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If the organization has a public webpage for COVID-19 response information, please share the link.Has the organization instituted restrictions on business travel due to COVID-19?
If travel is restricted, has the organization provided guidance on reimbursement of travel that had been previously approved and booked?
Additional information on travel restrictions and reimbursement
What type of remote work policies has the organization established due to COVID-19?
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What response has the organization adopted concerning classes or other group events related to COVID-19?
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TimestampOrganizationLocationCOVID-19 webpageTravel restrictionsReimbursement policyMore travel policy infoRemote work policiesMore remote work policy infoClass/events policiesMore class/events policy infoOther informationCommunications
3/6/2020 13:28:10University of WashingtonSeattle, WA, restricted by travel destination.NoTravel waivers required for travel to China, Italy, South Korea.
Remote work encouraged/allowed
"encourage supervisors to provide telework options to employees...whose job duties can be performed remotely without hampering operations"No in-person classes/examsNo in-person classes or exams March 9-20 (end of quarter). Encourage postponing or canceling large group meetings/gatherings. Anticipate resuming normal operations spring quarter (March 30). Campus open and athletic events proceeding as scheduled. Libraries open with modified hours.
3/7/2020 7:11:41MITCambridge, MA, restricted by travel destination.UnsureAll international travel on MIT business or with MIT programs suspendedUnsure
[UPDATE 3/10] No in-person classes/exams
*effective 3/16
(Prior response, 3/7: Restrictions on in-person classes or events)
UPDATE 3/10: Classes continue this week; cancelled 3/16-3/20. Undergrads not to return to campus after spring break. Online instruction will begin 3/30.
(Prior response - 3/7: No in-person events w >150 people; does not apply to classes.)
3/7/2020 7:16:29Iowa State UniversityAmes, Iowa, restricted by travel destination.NoAny international travel that represents the University, even if vacation time is taken, will not be reimbursed and the traveler will face punishment.
"The Board of Regents has directed Iowa State and the other Regents institutions to suspend all university-sponsored international travel for 30 days, effective immediately."
[UPDATE 3/12] No in-person classes/exams
(Prior response, 3/7: None)
UPDATE 3/12: Iowa State University is moving all classes online beginning Monday, March 23, and continuing through April 3, 2020.
All Recognized Student Organization events and meetings scheduled now (March 13) through April 4 must be canceled, postponed, or virtualized.
3/7/2020 7:20:55Indiana UniversityBloomington, IN restrictions on travel (see additional info)UPDATE 3/12: Self-quarantine amended to be required only for level 3.
(Prior response, 3/7: Anyone returning from country w CDC level 2 or 3 travel alert to self-quarantine. All university-sponsored spring break student travel programs to international locations canceled.)
[UPDATE 3/12] No in-person classes/exams
(Prior response, 3/7: None)
UPDATE 3/12: suspension of classroom teaching following spring break (March 16–20), with students returning to campus April 6.
3/7/2020 7:50:15Stanford UniversityStanford, CA, restricted by travel destination.International travel restricted
Remote work encouraged/allowed
No in-person classes/examsBeginning March 9, classes for rest of winter quarter moved online. Large-group events canceled or adjusted. In-person Admit Weekend (Apr 23-36) canceled.
3/7/2020 8:44:07Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimore, MD, restricted by travel destination.Unsure"University-sponsored travel is restricted to all countries with a CDC Level 3 travel warning: China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea"NoneMonitoring/case-by-case assessmentLarge-scale university events assessed on case-by-case basis.Public webpage
3/7/2020 9:07:26University of FloridaGainesville, FL, restricted by travel destination.Yes"UF has cancelled all university travel to China, South Korea, Iran, Japan and Italy." Per a UF professor, pre-purchased university-authorized travel expenses will be reimbursed for conferences canceled due to coronavirus or for travel to destinations w numerous outbreaks (whether event canceled or not). currently on spring break, classes resume next week. Individuals who traveled to China, Japan, South Korea, Italy or Iran within last 14 days not permitted on campus (exception for medical treatment). Large events expected to proceed as scheduled.Public webpage
3/7/2020 11:06:50
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Employees are strongly discouraged from international travel. If they have recently been in a Level 3 country, asked to self-isolate for 14 days. If they plan to travel to a Level 3 country, they are expected to get written approval from their Dean and all other travel is supposed to be reported to the university.
