FF7 save combinations
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LOCATIONFirst SaveThe slums (under the pillar)Room in the slumsOn the way to reactor 5Reactor 5Reactor 5 roomChurchAeris HouseWallmarketTrain graveyardThe slums (under the pillar)Aeris HouseWallmarketShinra HQShinra Floor 64Shinra Floor 67Shinra floor 69World (Midgar area)KalmWorld (Midgar area)World (Grasslands Area)World (Junon area)Fort condorWorld (Junon area)Fort CondorWorld (Junon Area)Fort CondorJunon airportJunon InnBoat (without Yuffie)World (Corel area)Corel tracksWorld (Corel area)Ropeway stationCorel prisonWorld (gold saucer area)World (Junon area)Fort condorWorld (Junon Area)World (Gongaga Area)World (Cosmo Canyon Area)Cosmo canyonFort condorCosmo canyonFort condorWorld (Nibel area)Mount NibelWorld (Rocket town area)Fort CondorWorld (Rocket town area)World (Wutai area)Fort CondorWorld (Gongaga Area)World (Wutai Area)WutaiWorld (Gold Saucer Area)Ropeway StationWutaiFort CondorWorld (Forest area)Temple of the ancients 1Temple of the ancients 2Temple of the ancients 2World (Gongaga Area)Fort CondorWorld (Icicle Area)Fort CondorWorld (Icicle Area)Forgotten CapitalFort CondorForgotten CapitalForgotten CityForgotten CapitalFort CondorForgotten CapitalWorld (Icicle Area)Gaeas Cliff BaseGaeas CliffGaeas Cliff 2Whirlwind MazeWhirlwind Maze 2Junon OfficeHighwindWorld (Junon Area)Fort CondorWorld (Cosmo Canyon Area)World (Nibel Area)World (Rocket Area)World (Icicle Area)World (Grasslands Area)World (Mideel Area)HighwindWorld (Mideel Area)Mount CorelWorld (Gold saucer area)Fort CondorWorld (Fort Condor Area)Fort CondorWorld (Mideel Area)
s0-1 Nothings1-6 Nothings1-14 Bouncing saves2-3 Nothings2-10 Before planting the bombs2-12 Nothings2-14 After saving aeriss2-15 Nothings3-12 Nothings6-4 Nothings7-7 Nothings7-8 Nothing (after pillar events)s7-11 Nothings8-4 Chose breaking ins9-8 Nothing (from s9-1)s0-12 After Hojo and red scenes1-7 Nothings1-10 (world) Outside Midgars1-15 Inbetween kalm flashbacks2-2 After kalm flashbacks2-11 Before entering chocobo farms3-14 Outside the caves4-1 Inside fort condor (Battle 1)s4-6 In front of Junons4-11 Inside fort condor (Battle 2)s4-15 Back at junons5-3 Inside fort condor (Battle 3)s5-6 After dressing up as a soldiers6-3 Nothings6-8 Nothings7-3 Killed Jenova didnt get ifrits7-13 Nothings9-3 after scene with barrets9-6 Just arriveds9-13 scene falling gold saucers0-1 inside buggy didnt get ramuhs0-4 in front of sleeping man caves0-8 Inside fort condor (Battle 4)s0-11 Got yuffies0-12 in front of gongaga villages1-9 In front of cosmo canyon, buggy brokens2-1 After speaking with red xiiis2-14 Inside fort condor (Battle 5)s3-2 Same as s3-13 but with fort condor dones4-10 Inside fort condor (Battle 6)s4-13 In front of Nibelheims6-9 Nothings7-5 In front of rocket towns7-12 Inside fort condor (Battle 7)s7-15 In front of rocket towns8-3 Tiny Bronco obtaineds8-4 Inside fort condor (Battle 8)s8-7 In front of blacksmiths houses8-11 Before scene of materia tobberys8-15 Nothings1-4 In front of the quick sands1-6 Nothings1-12 Nothings1-14 Inside fort condor (Battle 9)s2-2 In front of ancients temples2-7 Followed the Ancients3-3 Nothings4-7 Caught the ancients4-10 After all the temple sceness4-11 Inside fort condor (Battle 10)s4-14 In front of Bone Villages6-2 Inside fort condor (Battle 11)s6-5 In front of forgotten Capitals6-7 Nothings7-2 Inside fort condor (Battle 12)s7-5 Nothings7-6 Nothings7-7 END OF DISC 1s7-9 Inside fort condor (Battle 13)s7-12 Nothings8-5 Nothings9-2 Reached Cabin without