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NameAuthorConceptSchools as WrittenSchools SuggestedExclusion suggestionsignore this
2 Adept HunterDraco DeiFollow on to PairO'Dice 's Master of One for Broken Blade, pwns other adeptsBroken Blade, very limited access to all othersNo changeNo change0
3* VindicatorsDSpeyerdivine (Ruby Knight Vindicator variants)Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, White Raven and one othernone (Except as new gods are added)Not applicable0
4 ArmorlordKrimmmelds with parasite Diamond Mind, Far Realm, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw1
5'a Al-mharbKrimmdesert nomad warriorDesert Wind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw1
6 of DeathKrimmassassinDiamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand1
7 Master of OnePairO'DiceFocuses on specific disciplineSingle discipline chosenAll (just needs some Feats mapped out)None0
8 dual progression, turn spells into maneuversDesert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Shadow HandCoin's Edge, Solaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence, Frozen Zephyr / Acidic Fog / Shocking Sky, Rising Phoenix/Phoenix Feather, Masked Moon, Witch Razor0
9 IncarnateKrimmincarnum warriorDevoted Spirit, Iron Heart. Additional based on alignment. Good - Golden Saint, White Raven. Evil - Dread Crown, Shadow Hand. Law - Diamond Mind, Quicksilver Aegis. Chaos- Kaleidoscopic DreamAlternates based on alignment: Good- Scarlet Bravura. Evil- Narrow Bridge. Chaos- Far Realm0
10 MaidenKrimmwomen who bolt swords to their armbonesDiamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Tiger Claw1
11 OperantDemented OneImplanted skills, speed, critical hitsDancing Leaf, Oncoming Storm, Tiger Claw1
12 (d20 Modern?)Yue Ryong (WotC)mystics in the modern worldDesert Wind, Diamond Mind, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon & Tiger ClawCoin's Edge, Masked Moon, Black Rain0
13 SageKrimmmartial magic user focusing on blood magicDiamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw1
14 BravoDemented Onehalflings fighting larger foes through mobility and bravadoDancing Leaf, Iron HeartOncoming Storm, Leaping Gale0
15 ArtisanKrimmArtificer/Initiator HybridDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone DragonBlack RainFalling Anvil0
16 CelestialKrimmAnathema to the Unmasked Fiend. Outsider with the good subtype onlyDevoted Spirit, Golden Saint, Stone Dragon, White RavenFalling Anvil, Scarlet Bravura0
17 Vo NyarlathotepKrimmshapechanging servant of NyarlathotepFar Realm, Kaleidoscopic DreamFalling Anvil0
18 KnightvasharanpaladinMeldshaping/(Devoted Spirit and/or Diamond Mind) HybridDevoted Spirit, Diamond MindBasically going to hit all the "Mentality, Alignment or Aligned Plane" and "Additional Power Source" ones here, given the fluff, and initial disciplines. Silver Crane, Far Realm, Ninefold Damnation, Infinite Torment, Dread Crown, Golden Saint, Falling Anvil, Quicksilver Aegis, Black Heron, Kaleidoscopic Dream, Narrow Bridge, Mental Grip, Sleeping Goddess, Lost Lyrics, Solaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence, Witch Razor, Holy Word0
19 SlasherKrimmDextrous and brutalDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, Oncoming StormViper Fang0
20 SpeakerKrimmtruespeaking dual-progressionDiamond Mind, Holy Word, Iron Heart or White Raven1
21 who channels internal demon into crystal bladeBlack Heron, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow HandNarrow Bridge, Dread Crown, Ninefold Damnation, Infinite Torment0
22 DragoonDraco DeiDisappear to other planes, return with overwhelming forceArmy of One, Devoted Spirit, Mystic Cobra, Shadow Hand, Piercing Point.1
23 Onedarfellen -- very angry darfellenArmy of One, Ocean Tempest, Scarlet BravuraFalling Wave, Ocean Soul, Rending Scream (are there rules about underwater sonic effects?)0
