SNZ2: Thailand
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Adam O'Brien1.8212.550.155446790.4470700.58406110194721660.375
Brad Norris2.486.300.391283540.4420700.84212041857515100.667
Dylan Conrad0.953.100.312192230.2000700.5010001074731470.500
Josh Hickford1.092.770.391141620.3800700.7710001064641280.667
Kaysha Whakarau1.282.620.4920591-0.560070-0.071000104343860.750
Lisa Stanger2.1115.050.1429563100.896470.57142857141.605070120957516100.625
Matt Hancock3.3410.550.321646280.7460701.0630528295741690.563
Tara Thorowgood1.4815.050.101636390.6670700.765070120957516100.625
Tess Fahey5.2315.050.351336390.337370.42857142861.105172123967516110.688
Arun Bola0.654.300.150454750.7850700.9310102082721540.267
Dave Lipanovic2.9015.050.190111184120.9170701.10517112293721650.313
Eve Clarke3.0110.050.301576580.6160700.9131417294721660.375
Franky March0.141.760.080262430.5820700.661000103130610.167
Josefien Maasdam1.001.220.8200691-0.6700700.151100111010200.000
JT Muirhead*1.013.600.280363750.5740700.8510001073731460.429
Karla Karaitiana0.001.470.0001101720.2100700.211000102020400.000
Liam Hose0.512.430.210253140.4620700.6710001052511030.300
Renee Clarke0.998.050.121676480.7450700.8620305091721630.188
Adam O'Brien1.8212.550.155446790.441.5670700.583.383655406110194721660.375
Brad Norris2.486.300.391283540.441.1720700.843.652792212041857515100.6666666667
Dylan Conrad0.953.100.312192230.200.7200700.501.672111210001074731470.5
Josh Hickford1.092.770.391141620.381.7500700.772.841813110001064641280.6666666667
Kaysha Whakarau1.282.620.4920591-0.560.000070-0.071.28121511000104343860.75
Lisa Stanger2.1115.050.1429563100.892.806470.57142857141.608.3439115070120957516100.625
Matt Hancock3.3410.550.321646280.742.6360701.065.97336230528295741690.5625
Tara Thorowgood1.4815.050.101636390.662.6770700.764.1538435070120957516100.625
Tess Fahey5.2315.050.351336390.331.337370.42857142861.109.1439265172123967516110.6875
Arun Bola0.654.300.150454750.782.4950700.933.142410110102082721540.2666666667
Dave Lipanovic2.9015.050.190111184120.911.7170701.104.613931517112293721650.3125
Eve Clarke3.0110.050.301576580.611.5960700.914.60317331417294721660.375
Franky March0.141.760.080262430.581.8720700.662.0191611000103130610.1666666667
Josefien Maasdam1.001.220.8200691-0.670.0000700.151.0031811100111010200
JT Muirhead*1.013.600.280363750.571.6840700.852.692112210001073731460.4285714286
Karla Karaitiana0.001.470.0001101720.211.0000700.211.0061711000102020400
Liam Hose0.512.430.210253140.461.5620700.672.071514210001052511030.3
Renee Clarke0.998.050.121676480.741.9150700.862.89298220305091721630.1875
Tess Fahey5.2315.050.351336390.331.337370.42857142861.109.1439265172123967516110.6875
Lisa Stanger2.1115.050.1429563100.892.806470.57142857141.608.3439115070120957516100.625
Matt Hancock3.3410.550.321646280.742.6360701.065.97336230528295741690.5625
Dave Lipanovic2.9015.050.190111184120.911.717070.001.104.613931517112293721650.3125
Eve Clarke3.0110.050.301576580.611.5960700.914.60317331417294721660.375
Tara Thorowgood1.4815.050.101636390.662.6770700.764.1538435070120957516100.625
Brad Norris2.486.300.391283540.441.1720700.843.652792212041857515100.6666666667
Adam O'Brien1.8212.550.155446790.441.5670700.583.383655406110194721660.375
Arun Bola0.654.300.150454750.782.4950700.933.142410110102082721540.2666666667
Renee Clarke0.998.050.121676480.741.9150700.862.89298220305091721630.1875
Josh Hickford1.092.770.391141620.381.7500700.772.841813110001064641280.6666666667
JT Muirhead*1.013.600.280363750.571.6840700.852.692112210001073731460.4285714286
Liam Hose0.512.430.210253140.461.5620700.672.071514210001052511030.3
Franky March0.141.760.080262430.581.8720700.662.0191611000103130610.1666666667
Dylan Conrad0.953.100.312192230.200.7200700.501.672111210001074731470.5
Kaysha Whakarau1.282.620.4920591-0.560.000070-0.071.28121511000104343860.75
Josefien Maasdam1.001.220.8200691-0.670.0000700.151.0031811100111010200
Karla Karaitiana0.001.470.0001101720.211.0000700.211.0061711000102020400
e1 ind. rcIndividual RCStage 1: Untie a bag of number tiles from a pole, cross the line. First nine advance. Stage 2: Swim out to a dock, untie a box with another bag inside. First three to grab a bag advance. Stage 3: Swim back to shore, empty both bags of tiles (numbers 1-100), arrange tiles in order on puzzle table. Winner gets: ?. Stage 1 advancing: Jose, Franky, Matt, Renee, Josh, Eve, Kaysha, Arun, JT (just beating Brad). Stage 2: Matt, Arun, Jose. Stage 3: Jose wins, beating Matt. She picks Matt to join her, and they choose the two tribes. Jose chooses Chani, Matt chooses Khang Khaw.
