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RecommendationRespondentContact InfoComments
Generally hired as third party engineer; may well be perfect for a later stage involvement
Genesys Engineering, P.C.
Stephen Eber, P.E. ; ;
914-633-6490 ext. 147
This is a highly qualified local engineering firm, with a great deal of experience. They require $5,000 to prepare the feasibility study, though. It may be best to engage them, or a firm like theirs, through a further RFP, once the study has been awarded.
Generally hired as third party engineer; may well be perfect for a later stage involvement
L&S Energy Services, Inc.
Dennis R. Landsberg, President
518-383-9405 x 215
This is a highly qualified national engineering firm. They will provide support for the preparation of the feasibility study proposal, gratis. They identified a high quality potential lead agency, who also submitted its own RFP response. They have also directly been involved in a Montefiore project so, if the other firm takes the lead, that firm may choose to engage L&S in that study and, perhaps, in others.
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses NRG

As the submission was labeled confidential, any town that chooses NRG should reach out to them for a copy of their submission
NRG Energy, Inc.Brad Kranz
Vice President, Business Development
(O) 518-472-0582
(M) 609-571-2329
This is a public firm with a very broad set of capabilities. It's not clear if engineering spent on preparing the feasibility study would be billed in later stages. As NRG is an energy supplier, this has its plusses (NYSERDA would like an ESCO engaged) and its minuses (we could be contracting with a different ESCO). It's not clear whether NRG has multiple ownership structures for a financed micro-grid, or one structure. They have not done a multi-stakeholder micro-grid, but then, few have!
We would recommend consideration for a later stage engagementO'Brien & GereChris Campbell;
p 315-956-6100;
This is a quality engineering firm. They have acted as 3rd party for like studies and, perhaps that would be the best approach here: a lead could potentially employ the firm in the future. Their budget, should they be chosen as lead and even their willingness to, and process of, taking on a lead role were not clear in their submission.
Because of the need for further negotiations (e.g. a promise to engage the firm in Stage II), we would recommend consideration of engaging them when a budget is in place (after feasibility studies are funded)ArcadisMatthew Yonkin
518-250-7356 (O)
518-415-2155 (M)
Highly qualified firm that would certainly be open to a contributing role, rather than a lead role. No budget for preparing the proposal for feasibility studies would require more comprehensive discussion.
We recommend including Pace in all proposals, but not as lead
Pace Energy and Climate Center
Thomas Bourgeois; Pace is a unique participant. They understand municipal permitting/land use challenges, they have a dedicated team in place, funded by the federal government, and they are well-respected by NYSERDA. They do not want to be lead, but would be a valuable participant in every proposal.
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses DNVDNV-GL (formerly KEMA)Christopher Isakson
KEMA is a quite well-respected international consultancy, that has a deep specialization in the analysis of micro-grid opportunities.
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses ERSERSMark D’Antonio - Senior VP
ERS is a deeply qualified firm with direct experience in like studies. They will do the submissions for feasibility studies, gratis. They intend to include Schneider Electric as a partner, which adds credibility to their application. The interconnection is less of an experience base for them than the building-level engagement.
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses GECGreen Energy CorpJohn Westerman
EVP, Projects
GEC is a unique applicant in that the firm specializes in micro-grid development, is one of the few firms nationally that has direct experience in developing multi-stakeholder micro-grids (one "owned" by the utility and another "owned" by the community), and has more than one "shrink wrapped" business approaches to creating such a micro-grid. The firm was also involved in many of CT's proposals and won the right to develop, through the CT program. This proposal incorporates Schneider
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses SE as lead, but underscores that Schneider is included in several submissions so, choosing another lead might incorporate Schneider's expertise and techniology, as well as others' focus on micro-grids as core to their businessSchneider ElectricChris Bleuher
Business Development Mgr
(860) 329-3748
Schneider is a particularly strong submission because the firm has expertise and technology on both sides of the meter. The firm seems to be open to taking either a lead position or a team member position.
SW would be happy to work with any town that chooses BAHBooz Allen HamiltonJason Valenstein
(917) 856-1960
BAH is focusing quite extensively on this application process. The lead on this project is highly capable and though the firm hasn't completed a multi-stakeholder micro-grid, the commitment will mean that the firm will quickly and capably fill in any gaps (e.g. they do not have, in our view, several "shrink-wrapped" contractual arrangements for operation of the grid as a whole). The lead contact is particularly focused on success and would therefore offer a capable partnership.