David Cameron Conservative party conference speech 2012
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OrderTime in speech (minutes)SentenceLength of applause (seconds)
1.00:01:15."Britian is on the right track."6.09
2.00:03:25."our Queen, the finest Head of State on earth."16.88
3.00:04:15."My best moment was putting that gold medal around the neck of Ellie Simmonds."12.31
4.00:04:50."Today more people would see the boy and not the wheelchair - and that's because of what happened here this summer."18.37
5.00:05:19."Whether our athletes were English, Scottish, Welsh or from Northern Ireland, they draped themselves in one flag."9.56
6.00:05:56."There are many things I want this coalition to achieve but what could matter more than saving our United Kingdom. Let’s say it: we’re better together and we’ll rise together – so let’s fight that referendum with everything we’ve got."
7.00:06:26.Thanking Seb Coe - in reference to Olympics5.94
8.00:06:40."the zinger on the zip wire, the Conservative Mayor of London: our Boris Johnson."
9.00:07:02."You know, I've spent three years trying to explain the Big Society and they did it beautifully in just three weeks."7.56
10.00:08:26."Nearly all our troops will be home - their country proud, their duty done and let everyone in this hall stand and show how profoundly grateful we are for everything they've done."58.6
11.00:10:53."Let no one be in any doubt: this is the party of the NHS and that's theyway it's going to stay."14.41
12.00:11:56."Since we gathered here in Birmingham on Sunday, British aid money has vaccinated 130 thousand children around the world. One hundred and thirty thousand children.You, the Conservative party helped do that, and you should be proud of what you’ve done." 10.44
13.00:12:34."But I did something that no other British leader has ever done before. I said no – Britain comes first – and I vetoed that EU treaty."
14.00:13.11."Well, because of our welfare cap, no family will be getting more in benefits than the average family earns."
15.00:13:34."For years people asked why we couldn’t get rid of those radical preachers who spout hatred about Britain while living off the taxpayer. Well, Theresa May – a great Home Secretary - has done it – and she’s got Abu Hamza on that plane and out of our country to face justice."13.15
16.00:17:02."Line one, rule one of being a Conservative is that it's not where you've come from that counts, it's where you're going."13.63
17.00:17:38."We don't preach about one nation but practice class war, we just get behind people who want to get on in life."
18.00:18:23."They call us the party of the better-off. No: we are the party of the want to be better-off, those who strive to make a better life for themselves and their families – and we should never, ever be ashamed of saying so."
19.00:19.58."We say we’ve got to get the private sector bigger and the public sector smaller…our opponents call it ‘Tory cuts, slashing the state’.No: it’s the best way to create the sustainable jobs people need."8.75
20.00:20:38."No: a decent education is the only way to give all our children the chance they need to start in this world."12.78
21.00:21:43."So these three things are not just the battle-ground for Britain's future, they are also the battle-lines for the next election - and it is a fight we've got to win, for our party and our country and above all for our nations future."11.07
22.00:24:05."Since this government took office, over one million new jobs have been created in the private sector.That is more – net – in the last two years than Labour managed in ten years." 11.44
23.00:26:00."We’re here because they spent too much and borrowed too much.How can the answer be more spending and more borrowing?"10.29
24.00:26:35."Labour: the party of one notion: borrowing."11.94
25.00:27:16."When people earn money, it's their money. Not the governement's money: their money."11.56
26.00:27:41."So, if we cut taxes, we're not giving them money - we're taking less of it away. Ok? Got it?"7.75
27.00:28:03."And while we’re on that - who suffers when the wealthy businessman goes off to live in Geneva? Not him – he’s paying about half the tax he would do here."7.9
28.00:28:28."We promised that those with the broadest shoulders would bear the biggest burdenand with us, the rich will pay a greater share of tax in every year of this Parliament than in any one of the thirteen years under Labour. Under Labour."4.46
29.00:28:53."who did this? - Labour did this - and our country should never forget it."12.53
30.00:30:30."Yes, you're diplomats but you need to be our country's salesforce too."9.78
31.00:31:53."So don’t let anyone tell us that Britain can’t make it in this world – we’re the most enterprising, buccaneering, creative, dynamic nation on earth."10.91
32.00:32:26." I say - there is a global battle out there to win jobs, orders, contracts and in that battle I believe in leading from the front."8.94
33.00:33:28."If we're going to be a winner in this global race we've got to beat of this suffocating bureaucracy once and for all."9.12
34.00:34:46."They sit in their childhood bedroom, looking out of the window dreaming of a place of their own. I want us to say to them – you are our people, we are on your side, we will help you reach your dreams." 11.59
35.00:36:19."It is an outrage. And we are ending it by capping housing benefit."10.44
36.00:37:18."It requires you to have a real CV and it makes clear: you have to seek work and take work – or you will lose your benefit."10.38
37.00:37:48."If hard-working young people have to live at home while they work and save, why should it be any different for those who don’t?"
38.00:38:52."So I want us to be clear: in British politics today it is this party saying no-one is a write-off, no-one is hopeless and with Iain Duncan Smith leading this revolution let this be the party that shows there is ability and promise in each and everyone of our citizens."11.62
39.00:39:55."Work isn’t slavery, it’s poverty that is slavery……and again it’s us, the modern compassionate Conservative party, who are the real champions of fighting poverty in Britain today."18.15
40.00:41:59."Yes – that’s my plan – millions of children sent to independent schools……independent schools, in the state sector."12.13
41.00:44:50."It’s that toxic culture of low expectations – that lack of ambition for every child – which has held this country back."

42.00:45:49."And to all those people who say: he wants children to have the kind of education he had at his posh school, I say: yes – you’re absolutely right. I went to a great school and I want every child to have a great education."19.97
43.00:46:13."I'm not here to defend privilege, I'm here to spread it."7.5
44.00:49:16."We even persuaded the Queen to jump out of a helicopter to make the rest of the world smile …. there is absolutely nothing we cannot do."
45.00:50:06"We know what it takes to win, to win in the tough world of today, to win for all our people, to win for Britain.  So let’s get out there and do it."

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