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Fiction / LiteraryAbbas, FatinGhost SeasonNortonW. W. Norton & CompanyHardcover978132400174428.951/10/2023N/ADebut, LJ Prepub Alert, "Even as civil war threatens, a badly burned corpse is discovered in a border town between northern and southern Sudan, the location of an NGO compound. This could spell trouble for white Midwestern aid worker Alex, Sudanese American filmmaker Dena, and eager-to-rise 12-year-old Mustafa. Meanwhile, South Sudanese translator William worries about missing cook Layla, whom he loves. A debut novel plumbing the fraught issues of humanitarian aid, divided identity, and internecine conflict."
Fiction / LiteraryAdjapon, BisiDaughter in ExileHarperCollinsHarperViaHardcover978006308902027.991/31/202330000Debut, LJ Prepub Alert, "Boasting a university degree, a good job, and a busy social life in Senegal, Lola is riding high when she falls for Armand, a marine stationed at the U.S. embassy. She eagerly anticipates an exciting new life in the United States, but her mother, a high court judge in Ghana, opposes the match. Mother was right: the life of an undocumented immigrant in an unrecognizable and sometimes hostile new environment is not what Lola expected. A U.S. debut for Caine Prize nominee Adjapon."
Social Science / Ethnic Studies / American / African American & Black Studies
Black, DanielBlack on BlackHarperCollinsHanover Square PressHardcover978133544938227.991/31/202350,000LJ Prepub Alert, "Winner of the Distinguished Writer Award from the Middle-Atlantic Writer's Association, novelist and cultural critic Black (DON'T CRY FOR ME) offers a debut essay collection examining issues that range from police brutality to the role of queer representation in the Black church. Along the way, he celebrates the strength of Black Americans-and indeed anyone on the margins-and the ongoing struggle for fairness and equality. With a 50,000-copy first printing."
History / African American & Black
Brown, JasmineTwice as Hard
PRH/Random House
Beacon PressHardcover978080702508624.951/24/2023N/APublishers Summary, "The first complete history of Black women physicians in the US, told through a blend of extensive archival research and the author's own journey as a medical student."
Fiction / African American & Black / Women
Cauley, KashanaThe SurvivalistsELSESoft SkullHardcover9781593767273271/10/202350000DEBUT, First Clue newsletter, "Ready for something completely different? This brilliantly odd and unexpected tale A must-read debut."-Henrietta Verma -- LJ Prepub Alert, " former lawyer/current TV writer Cauley's THE SURVIVALISTS, perpetually single Black lawyer Aretha is laser-focused on her career until she becomes involved coffee-entrepreneur Aaron and moves in with him and his doomsday roommates, prepping for the end of the world."
Fiction / Family Life
Chase, Kristen Mei
A Thousand Miles to Graceland
HachetteForeverPaperback978153871046315.991/24/202350000DEBUT, JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "Just started A THOUSAND MILES TO GRACELAND by Kristen Mei Chase and I'm already loving this mother-daughter road trip to Graceland." -- Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "The cover makes this look like a light-hearted roadtrip novel, but [it[is a thoughtful, moving portrait of a mother and daughter healing their fraught relationship while roadtripping from El Paso to Memphis." -- Publishers Summary, "As a bi-racial Asian American, Kristen writes to share the little stories of bi- and multi-racial Americans in a big way."
Fiction / Fantasy / Urban
Chen, MikeVampire WeekendHarperCollinsMIRA
Trade Paperback
978077838696417.991/31/202330,000LJ Prepub Alert, "In the New York Times best-selling Chen's follow-up to Light Years from Home, vampires don't go around bloodsucking people to death (an idea they find abhorrent) but wrangle blood bags and work night jobs. For Louise Chao, it's a lonely life, relieved by her passion for punk rock. Then a teenage relative she barely knows arrives at her door, and for once she connects-but in the end there's big-time trouble. With a 30,000-copy paperback and a 10,000-copy hardcover first printing. -- Pbk original, also available in HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION, 9780778334316
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Correa, Armando Lucas
The Night TravelersS&SAtria BooksHardcover978150118798827.991/10/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "By the author of the internationally best-selling THE GERMAN GIRL, Correa's THE NIGHT TRAVELERS moves from Ally Keller's struggles to get biracial daughter Lilith out of 1930s Berlin to Lilith's experiences during the Cuban revolution to Nadine's work in late 1980s Berlin to honor the remains of victims of the Nazis even as daughter Luna encourages her to investigate her own past."
Fiction / DystopianCrane, Marisa
I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself
PRH/Random House
CatapultHardcover9781646221295271/17/2023N/ADEBUT, Jane Jorgenson, "Had to read some books for review and best of a group of great titles was I KEEP MY EXOSKELETONS TO MYSELF, a debut by Marisa Crane set in a near future more totalitarian US and dealing with love and grief and parenting in beautiful, spare prose." -- Publishers Summary, "DEPT. OF SPECULATION meets BLACK MIRROR IN this lyrical, speculative debut about a queer mother raising her daughter in an unjust surveillance state."
Literary Collections / Essays
Dangarembga, Tsitsi
Black and FemaleMacmillanGraywolf Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
9781644452110231/17/202340000LJ Prepub Alert, "Black feminists are 'the status quo's worst nightmare' argues Zimbabwean novelist/playwright/director Dangarembga, whose THIS MOURNABLE BODY was short-listed for the Booker Prize. In this wide-ranging essay collection on race, empire, and gender, she compares being separated from her parents as a toddler to the damage done in Africa by human trafficking and enslavement and challenges how Zimbabwe's women were treated by the ruling party after independence. With a 40,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Women
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
IndependenceHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006314238128.991/17/202350,000Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "Some I loved for January - INDEPENDANCE by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY HAS KILLED SOMEONE by Benjamin Stevenson." -- LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "We [love] INDEPENDENCE! We interviewed Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of INDEPENDENCE, and Brianna Labuskes, author of THE LIBRARIAN OF BURNED BOOKS, last month during our historical fiction FB Live.Watch it here:" -- OCT, LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523, "Lots of buzz INDEPENDENCE by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Set during the partition of British India in 1947, this novel tells the story of three sisters caught up in events beyond their control, their unbreakable bond, and their incredible struggle against powerful odds." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Orange Prize short-listed Divakaruni's INDEPENDENCE tracks the fate of three Indian sisters-ambitious Priya, gorgeous Deepa, and devout Jamina-who are torn apart as the 1947 Partition looms (50,000-copy first printing)."
Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
Elsbai, HadeerThe Daughters of IzdiharHarperCollinsHarper VoyagerHardcover978006311474628.991/10/202350000Alyson Corcoran @AlysonAC, "We have a New Year, New Books program coming up and my fantasy pick is THE DAUGHTERS OF IZDIHAR by Hadeer Elsbai." -- Debut, LJ Prepub Alert, "In this debut (and first in a duology) from Egyptian American librarian Elsbai, entitled aristocrat Nehal and Giorgina, an impoverished bookshop worker who expects little of life, discover that they share a common interest in women's rights. And they both have the means to fight for those rights by using forbidden magic, Nehal as a waterweaver and Giorgina as an earthweaver. With a 50,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Literary
Ganeshananthan, V. V.
Brotherless Night
PRH/Random House
Random HouseHardcover9780812997156281/3/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "In 1980s civil war-shattered Sri Lanka, 16-year-old Sashi works as a medic at a field hospital for the Tamil Tigers, who are fighting for a separate homeland. When the Tigers murder one of her teachers and Indian peacekeepers bring further atrocity, Sashi joins a dangerous underground project to document human rights violations in her country. From the author of LOVE MARRIAGE, which was long-listed for the Women's Prize."
Performing Arts / Theater / Broadway & Musicals
Garside, EmilySeasons of LoveNBApplause
Hardcover with dust jacket
978149306461829.951/2/2023N/ABuzzfeed, "26 Highly Anticipated LGBTQ+ Romance Novels Releasing In 2022" -- "What it's about: Bi, Jewish, free-spirited Miriam Blum is not exactly the first person to come to mind when you think of tree farm owners. But when her aunt leaves one to her, she becomes just that, forced to figure out how to help it survive the encroaching developers. At least she's not alone, not with the hot butch farm manager on the case as well..."
Fiction / WomenGeorge, JessicaMaameMacmillanSt. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
978125028252127.991/31/2023250000DEBUT, GalleyChat interest -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In Ghanaian British George's debut, Maame, Maddie finally wrests some independence from her parents-a bossy mother forever traveling to Ghana and a father who needs caretaking-and for the first time experiences living on her own; then tragedy strikes (250,000-copy first printing)."
Political Science / Political Ideologies
Graeber, David
Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia
MacmillanFarrar, Straus and Giroux
Hardcover with dust jacket
9780374610197271/24/2023200000LJ Prepub Alert, "Famed activist/thinker Graeber, associated with Occupy Wall Street and the author of the New York Times best-selling THE DAWN OF EVERYTHING and DEBT, died in September 2020. This final work is an outgrowth of graduate research he did in Madagascar on the Zana-Malata, descendants of pirates who settled on the island in the 1700s. What results is a study of pirate societies as self-governing alternatives to European empire. With a 200,000-copy first printing."
History / African American & Black
Hall, AlvinDriving the Green BookHarperCollinsHarperOneHardcover978006327196829.991/31/202330,000JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "DRIVING THE GREEN BOOK by Alvin Hall is an unforgettable read about the impact of Victor Green's guidebook for Black motorists, the legacy of institutions included in the book, and testimonies from those that traveled during the Jim Crow era." -- LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "we are hosting the author on FB Live! Learn more about our event and the book here:"
Biography & Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / Asian & Asian American
Hodges, Graham Russell Gao
Anna May Wong
Independent Publishers Group
Chicago Review Press
Trade Paperback
978164160883116.991/10/2023N/ALMR, Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here:
Biography & Autobiography / Political
Jealous, Benjamin Todd
Never Forget Our People Were Always Free
HarperCollinsAmistadHardcover978006296174727.991/10/202340,000Pub date moved from Sept, 2022 -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Born to a Black mother and a white father forced to leave Maryland, where their marriage was illegal, Jealous has since returned and been named Marylander of the Year for helping to secure marriage equality, abolition of the death penalty, and passage of the DREAM Act there. He's also a former NAACP president, now heading up People for the American Way, and a New York Times best-selling author (REACH: 40 BLACK MEN SPEAK ON LIVING). Here he uses parable format to examine enduring social divides and ways to bridge them. With a 40,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / HorrorJohns, JessicaBad Cree
PRH/Random House
DoubledayHardcover9780385548694271/10/2023N/ALibraryReads pick -- HOT, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss --DEBUT, Susan Balla @suebee135, "Read and loved BAD CREE " -- NOV Mara @mrlzbth, "I had really been looking forward to reading BAD CREE by Jessica Johns and it totally lived up to my high expectations. A compelling story about repairing family relationships...while also battling an otherworldly evil being." -- OCT, Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "Loving the influx of books by Indigenous authors recently and am looking forward to BAD CREE by Jessica Johns. Mackenzie is haunted by terrifying dreams and stalking by crows following her sister's death in this atmospheric novel that takes place in rural Alberta." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Young Cree woman Mackenzie increasingly dreams about a long-ago weekend at her family's lakefront campsite that transpired before her sister Sabrina's death. The dreams are full of fierce crows, and now crows are following her in real life, so she heads home to rural Alberta to get help from her family. A debut for Nehiyaw author Johns, a member of Sucker Creek First Nation in Treaty 8 territory in Northern Alberta."
Political Science / Civil Rights
Jones, SolomonTen Lives, Ten Demands
PRH/Random House
Beacon Press
Trade Paperback
978080700729714.951/10/2023N/APublishers Summary, "Told through the powerful stories of Black lives that were ravaged by racism, this manifesto holds 10 demands to rectify racial injustice."
Fiction / CrimeKapoor, DeeptiAge of Vice
PRH/Random House
Riverhead BooksHardcover9780593328798301/3/2023N/AHOT, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, AGE OF VICE by Deepti Kapoor, a sprawling crime novel that drew me in and didn't let go until I turned the last page. If you loved Don Winslow's Cartel trilogy (I did!) this will be right up your alley." -- NOV, Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "AGE OF VICE is the Indian version of THE GODFATHER but it is also a story of loyalty, power and the search for redemption. Much more than just a crime story." -- Carol Ann Tack @Carolanntack, "Count me in on this gripping, page-turning, Godfather-like family saga set in India. AGE OF VICE by Deepti Kapoor is captivating." -- OCT, Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "comes highly recommended from @1stClueReviews (one of my favorite sources for mystery/suspense reviews)." -- 1st Clue, Brian Kenney, "A bold, ambitious, and sprawling work that can only be described as Dickensian, so rich is it in socioeconomic observation, unforgettable characters, sentimentality and violence in equal measure, and, of course, the pleasure of plot. Brilliant and engrossing, terrifying and heartbreaking, this is one of the best books of the year. Happy to follow these characters anywhere, I can only hope this is the first in a trilogy." - LJ Prepub Alert, "Kapoor launches a trilogy about the wealthy, corrupt Wadia family of New Delhi, linking the stories of playboy Sunny, who wants to supersede his father; cautious servant Ajay, from a shockingly destitute background; and ambitious journalist Neda, who becomes involved with Sunny. A big hit at Frankfurt in 2019, this saga sold immediately to 20 countries worldwide and is slated for a Fox TV series. Indian-born-, -raised, and -educated Kapoor worked in New Delhi as a journalist and now lives in Portugal." -- Featured on the virtual Buzz Books Editors Panel May 18,
Political Science / Human Rights
Kara, SiddharthCobalt RedMacmillanSt. Martin's Press
Hardcover with dust jacket
978125028430329.991/31/202350,000LJ Prepub Alert, "Cobalt is essential to the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that keep our iPhones, laptops, and other devices humming. But mining it has been horrifically damaging to the people and the environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as evidenced by this work. A senior fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, Kara collected testimonies from the Congolese people themselves. Winner of the Frederick Douglass Book Prize; a 50,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial
Kendall, BeverleyTokenHarperCollinsGraydon House
Trade Paperback
978152589997317.991/3/202375,000JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "TOKEN by Beverley Kendall is a smart and sexy read about a Black woman who creates a PR agency for companies with 'diversity challenges.' "
Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Kung Jessen, Lauren
Lunar LoveHachetteForeverPaperback978153871025815.991/10/202330,000Debut, LJ Fall Book Preview -- Publishers Summary. "This sweet, enemies-to-lovers debut rom-com filled with Chinese astrology will undoubtedly prove to be a perfect match with readers of Helen Hoang, Jasmine Guillory, and Helena HuntingLauren Kung Jessen is a half Chinese-American writer of love stories with mixed race characters at the forefront."
