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ComponentJiraPrioritySummaryStatusDateReporterIssueUrlOS/DeviceBrowser(s)CommentsNotes from tech/prod teams
Community, Site, etc..hyperlink Jira ticket Techrep-xxxP1-P4Jira titleProgressMM/DD/YYYYUser name/NameDescribe issue in detail w/steps used to reproduceUrl (s) of issueOS or DeviceBrowser w/versionAdditional comments or url of screenshotsComments/notes from tech/product teams
Afraid Google docs likes everyone to only use Chrome.... they can be evil like that Hhahahahahahahahaha7/11/2013Wizard57MGoogle Docs does not like Opera 11.64, Opera 12.15, Windows XP SP3, Acer Aspire One ZG5, Also on Dell Inspiron 531S w/WinXP SP3at least with Opera 12.15 I can add comments
CommunityTECHREP-2239P1Fix commited7/16/2013NickNielsenAttempting to +1 a post gives a 404Link I clicked:

404 page:

Win 7 Pro SP1Firefox 17.0.1Will have to see if the site now works as intended with newer versions of FF...Hey, Nick. It appears the FF incompatiblities are gone. At least, it doesn't behave any differently now for me in FF or Pale Moon than in IE. What's broken in one is consistently broken in the others. CS
FiltersP3Needs to be bugged - nice catch there Charlie :-)7/16/2013CharlieSpencer_PalmettoSorting Discussions by 'Updated' ignores year, AM / PM 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1 x64Sorting Discussion by 'Updated (newest to oldest) has today's updates in sequence but then jumps to July 2012 and goes backwards from there. It also appears unable to differentiate between AM and PM; 4:00 AM is 'newer' than 2:00 PM.
CommentingTECHREP-2304P1Replies in Discussions/Question threads keep disappearing/reappearingCommited fix - known bug - just not in known bug tab7/16/2013CharlieSpencer_PalmettoSite does not update 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1 x64, IE 10When I load the page in IE, I see the original post and one comment from Who Am I Really. When I load it in PM, I see the original post, Who Am I Really's post, and one of mine. If I reload the PM page, my comment disappears. It doesn't matter which browser I use to add the comment, but it goes away after refreshing. The 'Discussions' home page says I entered the 'Latest Response', but it doesn't appear.Thanks for the extra detail that helps - TC
CommunityTECHREP-2291P1Community Pages taking very long to load - 25-45 secsCommited fix7/16/2013TC reporting for: Who Am I Really it took over 20 minutes for the "announcing-a-smarter-faster-techrepublic-for-2013" page to load

- I've got one tab that has been spinning and doing nothing for 1/2 hour
Commited fix - related to row 77/16/2013Wizard57M-cnetsometimes a reply is not posting, or the captcha phrase is not being parsed Ultimate 32bit SP1, Compaq Presario CQ62 notebookIE10Reply issue has been previous reported, and we have that one bugged (they do post, just disappear) - will see about the captcha - you have a screenshot you can link to?
Community DoorsTECHREP-2307P1Clicking on "View more" doesn't load more threads
7/16/2013NickNielsenPaging through My Discussions in the user profile doesn't load different discussions, it only changes the page number.Win 7 Pro SP1FF 22.0Screenshots
Previously reported (repated to disappearing comments)7/17/2013CharlieSpencerPages claim multiple comments, but only two are displayed , 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10The first page claims 4 comments, both on the page and on the Discussions home. The second claims 7, but both show only two. Problem appears confined to discussions started since site overhaul; older discussions display with all replies.
Action links/PermissionsTECHREP-2335P1Members can see "EDIT" for ALL comments not just ownFixed7/17/2013CharlieSpencerEdit' link displayed for comments posted by other membersAll discussionsWin 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10Comments entered by other members have an 'Edit' link in the bottom right, not just comments entered by the active member. Fortunately, the link does not appear to work and returns a 404.
ProfilesTECHREP-2337P1Public profiles displaying member first/last name instead of usernameFixed ----- No, it's not.7/18/2013CharlieSpencerMember profiles display full names, not just member's chosen name ----- No, not fixed; now they're just broken differently. Hovering over an avatar still discloses the member's first and last names. In at least three cases, a member's e-mail address is being displayed instead of his nickname; see the URL 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1
Profiles7/17/2013CharlieSpencerMember profiles' 'View All' (Contacts) displays '0 Contacts'Member profilesWin 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10At the bottom of a member's profiles is a list of the first half-dozen contacts and a 'View All' link. Clicking 'View All' returns a page that says '0 Contacts', regardless of how many the member has.
