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ActivityBefore SmartphoneSince Having A SmartphoneNotes
You wake up & wonder what time it is, so you check yourClock or watchSmartphoneA large display helps even those sleepy eyes to see the time. (I actually still wear a watch. It is easier to glance at especially when driving.)
To check your schedule for the day, you consult yourCalender, Day Planner or computerSmartphoneSmartphones have built in calendars that can give day, week, month, and list views of your events
You wonder what the weather forecast is so you check yourNewspaper or radioSmartphone"Widgets" (applications that can be fixed to your "home" screen) readily display local weather for today and several days ahead.
You have been wanting to read that novel everyone has been talking about, so youGo to bkstore or order onlineDownload book to your smartphone and start reading.There are no less than 5 major ways to buy books online. The downside is that they can cost as much as the printed version which many feel is a ripoff.
You like reading well-known magazines but carrying them with you can be cumbersome at times. What do you do.Plan ahead to carry as many as you think you'll read for that day.Access the online version or pay to download them and read them on your smartphone.Magazines usually come in full-color and layouts are exactly as appearing in print. You can enlarge the print to read comfortably (pinch to zoom)
While reading your magazine, you come across a word you don't know. So you...Find a dictionary and look it upGet your smartphone and launch the dictionary app.
You've got some downtime while waiting for an appointment & want to listen to music. So you grab yourMp3, cd player.SmartphoneMemory in smartphones is enough to carry many hours of listening. Additionally, there are online services (internet radio and internet warehouses) providing both free and purchasable music.
You are listening to a song on the radio and you wonder about the details. So you...Try to remember some lyrics and go to music store or ask a friend.Grab your smartphone and record a segment. Your phone will tell you the artist, the title and sometimes even provide a link to buy the song.This is not a standard feature of smartphones, you need to install an app for it.
It's lunchtime & you'd like to try something new, so youAsk workmates where they eatUse smart phone to find local eaterysThere are several apps, some free, that provide a list of restaurants near you. Some use GPS to display on a map both your location and the location of the nearly places. There are also free yellow-pages apps that you can use to look up businesses.
You need directions to a place you've never been, so you1. Ck map
2. Ask friend
3. Use computer
4. Use a GPS device
Open a GPS/mapping app on smartphoneThese apps will give you turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions just like a GPS device.
You found the new restaurant using your phone, but parking isn't nearby. You need to remember your way back to your car, so you...Make notes on how to get back.Use a GPS-enable app that lets you mark you location before leaving your car. Then when you are ready to return, merely follow the on-screen map and directions.
You see street performers but you don't have your camera. What can you do?Watch & observeUse your smartphone to photo or video the event
After lunch you want to check yourself to make sure you are presentable. What do you do?If you're a guy, go the men's room and check in a mirror. If you're a gal, take out your compact mirror.Launch the camera app and, using the front-facing camera on your phone, use the screen like a mirror.Only works on smartphones with front-facing cameras
You like games & puzzles so to fill in time while waiting for your next client youGrab the newspaper for the daily crosswordUse various games on your phone
You read a place you'd like to visit but you aren't near there very often. How are you going to remember it the next time you are in that vicinity?There is no way to do this.Using an app, you enter the address of the location. Using GPS, it will sound an alert the next time you are near that address. You can set a reminder like: "This is close to where that new Yogurt shop is at."
You are out of the office when a brainstorm of an idea hits you. What do you do?If you have pen and paper, make as many notes as you need to keep the idea fresh. Of course, you'll need to retype it later.Using your smartphone and any of the numerous (and free) "cloud" storage systems, you open a new document and type away on your phone. When you get back to the office, use your computer to bring up that same note and continue developing it.This list was actually started on my phone and stored on Google "Drive." I wrote it just before leaving for a meeting. Later that evening, I finished it on my PC.
Your boss or another work associate calls you while you are out of the office. They need you to look at a document. What do you do?You tell them you will get to it as soon as you return to the office.If the document was stored in the "cloud," merely use your phone to view the document.
You're in the electronics department of a store & see something you'd like. You wonder what Amazon charges for it. What do you do.You'll need to get to a computer to check the price.Using the Amazon app, you snap a picture of the item or barcode. It will display a list of matches. You can even buy it right there from your phone.
You're a religious person and occasionally you like reading the "holy" book (be that the Bible, Koran, whatever). You'll need to carry that book with you.Many "holy" writings are available for download. The Holy Bible (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek writings known as the Old and New Testaments) is freely available online with about 20 English translations.
You bought a new electronic device. You want to read the manual during breaks and other downtime. What do you do?Carry the manual with you and hope you don't lose it.Most manuals today can be downloaded in PDF format. Those files can be put on your phone and read on the phone using various free "readers."