NoStudents are also 'strongly discouraged from traveling internationally. Students on study abroad in affected countries have been brought home. Any student coming back from a Level 3 country must go through a health-screening with university health services and self-isolate for 14 days.Only under specified criteria (e.g., recent travel to specific locations, symptomatic)Contingency planning for remote classesWe are having a 'trial run' for remote classes. All classes will be administered online from March 11-13. Public webpage
3/8/2020 8:56:43Virginia TechBlacksurg, VA, restricted by travel destination.UnsureTravel to countries w level 3 CDC alerts (China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy) prohibited. Self-quarantine (14-days) recommended for travellers returning from places w level 2 alert (e.g., Japan)NoneNonePublic webpage
3/8/2020 9:46:06University of IowaIowa City, IAhttps://coronavirus.uiowa.eduYes, restricted by travel destination.UnsureAs of March 5: "Board of Regents has instituted a ban on university-sponsored international travel for the next 30 days due to the COVID-19 outbreak." This includes study abroad & spring break trips.Remote work encouraged/allowedUnsurePublic webpage
3/8/2020 13:22:13Ohio State UnivesityColumbus, OH, restricted by travel destination.Unsure[UPDATE 3/10: "The Ohio State University has issued travel restrictions for all university-sponsored international travel. University-sponsored domestic air travel is limited to business essential travel and is approved on an as-needed basis" effective through April 20]

3/8: Restrictions apply to all destinations designated “Warning Level 3”. University sponsored travel is forbidden, and personal travel must be reported. Travelers returning from a Warning level 3 destination must self quarantine for 14 days. “The university will work with anyone impacted by the restrictions to identify the appropriate accommodations for completing academic work or attendance for employment”
[UPDATE 3/10] Preparing plans for telecommuting options
(Previous response, 3/8: None)
[UPDATE 3/10] Restrictions on in-person classes or events
(previous response: None)
UPDATE 3/10: "...suspending face-to-face instruction in lectures, discussion sections, seminars and other similar classroom settings and moving to virtual instruction, effective immediately and through at least Monday, March 30. We are evaluating classroom experiences such as laboratory and performance classes, and the university will provide specific guidance this week." Students may return to permanent residence or stay on campus.Public webpage
3/8/2020 16:57:02
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA work mandatory for non-essential personnelActivated mandatory remote work policy ("excluding essential, on-campus staff such as wet-lab staff, security and facilities management"), effective March 5-31"unless conditions warrant additional time"
3/8/2020 17:18:42Seattle UniversitySeattle, WA, restricted by travel destination.Unsure"temporarily prohibiting all university-related travel to and programs in China, Italy and South Korea for all faculty, staff and students"UnsureCOVID-19 page refers to HR page, which provides info about requesting work-from-home authorization but no indication of widespread encouragement of use.No in-person classes/examsBeginning March 9, classes and exams not held in person through end of winter quarter (March 20). Law school classes (on semester scheduled) suspended until further notice from dean. Campus remains open.Public webpage
3/8/2020 17:57:58Seattle Pacific UniversitySeattle, WA recommendations to follow CDC guidanceUnsureNo in-person classes/examsNo in-person classes or exams beginning March 9. "Campus dining outlets and the library also remain open and on normal schedules. Admissions offices are postponing large events and tours until April 3."Public webpage
3/8/2020 18:14:33UW MedicineSeattle, WA, all official/organization-supported travel.UnsureRestricting all work related travel for all employees March 9-April 3. Strongly encourage reconsideration of invitations for non-UW individuals to visit UW. (Note: Applies to UW Medicine employees, not Univ of Washington broadly)Remote work encouraged/allowedEncourage virtual meetings as possiblePublic webpage
3/9/2020 8:04:50St. Mary's UniversitySan Antonio, TX, all official/organization-supported travel.UnsureRemote work encouraged/allowedAnyone with cold or flulike symptoms is being encouraged to work remotely until symptoms resolve, even if they have not traveled recently.NonePublic webpage
3/9/2020 13:04:17Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, MI, restricted by travel destination.Yes"MSU has suspended all nonessential MSU-sponsored travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Italy"

Guidance for travel affected due to conference cancellations or other COVID-19 related issues:
UnsureCase-by-case assessmentPublic webpage
3/9/2020 13:17:36
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA, restricted by travel destination.UnsureNo university-supported travel to China, South Korea, or Italy w/o waiverNoneContingency planning for remote classesNo current plans to cancel classes, commencement, campus visits, other events. Faculty encouraged to make plans for temporary remote teaching: webpage
