FY2013 Amendments
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Amendment NumberAmendmentCouncil MemberPass or FailVotesDissenting (Who voted opposite to majority) Notes
1.01If fiscal year 2013 general fund revenues exceed the projected $1,890,624,430, the first $2,000,000 in excess revenues shall be used to fund an independent third-party analysis of citywide process improvements and all Long-Range Financial Management Task force suggestions related to pension sustainability. Based on this analysis, the independent third party will also provide a plan for implementation of recommended process improvements and steps to strenghen the financial security of the City's three pernsion systems.Costello - Similar amendments by Pennington and BrownPassed16-1Laster
1.02Provide $160,000 for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) outreach. Within 90 days, the City of Houston will contract with the Houston Food Bank to increase the number of SNAP participants in Houston. The Houston Food Bank is the only State-certified subcontractor (outside a State field office) eligible to issue SNAP electronic benefits transfer cards. Funds will be used to pay for trained staff to identify, assist, and distribute benefits to eligible SNAP participants. This is intended to be a one-time source of funding to pay for staff salaries for a period of one year until such time the Houston Food Bank may apply for Community Development Block Grant funding. The source of funds for this purpose will be grant/private funding to be determined by the administration.Costello and AdamsPassed15-2Sullivan, Brown
2.01Consolidate all City Department FTE’s that provide IT services into the Information Technology Department while increasing the ITD Budget with the corresponding and appropriate funding. There shall also be periodic reporting to the TTI Committee regarding the progress towards this goal.BurksReferred to Committee17-0They need to figure out of HPD and HFD will be included.
2.02The Ethics, Elections, and Council Governance Committee (EECG) shall create a Charter Amendment ballot proposition for consideration by City of Houston voters that would increase the current two year term of Mayor and Council members to a four year term, without changing the effect of term limits. This action would reduce the Operating Budget every two years by at least $3,000,000.BurksReferred to Committee15-2Brown, Pennington
3.01The IT Department shall evaluate methods and the cost/savings to the City’s general fund to provide electronic delivery of Agenda and Committee documents. Electronic access must be available to Council Members and staff 24 hours a day and at all City Council and Committee meetings. The Director of IT shall provide his findings and recommendations to the TTI Committee and the Administration no later than November 16, 2012.NoriegaReferred to Committee17-0CM Hoang seemed very concerned about needing computers. "Keyboards?"
5.01If the combination of property tax and sales tax revenues in Fiscal Year 2013 exceeds the projected $1,477,570,000, all revenues over projection must be applied towards funding the City’s general fund contributions to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board actuarially required contribution for the Houston Municipal Employees Pension System; the Houston Police Officers’ Pension System; and the Houston Firefighters Relief and Retirement Fund.ChristieChristie allowed CM Costello's amendment to consider this rather than to tie anyone's hands. This passed.Against amendment: Brown, Sullivan, Rodriguez, Laster, Burks, Bradford, ChristieCM Costello, "This is sort of a step in the right direction." Mayor Parker, "We have already in place separate agreements with out three pensions as to what is the required payment for this year, and this will severely limit out flexibility through the year." CM Hoang - tried to refer it to committee, but it failed. CM Christie - "We will quit kicking the can down the road." Mayor Parker - "I continue to take exception to the idea that this administration has done anything to kick the pension can down the road. I take that rather personally."
5.02All Departments – General Fund: The Department of Finance shall monitor all budgeted civilian vacancy FTEs, including full-time, part-time, and over-time positions, and their corresponding annualized salaries, on a monthly basis and will adjust the department budgets accordingly. The adjustments shall be reflected in the Monthly Financial Operations Report to Council.ChristieWithdrawn by Christie
5.03All Departments – General Fund: Any FTE position that has gone unfilled for more than 3 months as of July 1, 2012 shall be eliminated. Reinstatement of the position will be made only with written justification and budgetary impact to be submitted to the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee for approval.ChristieAmended to exempt Police and Fire - Passed14-3Parker, Pennington, Laster CM Bradford - "It's just not practical the way it's written." CM Christie - "And remember - I didn't offer the amendment to do a 5% cut on your salary either." Ouch.
