Course: Course NameDescriptionLengthDepartment
Climate Change and Global InequalityNowhere is the face of global inequality more obvious than in climate change, where stories of climate-driven tragedies and the populations hit hardest by these disasters surface in every news cycle. In this course, students will interrogate the causes a...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Positive PsychologyWhat is a meaningful, happy, and fulfilling life? The focus of psychology has long been the study of human suffering, diagnosis, and pathology, but in recent years, however, positive psychologists have explored what’s missing from the mental health equat...One SemesterScience and Health
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Data VisualizationThrough today's fog of overwhelming data, visualizations provide meaning. This course trains students to collect, organize, interpret, and communicate massive amounts of information. Students will begin wrangling data into spreadsheets, learning the basi...One SemesterArt, Media and Design
Spanish Language Through Culture IThis intensive summer course will give students with no prior exposure to Spanish the vocabulary, grammatical background and communicative skills that they need to jump into Spanish 2 at their schools. This course will replicate what is typically a yearl...Full YearWorld Languages
GeometryThis intensive summer course is designed to provide an accelerated path through the traditional high school geometry curriculum. Focusing on Euclidian geometry, students will examine topics relating to parallel lines, similar and congruent triangles, qua...Full YearMathematics and Technology
Religion & SocietyReligion is one of the most salient forces in contemporary society but is also one of the most misunderstood. What exactly is religion? How does religious identity inform the ways humans understand themselves and the world around them? How can increased ...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Prisons and Criminal Justice SystemsHow do societies balance individual freedoms with security? How do definitions of “crime” and “punishment” shift across jurisdictions and time periods? How do recent protests and discussions about racial biases and systemic racism inform our understandin...One SemesterSocial Sciences
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Race & SocietyWhat is race? Is it something we’re born with? Is it an idea that society imposes on us? An identity we perform? A privilege we benefit from? Does our own culture’s conception of race mirror those found in other parts of the world? These are just a few ...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Japanese Language Through Culture IIIStudents in Japanese III have mastered most of the conjugation patterns (TE/TA form, dictionary form, and NAI form) that are necessary to speak and write in complex structures. While advancing their grammatical knowledge (including giving and receiving, ...Full YearWorld Languages
Problem Solving with Engineering and DesignThis course investigates various topics in science, technology, computer programing , engineering, and mathematics using a series of projects and problems that are both meaningful and relevant to the students lives. Students will develop engineering skil...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Introduction to Legal ThinkingInspired by GOA’s popular Medical Problem Solving series, this course uses a case-based approach to give students a practical look into the professional lives of lawyers and legal thinking. By studying and debating a series of real legal cases, students...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Chinese Language Through Culture IThrough this introduction to Mandarin Chinese language and culture students will learn the building blocks of spoken and written communication- pronunciation, tones, stroke order and radical recognition. Students will carry out basic interactions in Chi...Full YearWorld Languages
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Creative Nonfiction WritingTell your own stories and the stories of the world around you! This course centers on the art of shaping real experiences into powerful narratives while growing foundational writing skills. Participants will read, examine, and write diverse works of crea...One SemesterArt, Media and Design
Digital JournalismIn a time when anyone and everyone has the right to write and the ability to publish, what does it mean to be a journalist? Students in this course learn fundamentals of reporting and shaping stories in text and multimedia; they learn to implement standa...One SemesterArt, Media and Design
Fiction WritingThis course connects students interested in creative writing (primarily short fiction) and provides a space for supportive and constructive feedback. Students gain experience in the workshop model, learning how to effectively critique and discuss one ano...One SemesterArt, Media and Design
Poetry WritingThis poetry writing workshop explores identity and seeks to answer the question: How are you shaped (or not) by the community you live in? Our goal is to create a supportive online network of writers that uses language to discover unique and mutual under...One SemesterArt, Media and Design
Power: Redressing Inequity with DataStudents utilize research, data, their own sense of social justice, and the application of all three to right wrongs in our world. A collaborative track and an independent track will run concurrently throughout the semester. Collaboratively, the full cla...One SemesterLearning Studios