e1 rcGrabbing pillows, mudWinning tribe gets tarp, tools, and flint. Two at a time, people race into the mud, dig up a bag, and try to bring it back to their mat, while fighting off the opposing tribe's duo. First tribe to three points wins. Results: 1. Jose (& Renee) d. Lisa, Tara. 2. Adam (& Matt) d. Dave, Arun. 3. Tess (& Kaysha) d. Franky, Karla. 4. Brad, Josh d. JT, Liam. Khung Khaw wins!
e1 icVertical maze, stairs, puzzleTribes must use a set of poles to build a staircase. Climb it, race through a multi-story maze, then down a slide. One person (Matt, Franky) then maneuvers a key through a rope obstacle, and uses it to release a machete. The machete chops through rope, releasing puzzle pieces. Two people (Dylan, Lisa; JT, Karla) then assemble the plank puzzle. Khang Khaw has an early lead, blows it on the maze, then Matt regains it on the ropes course. Khang Khaw wins.
e2 rcSmash and GrabLisa sits out. Relay-style, five people (Dave, Renee, Liam, JT, Karla; Adam, Tara, Kaysha, Matt, Josh) swim out to a pontoon, climb up, jump off, smash a tile, and grab a key. Once all five keys are recovered, one person (Eve; Dylan) will use them to unlock a box, containing one ball. Finally, one person (Arun; Brad) will use that ball to smash five tiles, while one other person (Franky; Tess) retrieves the ball. Winner gets fruit. Challenge held in 40C heat. Kaysha passes out after her swim, but continues.
e2 outpostFirestartingJT vs. Tess. First to build a fire that burns through a string, ringing a bell, wins. That would be Tess, who receives an idol clue. JT convinces Tess to let him read it too, in order to keep it secret.
e2 icShoulder the LoadAdam sits out. Two men, one woman from each tribe hold a pole on their shoulders, upon which pairs of 5-kg sandbags are placed. Decision about who gets weight is decided by the other tribe, although fellow tribe members actually load the weight. Weight bearers: Brad, Josh, Kaysha; Arun, Dave, Renee; Loaders: everyone else.Order out: 1. Dave, at 50 kg; 2. Renee, at 30 kg; 3. Arun, on the transition from 60 to 70 kg. (Brad had 70 kg, Josh 60 kg, Kaysha 20 kg, all still standing.) Khang Khaw wins!
e3 rcIdol HandsKaysha, Matt sit out. One on one, contestants hold a statue on a platform in one hand, and try to knock off their opponent's statue. First tribe to 10 points wins reward. Results: 1. Dave d. Adam (C1, KK0); 2. Eve d. Tara (C2, KK0); 3. Liam d. Josh (C3, KK0); 4. Renee d. Tess (C4, KK0); 5. Brad d. JT (C4, KK1); 6. Franky d. Lisa (C5, KK1); 7. Arun d. Dylan (C6, KK1); 8. Liam d. Josh again (C7, KK1); 9. Tara d. Renee (C7, KK2); 10. Brad d. Dave (C7, KK3); 11. Eve d. Tess (C8, KK3); 12. Arun d. Adam (C9, KK3); 13. Franky d. Lisa again (C10, KK3).Dave 1-1, Eve 2-0, Liam 2-0, Renee 1-1, Franky 2-0, JT 0-1, Arun 2-0 | Brad 2-0, Adam 0-2, Tara 1-1, Josh 0-2, Tess 0-2, Lisa 0-2, Dylan 0-1
e3 outpostThe Ball DropEve vs. Kaysha, playing for a reward of a stack of sweet Thai treats, plus ice water. Challenge, as in Philippines F4 IC: Hold a ball on a dowel with two handles. After 5 minutes, two more dowels are placed on each end. First to drop loses. Results: Entering the third round, Eve drops her dowels, so Kaysha wins. In a twist, Kaysha has to eat the food there, in front of Eve, no sharing.
