Hoplomachus Master Skills List
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Master Skills Reference Sheet – Abilities, Innates, Alts, Specials
Abilities are usable once/turn, Alt Attacks are used in place of a unit’s basic attack, Innates are always active, Specials are Beast Skills initiated by Trainers.
NameSkill TypeDescription
AbsorbInnateWhen attacked and hit with a Basic Attack, unit takes 1 less damage.
AssimilateAbilityUnit gains 1 health after each friendly and opposing gladiator (not beast) death in the Arena.
AssistAlt AtkSummons a random eliminated War Elephant or Elephant Raiders back onto a random trapdoor. If all are on Arena, Assist does nothing.
Attila's BaneInnateThis unit gains +1 dmg on successful Basic Attack on Attila.
AvoidAbilityDuring your move phase, choose an opposing unit within Tactical range. You cannot be targeted by that unit's basic attack this round.
Awe StruckAbilityAll opposing units within 4 hexes are unable to move for 1 turn.
Axis AssaultAlt AtkUnit may make a 3 range, 2Blk attack if no opposing units in range
Bamboo CritInnateIf unit's Basic Atk strikes with all 4 dice, the opposing unit is defeated, no matter his remaining health
Battle RiffAbilityIf used on move phase, all friendly units gain +1 move; if used on atk phase, all friendly units gain +1 Blue to Basic Atk
Blind SpotInnateThis unit can only be damaged by a single opposing unit each round.
BloodlustInnateIf this unit is not at full health, add 1 black die to its Basic Atk.
Boom BoomAlt AtkUnit make make a 1 Green Atk to damage 1 target hex and all 6 surrounding hexes. Friendly units may be harmed this way.
BrawlAlt AtkUnit and adjacent opposing unit will each roll their own Basic Atk dice against each other, until one of the 2 units is defeated. This is treated as an Alt Atk.
Brute ForceInnateWhen moving, unit may push any opposing unit directly back one hex if that hex is vacant.
Call AllyAbilityDuring move phase, friendly non-Champion unit may move one hex towards Spartacus.
Call PantherSpecialUnit is summoned to any hex adjacent to its Master.
Careless HurlAbilityRoll a D6 and throw an adjacent unit (can target friendly units) that many hexes away from Grom to an unoccupied hex. If no hexes are available at that distance, unit does not move. Target unit receives 1 immediate dmg (thrown or not). RoR: Dmg done counts towards Crowd Favor. TLC: If unit is killed, gain +2 Crowd Favor. Usable during move phase only.
Carry UnitAbilityFriendly non-Champion unit may mount or dismount carrying unit as part of its move. Mounted unit is immune to all Basic and Alt Atk damage from non-Archers, and only Archers can perform Basic or Alt Atks while riding. Mounted units control carrying unit's movement.
Champion BoundInnateUnit will always attempt to move towards and attack the assigned Champion. Unit will attack any gladiator if Champion is not in range.
Chase DownAbilityMoves adjacent to closest opposing unit and instantly does 4 damage. Player 1 chooses hex.
Chest PoundAlt AtkUnit heals for 1 health (cannot exceed starting health this way).
Combat LockInnateIf adjacent to an opposing unit(s), movement is negated for that unit(s) and this unit. Beast Master: If a Beast’s Master is in play, the Beast may chose to break the Combat Lock and move. Skirmisher: This unit may always choose to break the Combat Lock and move.
Consuming ImpelAbilityA single friendly unit up to 2 hexes away gains another Basic or Alt Attack this turn. Usable during attack phase only.
Consuming RoarAlt AtkChoose an adjacent opposing unit to attack. Roll one Yellow die for each health the opposing unit has. Each 'Hit' transfers 1 health to Roaring unit. There is no limit to health gained this way.
CoverInnateRoll 1 yellow die anytime an opposing unit passes over and/or ends its move on a hex within this unit’s attack range. Each hex within atk range grants this roll.
Crit HappensAlt AtkUnlimited range shot attempt. Pick target, roll number of Black Dice equal to hex distance, all Black Dice must hit to do a 2 damage shot.
Cursed BladeAlt AtkRoll green die over and over (against his/her own unit), until a miss is rolled. Hits are totaled and applied to cursed unit. After rolls, unit is no longer cursed.
Dark WindInnateAll friendly non-Champion units that start their move next to this unit, gain +1 move range for that turn.
DashAlt AtkUnit may move 2 hexes.
Death RollSpecialCount up this unit’s remaining health. Attack an adjacent opposing unit with this many Black Atk dice. Do this damage to both the target unit and this unit. This unit can only gain Crowd Favor for opposing unit.