3/9/2020 17:21:11University of UtahSalt Lake City, UT, all official/organization-supported travel.Effective March 9-April 30NoneContingency planning for remote classes"We are not canceling on-campus classes at this time, but we are reviewing the feasibility of moving large-enrollment classes to online formats in place of in-person instruction."Public webpage
3/9/2020 17:27:14University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, AL, restricted by travel destination.International travel for March cancelled. Advisory against non-essential domestic travel.NoneNonePublic webpage
3/9/2020 17:36:19Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT, restricted by travel destination.Defer or cancel travel to countries w level 3 CDC alert; returning travelers should self-isolate for 14 days.NoneRestrictions on in-person classes or eventsRequest that events of 100 or more people be canceled/postponed.Public webpage
3/9/2020 17:45:19Harvard UniversityCambridge, MA, all official/organization-supported travel.All university-related international travel & non-essential domestic air travel prohibited.None[UPDATE 3/10] No in-person classes/examsUPDATE 3/10: Classes move online starting 3/23 (after spring break), Harvard College students must be out of dorms by 3/15. (3/9: strongly discourage any non-essential meetings or events of 100 people or more)Public webpage
3/9/2020 17:51:12Rice UniversityHouston, TX, restricted by travel destination.University-sponsored international travel banned through Apr 30. Domestic travel should be limited to essential business.UnsureNo in-person classes/examsIn-person classroom instruction canceled Mar 9-13. Events of >100 people prohibited. "Research will continue, as it is generally limited to small groups." "Other aspects of the campus will continue in operation."Public webpage
3/10/2020 7:50:49Vanderbilt UniversityNashville, TN, restricted by travel destination.YesAll international travel suspended. Institutional travel & expense policies cover expenses and penalties incurred due to cancellations for business reasons or circumstances beyond traveller's control (noted in FAQ - continuity plans developed; staff onsite, ongoing assessment.No in-person classes/examsClasses cancelled March 9-13; no in-person classes (moving to distance/other alternatives) March 16-30. All university-sponsored non-Athletics events and gatherings suspended through Apr 30.Campus remains open.Public webpage
3/10/2020 7:54:47
Thomas Jefferson University
Philadelphia, PA, all official/organization-supported travel.UnsureInternational air travel and domestic air travel suspended.UnsureCase-by-case assessment"All university-sponsored events through May 8, 2020 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by university leadership." Strongly advise against internal in-person meetings of 30 or more people through May 12.Public webpage
3/10/2020 9:38:44Tulane UniversityNew Orleans, LA
Yes, restricted by travel destination.Travel restricted to mainland China, South Korea, ItalyNoneNonePublic webpage
3/10/2020 9:44:24
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL spring break programsUniversity-sponsored spring break programs involving international travel or domestic air travel canceled. NoneNonePublic webpage
3/10/2020 12:20:45
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY, restricted by travel destination.NoAdditionally, travel now must be approved by college dean's and university's provost.Remote work encouraged/allowedUnsureemails and guidelines/suggestions from university's Teaching and Learning centerPublic webpage
3/10/2020 13:09:45Towson UniversityTowson, MD, restricted by travel destination.UnsureUniversity Travel Guidance
The university is issuing the following updated travel guidance which applies to all upcoming travel, including any that has been previously approved.
On March 6, Towson University suspended all upcoming international university travel for students, faculty, and staff until further notice.
Today, Towson University is also suspending all non-essential out-of-state (including Washington, D.C.) university travel for all students, faculty, and staff. This excludes Tiger Athletics.
Towson University has also recalled all faculty, staff, and students who are currently abroad. Concerns for the safety, well-being, and free movement of our students, faculty, and staff have guided this difficult decision. Our goal is to reduce the risk of members of the TU community being unable to return home, if further travel restrictions are put into place. The Study Abroad office has been in direct and ongoing communication with study abroad participants and will continue to do so. As previously shared, all individuals returning home are required to self-isolate and not return to campus for at least 14 days.
Knowing that spring break is often a time of personal travel, please note that TU has prohibited university travel to any country that is under a CDC Risk Assessment Level 1, 2, or 3 related to COVID-19. So, we strongly advise against any personal travel to any country, regardless of CDC levels. We also strongly advise against any domestic travel, for a 50-mile radius as a guide. Travel related to your commute is permitted.