Profiles7/17/2013CharlieSpencerMember profiles 'Recent Activity' and 'View All' (Recent Activity) displays only Discussions started by member, not all comments posted to Discussions started by others.Member profilesWin 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10Is this by design? If so, it's a change from the past.This is a bug
Personal Profile7/17/2013CharlieSpencerMember's own profile offers 'Follow' and 'Ignore' buttonsMember profilesWin 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10Strange, I can't follow myself. Of course, no one else wants to either...HAHAHAHAHA - Be like a dog trying to catch his own tail. I'll bug the follow/ignore for personal profile, the other issue is a known bug.I tested this on a few accounts, and don't see the follow/ignore in private profiles, (possible hic-up they are working on profiles) - Palmie can you send me a screenshot or link to one? - TCMaybe at some point when I can get a profile to load in less than a minute. CSAww... I read your profile, nothing interesting there HAHAHAHA :-D - TC
7/17/2013CharlieSpencerMember profiles are just ate slam the heck upMember profiles, 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10Previously entered 'Interests' and 'Current Technologies' are gone. 'View Full Bio' link just reloads member's Profile home. Abbreviated bio on home ignores previously functional HTML tags. 'Private Message a Contact' successfully loads 'Membership' page, but the 'Please select a contact' selection box has no Contact member names. Imported Member Biography now truncated around 300 characters; rest of previous biography content lost? Updating Preferences returns a 404; when eventually successful, changes aren't saved.Full bio is previously bugged (and no its not lost, just pulling in wrong data table - its pulling in editors bio data table and not profile user table), View full bio is only suppose to display to editors (it goes to their editor bio) this is bugged, HTML is bugged (though we are going to BBcodes only), Will bug the PM contact issue, update preferences 404 previously bugged
Known issues7/17/2013CharlieSpencerFlag' link does not work 8 Enterprise 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1, IE 10Attempted to flag spam; 'Flag' link returns a 404.Known bug (mentioned in Known bug tab)
7/17/2013gsgAbove the comments and below the captcha two links are running together, it looks like "Commenting ?????" and "Community Guidelines" are all crammed together. 7 Pro SP1IE 8That is what they are - the community Guidelines is our *new* guidelines (a basic to the point guideline for newbies). You have a screenshot? what is your resolution? I don't see it on my Win 7 pro/IE8 on my laptop - TC
7/18/2013Adrian Wattsunable to subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters 7 Home x64FF22 chrome28 IE10Adrian, what do you mean it "lost" email address? Do you mean when you click on "edit your profile" it's not auto-populating the field with your email address? - TC - I had not received any newsletters after the 12th and when i went to my profile the field for email address was empty. I can only think it did not get carried across to the new site for some reason. A couple of the other fields were empty too but i did not note them and i can't get into my profile atm due to a page not found error.
7/18/2013Adrian Wattsprofile "lost" email address
7/18/2013GSGNone of the Captcha's are displaying, so I can't make any comments. They displayed yesterdayIt's on all discussions.Win 7 pro
7/18/2013CHMissing library. All saved articles are missing in account.Win 7 proIE8, chromePreviously saved articles not displaying, is still being worked on
7/18/2013CHSave article doesn't workwin 7 proIE8, chromeClick the Save button in an article. Nothing happens. Expect to see in My Favorites or Read Later.Still being worked on
7/18/2013CHSubscription links older than 7/16 don't workwin 7 proIE8, chrome
7/18/2013Slayer_Nothing seems to work. Posting always gives page no found, captcha gets it wrong almost every time, pages load painfully slow or not at all, post counts show way more posts than there actually are (or are not display them anyways)All discussionsWin7 64IE9, Chrome, Firefox 19
7/18/2013CampingshadowEmail no longer gives links to main site. Links at top of main site page (All Writers- etc.) no longer work. Had to add URL for forums directly to address bar to get to the community site. Everything is loading VERY slow. techrepublic.comWin 7 Home Premium FF 22.0
7/18/2013CharlieSpencerFlagged posts - the word 'Flagged' is in white text against a white background. A reader can't tell it's already been flagged, and no 'Flag' link shows, so it looks like the post is exempt from being flagged. , Win 8 Ent 64-bitPale Moon 20.2.1wording changes to "Flagged"
7/19/2013DogkneesIn a discussion, under the words"Member Comments", my name appears with a drop-down arrow to the left. Clicking on the arrow has no effect. Clicking on the name does, but given the arrow is there, it should operate the same as any drop-down. 7 PCChrome 28.0.1500.72 mThis now takes one to their profile
