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Master students Pre-application deadline to 7/31Dear students good:

Remind students who wish to apply for Pre-Master, please within 7/31 premise send the application form to the department office.

Fails to designate ~ ~
National Taiwan Normal Course Bachelor of Information Engineering Foundation Course "Programming (a)" application for exemptionProficiency program activities of the Department of Basic Course exemption is scheduled to be held 9/11-9/12.

Registration date 9/1-9/9, please classmates before the deadline for registration.

Please refer to the Department of related approaches related approaches



The Ministry of Education, "about military service obligations outstanding draftee may only be approved upon application exit" messageRelated file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140628100917.pdf2014/6/28鄭香玲
The Ministry of Education, "103 years of summer school students at all levels of advocacy activities Precautions Safety Precautions" cum survey of our students during the summer of outdoor activities 103 caseFirst, to maintain the safety of students leave, please intent to expose students to stay active safety precautions, and actively engaged in legitimate leisure activities to enhance their healthy physical and mental development.

Second, for each class, students conduct laboratory and learn if 2 (or more) of outdoor activity, students will be responsible for organizing the relevant information (content should include handling units, activity name, activity start and end time, venue, number of participants responsible person and telephone) transfer of Student Affairs Office at the Department of military Training June 20, to serve facilitate data entry and security master. Undertaker: Dai Wenkun, Tel: 77343126, Email: daiwk@ntnu.edu.tw

Third, during the summer if students were informed of the accident, please notify the school as soon as possible Campus Security Report Center, Campus Security Report Center hotline: (02) 77341119, Fax: (02) 23637948.
Related Files: 103 years of student activities summer safety precautions prevention advocacy(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140619152308.doc)
School 102 2nd semester school year is about to graduate Bo, Master paper and electronic files payment requirements and proceduresFirst, according to former "National Taiwan Normal University dissertations payment collection points," Bo, graduate students through the school's 338th Executive Council, 101 years on November 28 to pay Hiroyuki graduation paper and electronic files, master's thesis.

Second, please refer to "graduate thesis electronic files online payment flow chart" on paper filing and upload etc. For details, please refer to the school dissertations system "thesis archiving jobs" page (http://etds .lib.ntnu.edu.tw / gs / ntnulogin.htm).

Third, leaving the schedule please governed by the provisions of Academic Affairs. Since the library audit required three working days (excluding holidays), please be prepared in advance, in order to facilitate the formalities in time for school leavers.

Fourth, the academic dissemination and sharing of educational resources, ideas, and can effectively promote the visibility and utilization of dissertations, please authorize the Department of Graduate enthusiastically reading the paper electronic file open.

Fifth, ask students to upload and pay in the paper before, be sure to view the contents are inadvertently exposing themselves and others, a capital (including telephone, address, date of birth and ID number, etc.) in order to protect each other's interests.

Six questions please call the library to promote the group Liao Yiping (02-7734-5241, or email to etd@deps.ntnu.edu.tw) inquiry.
Related Files: National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan Library Thesis paper postpone the application open shelves(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140617163952.doc)
Related Files: National Taiwan Normal University dissertations payment collection points
TCGA 2014 event notifications1.TCGA 2014 event notifications: beauty professional chess program challenges in terms of financial Xiaoai Lin, Welcome to NTNU match!
2.TCGA 2014 event notifications: Mahjong program challenges Yu Xiaoping, Li Yaping, Welcome to NTNU match!
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Information Engineering graduate dial spike photos102 Department of Information Engineering graduation ceremony dial ear, see!
103 years' Outstanding Talent Award Information "," Baida Innovative Products "selection message (entry to 103/8/20 only)First, to accelerate information technology innovation, to encourage the development of innovative technologies for the implementation of applications, 103 IT Month aims to expose the two singles events held, hoping to reward talent through outstanding contribution of IT products with innovative features, as well as to promote the application of information, as domestic IT industry have a demonstration effect, and by demonstration and advocacy to promote to promote the development of domestic information.

Second, the "Outstanding IT Talent Award" mining online registration, 103 years from now until August 20, written information please mail to the designated location within the prescribed period; "Baida innovative products," mining online registration, from now until 103 years ended August 20.

Third, event registration, application forms and related pieces of information, please refer to the information on the reference month events brochure or website: http://www.itmonth.org.tw

Fourth, Contact:

(A) "Outstanding IT Talent Award" Contact: Miss Xie Xinyan (02-25774249 ext 264)

(B) "Baida Innovative Product Award" Contact Person: Mr. Yu Chengxiu (02-25774249 ext 518)
"Nearly men of military age exit Review for" Point 4 provides the industry in 103 years May 22 repair "nearly men of military age exit Review for" Point 4 provides the industry in 103 years May 22 corrected releaseAims to expose provisions have been seen in 103 years the Ministry of Interior on May 22 to the station served Zi 1030830264 amended Decree issued after correction is defined as: "four, nearly a passport valid for men of military age, the maximum of five years following. circumstances, except for special reasons, by the consent of the Ministry of Interior, for the non-resident status shall be endorsed: (a) passport stamped yet to fulfill military service obligations stamp (b) does not have the status of expatriates nearly men of military age, holding foreign. before passport entry and exit. (c) close to men of military age in the age of fifteen years abroad before December 31, the passport is not stamped yet to fulfill military service obligations stamp endorsement in the non-resident does not have the qualifications, there entry and exit of the situation. attained the age of fifteen years abroad before December 31, when close to returning military age during the annual total not more than 183 days were, in line with non-resident status when qualified endorsement may apply to the Bureau of consular Affairs or the overseas Missions Trail apply for the cancellation of outstanding stamp duty military and non-resident status for the endorsement. "2014/6/6鄭香玲
102 Year 2nd semester course survey, please fill in the students enthusiastically InternetSecond semester survey course of time 102 Year: 5/30--6/26

Please fill in the students enthusiastically Internet. After filling order query results.