e3 icDeep In ThoughtDylan, Adam sit out. As seen in the Philippines Ep3 RC/IC. Contestants must dive down to retrieve a puzzle wheel tied to a rope, bring them back up to the dock. When all are retrieved, they will be put on a spindle and rotated to spell a word (CHAMPIONS). Results: Renee swaps out without getting a wheel, meanwhile Josh dives twice. Wheels: Matt-4, Josh-4, Tess-1; Franky-1, Renee-1, Eve, Dave, Liam - 0. Brad, Lisa work the puzzle for Khang Khaw. Khang Khaw wins.
e4 rcSumo at Sea(Over mud, instead of water). Brad, Tara, Lisa sit out. Reward: Hot cocoa mix, tea, coffee, cookies. First tribe to 10 points wins. Results: 1. Josh d. JT (C0, KK1); 2. Renee d. Tess (C1, KK1); 3. Arun d. Dylan (C2, KK1; Dylan claims he was kicked); 4. Adam d. Dave (C2, KK2); 5. Kaysha d. Eve (C2, KK3); 6. Matt d. Liam (C2, KK4); 7. Josh d. Dave (C2, KK5); 8. Tess d. Eve (C2, KK6); 9. Arun d. Matt (C3, KK6); 10. Liam d. Dylan (C4, KK6); 11. Kaysha d. Renee (C4, KK7); 12. Adam d. JT (C4, KK8); 13. Liam d. Dylan (C5, KK8); 14. Kaysha d. Renee (C5, KK9); 15. Josh d. Arun (C5, KK10), Khang Khaw wins "smoko".Josh 3-0; Tess 1-1; Dylan 0-3; Adam 2-0; Kaysha 3-0; Matt 1-1. JT 0-2; Renee 1-2; Arun 2-1; Dave 0-2; Eve 0-2; Liam 2-1.
e4 outpostDilemmaJosh, Arun attend. Each must select someone to stay at camp during the next day's immunity challenge. That person is safe if their tribe loses immunity. Josh picks himself, Arun picks Eve.
e4 icChains, bolo tossAdam, Kaysha, Dylan sit out (plus Josh & Eve, back at camp). Four tribe members (Tess, Tara, Lisa, Matt ; Dave, JT, Liam, Renee) are chained together at their ankles, while the two on the ends also have one hand tied to a pole. Once they untie, the four must navigate an obstacle course, collecting bags and chains. Once all are collected, the remaining tribe member (Brad; Arun) connects the chains to the balls to create bolos, which they then use in a ladder toss. First tribe to land three bolos wins.
e5 rcDizness as UsualOriginally, two people sit on spinning discs (Eve, Tess; Matt, Renee) while two other people pull their ropes (Liam; Dave) to spin the discs. Once rope is pulled out, disc-sitters (now dizzy) must cross a balance beam. When all are across,entire tribe must now return across the same field using boxes, barrels and planks, to get across without touching the ground. In first part, Tess's disc tips over and she requires medical attention. When recovered, they scrap this phase, and move on to the crossing, with Tess sitting out for KK, Adam for Chani. KK wins comfort items and peanut butter.
e5 icBuoy oh BuoyAs seen in the Ep6 RC/IC in Blood vs. Water. Pairs of people (Matt & Adam, Dave & Arun, Josh & Renee; Eve & Tess, Liam & Lisa, Brad & Tara) must swim out and dive down to untie knots on an underwater cage, releasing a gate. Then retrieve 3 fish traps from inside the cage. Then one person (Dylan; JT) must remove the puzzle bags from the traps, open them, and solve a vertical puzzle.
