NON-MOCAP Animation Makers
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ANIMATION SELLERNottoo's CommentsSLURLURLOwnerDancesAnim PosesCouples DanceStatic PosesGroup DancesOther Anims (Sex, Cuddle, Misc)AOsMusical InstDance PolesDance Chairs
5ifth Order Animation ArrayThis store offers combat and melee animations. Unfortunately you cannot test them.
Jonny Duskyes
A Pose For YouTHis is a small shop at Animation Warehouse with some animated and static poses
Gatita Baueryesyes
A&A Animation Overrider ParadiseSome of then old Latin salsa01, etc dances are here, plus animated poses. Nothing special here.CLOSED
A>>>Animations EXPOThis store advertises over 500 animations. The animated poses are relatively stiff, non-MOCAP animations, but there are some unique ones. It may be worth a visit if you are looking for something very specific. No dance animations.
akane moonitesyes
A>>>Animations TakaradukaThis store features non-MOCAP anims some of which are unique. It's worth a visit if you do shows or plays.
akane moonitesyes
AD WALK ANIMATIONSThere are some non-MOCAP dances here which look suspiciously like popular, 2007 vintage dances. There are also individual and packs of animated poses. A lot of the poses are good for finish dances.
Azumi Runoyesyesyes
aDORKable PosesIndividual static poses with short lead-in times are found here.
Adorkable Peapodyes
AIRITHIA This store specializes in mermaid items and has mermaid animations.CLOSED 1204
AK creationsThis store sells some group dances like palamakia and syrtakiand a few musical instruments. There is also a polka.
Alexicon Kurkayesyesyes
Aliana AnimationsThis location has some AOs that are not unusual and offers illegal Sine Wave dance poles, chairs and stools. Do not shop here.
SteveEkatos, Alana Meskinyesyesyesyesyes
Alina AnimationsThis store sells AOs, poses and sex anims but nothing is too unusual
Alina Grafyesyesyesyes
AMIMATIONDance Animations & Poses - There are a few non-MOCAP dances here plus some animated poses. The ballet dances are okay. The poses are useful as ending dances.
Ami Munsteryesyes
Amy StirlingThis is a small shop of animated and static poses at Animation Warehouse
Amy Stirlingyesyes
ANA_MationsThis is mainly a static pose maker with some animated poses and ballet dances that are not MOCAP. Nothing unusual.
Draconic Lioncourtyesyesyesyes
AnimAliveThis store has a few non-MOCAP individual dances, couples dances and AOs as well as a lot of sex, cuddle and slave anims.
Iren Tinkelyesyesyesyes
AnimAngelsSome non-MOCAP cheerleader poses and outfits are found here. There are also some other animated poses and static animations, but the quality is not too good.
Rachel Menessyesyes
Animation *COPA Design*This store sells some poor quality couples dances and pirated dances from Sine Wave.
Conni Voyageryesyes
Animation & Design by DaiThis place has a lot of sex and cuddles animations. There are a few animated poses. Upstairs are Gorean and BDSM anims. Also a reseller of Warm Animations
Dai Juergensyesyes
Animation FactoryThis is a small store at Animation Warehouse featuring animated poses and a few miscellaneous couples anims.
Cita Boayesyes
Animation Shoppers - Toy & AO mallThere are some Geisha Dances and Mermaid Dances here as well as some non-dance anims. Also, there is a couples dance.CLOSED 1204
Animation WarehouseIf you have never been to Animation Warehouse, go. It's a lot of fun. Animation Warehouse features many different vendors.
Keiki Lemieux
Animations By KristynThis is a small shop at Animation Warehouse selling a few animated poses.
Kyistyn Muiryes
Animations HUMAN MOTIONThis location has poorly made dances that are poorly looped. Many are freebies that they package and sell. There are also quite a number of animated poses that might be useful.
Joufa Shilovayesyes
Annimations DancesThis store is a reseller of MOCAP dances made by A&M and MoM. There are also groups of fairly well made non-MOCAP dances for different female singers.
