 2 auxiliaries, 2 outputs
Stereo amplification
James Doyle
Juri SeoFour for Flexatones4Four flexatones' Doyle
Juri SeoShui36 crotales and water Doyle
Juri SeoTriangle Trio3triangle, tambourine, castanets' Doyle
Juri Seovv4two vibraphones Doyle
Juri SeoWah2-52-5 wah wah tubes' Doyle
Alex Shapiro
Caroline Shawso I hear you're into TAXIDERMY412 flower pots, marimba, vibesmediumComposer's website: parts for all players9' Doyle
Netty SimonsDesign Group 11-3indeterminate Doyle
Emily Joy SullivanMallet Quartet42 marimbas 2 vibesmed-advnot yet published10' Yehilevsky
Kandis TaylorDiablo10Bells
Marimba 1 (4 octaves)
Marimba 2 (4.3 octaves with optional notes for 4.5 octaves)
Snare Drum
Bass Drum/Triangle
Crash Cymbals/Suspended Cymbal
medium Doyle
Kandis TaylorNo Me Digas7-8Xylophone
Vibraphone (3-octave)
Marimba 1 (4-octave)
Marimba 2 (4.3-octave)
Conga Drums
Drum Set
Bass Guitar (optional) Doyle
Augusta Read ThomasCon Moto4 to be performed)6'Sean Connors
Augusta Read ThomasQi45 octave marimba, 4.3 octave marimbaadv' Connors
Augusta Read ThomasResounding Earth4roughly 125 bells from around the worldadv movements35'
Sean Connors
Augusta Read ThomasSelene8 (string quartet, percussion quartet)adv' or 18'Sean Connors
Anna ThorvaldsdottirAura4adv and staging considerations6.5' Connors
Joan TowerDNA5h,m, and l sus cyms x2, hihat x2, med tri, med maraca, med pic wb, BD x2, 2 timbales X2, med tambo, china cym x2, high pic wb, tenor drum x2, snare x2, E crotale, Eb crotale, D crotale, small tambo, small sus cym, sleigh bells, large ratchet, 5 temple blocks, 2 congas, large tambo, low pic wb, 2 mounted castanets x2, small tri, tamtam, 3 small maracasmedium-advSteve Weiss:' Doyle
Joan TowerPercussion Quartet4Player 1 - small bell, small cowbell, anvil pipe, large woodblock
Player 2 - large triangle, 2 tom toms
Player 3 - medium cymbal, 2 timpani
Player 4 - large gong, medium bass drum Doyle
Sarah WaldPas de Quatre4vibraphone x2, 3 woodblocks, 3 cowbells, 3 wood slats, snare, kick drum/multibass, concert BD, 2 tomsadv Doyle
Sarah WaldPercussion Trio3glockenspiel (shared), xylophone, vibraphone, bongos, three toms, BD, tam tamadv of improv12:30 Doyle
Alyssa WeinbergTable Talk2prepared vibraphoneadv' Connors
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