e6 rcBridge puzzle/slideRenee sits out. Four tribe members (Adam, Arun, Josh, Matt; Brad, Eve, Tara, Tess) swim out to a raft to retrieve puzzle planks; untie them, swim them back to the dock, use them to build a bridge back to shore. On shore, two tribe members (Dylan, Dave; JT, Lisa) need to work a 5x5 slide puzzle. Winner gets a pile of Pizza Hut pizzas. Results: Chani takes a lead in the first stage, completes the bridge puzzle first, and the slide puzzle.
e6 outpostMemory (for camp raid)Renee vs. Tara. Matt flashes a series of color tiles, contestants must repeat the sequence, or they're out. Winner gets to ransack two items from the other tribe's camp.
e6 icDiscy BusinessAdam sits out. As seen in HvHvH Ep6 IC: Six tribemates (four on balance beams, two—Josh, Arun; JT, Lisa—pulling on the end) must pull on ropes to hold up a disc, upon which they stack blocks to spell "IMMUNITY." First to spell it wins it. Khang Khaw drops once. Chani gets to 7 then drops "accidentally." Khang Khaw does it too. Chani drops at 7 again. Eventually, Khang Khaw "wins".
e7 rcKicking and Screaming (with mud)One tribe member holds onto a pole, while two from the opposing tribe try to remove them and drag them across the finish line. Rd.1: Adam, Eve on posts; removing: Brad, Tara; Dave, Arun. Dave, Arun win for Chani. Arun calls out the unfairness of two big guys dragging Eve through the mud, Chani concedes. Khang Khaw wins two egg-laying hens, 12 eggs, chicken feed.
e7 op(word scramble)Dave vs. Lisa. At arrival, Dave notices a rolled-up parchment wedged in his station. The challenge: Rearrange 16 letters to form a 5-word phrase (YOU CAN STEAL A VOTE). The phrase tells you what the reward is.
e7 icObstacles, puzzleContestants must maneuver a large box containing puzzle blocks over and through various obstacles. When reaching the final station, untie the blocks and use them to solve a math problem. Chani takes a huge lead, but stumbles on the puzzle. Khang Khaw wins, seconds before Chani.
e8 rcCoco ConnectionAs seen in the Ep4 RC in One World. One at a time, contestants fire a slingshot at a 5x5 grid of tiles, first tribe to knock out 5 tiles in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row wins reward (not shown until challenge ends). Results: Arun-0, Tess-1; Renee-1, Tara-1; Adam-0, Lisa-1; Matt-0, Brad-0 (misfires); Dave-1, Eve-?; ?, Tess-1 (2); Arun-0, Tara-1 (2); Matt-1, Lisa-1 (2); Dave-0, Brad-0 (misses when KK has 4 in a row); Renee-1 (2), Eve-1 and wins it!
e8 icHouse of CardsStack 120 wooden tiles to build a house of cards. First to hit 3 meters, or the highest stack after 20 minutes wins. Results: Tess, Lisa early leaders, but both stacks drop. Matt builds a tall stack, and waits for the challenge to end. Dave nearly catches him, then his stack drops. Lisa gets close with less than 10 seconds left, hers drops. Matt wins.
e9 RC5x5Contestants must race over, untie three bags of 5 sandbags each, then attempt to toss five sandbags into five squares. Prize is (John West brand) canned tuna, salmon, and other tuna melt sandwich makings. Results after 15 bags: Tess-1, Lisa-1, Renee-2, Adam-2, Matt-2, Eve-3, Tara-1, Brad-3, Dave-4. Challenge then proceeds: Adam-3,4, Brad-4, then Brad-5. Brad wins! Picks Dave, Tess, and Matt to join him.
1. Brad (5), 2-t. Adam, Dave (4), 4. Eve (3), 5-t. Matt, Renee (2), 7-t. Lisa, Tess, Tara (1).
e9 ICThis MuchAs seen in the Ep10 IC in Kaoh Rong. Contestants must stretch out their arms and use their fingertips to hold up two weighted discs attached to ceramic pots. If they drop either disc, they're out. All last 15 minutes. Elimination order: 9. Dave, 8. Adam (drops intentionally); (30 min.) 7. Lisa, 6. Tess; (90 min., switch to standing on one leg) 5. Brad, 4. Tara, 3. Renee; (135 min.) 2. Matt slips, and 1. Eve wins!