Dear Department Office
Please have participated in the (102) English Proficiency Examination academic year students 103/6/11 (five) to the department office before receiving transcripts (please have passed the certification together)2014/5/30鄭香玲
Please laboratories (Bachelor of classes and generations) to collect and return attention to the relevant provisions of graduation dress[ ※ Note : Please make sure to complete the online registration has been borrowed , Website : http://goo.gl/Bh3873 ]

One , borrowed time , program , location and contact person :

A borrowed time : Please handled in accordance with the time to borrow , overdue will not be accepted .

The institutes graduate programs :

103 May 30日( Friday) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm .

103 on June 4 , 6 ( Wednesday and Friday) , 10:00 am 2:00 pm .

Complement by : 103 on June 10, 12 days ( Tuesday and Thursday ) , 10:00 am - 2:00 pm .

           1 in accordance with the Treasury needs to borrow the stock handle , can not guarantee there will be a gown available for rent .

           2 . Borrowed time to stop work in case the situation , then later postponed.

Second, to borrow Location: Main Campus Men basement of a house < billiard room next to the original family convenience store > .

 Third, the borrowing method:

Undergraduate classes Department as a unit to collect , graduate students in the lab or Department units received doctoral individuals can receive , when the land in accordance with the above borrow and pay the rental fee , please pay attention to self-change and bags ( Bachelor of rental fee serving each 150 yuan , 300 yuan each master's clothes , Dr. suits each 600 yuan ) .

 Fourth, Failure to collect a specified time and gown who borrowed the right gown will not be retained .

Fifth, the asset group contractors : Mr. Zheng Qinwen , phone :7734 -1978 . e-mail: kiss@ntnu.edu.tw


II , but also the time and place of payment :

[ ※ Please return the class representatives asked the students academic dress clothes when zipped to confirm no damage , and try to graduate class of service receipt , return above ground according to the time . 】


First, the main campus : Time : June 23,25,30 (Monday and Wednesday) 10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm .

                Location: Main Campus M a house basement < billiard room next to the original family convenience store >

Second, the mansion Campus: Time : June 27日( Friday) 10:00 - 2:00 pm .

Location: Manor Campus Arena floor lobby.

 Third, over June 30 unreturned who paid the penalty for each day delay of more than NT $ 50 also gold < less than day to day terms, excluding holidays > , and the amount of compensation for the cap and gown .



Participation , loss and damages :

First, please keep gown , if lost or damaged , should be compensated in accordance with regulations. There is received by the class representative is responsible for the payment of compensation to those who have lost school . Surrender procedures unfinished gown who can not handle school procedures .

Second, the degree may not be self- service laundry , if damaged after use at your own risk , Bachelor of service compensation of $ 1,000 each , $ 2,000 each master service compensation , compensation for each $ 3,000 Dr. clothing .

Note: Please be sure to surrender graduate students to serve in accordance with the specified time , so as to avoid inconvenience to deal with school procedures .
103 first semester class scheduleDear students good:

103-1 curriculum, Annex.

For related doubt, please contact the department office.

If necessary, adjust the time, on 6/6 before three in the afternoon on Friday, after the class to sign up to the department office by the class representative to reflect.

Related Files: 103-1 curriculum (http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140528162513.doc)
Enterprise Education Summit message aspiring _2014 Normal (Date: 103/6/3)To grasp business trends, to assist teachers college and corporate links , custom corporate education held their first summit on the eve of National Taiwan Normal University 68 anniversary, organized by President Wang Jin , co-sponsored hsiung Hsu , chairman , to be invited to the Acer Group founder Stan Shih , Lutheran Housing Chairman Zhou Junji , etc., to participate in the discussion. Its enthusiastic welcome to enroll !

[Enterprise Education Summit aspiring _2014 Normal ]

6 successful entrepreneurs and young students on to talk about " one you can not miss the golden lesson"

One theme : how to tie a school enterprise nurturing talent

                2 How should schools to train future teachers

Second, time: 103 years on June 3 (b ) 9:00 ~ 12:00

Third Place : Concert Hall , National Taiwan Normal University and Monuments ( Auditorium )

Fourth, Participants: Teachers college students and alumni, public , news media

Five Moderator: Sky TV chairman Ma Yongrui

Six inviting entrepreneurs : Acer founder Stan Shih , chairman Cho Yong Choi silver , Waterland chairman Wea Chi-Lin , founder of the world cultural Ghosh Jun , chairman Zhou Junji Lutheran Housing , gold hsiung Hsu , chairman of Compal

7, registration URL : http://goo.gl/hNhC0U

Eight , Tel: Miss Su ( 02 ) 7734-1254
Related Files : posters (http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140523135850.jpg)
"For the year 2014 the second phase of the Japanese Association of short-term exchange students scholarships (general areas ‧ Japanese research; Application Deadline: 103/5/30)First, according to the Japanese Association website announcement handle .