passing outs9-11 Threw the boulder in previous caves0-9 Nothings1-1 Clone falling from a cliffs1-11 Scene with sephiroth, killed boss and gave materia to red xiiis2-1 After very long sceness2-4 After huge number of sceness2-5 After scene in the Highwinds2-6 Inside fort condor (Battle 14)s2-9 Nothings2-12 Nothings2-14 Nothings3-2 Nothings3-15 Nothings4-2 Nothings4-12 After scene with wheelchaired clouds4-13 Nothings4-15 Nothings5-1 Didnt reach the trains5-5 Inside Fort Condors5-6 Couldn't stop the attack and lost the boss fights5-7 Stopped the attacks5-11 Nothing
s0-2 1 Potion from guards1-7 Potions1-15 All materias2-4 Tents2-11After plantings2-13 Ethers3-1 Cover materias3-13 Pharmacy coupons6-5 Ether from don corneos mansions7-9 Sense Materias7-12 Batteriess8-5 Chose sneaking ins9-9 Phoenix down from lockers0-13 Poison materia in chests1-8 Scene with Palmers1-11 (world) Outside Midgar with everythiungs2-1 Inbetween kalm flashback jammed the pianos2-3 Grabbed hidden ethers2-12 Got choco-mogs3-15 In front of fort condors4-2 Spoke to the old mans4-7 Conversation at the entrances4-12 Spoke to the old mans5-1 Scene and got shivas5-4 Fought the battle (lost)s5-7 Got the grenade in the minigames6-4 Everything (From s5-10)s6-9 Spoke to red-xiiis7-4 Killed Jenova got ifrits7-14 Upper track brokens9-4 ethers9-7 Bought day tickets9-14 scene with barrets flashbacks0-2 inside buggy got ramuhs0-5 Got mythrils0-9 Fought the battle (lost)s0-13 After turks fights1-10 in front of cosmo canyon, buggy not brokens2-2 turtle flyer 4s2-15 Fought the battle (lost)s3-3 touched leftmost stone in cave of Gis4-11 Fought the battle (lost)s4-14 After the scene entering Nibelheims6-10 Got rune blades7-6 Scene while entering the town s7-13 Fought the battle (lost)s8-1 After speaking with Cid about the rockets8-5Fought the battle (lost)s8-8 Scene when entering blacksmith houses8-12 After scene of materia robberys9-1 Scene with the turks at turtle paradise bars1-5 Scene when stepping in quicksands1-7 Bought the lifetime tickets1-13 Grabbed the turtle paradise bar prizes1-15 Fought the battle (lost)s2-3 After watching the temples2-8 Followed the second ancients3-4 Morph materias4-8 Scene and killed bosss4-12 Fought the battle (lost)s4-15 Got Kjatas6-3 Fought the battle (lost)s6-6 Got Water Rings6-8 Got Magic Sources7-3 Fought the battle (lost)s7-8 After scene outside the shell houses7-10 Fought the battle (lost)s7-13 Got Viper Halberds8-6 Got Hero Drinks9-3 Scene with Holzoffs9-12 Got Javelins0-10 Clone sent flyings1-2 Scene of Rufus in the Highwinds1-12 Got Mp turbo materias2-2 Following tifa next floorThe game changes the items sold in various shops at this point as well as some chests appearing in towns. The Buggy and Tiny Bronco are taken out of the game since there can only be 2 transports at the same time and they will be replaced with Highwind/Sub. The ranch becomes available for rental too.s2-7 Fought the battle (lost)s2-10 Got Elixir and Magic Sources2-13 Got Elemental materia from pianos2-15 Got Fourth Bracelets3-3 Spoke to the green chocobo inside chocobo sage houses4-1 Got chocobo lure materias4-3 Spoke to the crazy woman at weapon shops4-14 Got elixirs5-2 Reached the train but didnt stop its5-8 Couldn't stop the attack and killed the bosss5-12 After fight with ultima weapon and restoring clouds mind
