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TimestampIs this a blogger contest or blogger challenge?What is the name of the contest or challenge?Who is the host of the contest or challenge?Where is the host domain of the contest or challenge?If there is a specific blog for the contest or challenge, please place link below.If there is a specific Flickr group for the contest or challenge, please place link below.What are the requirements for the contest or challenge?How long will the contest or challenge be running?Are there prizes for the contest or challenge?
12/23/2012 18:34:52Blogger ChallengeBlogging Second Life Blogger ChallengeEvelyn HartshonBlog, Flickr to use one or more stores that are on the Blogging Second Life Blog. It must be a store that you have never heard of or been to before. That’s the only rule! All posts are linked to Evie’s Blog.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:37:20Blogger ChallengeUnedited: A Blogger’s/Photographer’s ChallengeHarlow HeslopFlickrN/A challenge is to take a completely unedited photograph in Second Life. You are allowed to use any windlight you please, but you aren’t allowed to use HUDs, photoshop, or any other altering/editing software to enhance/decorate your photograph. Pictures added to Flickr Group page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:38:13Blogger ChallengeSL Blogger Challenge: Outside the NormAdorkable PeabodyFlickrN/A for participates to step outside of their box and do something completely different than what they normally blog. Pictures are added to Flickr Group page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:39:27Blogger ChallengeLove ChallengeLuna JubileeBlog for participates to express in photography what they love and on their blog. All blog links are ping backed or commented on Luna’s blog.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:40:36Blogger ChallengeThe Pay It Forward ProjectHarlow HeslopFlickrN/A for participates to express a ‘pay it forward’ in their lives through Second Life. All pictures are posted on the Flickr Group page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:41:56Blogger ChallengeWhat’s Your Digits? – Take 2 The Mesh RevolutionStrawberry SinghBlog, Flickr mesh hitting the grid, everyone’s shapes have slightly altered from last years challenge. Participates are asked to measure and post their digits, photographing themselves and explaining about how mesh is affecting their shapes and thoughts on Standard Sizing and the upcoming Deformer. Pictures should be posted on the Flickr Group page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:43:08Blogger ChallengeBlogger Fashion Challenge – Fictional CharactersHarper GanesvoortBlog is to create the participates favorite fictional character from a their favorite book and do a photography posting of it. Blogs / Pictures should be posted on Harper’s blog or ping backed.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:45:04Blogger ChallengeThe GREAT Grid Hop ChallengeHarlow HeslopBlog, Flickr for participants to start off at their home location – open the map and start sim hopping! Keep a look out for amazing locations, landscapes and things to do. Take pictures of your journey and post them on the Flickr Group Page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:46:15Blogger ChallengeSLer’s Sitting in Fancy ChairsElysium HynesBlog, Flickr are asked to take a picture in Second Life sitting in a chair. It could be just one avatar or many. The pictures could depict a mood, story or the participates own personality. Pictures can be older than present as well. Pictures should be posted on the Flickr Group PageOngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:47:50Blogger ChallengeAdopt a “Noob” ChallengeKaelyn AlectoBlog, Flickr out to newer residents and share your pictures and experiences on your blog and in the Flickr group.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:48:50Blogger ChallengeThe Black & White ChallengeMaci RestlessBlog, Flickr your challenge should you choose to accept it is to do a black and white blog post. You can do what I did and leave faint color in it or go with all black and white. You can wear black and white clothes, wear bright colors, or even wear nothing at all (meaning tasteful nudes are acceptable). It’s totally up to you. Pictures should be posted on the Flickr Group PageOngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:49:42Blogger ChallengeA Picture’s Worth a 1000 WordsCadence AldrichBlog a song that inspires you, and take a picture that, to you, tells the story of it. Blog links can be posted to the blog location.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:50:38Blogger ChallengeClass PictureCadence AldrichBlog does your avi look like if it was taken it’s ‘senior picture’. Links can be posted on blog location.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:51:25Blogger ChallengePipes With No PantiesCadence Aldrich (per Photo Nikolaidis)Blog take a picture with a pipe…and no panties of course! Links can be posted on the blog location.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:52:34Blogger Challenge*Truth and Perception*Danielle RiaxikBlog, Flickr do people perceive you? Choose three friends and have them dress you according to what they think perceives your style. Pictures can be posted on your own blog and Flickr Group Page.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:53:38Blogger ChallengeBlogger Challenge: What’s Your Beauty Base-Zero?Portia PexingtonBlog do you begin in your styling? An on-going look from base zero to the final product. Blog links can be posted on the comments section of the blog.OngoingNo
