Cycling in London: Severe crashes 2006-2017A map showing the location of the crashes is available here:
Date of collisionNo. of deathsLocationtime of dayother party involvedsexName of cyclistageWhat happend laterlatest update of entrylatest changesource
30.11.2022injuryMarshalsea Road junction with Great Dover Street, Borough08:10lorrymale12boy was rushed to hospital with what police described as “possible life-changing injuries. "very serious accident a couple of weeks ago at the same spot."
08.10.20225deathLower Richmond RoadTfL List
20.09.2022injuryBroad Lane, N15, Tottenham21:30carmale28Rider on ebike, serious head injuries
19.08.2022injuryEssex Road near the junction with Canonbury Street in Islington01:45carmale30staken to hospital, where he remains in a critical condition
26.06.2022injuryGrosvenor Road corner with Lupus Street, SW118:20vanmale58taken to a central London hospital suffering from serious injuries, which are currently being treated as life-threatening
30.05.20224deathoutside the BP garage on Mitcham Road, Croydon03:10carmaleStewart Grainger49hit-and-runA man in his 30s presented himself to a south London police station 12 hours after the crash, where he was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a collision.
02.05.20223deathKennington Road, Lambeth10:00TfL BusmaleOswald Mapp62Died in hospital on 04.05
29.04.2022injuryEmbankment22:00e-scootermale65The e-scooter rider involved was one of a group of around seven people riding the devices. Police said the e-scooter involved had off-road wheels. the rider stopped and asked the man if he was okay, possibly in an Eastern European accent, before riding off.remains in hospital from his “serious” injuries nearly a month on
16.04.20222deathSeven Sisters Road, N4.00:30TfL BusmaleAbrajah Rafiq50treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital, where he died on Thursday, 21 April
01.03.20221deathHolborn10:05lorryfemaleShatha Ali39Died at scene, same spot as Alan Neve
13.01.2022injuryjunctions of Battersea Bridge Road and Cheyne Walk.08:15lorryfemale30sserious injuries!pages/wandsworthsw18:info:conaccident034
06.10.20219deathA24 Balham High Street / Bedford Hill08:20bicyclemale40sdied at scene
25.08.20218deathStation Road, Harrow15:15lorrymaledied at scene
12.08.2021injuryjunction of Primrose Hill Road and Adelaide Road06:00lorrymale60slife-threatening condition
04.08.20217deathjunction of Theobald’s Road and Southampton Row, Holborn09:00lorryfemaleMarta Krawiec41died at scene
12.07.2021injuryMare St, hackney19:30lorry
08.07.2021injuryon the slip road off the A316 leading to Nallhead Road. Feltham16:15carmale25Critical
28.05.20216deathColeridge Road, Haringey16:40carfemaleHilary Wilmer65Parked car opened door; victim hit it and fell; died in hospital two days later. Driver not arrested
19.04.2021injuryBow Roundabout, E3 close to the A1210:25vanmale30Critical
30.03.20215deathA316 Twickenham Road, near to the junction with Richmond Rugby Club16:30carfemaleImelda Seymour 50sDied in hospital the following day. No arrest
30.03.2021injuryDulwich Road, around 50 metres east of the junction with Regent Road, SE2417:10carfemale20sfractures that required surgery
24.03.2021injuryRegent's Park16:30vanmale18Critical; sustained several injuries including a broken wrist, arm and knee.
16.03.20214deathWillesden High Street at the junction with Furness Road, near Willesden Junction overground 16:00lorrymaleMichael Stapleton62Hit-and-run. Victim died at scene
09.03.20213deathBourne Road in Bexley, near Crayford08:00vanmale65Victim died at the scene. No arrest
19.01.20212deathFairview Industrial Park, off Barlow Way, Rainham15:00lorrymaleDied at scene
18.01.2021injuryRegent's Park, Baker St end12:05vanmale30sSerious injuries Hit-and-run; rider told officers that he had gone over the handlebars of his bike and struck the pavement after braking sharply to avoid a collision with a van which is reported to have turned onto the carriageway.
