Freya Waley-CohenAdditionally, please feel free to contact me at should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!!Number of Players
Abbie BetinisBegin to Move AroundManipulated voice, Timpani'52"Bridget Bourne
Addie CamsozouPressure System3 Armstrong
Agata ZubelSuite3' Johnson
Agata ZubelNelumbo4Marimbas'Emily Johnson
Agata ZubelRe-Cycle5' Johnson
Agata ZubelDouble Batteryinstrumental ensemble with augmented sound space20' Bourne
Agata ZubelMaximum LoadPercussion & Computer' Johnson
Agata ZubelPercussion Storepercussion ensemble and orchestra' Bourne
Agata ZubelThe Streets of a Human Cityinstrumental ensemble' Bourne
Agata ZubelWhere Toinstrumental ensemble' Bourne
Alex ShapiroKettle Brew2Timpani, percussion, audio track'Bridget Bourne
Alex ShapiroAt the Abyss3piano, marimba, vibraphone and percussion'Bridget Bourne
Alexandra BryantCircuits and Breakers4Marimba and 3 percussionistsIntermediate'40"Delaney Armstrong
Alexandra GardnerEarthmoves22 pair tom-toms, roto-toms or congas, bass drum (optional)'Bridget Bourne
Alexandra GardnerCoyote42 marimbas (5.0 shared) for three players, vibraphonemediumComposer's website: mvt work16'James Doyle
Alexis AlrichMuse of Fire4finger cyms, tri, 5 suspended rebar pieces, small chinese opera gong, snare drum, temple blocks, chinese drum, 2 cowbells, tambourine, sus cym, bass drum, vibraphone X2, marimba X2, high hand drum, low hand drum, gong, adv Doyle
Alexis BaconThree Pieces in Brazil6Pitched: 4.3 Octave Marimba5 Octave MarimbaVibraphoneGlockenspiel3 Crotales (B, D, F)3 TimpaniNon-pitched:1-2 Small Triangles, hand-heldMedium Triangle, hand-held1-2 Small Tambourines, hand-held Pandeiro or Large Hand-held TambourineAgogo BellsSuspended CymbalChina Cymbal1-2 Small Caxixes or Shakers1-2 Medium Caxixes or ShakersLarge Shaker, preferably of the type used in Candomblé (dull metal rattles)ShekereSand Blocks4 Wood Blocks CuicaSea Drum2 Timbales or other small drums1-2 Snare Drums, samba-style if possible Djembe1-2 Small Bass DrumsBamboo ChimesMuted FlexatoneBird Call (short tone)Twittering Bird Call (long tone)Siren WhistleFrog Call or Small Guiroadv'Delaney Armstrong
Alice GomezEcho Echo4Percussion quartet Bourne
Alice GomezHeartbeat4Player I: Suspended Cymbal
Player II: Small Gong, Snare Drum
Player III: 3 Tom-Toms
Player IV: Bass Drum
easy Doyle
Alice GomezRainbows4Vibraphone, Xylophone, 2 Marimbasgrade 4+'30" Bourne
Alice GomezAfterthoughts8Player I: Xylophone
Player II: 1st Marimba
Player III: 2nd Marimba
Player IV: Bells
Player V: Snare Drum
Player VI: Claves
Player VII: Gong, Bass Drum
Player VIII: Bongos
easy Doyle
Alice Gomez/Marilyn RifeMambo Africano6Player I: Maracas
Player II: Claves
Player III: Bongos
Player IV: Congas
Player V: 1st Marimba
*Player VI: 2nd Marimba
easy Doyle
Allison CameronDecorated Shed5 Movements18'Delaney Armstrong
Alyssa WeinbergTable Talk2Prepared vibraphone' Bourne
Alyssa WeinbergEmber II4prepared snare drums' Bourne
Amy WilliamsDream Landscape42 Vibraphones, 2 Glockenspiels, 8 Triangles10' Johnson
Anahita AbbasiSituation III3'Emily Johnson
Andrea ClearfieldRound for Three Muses4Gong, vibes x2, bows (6-8), Angklung, Sandblocks (2 pr), Snare, toms x6, BD x2, mark tree, finger cymbals x4, singing bowl x3, pebbles in bowl x3, sus cym x3, seed pods, guiro, roto toms x3, marimba, shekere, metal sound, pre-recorded tracksdifficultComposer's website: soloist with percussion trio, all parts sing15' Doyle
Andrea ClearfieldTRAX44 marimbas, opt. vibraphonedifficult quartet6:22'James Doyle
Andrea La RoseCanon for 4 Snare Drums44 snare drumseasy'James Doyle
Andrea La RoseThere Were Once4Spoken word-all players. player one: agogo bells, drumstick, a medium rubber mallet, a brush. player two: suspended cymbal, using drumsticks, soft mallets, medium rubber mallets, a coin or washer, brushes. player three: sandblocks. player four: vibraslap.medium