12/23/2012 18:57:17Blogger ChallengeBlogger Challenge: Blast from the pastOakley FoxtrotBlog, Flickr a look that you started blogging with (or around that time) and show it off now. How much have you changed since then? Please post your pictures on the Flickr page.OngoingNo
12/28/2012 13:08:53Blogger ChallengeTwisted Color ChallengeSookie TriellisBlog, Flickr requirements just that people have fun with it! It will run for 52 weeks and each week there will be a new pair of colors that come out. People who want to play along just put together an outfit and post it on either flickr or there blogs or both! If any designers want the color swatches for the challenge feel free to IM me and I will send them over! This will begin on Sunday 12/30/12 and new posts will be posted on every sunday with next weeks color!52 weeks aka as a yearNo
1/3/2013 18:28:09Blogger ChallengeHair Today, Gone TomorrowLucie BluebirdBlog goal is simple... blog a unique hair style every day! To keep it easy, I've created a "default" look for my posts. I will deviate from that when I'm in the mood, but the overall goal was to use hair I buy that just sits in my inventory AND to blog daily. By keeping it easy, I think this is a more reasonable goal. through 2013No
1/7/2013 21:35:28Blogger Challenge50 Shades of SexyShiloh Selene (barbie.glas)Blog, Flickr the week of January 13th, and for the next 50 weeks, we will provide you with a wantonly sexy prompt; a word, a phrase, or a lyric. From there, we rely on your smoldering appeal to create and blog the look that you feel best fits the prompt. Then post your photos to the 50 Shades of Sexy Flickr Group!50 weeks from Jan 13th 2013No
1/8/2013 12:07:34Blogger Challenge52 Weeks of RandomnessMildread GloomBlog challenge was inspired by myself doing a spot of inventory-sorting and realising that I have a lot of really nice things in my inventory, just lieing around and that has never seen the light of day. So, this challenge simply entails bloggers to create one new, random look each week created almost emtirely from things already in their inventories. They can use current/ new skins and shapes, just the hair/ outfit etc needs to be comprised of things already in their inventories. So, get opening those boxes, and dust off those long forgotten folders and see what looks you can create!one yearNo
1/22/2013 3:44:50Blogger ChallengeBlogger Challenge: Zero Lag ThirtyPortia PexingtonBlog basis of this challenge is to style an outfit with as few scripts as well as the lowest render weight possible .. withOUT looking like it. Enjoy!ContinuousNo
1/25/2013 12:41:57Blogger ChallengeThe Bust Out Of Your Bubble Blogger ChallengeSkylar CoeurBlogN/A outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone you normally wouldn't...and blog your adventures! You're a new blogger? You admire a veteran blogger but have been too scared/shy/intimidated to approach them? Send them an IM and ask them to do a post with you! You have someone on your timeline who you think would make a really good friend, but you've never responded to one of their plurks? Send them a PP! Ask them to hang out...and blog about it! Maybe you're a veteran blogger and you see a newbie who has a lot of potential...get to know them, share some tips...and blog about it! I think you get the idea, right? They don't even have to be a blogger...anyone you'd like! ContinuousNo
3/7/2013 16:48:48Blogger ChallengeSL DisneyBoundNatalee OodlesBlog, Flickr> The Rules.
1. Every week on Wednesday Night before midnight SLT I’ll post a new character to inspire your outfits on for the week. It is your job then to recreate the character as you see it, pulling the colors from the color palette of the chosen character to best resemble their look!
2. This challenge will go on for 26 weeks! Every week just comment ( post with your blog and a fun perk will be sent to you! I want to do something special for all the bloggers that take part in this challenge so every blogger will receive a cute bracelet with verbiage pertaining to the character we are DisneyBounding as during that current week!
3. Don’t forget to join our FLICKR GROUP! (
4. You need at least one clear photo of your outfit! But have fun with it too!
3/27/2013 20:20:17Blogger ChallengeWe'll Carry OnJaseyRae PetrovicBlog, Flickr Photos only. Has to be your own interpretations of the song. Nudeness is allowed but no porno!6 Weeks (May 7th, 2013 is the end date)No
4/3/2013 4:44:12Blogger ChallengeThe Rosie Rosie Blog Blogger MemesNamiNaeko ResidentBlog, Flickr, i plan on doing a series of challenges/memes, and they are open to anyone and all that want to do them, but i know mostly bloggers will want to since they can take pictures.