Fiction / Asian American
Ma, KathrynThe Chinese GrooveELSECounterpointHardcover9781640095663271/24/202340000LJ Prepub Alert, "Burdened by the scorn heaped on his family and the ongoing grief of his widowed father, 18-year-old Shelley flees China's Yunnan Province and arrives hopefully in the United States, only to find his relatives there splintered and struggling and entirely uninterested in him. The only way to make his own dream come true is to work at bringing them together. From Iowa Short Fiction Award winner Ma, twice named a San Francisco Public Library Laureate." -- Publishers Summary, "Anne Tyler meets Jade Chang in this buoyant, good-hearted, and sharply written novel about a blithely optimistic immigrant with big dreams, dire prospects, and a fractured extended family in need of his help-even if they don't know it yet."
Social Science / Biracial & Multiracial Studies
Mehta, Samira
The Racism of People Who Love You
PRH/Random House
Beacon PressHardcover978080702636623.951/10/2023N/APublishers Summary, "An unflinching look at the challenges and misunderstandings mixed-race people face in family spaces and intimate relationships across their varying cultural backgrounds."
Fiction / LiteraryMinnicks, Jamila
Moonrise Over New Jessup
HachetteAlgonquin BooksHardcover9781643752464281/10/202340000Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "I am currently enjoying DECENT PEOPLE by De'Shawn Charles Winslow and MOONRISE OVER NEW JESSUP by Jamila Minnicks. Full of rich characters, small town settings, and issues that include civil rights, race, money, and power." -- NOV, Kimberly Mcgee@kimsbookstack, "MOONRISE OVER NEW JESSUP is a beautifully written story of a woman in search of community who finds it in a self segregated town. She must straddle wanting life to stay the same and keep secrets of coming Civil Rights and change." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "It's 1957, and the all-Black town of New Jessup, AL, has opted for self-determination over integration as a means of Black advancement. New arrival Alice Young soon falls for Raymond Campbell, who's questioning the town's precepts, a move that could get them both in trouble. Pushcart Prize nominee Minnicks won the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction for this debut novel, a celebration of Black culture that takes in opposing viewpoints on the issue of desegregation in that era." -- Featured on the virtual Buzz Books Editors Panel May 18, Publishers Summary, "Winner of the 2021 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, a thought-provoking and enchanting debut about a Black woman doing whatever it takes to protect all she loves at the beginning of the civil rights movement in Alabama."
Fiction / Family Life
Moeng, Gothataone
Call and Response
PRH/Random House
VikingHardcover9780593490983271/31/202320000Mara @mrlzbth, "CALL AND RESPONSE by Gothataone Moeng is a short story collection set in Botswana that blended fascinating peeks at a culture different than my own with affecting portraits of women coming of age and trying to figure life out. Great character development, evocative writing." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Former Wallace Stegner fellow Moeng grounds this first collection in the landscape of her native Botswana, particularly Serowe, her birthplace and the country's largest village. Tradition rubs up against modern times as a young widow contemplates the meaning of the mourning clothes she wears and a young woman's brother brags about his sexual exploits even as she feels she must hide her own."
Comics & Graphic Novels / Literary
Mohamed, DeenaShubeik Lubeik
PRH/Random House
PantheonHardcover9781524748418351/10/2023N/ADebut, LJ Prepub Alert, "The title of Egyptian writer/illustrator Mohamed's debut graphic novel means 'your wish is my command' in Arabic, and the story concerns three people who buy wishes at what looks to be an ordinary kiosk in Cairo. Recently widowed Aziza must battle bureaucracy to claim her wish, privileged Nour must decide whether to use their wish to counter depression, and Shokry tries to help a friend refusing to indulge in wishing. Winner of Best Graphic Novel and the Grand Prize at the 2017 Cairo Comix Festival."
Biography & Autobiography / Social Activists
Moore Irons, MayaLove and JusticeHachetteAndscapeHardcover978136808117727.991/17/2023250,000LMR, Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here:
Fiction / Cultural Heritage
Mukherjee, OindrilaThe Dream BuildersNortonTin House BooksPaperback978195353463717.951/10/2023N/ALMR, Norton Library Marketing @WWNortonLibrary, "After living in the US for years, Maneka Roy returns home to India to mourn the loss of her mother and finds herself in a new world. In the booming city of Hrishipur, she learns that nothing-and no one-here is as it appears."
Fiction / LiteraryNkrumah, NyanebaWade in the WaterHarperCollinsAmistadHardcover978006322661627.991/17/202350,000Debut, LJ Prepub Alert, "In rural, segregated 1982 Ricksville, MS, a Black 11-year-old named Ella-smart but unwanted by family and town-befriends Ms. St. James, a white woman from Princeton there to do research. Ella needs Ms. St. James so desperately that she unintentionally pushes up against secrets from Ms. St. James's past, with terrible consequences. From U.S.-born, Ghana and Zimbabwe-raised Nkrumah."