Second, the scholarship brochure provides major colleges and colleges in Japan have signed a student exchange agreement who recommended schools可依each agreement and the general field of research various Japanese exchange students to participate in a selection process for the scholarship , applicable period scheduled between September 2014 to January 2015 who started Japan .

Third, the school intends to participate in the selection of the scholarship , please read the description of three pages of the bulletin , and please follow the following procedure proposed school application :

( A ) apply students ' academic semester 103 ( Fall ) university exchange student selection ' premises through the Office of International Affairs , please at 17:30 on May 30, 2014 will be paid prior to the application form to the International Office of Academic pieces cooperation group .

(B ) Each school faculties and university faculties Japan signed a student exchange agreement who contracted units can customize standard and open primaries in the unit , and then recommended to send the application form , accompanied by students of the Japanese business Undertaker contact information supplied on the opening deadline on the open unit .

Fourth, the case details see website : http://www.ntnu.edu.tw/oia/student00403.php page " to go to Asia ╲ Japan Exchange Association " under Related Links .

Fifth, the school sent to the criteria recommended "Application campus units Fuwai short term training scholarships to send students recommended guidelines ," according to the school handled .

Sixth, the list will be sent to the school recommended International Office website announcement ; All students are recommended to send the application documents sent by the selection of International Affairs ; Japan Exchange Association to review the results will be conveyed to the Office of International Affairs website .

Seven , approved by the school abroad / territory students abroad / territory should the school during school and required to pay costs associated with miscellaneous school , contact the Office of Registration details can teach or research units ( ext 1077 ) .
"2014 Hami Apps Software Development cum supplier Awards" (Registration to 2013/7/18 ended)First, the activities organized by the Chunghwa Telecom Commission cum performed by Wang Zhi Fun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. aims to provide information related to the Information Technology department students understand the market environment, the use of the Android platform application development, integration related to the original courses, so that students can grasp the latest trends in information technology to enhance students' ability to develop applications, laying the future employability and competitiveness, and to dig through this event talents required companies.

Second, Participants: any nationality (who must be led ROC nationality), where the Republic of China tertiary students, Master PhD, high school vocational school students (including graduates) and holds a certificate of students were in school can attend.

Third, during the registration period: 103 years on March 10 to 103 years July 18 (please see the official website: http://2014hamiapps.emome.net).

Fourth, if you have any questions, please Miss Lin Anzhi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Business Development Fun Wang Zhi contact Tel: (02) 2325-7188 rpm 810.
Selection results 103 to attend this school year with the Department of Minor / double major qualificationsMinor:

King Atlas

Zhou Guanting

Double Major:

King Atlas

Xie Changlong

ZHOU Zhen Chao
National Taiwan Normal University, the New School LawRelated Files: School Communications(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140520091052.pdf)
Related Files: learning is amended(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140520091052.pdf)
"China Outstanding Youth Exchange Promotion Association Corp." 2014 Beijing Summer internships apply announcementLES provides turn-known summer internships application messages are as follows:

"China Outstanding Youth Exchange Promotion Association Corp."

2014 Beijing Summer internships apply announcement



Cross-Strait Economic and Cultural Exchange Association

2014 Kunshan internship

Facebook fan page http://ppt.cc/EWhh
102 2nd semester academic year graduates apply for graduation formalities precautions (including Bachelor and Graduate)Related Files: Bachelor graduation formalities Precautions(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140520112835.pdf)
Related Files: graduate school procedures Precautions(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140520112907.pdf)
Graduating draftee can apply for the army camp in late June announcement and application formFor related questions, please contact Student Affairs Office life counseling group contractors Miss Li Meiyun (02-77341060; ryan8888@ntnu.edu.tw)
Related Files: graduating draftees apply for the army camp in late June announcement(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140513150103.PNG)
Related Files: 82 103 years before the subprime fresh college graduates (knot) industry application draftees into the camp as soon as possible (http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140513150219.doc)
Related Files: 102 Year graduates of military service for information to(http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140513150247.pdf)
103 school first semester of the academic year, "school tuition waiver benefits" in 103 years June 10 to June 25 Accrued accepting applicationsOne, born 103 years old June 10 to June 25 online login information, print the application form and submit the application form and valid documents radial life counseling group applications.

Second, the documents or the effective date of the required documents after 103 years in September, Not limited author, not diameter due to the reduction of tuition billing, temporarily not pay first, once the system is re-opening in August, the supplemented application .

Third, while those who apply for a waiver, and student loans, and then apply for relief must first bid for the loans, the loan amount required amount after deduction of relief, do not exceed the loan.