The memes and challenges are based around random ideas I will get, like for instance, the first meme is just a series of questions that the blogger will have to answer. There are no rules other than having a picture, and answering the actual rules, so, they can do whatever they want. It's mostly for giving anyone the chance to post something that will have others get to know them

In my series I hope to have an odd but pleasing mix of things, anything ranging from photo challenges, memes, questions, actual challenges where the blogger will have to go in world and do something and write about their experience. I even have an idea of putting out a topic and allowing bloggers to discuss and talk about it.
4/12/2013 10:10:09Blogger ChallengeRed Solo Cup ChallengeJolene McAndrewsBlog Friday I’m going to post…something. It will be a feeling, a movie title, a quote, a song, a lyric, a colour, a place…WHATEVER. Anything that inspired me that week. All you have to do is interpret that however you want and take a beautiful picture.

I don’t know how long this challenge will last but as an added incentive, at the end of 4 weeks (so May 9th) I will pick my favourite photo submitted to the Flickr group and that talented blogger will receive 1000$L from yours truly! So I think that covers everything….
5/19/2013 13:46:02Blogger ChallengeWriter's Block ChallengePortia PexingtonBlog you experiencing a bit of writer's block? My challenge to YOU, oh bloggers of SL, is to write a single blog post and I’m going to help you get through this in less than ten steps!ContinuousNo
6/12/2013 14:45:37Blogger ChallengeName Your SL Age Blogger ChallengeAi HienrichsBlog, Flickr Blogger on their rezz day (a few days off is fine) write a post with at least one picture and a write up of why they named their SL age as that. For example "Terrible Twos", "Fantastic Four", "Overloaded Eight".

