The 19th Hole A profile of a young Korean American golfer.Chris Kim and Amy Husan2000-2001
Fresh Off the Funny BoatA personal portrait of a Korean American comedian.Tuan Nguyen, Kuiko Fukui, and Sayako Sakai2000-2001
Los Angeles Filipinos of Mixed HeritagePersonal portraits of multiracial individuals in the Filipino American Community.Jih-Fei Cheng, Marcie De La Cruz, and Anthony Yuen2000-2001
Recreation for GenerationsA community fights to build a recreation center in LIttle Tokyo.Aquilina Soriano, Brian Nagami2000-2001
Taking Care of Our Own: The Story of Yellow BrotherhoodChronicles a community organization's decades involvement with Asian American youth in Los Angeles.Tadashi Nakamura, Miles Senzaki, and Natalie Siu2000-2001
Between Maple and SanteeProfiles of a shop owner and shop assistant in the LA Fashion District.Bo Mee Kim, Leroy Versoza, and Anouh Vang2001-2002
810LOGYA multiethnic skateboard crew build in Long Beach, CA builds friendship and community.Eric Tandoc, Laura Lin, Hana Jung, and Michielle Reyes2001-2002
Breaking out of the BubbleThe Korean American Christian Experience.Meesa Kim, Reuel Kim, and Lily Lam2001-2002
Broken PromisesPilipino WWII Veterans struggle for equity.Michele Gutierrez, Christine Araquel, Amber Ng, and Jose Flores2001-2002
Japanese American ExperienceThe impressions of Japanese American exchange students studying in Japan.Takanori Ushiba and Yukinobu Kigawa2001-2002
Living Positive: Napoleon LustreOne man's story aboud living with HIV.Jason Nierras and Renato Quilalang2001-2002
More to the Chinese SideA "modern" Chinese American family in San Francisco.Will Gow and Sharon Lee2001-2002
Moving to the MainstreamAsian American filmmakers, writers, and actors' struggle to move into the mainstream media.Patrick Lord and Hsin-Hsin Foo2001-2002
Art and Activism on the One's-n-Two'sProfiles of two female Asian American DJ's and community activists living in New York.Phuong Tang, Jenny Cho, and Chris Woon2002-2003
Belmont High: Trapping our YouthHigh school education through the eyes of students at Belmong High SchoolChris Diaz, Eligio Marintez, and Jason Yap2002-2003
Crossboundaries: the Life of Bamby SalcedoThe story of Bamby SalcedoMelissa Pak Coats2002-2003
No VacancyA profile of a South Asian family who owns and runs a motel in Los Angeles.Tina Bhaga, Elena Bovetti, and Alexandra Lewis2002-2003
O Lo'u Tina Matua (My Grandma)The life history of a Samoan woman living in America.Ursula Siataga2002-2003
Peripheral VisionsThe alternative voice of political descent written on the walls of public bathrooms.Roger Chung and Kristen Lowe2002-2003
Rise Up: Youth Against the WarA short documentary exploring the anti-war movement in today's youth.Yousef Yajsar, Reynaldo Herrera, and Luke Patterson2002-2003
Selling Louie's Village (Withouth Breaking the Yolk)One family's story of owning and operating a Chinese restaurant in Eugene, Oregon where they are one of the few minority families in the area.Jason Mak2002-2003
UntitledThe struggle for ifentity in Hmong and Mien youth.Jennifer Her, Naita Saechao, Michelle Sun, Kia Cha, and Anouh Vang2002-2003
Women with WordsThe women of the Balagtasan Collective and their poerty.Charles Gavero, Genevieve Espinose, and Gabrielle Angeles2002-2003
Arnold Moreno = πThe story of Arnold Moreno, Artist, Activist, Ex-gang member, Friend, and Brother, and his community of Echo Park, CA.Ryan Yokota, Huy Chheng, Anjali Nath, and Long Trinh2003-2004
Bionic WomanThe story of Genesis Ilada, and AIDS interventionist in the Los Angeles transgender community. Mark Lawsiripaiboon, Lauren Watanabe, and Jackie Lam2003-2004
Just The Way It IsThe story of Rousseau Loth, a young Cambodian American coming to terms with the struggles of being married and a father in his early twenties.Socrates Loth, Candice Kortcamp, and Terry Hwang2003-2004
Laotian Mien: Our Lives Here So FarThe filmmaker's account of her family's lifei n America since their immigration in 1979 as refugees from Laos.Nai Saelee2003-2004
Living on the Streets of Indian Country, Los AngelesExplores the lives of four Native American individuals who found themselves living on skid row for a portrion of their lives.Suzanne Martinez, Danielle Apocada, Lucis Martin2003-2004
Old GardenerExplores the life of Fred Castillo Ignacio, a ninety-five year old immigrant from the Philippines and local gardender in Palo Alto, CA.Tristan Hurlburt, and Kiriko Takahashi2003-2004
We're the Kids of Cameron HouseDocuments the history of the Donaldina Cameron House, a community center in San Francisco Chinatown.Ali Wong and Aleessa Atienza2003-2004
A Healthy AlternativeA short film advocating vegetarianism in the Filipino American diet.Emily Reyes and Akira Shimada2004-2005
Double IdentityA personal look at Marc Loresto's involvement and activism in the UCLA Pilipino American and Queer communities.Marc Loreso and Diana Bui2004-2005