Fourth, the collar has been requested to provide educational grants from other government fees or other nature rather pay tuition remission who choose only one handle. Who have applied for tuition waiver, issued in accordance with the provisions of the order, shall be changed to apply for other government grants. Have been enjoying the same semester school fee waivers or return to school when the semester had applied for relief grant application shall not be repeated.

Five more information, please visit our home page - administrative units - Student Affairs Office - Life Guidance Section - relief website (http://assistance.sa.ntnu.edu.tw/files/13-1001-302.php).
MOST 104 annual grant application for postdoctoral research abroad case, since today (103) On June 1-July 31 中午 12 in reception desk online applicationFirst, the proposal aims to expose the relevant provisions applying to the Department by the applicant under this Part apply themselves without recommended by your authorities , however due to the various laboratory personnel and postdoctoral graduating doctoral students who meet the eligibility criteria , may apply , please kindly took the turn to know .

Second, the point slightly revised this year , focusing on :

( A ) The applicant is required to delete restrictions on domestic university graduate department.

(B ) delete the language skills to identify valid proof of restrictions .

(C ) updating and foreign research institutes regulations , see the operating point attachment.

( 4) Application category is divided into the following two categories:

1 , Group A : When an application has been made by consent letter advisor to foreign priority benefits.

2 , B : when the application has not been made ​​by the consent letter abroad advisor .

Third, please Division website online application system open during ( 1 to June this year at 12:00 on July 31 ) to complete the online registration and payment of the application documents , merge files and print the application home , after signing on August 11 this year recently arrive headquarters , before completion of the registration process.

Fourth, the operating point and purpose of mortgage subsidy case the applicant should note that the relevant provisions of matters , announcements in Division website (http://www.most.gov.tw/mp.aspx), the query path : Ministry of Home \ About Technology Ministry \ headquarters units \ science development and international cooperation department ( international cooperation operations ) \ various supplements way \ general grant \ grant postdoctoral research abroad operating Guidelines ( 103 years 104 years abroad to apply applicable ) and below the point of accessories. Please download the latest version of the application before the applicant should note.
Career visit - Taipei Youth Career Development Center (Youth Salon)http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/news_show01.php?NewsID=12062014/4/29陳姿婷
103 Year PhD Entrance Examination Notice1 academic year the department 103 trails admitted four doctoral entrance examination, two waiting list.

2.5 On 3 Japanese department will not be oral. Trail admission and shortlisted Please 5/22 refer to the school enrollment of Academic Affairs website information. http://enroll.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/Enroll/PhdEntry

3 Another excellent use of the quota system, the replacement of the entrance examination will be waiting list.
The Department of the upcoming Master, Boban graduate qualification, please Graduate students at 103/5/16 (five) before sending payment information department office (another doctoral student, please contact the Office of the Department-related matters)Please wish to apply for the second semester of the academic year 102 papers handled oral (ie, scheduled to graduate in June 103) of the 103 Master students in May 16 日 (Friday) to pay the following documents to the Department of the Office of Miss Zheng Xiangling, in order to facilitate graduate qualification jobs:

(1) Degree qualification examination table (go to the department website "Download Forms" / "Master Class" at the download)

(2) a list of 102 elective second semester academic year

(3) Transcript

From (4) 100 students admitted in the academic year, as has been proved in English to reach the threshold of graduation Please also pay.

* To apply for doctoral students to apply for the semester project by oral or oral papers related jobs, please apply no later than three weeks before oral contact Miss Zheng Xiangling.
103 school year apply to transfer Admitted Listhttp://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/news_show01.php?NewsID=11962014/4/23陳姿婷
Post an amended school "overseas Chinese students cum foreign students registered to attend professional education course requirements."1. case focused amended as follows :

From 103 overseas Chinese students attend school year prior to the addition of secondary school teachers in -service teacher education programs and foreign students attend norms and adjust the school -cum- foreign overseas Chinese students to take delivery of a certificate / proof of provisions .

2. In line with the Ministry of Education to promote the new system of teacher education programs and apply as follows :

From ( a ) 103 academic year " in registered form " overseas Chinese students to attend secondary school teacher before service teacher education courses , the Hong Kong and Macao students and foreign students ( that is, from 102 academic year the school and each department in the sophomore / Master II / Bo II onwards to attend educational or professional program ) , shall apply the provisions of the new system of teacher education programs , " the former middle school teacher teacher education courses and vocational education curriculum subjects and credits the table " to attend the school education curriculum . If completed in accordance with the provisions of the new system of teacher education programs and field study ( at least 54 hours ) who was at the school for the issuance of teacher education " Education Curriculum Certificate " ; completion of the new system of teacher education programs except the provisions Failure to complete the field study ( at least 54 hours ) who may only apply to the issuance of teacher education at the " education courses to prove ."

( B) the school year to 101 ( inclusive) before admission to the various departments and in the sophomore / Master II / II onwards aspirant Bo , then return to the original applicable professional courses education courses and credits table version , but have to apply the new system Education courses versions and instructions before opening cf ( a ) apply connotation .

Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140423101356.doc
102 the second semester of the academic year to stop applications for repair1.This semester courses parked away from the application period ending 103 years April 21 until May 8, asking the students to pay the application form before the deadline to the department office.