e10 rcChallenge PitchAs seen in the Ep12 RC in Cagayan. Two teams of four (Yellow: Matt, Dave, Tess, Lisa; Blue: Tara, Renee, Adam, Eve) - each team tosses sandbags at the opposing team's block puzzle. When one is completely destroyed, the teams switch, and try to rebuild their block puzzle (one person per team - Yellow: Lisa, blue: Tara). First to rebuild wins reward - a trip to a remote location to watch a Vodafone-sponsored Jurassic World showing, with popcorn and messages from home. Results: Tossing is close, but yellow knocks theirs off first (mostly Matt, some Dave; blue mostly Eve). Lisa quickly puts the puzzle together, and yellow wins. Adam is very angry about Tara's slow performance.
e10 icPaddle OutAs seen in the Ep9 IC in Philippines. Contestants must balance an oversized paddle on a post, and roll six balls down it, landing all six in spots on the paddle blade at once.Results: Dave 2, Eve 2, Adam 2, Dave 3, Adam 3, Eve 3, Matt 1, Adam 4, Dave 4, Dave 5, Dave working on final ball but loses 3 (down to 3), Adam 5, Dave loses another 3 (back to zero), Dave 2, Adam 6 - Adam wins immunity! Lisa, Tara, Tess, Renee all at zero.
e11 rcOver ExtendedAs seen in the Ep12 IC in Cambodia. Contestants must balance a bowl of dried corn on the end of a pole. At regular 1-minute intervals, they must add an additional length of pole, making the corn bowl more difficult to balance. Last person standing wins a chocolate extravaganza. Results: 7. Lisa, 6. Tess (both on transition to 6 pieces), 5. Tara, 4. Adam (both on transition to 7th piece), 3. Matt (7 pieces), 2. Dave (on transition to 9th piece), 1. Eve wins!
e11 icRope-A-DopeStage 1: Contestants must move a piece of bamboo along a rope, wrapped around a series of obstacles; first five to finish move on. Stage 2: Move bamboo along a rope wrapped around a balance beam; first three move on. Stage 3: Move the bamboo along rope through a multi-level obstacle. Results, Stage 1: Tess, Matt, Dave, Lisa, Adam advance (Tara last, Eve 6th). Stage 2: Matt, Tess, Dave advance (Adam 4th, Lisa fell off, 5th). Stage 3: 1. Matt wins, 2. Tess, 3. Dave.
e12 rcSurvivor AuctionItem 1: Donuts and milk (Tess, $200 - outbidding Matt). Item 2: Pizza, Hawaiian flavor (Adam, snap $500 bid). Item 3: Chips, pistachios, beer (Matt, snap $300 bid). Item 4: Pasta, wine (Tara, snap $500 bid). Item 5: Covered (Lisa, snap $500 bid, immediately changes to second covered item when offered - it's sandwiches, fries, Coke; original was a bowl of rice). Item 6: Covered (Dave, snap $300 bid - it's an advantage... he feigns disappointment). Item 7: Covered (Tess, $250, outbidding Matt and Dave - it's a chocolate cake... which she has 60 seconds to share with the tribe). Item 8:
e12 icOffer It UpAs seen in the F4 IC in China. Dave's advantage allows him to enter the challenge on the 4th item. Elimination order: 6. Tess (12th item); 5. Lisa (12th item); 4. Adam (14th item); 3. Matt (14th item); 2. Tara (14th item), 1. Dave wins! (With help.)
e13 rcDomino EffectAs seen in the Ep4 Duel in Redemption Island. First stage: Contestants must carry three bags of dominos, one at a time, over a balance beam. First two to get all three bags across advance. Second stage: Arrange the dominos on an uneven track, such that they all fall down, releasing a ball into a bucket of water. Results: Rd.1 - Dave, Tess advance (3. Tara, 4-t. Adam, Lisa). Rd.2 - Tess wins Thai massage, brings Adam along.
e13 icGet A GripAs seen in the Ep8 duel in Blood vs. Water. Hold on to a pole until you can't. Held on a rainy day, poles are very slippery. Order of elimination: 5. Adam (almost immediately), 4. Tara (~1 minute), 3. Lisa (not long after), 2. Dave, 1. Tess wins!
e14 rcOne Track MindAs seen in the Ep13 IC in Philippines. Contestants use two planks to cross a rope bridge, collecting pieces of a maze along the way. Then assemble the maze and run a ball through it. Dave first to the maze puzzle, then Tara, Tess, Lisa. Dave first to complete the maze, runs the ball through before anyone else finishes. Dave wins night in luxury hotel. He takes Tara. (1. Dave; 2-t. Tara, Tess, Lisa.)