s0-3 2 Potions from guards1-8 Flowers2-1 Ethers2-5 Spoke to biggss3-2 Ethers3-14 Spoke to the guy at the honey bee entrances6-6 Hypers7-10 Event in aeris houses7-13 Spoke to childrens8-6 After the breaking in scenes9-10 Ether from lockers0-14 Hojo scene and bosss1-9 After scenes and bossess1-12 (world) Outside Midgars2-4 Grabbed hidden ether from house next to the inn s2-13 Spoke to chocobo Bills4-3 Spoke to the man in the towers4-8 Saved priscillas4-13 Fought the battle (lost)s5-2 Scene and got the whistles5-5 Fought the battle (won)s5-8 got 6 ethers in the minigames6-5 Got speed sources6-10 Spoke to tifas7-5 Spoke to the tourist guides7-15 bottom track brokens9-5 after corel flashbacks9-8 Scene with the team inside, chose tifas9-15 spoke to Mr. Coatess0-3 outside the buggys0-6 Got bolt rings0-10 Fought the battle (won)s0-14 after watching the destroyed reactor from the villages1-11 view of the town scenes2-3 scene with buggenhaggens3-1 Fought the battle (won)s3-4 touched bottom stones4-12 Fought the battle (won)s4-15 Spoke to the inn keepers6-11 Got plus barrettes7-7 Got Power sources7-14 Fought the battle (won)s8-2 After asking Cid if we can take the tiny broncos8-6 Fought the battle (won)s8-9 Got gold armlets8-13 In front of wutais9-2 Spoke to Yuffies father and triggered the scenes1-8 Turtle paradise flyer 3s2-1 Fought the battle (won)s2-4 Scene with Aeris at the entrances2-9 Got rocket punchs3-5 Clock set to 10:00s4-9 Scene, killed boss and obtained bahamuts4-13 Fought the battle (won)s5-1 Found Bluntlines6-4 Fought the battle (won)s6-9 Got Aurora Armlets7-4 Fought the battle (won)s7-11 Fought the battle (won)s7-14 Got Bolt Armlets8-7 Got Vaccines9-4 Got All materias9-13 Got Elixirs0-11 Boss killeds1-3 Got Neo-Bahamuts1-13 Got Poison rings2-3 Following tifa next floors2-8 Fought the battle (won)s2-11 Got Fullcure materias3-1 Got Guard Sources3-4 Got Enemy skill materias4-4 Spoke to the crazy woman at item shops5-3 Bought ultima materia afterwardss5-9 Got Phoenix materia
s0-4 Chests1-9 Flower and potions2-2 Everyone gets in the trains2-6 Potions3-3 5Gil from hidden drawers3-15 Spoke to the man at don corneos mansion (triggers all the dressing quests)s6-7 Phoenix down (from s6-2)s7-14 Spoke to child by the pipes8-7 Taking everyone out in the first floors9-11 Hit the vending machines0-15 Enemy skills1-13 (world) Outside Midgars2-5 Spoke to the child in the house next to the inns2-14 Spoke to chocobo Billy and bought the materias4-4 Fought the battle (lost)s4-9 Spoke to the old womans4-14 Fought the battle (won)s5-9 got 5000 gil in the minigames6-6 Got second 1/35 soldiers6-11 Spoke to aeriss7-6 Spoke to johnny 3 timess8-1 got wizer staff and bottom track brokens9-9 Spoke to the inns butlers0-7 got boths0-15 scene with scarlett and tsengs1-12 Scene at the entrances2-4 chose a partys3-5 touched upper stone (opens door)s5-1 Got luck source from caped mans6-12 Got elixirs7-8 Spoke to the old man and got yoshiyukis8-10 Got great gospels8-14 Scene seeing Yuffie at the entrances9-3 Got mp absorb and Yuffie stole its1-9 Won in the battle square and date Aeriss2-5 Scene with a caped mans2-10 Got Silver Rifles3-6 Clock set to 10:05s5-2 Got Bluntlines6-10 Guard Sources7-15 Got Hypnocrowns8-8 Got Turbo Ethers9-5 Touched hot springss9-14 Got Fire rings0-12 After scene with FMVs1-4 Clones getting swept by the winds1-14 Everythings3-5 Spoke to chocobo sages4-5 Spoke to the crazy woman at armor shops5-4 Reached and stopped the trains5-10 Got huge materia from old man