2.Application Form Annex.

Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140423102056.pdf
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140423102056.doc

102 2nd school year doctoral qualifying exam registration102 the second semester of the academic year doctoral qualifying exam is scheduled for June 25, 2014, held on the 26th two days.

102 the second semester of the academic year doctoral qualifying exam registration accepted with immediate effect.

Please have the relevant application documents at 5/23 before work paid to the department office.

Exam schedule is scheduled to June 18, 2014 announcement.
102 Year Graduation Ceremony dial spikeMaster of you graduating students is good:


Please 5/15 front to LAB as a unit, the completed form to upload the finished!!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear Department Office
Programming (b) The second midterm review!!!Programming (b) The second midterm review of the following times:

4/28 (a) 4:30 pm - 6:30

Students are welcome to take part!!

Dear Department of Information Engineering Office
School "approach to teacher education programs to attend," the amendment of table-cumThe school now has a "secondary school teacher class families Education Program" (hereinafter referred to as medium tutorial), 104 from another school year since the proposed establishment of "special education schools (classes) secondary school teacher education class families gifted class group stage of education process "(referred to as gifted tutorial), Yuan original school," secondary school teachers to attend class families approach education process "to" educational program to attend Measures "(hereinafter referred to as the Measures) and to regulate the middle, two gifted education Program attendance requirements. Please refer to the school of communications and revised table.
Related File:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140417085154.pdf
Related File:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140417085154.docx
103 graduating students academic dress hire Needs Survey (Bachelor please register for the graduating class representative is responsible for matters; Institute students on an individual basis, please pre-register online at 103/4/30, but lab units receive)1 To assist graduates to participate in the graduation ceremony gown rental, please undergraduate faculties clinics master, doctoral sure to fill in the designated time on the Internet, with a degree in statistics trying to take advantage of the number and size of clothing, to serve Lee Asset Management Group pre-school to prepare and disseminate accordingly, if not made ​​within the time specified needs, will be treated as non-academic dress hire needs. Registration Website http://goo.gl/Bh3873

2 Bachelor Please register for the graduating class representative is responsible for matters; Institute students each unit please register online at 103/4/30 before, but lab units receiving payment (collection date is scheduled for early June).

3 gown rental costs (including cleaning fee) for the Bachelor of service 150 yuan, 300 yuan clothing Masters, PhD clothes 600 yuan, borne by the borrower and pay at time of collection, academic dress.

4 case Contact Person: Mr. Zheng 钦汶 of General Services (02-77341978; kiss@ntnu.edu.tw)
"Implementation Measures volunteer soldiers election motto," some of the provisions, the Department of Defense already 103 years March 28 Zi 1030000073 National Planning Commission amended Decree issued, please refer to the Internet"Implementation Measures volunteer soldiers election motto," some of the provisions, the Department of Defense already 103 years March 28 Zi 1030000073 National Planning Commission amended Decree issued, please to the Executive Yuan Gazette Information Network (http://gazette.nat.gov. tw / egFront / index.jsp) to download.2014/4/15鄭香玲
"Independent Music Awards Ocean" entry organized by New Taipei City Bureau "2014 New Taipei International Sea Music Festival Gongliao fifteenth back" campaign accepted (103/5/12 only)For details, see "Related file" below the relevant registration information also on http://www.2014hohaiyan.tw query.

Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411105855.pdf
Industrial Science Foundation Foundation reliance handle the relevant course information on the "wisdom of Electronic Engineering Program" welcome graduates reference...For details, see the bottom of the file, schedule and conduct related accessories selection methods such as brochures or on the official website of the foot line of heroes:

https://sites.google.com/site/remotecampstw/ and fan page: http://goo.gl/mEKbKH query.

Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411110327.pdf
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411110327.jpg
Industrial Science Foundation Foundation reliance handle the relevant course information on the "wisdom of Electronic Engineering Program" welcome graduates referenceRelated file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411111138.pdf
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411111603.jpg
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140411111138.jpg
First semester midterm course opinions annual survey of 102 school, please fill out the online students.1 Fill Date: 4/14 to 4/27.

2. Ask students to fill in the time on the Internet.
Advisory TA midterm review session, asking the students to make use of!!!Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140408152334.JPG2014/4/8陳姿婷
102-2 Service Learning (a) information literacy seminarRelated lectures message:

[Important] 102-2 service learning courses ( a ) apply knowledge lectures message

102-2 service learning courses ( a ) knowledge Lecture

Starting Hello ! ! !