14.01.20211deathjunction of the A13 and Marsh Way, Rainham07:00lorrymaleDied at scene
17.11.2020injuryFrognal Corner roundabout, Sidcup08:00lorryfemaleVictim found unresponsive at the scene and was taken to a south London hospital for treatment of her injuries, which continue to impact her life, in March
The driver of the lorry was interviewed at the scene, no arrests were made.
11.11.20207deathCrown Lane, West Norwood13:00lorrymale50sDied at scene
23.10.2020injuryCambridge Heath Road at the junction with Hackney Road14:50lorryfemale23serious injuries
05.10.20206deathLewisham Way23:45bicyclemale30slife-threatening condition; died later in hospital
15.08.2020injuryHarebell Way and Briar Road, Romford21:00maleJohnny Essien-Fowler15Hit-and-run. fractured skull
24.07.20205deathjunction of Romford Road and Crosby Road in Newham03:15carmaleJay Kristiansen37Critical; hit-and-run; died following day in hospital; A man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of failing to stop at the scene and causing death by dangerous driving.
21.07.2020injuryStanstead Road at the junction with Catford Road, Catford17:00lorrymale54life-threatening injuries; no arrests
28.06.20204deathGreenwich Park18:10male24Died in hospital on 16.07. Reason of collision unknown
25.06.2020injuryStreatham Hill, at the junction with Telford Avenue21:00carfemaleAli Collier37Critical; driver arrested. Afterwards police said the driver had no case to answerAfter she was taken to Kings College Hospital where she received life-saving care, Ali spent four months in hospital before she was transferred to the Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre, where she remained for a further six months, now she struggles with the after-effects of the crash, including difficulty with her memory, concentrating and mobility. She has been able to regain some of her speech, start eating food again, and is starting to walk independently.
08.05.2020injuryStreatham High Road, SW1623:15carmale16Hit-and-run. the boy had been cycling on the High Road when he was in collision with a car and, seconds later, struck by a second car travelling close behind. Officers investigated and arrested two men at separate locations in the local area. The men - both aged in their 20s – are in custody at south London police stations. It is not thought that the two drivers were known to each other. Victim in life-threatening condition
07.04.20203deathLondon Road on the A24 in Sutton08:55carfemaleRachel Brown25pronounced dead at the scene. Two vehicles involved
07.04.20202injuryEuston Road NW1, at the junction with Melton Street13:15motorcyclemale26critical conditions; died later in hospital
20.03.2020injuryOld Kent Road22:40ambulancemale30scritical
28.02.2020injuryMeridian Way, near the junction of Ardra Road, in Edmonton17:00carmale67life-threatening injuries
03.01.20201deathA40 Western Avenue, near the junction with the West End Road roundabout in Northolt06:20lorrymaleJoseph Gaffney46Died at scene
29.10.20196deathRavensbourne Park, outside Catford station06:30lorrymaleLukasz Binkowski40Died at scene. A post-mortem examination determined that he had suffered “fatal crush injuries to his head and upper right trunk”. Whilst the driver continued along the road, horrified members of the public dashed to Binkowski’s help and dialled the emergency services. The lorry driver was only notified of the incident after a witness raced after him to inform him he had been involved in a serious collision.Inquest: the lorry had safely overtaken him with “good clearance”, before moving back into the left lane near Ravensbourne Park. as the traffic was brought to a stop for 11 seconds due to a red traffic light near Catford station, Lukasz cycled along the near side of the lorry. Being in the space between the pavement and the vehicle, he appeared to onlookers to have lost his balance after the lorry started to move forward, and fell underneath the rear wheels. Assistant Coroner Julian Morris summarised: “I know that the lorry had warning signs on its rears and although the exact mechanism is uncertain, it was at this point that Mr Binkowski either lost his balance or was caught by the forward movement of the lorry, being caught by the wheels and sustaining his unsurvivable injuries.”