Water: From Inquiry to ActionThe second most common compound in the world, water is essential to life. It is also a cause of quick death. It sculpts mountains and reshapes coastlines. It gives rise to conflicts among neighbors and nations, yet it brings peace and pleasure to many. C...One SemesterLearning Studios
Number TheoryOnce thought of as the purest but least applicable part of mathematics, number theory is now by far the most commonly applied: every one of the millions of secure internet transmissions occurring each second is encrypted using ideas from number theory. T...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Organic ChemistryThis course is designed with two goals in mind: one pragmatic, and one philosophical. Pragmatically it provides a few foundational blocks for further studies in the organic chemistry field, giving students a small window on future, more traditional organ...One SemesterScience and Health
Practical AstronomyThis course serves as a model of how modern astronomy has benefited from the digital revolution and advances in imaging technology. In the past two decades, the amount of information about our place in the universe has seen an explosive expansion. Our un...One SemesterScience and Health
Social PsychologyAre you thinking and acting freely of your own accord or is what you think, feel, and do a result of influences by the people around you? Social psychology is the scientific study of how and why the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others influen...One SemesterScience and Health
9/11 in a Global ContextThe tragedy of September 11, 2001 changed the world in profound ways. In this course, students explore the causes of 9/11, the events of the day itself, and its aftermath locally, nationally, and around the world. In place of a standard chronological fra...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Abnormal PsychologyThis course provides students with a general introduction to the field of abnormal psychology from a western perspective while exploring the cultural assumptions within the field. Students examine the biopsychosocial aspects of what we consider abnormal ...One SemesterScience and Health
Advanced Topics in EconomicsWhat is the economic impact of professional sports teams on their local community? How does pollution in China affect vineyards in Italy? Why did the US financial market collapse in 2008 and how can we use this experience to predict our next global busin...One SemesterLearning Studios
Applying Philosophy to Modern Global IssuesThis is an applied philosophy course that connects pressing contemporary issues with broad-range philosophical ideas and controversies, drawn from multiple traditions and many centuries. Students use ideas from influential philosophers to examine how thi...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Arabic Language through Culture IThrough study of Levantine (Jordanian) Arabic and the Arabic writing system, students develop novice proficiency in interpersonal communication. Students will be able to communicate in spontaneous spoken conversations on everyday topics, including person...Full YearWorld Languages
Arabic Language through Culture IIArabic II students have one year of Arabic Language Through Culture or have demonstrated Novice proficiency through summer coursework or other experiences. Students will communicate in spontaneous spoken conversations on familiar topics, including food, ...Full YearWorld Languages
Comparative PoliticsIn 2012, the Economist issued a report entitled “Democracy at a Standstill.” This course uses the comparative model to ask students to consider whether democracy is in fact at a standstill, but more importantly, if and why we should care. By looking at c...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Computer Science I: Computational ThinkingComputational thinking centers on solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior. It has applications not only in computer science, but also myriad other fields of study. This introductory level course focuses on thinking like a co...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Computer Science II: Analyzing Data with PythonIn this course, students utilize the Python programming language to read, manipulate and analyze data. The course emphasizes using real world datasets, which are often large, messy, and inconsistent. Because of the powerful data structures and clear synt...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Computer Science II: Game Design and DevelopmentIn this course, students practice designing and developing games through hands-on practice. Comprised of a series of "game jams," the course asks students to solve problems and create content, developing the design and technical skills necessary to build...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Computer Science II: JavaThis course teaches students how to write programs in the Java programming language. Java is the backbone of many web applications, especially eCommerce and government sites. It is also the foundational code of the Android operating system and many tools...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