Fiction / Family Life
Pari, SusanneIn the Time of Our History
PRH/Random House
A John Scognamiglio Book
Trade Paperback
978149673926116.991/3/2023N/AHOT, Nanette Donohue @surferrosa, "Susanne Pari's IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY is an engrossing saga about an Iranian-American family featuring a mother and daughter grappling with grief and struggling with patriarchal culture. It's beautifully written and Pari delves into the inner lives of her characters "-- SEPT, LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "The Jahani family undergoes a profound transformation in this timeless exploration of the bonds & tensions between mothers & daughters and the past & the future in Susanne Pari's IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY" -- AUG, LMR, Michelle Lauren Addo @MichelleAddo, "This multi-generational Iranian American saga explores identity & the bonds forged by trauma as a young woman and her parents reunite on the anniversary of her sister's death." -- MAY, Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "Thumbs up to a gorgeous book coming in December. IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY looks at an Iranian family straddling two cultures and deep traditions. It will stay with you long after the last page." -- LMR, Matt Johnson @MattJMcLoughlin, "IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY, the story of Mitra Jahani, an Iranian-American daughter longing to create a home in the world, is also about what happens when we let go of how we've always been told home should look."-- Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "What a beautiful book! A profound look at what it means for a family to straddle two countries cultures - learning what to keep and what to let go. Breathtaking." -- APRIL, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Devoured IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY by @SusannePari. Family saga that touches on identity, gender roles, family dynamics, and how the bonds of love endure." -- LMR, vida @BookOfVida, I want to send big #EWGC luuurve to the amazing librarians who provided blurbs for the soon-to-come IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY (12/27/22) arcs." Ed note, Quotes from several librarians and GalleyChatters on the inside & back cover --Jennifer Dayton, "This wonderful novel is a poignant examination of what it means to be in exile, either from the country of one's birth or of one's own heart."-- Beth Mills. "A very moving story of dysfunctional family members struggling to satisfy the universal human longing for the love of family and a place that feels like home. These characters will stay with the reader after the last page is turned." -- Jennifer Winberry, "Explores the fierce women and their role as mothers and sisters, by blood or by choice, against a rich, cultural backdrop,"-- Douglas Beatty, "In a work both timely and culturally relevant, this story of an iranian American family struggling with grief will captivate readers with its nuanced characters and strong exploration of family dynamics the roles of women in a changing society, and characters strain[ing] to find balance between a modern world and the traditional Moslem religion that is steeped in patriarchy." -- MARCH, Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "A book that will totally make my top 10 of 2022 is IN THE TIME OF OUR HISTORY by Susanne Pari. Persian family in exile not only in body but in spirit. This is wonderful. Run don't walk to download this one. Also that cover art." -- JW Bookworm@jwbookworm. "Completely agree! Those women.." -- Jennifer Dayton @jenniferdayton, "I loved how they found ways to circumvent the Patriarchy to find their happiness. Seriously wonderful characters."
Biography & Autobiography / Social Activists
Parker, Wheeler
A Few Days Full of Trouble
PRH/Random House
One WorldHardcover9780593134269281/10/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "Parker is the last living witness to the abduction of his cousin Emmett Till, whose 1955 lynching in Mississippi lent momentum to the Civil Rights movement. Here, with the help of Benson, a lawyer and former features editor for Ebony, he recalls the event, the impact on his family, and efforts over the decades to secure justice for Till."
History / Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
Pennock, Caroline Dodds
On Savage Shores
PRH/Random House
KnopfHardcover978152474926232.51/24/2023N/ALJ Prevpub Alert, "A Gladstone Prize-winning expert on Mesoamerica, Pennock draws on literature and poetry to reveal the perceptions of Indigenous Americans-diplomats, explorers, servants, traders, and enslaved people-when they encountered Europe. Often abducted and often marginalized, these observers saw a continent full of surprises, including the disparities between rich and poor."
Fiction / African American & Black / Historical
Peyton, Tracey Rose
Night Wherever We GoHarperCollinsEccoHardcover978006324987527.991/31/202375000LMR, librarylovefest@librarylovefest, "SO here for NIGHT WHEREVER WE GO by Tracey Rose Peyton-a radical debut about a group of enslaved women staging a covert rebellion against their owners. It's gripping. The women are a force to be reckoned with." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "To counter financial setbacks, the owners of a Texas plantation decide to hire a stockman to impregnate the plantation’s six enslaved women. The women rebel, secretly agreeing to chew cotton root clippings to prevent pregnancy. But their plan will backfire—and jeopardize them all—if any one of them bears a child. From CUNY Writers’ Institute graduate Peyton."
Fiction / LiteraryPylväinen, HannaThe End of Drum-TimeMacmillanHenry Holt and Co.
Hardcover with dust jacket
978125082290128.991/24/202380000Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "THE END OF DRUM-TIME by Hanna Pylvainen, is an atmospheric love story, set in 1851 in Scandanavia near the Arctic Circle. And this cover is so great, isn't it? " -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In the 1850s Scandinavian tundra, Lutheran minister Mad Lasse finally succeeds in converting one of the native Smi reindeer herders, who leaves headstrong son Ivvr to singlehandedly manage their herd. Then Ivvr and Mad Lasse's daughter Willa fall in love, with Willa following the annual reindeer migration north to the sea. From Whiting Award winner Pylvinen (WE SINNERS); with an 80,000-copy first printing."
Social Science / Penology
Rayman, GrahamRikers
PRH/Random House
Random HouseHardcover978059313421428.991/17/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "Founded in 1932 on an island in New York City's East River, Rikers is the largest correctional institution in the United States. Veteran journalists Rayman and Blau spent two years interviewing detainees and their relatives, plus officers, lawyers, and commissioners, to paint a portrait of a brutal and haunted place. Of widespread importance with the call for reduced incarceration in the United States and a rethinking of its criminal justice system."
Fiction / Romance / Historical / Regency
Riley, Vanessa
A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby
PRH/Random House
ZebraMass Market97814201552358.991/31/2023N/APublishers Summary, "Named a 'Must Read' by Oprah Daily, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, Vulture, NPR, Woman’s World and more, the first installment in award-winning author Vanessa Riley’s swoon-worthy Rogues & Remarkable Women series is now available in mass market! This groundbreaking, empowering, sexy Regency romance featuring a recently widowed Afro-Caribbean heiress and a dashing Duke is perfect for the Bridgerton binge-watcher and fans of witty historical romance by authors such as Julia Quinn, Evie Dunmore, and Eloisa James.
Fiction / Asian American
Salesses, MatthewThe Sense of WonderHachette
Little, Brown and Company
Hardcover9780316425711281/17/202350,000LMR, Hachette Library @HachetteLib, "not wistful about summer ending because these @littlebrown books are on the hot rocking horizon: #THESENSEOFWONDER, #SNOWHARE, #THEBRIEFHISTORYOFLIVINGFOREVER, and #THISBIRDHASFLOWN, @LibraryReads99, 2023 here we come!" -- LJ Prepub Alert, "From Pen/Faulkner finalist Salesses, THE SENSE OF WONDER STARS Won Lee, the first Asian American in the NBA, whose seven-game winning streak wins him the moniker 'The Wonder'-all witnessed by sportswriter Robert Sung and studio producer Carrie Kang, with whom Won launches a relationship (50,000-copy first printing)."