Please remember to register online


In volunteer service , saw their value

103 years on April 30 ( three ) 18:00-20:00

Instructor: Tien Cultural Foundation Director - Qu Qing Hao teacher

Lecture Location: Lecture Theatre, Education Building 201

Registration Website : http://goo.gl/pnCU1i



Let service to become a turning point in your life

103 years on May 1 (d ) 18:00-20:00

Instructor: Chung Wah Fu Secretary for Education Promotion Association - Libo Xian teacher

Lecture Location: Lecture Theatre, Education Building 201

Registration Website : http://goo.gl/mwb9iG



Out of the home , to experience the service moved

103 years on May 5 ( a ) 18:00-20:00

Instructor: Vision Youth Action Network Society - Social Innovation and Resource Development Director - Jane Schwab teacher

Lecture Location: Lecture Theatre, Education Building 201

Registration Website : http://goo.gl/KnZH1Z



With ideas, to share the joy of active service

103 years May 6 (b ) 18:00-20:00

Instructor: National Taiwan Normal University Department of Public collar - Myanmar Li Eden International Volunteer Service Team

      English Department of National Taiwan Normal University - Toyota small division teams ( more than one kilogram of travel - Gomi house )

Lecture Location: Lecture Theatre, Education Building 201

Registration Website : http://goo.gl/Z487RF



Note: Service -learning courses ( a ) as a compulsory 0 credits per academic year service-learning knowledge creation seminars, each student before graduation to participate in at least three service learning experiences literacy seminars and pay reports and audited by , and may only graduate.

See the above website ! !
Related Files :http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407152610.pdf
School 102 the second semester on campus TOEIC exam instructions (enrollment to 103/4/23 only)First, test dates and locations: 103 May 24 日 (Saturday) 9:00 7.30 to 12:00, false Campus school held the examination center will be stated on the exam assignment notice.

Second, the registration date: 103 March 23 日 (星期日) to April 23 日 (星期三) ended.

Third, Registration: In addition to items listed in Annex II, paragraph 6 of the instructions of the preferential treatment of candidates, the rest shall be taken online registration, registration by faculty and students as much as TOEIC test groups dedicated URL applicants, to enjoy group discount rates, The school staff and students price of NT $ 1,200 (NT $ 1,540 million general health).

Fourth, registration URL and more information, please refer to the attachments or reference bulletin Home News Enquiry https://www.ctld.ntnu.edu.tw/.
Related Files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407110643.pdf
Related Files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407110760.pdf
MOST 103 years starting push "to encourage enterprises to participate in a pilot program to cultivate Ph.D." accepting applications with immediate effectCut recorded document reads as follows , other information, please refer to the bottom of the file path :

First, according to the Ministry of Science 103 years on March 18 the Ministry of Nissan Division No. 1030019546 letter word processing.

Second, the application range of the Ministry of Science Project " Research Project Grant " and " industry-university cooperative research program ."

Third, the mode of application of the applicant organization open research project on the application of Science and Technology , together with providing grants companies signed an undertaking (including secure payment with funds and grants quota of doctoral fellowships ) .

Fourth, the way grants for participating companies to pay Ph.D. NT $ 10,000 per month or more grants , the ministry except in accordance with the provisions of the original research project grant remuneration to work part-time assistants , the synchronization earmarked grants doctoral students each NT $ 10,000 per month fellowships ; provided that each monthly grant amount shall not exceed the " Science and Technology Research grant program assistants work part-time support to the remuneration of the standard table " prescribed ( does not include participation of enterprises to pay awards PhD grants ) .

Fifth, the Ministry of Science and PhD grants earmarked for the earmarked grants shall flow with , if the remaining amount payable back to the Ministry of Science . Grant funds for research projects not included in the management fee calculation .

Sixth, if the funding plan for the industry-university cooperative research program who grants matching funds required for the outside .

Seven , the ministry has approved the plan , after properly seek to participate in the business, the way the trial conduct additional mining pick , has applied for 103 research projects can apply for an additional year .

Eight , attach the original letter and its pilot program MOST electronic files of the 1 .
Related Files : http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407113209.pdf
Related Files : http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407113209.pdf
Related Files : http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140407113209.doc
Application Path Reading doctoral program now until 4/18 at noonDear students good:

Students wishing to apply for PhD Department of trails readers, please before 4/18 at noon to deliver the application form to the department office

The Department of related approaches, see the following URL:

"Mainland China attended medical school about military service and other issues arising from the passport bid", please refer to the Ministry of Education student advocacy documentRelated Files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140328135622.pdf
Related Files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140328135622.pdf
School Education Center will 103/04/09 (c) false Wenhui Hall organized the "102 Year Fair Credit Program" welcome students to actively participate in theTime is 103 Wednesday, April 9, 9:30 to 17:30, the venue for the Wenhui Hall library area. Each school day activities included the results show Chengzhao Sheng descriptions and curriculum, students are welcome to take part.2014/3/28鄭香玲
Ask students to take part in "103 Year Student Hostels Committee relinquish strengths election"First, according to the school , " student dormitory Committee Charter " handle .

(C ) 102 Year candidate ; Second, the candidate must meet the following criteria , ( a ) in accordance with our students more incentives and disincentives were not too small disposition ; (b ) By way of our students dormitory counseling unaffected desc bit more disposition and 103 school year when both worked in the school science students.

Third, relinquish strengths for a period of one academic year , from 103 years ended August 1 until July 31 , 2015 .

Fourth, the housekeeper For election-related regulations, please Trail to live under the laws auxiliary group items visit our website for the "Student Dormitory Committee Charter " (http://housing.sa.ntnu.edu.tw/files/11- 1003-84.php).

Five candidates want to register , please ended April 14 103 years 103 years until May 16 , self- refer to each student dormitory committee election announcement and schedule and complete the relevant registration application form post to a designated location , also referred to the main campus or residence district office accommodation on behalf of the LES Committee referred to the student dormitory .