Distract AbilityAttempt to distract an opposing unit directly beneath it with 1 Yellow die. If successful, opposing unit may not move this turn. Usable during Atk phase only.
Distract InnateAll dice used by adjacent opposing units for Basic Atks and Skills are changed to yellow.
DominateAlt AtkRoll a Black die to stun a unit with only 2 HP remaining
Double TeamAlt AtkUnit may make a 1 range, 2Blk, attack if no other opposing units are in range
DriveAlt AtkTarget adjacent unit (can target friendly units) is hit for 1 dmg and that unit must move one hex, target unit’s choice. RoR: Dmg done counts towards Crowd Favor. TLC: If unit is killed, gain +2 Crowd Favor.
ElevatedInnateUnit does +1 dmg, with a successful Basic Atk, to another unit that is not elevated. *Elevated is an Arena activated Skill.
EmboldenInnateFriendly units within 2 hexes of this unit, gain Skill: Retaliate.
EnergizeInnateThis unit gains 1 HP at the start of its move phase (cannot exceed starting health).
Enraged Fury AuraAbilityUnit can do 1 damage to a single opposing unit up to 2 hexes away. Useable during move phase only.
EqualizeAlt AtkTransfer 1 health from a friendly unit with more health - to this unit. Equalize may exceed starting health.
Equipment ExpertInnateCan use all Equipment.
Execute TrainingAlt AtkMaster may activate its Beast’s Special Atk if Beast is within 3 hexes of the Master (even if Beast was just summoned/deployed, is in the Pit, etc.)
Extreme PullAbilityA unit can be pulled in a straight line inward toward the Champion (up to 2 hexes inward and from up to 3 hexes away). Cannot pull through other units. Useable during move phase only.
Feint AttackAlt AtkAll friendly units attacking opposing units adjacent to this unit, gain +1 damage this turn.
First StrikeAbilityUnit can attack the same turn it is deployed.
Flurry of BlowsInnateAttack an adjacent opposing unit with 1 Green die. Roll (and re-roll) until you miss, do dmg equal to total ‘H’s rolled.
FlyingInnateUnit cannot ‘occupy’ a hex. Unit still uses hexes for positioning, but is considered high above the arena. All other units can still occupy hexes underneath this unit. Unit can only be damaged by ranged Atks (even from directly underneath). Unit is unaffected by all Tactics, Abilities, and Innates.
FocusAbilityUnit may reroll one of their Basic Atk dice.
Focused StrikeAlt AtkRoll (x) Green dice equal to total adjacent opposing units - total damage is single adjacent opposing unit
FrenzyInnateIf this unit makes a kill with it’s Basic Atk, it may make an additional Basic Atk.
FrenzyInnateIf this unit makes a kill with it’s Basic Atk, it may make an additional Basic Atk during its Atk phase.
Full ServiceInnateIf unit's Basic Atk misses with all 4 dice, he gets to upgrade the dice by one 'H', and reroll all 4. (4Y becomes 4Blu)
Fury AuraAbilityUnit can do 1 damage to a single adjacent opposing unit. Useable during move phase only.
GazeAlt AtkRoll a Green Die to attempt a Stun on an opponent within attack range.
Get UpInnateUnit remains in Arena forever. At the start of your turn, if unit is a corpse, roll a Yellow die to gain 3 health and be redeployed right where unit fell.
Gladiator BoundInnateUnit will always attempt to move towards and attack a gladiator (non-Champion). Unit will attack an in-range Champion if a gladiator is not.
Gold RunnerInnateOpposing units within this unit’s Tactical Range cannot use Basic or Alt Atks when attacking this unit.
GoreAbilityDo 1 damage to an adjacent opposing unit. That unit is then Combat Locked.
HardenedInnateWhen attacked and hit with a Basic or Alt Attack, unit takes 1 less dmg.
HeadlockAlt AtkAdjacent Headlocked unit cannot move next turn and must attack this unit.
Heal AllyAlt AtkHeal adjacent unit for 1 health, cannot exceed starting health this way.
HowlAlt AtkGrants a friendly adjacent unit 2 move (during atk phase).
Humiliate GladiatorAlt AtkRoll a green die when adjacent to an opposing unit, if a hit, jump on unit's back (move this unit on top of opponent). While in this position, opposing unit cannot use Abilities or attack this unit.
HurlAbilityUnit can ‘pick up’ an adjacent unit (friend or foe) and ‘throw’ it to a different available, adjacent hex. Useable during move phase only.