Here is sample one that I did -

- Post picture on flickr with link to their post.
- Comment on the blog challenge page
- Must submit their post by 20th of each month to qualify for the monthly prizes.
- No nudity and violent images
May 20, 2013 to May 20, 2014Yes
6/16/2013 20:51:49Blogger ChallengeComic Book / Comic Strip ChallengeCrazychefBlog, Flickrhttp://shopafreakingholic.blogspot.com challenge for this is to create a comic book or comic strip for your SL Avatar or SLife. You can base it off an original comic book/comic strip or think of a completely new idea of your own! Get creative and have some fun with it! continuousNo
7/28/2013 17:56:35Blogger ChallengeStorybook Saturdayskeliahangelis residentFlickr photo must fit in with the weekly theme.1 yearNo
8/7/2013 2:02:24Blogger ChallengeChallenge Yourself: Be Thankful & ImproveNatalee OodlesBlog, Flickr Yourself. In honor of Millie Gears. She reminds us of one thing, that we should be thankful. Thankful for something no matter how big or small it may seem. Something that keeps us turning, living, breathing. To be thankful and to improve on our faults. We all have one, we all recognize something that is wrong with us and tonight I was made very aware of a big one I have. This is something I’m going to try to do every month for a year, something to be thankful for, progress of the thing you wanted to improve on. Every month on the 5th I will try to post this and I hope that you, in celebration of Millie Gear’s life joins me in this. It’s easy to focus on this now this month because it’s fresh and new. It’s the months that progress that things start to fall back into a routine and it’s up to us to not let it be a routine anymore. It’s up to us to remember, to be thankful and humble and improve.Continuous or at least until August 5, 2014.No
8/12/2013 6:46:49Blogger ChallengeAndrogyMeArora ZanzibarBlog design a look to suit a gender neutral avatar. Try to use mesh items as much as possible without the use of heavily shaped breasts or bums, a skin that isn't covered in make up and a hair that can be worn by either end dateNo
8/31/2013 9:11:31Blogger ChallengeMy SerenitySerenity NansenBlog To express yourself. To remind yourself, and tell your listeners a little about the real you.

What is your Serenity? What brings peace to your mind? When you’re flustered and need time away, where do you run to, what do you do? Most importantly…what helps keeps you positive when you have nothing but negatives?
No End DateNo
1/19/2014 10:32:39Blogger ContestLivGlam Blogger of the WeekHarper BeresfordBlogNANA1. Blog entry must show LivGlam or K Collection content.

2. Blog entry must include a slurl to LivGlam's main store and/or link to the event in which the content is being sold.

3. Contest is open to both current LivGlam bloggers and general bloggers in the grid.

How to enter:

Register your URL at

Entries will be reviewed each Saturday night after 5 pm slt. (That's the deadline!)
2/7/2014 5:45:20Blogger ChallengefghfjhfjhfghfBlogN/AN/AJHGJ GFHGFD GFYFD JGGFG2.2.2015Yes
3/7/2014 20:17:24Blogger Challenge<10L ChallengeSelena BirdsongFlickrN/A make outfits in SL for less than 10 Linden, preferably as close to free as is possible!
*No groups you have to pay more than 10L to join can count for group gifts
*High quality as possible
*Try and make a completely different avatar each time
4/15/2014 11:36:06Blogger ChallengeMommy goes Shoppingdebbyom ResidentBlog simple Challenge rules are:
A short story relating to the picture.
A picture and the links to the items you are wearing.
Must blog your Meme and post the blog address in the comments section.
May or may not Join the flicker group.
5/2/2014 13:30:40Blogger ChallengeProject EveryBody: Be BraveLucie Bluebird via Project EveryBodyBlog, Flickr Pick a look you've always wanted to blog, but have never felt you could... for whatever reason. Whether fear of others judging you, or your own inner demons doing the same.

2. Take a pic of the look, and write a post to go with it that discusses why you've avoided looks like it in the past. Feel free to be as in depth as you like, but be sure to share what has kept you from looks like your chosen one in the past (more examples, details, etc are in the actual blog post for the challenge).

3. Share your pics and stories either via your blog, Flickr or both and be sure to add your link to the Be Brave challenge comments. You can also add your pictures to the Project EveryBody Flickr group.