Evil MonitoA profile of the founder of Evil Monito, a web-zine.Candice Kortcamp2004-2005
Forging HeritageA film about a Chinese Lion Dancing troupe in Camarillo, CA.Nicole Ling, Tanisha Williams, and Francis Eclevia2004-2005
Got Books (aka Got Book?)A visual life history of Helen Brown, the founder of the Pilipino American LibraryFlorante Ibanez2004-2005
In The BeatA film about a newly formed Taiko group at UCLA, Yukai Daiko. Rebecca Jensen and Eveline Lai2004-2005
Metro es Para TodosA visual life history of Hee Pok Kim, aka “Grandma Kim”, an activist for the bus riders union in Los Angeles.Eurie Chung, Huong Nguyen, and Cha Viloria2004-2005
Two Women, A Brother, and A BabyA lesbian couple tries to start a family.Ali Wong2004-2005
Beyond the SeaSince World War II, Filipinos have been joining the U.S. Navy en masse with a promise of U.S. citizenship and hoping for a chance to escape poverty. Three navymen of the Nierva family and their children describe the impact of the navy on family, identity and race.Katrina Nierva, Gena Hamamoto, Mark Villegas2005-2006
Justice for Kamehameha SchoolsA look at the movement to protect the admissions policy for the Kamehameha Schools in Hawai'i. The status of Native Hawaiians is highly contested and controversial and now the school’s admissions policy has been declared unconstitutional.Trinh Le, Hannah Lee, Michael Thomas2005-2006
Reclaiming our HistoryFour Filipino high school and college students explore the history of central valley Filipino farm workers on a trip to the historic Agbayani Village in Delano, CA.Kristine Gonzales, Kristine Tapia2005-2006
Robam Amatak [Eternal Dance]After traditional art forms were almost entirely destroyed by a genocide engineered by Pol Pot in an attempt to achieve a classless society, a younger generation is reviving Cambodian dance at the Khmer Arts Academy in Long Beach, CA.Kanara Ty, Teresa Pak2005-2006
The Seattle Underground Railroad (available via Kent Wong's permission)A group of UCLA immigrant students take an unconventional road trip during Winter Break to Washington State to get their driver's licensesTam Tran2005-2006
$40 on Pump 9: Desis in the Gas Station BusinessA South Asian family who owns a gas station in South Florida strives to maintain the business in a post 9/11 environment.Preeti Sharma and Adrian Leung2006-2007
A Refugee's Experiencee The story of one Vietnamese women’s journey to America.Lisa Tri and Derek Tran2006-2007
Culture Night with NSU: Documenting the New Nikkei CommunityA behind-the-scenes look at the 2007 Culture Night as produced by the UCLA Nikkei Student UnionCraig Ishii, Mickie Okamoto, and Kenshin Kubo2006-2007
I Am Japanese A-Me-Ri-KanThe filmmaker must choose between American or Japanese citizenship in this personal documentary about self and identity.Mickie Okamoto2006-2007
Ippon: The Story of the Sawtell Judo DojoThe history of the Sawtelle Judo, serving it's community in West Los Angeles since 192.Luis Salguero and Derek Tran2006-2007
Knocking the L Out: Japanese American Farming in the Central ValleyThe history of the Japanese American Farming Community in California’s Central Valley as told by one farmer whose family has been in the area for over a century.Kenshin Kubo2006-2007
Merry Christmas and Akemashite Omedeto GozaimasuA light-hearted look at how one Japanese American Buddhist family celebrates Christmas and New YearsCarrie Usui2006-2007
Propios PatronesA portrait of a Mexican American family who operates a stall at a flea market in Central CaliforniaLuis Salguero and Sofia Marquez2006-2007
What About Us?Longtime Chinatown resident Muy Seang puts a face to the price of gentrification in the Chinatown/Echo Park area.Jolie Chea and Ronald Noche2006-2007
An Intercepting FistTed Wong, Gung Fu master and Bruce Lee's last student, defines what it means to carry on the legacy of the 20th century's most influential martial artist.Annette Lee2007-2008
Richard Manirath, Jeffrey Song, Cindy Tsai, Lily YuInside wants to bring awareness to human trafficking in our own backyard of Los Angeles. This film follows Rotchana Sussman, a survivor of human trafficking in El Monte, as she shares her experiences with the audience. Gloria Chou, co-­‐director of the Polaris project at UCLA, and Chancee Martorell, founder of the Thai Community Development Center in Los Angeles, provide their insight to the case and human trafficking.Richard Manirath, Jeffrey Song, Cindy Tsai, Lily 2007-2008
Jeremiah LimThe story of a 20-year-old Korean American living with a white family, as a result of his broken biological family.Julie Kang2007-2008
Made in KoreaMade In Korea follows Yun-Sook Kim Navarre, a Korean transnational adoptee, who grew up in Detroit, MI with White parents. Now living in Koreatown, Los Angeles, 34 year-old Navarre continues to face struggles with her identity, but hopes to raise her young daughter immersed in Korean culture.Arami Youn, Alan Lau, Eleanor Ung, Jaysn Kim2007-2008
