Photos and Intro VideosFirst NameLast NameAgeCell Phone NumberEmailAre you fully vaccinated?Are you CPR Certified?Have you taken a babysitting course?Are you allergic to cats or dogs?Preferred age range?
(Infant, toddler, elementary)
Do you feel comfortable helping kids with their Hebrew homework?Do you feel comfortable helping kids with their secular homework?Do you need rides if it is not within walking distance?What babysitting experience have you had?
Devin's Photo and Introduction VideoDevinArcher14(973) 303-8965YesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI used to babysit weekly and I love kids! Although I need to renew my certification I am experienced in CPR, and the heimlich. I love to cook and I'm completely comfortable making meals for kids. I’m currently a madricha and would love to help kids with Hebrew homework or homework from school.
Ben's Photo and Introduction VideoBenBerlin14(973) 856-9200bennybob0915@gmail.comYesNoNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesNone but I have seen and heard what to do.
Hannah's Photo and Introduction VideoHannahCherkin15(973) 650-0036hcherkin@gmail.comYesYesNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI have been dog sitting for 3 years. I babysit my little cousins, they are 9 and 7 years old. Additionally, I stayed with my mom's large orthodox family for a week and helped take care of the younger kids for a week. They had four kids under the age of ten. I take care of my younger brother and cook for him when my parents go out. Lastly, I love and enjoy being the madricha for the kindergarten JFJ class.
Ben's Photo and Introduction VideoBenCohen14(862) 621-5672benco724@gmail.comYesNoNoAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesCousins, brother, family friends.
Ezra's Photo and Introduction VideoEzraFeddersen15(862) 276-3150ezmfedd@gmail.comYesNoYesToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI have two younger cousins that I babysit all the time, and I have a younger brother that I have to look after when my parents leave.
Sophie's Photo and Introduction VideoSophieFelsenthal15(973) 281-5316
YesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have a six year old brother who I babysit all the time as well as occasionally helping out family friends.
Hannah's Photo and Introduction VideoHannahFertig16(973) 388-0994hfertig123@gmail.comYesNoYesToddlers, Elementary-SchoolNoYesYesI have experience babysitting my six year old cousin, and younger neighbors. I also have experience babysitting a younger sibling.
Ellie's Photo and Introduction VideoEllieGutterman14(973) 494-3576ellie.gutterman@gmail.comYesNoYesNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have been babysitting for two years, currently babysitting weekly, both after school and nighttime. I've babysat for multiple families and have participated in many other programs with kids.
Ava's Photo and Introduction VideoAvaHandler16(973) 289-8289avarhandler@gmail.comYesNoYesToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI babysit my younger sibling and and their friends.
Leo's Photo and Introduction VideoLeoHirsch16(917) 530-5161leo.hirsch@icloud.comYesNoNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI have babysat for several different families with toddler aged kids. One family that lives down the street, I help with their 3 year old frequently.
Sophie's Photo and Introduction VideoSophieJacobs15(973) 747-2667sjacobs26@newarka.eduYesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have worked as a babysitter for multiple neighbors with small children on my street in these past summers.
Jacob's Photo and Introduction VideoJacobJavier15(908) 848-1858jacobjavier313@gmail.comYesNoNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesNoI babysit all of my nieces and nephews, ages range 3-10, boys and girls.
Alexa's Photo and Introduction VideoAlexaKahn16(609) 203-8917alexabkahn@gmail.comYesYesYesAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI have babysat for around two years for children ages 2-11. In addition, I have tutored many middle school children in all school subjects. I am also a madricha at TNT for the third graders on Sundays.
Lola's Photo and Introduction VideoLolaKaplan15(973) 464-3110lolakaplan16@gmail.comYesNoYesNeitherToddlers, Elementary-SchoolNoYesNoI have experience babysitting my younger brother and cousins as well as neighbors. I was also a camp counselor this past summer.
Sylvia's Photo and Introduction VideoSylviaKoenig16(917) 480-6973sylviakoenig15@gmail.comYesNoNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI have lots of little cousins and I watch them at family events and gatherings. I babysit my neighbor's children (ages 4 and 6). I tutor 4th graders at Edgemont after school.
Lila's Photo and Introduction VideoLilaKokalas17(201) 364-5008lilaclairekokalas@gmail.comYesNoNoAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI have had steady babysitting jobs since I was 12. I tend to babysit for 1-2 families per weekend. Additionally, I have a job working with kids of all ages teaching Learn to Skate at MSU arena.
Eliza's Photo and Introduction VideoElizaLarson15(973) 303-3274ejdj827@gmail.comYesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI babysit for TNT families often, and love hanging out with kids! I have also been a volunteer tutor for 4 years so I can help with homework if needed. I am mostly available on Fridays and Sunday nights
Izzy's Photo and Introduction VideoIzzyLawyer16(973) 932-3511izzylawyer@icloud.comYesNoYesNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have babysit my brother and a few of my neighbors, and I worked at a class at a bakery for K-2.