Pat Wunderlandyes
ANOmationsANOmations' dances are old and not up to today's standards. You might find something you like but don't go here first. Individual dances only.
Cristiano Midnightyesyesyes
AO Animation - Body LanguageThis is a large store with a lot of animated poses. Some are a little different including ballet, zombie and air moves and can be useful in dancing.
Manmoth Nishiyesyes
Avi-mationsThis store features sex, slave and exercise animations including one belly dance that is a pre-2007 freebie. The anims are full-perm for builders.
Lady Stromfieldyesyesyesyes
B&F - PoseworxThis store features cuddles and miscellaneous couples anims plus some female and male poses and AOs.
Frederic Chaplinyesyesyesyes
Baffle! MainstoreBaffle offers a few static poses with reasonable lead-in times. They might be useful as finish dance poses.
Samantha Smadgayes
bang poses This store features individual and couples static poses with short ease-in times.
Trieste Minuetyes
Basilica CardinaleBasilica Cardinale Religious Attire & Church Supplies Store - This is a religious store that offers some animations that have been used in dance sequences.
Cardinal Sinyes
BehaviorBody AnimationsAnimated and static poses are here including model poses. Nothing extraordinary. The poses could be used as finish dances.
Antosperandeo Allenyesyesyes
BEHOLD* DesignsThis store features a small number of mostly poses ... not too interesting.
EnCore Mayneyesyes
Belle's Breath of Lustselling pirated Sine Wave dances and a few originals. As always, I recommend that you not shop at stores with illegal dances.
BelleJour Shinnyes
[ BLue Goose ] DesignsThis store has a lot of static poses for various situations. You might shop here to get poses for your publicity pics.
Claudia Halberstadtyes
Body LanguageThis store is at Animation Warehouse and features animated poses and AOs.
manmoth Nishiyesyes
BRAINSTORMSThis store has couples dances that are not MOCAP and not worth buying.
Balkan Brainstormsyesyes
Calla's West Haven MallThere are a few non-MOCAP dances here and some animated poses including witches. A few of the poses are unique.
Calla Celayesyes
Canvas AnimationsCanvas sells individual or packs of animated poses such as stands, sits, flys and walks. The more recent animations are quite good. They are also a reseller of Akeyo animations.
Gael Streeteryesyes
Carmen's Animation Dance ShopCarmens makes couples dances only like waltzes. Unfortunately, they are not made with motion capture and are not good quality.
CLOSED 1204; now sold at DMC
Carmendance Watanabeyes
Chavo'sChavo used to make non-MOCAP dances and now makes some AOs including zombie and gothic.CLOSED 1204Chavo Raven
CI ## Creative InsanityThere are a few dances such as ballet, but not good quality. There are a lot of animated poses in this store. They are a little stiff , but some are unique. Prices are low. I kind of like this place.
Ruy Buryyesyesyes
Citrago Business Park -- Common Grounds ShoppeIf you like air or flying dances, visit this store to find 22 different dances to choose from. This store is also known as Sol.
Phoenixa Solyesyes
COCKThis store sells mainly sex-related furniture, but there are two stool dances with not very good anims as well as dance chairs. The store is also known as Badazz. The store also sells pirated Sine Wave pole dances.
Sissy Bonneyesyes
COUPLE DANCES, POSE AND SEX BALLS, VISTTA VITA anims, Bio VVThere are couples dances here but they are not motion capture and not worth a visit. There are a few individual dances also. I did like the air dance.
Vistta Vitayesyesyesyesyesyes
CRAXIMATIONSFull Perm and Partial Perm Animations - Not very exciting dances can be found here and they are poorly made. There are also some Neko and Tiny anims.CLOSED 1204
creators pavillion * SMALL SHOP *This is a small store with a few animated and static poses and AOs.
Shin Meiliyesyesyes
CUPIDS POSES AND ANIMATIONThere are 2007 era non-MOCAP dances here plus some stands and unique animated poses here for carrying, sword fighting, sneezing.