17.10.2019injuryVictoria Embankment20:00carfemale20sSerious injuries; Two men, both aged in their 30s, were arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving
02.10.2019injuryTemple Mills Lane, Stratford13:00lorryfemaleLaura Armstrong23Life changing injuries. Driver not arrested
Collision occurred as victim rode straight across the junction with Leyton Road. The driver turned left and drove over her arm, causing severe injury.
had emergency surgery at the Royal London hospital, in Whitechapel, to restore the blood supply to her hand after the main artery in her arm was destroyed. Two days later she had an 11-hour operation that included a nerve graft, two surgical plates to fix a fracture and skin grafts from her right and left thighs. She initially spent a total of 12 days in hospital. In June 2021 she says: “I have very little feeling in my right hand and limited movement in my arm and my greatest challenge is not knowing what the future holds for my career and if I will be able to become a cellist."
No criminal charges were brought against the driver.
22.09.2019injuryFieldway Crescent, Highbury22:35carfemale56hit-and-run - rat run residential street. "she was on the ground for 30 to 40 minutes before she was able to be put in the ambulance and there was certainly trauma and significant injuries"
09.09.2019injuryPoplar High St, junction with Bazely Street, E1419:00carmale17Hit-and-run - Life-changing conditions; being treated as a grievous bodily harm with intent investigation. "We believe the victim was deliberately targeted and was dragged a significant distance underneath the vehicle."
27.08.2019injuryQueen Elizabeth Road near the junction with Hardman Road, Kingston15:50vanmale41Hit-and-run - Life-threatening conditions
13.08.20195deathBroomhouse Lane, Fulham14:20carmaleAmrou Greenidge18serious head injuries. taken to a West London hospital in a critical condition and died on August 20. Four people charged with murder.Jury aquits five men of murder; just manslaughter. the five young men had travelled to the scene in a stolen Mini dressed in dark clothing and face masks or balaclavas to hunt for Mr Greenidge. They all had weapon. When they arrived, four of them set off on foot to search for the victim. Once they had found Mr Greenidge, the group gave chase and overtook him in the vehicle, which struck him. CCTV footage showed the victim being thrown into the air and bouncing off the car bonnet. Four males then appeared on foot appear, attacking the victim. The attackers fled the scene in the Mini, dumping it in nearby Dymock Street. The stolen vehicle was then torched, damaging several cars parked nearby. The defendants will be sentenced on 23 August 2021
10.08.2019injuryValence Avenue, junction with Green Lane, Dagenham22:20carmale20sCritical - car driver was arrested at the scene "on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving" and is being held in custody
03.08.2019injuryBoundary Road at the junction with Hawke Park Road, Turnpike Lanepolicemale40s
20.07.2019injuryKingsland road, Hackney00:30nonemale21Crashed into parked car. life-threatening condition after suffering “serious facial and neck injuries
05.07.20194deathWandsworth Road near Silverthorne Road15:10lorryfemaleGiovanna Cappiello29Died at scene. Killer, a self-employed franchise haulier contracted by London Concrete, not arrested. Stephen Hempenstall, 49, has been charged with causing the death by careless driving. Hempenstall’s case has been sent to Old Bailey for a hearing on June 15 2021;
Hempenstall has pleaded NOT guilty. No trial date was set and Judge Nigel Lickley QC adjourned the case for a month to decide when and where the case could be dealt with.
03.07.20193deathAlbion Road Bexleyheath07:30nonemale20s"Collapsed". Police does not think other vehicles were involved.
02.07.2019injuryLongbridge Road, at the junction with Lodge Avenue, in Dagenham15:50carmale50scritical.
21.04.2019injurySwain's Lane, Highgate18:45carmalehit-and-run; Police refused to investigate until outcry, including Jenny Jones. Sean Fagan, 29 found and charged - Sentenced to 20 months jail
10.04.2019injuryKennington Park Road09:00tfl busmale133 bus. Poor cyclist is under bus.
10.03.2019injuryWallis Road, near Hackney Wick station12:45bicyclemale30Other cyclist intentionally kicked at victim. Critical conditions
23.02.2019injuryChurch Road, near Goldsmith Road, Leyton14:45carmale20hit-and-run; critical conditions
17.02.2019injuryNear Seven Sisters station in High Road’s junction with Broad Lane.01:10carfemale47critical.
09.02.20192deathWest End Lane, West Hampstead09:50none50sguy was riding his bicycle on the pavement and knocked into something and fell to ground. Significant loss of blood. later pronounced dead at the scene.