Andrea La RoseTwo Thoughts55 different pitched triangles, 5 temple blocks, 5 toms, 5 almglocken, 5 cyms, 5 police whistles, guiromedium'James Doyle
Andrea Reinkenmeyer
#@&%!* (expletive deleted)
4Percussion 1. Timpani, Roto-toms, Bass Drum, Bongos, Small Cowbell, Mounted Tambourine, Suspended Cymbal; 2. Marimba, Bass Drum with Pedal, Mounted Tambourine, Temple Blocks, Large Cowbell, Hand Chimes, China Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal, Chinese Gong, Hi-hat, Suspended Cymbal; 3. Timbales, Cowbell, Xylophone; 4. Floor Toms, Congas, Wood Block, TriangleMed!* (expletive deleted) for Percussion Quartet was premiered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in December 2000. This dynamic piece exhibits a heightened state of frenetic energy through explosive outbursts and a bubbling undercurrent of churning rhythmic figures. It explores disparate musical influences like popular and world music, while highlighting the flexibility and virtuosity of the percussion ensemble. The title reflects the demanding physicality of the individual parts and the tricky ensemble work. In fact, I was once told the expletive should have been inserted!6:30 Doyle
Andrea VenetRefrakt4marimba quartetmediumnot yet publishedGloria Yehilevsky
Andrea VenetKibo5Solo Snare Drum + Mallet Quartet (2 mar., 2 vibes)
Medium-adv' Viets
Andrea VenetWhite Ranger5Vibraphone solo + Percussion QuartetMedium-adv piece is written for solo vibraphone and percussion quartet. The percussion parts are scored for recycled materials which include glass bottles, scrap metal, brake drums, trash cans, an empty beer keg, and a brand new instrument I have created for this piece named the 'Lagerine'. Finding sounds and assembling the necessary instrumentation should provide a creative and fun project for performers.7' Banks
Angela KepleyFrom the Inside Out4Body Percussion, SnareEasy-Med the Inside Out is written for body percussion and snare drums. The snare parts cover many of the basic rudiments and give the students a chance to solo.3'40'' Johnson
Angela KepleySyncoshift4one 3-octave vibraphoneMed vibraphone & four players! If you are looking for a great mallet quartet for your students but have limited instruments, SyncoShift is the piece for you!7'15'' Johnson
Angela KepleyQUINTESSENTIAL QUINTETS 5Quintet Threat: 2 Snare Drums, 2 Kick Drums, 3 Toms

Peel: 4 Drums for 5 Players

Warrior Chant: Bongos, 2 Toms, 2 Bass Drums, 3 Crash Cymbals, 2 Splash Cymbals
Easy-Med Quintets is a collection of three "drummy" pieces for 5 young percussionists. Using limited and/or flexible instrumentation, these works will help student grow as musicians while simultaneously impressing & exciting audiences4'30'' Johnson
Angela KepleyBattle Royale20+4Referee (Medium Tom)
Team 1 (High Toms)
Team 2 (Low Toms)
Easy-Med “referee” monitors the Battle Royale between two teams. This piece requires each team to work together to create a monstrous sound and battle out their rhythms. Which team wins? You decide!2' Johnson
Angela KepleyCircles4 groups of percussions3+ bucketsEasy-Med is mostly comprised of accent patterns over a solid underlying sixteenth note foundation. This piece requires the players to control accents and taps while playing a fun, relaxed groove.3' Johnson
Anna BrakeTo Elsewhere4 Armstrong
Anna IgnatowiczPassacaglia2marimba and vibraphoneadvanced8:30 Doyle
Anna IgnatowiczPreludes2marimba and vibraphone Doyle
Anna IgnatowiczThe Silence Pierced By Distraction2Two 4.3 octave marimbas Doyle
Anna Meadorsfragment / segment42 Marimba, 2 Vibrapone + additional drums/cymbalsadv.