Six, if you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Affairs accommodation LES Miss Zhang Shiru ( 02 ) 7734-3152 , or send a letter to sju@ntnu.edu.tw advice.
About school for foreign students, overseas Chinese and Chinese students work permit application regulations, please see the description of the documents classmates electronic filesOfficial document:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140328151137.pdf
Work Permit Application Form:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140328151137.doc
103 school year university admission by oral announcementRelated file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140327152955.pdfz2014/3/27陳姿婷
The school released "award in school through the national exam Implementation Guidelines" section of this amendment, welcomed the students seeThe amendments have been seen by 103 schools in Japan on March 12, the second semester of teacher education and employment counseling session for consideration by 102 school year, effective immediately implemented; please see students diameter line below the regulatory text of the file after the "electronic document file" and "correction (including application table). "
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140324153042.pdf
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140324153042.doc
The school "102 academic English proficiency exam" scheduled for May 17, 103 (Sat.) held (during the registration period for the 1034/1-4/18)1 English Proficiency Examination of the school year will be 103 on May 17 日 (Saturday) 10:00 am to 11:40 Campus held at the school campus and residence campus.

2. Participant our students (including undergraduate, graduate programs and job master classes), students are free to enroll, and the exam registration fee waived.

3 This semester common subjects in English (two) of freshman students without prior registration, exam-related information will be in English (two) to convey to the instructor.

(4) The examination registration website and related examinations precautions, see the common school subjects English website http://fresh.eng.ntnu.edu.tw, during the enrollment of 103 April 1 日 (Tuesday) to April 18 (Friday), overdue will not be accepted.

5 due to public holidays, sick leave and other reasons can not be on May 17 candidates for the consideration of fairness, will not be accepted make-up job.

6 case Contact: Department of English Miss Wang Shuhui (02-77341803; shwang.tn @ ntnu.edu.tw)
Related Files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140324153924.pdf
The Department of Minor, Double Major and faculties to apply announcementDear students good:

The Department of auxiliary lines, double major, transfer lines, and information relevant dates apply, see attachment.

Interested students please apply before the deadline of the application form attached pieces and radial-owned engineering department office to apply.

Department of Information Engineering Office.
Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140317111356.pdf
School 102 2nd semester school year students living off-campus rent roster (including Bachelor's, Master, PhD) survey (please have students living circumstances of the lease only)To promote school students living off-campus leasing services related to renting student residence offers leasing, fire security and legal disputes message, please have the case of students living off-campus lease rent home birth assistance in completing Schedule roster after e-mail to the department office 鄭香玲 Miss mailbox (angel@csie.ntnu.edu.tw) to compile school evacuation filing, thank you. Related file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140312103347.xls2014/3/14鄭香玲
103 years from March to June declared LES ActivitiesRelated file:http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140305090515.pdf2014/3/5陳姿婷
Request for a service TA

1. The department office request for a service TA.
2. Primary work is about deal with consulting TA’s related matters, and have to be on duty at the department office.
3. Student who wants to apply as soon as possible willingness to consult the department office.

"The Ministry of Education, National Taiwan Normal handle Xuehai series grants CPS" amendments, welcome referenceRelated file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140221133532.pdf2014/2/21鄭香玲
The 102nd second semester “Outstanding Student Selection,” please qualified students are encouraged to applyPlease download outstanding student selection form (http://ap.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/ExcellentStudent/index.jsp), submit it to Ms. 鄭香玲 (02-77346656, angel@csie.ntnu.edu.tw) in the department office before 2014/3/21 (Fri.) for subsequent jobs.
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140221134931.pdf
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140221135058.pdf

Consulting TA course announcementConsulting TA primarily responsible for these subjects:
1. 黃禎喻: Discrete Mathematics, Programming language structure
2. 陳映綸: Programming (2), Operating system, Computer Networks
3. 徐雅姿: Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Computer Architecture
4. 余晟麟: Programming (2), Algorithms, Operating system

The 102nd second semester courses TA second listHello everyone:
Here is the second list:
1. Consulting TA: 余晟麟
2. Mathematical Statistics TA: 高予真
3. Junior topics TA: 江冠儀
4. Tutor TA: further announcement

The 102nd second semester “Proficiency program activities”–– enrollment with immediate effect!Hello everyone:
Here is the “Proficiency program activities” of this semester registration URL: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/51_cpe/cpe_signup.php.
Elementary Program Certification Date: 3/12
Advanced Program Certification Date: 3/13
Time: 6-9 pm
Please eager to register.

Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission handled 103 annual camp in northern Thailand and the Philippines to go overseas uniform handling of regional education service draftee selected jobsPlease the willingness male students self-refer to the official document files and selected job announcement below apply (enrollment to 103/3/5 only).
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219113030.pdf
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219113456.doc
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219113603.doc

“2014 College preparatory degree of compulsory military reserve officer noncommissioned Examination Brochure” amendment of tableRelated file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219113743.doc2014/2/19鄭香玲
2014 Volunteer Officers prepare noncommissioned officer professional preparatory courses Examination BrochureRelated file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219134137.pdf
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219134230.pdf

The 102nd second semester the Votive scholarships application announcement (application deadline 2014/2/27)Download application forms in Student Affairs Office.
(URL: http://assistance.sa.ntnu.edu.tw/files/13-1001-301.php)
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219162157.pdf
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140219162157.JPG

All of the consult TA, course TA, service TA, and recording TA please deliver the scholarships applicationPlease complete the form and hand it back to the department office before noon on Friday.
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140218102409.doc

Chung Yuan Christian University host “University Teaching Excellence AwardsProgram Series Forum - Teaching Force” in 2014/3/26
1. The Ministry of Education aims to expose the teaching force the Forum series awards sponsored by the Chung Yuan Christian University, Soochow University, Da-Yeh University, Ocean University and co-organized. Forum spindle positioning as "the potential of students and teachers, education and sustainable value creation," the public are welcome to attend are encouraged to register together for continuous improvement, education, and work toward the goal of excellence in teaching.
2. Forum Time: on March 26 from 09:15 to 16:30.
3. Forum Location: Village Holistic Education School, 4th Floor, International Conference Hall.
4. Registration: From 2014/2/6 to 2014/3/19. Visit the "Christian University Teaching Excellence Project Site" sign (https://tle.cycu.edu.tw/index.do News → University teaching Excellence awards program series Forum - teaching force Forum).

The 102nd second semester English remedial courses start enroll from 2014/2/17 to 3/61. Please refer to the remedial items (http://fresh.eng.ntnu.edu.tw/images/regulation.pdf), check out if you qualified.
2. Please download the “remedial courses registration form,” and Submit it to the department office to Ms. 鄭香玲.
3. Here is the “remedial courses schedule,” please pay attention to it.
Related file: remedial courses registration form (http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140217091920.doc)
Related file: remedial courses schedule (http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140217091825.doc)

The 102nd second semester Recording TA precautionsThis semester courses recording start from 2/17.
Please remember uploading the week courses recording files to data host.

The 102nd second semester Master and Ph.D. courses lectures rulesPlease refer to the related file!
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140217142215.pdf

“The 103rd aboriginal studying abroad scholarship”implementation plan and selection general regulations.1. The selection is specially for two aboriginal students who study in public or private high school (or above) and lives in Taipei city for over 4 months. The selection candidates need to propose a research project, while passing the verification and oral defense will send qualified persons to specific country participate internship and research mission in studying abroad way.
2. Only accept communication register, register dead line from now on to 2014/03/28, must be postmarked.

Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140127155537.pdf

The 103rd academic year first semester “Outgoing Exchange student Applications ”admission quota increasing, welcome apply eagerly. (Please summit application and related files to department office before 2014/02/21.)

More information for exchange student: http://ap.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/istudent/OE/OE202.jsp
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140124153152.pdf
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140124153152.docx
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140124153509.doc

2014 Substitute Services Draftees application and related rules (Deadline: Dec. 24. 2013)Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20140217142215.pdf2013/12/16鄭香玲
The 102nd academic year first semester bachelor and Master who graduating in the current year Graduation Procedure notificationClick this website to check the notification: http://www.ntnu.edu.tw/aa/graduatefield.html2013/12/16鄭香玲
The 102nd academic year end of the first semester programs questionnaire surveyPlease log on the website to fill the end of the semester programs questionnaire survey between Dec. 20. 2013 and Jan. 17. 2014. This survey’s percentage of filling is using for the next semester’s distribution.
Related files: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20131219162604.pdf

2014 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Youth Ambassadors informationHi everyone:
If you are interesting about the 2014 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Youth Ambassadors selection, but hard to find your crews. Please contact Ms. Lian at office of international affairs, here is her e-mail address: yclien@ntnu.edu.tw. The office of international affairs will arrange meeting for everyone in one day. Make this Youth Ambassadors project can go on well. Please leave these information for us:
Department of major and Grade:

The master program students who want to apply the 102nd academic year second semester thesis oral defensePlease submit the thesis proposal signed by advising professor before Mar. 30. 2014. to the department office1. The master program students who graduate in Jun. 2014. Please submit the thesis proposal signed by advPlease submit the thesis proposal signed by advising professor before Mar. 30. 2014. to the department officeising professor before Mar. 30. 2014. to Ms. 鄭香玲in the department office. For apply the 102nd academic year second semester thesis oral defense. (E-mail: angel@csie.ntnu.edu.tw, tel: 77346656 )
2. Proposal download from http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/09_download/download_02.php?FileType=2

The 102nd academic year first semester Master program oral defense applicationThe master program students who want to apply the thesis oral defense. Please submit these files to Ms. 鄭香玲in the department office two weeks before the oral defense. (E-mail: angel@csie.ntnu.edu.tw, tel: 77346656 )
1. Oral defense committee list
2. Advising professor oral defense recommendation letter
3. Thesis informative abstract
Please download these files from http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/09_download/download_02.php?FileType=2

The 102nd academic year first semester Ph.D. qualify examination scheduleThe 102nd academic year first semester Ph.D. qualify examination schedule.
Related file: http://www.csie.ntnu.edu.tw/01_news/file/20131231095814.pdf

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