Makita Kan Sakdal Laya: To See You Truly FreeConsorcia Concepcion Apostol began her activist career as an activist against the Marcos dictatorship. As time has gone on, she has evolved into a community organizer working both in the Filipino American and larger Asian Pacific Islander communities. The title, taken from the Philippine Nationalist song, "Bayan Ko" reflects Sorcy's motivation, her passion for community activism.Rebecca Apostol2007-2008
Mixed/Multi Identity/CultureA visual life history discussing the difficulties faced by Don Moy growing up mixed race and the obstacles he has overcome to get where he is todayMax Moy-Borgen2007-2008
Reverse Discri-missionReverse Discri-mission explores the question of race and religion through the eyes of Chris Spearman, a Caucasian pastor at a local Korean American church.Christina Aujean Lee2007-2008
TroquerosL The Life of An L.A. Port DriverTroqueros offers a glimpse into the daily life and struggles of the Latino immigrant truck drivers who work the port of Los Angeles. Experience their world through the eyes of Lorenzo Modesto, a seasoned trucker and active member of the communityDan Aquino, Gloria Chou, Jessica Chou, Joanna Steele2007-2008
A Salon StoryThe mention of nail salons often evokes images of acrylic nails, and heating lamps, neon signs and nail polish. The Vietnamese salon worker has become a recognized image within the industry. Who are these salon workers and what is their story?Chuck Diep2008-2009
A Special AdvocateA Special Advocate is about Sue Thompson, who is a volunteer with the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program in Los Angeles. Sue has assisted many foster youth through the Child Dependency system and developed a special relationship with the Spicer family.Karri L. Mayhan2008-2009
Fostering IndependenceThe foster care system is flawed and does not always have the best interest of the children that it serves. A young girl shares her experience in the foster care system and its problems.Karri L. Mayhan and Rich Yap2008-2009
How I Survived a GenocideFor four years, he was robbed from a home, future, and his dreams. He had one goal, to survive the Khmer Rouge Genocide.Donald Ung2008-2009
Invisible FlightThe flight of Hmong refugees was the result of a secret war imposed on Laos by the CIA. However, the struggles resulting from their displacement remain invisible. An elderly Hmong refugee couple describes their difficulties with transitioning from an agricultural, oral tradition in rural Laos to print-based suburban American society.Chuck Diep, Cheo Lee, laOo Vang (Lao?)2008-2009
Left on Lockett Lane Left on Lockett Lane is a story about being adopted, growing up in the Midwest and learning what it means to be Asian American.Jonathan Reinert2008-2009
(re)acquaintanceA mother discusses her process in coming to terms with her son being gay. This recent development in her life challenges everything she thought she knew about her son, as well as her preconceived notions of the queer community.Rich Yap2008-2009
SeikakuMano Hirotaki is a tattoo artist who has worked from his living room for the past eight months. This film shows his immigrant journey from Japan, and how his artistic sensibilities have broadened. It has taken his moving away from Japan to truly grasp the essence of traditional Japanese tattoos and its artistryJaysn Kim2008-2009
Two Families, One MomMom’s aren’t just moms. After 22 years, a daughter discovers her mom as a person, a Mien nanny who has lived a life full of compromise, hardships, and love.Cheo Lee2008-2009
The UntouchablesFifty years ago, three young Filipino men fueled by determination and lured by adventure, traveled to a land of promise -- America. But not even hardships and prejudices could "touch" these three friends whose friendship has outlasted marriages, divorces, homesickness and heartache for half a centuryLeezel G. Tanglao2008-2009
We Are AbleCinderella Garcia is a developmentally disabled Pilipino immigrant; her brother Benjamin Garcia works for the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, which provides services to people with developmental disabilities. Their story describes how Pilipino families with special needs children have built a community of support in the North Los Angeles area of California.Jonathan Garcia and Kenny Nguyen2008-2009
Which Wyvernwood?Which Wyvernwood? follows neighbors in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles becoming organized to protect their homes – not just the roofs over their head, but the community that has become such an important part of their lives. It considers the true cost of redevelopment, and asks the question, “How much change is too much change?”Jessica Cowley2008-2009