Fiction / Literary
Schwartz, Selby Wynn
After SapphoNortonLiverightHardcover978132409231528.951/24/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "A Lambda finalist for THE BODIES OF OTHERS, Schwartz launches her fiction career with a novel sifting together the stories of women intent on living their own lives and forging a queer identity at the turn of the 20th century. Among them: Italian novelist, poet, and essayist Rina Faccio, U.S. painter Romaine Brooks, and the indomitable Virginia Woolf."
Fiction / LiteraryShearer, EleanorRiver Sing Me Home
PRH/Random House
BerkleyHardcover9780593548042271/31/2023N/AMara @mrlzbth, "I'm currently reading RIVER SING ME HOME by Eleanor Shearer, which is excellent but so emotionally heavy. The moving story of a formerly enslaved woman in Barbados who embarks on an epic journey to try to find all of her children who were sold away from her."
Fiction / World Literature / India / 21st Century
Shree, GeetanjaliTomb of SandHarperCollinsHarperViaHardcover978006329940529.991/31/202340,000Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "Looking forward to the doorstopper that is TOMB OF SAND by Geetanjali Shree, winner of the 2022 International Booker Prize, finally getting its US release Jan 2023."-- Publishers Summary, "WINNER OF THE 2022 INTERNATIONAL BOOKER PRIZE. A playful, feminist, and utterly original epic set in contemporary northern India, about a family and the inimitable octogenarian matriarch at its heart."
Fiction / WomenShroff, PariniThe Bandit Queens
PRH/Random House
Ballantine BooksHardcover9780593498958281/3/2023N/ALibraryReads pick -- DEBUT, HOT, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "How much better would life be without a cheating, abusive husband? Suddenly it seems like a lot of women in a small Indian village want to find out in THE BANDIT QUEENS by Parini Shroff. An absolutely delightful read." -- NOV, Tracy Babiasz @tracymine, "BANDIT QUEENS @PariniShroff. uses life of Phoolan Devi (Indian Badass) as inspiration for Indian woman whose husband disappeared & now has a rep for having 'ripped out her nose ring.' Except she didn't. Now everyone thinks she can help THEM rip out THEIRS." -- SEPT, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Laugh out loud debut centering on Geeta, who finds herself unexpectedly popular with the other women in her village who wish their husbands would disappear as conveniently as hers. And look at that cover! THE BANDIT QUEENS by @PariniShroff."
Political Science / Public Policy / Immigration
Soni, SaketThe Great EscapeHachetteAlgonquin BooksHardcover9781643750088281/24/202335,000LJ Prepub Alert, "In 2007, community organizer Soni received news of a horrific case of forced labor in the United States: 500 migrant workers from India, who had paid $20,000 to secure jobs rebuilding oil rigs after Hurricane Katrina, were living in deplorable conditions in a camp surrounded by armed guards. With Soni's help, they escaped and marched on Washington, DC, to demand justice. Told within the context of the increasing use of forced labor in the United States today; a 35,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Romance / LGBTQ+ / Lesbian
Stetz-Waters, Karelia
Behind the ScenesHachetteForeverPaperback978153870925215.991/31/202325000Jennifer Rummel @yabooknerd, "Currently reading this delightful F/F romance - I'm a sucker for the Hollywood trope!"
Fiction / WomenShroff, PariniBandit Queens
PRH/Random House
Ballantine BooksHardcover9780593498958281/3/2023N/ADEBUT, HOT, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- First Clue newsletter, " 'Never send a god to do a goddess's job,' warns this wonderfully twisted, and often hilarious, tale of what happens when women have had it. The women in Geeta's microloan group in rural India have made martyrdom and misogyny their life's work. They never fail to remind Geeta that her husband is gone and she has no children, but also bemoan the work involved in their own children, all part of their roles as 'pushy contestants in a competition with no judge to rule as to who was the most aggrieved party.' (Shroff gets the mean girl dialog SPOT ON.) The novel opens at a group meeting where one of the usual women is absent because her husband has taken the money she owes on the loan and beat her. Geeta herself had her fingers broken by her husband before he left; another member of the group is married to a man who threw acid on her face. Geeta is rumored in the village to be a churel, a kind of witch who walks on reversed feet and targets men.; her neighbors also think she murdered her husband, which suits her fine and begins to suit them as well when they decide their husbands should meet the same fate. Freedom is 'what a person does with what's been done to her,' Geeta read somewhere, and this sometimes-slapstick, sometimes-sad debut is a wild illustration of a triumphant path to liberty." -Henrietta Verma -- DEC, Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "How much better would life be without a cheating, abusive husband? Suddenly it seems like a lot of women in a small Indian village want to find out in THE BANDIT QUEENS by Parini Shroff. An absolutely delightful read." -- NOV, Tracy Babiasz @tracymine, "BANDIT QUEENS @PariniShroff. uses life of Phoolan Devi (Indian Badass) as inspiration for Indian woman whose husband disappeared & now has a rep for having 'ripped out her nose ring.' Except she didn't. Now everyone thinks she can help THEM rip out THEIRS." -- SEPT, Janet Lockhart @HartGami, "Laugh out loud debut centering on Geeta, who finds herself unexpectedly popular with the other women in her village who wish their husbands would disappear as conveniently as hers. And look at that cover! THE BANDIT QUEENS by @PariniShroff."
Literary Criticism / American / African American & Black
Tate, Claudia
Black Women Writers at Work
Ingram Publisher Services
Haymarket Books
Trade Paperback
978164259840724.951/10/2023N/ALMR, Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here:
Biography & Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / African American & Black
Taylor, GoldieThe Love You SaveHarperCollinsHanover Square PressHardcover978133544937528.991/31/2023150,000FUTUENDI GRATIA @thuglibrarian, "THE LOVE YOU SAVE : A Memoir by Goldie Taylor. J Journalist/editor-at-large of The Daily Beast writes about her painful yet hopeful childhood in E. St Louis. Books saved her. For readers of I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD & EDUCATED." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Raped at age 11 by a neighborhood boy, Taylor was sent to live in an aunt’s substandard household in rundown East St. Louis; THE LOVE YOU SAVE recounts how she survived and thrived, finally becoming a Daily Beast editor at large (150,000-copy first printing)."
Fiction / Family Life
Thomas, KaiIn the Upper Country
PRH/Random House
VikingHardcover9780593489505271/10/2023N/ADebut, LJ Prepub Alert, "A debut from Black Canadian Thomas, IN THE UPPER COUNTRY OPENS in 1800s Dunmore, Canada, terminus of the Underground Railroad, where imbued Black journalist Lensinda Martin urges a new arrival who's just killed a slave hunter to give testimony before her arrest; instead, she proposes that they trade stories, with the resulting narrative a braided-together history of Black and Indigenous peoples in North America."