6.01Outsource EMS 120003, which would immediately free $372,411,448 from our budget which is approximately 19.13%.BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.02Consolidate HPD support operations 100003 of $136,059,344 and investigative operations 100005 of $137,228,928 into Harris County Sheriff department thus saving the city an estimated $273,288,272 which is approximately 14.04%.BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.03Take Parks and Recreation 360001, 360002, 360004, 360007, 360008, 360009, 360013, and 360015 and relinquish control over to county, citizens, or private sector. This would save $64,402,537 or approximately 3%.BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.04Terminate the Housing and Community Development 32002 and 32004 for $2,429,478 (which is a 392% increase from the FY2012 budget and mainly all for salaries).BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.05Default on the City’s contribution to the Pension Plans 501070, 501080, and 501090 for a total of $243,704,464 (xv-29) so that the issue will be moved before the Texas Supreme Court to bring to question the state constitutionality of forcing a municipality into bankruptcy by obliging them to maintain an unsustainable pension plan.BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.06Suspend the issuance of all General Obligation Bonds until the budget is balanced and all (both pension and general funds) accumulated deficits are liquidated.BrownFailed - Mayor Parker rules it out of orderMayor Parker - "I would request this item be withdrawn, otherwise I will rule the item out of order. It would require us to violate the Constitution of the State of Texas." CM Brown leaves it on the table.
6.07The City will take on or commission one or more independent consulting firms to perform efficiency and effectiveness audits to cover the cities entire operations. They should focus on a cost benefits approach, doing a realistic inventory of city-wide needs then attack on a needs first basis. (These firm(s) should be barred from contracting work with the City as a result of their recommendations.)BrownWithdrawn by Brown. It was incorporated by 1.01 Amendment.
6.08On page vii the Organization Chart shows the citizens at the top in charge of the city supported by equal positions of City Council, Mayor, and City Controller. In reality, the city currently is run by Public Sector Unions, supported by a mayor who has sole authority and dictates the agenda which is then voted on by the City Council who is bullied into loyalty and/or criticized and/or ostracized. We must either change the organization chart within the budget to reflect the true nature of the City or the City must change her operation to reflect the proposed Organization Chart. I propose we fund a study as to the feasibility of changing the City Charter to provide a professional City Manager.BrownFailed16-1BrownCM Rodriguez's tweet (@cmjrod) "Wanted to ask CMBrown how she intended to pay a City Manager considering she tried to outsource every City core service & default on pensions??"
6.08The Pay 500010, 500020 500030, 500040, 500060, 500070, 500090, 500110, 500120, 500150, 500160, 500170, 500180, 500190, 500210, and Benefits 503010, 503015, 503020, 503025, 503040, 503050, 503060, 503061, 503070, 503080, 503090, 503100, 503110, of City, Fire, and HPD employees should be comparable to those provided in the private sector.BrownFailed16-1Brown
6.1Approximately 2/3 of all employees live outside city limits – the city will look into possibly requiring or only hiring first responders who live within the city limits so that they have “skin-in-the-game!”BrownFailed - Mayor Parker rules it out of orderMayor Parker said it goes against state law.