At OddsAt Odds tells the personal story of a Christian’s intense struggle with same-sex attraction. It is a visual life history of Paul De Partee and the journey he took to negotiate his conflicting identities.Shaina Pan2009-2010
Dandiggity: The Corner Shop PoetDanny is a Vietnamese American spoken word artist who lives in San Jose, CA. By creating his own identity as a poet, he tries to balance his life as an artist while maintaining the traditional values of his first-generation Vietnamese American parents as he works at the Corner Shop Stop.Viet Nam Nguyen, Jennifer Doane2009-2010
Heaven and EarthHeaven and Earth depicts how the bonsai hobby empowers an 83- year-old, second generation Japanese American, Ted Oka. Bonsai is an art that gives Ted satisfaction, energy and life.Ryoko Onishi2009-2010
interspectionThe “coming-out” narratives of two queer APIA women through personal stories and musings on the circumstances that led to their first coming-out and how they grapple with the ongoing process of sharing or not sharing this aspect of their lives with others. The film examines how these women express their identities as complex intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class by capturing moments of personal introspection and reflection.May Lin, Carrie Wong, AJ Lee2009-2010
MiXeD mEA retrospective look at one mixed-Asian's journey from the rural Midwest to cosmopolitan Los Angeles, whose identity was befriended, digitized and united online. Featuring the stories of three other mixed-Asians cyberspace users.Kristen Lee, Nancy Wen, Chris Woon2009-2010
Student Power, ¡Si!We are more than students. We are change for the future. We are activists for a better and equal tomorrow. This film depicts how Sarina Sanchez became involve in student activism and how she stays motivated to be involved in a student movement.Lucia Lin, Thai Le, Stephanie Wong2009-2010
ThreadThis documentary examines the life of Aida, the vivacious owner of a hip threading salon in the heart of Los Angeles. Growing up as an ethnic minority in the Midwest, Aida’s experiences shed light onto conceptions of beauty and belonging in the United StatesVeena Hamapapur and Yuki Akaishi2009-2010
Trouble in ParadiseA brief look at gang violence within the Polynesian community and how two Polynesian artists are using their talents to promote a celebration of culture and community unity through hip-hop.Suzzane Anau, Herman Chen, Michael Lutu2009-2010
AwakenDavid Cho and his family came to America when he was 9 years old, looking to fulfill the American dream. Through unforeseen circumstances, David's family lost their legal status, and David became one of the hundreds of undocumented students in the UC system. This film lets David tell his story and struggle to fight for a chance to contribute back to this country he calls home.Dieu Huynh2010-2011
I Take RefugeI Take Refuge focuses on the importance of the latter in the formation of identity. This 8-minute documentary tells the story of Charlini Somaweera and Ravi Amarawansa, two Sinhalese Sri Lankan Americans from Southern California, and how these two were able to use their Buddhist temple as a site to connect with their Sri Lankan Sinhala identity. Somaweera and Amarawansa talk frankly about the subtle racism they have experienced and the notion that they are not "Sri Lankan enough." They describe how the temple is a site of refuge from the prejudices and confusions they face.Mihiri Tillakaratne and Stepfanie Aguilar2010-2011
JourneyA visual life history of Julie Thi Underhill, born in 1976, to a Cham-French mother and American father who fled Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon. As a mixed-race Cham-American, growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, she struggled to fit in and find community. Through the search to uncover her own identity and Cham roots, she finds herself in Vietnam and Cambodia documenting Cham experiences through film.Asiroh Cham2010-2011
Made in P-TownThis film tells the story of Johneric Concordia, a community organizer, business owner, chef, performer, and resident host of Tuesday Night Cafe from Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles or “PTown.” Growing up surrounded by gang violence and poverty, Johneric’s story will shed light upon the culture of art activism and how it can be used to mobilize the community.Jessica Gin and Cheryl W. Yu2010-2011
Open to the Youth"Open to the Youth" documents the story of 2 youth advocate groups in Carson, California called Carson Student Movement and Filipino Student Forum. Together, they run campaigns related to drug and alcohol awareness and have built a bond in their struggle to make change in their community. They have successfully introduced and facilitated many community events and ordinances such as a city-wide Red Ribbon Week (celebrating a week of antiJermaine Abrantes 2010-2011 8 drug awareness) and much more. Many youth who have gone through these groups have become leaders for change in the city of Carson at a young age.Jermaine Abrantes2010-2011