4. Not required, but very welcomed... feel free to share what Project EveryBody is in your post, and why it's important to you.
Continuous No
5/19/2014 0:35:31Blogger ChallengeProject EveryBody: RawLucie Bluebird via Project EveryBodyBlog blog a raw (unedited) photo. Natural, realistic WL is encouraged. Cropping is acceptable. Continuous No
9/18/2014 20:51:27Blogger ChallengeMy SLife in PhotosArora ZanzibarBlog the earliest photo of yourself that you have. And then pick one photo from each year after that and put them together in a collage/time line, labeling each photo with the year it was taken.continuousNo
12/2/2014 13:17:07Blogger ChallengeSL Elf on the ShelfTaleah McmahonFlickr did this last year for my ex and it was a lot of fun to come up with ideas every day up until Christmas. My Elf did terrible awful things like Flying Reindeer into Christmas Trees. Drinking all his booze and filling the bottle back up with water, fishing for Santa Claus in the Toilet, used his picture on a dart board, threw our canoe sofa in the lake, and so much more. Whatever elf you choose is fine just make sure he is an elf! This year I invite you all to join me in the fun and share your pictures on flickr please!
Month of DecemberNo
1/3/2015 15:13:37Blogger ChallengeA Year of Themes Softpaw SommerBlog, Flickr theme will be announced each week, on Wednesday, for all of 2015. The challenge is to interpret the theme however the blogger sees fit, take a photo and post it to either flickr or their blog, or both.last theme will be posted on December 30th 2015 No
1/17/2015 22:37:24Blogger ChallengeSL Inspiration RecreationArora ZanzibarBlog, Flickr month each month a range of RL images (photos, art, posters etc) will be posted for bloggers to choose ONE and recreate year, monthlyNo
1/19/2015 14:08:48Blogger ChallengeElsa ChallengeKirsten CorleoneBlog Please make your own modern day Elsa inspired look. If you do, please leave a comment below.ContinuousNo
1/23/2015 5:21:40Blogger ChallengeBlogger Blind DateJustADecoy ResidentBlog, Flickr Blind Date is all about connecting bloggers with each other. To bring focus to different types and styles of bloggers.

The vision is to bring two bloggers together to work on a shared theme and photo and create seperate posts linking back to each others. As we all know we are not the most outgoing of people, too many of us stand around on our platforms. Too shy to go up to someone to collaborate. This is to help combat that. All you need to do is fill out the application and let us do the rest.

We are hoping to get 20 bloggers signed up. Less is ok, more is better. As long as we can make it an even number. Obviously.

This is the timeline we are working on right now:

Take applications until February 28th.
Send out notices March 1st.
Have posts done by March 8th.

That gives a full week to get in contact with the other person. Of course real life happens and we are very understanding. Simply drop an NC on JustADecoy or e-mail
Applications until February 28thNo
9/27/2015 21:36:33Blogger ContestCosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary Bloggers Photo ContestCorina WonderFlickr♦ Photo cannot contain nudity
♦ 2 submissions by avatar
♦ 4 items from Cosmopolitan Birthday set should be part of the picture
♦ Photo editing is allowed
♦ Upload your entry in the flickr group :
♦You can add them in Cosmo FB group too:
♦ Name your photo "Cosmopolitan 3rd Anniversary Contest" (1 & 2)
♦ Winners will be notified on the 15th October
27th Sep to 11th OctoberYes
12/25/2015 15:38:37Blogger ChallengeLook Back At 2015Trixie CliassiBlog, Flickr a collage using 1 picture from each month of the past year. Flickr users can just share the photo to the group, and bloggers write up a couple sentences on each one and why they picked that photo/post.No end date.No
9/29/2016 15:51:24Blogger ChallengeThe UnEVENTful ChallengePeep SideshowBlog or photos used to complete the UnEVENTful Challenge, or photos that showcase items that have NOT been purchased at a shopping event.

Rules? Yep, there are a few:

1. You can’t wear or show anything purchased during an event, but you can use an item originally from an event that you later purchased in the creator’s store after the event was over (in world or on Marketplace).
2. You can use sales items, but not if it was part of an organised main store sales event (think Fifty Linden Friday or Midnight Madness).
3. You can use review items, but only if they were for a general release and not for an event.
4. Group or store gifts are ok.
5. Hunt gifts are NOT ok (a hunt is an event, remember?:wink: )
6. Everyday items (like your skin, tattoo or eyes) purchased at an event are allowed.

Credits or link to your blog with full details in the description are required.
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