6.11Increase the over-65/disabled exemption by $9,138 to $80,000.BrownFailedBrown, Sullivan, Christie
6.12Decrease the water rate 20%.BrownFailed15-2Brown, Sullivan
7.01The Houston Police Department will allocate a portion of the revenue generated in the Asset Forfeiture Fund to the Environmental Investigations Unit in order to meet the unit’s present need for additional resources to address their manpower shortage. Funding should be used for overtime pay or technology options that will address the unit’s current need for additional manpower to combat illegal dumping throughout the city. Council will work with the Administration, Houston Police Department, and the Environmental Investigations Unit to determine the actual funding amount to be allocated from the Asset Forfeiture Fund to the Environmental Investigations Unit.DavisPassed16-1Brown
8.01I respectfully request that the administration place an item on the next available council agenda to amend Chapter 28 of the Code of Ordinances by adding a new Article XI which will implement the Sexual Assault Forensic Evaluation ordinance with the goal of clearing the rape kit backlog. The ordinance will establish a $5 fee on operators of adult entertainment establishments. The revenue generated will be used to fund the processing of pending Houston Police Department sexual assault kits and excess funds, if any, shall be dedicated to fund the ongoing processing of sexual assault kits at the Houston Forensic Science Center.CohenTagged by Noriega and Hoang
9.01Within 90 days the Legal Department will work with the Planning Department to present the Model Deed Restriction Program, as approved by council during 2011 budget year. The Legal/Planning Department will provide a set of legally enforceable deed restrictions language for neighborhoods to choose in order to renew or implement deed restrictions in the City of Houston neighborhoodsAdamsTabled by CM Adams
9.02Within 90 days, the Department of Neighborhoods and the Legal Department shall coordinate to establish an ordinance and registry program which will address all rental properties in the City of Houston which do not require a certificate of occupancy. The ordinance and registry program is intended to increase the ability of the City of Houston to enforce code violations in rental properties and prevent the properties from creating dangerous conditions for the inhabitants. The program would require owners to register their rental properties with the City and give the City the authority to inspect the premises.AdamsTabled to committee16-1Brown
9.03Legal will review terms limits to two four year terms for City Council and Mayor.AdamsPassed as Burks' 2.02 Amendment
9.04HPD will budget for five PSO’s out of the 28 new hires for the 2013 Budget. The PSO will be responsible for staffing Police Store Fronts.AdamsTabled to committee
9.05In 90 Days HPD will view cost to have Technology for Houston Sobering Center to communicate with the Homeless Information Management Systems to track the return of clients who frequently are detained in the center and referred out to various agencies.AdamsTabled to committee16-1Brown
9.06ARA and Legal will view the current regulations on 8 Liner Operators. Provide information on whether 8 Liner Establishments can be regulated to certain hours of operations.AdamsPassed16-1Brown
9.07DON has funding for 5 Community Outreach Employees. Total funding for these positions are 334, 624.00. Requesting DON Director to reclassify these positions to include a Council Liaison.AdamsWithdrawn by Adams
9.08In 90 Days HFD will present to Public Safety Committee an update on All Hazard Response to see if the change in how HFD response to emergencies decreased or increased the response times. Also review the current policy on the use of the 8 BLS units that were removed from out of service 2010 budget year and the cost of overtime saved.AdamsPassed16-1Brown
10.01Require all libraries to be open for full service on Saturdays with a minimum of four hours.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan and will work with the libraries.Mayor Parker - "Respectfully, the library director looked at each nieghborhood library and determined when the greatest hours of use were, but if it could be offset by other hours closing, it would not require further dollars."
10.02Provide staffing for the Proclamation Office, which will allow a two week turnaround on proclamations.SullivanPassed16-1Brown, Christie
10.03Exempt the Kingwood community trails and parks from all costs and fees associated with Proposition 1/ Renew Houston / Rebuild Houston, aka: Drainage Fee.SullivanFailed5 to 11Brown, Sullivan, Hoang, Laster, Bradford; Noriega - absent This is based on the HCAD classification of the parks. CM Laster - "I guess I have a question mark in my mind. There are clearly impervious surfaces that are for the benefit of the public that I'm not sure that we would want to go on record as assessing a fee to." CM Parker - "We did not exempt ourselves."
10.04Require all organizations securing a parade permit to pay for Houston Police Department services at 100% reimbursement cost.SullivanPassed - Sullivan added amendment to this - Groups with First Amendment arguments for the parade are exempt.14-3Adams, Brown, Green
10.05Reduce City Council pay by five percent.SullivanFailed15-2Christie, Sullivan
10.06Reduce Mayor’s pay by five percent.SullivanFailed15-2Christie, SullivanSalaries are set by state law. They can choose to accept less.