04.02.20191deathSutton Lanecarmale34Details unknown. TfL reluctant to tell us
01.02.2019injuryBridges Court, SW1110:15lorryfemaleJing Li23Victim found trapped under a lorry. She was treated at the scene by paramedics and then taken to hospital. She has leg injuries which have been assessed as potentially life-changing, but not life-threatening. No Arrests. A witness said "it was unclear if they had to perform an emergency amputation on both legs, at the road side, or if she ‘could’ lose her legs.I saw a lot of sand trailing some 20 to 25 yards covering blood"Jing Li, 23, spent almost six months in hospital and had to undergo 10 operations after being crushed by a lorry when her bike slipped from underneath her in cold weather. underwent multiple operations for muscle damage and skin grafting procedures at St George’s Hospital in Tooting "I have been in a wheelchair, and I started to walk last week. I still can’t bend my leg but I am hoping it is going to get better Discharged from hospital on 17.07
23.01.2019injuryHolborn Circus junction with Charterhouse Street.09:15lorryfemalecyclist has been taken to Royal London Hospital but her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.
20.12.201813deathParkside, Wimbledon07:00carmaleAndrew Bonham20slife-threatening injuries; died in hospital on 28.1.19
08.10.201812deathBronze Age Way, Erith04:35lorrymaleBrian Barnett60hit and run. victim died at scene. driver was arrested and later released under investigation.
05.10.2018injuryClapham Common South Side18:05lorryfemaleMagdalena Tym38critical. Her hand was crushed by the wheel of the Tesco truck, leaving her with multiple fractures and in need of a skin graft after she was pulled “quite a few meters” down the road.
29.09.201811deathBestwood Street, in Deptford10:15carmalePeter Harris82Killed on zebra crossing; killer not arrested
19.09.201810deathSt John Street, Clerkenwell11:30taxifemaleMaria Bitner-Glindzic55Died in hospital. Killed by the taxi driver as she swerved to avoid a door being opened by a van driverVan driver found dead two days before appearing to court. Police decided not to press charges against taxi driver. At Inquest Coroner found that van driver had parked 1 metre from the kerb and had not looked before opening door.
26.09.2018injuryPiccadilly, corner w Albermarle Street08:00lorryfemale20sSevere leg injuries; driver not arrested
22.08.2018injuryPeckham High Street15:45lorryfemalepotentially life-changing injuries
15.08.20189deathHigh Holborn, junction with Newton St09:30lorrymalePeter Fisher60sDied at scene; killer, Samantha Southouse, not arrested. collision with a 20-tonne DAF delivery vehicleInquest: said she did not see Dr Fisher “despite carrying out full mirror checks” and other safety measures. She said she had been driving slowly in traffic. accident investigator Brian Gamble told the inquest that Dr Fisher had wobbled and swerved only after he had been in initial contact with the lorry. Coroner Mary Hassell recorded a verdict of death by road traffic collision.
07.08.2018injuryJamaica Road, Bermondsey06:50lorrymaleSean Roach46Severe leg injuries; driver not arrestedLeg amputated, after four days induced coma
05.08.2018injuryPincott Road, near the junction with High Path Road, Wimbledon17:45carmale20'sHit-and-run. Victim in a critical condition
25.07.2018injuryOld Street Roundabout15:30lorryfemaleSarah DooneCritical; driver of cement mixer not arrestedVictim lost one leg
09.07.20188deathQueen's Circus roundabout, Battersea Park17:45lorrymaleShane Murtagh Hammond34critical; died in hospital a few hours later; driver not arrested
06.07.20187deathGoswell Road at the junction with Percival Street, EC100:30carmaleSoren Aarlev38critical, died on 11.07
02.07.2018injuryHounslow Avenue, at the junction with Maswell Park Road22:30carfemale20sHit-and-run. Victim in a serious but stable condition
19.06.20186deathWarwick Road, Earl's Court, nr junction with Brompton Road16:00carfemaleHilda Denham68Victim pronounced dead at the scene. Car towing trailer
14.06.2018injuryStapleton Road, TootingcarmaleCraig Perrott60Driver deliberately drove into victim and left. two operations to keep him alive. fitted with four titanium ribs and a titanium pelvis to replace obliterated bones. Mr Perrott spent 17 weeks in three hospitals and remains in chronic painAbdool Choonka sentenced to 30 months in jail, plus three months concurrent for criminal damage, and disqualified for driving for four years and three months. The jury acquitted Choonka of a more serious charge of GBH with intent. Mr Perrott “We believe the sentence to be too lenient and [that it] does not fit the crime.