Matteo Harrisyesyes
CW Studios Photography EquipmentThis location specializes in photographic equipment and has static poses only.
Quatre Nemethyes
Dance AnimationIndividual and pole dances that are not worth a visit. - This store also sells pirated dances from Sine Wave. Do not shop here.
PatrickS Go, Drauxanna Burksyesyesyesyes
DANCE CREATION STUDIOYou can buy a lot of 2007 era dances here.
Zaplok Rigglesyesyes
DeminAtionsThis store features AOs with pretty much nothing unusual. The price per anim is only 15L so you might take a look.CLOSED 1204
DiboutiqueThis guy used to have a store that was the best spot for finding Irish jigs and highland flings. They are not MOCAP. IM him to buy them.CLOSED 1204yes
Diesel Works Poses & AnimationsThis store features Poses with reasonable lead in times so the poses are useful as finish dances. There are exercise and ballet as well as the normal poses.
Rogan Dieselyesyes
Djezebel There are a few new non_MOCAP but fun dances here. You might find one to add to your collection, but save this for the end of your search. Individual dances only. The Shimmy and Belly dances are fun. Poses including Gorean are here too.
Djezebel Drakeyesyesyes
DMCDMC is a reseller of dances and they also make loaded Intan dance systems. There are a lot of couples dances there to look at and it is a good place to make comparisons of dances.
Darkmoon Lilliehookyesyes
Dyer MakerThere are a large number of animated poses only are at this store. Some are a little different such as shaving, baby care, wedding, working. Worth a visit if you are doing shows or plays.
Webmistrex Xueyesyes
EFR DESIGN* FURNITUREThis is a seller of old outdated individual dances and lousy dance poles. The couples dances appear to be made from linking available individual dances. Not worth a visit for dances, but there are some animated poses that might be interesting.CLOSED 1204Matei Tamura
Elfy ClipThis vendor sells pirated MyAnimation Dances on marketplace at Clipyes
EmeraldEver's Shop By The SeaThis is another store featuring mermaid dances.
Emeraldever Clineyesyes
FacetsThis is a very small store selling just a few static poses
Crystal Falconyes
Feel Me PosesStatic individual and couples poses are here with short lead-in times, so probabaly not useful in dancing.CLOSED 1204Delila Enyo
FULL PERMISSION SCRIPTSThis store sells illegal pirated Sine Wave dances. DO NOT SHOP HERE. There are two free AOs with mostly ninja animated poses.
Cobra Monkyes
GCD Club EquipmentThere are animations for piano, guitar, drums and DJing but you have to buy the equipment. This vendor previously copied MOCAP dances made by legitimate dance makers. I would be very hesitant to buy anything here.
Supershine Zapedzkiyesyesyes
goodstuff. UnlimitedThere are a few animations and static poses here. A couple are a little different.
Goodman Gigamonyesyes
Gorean DancesGorean dances are here along with ballet, catwalk and pole dances. You can't test the dances but DANCE QUEENS member Dubhna Rhiadra reports the ballet anims are "truly awful."
Carl Teminyesyesyes
GU - The Gorean UniversityThere are some animations (Gorean) here that are unique but unfortunately they are not MOCAP. You have to look around to find them.CLOSED 1204
Hammer AnimationsThis is a very small store at Animation Warehouse with two AOs
Tufif Kraftyesyes
Hammerstone Forge and Swan AnimationsThere are a few non-MOCAP medieval dances here.CLOSED 1204Thono Hammerthallyes
HAPPY DISPATCHThis store has some non-MOCAP, specialty, animated poses like exercise, pee, ninja and more usual ones.A smaller version is now at Animation Warehouse.
hiko Ninoyesyes
HelaMiyoStatic poses only are found here with a reasonable lead-in time. They might be useful as finish dance poses.
Miyoko Magicyes
HJAOHJAO is a seller of older bad dances. There are some interesting animated poses, so you might want to vist. Upstairs are a few sex and cuddle anims.
Huney Jewellyesyesyesyes
HopScotchStatic poses only are here with short lead in times. Not very useful for dancing.