Anna MeadorsInterstice4Per player: 2-3 crotales, 3 pieces of wood, 3 pieces of metal, 1 cymbaladv.http://www.annameadors.com9" Friend
Anna Meadorsstatic/surge4Percussion Quartet
10'Bridget Bourne
Anna MeadorsImpulse62 Marimba, 2 Vibraphones, 2 Glock., Drum-set, and multi set-upmed-adv.http://www.annameadors.com9" Friend
Anna PidgornaWeeping for a dead love5, 4, and 93 shakers, 6 toms, 4 cowbells (different sizes), suspended cymbal, concert bass drum, 4 Noah bells (C, Eb, E, F)easycontact composer at info@annapidgorna.comThis is a theatrical piece with composer performing the vocal part while moving around the performance space. The piece is easy to put together: the percussion parts are metrically loose and follow the vocal line. The composer provides the appropriate Noah Bells.15' Pidgorna
Anna ThorvaldsdottirAura4adv and staging considerations6.5' Connors
Anne NeikirkOpus AbaciPercussion ensemble'Bridget Bourne
Annika Socolofskythe dictionary of obscure sorrows: ambedo4 1 five oct marimba, 1 vibraphonemedium singing, need bango picks8' Connors
Annika SocolofskyBellow5Percussion quartet, violin, electronicsannika@socolofsky.org11' Bourne
Augusta Read ThomasCon Moto4 to be performed)6'Sean Connors
Augusta Read ThomasQi45 octave marimba, 4.3 octave marimbaadv' Connors
Augusta Read ThomasResounding Earth4roughly 125 bells from around the worldadv movements35'
Sean Connors
Augusta Read ThomasStar Box 4Percussion quartet from composer: "This composition can be paired with CON MOTO. The instrumentations and layout of the two scores are very similar but not identical."6'30" Bourne
Augusta Read ThomasSelene8 (string quartet, percussion quartet)String quartet, percussion quartetadv' or 18'Sean Connors
Augusta Read ThomasMagic Box8+string quartet, percussion quartet'Bridget Bourne
Ayanna WoodsTriple Point45 octave marimba, two vibraphones, drumset, small instrumentsmedium-adv by Third Coast Percusison through the Emerging Composer Partnership6'Sean Connors
Barbara BennettShadow Boxes8Player 1 (4-octave marimba)
Player 2 (4-octave marimba)
Player 3 (4.3-octave marimba, xylophone)
Player 4 (4.3-octave marimba, 3-octave vibraphone)
Player 5 (4 timpani)
Player 6 (guiro, woodblock, medium tom, medium suspended cymbal, orchestra bells)
Player 7 (tambourine, snare drum, 3 temple blocks, medium suspended cymbal, tam-tam)
Player 8 (triangle, tam-tam, large suspended cymbal, bass drum, chimes)
Med'20'' Johnson
Barbara WhiteWaking2One marimba6.5'
Sean Connors
Beth WiemannIngrained2Marimbas Johnson
Beth WiemannAmong the Cats of Zanzibar4 Johnson
Bridget BourneCon Sequence3Vibraphone, 4.3 octave Marimba, 5 octave Marimbabbourne016@gmail.com4'30" Bourne
Caroline AhnDeep, Deep4 Armstrong
Caroline MalloneeNorth South East West4'Emily Johnson
Caroline Shawso I hear you're into TAXIDERMY412 flower pots, marimba, vibesmediumComposer's website: parts for all players9' Doyle
Caroline WilkinsBird organ is made of wood3Herd bells, side drum, glass chimes, 6 temple blocks, 3 wood blocks. Glockenspiel, vibraphone, 2 crotales, 2 cymbals. Bambus, guiro, 2 reco-recos, 3 maracas, cabaca, 2 mexican beans, shocallo, sand blocks, bass drum, side drum.adv work consists of 3 movements, taking as their starting point my interest in early forms of automata and their parallel with natural, environmental sound. Each movement explores the timbral properties of percussion instruments grouped according to their materials: metal, wood, membranes, tuned and untuned; merging certain timbral colours together.9'Emily Johnson
Carolyn BremerCircadian Rhythms
10glock, xylo, vibes, 4 marimbas, timpani, 3 woodblocks, tambourine, castanets, triangle, snare drumadv' Fambrough
Carolyn ChenThrow Me Light3lights x3, woodblock x3, bamboo wind chimes x2, marimba, vibraphone, wooden ball, gong, top octave of crotales, BD x2, snare x2, temple blocks, cym adv'James Doyle
Carolyn ChenNon-stick Properties4Steel pan quartet and objects'Bridget Bourne
Carolyn ChenHamlet6glass x6, mixing bowl x6, glockenspiel, tabla (2 bayan, 1 dayan), marimba, large gong, peking gong, steel drum, 2 timpani, metal on timpani, paper, musical saw, sword/knife sharpener, mouth siren x3, fighting robots-2 sets, flexatone, tile, vegetable, electronic fighting swordadv' Doyle