10.06.2018injuryclose to Crystal Palace Station08:00carmale45fighting for his life; driver not arrested
03.06.20185deathChilders Street in Deptford carmaleAntonio Marchesini52Hit-and-run. pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle involved in the collision, a silver B Class Mercedes, was found abandoned at the scene. Bike dragged for 200m. The 37-year old driver has been found and charged. Victim was warning incoming drivers about the change to a one-way system. Witnesses saw the silver Mercedes driven erratically, with one calling he was acting like a ‘bloody idiot’”. Reuben Richardson, 38 who had no insurance or licence at the time of the crash has been jailed for eight years
30.05.20184deathSeymour Street, at the junction with Portman Square, W109:50lorrymalePeter Wright73Critical. 29-year-old male lorry driver was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drug driving and dangerous driving. Victim died in hospital five days later .
22.05.2019injury19:3carmaleJason Tann47broken skullMarianna Papachristophorou, 47 fined £5000, 6 points
18.05.20183deathAngerstein roundabout under the Blackwall Tunnel approach 08:30lorrymaleEdgaras Cepura37Victim pronounced dead at the scene
15.05.2018injuryCable St, junction with Devonport St, Shadwell, CS3carmaleSam Kitchen32broken armThe motorist responsible agreed to attend a driver alertness course after being spoken to by police and did not face criminal prosecution.
15.05.2018injuryBloomsbury Street junction with Great Russell Street, WC107:46lorryfemale36
12.05.2018injury junction between Holmes Avenue and Forest Road, Walthamstow01:00carmaleHussain Zakeri28Critical. Driver was being chased by police
09.05.20182deathRomney Road near the junction of Park Row, Greenwich16:30lorrymaleOliver Speke46Critical. vehicle involved was a 12 tonne rigid. Victim died on 11.05
24.02.2018injuryOld Kent Road, junction with Asylum Road14:15tfl busfemale30ssuffered life-changing injuries
10.01.20181injuryopposite Camden Road Overground station23:30carmaleAbdul Hadi47Critical. Hit-and-run. Still in coma after a week. remained in a coma for the next 18 months but sadly died in hospital on 13 July 2019, aged 49 – he never regained consciousness.Angelo Kaminski – 28, drove through a red light and collided with cyclist, Abdul Hadi. Kaminski drove off, passing through another red light, before abandoning the car in Kings Terrace, less than 1km from the scene of the collision. Following the collision, Angelo Kaminski was picked up by cousin Adrian who then drove to Stanstead Airport where they collected father Grzegorz and brother Patryk who had flown in from Poland. They concocted a story that the car Angelo had been driving had been stolen and reported this to Edmonton Police Station. They told police they had spent time trying to find the stolen car before reporting it missing to police. On 11.2.20, Kaminski convicted causing serious injury by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. All relatives were also found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Sentencing: killer: jailed for seven years; 6 year ban. all family members sentenced to two and a half years in prison
19.12.201711deathLondon Road, Romford15:05lorrymaleFrank Curley80pronounced dead at the scene; driver not arrestedThe Crown Prosecution Service has declined to take action after a cyclist was killed by a lorry driver who didn't see him. The driver – whose licence had expired – explained that he had been taught not to stop at a junction if he thought the road was clear."I didn't have the correct entitlement due to conditions for a medical," he said. "At the time it was due be renewed I was moving house. I have no memory of ever receiving a reminder, otherwise I would have completed it."
07.12.2017injuryCollege Road, near the junction with Tweedy Road, Bromley16:50tfl busmale17serious head injuries
09.11.201710deathSouth Road, near to the junction with St Joseph’s Drive, Southall08:55lorrymaleDarshan Singh Heer86Victim was pushing his bike. Died at scene. Driver not arrested