JustOneMore Messengeryes
HuddlesThis is a small shop at Animation Warehouse featuring a few animated and static poses.
Keiki Lemieuxyesyes
Inaka SHOPThis is the home of the Happy Walk, which is a fun group dance cleverly done. If you buy it, you can also remove the dances from the copyable box. Some of these are useful in making dance sequences. There are also some non-MOCAP dances here and animated poses such as sumo
Kabuki Ewingyesyesyes
Infinity AnimationsThere are a few couples sex anims here and a few animated poses. Nothing unusual.
Sortiarius Infinityyesyes
Japan Anime CharactersJapan Anime Characters was formerly [F.A.A.]. This store sells inexpensive AOs with a variety of fighting and anime anims that are below average in quality.
freedom Amiotyesyesyes
Kabuki Creations Kabuki does couples animations with many cuddle and affection anims. There is a small adult section also. There are freebies on the second floor.
Kabuki Verotikayes
Kamala AnimationsThis place sells special anims like outdoor, yoga, washing, pregnancy, family, horseback riding, fighting, guitar playing and sex. No dances.
Sheena Kamalayes
KAMI-HITOEThis store features mermaid and merman dances. There are also Japanese dances here.
Sala Snookyesyesyes
Kamilah HauptmannThis is a small store in Animation Warehouse offering a few animated poses and AOs.
Kamilah Hauptmannyesyes
Karate Animation Brave StreamThis store sells Karate animations and poses. The animation quality is not good, so shop here only if you are desperate. There are a couple of okay Japanese individual folk dances.
William7 Streeteryesyes
KineticaThis is a small store at Animation Warehouse offering animated and static poses
Ivy Farberyesyes
Kinki AnimationsThis store offers full perm individual and couples animations including cuddles, sex, yoga and others.
Yure4yu Sosayesyesyes
Kirardo"Kirarado" is located in the Kuso sim. The store features ballet dances and some animated poses.
Kirara Claryyesyes
KusoKuso specializes in animated poses and has some unusual ones. It is worth a visit. Prices are low (like 10 L per animation). One of my favorite non-MOCAP animation stores. Pappyesyes
LEARLear makes static poses for photography
Liz Loordesyes
Living the FantaSeaIndividual and couples mermaid animations are sold here.
Corkie Houstonyesyesyes
LostAngeL IndustriesThere are a few cuddle and theatrical animations here.
Evangeline Cortesyes
Lovemotif - Poses & AnimationsThis store has cuddles and sex anims as well as individual static poses.
Lovemotif LeShelleyesyesyes
m:essThis store has inexpensive animated poses, static poses and gestures. Some might be useful in dance routines or at the end of a sequence. Downstairs are tai chi and yoga anims. Sex, cuddle and massage anims are also sold.
Marcia Scofieldyesyesyes
Maar AuerMaar does not have a store in SL but sells dances through SL Marketplace with videos of her couples dances available on youtube. The dances are not MOCAP. DMC also resells her dances.Maar Auer
Mainland MusicA limbo dance and musical instruments and animations for them are sold here. NOTE: This store was moving on the last visit.
Paul Geyesyesyes
MaitreyaThis store features animated poses mainly for modeling and runways.
Beauvoir Rousselotyes
MAMESANDO RingsHibiyaThis store specializes in animated poses and has some unusual ones. It's worth a visit since the poses can be used in dance sequences or to end them.CLOSED 1204
ManimationStatic animated poses are here with short lead in times ... not too useful.
Miep Mipyesyesyes
Mardi Gras Carnival & Masquerade MasksA couple of dances are here including a ballet move, but the quality is not great.Closed 1204
McLean's Horse Farm (Seagel's place)There is a 1 L dance pack here of old, non-MOCAP dances. I got them and put them all in the DANCE QUEENS Freebie Dance Packs.
Seagel Nevilleyes
MEDHUE ANIMATIONsMedhue's dance animations are pretty much out-of-date, but the store is still interesting for the animated poses.
Medhue Simoniyesyesyesyesyes
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