s0-5 Potions1-10 Spoke to the guy at the pillars2-7 Spoke to Jesses3-4 Entered sick man tubes4-1 Spoke to the suit mans6-8 Potion From sewerss7-15 Everythings8-8 Paradise flyer 2s9-12 Lit up midgar models1-1 Potion to the lefts1-14 Before entering kalms2-6 Let the dog gos2-15 Everythings4-5 Fought the battle (won)s4-10 rested in the houses5-10 Soldiers running through Junons6-7 Everythings6-12 Got ethers7-7 Spoke to the villa sellers8-2 got star pendant staff and bottom track brokens9-10 Spoke to Dios1-1 scene with scarlett and tseng and got titans1-13 Turtle flyer 5s2-5 bugenhaggen says come ins3-6 touched rightmost stones5-2 Got Elixir from caped mans6-13 Got elemental materias7-9 Got drill arms9-4 Caught Yuffie behind the screens1-10 Said no to Dios proposal of fighting in the Arenas2-6 Scene with Tsengs2-11 Got mind sources3-7 Clock set to 10:10s5-3 Found Megaelixirs6-11 Got Elixirs8-1 Got Megaelixirs8-9 Got X-Potions9-6 Passed out and killed snows9-15 Everythings0-13 Clone passing outs1-5 Conversation by the windy cliffs1-15 Scene with sephiroth, killed boss and gave materia to Barrets3-6 Chocobo sage remembered first things4-6 Got contain materia from chocobo
s0-6 Everythings1-11 Scene barret kicking out everyone at 7th heavens2-8 Ethers3-5 Spoke to sick mans4-2 Spoke to the suit man for the cotton dresss6-9 Steal materias8-1 Set one batterys8-9 Took out the couple in second floors9-13 Midgar part 1s1-2 Potion to the rights2-7 grabbed hidden ether from second floor houses3-1 In front of midgar zolom lake (zolom position 1)s5-11 Got enemy skill materias6-13 Got all materias7-8 Scene at the beach with barret and tifa in partys8-3 Everythings9-11 Got Cait Siths1-2 got deathblow materias1-14 Elixirs2-6 scene with the planetss3-7 Everythings5-3 spoke to number 5s6-14 Got Sniper CRs7-10 Scene at the tiny bronco, conversation with Sheras9-5 Caught Yuffie in the pots1-11 Won in the arena, date Aeris and grabbed elixirs2-12 Got tridents3-8 Clock set to 10:30s5-4 Got Megaelixirs6-12 Scene at the beds (didn't sleep)s8-2 Got Magic Plus Materias8-10 Got Glacier Maps9-7 Scene with everyone out the cabins0-1 Broke first icicles0-14 Speaking to the clones1-6 Got Ether from one clones3-7 Chocobo sage remembered second things4-7 Checked the door at the shop
s1-1 Cure materias1-12 Spoke to tifas2-9 Everythings3-6 Paradise flyer 1s4-3 Cotton dresss6-10 Everything (from s6-2)s8-2 Set two batteriess8-10 Spoke at the item shops9-14 Placed Midgar part 1s1-3 Keycard 68s2-8 Grabbed peacemakers3-2 In front of midgar zolom lake (zolom position 2)s5-12 Got 1/35 soldiers6-14 Everything and the guard is gones7-9 Spoke to hojo with barret and tifa in partys8-4 Got W-machine guns9-12 Scene with shin ra guards at the chocobo buildings1-3 everythings1-15 Everythings2-7 spoke to barret by the bonfires3-8 Scene with Bugenhagen before entering next rooms5-4 Got turbo ether from caped mans6-15 Got Powersouls7-11 Everythings9-6 Scene with Don Corneos2-13 Got Turbo ethers3-9 Clock set to 11:00s5-5 Found Mops6-13 Scene at the beds (didn't sleep) and got enemy skill materias8-3 Got Power Sources8-11 Everythings9-8 Got alexander materias0-2 Broke second icicles0-15 Scene with Tifas1-7 Got S-Potion from the other clones3-8 Chocobo sage remembered third things4-8 Checked door and got the old key