EnergyEnergy is a topic of paramount concern to our global community today. How do we source it, how do we use it, and how do we control emissions and reduce our carbon footprint to avoid irreversible environmental damage? These are the questions that surface ...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Game TheoryDo you play games? Do you ever wonder if you’re using “the right” strategy? What makes one strategy better than another? In this course, we explore a branch of mathematics known as game theory, which answers these questions and many more. Game theory has...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
Gender & SocietyThis course uses the concept of gender to examine a range of topics and disciplines that includes feminism, gay and lesbian studies, women’s studies, popular culture, and politics. Throughout the course students examine the intersection of gender with ot...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Genocide & Human RightsStudents in this course study several of the major genocides of the 20th century (Armenian, the Holocaust, Cambodian, and Rwandan), analyze the role of the international community in responding to and preventing further genocides (with particular attenti...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Global HealthWhat makes people sick? What social and political factors lead to the health disparities we see both within our own communities and on a global scale? What are the biggest challenges in global health and how might they be met? Using an interdisciplinary ...One SemesterScience and Health
Introduction to PsychologyWhat does it mean to think like a psychologist? In Introduction to Psychology, students explore three central psychological perspectives – the behavioral, the cognitive, and the sociocultural – in order to develop a multi-faceted understanding of what th...One SemesterScience and Health
Japanese: Language through Culture IThis full-year course is a unique combination of Japanese culture and language, weaving cultural comparison with the study of basic Japanese language and grammar. While examining various cultural topics such as literature, art, lifestyle and economy, stu...Full YearWorld Languages
Japanese: Language through Culture IIThrough language learning, students in this course share their voices, cultivate global perspectives, and foster appreciation of self and others. Students expand their knowledge of the basic skills introduced in Japanese Language Through Culture I while ...Full YearWorld Languages
Linear AlgebraIn this course students learn about the algebra of vector spaces and matrices by looking at how images of objects in the plane and space are transformed in computer graphics. We do some paper-and-pencil calculations early in the course, but the computer ...One SemesterMathematics and Technology
MacroeconomicsMacroeconomics is the study of economic units as a whole rather than of their individual components. The aggregate unit is usually a national economy and that will be our focus in this course. Students will learn to better understand how to measure natio...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Medical Problem Solving IIn this course students collaboratively solve medical mystery cases, similar to the approach used in many medical schools. Students enhance their critical thinking skills as they examine data, draw conclusions, diagnose, and treat patients. Students use ...One SemesterScience and Health
Medical Problem Solving IIMedical Problem Solving II is an extension of the problem-based approach in Medical Problem Solving I. While collaborative examination of medical case studies remain at the center of the course, MPSIIMPS II approaches medical cases through the perspectiv...One SemesterScience and Health
MicroeconomicsIn this course, students learn about how consumers and producers interact to form a market and then how and why the government may intervene in that market. Students deepen their understanding of basic microeconomic theory through class discussion and de...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Multivariable CalculusIn this course students learn to differentiate and integrate functions of several variables. We extend the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to multiple dimensions, and the course will culminate in Green's, Stokes' and Gauss' Theorems. We begin with a swif...Full YearMathematics and Technology
NeuropsychologyNeuropsychology is the exploration of the neurological basis of behavior. Within this course, students will learn about basic brain anatomy and function as well as cognitive and behavioral disorders from a neurobiological perspective. They will do an in-...One SemesterScience and Health
Developmental PsychologyOver a few short years, most human beings grow from infants who are not even able to hold up their heads to become walking, talking, thinking people who are able to communicate using language, to understand complexities, to solve problems, and to engage ...One SemesterScience and Health
Arabic Language Through Culture IIIStudents in Arabic III have demonstrated Intermediate interpersonal proficiency in Arabic (MSA or a dialect) through two years in Arabic Language Through Culture or other coursework, and have demonstrated an ability to work online independently and relia...Full YearWorld Languages
How to Argue WellThis course, which teaches critical thinking skills through argument mapping, offers students the opportunity to make a significant intellectual leap and improve not only their performance in school but also their ability to engage in productive argument...One SemesterSocial Sciences
Computer Programming I: Introduction to JavaFull YearMathematics and Technology