24 BroodlingDemented Onesymbiont usingFar Realm, Iron Heart, Tiger Claw1
25 DemonKrimmhumanoid possessed by fiendDread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger ClawBlack Heron, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation0
26 Adept -Yue Ryong (WotC)Spellfire/(Crescent Moon or Diamond Mind) HybridCrescent Moon, Dancing Fox, Diamond Mind1
27 ReaverDemented Oneempowered martial soulknives with some mental powersDiamond Mind, Iron HeartBladed Thoughts, maybe Sleeping Goddess0
28 AdversaryKrimmFar Realm, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon12
29 KnightDemented Onepsionic dual-progression, perceptionDiamond Mind, White RavenMental Grip, Sleeping Goddess0
30, defenseDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, Setting SunDancing Leaf, Falcon's Eye, Iron Rain, Oncoming Storm, Steel MountainFalling Anvil0
31 of Future BladesJoshuaZUses psionics to learn maneuvers and give them to othersDiamond Mind, Sleeping Goddess, one other disciplines chosen at first levelMental Grip
32 OverlordKrimmleaderArmy of One, Scarlet Bravura1
33 BruteKrimmimitate and become dinosaurs, and divine dual-progression (for druids)Tiger Claw or Stone DragonMasked Moon0
34 SavantDemented Onepsionic and bestialDiamond Mind, Stone Dragon, Tiger ClawMental Grip, Masked Moon0
35 of Lost SwordsJoshuaZUses necromancy to learn maneuvers from dead adeptsDiamond Mind, Narrow Bridge, Setting Sun, Shadow Hand
36 KnightDuke Malagigiuses darkness but for goodDevoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Shadow HandFalling Anvil(cf Darkwing Duck)0
37 Handnone0
38 AmbusherKrimmarcane stealthOncoming Storm, Shadow HandSolaris Arcanum, Untamed Essence0
39 DemonDemented Onewarrior with internal demonsDiamond Mind, Dread Crown, Golden Saint, Setting SunBlack Heron, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation0
40 InvokerKrimmpyromaniac bards who once revered the jade/ebon phoenix mages, but rebelledDesert Wind, Shadow Hand or White RavenLost Lyrics, untamed essence0
41 BanisherDemented Oneanti-caster warriorDiamond Mind, Iron HeartUntamed Essence0
42 ArcherKrimm (With help from Robert Frost?)soulbowDevoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Falling StarBlack Rain, Bladed Thoughts, Falcon's Eye, Iron Rain, Rising Phoenix/Phoenix Feather, True Arrow, Way of the Gear0
43 CraftsmanKrimmartificier dual-progressionDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand or Stone Dragonuntamed essence0
44 Lord: ChampionKrimmLeaders who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great powerDevoted Spirit, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw White Raven1
45 Lord: SkirmisherKrimmScouts who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great powerDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand1
46 Lord: SpellmasterKrimmMages who put their souls into their weapons, granting the weapons great powerDesert Wind, Setting Sun White Raven1
47 of Nine ClawsDSpeyerFor monsters, especially dragonsDiamond Mind, Setting Sun, Stone Dragon, Tiger Clawnone (DracoDei: asks "Why?") -- because the class features are tied to the specific schools0
48 Form MasterDracoDeiJust Stances, no Maneuvers.Any NineNone. Already generic.None. Already generic.0
49 WarriorDemented Oneindependent discoverers of sublime way (has own recovery mechanic)Any three(Automatic)(Automatic)0
50 of LevakrossKrimmevilDesert Wind, Devoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow HandNinefold Damnation and Infinite Torment, maybe in some sort of enforced balance0
51 Master of OneErrantxFocuses on a single disciplinechosen discipline(Automatic)(Automatic)0
52 ArcherDemented OnearcherDevoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Falling StarBlack Rain, Falcon's Eye, Iron Rain, Rising Phoenix/Phoenix Feather, True Arrow, Way of the Gear0