s1-2 After killing boss (9m)s1-13 After the event at the hideouts3-7 Everything except 5 gils4-4 Spoke to the suit man for the satin dresss6-11 Hi-Potion on top of the trains8-3 Set three batteries and Ethers8-11 After the elevator part (everybody disappears at floor 1)s9-15 Midgar part 2s1-4 Potion to the lefts2-9 Grabbed guard sources3-3 In front of midgar zolom lake (zolom position 3)s5-13 Got Luck sources6-15 Spoke with barret and alarm soundeds7-10 Everythings8-5 got turbo ethers1-4 spoke to zacks parents but not to tifas2-8 spoke to tifa by the bonfires3-9 Got added effect materias5-5 Got luck source from caped couples7-1 Got all materias9-7 Fought the guards while chasing Don Corneo and conversation with the turkss2-14 Got Luck plus materias3-10 Clock set to 12:00s5-6 Got Mops6-14 Scene at the beds and slept, additional scene while going back to the saves8-4 Everythings8-12 After snowboard mini games9-9 Got added cut materias0-3 Broke third icicles1-8 Everythings3-9 Chocobo sage remembered fourth things4-9 Checked door, got key and got curse ring from shop owner
s1-3 After killing boss (6m)s3-8 Scene inside aeris house took nothings4-5 Satin dresss6-12 Hi-potion from barrels8-12 Took out the guards and got keycard 60s0-1 Placed Midgar part 2s1-5 Potion to the rights2-10 Everythings3-4 Midgar Zolom killeds5-14 Got mind sources7-1 Scene and teamed ups7-11 In front of mount corels8-6 track after turbo ether brokens1-5 spoke to zacks parents and tifas2-9 spoke to aeris by the bonfires3-10 Got ethers5-6 Got platinum fist from caped mans7-2 Boss killeds9-8 Spoke to the turks at the beggining of the mountains2-15 Everythings3-11 Got princess guard in room 4s5-7 Found Nothings6-15 Got comet materias8-13 Got Mind sources9-10 Everythings0-4 Broke fourth icicles1-9 Scene clones walking in lines3-10 Chocobo sage remembered fifth things4-10 Spoke to the item shop owner
s1-4 After killing boss (3m)s3-9 Scene inside aeris house took phoenix down and potions4-6 Spoke to the suit man for the silk dresss6-13 Echo screens8-13 After the elevator scenes0-2 Midgar part 3s1-6 After getting caughts3-5 Midgar zolom impaled scenes5-15 Got guard sources7-2 Got wind slashs7-12 Scene with the old mans8-7 got transform materias1-6 got X-Potions2-10 spoke to everyone except red xiiis3-11 Got black m-phones5-7 Played tifas pianos7-3 Boss killed and got counterattack materias9-9 Spoke to Reno in the statue hands3-1 Ancient running away while entering the rolling boulders rooms3-12 Got Ribbon in room 5s5-8 Got Nothings7-1 Everythings8-14 Got Potions0-5 Got Speed Sources1-10 Got kaiser knuckle and spoke to the clones (probably not relevant to data)s3-11 Chocobo sage remembered sixth things4-11 Everything
s1-5 Helped Jesses3-10 After encountering aeriss4-7 silk dresss6-14 Potion inside trains8-14 After guards event, Took keycard 62s0-3 Placed Midgar part 3s3-6 Got long range materias6-1 Got power sourceSince Yuffie is not obtained until later on in this playthrough, her vars wont show up, this is good to make a comparison with a playthrough that has hers8-8 Everythings1-7 got White megaphones2-11 spoke to red xiii by the bonfires3-12 Everythings5-8 Everythings7-4 Everythings9-10 Spoke to rude in the statue hands3-2 Scene with Tseng and Sephiroths3-13 Chest with enemies in room 1s5-9 Found Potions8-15 Got Safety bits0-6 Got Megaelixirs3-12 Chocobo sage remembered seventh thing
s3-11 Tifa in the cart scenes4-8 blonde wigs6-15 Potion at the end of the maps8-15 Before guessing password (MAKO)s0-4 Midgar part 4s3-7 Got Ethers6-2 Soldiers running through Junon second times8-9 Scene at the bridges1-8 Everythings2-12 Scene Buggenhagen going up the stairss3-13 Scene with Bugenhagen before entering next rooms5-9 Got Twin viper (Events inside manor from here)s9-11 Reno is seen running in one path of the mountains3-14 Chest with enemies in room 3s5-10 Got Potions9-1 Got Elixirs0-7 Got Enhance Swords3-13 Chocobo sage remembered eigth thing