Literary Criticism / Caribbean & Latin American
Vargas Llosa, MarioThe Call of the TribeMacmillanFarrar, Straus and Giroux
Hardcover with dust jacket
9780374118051281/17/202315000LJ Prepub Alert, "Instead of summing up his life, the Nobel Prize-winning Vargas Llosa offers an intellectual biography, considering the key writers who have influenced his thinking over the last five decades. Among those cited: Adam Smith, Jos Ortega y Gasset, Friedrich A. Hayek, Karl Popper, and Isaiah Berlin. With a 15,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Literary
Winslow, De'Shawn Charles
Decent PeopleMacmillanBloomsbury Publishing
Hardcover with dust jacket
9781635575323281/17/202375000Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "I am currently enjoying DECENT PEOPLE by De'Shawn Charles Winslow and MOONRISE OVER NEW JESSUP by Jamila Minnicks. Full of rich characters, small town settings, and issues that include civil rights, race, money, and power." -- LMR, Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here: -- NOV, Vicki Rock @VickiRock11, "DECENT PEOPLE by De'Shawn Charles Winslow is my first five-star read of 2023. Good plotting, character-driven."
History / African American & Black
Woo, Ilyon
Master Slave Husband Wife
S&SSimon & SchusterHardcover978150119105329.991/17/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "Recipient of a Whiting Creative Nonfiction Writing Grant, Woo (THE GREAT DIVORCE) tells the story of an enslaved couple, Ellen and William Craft, who achieved freedom by traveling openly from Georgia to the North, with the fair-skinned Ellen disguised as a young white male cotton planter accompanied by the enslaved William. Passage of the Fugitive Slave Act forced them to flee again, this time to England."
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural
Yamashita, IrisCity Under One Roof
PRH/Random House
BerkleyHardcover978059333667027.001/10/2023N/ADebut, LesaHolstine @LesaHolstine, "If you know about the Alaska town all under one room - (, you'll love Iris Yamashita's debut mystery, CITY UNDER ONE ROOF. A murder involving the residents." -- First Clue newsletter, "How's this for a setting: a 205 unit high-rise building in rural Alaska that houses the entire town's population as well as stores, offices, and more. Welcome to Point Mettier, a pretty creepy village to begin with that only gets worse when body parts-a foot, a hand-wash up on the frozen shore. The local cops seem ready to shrug off the remains-lots of tourists fall off those cruise ships!-when they're joined by Anchorage detective Cara Kennedy, who takes the matter a whole lot more seriously. What was meant to be a quick visit becomes a much longer excursion as the first brutal storm of the season moves in, closing off the tunnel, the one way in and out of town during winter. With time to spare, Cara digs deeper into the community, only to discover that almost everyone in Point Mettier has a secret to hide. A simmering romance with one of the other officers provides Cara with much needed distraction, but soon enough a violent gang, hanging out in a nearby Native village, takes center stage. This is a successful, well-paced first novel that juggles a range of cultures, a handful of strong characters, and a nuanced protagonist, delivering a very satisfying ending. And get this: Point Mettier pretty much actually exists. Check out Whittier, Alaska.-Brian Kenney
Fiction / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Ying Kit Boey, Brandon
Karma of the Sun
Independent Publishers Group
CamCat BooksHardcover978074430760325.991/17/2023N/ADEBUT, LJ Day of Dialog, Mystery panel, Prepub Alert, "…a young Tibetan Sherpa searching for his father in a nuclear wasteland."
Fiction / LiteraryYu, AnGhost Music
Ingram Publisher Services
Grove Press
Hardcover with printed dust jacket
978080215962526.001/10/2023N/AVicki Rock @VickiRock11, "Glad to be with people who understand when I say I'm enjoying a book with a talking mushroom! GHOST MUSIC by An Yu," -- MAY, Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "I just started GHOST MUSIC by An Yu. I loved her previous book BRAISED PORK. This one is just as original and starts off with a talking mushroom that just wants to be remembered. Yes, that is what I said!" -- KC Davis @kcdvs, "Just downloaded, based on your pitch and the cover." -- Jill Minor @JillRhudy, "gasp! this design is my favorite cover all day." -- Several likes -- LJ Prepub Alert, "After debuting with the attention-getting Braised Pork, Yu introduces readers to Song Yan, who has abandoned her career as a concert pianist but still cannot win her husband's consent to having a child, even with her mother-in-law's support. Then packages of mushrooms begin mysteriously arriving at their Beijing apartment, which leads Song Yan to a famed pianist who disappeared ten years previously."
Feb. 2023 releases -- 9 picks (including 2 Hall of Fame and 1 Bonus Pick)
Bisac CategoryAuthorTitle:SubtitleVendorPublisherFormatISBNList PricePub DatePrint Run
Sources, notes, GalleyChat tweets
Fiction / WomenAdebayo, AyobamiA Spell of Good Things
PRH/Random House
KnopfHardcover978052565764428.002/7/2023N/ALMR, Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here: -- LJ Prepub Alert, "From Adby, author of the Baileys short-listed STAY WITH ME, A SPELL OF GOOD THINGS brings together two contemporary Nigerian families through the intertwined lives of a young woman doctor and a boy tending to his family after his father's death."
Fiction / Psychological
Angel-Ajani, AsaleA Country You Can LeaveMacmillanMCD
Hardcover with dust jacket
978037460405927.002/21/202350,000Debut, LJ Prepub Alert, "Living at the seen-better-days Oasis Mobile Estates, Black biracial Lara struggles to chart an escape route from her controlling white, Russian-born mother, who's tenacious of spirit but unwilling to share anything of her past. Then an act of violence brings out the burdens of inherited trauma. From the author of two nonfiction titles, STRANGE TRADE and INTIMATE."
Fiction / African American & Black / Women
Brown, Diane Marie
Black Candle WomenHarperCollinsGraydon HouseHardcover978152589991127.992/28/2023150,000LibraryReads Bonus Pick -- DEBUT, Louisa @llws, "BLACK CANDLE WOMEN, a debut out this month by @writerdichick, is a multigenerational saga rooted in a 1950s New Orleans voodoo shop. Wise about family, gifts & the ways we live into the stories we tell over ourselves & others, I highly rec for fellow PRACTICAL MAGIC fans." -- DEC Featured on ALMA book buzz. Video here: -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In debuter Brown's BLACK CANDLE WOMEN, three generations of Montrose women must carefully tell sparkling young teenager Nickie that a curse delivered decades ago by a New Orleans vodou sorceress means that anyone she falls in love with will die."