10.07Purchase three utility carts and trailers, similar to utility cart #103, and deploy in each quadrant of the Houston Fire Department.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.08Cap Audiovisual Supplies allocation to the actual expenditures in FY11.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.09Cap Education and Training allocation to the estimated expenditures in FY12.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.1Cap Contract/Sponsorship allocation to the estimated expenditures in FY12.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.11Eliminate funding for Tuition Reimbursements.SullivanPassed17-0
10.12Cap Building Maintenance Service allocation to the FY12 Current Budget.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.13Cap Miscellaneous Other Services and Charges allocation to the estimated expenditures in FY 12.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.14Cap Mail / Delivery Services allocation to the estimated expenditures in FY12.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.15Cap Temporary Personnel Services allocation to the FY11 proposed budget.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.16Cut Advertising Services allocation by fifty percent.SullivanTabled by Sullivan for further discussion.17-0
10.17Cap Computer Hardware and Developed Software purchases to FY11 actual expenditures.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.18Limit Infrastructure Budget Item under Equipment to estimated FY12 expenditures.SullivanWithdrawn by Sullivan
10.19Eliminate Funding for Affirmative Action Monitoring.SullivanFails15-2Sullivan, Brown
10.2Conduct a thorough traffic and mobility study in the Clear Lake portion of District E, similar to the Parsons study conducted in December 2004.SullivanTabled
10.21Maintain Funding for Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership at $100,000 for FY13.SullivanPassed - Already in budget16-1Brown
10.22Increase funding to HFD so annual inspection of common attics can be made at all multi-family projects.SullivanTabled16-2Brown, Hoang
10.23Purchase and install thirty-one back-up power generators for Kingwood lift stations.SullivanFailed16-1SullivanMayor Parker - They purchased portable generators already, but they don't like to leave them at locations where they are not watched.
10.24Discontinue the practice of city departments paying permit fees to other city departments.SullivanFailed15-2Sullivan, Brown
10.25Discontinue the practice of city departments paying permit fees to other city departments.SullivanPassed17-0
10.56Restore staffing levels of 3-1-1 service to provide 24/7 services to the public.SullivanWithdrawn by SullivanIt is included in the new budget.
10.27Provide staffing in Sign Administration Department for 7 days per week enforcement personnel.SullivanTabled to find funds16-1BrownMayor Parker - "We are still working to get closure on ticketing of a certain candidate for office last year whose signs were quite prominent, with a rather unfortuante last name." … clearly talking about Eric Dick.
12.01As early as it is practicable during FY2013 and to the extent there are funds available, the Administration shall, with the approval of City Council where necessary, hire one or more experienced private firms to conduct a review and audit of the City’s three Pension systems, the City’s Health Care benefits, and conduct performance and process improvement audits for each city department. The Pension Systems and Health Care audits shall include information on benefits paid by governmental units and private businesses of similar size and which exist in similar economic conditions such as cost of living, level of education, and training required. The department audits shall include, but not be limited to, reviewing information on the appropriate ratio of management personnel to employees, appropriate salaries for the duties required, the possibility of using volunteers or part time employees to perform duties, determining whether certain city services can be performed more economically through outsourcing, and any other review deemed necessary for the City to perform its duties as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible when the City does not already have that current data. The consultant’s work shall include in-person interviews with employees at multiple levels of employment to ascertain the overall attitude of the department personnel regarding efficiency and the appropriateness of pay for a particular position.PenningtonWithdrawn by Pennington
12.02Reprogram $2,000,000 to the Parks Department for the buffalo bayou erosion control project near Memorial Park. The Administration shall make a recommendation within 90 days to determine the funding source.PenningtonPassed16-1Brown