You get an unexpected bonus check or refund. You need to deposit it. What do you do?You'll have to schedule time to visit the bank.Using a bank-provided app, you snap a picture of both sides of the check and send the pictures to them. They will honor those pictures as originals and deposit the funds. You keep the paper record until the funds are confirmed as deposited.
You want to check you bank balanceYou can call the bank, go through all their security questions & then get the info. Or you can use your computer to check it but what if you are not at your computer?Using a bank-provided app, you logon and check the balance.
You just met with a business client that handed you their business card. You need to keep this information. What do you do?When you get to a computer, enter the details into your contact list.Using your phone and Google Goggles, take a picture of the card. The app will convert it to a new Contact card and ask if you want to save it.
You need to call a client on the other side of the world. But you can't remember what time it is there. What do you do?Find something telling you the time differences and do the math in your head.Using the built-in clock, access the world-clock function. Enter the Location. It will display the current time there.
You see a famous painting and wonder about its painter. How do you find out?If you are at the museum, find an attendant and ask them.Using Google Goggles, snap a picture of the painting. If it is famous, Goggles will find it and give you the details.
You worked late and arrived home in the dark. You need to see your way up to the front door. What do you do?Hopefully you have a mini-flashlight on your keychain.Use your smartphone and access the app that turns your camera's flash into a steady beam of light.
You are in the middle of meeting when the speaker starts talking about something interesting. You want to remember it. What do you do.Quickly scribble notes. If you have an audio recorder with you, use it.Use the built-in recorder on your phone and record the speaker's voice.
Your mother calls. She misses you and wants to see your face. What can you do?Speak consolingly and assure her that you will visit soon.If you both have smartphones or at least one has a computer and the other a smartphone, you can tell her you will call you right back using Skype and have a video call. (You'll still need to visit her in person someday soon.)The smartphone must have a front-facing camera for this to work.
You are spending the night out of town on a business trip. You need to ensure you wake up on time. What do you do?Either call the front desk & ask for a wake up call, or use an alarm clock. Many cellphones, even before smartphones, had alarms.Using your smartphone, set an alarm to wake you.
Since you are out of town, you wonder if the location has today's copy of your favorite metro newspaper. What do you do?Go to the lobby and see if you can find a copy of the paper.Open the web on your phone and browse for the online copy of the current paper.
A client calls you on your cellphone. They need you to fax something to them pronto! What do you do?Get back to the office ASAP!You knew this would come up, you just didn't know when. In anticipation, you downloaded the document on your phone. You also installed a faxing app. You access the app, point it to the stored document and send the fax from your phone. Emergency averted.
You are finally home for the weekend and you are putting up a new bookshelf. You want to make sure it is level. What do you do?Grab a level from your toolbox.Open the "level" app. Set phone on bookshelf.
You need to convert meters to feet. What do you do?get a dictionary or look it up on your computerUsing an app you can install for free, enter the meters, it will return feet, inches, whatever you need.
Your spouse sent you to the store to buy beans. You get there and realize that simply wasn't enough info. There are Lima beans, refried beans, pinto beans, etc. What do you do?If you have even a regular cell phone, you can call or text your mate.Using your smartphone, you can take a picture of the isle of beans and ask "which one?" then send it as a multimedia message.I've actually had to do this many times.
Your spouse also gave you some coupons to redeem with the items you were supposed to buy. What do you do?Turn in the coupons when you check out.If you are shopping at a major "supermarket," some have apps that, along you customer loyalty card contain the coupons you previously loaded on your computer. They will automatically be redeemed when you check out.
You need to set a timer to cook something for 30 minutes. What do you do?Use the egg timer or the count-down timer on your digital stove.Launch the clock app and set the timerMost clock apps have a timer function.
After dinner your kid brother is in a race at his school. You want to time his speed. So you...Use a stop watch if you have one.Launch the clock app and use the stop watch function.Most clock apps have a stop-watch function.
You took pictures of your brother's race to share with the guys at work.Print the pictures and take them to workSince smartphones have large enough screens, merely show the pictures from your phone.
Its summer and still plenty light outside so you decide to go for walk at the nearby regional park. On the way back, you get momentarily disoriented. So you...Hopefully you took your compass with you. If not, we hope your sense of direction is good.There are apps that will both show you the path you've taken and show you compass you can use.
You're finally home and eating dinner. Your spouse went out with his or her friends so you're alone. You want to watch TV but that's in another room and you don't want to drop food on the new carpet. So you...Finish your meal, then watch TVBring up your favorite program on your phone.
You're done eating, you sit down at the TV but can't find the remote. What do you do?Get off your duff and operate the TV manually.If your smartphone is equipped with IR, use it to control your TV.
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