Planting Seeds, Perserving HistoryThis documentary highlights the long legacy of Filipino laborers in the California Central Valley. Herb Jamero currently lives on the property where the Filipino labor camp once stood, and has successfully taken care of the property and some of the original structures in order to share the story of the Manongs. Although he is unsure about the future of the farm, he does know that all we can do is "plant seeds" and hope the younger generations of the family will continue the work he has invested so much love and energy intoMelissa Jamero and Jermaine Abrant2010-2011
Tauhi VaivaiFocusing on the life of a Tongan woman who provides services to the elderly as a caregiver and how she works to grow and strengthen her family here in the United States.Natasha Saelua2010-2011
The Heart of a Caring CookThis film chronicles the story of a group called Caring Cooks that delivers Japanese food to local community members who are homebound, ill or going through hard times. Through personal stories and reflection, Betty Mikuni and friends show the central role of food in preserving culture, continuing a tradition of service past generational boundaries and sharing burdens within the Japanese American community.Jenni Nakamura and Dieu Huynh2010-2011
500 Miles500 Miles takes a look at how the filmmaker conceived and developed his relationship with his schizophrenic older sister across time and distance. Throughout this film, the filmmaker sought to understand his older sister on a deeper level after decades of isolating himself from her. In the process, he also learns how his once peaceful family fell apartChris Nguyen and Trung Nguyen2011-2012
A Place We Call HomeA Place We Call Home is about Brian Kito, owner of Fugetsudo Confectionary, and his family's experience growing up in Little Tokyo. Redevelopment in the early 80s led to the demise of many mom and pop shops, and Little Tokyo has struggled to maintain its Japanese American identity. Through projects like the Budokan of Los Angeles gymnasium, it is up to new generations to take ownership of Little Tokyo and call it their homeSara Seto and Fumiwo Miura2011-2012
EndlessPhat Tran is known for being an involved great-grandfather and grandfather, a loving father, a devoted husband, and a committed friend. Despite all the difficult obstacles he has faced in his lifetime, he is determined to live life to its fullest whilst smiling radiantly.Judy Lu2011-2012
SiyaSiya, is Ryth's video diary of coming out as a genderqueer Pilipin@. Ryth reflects on how this decision to live truly as their gender made an impact on their internal process, their family, and relationships to Pilipin@, queer, and transgender communities. Ryth contemplates on the feelings of isolation and love that steers their journeyRyth Abalos Mendez and Jan Victor Andasan2011-2012
Two Pills A DayTwo Pills a Day is the story of mental illness in one Southeast Asian refugee family. The film follows the life of Tran Nguyen, a 36 year old Vietnamese American mother with a refugee background, as she navigates every day life, family, and community as an outpatient diagnosed with schizophrenia.Chris Nguyen and Trung Nguyen2011-2012
Queer, Undocumented, and UnafraidImelda Plascencia, a recent graduate of UCLA who identifies as both Queer and Undocumented, faces the daily struggles of being within two stigmatized communities. Although at times her efforts have led her to believe that she has been "working towards nothing," her self determination and self reflection have led her to accept both her identities.Alexandra Margolin and Judy Lu2011-2012
Family TimeUpon going away to school, a college student explores life, family, and the dinner table.Jean Okamoto2012-2013
Ji Shin Balp Ki: The Sound of Home Ji Shin Balp Ki: The Sound of Home tells a story about an ancient Korean tradition brought back to life on Lunar New Year in Koreatown, Los Angeles by university students. The film seeks to convey the importance of Korean American history, community, and identityClara Park, Charlie Wang, Esther Park2012-2013
Mae Krua (Mother of the Kitchen)A Thai immigrant mother redefines courage, love, and happiness through the labor of love she endures for her family in America.Wanda Pathomrit2012-2013
My Mother's DispositionBeing in an interracial relationship can lead to many experiences. When Natalie is faced with her mother’s fervent wishes, she must re-evaluate her own desires in life.Natalie Yip2012-2013
People of Color at UCLAThroughout the history of UCLA, the contributions of people of color on this campus have not been transparent and it is still evident today. The people of color tour was created to shed light to these contributions.Jamie Bondoc and Vincent Chou2012-2013