13.01Create an office that will be tasked with the explicit goal of increasing efficiencies and effectiveness within each department. The office will report directly to the mayor and will ensure an unbiased view of the departments where all aspects of operations are quantified and measured. The office will be tasked with: identifying performance measures that will coincide with department objectives; creating a business process to collect performance measures; creating performance targets based on best practices; diagnose and help correct performance issues on an as-needed basis; prediction and planning for 5, 10, and 20 years in the future to ensure that city is prepared for population and geographical growth. This may begin with one (1) FTE and could be done through an empowerment of Director Dowe’s Performance Management group. Motion: I move to reconfigure at least one (1) FTE from Director Dowe’s Performance Management group. This motion will expand their role beyond financial analysis and will allow them to conduct departmental performance evaluations and ensure that departments are meeting performance measures, are operating efficiently, and are planning for the future growth of the City of Houston. No additional funding should be necessary, as the performance management group already exists.GonzalezPassed17-0
13.02Explanation: It appears that there are gaps in coordination between departments during the platting/permitting/building process of new/existing properties. This liaison, one (1) FTE should be involved in communication between the departments, developers, and the community, and their efforts should commence at the point of application. As developers agree to comply with restrictions/guidance from platting/permitting, continued enforcement and oversight is important. This liaison shall be tasked with monitoring projects and their impact on the communities. Motion: I move to change/expand the responsibilities of one (1) FTE from within one of the affected city departments to act as a liaison between the Public Works Department, the Permitting Center, the Planning Department, developers, and the community commencing from the point of application of new development projects to the completion of said projects.GonzalezPassed17-0
13.03Explanation: Currently inspectors in the field manually fill-in (paper and pen method) the form to report property violations under Chapter 10. With today’s technology the inspectors should be able to use tablets/mobile devices/iPads and enter all of the data electronically which would then be submitted immediately to a central database. In this way, information would be available more quickly and it would eliminate a second step of data entry. This would free up more FTEs to be out in the field instead of doing clerical data entry in the office. Elimination of paper use and paper processing time should be more than sufficient to offset the cost of purchase of these mobile devices. It would be helpful if the Department of Neighborhoods could also submit this information to individual council offices to help monitor violations in their districts. Motion: I move to amend the Department of Neighborhoods’ process of manually recording information and direct them towards implementing the use hand-held devices. This will increase their efficiency and save dollars as we transition away from paper-and-pen. Funding for this motion should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund and any realized savings from the switch to digital recording of information.GonzalezTabled16-1Brown
13.04Explanation: CCSI commenced in 2009 and is the result of collaboration between the Houston Police Department, the Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County (MHMRA) and the City of Houston Health and Human Services Department. This amendment would ask for up to two (2) additional case managers with a total cost of $121,675. A funding option would be to use funds that were previously allocated to paying for office space for HPD’s Mental Health Unit, prior to the approval of their new office location at the Sobering Center. These two additional case managers could help provide care for another 30-40 frequent users of public services. The results of CCSI have been clear – a decrease in acute care service utilization and fewer contacts with law enforcement. Motion: I move to reallocate previously committed office space funds from the HPD Mental Health Unit towards funding two (2) additional case managers for the Chronic Consumer Stabilization Initiative. Additional funding, if needed, should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund.GonzalezPassed16-1Brown
13.05Explanation: Operating, construction or occupancy permits should not be granted to citizens or developers who have outstanding (delinquent) property taxes, business property back taxes, fees, and fines owed to the City of Houston. Applicants should be granted an appeal/protest process should they disagree with the city’s finding, but during tough economic times, we must ensure that we are maximizing our revenue generating streams. These include collection of fines and fees; anyone applying for a permit should be an upstanding citizen in good standing with the City of Houston. Motion: I move to create a process that only grants construction or occupancy permits to individuals who are up to date with all their property taxes, business property back taxes, fees, and fines owed to the City of Houston. These tasks should be completed by at least one (1) existing FTE within the affected departments. Additional funding, if needed, should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund.GonzalezTabled16-1BrownMayor Parker thought it was a good idea but wanted to look into it further.  Good faith efforts are encouraged.  If someone makes a payment plan with the city, they would be able to get their permit.