Cassie WielandWeeds3Vibraphone, 2 kick drums, low tom, high tom, snare, hi-hat, crash cymbal, 2 metal bowls, 1 plastic bowl, BBs, buttonsadvContact composer at cassie.wieland1@gmail.comCommissioned by line upon line percussion8"Cassie Wieland
Catherine LikhutaRondo2vibraphone and marimba'30" Bourne
Cayenna PonchioneRumble-Stiltskins2two marimbas, two pairs of bongoscayenna@cayennaponchione.com8' Bourne
Cayenna PonchioneThe Creation6Marimba 1 - 5-octave marimba, uses toms of Percussion 4
Marimba 2 - 5-octave marimba, uses toms of Percussion 2
Percussion 1 - 5 log drums, 5 brake drums, 3 small tam tams, temple blocks, orchestra bells, chimes, crotales, bass bow
Percussion 2 - 5 log drums, 3 brake drums, 3 suspended cymbals, 5 toms, medium cowbell, small woodblock, crotales, bass bow
Percussion 3 - 2 snare drums, tenor drum, 3 cymbals, large tam tam, vibraphone, bass bow
Percussion 4 - bass drum, 5 toms, medium tam tam, large tam tam, 3 triangles, bass bow Doyle
Cayenna PonchioneConsecration3 dancers, 3 percsaxophone quartet and 20 percussionists' Bourne
Cayenna PonchioneContagion8 (string quartet, percussion quartet)' Bourne
Cecilia LivingstonTroy44 vibraphonesadvComposer's website: (use contact form)7'
Claudia MolitorEntangled3 by line upon line percussionDelaney Armstrong
ComposerTitle2InstrumentationLevelHow to PurchaseNotesLengthLink to performanceadded by
Courtney BrianJourney HomeIntermediate by SO PercussionDelaney Armstrong
Da Jeong ChoiDifferent But One Body4Percussion 1 - vibraphone solo, surdo or large chinese drum, highest tom tom
Percussion 2 - medium high tom tom, E crotale, 3 congas, 2 triangles
Percussion 3 - medium low tom tom, medium cowbell, bongos, tambourine, temple blocks, woodblock (small), triangle, 2 splash cymbals, Chinese cymbal
Percussion 4 - (shares splash cymbals and Chinese cymbal with percussion 3), high tom tom, medium high tom tom, medium low tom tom, lowest tom tom, djembe, glockenspiel solo with trioJames Doyle
Dani HowardWhat Lies Beneath8 to enquire about availability15' Johnson
Dani HowardIntrospection1-3' Johnson
Donna BohnWalk in the Park Percussion 1 (bells and/or xylophone, woodblock)
Percussion 2 (optional 4-octave marimba or vibraphone)
Percussion 3 (triangle)
Percussion 4 (snare drum)
Percussion 5 (bass drum)
Percussion 6 (4 Timpani)
Easy delightful musical representation of a casual walk in the park will challenge most beginning ensembles through it's tight rhythmic integration. Like all pieces in the Ignite Series, the instrumentation is flexible to suit the needs of any school program.2'30'' Johnson
Dosia McKayInspector Bergen Returns 8Vibraphone, Marimba, Timpani, Claves, Woodblocks, High Bongo, Low Conga, Shaker, Suspended Cymbal, Crash CymbalAdvanced love British drama on PBS, especially the detective series, such as The Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries with Nathaniel Parker, Second Sight with Clive Owen, and Touching Evil starring Robson Green. The present work Inspector Bergen Returns seeks to paint a similar suspenseful mood as the soundtrack to the adventures of an imaginary character unfolds. I have had a lot of fun writing the piece and I anticipate that the percussionists will find it exciting to perform.3'20'' Johnson
Elizabeth HoffmanGeminis2'Delaney Armstrong
Elizabeth HoffmanImmer Inner3Tam Tams and Thai Gongs'Delaney Armstrong
Elizabeth HoffmanIn Red Weather3'Delaney Armstrong
Elizabeth KellyS.O.S.Two amplified thundersheets (one wooden, one metal) Connors
Ellen ReidFear | Release4 by Los Angeles Percussion Quartet5' Connors
Emily Doolittlenight black bird song53 percussionists and 2 flute/piccolosadv'30"Emily Doolittle
Emily Joy SullivanMallet Quartet42 marimbas 2 vibesmed-advnot yet published10' Yehilevsky
Emma Lou DimerToccata for Six6Xylophone 1
Xylophone 2
Marimba 1 (5-octave)
Marimba 2 (5-octave)
Vibraphone 1 (3-octave
Vibraphone 2 (3-octave)
Med' Johnson
Emma O'HalloranLand Electric4' Johnson
Emma O'HalloranSHELL41-4 marimbasmediumwww.emma-ohalloran.comcommissioned by X4 Percussion Quartet6' Jones