53 Master of NineDracoDeiPerfect balance between at least 9 disciplines.All that you have at least one manuever or stance from before entering it.None. Already automatically covered.None. Already automatically covered.0
54 FiendKrimmfiend pretending to be human and gaining bonuses to/for racial powersDread Crown, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Stone Dragon, Tiger Clawninefold damnation or infinite torment, according to creature type0
55 Banner ExecutorEdgeastrology and quick combat propheciesArmy of One, Coin's Edge, Dancing Leaf Diamond Mind, Iron Heart1
56 of DeathKrimmblackguard variantDevoted Spirit, Iron Heart, Shadow HandDread Crown, Infinite Torment, Ninefold Damnation0
57 HarbingerKrimmWarlock/Devoted Spirit using class HybridDevoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Shadow Hand or Tiger ClawInfinite Torment, Narrow Bridge?, Witch RazorGolden Saint, Ninefold Damnation, Silver Crane0
58 LordKrimmUnholy generalDevoted Spirit, Dread Crown, Shadow Hand, White RavenNarrow Bridge0
59 PartisanKrimmhumanoid devoted to dragonsStone Dragon, Tiger Claw, associated energy schoolmonkey's paw (?)0
60 that uses fearArmy of One, Narrow Bridge, Iron Heart, Shadow Hand1
61 Lotus AssassinDemented Onevery secretive assasinsDiamond Mind, Oncoming Storm, Shadow HandBlack Lotus, Falcon's Eye, Viper Fang0
62 StrikerKrimmeagle-riderIron Heart, Falling Star, Iron Heart, Tiger Claw, Twin SpiritSilver Pegasus and True Arrow (if those don't get remixed), Black Rain, Gentle Breeze, Iron Rain, Rising Phoenix/Phoenix Feather0
63 Phoenix MageKrimmEvil counterpart to Jade Phoenix Mage, hybridDesert Wind, Dread Crown, Shadow HandNarrow Bridge0
64 Raven GeneralDemented Oneleader of sneaksShadow Hand, White Raven Scarlet Bravura0
65 KnightErrantxcombines divine spellcasting and martial abilityDevoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, White Raven1
66 BlademasterKrimmwarlock dual-progressionIron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger ClawSolaris Arcanum, untamed essence0
67 BudokaDemented Onecombat is not about violence, or skill, or even art. It is nothing more than the flow of energy–physical, mental, and spiritualGolden Saint, Setting Sun, Stone DragonRising Phoenix/Phoenix Feather0
68 BlademasterDemented Onelatecomers to the sublime path who can ignore prerequisitesspecial listnone (it would be like adding beguiler spells)0
69 of the Frozen GrottoYue Ryong (WotC)(Druid or Ranger)/Placid Lake HybridDiamond Mind, Placid Lake, Tiger Claw1
70 Lance AdeptKrimmuses soundDiamond Mind, Iron Heart, White RavenLost Lyrics, rending scream0
71 SoulKrimmmerge with your possessing fiendDread Crown, Stone Dragon, Shadow Hand, Tiger ClawInfinite Torment, Ninefold DamnationBlack Heron (rests on inner demon, as opposed to blatant demon)0
72 Deathless OneKrimmworshiper of Aeomon, brings peaceful deathDevoted Spirit, Settting Sun, White RavenNarrow Bridge? Golden Saint0
73 KnightDragoonWraithlg champion with warlock-like invocationsDevoted SpiritGolden Saint0
74 KnightKrimmfey powers, divine spellcastingDancing Leaf, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw disciplinesOncoming Storm, Glacial Chill0
75 DragonKrimmdragon pretending to be human and gaining bonuses to/for racial powersStone Dragon, Tiger Claw, one more1
76 ArmorlordKrimmWarforged who improve their own bodiesIron Heart, Stone Dragon1
77 AngelKrimmFall from Sanity led to fall from Grace. Ferocity is all that remains.Iron Heart, Shadow Hand, Tiger Claw1
78 AdeptEdgeagile, warforged only, focusing on mobility & placementDiamond Mind, Iron Heart1
79 HeirDemented Onewind-inspiredDiamond Mind, Iron Heartgentle breeze, leaping gale0
80 of SalamanderKrimmSphoraxun (homebrew heat-loving lizardfolk) pyromaniac clericDevoted Spirit, Desert Wind, Tiger Claw1
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