7/19/2013cmiller5400Clicking My Profile under your username brings you to a login page, even though you are logged in XP SP3FF 22.0Also If you try to navigate within your profile this will error out. If you keep trying, sometimes it will work
7/22/2012GuestResolves to RSS feed 7 Pro x64Chrome 28.0.1500.72 m and IE10
P17/23/2012LeeSearch discussions, forums, and community doesn't work--nothing is returned
Win 7 Pro x64FF 22.0
P27/23/2012LeePagination on discussion flakes out when you paginate to last pagePage 3 of this discussion: 7 Pro x64FF 22.0
P27/23/2013PaulaWhere are all my favorites that I have bookmarked on TechRepublic over the years?Win 8 Pro x64FF 22.0Asset items still being worked on. They are still there just not displaying
P17/23/2013OurITLadyUnable to respond to posts or +VoteAll discussionsWin 7 Ent x64Chrome 28.0.1500.71Posting this using Firefox 21.0 which does seem to work, haven't been able to do anything I tried so far using Chrome
P27/25/2013Leein a discussion thread, when you click the tab to sort by "Oldest" it doesn't persist in that order when you paginate. You have to click "Oldest" on every paginated page to see it in that order. 7 Pro x64FF 22.0
P17/25/2013LeeReply forms are slow to respond, submitting a reply shows no indication that it is being submitted so clicking on "Submit" posts duplicate posts 7 Pro x64FF 22.0
7/27/2013Will KellyWhen I google "Will Kelly", Toni Bowers name returns,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.49784469%2Cd.eWU%2Cpv.xjs.s.en_US.MpiVkF51mpA.O&fp=e417ef58a226dcb0&biw=1440&bih=752OS XChrome 28.0.1500.71. I also replicated it on Firefox and Chrome on a Win 7 SP1 PCI am on a job hunt and paying close attention to my brand and online presence. Usually, my TR Author page returns as #1. I sent Sonja Thompson screen captures of the results of googling "Will Kelly" versus "Will Kelly TechRepublic".
8/1/2013LeeWatercooler forum -- view more discussion stop working after a few loads 7 Pro x64FF 22.0, Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m
8/1/2013LeeReplying to post take anywhere from 20-30 seconds to submitall forum discussionsWin 7 Pro x64FF 22.0, Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m
8/1/2013LeePosting replies even when I click the submit button once sometimes creates duplicate postsall forum discussionsWin 7 Pro x64FF 22.0, Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m
8/1/2013LeePaginating through discussion thread sometimes it is fast, but most of time it takes over a minute for pages to load 7 Pro x64FF 22.0, Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m
8/25/2013wizard57m-cnetEditing your comment works, and edits are saved, however you are not sent back to the thread containing the comment you edited, just get a "Successful Edit" page. Needs to then redirect and reload the thread.all forum discussionsWinXP, 7, IE 10, Opera 11.64This is related to AJAX, which has now been implemented
ProfileTECHREP-2095P2Favorites and Read later not saving in Profiles 9/18/2013Mehul BhaiStill my join date is wrong and "My Favourites" which are my saved favourite articles for future reading (saved before TR change) MISSING!!!???My Stuff/My Activity/My FavouritesThe join date is still being worked on.

The favoriting for forums has been resolved
The favorites/Read Laters for forums was rolled back, to address a small issue with them
ProfileTECHREP-2745P3"Member Since" not populating correctly9/20/2013Mehul BhaiStill my join date is wrong and "My Favourites" which are my saved favourite articles for future reading (saved before TR change) MISSING!!!???My Stuff/My Activity/My FavouritesWhere are the Blogs/Articles/Newsletters (what ever you call it) I saved (before the latest TR change) for furture reference!!!???Previously saved asset items (which are tied to LiveFyre) is still being worked on.
9/23/2013Mehul BhaiStill my join date is wrong and "My Favourites" which are my saved favourite articles for future reading (saved before TR change) MISSING!!!???My Stuff/My Activity/My FavouritesEven a latest article/blog published about 2 days ago, I saved, but this never appears in My Favourites or in "Read Later".!!!???
By the way where it is saved.
All asset items are totally different than forum items. The asset items (blogs, galleries, videos) is still being worked on.
2013wizard57m-cnetno option to choose HTML or plain text in newsletter subscriptions SP3 and othersall tested, IE, Opera 11.64, QTWebquestion at the site from a member about receiving newsletters in plain text but desire HTML led for search for optionsTR is phasing out the text verisons of the NL's so this is no longer needed
Why not able to login?We have discovered that some members are having trouble logging into the site. The fix should be rolling out later today
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