Fiction / African American & Black / Women
Carr, LakieshaAn Autobiography of Skin
PRH/Random House
PantheonHardcover978059331653527.002/28/2023N/ADebut, LJ Prepub Alert, "By sending a young woman home to East Texas for a visit with the women in her family, Carr lays bare their long-held grief, unassailable bonds, and need for healing to create a portrait of Black womanhood. Meanwhile, readers meet characters like a mother trying to protect her infant from racial oppression by bleaching its skin. From Iowa Writers' Workshop graduate Carr."
Fiction / Short Stories (single author)
Chakrabarti, Jai
A Small Sacrifice for an Enormous Happiness
PRH/Random House
KnopfHardcover978052565894827.002/21/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "Chakrabarti follows up his piercingly inventive National Jewish Book Award winner, A PLAY FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, with a collection of short stories featuring characters who bravely follow their heart's desire toward big life changes. A closeted gay man in 1980s Kolkata wants to have a child with his lover's wife, while an Indian widow struggles to sort out her cultural identity within the context of her Jewish fianc's family."
Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
Chakraborty, Shannon
The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi
HarperCollinsHarper VoyagerHardcover978006296350528.992/28/2023100,000LibraryReads Hall of Fame pick -- HOT, Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- Jane Jorgenson, "My fantasy read this month - ADVENTURES OF AMINA Al-SIRAFI by Shannon Chakraborty. Loved the Daevabad Trilogy, so this was a no brainer, but it's also about a lady pirate! So fully on-board (pun intended!)." -- JAN, Annette Jones @ZenLibrarian, "THE ADVENTURES OF AMINA AL-SIRAFI by Shannon Chakraborty makes me want to travel back to ancient Arabia and hop on a rickety pirate ship and live my best life! Her story is a marvel and her writing, delicious." -- Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "Count me in too as someone who LOVED this book! I was a huge fan of the author's previous series and this one looks like it is going to be even more fun!" -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Having wowed readers with the trilogy begun with THE CITY OF BRASS, Chakraborty launches a new trilogy starring Amina al-Sirafi, once one of the Indian Ocean's fiercest pirates and now retired to indulge the quiet joys of motherhood. Then she is offered big money to find an old comrade's kidnapped daughter. Why not have one last great adventure, even if it means encountering sorcerers and demons and maybe risking one's soul? With a 100,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Asian American
Chang, JanieThe Porcelain MoonHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006307286230.002/21/202350,000Vicki Nesting @VNesting, "Love, love, love THE PORCELAIN MOON by Janie Chang, about a Chinese family living in France during WWI. Bonus: Fascinating bit of little known history about 90,000 Chinese laborers brought to Europe to work behind the scenes during the war." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "THREE SOULS author Chang goes hardcover with THE PORCELAIN MOON, about a young Chinese woman who flees her uncle's Paris home in 1918 to avoid an arranged marriage, seeking a cousin in the French countryside working with the Chinese Labour Corps and befriending a Frenchwoman who wants quit of her abusive husband (50,000-copy first printing)."
Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Chokshi, Roshani
The Last Tale of the Flower Bride
HarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006320650227.992/14/202360,000LibraryReads pick -- ADULT DEBUT, Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "I've been working on my Spooky Season TBR, and here are some ARCs I'm planning on reading soon: THE HAUNTING OF ALEJANDRA by V. Castro, THE SCOURGE BETWEEN STARS by Ness Brown, THE LAST TALE OF THE FLOWER BRIDE by Roshani Chokshi, OUR SHARE OF NIGHT by Mariana Enrquez." -- AUG, Jenna Friebel @jenna_friebel, "A 2023 book I'm most anticipating and will be closely monitoring for ARCs, THE LAST TALE OF THE FLOWER BRIDE/ Roshani Chokshi. love her YAs, now an adult gothic!" -- LJ Prepub Alert, "When a mythology scholar marries the intriguingly enigmatic Indigo Maxwell-Casteada, she makes him promise never to ask about her past. Then a family emergency sends them to her childhood home, and the husband must choose between reality and fantasy. The adult debut of a New York Times best-selling author whose ARU SHAH AND THE END OF TIME was one of Time's Top 100 Fantasy Books of All Time."
Fiction / LiteraryChukwu, J KThe UnfortunatesHarperCollinsHarperHardcover978035865026330.002/28/202335,000Debut, GalleyChat interest -- LJ Prepub Alert, "At Elite University, Sahara is in despair as she enters her sophomore year. With bad grades, weight worries, no love life, and an unsympathetic family, she further mourns the deaths of several of the few Black classmates she has. But as she writes a thesis of sorts for a committee preparing to judge her, she finds hope, help, and redemption with a special support group of women. Lambda fellow Chukwu gets a 35,000-copy first printing." -- Open Country Mag, The 50+ Most Anticipated Books of 2022, "Sahara is a queer, half-Nigerian college student who is racially abused at her school, and worse, her Black friends are dying. She sets out to investigate the realities of The Unfortunates-what the dying undergrads are called-and uncovers something larger."
Fiction / HorrorCompton, JohnnyThe Spite HouseMacmillanTor Nightfire
Hardcover with dust jacket
978125084141427.992/7/2023125,000DEBUT, Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "THE SPITE HOUSE by Johnny Compton--How desperate would you have to be to voluntarily become the caretaker of the most haunted house in Texas? Eric Ross is that desperate and we all know this is not going to work out well." -- DEC, Robin B @robinsbooks, "I am in the middle of Johnny Compton's SPITE HOUSE & loving it. Love the characters and so far it is very creepy and giving me HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE vibes but I think it's going to get even scarier." -- Susan Balla @suebee135, "Next up is THE SPITE HOUSE by @ComptonWrites. Loved it." -- NOV, Carol Ann Tack@Carolanntack, "I'm sharing this book *again*. THE SPITE HOUSE by Johnny Compton is a shiver-me-timbers haunted house tale that I am still thinking about. Keep the lights on, people, keep the lights on.!"
Fiction / LiteraryCraig, CharmaineMy Nemesis
Ingram Publisher Services
Grove Press
Hardcover with printed dust jacket
978080216071326.002/7/2023N/ALouisa @llws, "MY NEMESIS by Charmaine Craig was hands down the best book I read last month & I read BABEL too. Made for book clubs, a cerebral pageturner told with virtuosic craft & clear eyed, biting wisdom, MY NEMESIS is a strong follow up to MISS BURMA which was Craig's NBA finalist." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Though they are both married, Tessa bonds instantly with charismatic philosopher Charlie but has issues with Charlie's wife, the biracial Asian Wah (Tessa is white, and it is implied that Charlie is as well). Tessa finds Wah so unbearably subservient to both Charlie and their adoptive Burmese daughter that in one alcohol-overwrought moment she calls Wah 'an insult to womankind.' Now she must look beyond her easy assumptions and examine her own motives. From the author of the National Book Award long-listed MISS BURMA."