Sam's Photo and Introduction VideoSamLewis16(201) 851-2999slewis2025@mka.orgYesNoNoAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have babysat toddlers before and I am good with younger kids
Allegra's Photo and Introduction VideoAllegraLilienfeld17(973) 464-8007allegra.lilienfeld@gmail.comYesYesNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveNoYesNoI was a mother's helper when I was 11 years old and ever since then I have babysat all age ranges from 4 months and up almost every week.
Sylvia's Photo and Introduction VideoSylviaLondon15(973) 281-7514sylviatlondon@icloud.comYesYesYesNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI have been babysitting since I was in 6th grade, and I am currently in 9th grade. I have babysat for 5 different families throughout 2021 and 2022. I have babysat kids from ages 2-9. I have also been babysitting my sister, who is 9, when my parents have things to do. I am now CPR certified!
Lily's Photo and Introduction VideoLilyMarcus15(973) 900-7915lilymarcus513@gmail.comYesYesYesNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI babysit my two 8 year old siblings frequently and have experience babysitting children on my street ages 3-12.
Sarah's Photo and Introduction VideoSarahPacheco17(862) 754-3508
YesNoYesAll-of-the-aboveNoYesNoAfter I took a babysitting course I would babysit my little cousins.
Nadav's Photo and Introduction VideoNadavPerlman-Greenberg17(973) 368-5441
Talia's Photo and Introduction VideoTaliaRosenthal15(973) 590-1670trosenthal2026@mka.orgYesNoNoToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesNoFormally, I have been babysitting for local families for the past year. Informally, I've taken care of my younger brothers (2) and cousins (4) for several years. I also attend an overnight summer camp in which the older campers (myself) organize and lead the younger campers in activities and tuck them in each night. I love spending time with kids, and I would love the opportunity to help you care for yours. Thank you for considering me!
Madeline's Photo and Introduction VideoMadelineRoston15(201) 704-4683madelineroston@gmail.comYesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI have been babysitting since I was 11. In sixth grade I began babysitting two four year olds, one five year old, and a 16 month old. I gained experience through that and as I got older started babysitting a lot more. When I babysit, I like to keep the kids active and do activities with them so they are not bored. I also love cooking and doing crafts with the kids. I am more than happy to make dinner or lunch for the kids as well. In 2020, I was CPR certified and plan to renew my certification.
Lev's Photo and Introduction VideoLevRudoren15(862) 285-6255lev7rudy@gmail.comYesYesYesCatsAll-of-the-aboveYesYesYesI babysit for the Rabbi's family and another family in the congregation. I am now CPR certified!
Shayna's Photo and Introduction VideoShaynaRudoren15(862) 283-5533shaybelle10@gmail.comYesYesYesToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesNoI have babysat some 2nd and 3rd grade age kids as well as a 3 year old many times, I am good at getting them to fall asleep and also I can cook!
Hannah's Photo and Introduction VideoHannahSaraisky17(862) 596-2615hannahsaraisky@gmail.comYesYesNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI babysit for many families in my neighborhood, ranging from kids about 2-15. I have also tutored in Spanish, Math, English and Science. I have a lot of experience working with kids - I regularly coach youth lacrosse in Montclair and I am a counselor at sleepaway camp!
Lucy's Photo and Introduction VideoLucySaraisky14(862) 596-2809lucysaraisky24@gmail.comYesNoYesNeitherToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI babysit for many families in Montclair. I have babysat ages from 3-12. Last year, I babysat for a family regularly who had two daughters. I have lots of experience with kids, since I have 3 little cousins that live in Montclair that I watch often and I coach youth field hockey and lacrosse players. I also love kids and get along with them so easily!
Rebecca's Photo and Introduction VideoRebeccaShapiro15(973) 525-9348rebeccagshapiro@gmail.comYesNoNoNeitherAll-of-the-aboveYesYesNoI have babysat regularly for multiple families since I was 13. I babysit around once every 2 weeks on average, but I am asked to babysit much more often though I am usually busy! I am very good with kids and work with kids outside of babysitting, but most importantly I love kids and spending time with them.
Sophie's Photo and Introduction VideoSophieSilverman15(973) 567-9132sososilv2007@hotmail.comYesNoYesNeitherToddlers, Elementary-SchoolYesYesYesI have experience in babysitting babies up to elementary school age. Also I know how to cook.
Bennett's Photo and Introduction VideoBennettSimon15(973) 313-4250ericjacksimon@gmail.comYesNoNoElementary-SchoolYesYesNoI babysit a neighbor across the street who is in first grade.
Stella's Photo and Introduction VideoStellaSimon16(973) 382-4765stellalsimon@gmail.comYesNoNoElementary-SchoolYesYesNoBabysitting for kids on my block.