13.06Explanation: Before a single family residence can be sold all red tags, citations and fees must be cleared with a final inspection. The final inspection will ensure everything is in order with the property before it is sold at which time a certificate of compliance would be issued by the city. All mortgage lenders should require that they receive a certificate of compliance before closing on a property. Motion: I move that the Administration take to committee and work to implement a process that requires homes that will be sold to disclose all liens, and ensure compliance with city regulations and applicable ordinances. This should be accomplished within one (1) year from the date that this amendment is passed.GonzalezTabled by Gonzalez16-1Brown
13.07Explanation: Periodically red tags are overlooked and remain in the system until a request for permit is applied for. At this time a red tag must be cleared, but many times this does not happen because the violator has no reason to make the correction. In order to remedy this I suggest that a better online tracking system is created for inspectors to be reminded that the offending party has not come in to get the proper permit. Also, I request that the city institutes a better collection policy for citations to deter violations. Motion: I move to implement a system that tracks red tag violators and informs inspectors of offenders who have not corrected their violations within the specified time. I request that this data be added to EGIS using current Planning Department FTEs. Additional funding, if needed, should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund.GonzalezTabled by Gonzalez16-1Brown
13.08Explanation: As our city continues to grow, the demand for highly skilled jobs will also expand. In order to continue to have well trained workers and firms, an apprenticeship program (when appropriate) should be created/expanded by contractors who are awarded our major capital projects. This would allow for citizens to learn a skill and will expand the number of qualified workers in our city’s job pool. There should be a strong consideration of union apprenticeship programs which are already structured and work well. Motion: I move that when major capital project contracts are awarded, the implementation of an apprenticeship program should be created or expanded by the contractor. Current sources of apprentices, like trade unions, should be reviewed for pertinent projects. I request that existing FTEs from the affected departments be used to implement this proposal. Additional funding, if needed, should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund.GonzalezTabled by Gonzalez16-1Brown
13.09Explanation: There should be specially trained staff to work with music/entertainment businesses; this could be the repurposing of one (1) FTE from either affected department. This FTE should help the entertainment industry work through the permitting process and ensure their understanding of city ordinances and requirements. This FTE should act as a liaison and troubleshooter between the entertainment community and the associated departments. The entertainment industry generates millions of dollars for our city and we should maximize that economic impact. At the same time, we should make sure that businesses, residents, and entertainment guests have the best atmosphere possible. A model to follow in the future would be the San Francisco Entertainment Commission which oversees entertainment related permit applications. Motion: I move that one (1) FTE be repurposed from either ARA or MOSE to act as a liaison between music/entertainment businesses and the affected departments. This liaison should help ensure compliance and understanding of city code and ordinances. Additional funding, if needed, should come from any excess revenue the City of Houston attains beyond the dedicated funding of the FY 2013 adopted budget General Fund.GonzalezPassed17-0
13.1Explanation: Plastic bags are littering our bayous, neighborhoods, parks, schools, and our entire city. They are harmful to the natural and man-made environment. In District H, Moody Park has trees that are completely coated in plastic bags due to littering and waste. For a one (1) year period, we would encourage our local businesses to phase out the use of plastic bags and turn to paper and re-usable options. During the one (1) year period, in coordination with businesses, residents, and environmental advocates, staff should begin to gather information for a possible ordinance enforcing this proposed ban, should it be deemed necessary. Motion: I move that the Administration work to phase out plastic bags in the City of Houston. This can be accomplished by taking this proposal to the appropriate committee for proper vetting and consideration. A draft ordinance should be prepared within one (1) year of the approval of this amendment. The appropriate committee should include businesses, residents, and environmental advocates in their discussion of this concept. No additional funding should be necessary at this time.GonzalezPassed14-3Brown, Hoang, Sullivan