Hurl BoulderSpecialAttack an opponent 2 hexes away in a straight line - Roll 1 Black die, if successful, do 1 dmg and target unit is knocked back 1 hex directly away from this unit. If target unit cannot be displaced due to another unit, that second unit takes 1 dmg as well. If target unit cannot be displaced due to wall, target unit takes 1 additional dmg.
Hyzer StunAlt AtkRoll 1 blue die to Stun unit up to 3 hexes away for 1 turn.
ImpaleAbilityAttack an adjacent opposing unit with 2 Green + 1 Yellow dice.
ImpelAbilityA single adjacent friendly unit gains another Basic Attack this turn. Usable during attack phase only.
InitiativeAbilityUnit can move the same turn it is deployed.
InspireInnateFriendly units within 2 of this unit gain +1 Yellow Atk die to their Basic Atk.
Intercept AttackAbilityUnit may intercept the entire damage of a basic attack if the attacker is within 2 hexes of this unit.
Intercept BlowAbilityWhen a Basic Attack damages an adjacent friendly unit, this unit can intercept that entire damage. Damage cannot be split up.
IntimidateInnateOpposing units within this unit’s Tactical Range cannot use Basic Attacks when attacking this unit.
KamikazeAlt AtkUnit dives into opposing unit within its Move Range (even if unit has already moved). This unit is defeated and opposing unit loses 3 health.
Lash BackAbilityOn a Basic Atk by an adjacent opposing unit, this unit may respond with a Blue die roll for every miss from that Atk (after Atk is fully complete). Lash Back can be used even if the opposing unit’s Atk kills this unit.
LeadershipInnateGain +1 yellow Atk die for each friendly adjacent unit.
Long ShotAlt AtkRoll 1 yellow die to attempt a 1 dmg ranged attack up to 4 hexes away.
Lucky KickerAbilityDuring its Attack phase, this unit knocks back opposing adjacent unit 2 hexes. If opposing unit cannot be knocked back the full 2 hexes, opposing unit takes 1 damage.
LungeAbilityIf this unit does not use its own move, increase its atk range by 1 for this turn and change attack to 2 green dice.
Mad ChargeSpecialWith an opposing unit 4 hexes away in a straight line and a clear path in between, unit with Mad Charge moves in direct line exactly 3 hexes toward opposing unit. Opposing unit takes 3 damage.
Mad MalInnateMay attack a friendly unit. RoR: Dmg done counts towards Crowd Favor. TLC: If unit is killed, gain +2 Crowd Favor.
Mass ConstrictAbilityNow occupies a hex adjacent to the most opposing units, then 2 black dice attack. Player 1 chooses hex.
Mead Stupor (Roam)InnateUnit will roll ‘X’ D6 dice (one at a time) equal to unit’s Move Range and follow the Die Roll Key to move (if using w/ Origins, decide on hex directions before rolling
MimicAbilityDuring this unit's move phase, learn an adjacent unit's ability or Alt Atk (must state out loud). This can be remembered and used until the start of this unit's next move phase.
Move to StrikeAbilityGain +1 Blue Atk die for each adjacent friendly unit.
PacifyAlt AtkSelected adjacent opposing unit may not attack next turn.
ParryInnateUnit ignores first successful Basic Atk against him each turn.
Pervasive AbsorbInnateAll adjacent units gain Absorb (not the Champion). When adjacent units are attacked with Basic Attack, units take 1 less damage.
PhantomInnateUnit is corporeal if it chooses to occupy a hex with another unit on it (place under unit). If no other unit is on hex, it is no longer corporeal. Unit cannot use any Skills or attack while it is corporeal.
PilumAlt AtkUnit may make a 2-3 range Attack with 2 green dice. Place Pilum on target unit's hex once thrown.
Poison DaggerAlt AtkMake a 1 Hit - No Roll attack on a unit with only 1 HP remaining.
Power ThrowAlt AtkUnit may make an attack using 1 Yellow per adjacent friendly unit.
Pre-emptive StrikeInnateEach turn, the first opposing unit to move adjacent to this unit is immediately auto-hit for 1 damage.
Precision AttackAlt AtkAttack an adjacent unit with 2 Black dice.
PropelAbilityLaunch an adjacent friendly unit 2 hexes away from this unit; launched unit cannot move or attack this turn. Usable during move phase.
PullAbilityA unit can be pulled in a straight line inward toward the puller 1 hex inward from 2 hexes away. Useable during move phase only.
Master Skills Sheet