NoneNo in-person classes/exams
Internal communications only (e.g., email, intranet site)
3/10/2020 13:42:55University of New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM, restricted by travel destination.YesThe original expense still must be business-related and documented as to how the travel would have benefited the sponsored project. In addition, the charges must still be substantiated with receipts, a business purpose, and submitted timely. Until further notice is given, they also request that travelers purchase the lowest refundable airfare on University PCard when booking travel to an event that has an increased likelihood of being cancelled.Only under specified criteria (e.g., recent travel to specific locations, symptomatic)NonePublic webpage
3/10/2020 15:45:59
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK, restricted by travel destination.NoNoneContingency planning for remote classes
Internal communications only (e.g., email, intranet site)
3/10/2020 18:56:18Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri, all official/organization-supported travel.NoUnsureNo in-person classes/examsRelying on a google form sent to students to inform if they are planning on coming back from spring break. No info about what opening would mean, if support is going to be given to students who need to return, etc. Public webpage
3/10/2020 22:52:41Stanford UniversityStanford, CA, all official/organization-supported travel.YesUniversity-sponsored international travel restricted. University-sponsored domestic travel strongly encouraged against (student organization-sponsored domestic travel restricted for winter and spring quarters). Department circulation of information about travel reimbursement. Remote work encouraged/allowedNo in-person classes/examsno in-person classes/exams for rest of winter quarter, and spring quarter until further notice. webpage
3/11/2020 6:28:39Northwestern UniversityChicago, IL, restricted by travel destination.All university-sponsored student travel to China, Iran, South Korea, Italy prohibited. Recommend consultation with local health departments when planning future domestic travel. Asking faculty and staff "seriously consider rescheduling non-essential domestic business travel".UnsureContingency planning for remote classesAsking schools & units to cancel or postpone gatherings/events through April 15
"...given the circumstances, the University is evaluating various scenarios, including whether the timing of the quarter may need to be adjusted or whether classes need to be altered and delivered remotely."
State of Illinois declared state of emergency on 3/9Public webpage
3/11/2020 6:38:31University of ChicagoChicago, IL, all official/organization-supported travel.All non-essential international and domestic travel 3/10-4/15UnsureRestrictions on in-person classes or events"suspending University-sponsored events and gatherings of more than 100 people effective immediately through April 15". Also asking schools and departments to postpone on-campus visits. If traveling over spring break, plan as if return to campus may be delayed.Public webpage
3/11/2020 11:32:35University of EvansvilleEvansville, IN, restricted by travel destination.UnsureUnsureUnsurePublic webpage
3/11/2020 11:34:22
University of Southern Indiana
Evansville, IN, restricted by travel destination.YesUnsureUnsurePublic webpage
3/11/2020 11:42:16
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston, MA, all official/organization-supported travel.UnsureOnly under specified criteria (e.g., recent travel to specific locations, symptomatic)No in-person classes/examsPublic webpage
3/11/2020 11:46:54Boston UniversityBoston, MAYes, all official/organization-supported travel.UnsureRemote work encouraged/allowedNo in-person classes/examsPublic webpage
3/11/2020 12:25:09University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia, all official/organization-supported travel.YesOnly under specified criteria (e.g., recent travel to specific locations, symptomatic)No in-person classes/examshttps://teachingcontinuity.virginia.eduPublic webpage
3/11/2020 15:50:26
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina, restricted by travel destination.NoRestriction of all travel outside the state or to gatherings of >= 100 people in state, except by appealno official communicationCase-by-case assessmentclasses canceled for 1 week to allow classes to move to online-only where possiblePublic webpage
3/11/2020 15:55:43
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California
UnsureUnsureUnsureNo in-person classes/examsAll classes will be taken remotely until end of April 2020 the leastPublic webpage
3/11/2020 16:10:46King’s CollegeWilkes Barre, PA planning for remote classesResidence halls closing; students may request to stayPublic webpage
3/11/2020 16:34:10Misericordia UniversityDallas, PA not to travel, required to report travelStaff may request accommodationsNo in-person classes/examsTwo days closed; remote classes until Easter or later; all events cancelled; on campus clinical sites open for now; Commencement plans TBAUpdates communicated via emergency alert texts, emails, and websitePublic webpage
3/12/2020 8:02:03
Hagerstown Community College
Hagerstown, MD, restricted by travel destination.UnsureAll out-of-state travel is restricted, including Washington, DCNoneContingency planning for remote classesUPDATE 3/12: As of 3/12/20, spring break has been extended for an additional week for students. Faculty and staff will report with reduced hours during the week of 3/16-20 to plan for the contingency of conducting online-only classes.There is a team of upper administration working on response plansPublic webpage
3/10/2020 23:57:55University of ConnecticutStorrs, CT, all official/organization-supported travel.Noall University-sponsored domestic and international travel Considering remote online instruction after spring break. Update: 3/11 All students and employees must work remotely starting on 3/23Contingency planning for remote classes. Update 3/11: No in-person classes/examsConsideration for remote classes after spring break.
Dept seminars have been canceled
Public webpage and listserv emails
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL
Classes are suspended for remainder of spring term
all students will have online classes, which start March 23 , Faculty and staff will report to school March 16.
Planning on return classes summer of 2020