13.11Explanation: Put together an Innovation and Technology Advisory Board to consider and make recommendations to the mayor. The long-term goal is to make Houston an international hub for the creative class. The duty of the board will be to consider methods and means to help continue to transform Houston into a thriving “Creative Class” metropolis and making city resources more accessible to innovative entrepreneurs. Official support from the city will give legitimacy to the creative economy and help draw even more entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and innovators to our city. The board will facilitate better relations among entrepreneurs, service providers, organizations, and others within Houston’s Innovation and Technology ecosystem. The board will review and advise on community policies, programs and actions with respect to Innovation and Technology; and will recommend policy, program changes, and new directions as needed. This board shall advise the Administration and serve as advocates/ambassadors for the creative economy. Motion: I move that the Administration create an Innovation and Technology Advisory Board. This group of volunteers shall advise the mayor and make recommendations to ensure the growth and development of the creative class in the City of Houston. This advisory board will act as advocates and ambassadors for our city, and help draw in entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, innovators. Their goal will be to help make Houston an international hub for innovation and technology. No additional funding sources should be necessary at this time. This panel will be comprised of volunteers with an expertise in the relevant fields.GonzalezPassed17-0
13.12Explanation: The City of Houston shall review major contracts six (6) months before their expiration date. The review should look at potential added efficiencies and cost-savings during the remaining contract term. It should also assess the contract’s success to consider renewing the contract or to lay out a strategy to find a replacement contractor. This amendment is intended to ensure that the city starts planning a course of action on major contracts with plenty of time before their expiration; this should eliminate ‘rush’ items to City Council. Motion: I move that major contracts must be reviewed six (6) months before their expiration date in order to look for efficiencies and cost savings before their conclusion. This mandatory review will help guide the city when considering whether they should renew service contracts or search for a new contractor. This amendment would make contract review mandatory unless a written request for exemption is submitted to the Administration. This amendment should require no additional funding; existing FTEs should be assigned to this task.GonzalezTabled17-0
13.13Explanation: Allow the adoption of marked parallel parking spaces to create small urban parks or pocket parks. The city should create an application process for businesses to ‘adopt’ a small space and turn it into a parklet at their own expense. Parklets are designed to provide a public space for citizens to relax and enjoy the city atmosphere around them. They help ‘soften’ the concrete and provide incentives for street life activities. Parklets may be designed to be temporary in order to accommodate future changes in parking/roadway needs. Program to be administered by Planning and Development Department; department can assist with basic design. Motion: I move that the city adopt a ‘Parklet Program’ to help create small urban parks when appropriate. Businesses will be able to apply for permission to adopt marked parallel parking spaces and at their own expense, create small green spaces. This amendment should require no additional funding; the program should be administered by existing FTEs within the Planning Department, which may offer basic design assistance when appropriate.GonzalezTabled to Committee17-0
13.14Explanation: As we rebuild our streets and infrastructure, the City of Houston should commit to implement a ‘complete streets’ policy, where appropriate. Streets that are welcoming and safe to multiple modes of transportation for all users are good for our communities and improve the quality of life. The City of Houston should consider wider sidewalks, bike lanes, safe crossing opportunities, median islands, curb extensions, roundabouts, and more. Motion: I move that the City of Houston adopt a ‘complete streets’ policy, where appropriate. Streets that create the ability for safe transportation for all users should be encouraged and considered as we move forward in the replacement of our infrastructure. This amendment should require no additional funding; the adoption of a ‘complete streets’ policy, where appropriate, can be administered by existing FTEs.GonzalezTabled17-0
13.15Explanation: Currently, the City of Houston does not track or regulate group homes. These group homes can host any number of people and currently do not have any standards or regulations to govern the quality of life in these facilities. The population of group homes tends to be elderly, mentally ill, disabled, or recovering addicts. This population is vulnerable and often victimized. We should outline types of housing and health standards group homes must meet. We should also allow for residents to report abuses, and ensure that they have a way to file complaints. Motion: I move that we amend the code of ordinances to include the regulation of group homes in the City of Houston. The city should craft a policy that allows these homes to be identified and create a set of standards which must be met. This amendment should require no additional funding as it can be administered by existing FTEs in the appropriate departments.GonzalezTabled16-1Brown
14.01Increase funding to HFD FY 2013 Budget to include replacement of 7 ambulance units back in service that were taken out in December 2010 due to budget shortfall. As mentioned in the FD 2013 budget report, the cost of this amendment is $240,000.00 per unit per year.RodriguezPassed16-1Brown