s4-9 wigs7-1 Potion in the next maps9-1 After guessing, took keycard 65s0-5 Placed Midgar part 4s3-8 Got tents8-10 Lowered the bridges2-13 Scene cave of gi door openeds3-14 Got rid of left spider webs5-10 Got enemy launchers9-12 Spoke to rude at caves entrances3-15 Got Trumpet shell in room 7s5-11 Found Ethers0-8 Everythings3-14 Chocobo sage remembered ninth thing
s4-10 dyed wigs7-2 Ether in barrels9-2 Spoke to the computer at floor 63s0-6 Midgar part 5s3-9 Got mind sources8-11 Didnt ge the treasure at cockatolis nests3-15 Got rid of right spider webs5-11 Got Magic sources9-13 Spoke to rude inside the caves4-1 Got megaelixir in room 8s5-12 Got Ether
s4-11 Spoke to the materia shop seller (s3-15)s7-3 Moved the first trains9-3 Opened 2 doorss0-7 Placed Midgar part 5s3-10 Turks scenes8-12 Got the treasure at cockatolis nests4-1 Got rid of upper spider webs5-12 Got silver M-phones9-14 Spoke to reno on top of one statues4-2 Fell down the clocks5-13 Found Earth Harp
s4-12 Chose the 50 gil items7-4 Hi potions9-4 Grabbed coupon As0-8 Took keycard 66s3-11 Got elixirs8-13 Spoke 3 times to the unemployed miners4-2 Got Fairy rings5-13 scene with sephiroths9-15 Saved Elena and Yuffies4-3 Fell down the clock and got Nail Bats5-14 Got Earth Harp
s4-13 Glass tiaras7-5 Moved the second trains9-5 Grabbed coupon B and opened a doors0-9 Shinra Meeting sitting in chairss3-12 Got Hi-potions8-14 Got mind sources4-3 Got X-Potions5-14 scene with sephiroth and got destruct materias0-1 Got HP absorbs4-4 Everythings5-15 Awoken Sleeping Forest
s4-14 Chose the 100 gil items7-6 Everythings9-6 Grabbed coupon Cs0-10 Shinra meeting scenes3-13 Everythings8-15 Got power sources4-4 Got Turbo Ethers5-15 killed lost numbers0-2 Read turtle bar signs4-5 Scene and minigame tutorial in room 6s6-1 Everything (There are, turbo ether and Elixir left to be found)
s4-15 Ruby tiaras9-7 Exchanged all couponss0-11 Hojo walking to the labs9-1 Got tents4-5 Everythings6-1 got key to the basements0-3 Turtle paradise flyer 6s4-6 Got work glove
s5-1 Chose the 200 gil items9-2 Everythings4-6 Scene with Bugenhagen before entering next rooms6-2 got odins0-4 Got Magic Shuriken
s5-2 Diamond tiaras4-7 After boss and scene without picking gravitys6-3 spoke with Vincent about sephiroths0-5 Got Hairpin
s5-3 Pharmacy coupon (s3-15)s4-8 After boss and scene getting gravityThe buggy will work again at this point and there is a conversation available with the engineer who repaired it but since this playthrough doesnt break it, there is not such conversations6-4 spoke with Vincent but didnt tell anythings0-6 Got swift bolt
s5-4 Chose Disinfectants4-9 scene where Red XIII joins agains6-5 Got Vincents0-7 Got Elixir
s5-5 Colognes6-6 Everythings0-8 Everything
s5-6 Chose Deodorants6-7 In front of mount Nibels0-9 Lost in the first floor of the pagoda
s5-7 Flower Colognes6-8 In front of mount Nibel with the ladder lowereds0-10 Won in the first floor of the pagoda
s5-8 Chose Digestives0-11 Lost in the second floor of the pagoda
s5-9 Sexy Colognes0-12 Won in the second floor of the pagoda
s5-10 Member card (s3-15)s0-13 Lost in the third floor of the pagoda
s5-11 Entered honey bee and exits0-14 Won in the third floor of the pagoda
s5-12 Lingeries0-15 Lost in the fourth floor of the pagoda
s5-13 Bikini briefss1-1 Won in the fourth floor of the pagoda
s5-14 Lingerie and makeups1-2 Lost in the fifth floor of the pagoda
s5-15 Before changings1-3 Won in the fifth floor of the pagoda and got Leviathan and all creation
s6-1 Changed cloud for clouds choice
s6-2 Changed cloud for aeris choice
s6-3 Changed cloud for tifas choice