15.01Allocate $300,000 from Chiefs Command, Fund 1000/100001, to Investigative Operations, Fund 1000/100005, for the training of FTEs to conduct investigations regarding vice related crimes, including, but not limited to, Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOB). Currently there are no FTE's dedicated to enforcing SOBs as those officers involved in that program do not have the expertise or knowledge to conduct investigations regarding Sexually Oriented Businesses. This amendment shall not impact the employment status of classified officers of the Houston Police Department.LasterTabled16-1Brown
16.01Respectfully correct the impaired Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center. The needed repairs are more important than bringing the Hiram Clarke MSC up to LEED certification.GreenTabled17-0
16.02Respectfully outline the 30 new projects for street and drainage improvements valued at approximately $250 million for FY13GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.03Respectfully use funds from the Mobility Response Team Fund that’s transferred to the General Fund to hire civilian staff for the various Houston Police Dept. storefronts.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.04Respectfully maintain the current tax rate for the City of Houston at 63.875 cents per $100 of taxable value.GreenPassed17-0
16.05Respectfully coordinate with Public Works Dept. to reinstate the 1% funding allocation for planting trees from CIP street and bridge projectsGreenTabled17-0
16.06Respectfully incorporate additional senior programming during the summer months. A departmental collaborative effort of the Parks, Health, and Library Depts.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.07Respectfully incorporate Public Works Dept. fleet of vehicles within the newly created Fleet Management Dept.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.08Respectfully limit purchasing of the number of non-gas efficient vehicles (i.e. Ford Explorers); especially for one department over another department.GreenPassed17-0
16.09Respectfully increase game-room fees from its current rate.GreenPassed15-2Bradford, Brown
16.1Respectfully revise Fire Dept. FY2013 objective from four (4) “fast track” training classes to include two (2) “fast track” training classes and two (2) standard training classes.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.11Respectfully include the Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center as one of the seven (7) renovated City facilities for maintenance totaling 171,119 square feet scheduled for FY13 totaling $625,000.GreenTabled17-0
16.12Respectfully combine the real estate section of the Public Works Dept. and General Services Dept. under the General Services Dept. to efficiently track progress and perfect the appraisal selection process for sale of City land/interest.GreenTabled to Committee16-1Brown
16.13Respectfully further outreach efforts of the Houston Library Department for youth and adults in school support, literacy advancement, technology, access and instruction and workforce development among Houston area schools districts and area community colleges and other paraprofessional institutions.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.14Respectfully provide FREE staff development courses via the E.B Cape Center without being charged back to the respective department (such as diversity and cultural sensitivity training, business grammar, business writing, etc.).GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.15Respectfully increase three (3) FTEs for contract compliance officer positions within the Office for Business Opportunity.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.16Respectfully increase three (3) FTEs for contract compliance officer positions within the Office for Business Opportunity.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.17Respectfully increase the maintenance, mowing and desilting of off-road and esplanade ditches, drainage easements and for mowing and herbicide application in the City’s right-of-ways via the Storm Water Fund. The Combined Utility System transfer funds to the Strom water Fund to support storm water drainage operation and maintenance activities.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.18Respectfully offset expenditure through the BARC Special Revenue Fund to the General Fund relating to animal assistance provided to the Houston Police Dept. to expedite the round-up of stray animals continually roaming neighborhoods.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.19Respectfully create a stand-alone Department for the Office of Business Opportunity. Afford this separate entity the opportunity to introduce their own budget (setaside form the Mayor’s Office) and justify their assistance separate from the authority of the Mayor’s Office.GreenPassed16-1Sullivan
16.2Respectfully further expand the WeCAN Digital Inclusion (DI) network beyond the launch of three (3) super neighborhoods.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.21Respectfully expand City’s recycling program to include multi-family dwellings. Coordinate this initiative via the Solid Waste Dept. with area TIRZs, management districts, and the Houston Apartment Association. This will forge a new partnership with multi-family owners to divert waste from landfills and further implement recycling programs.GreenWithdrawn by Green
16.22Respectfully increase recruitment efforts for the Houston Fire Dept. to include graduating high school seniors, community colleges, and vocational institutions throughout the Houston metropolitan area.GreenTabled by Green17-0
16.23Respectfully increase penalty and fine for operators of illegal food vendors.GreenWithdrawn by Green