Comics & Graphic Novels / Literary
Daoudi, YoussefLast On His FeetNortonLiverightHardcover978163149558829.992/21/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "In graphic format, Pulitzer Prize finalist poet Matejka and celebrated illustrator Daoudi revisit Reno, NV, on July 4, 1910, when Jack Johnson, the world's first Black heavyweight champion, squared off against former heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries. Jeffries, dubbed 'the Great White Hope,' was expected to wallop the man who had challenge the sport's racial hierarchy. But Johnson walloped him, and race riots resulted. Interspersed with the fighting are scenes of Johnson's rise as the self-educated son of formerly enslaved parents."
Fiction / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial
Daria, AlexisTake the LeadMacmillanSt. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
978125081796916.992/14/202350,000LibraryReads pick, "Gina Morales, a professional on a dance competition show, is determined to win this season. However, instead of the Olympian she wanted as a partner, she is paired with survivalist Stone Nielson. Worse, her producer is pushing for a showmance! This is a fun and flirty romance with a wonderful cast of characters. Perfect for fans of Dancing with the Stars!"" -- GalleyChat interest
Poetry / American / African American & Black
Diggs, LaTasha N. Nevada
Ingram Publisher Services
Coffee House Press
Trade Paperback
978156689661016.952/7/2023N/APublishers Summary, "Part poetry collection, part soundscape, VILLAGE uses dark humor and keen observation to explore the roots of memory, grief, and estrangement."~
Fiction / Indigenous
Dimaline, CherieVenCoHarperCollinsWilliam MorrowHardcover978006305489932.002/7/202375,000MaraReads, "Fans of witchy fiction should definitely pick up VENCO by Cherie Dimaline, which features a very exciting grandmother-granddaughter road trip as Lucky St. James tries to figure out what magical secrets a strange silver spoon might hold." -- DEC, Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "Just started VENCO and loving it. Witches running a huge company, magic spoons and a road trip - can't lose. Love the no nonsense writing of Cherie Dimaline" -- .LJ Prepub Alert, "In the Toronto apartment she shares with her grandmother, a young Mtis woman named Lucky St. James discovers a humming silver spoon that connects her to a network of witches looking to bring together the legendary seven spoons: then women can reclaim their rightful power. From the Canadian Mtis author of the acclaimed EMPIRE OF WILD; with a 75,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Thrillers / Crime
Douaihy, MargotScorched Grace
Ingram Publisher Services
Gillian Flynn Books
Hardcover with dust jacket
978163893024227.952/21/2023150,000xTra magazine (via First Clue newsletter). "Margot Douaihy's lesbian nun-turned-detective is the star of the first novel from Gillian Flynn's new imprint"
Fiction / HorrorEnriquez, MarianaOur Share of NightELSEHogarthHardcover978045149514328.992/7/202330,000LJ Prepub Alert, "After his mother dies, Gaspar travels with his father to her ancestral home, where he confronts a terrible truth: her family, the Order, commits atrocities in their search for immortality, and they want him to join the clan. Argentinean Enriquez's THE DANGERS OF SMOKING IN BED: Stories was a finalist for the International Booker Prize and two Los Angeles Times Book prizes; this is her first novel to be translated into English." -- Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "I've been working on my Spooky Season TBR, and here are some ARCs I'm planning on reading soon: THE HAUNTING OF ALEJANDRA by V. Castro, THE SCOURGE BETWEEN STARS by Ness Brown, THE LAST TALE OF THE FLOWER BRIDE by Roshani Chokshi, OUR SHARE OF NIGHT by Mariana Enrquez."
Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
Felix, CamonghneDyscalculia
PRH/Random House
One WorldHardcover978059324217927.002/14/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "After a breakup so thornily horrendous that she ended up in the hospital, poet/essayist Felix uses her childhood dyscalculia-a disorder that makes math hard to learn-as a means of understanding her missteps in love and in life. Felix's BUILD YOURSELF A BOAT was long-listed for the National Book Award and short-listed for Lambda and PEN/Open Book award honors."
Literary Collections / Caribbean & Latin American
Fernández, NonaVoyagerMacmillanGraywolf Press
Trade Paperback
978164445217215.002/21/202325,000LJ Prepub Alert, "Observing that her ailing older mother's brain scan recalled the glittery night sky, National Book Award finalist Fernndez (THE TWILIGHT ZONE) connects the dots to examine the nature of personal and communal memory. She's particularly interested in understanding what people want to remember and what they want to forget, asking her country, Chile, to look squarely at its own history-as readers will know from her fiction."
Fiction / Romance / African American & Black
Forest, KristinaThe Neighbor Favor
PRH/Random House
Trade Paperback
978059354643717.002/28/2023N/ALibraryReads pick-- Jenna Marie @jenna_marie58, "THE NEIGHBOR FAVOR by Kristina Forest was really cute."
Fiction / Humorous / Black Humor
Guns, PriyaYour Driver Is Waiting
PRH/Random House
DoubledayHardcover978038554930125.002/28/202340,000Debut, First Clue Newsletter, "Damani Krishanthan's life is drudgery. Her Amma, or mother, is housebound and expects to be waited on hand and foot When not on Amma duty, Damani drives for an Uber-like service This protagonist's life is a slow-motion train crash that you won't be able to look away from, and Guns paints a scathing portrait of the gig economy, both in literal terms A debut with shades of Elle Cosimano's Finlay Donovan series, but also memorably and refreshingly unlike anything else."-Henrietta Verma
Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
H, LamyaHijab Butch Blues
PRH/Random House
The Dial PressHardcover978059344876227.002/7/2023N/AKaiteStover @MarianLiberryan, "Moved, inspired, and blown away by @lamyaisangry HIJAB BUTCH BLUES. A powerful #LGBTQUIA memoir for teens & #bookclubs Don't miss this one."
Fiction / African American & Black
Head, Cheryl A.Time's Undoing
PRH/Random House
DuttonHardcover978059347182128.002/28/2023N/ABeth Mills@BethMills2, "Favorite recent read: Cheryl Head TIME'S UNDOING. Terrific mystery, immersive Southern setting, great characters"
Biography & Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / Asian & Asian American
Hoja, Gulchehra
A Stone Is Most Precious Where it Belongs
HachetteHachette BooksHardcover978030682884329.002/21/202325,000LJ Prepub Alert, "Raised in a prominent Uyghur family in East Turkistan (officially, the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China), Hoja came to recognize the damage done by Chinese rule to Uyghur culture and fled to the United States. As a result, 24 members of her family vanished overnight, a story she unfolded in award-winning investigations for Radio Free Asia and in more detail here. With a 25,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Cultural Heritage
Hosein, Kevin JaredHungry GhostsHarperCollinsEccoHardcover978006321338830.002/7/2023100,000Kimberly Mcgee @kimsbookstack, "Looking forward to starting HUNGRY GHOSTS set in 1940's Trinidad. A gripping story of two intersecting families and all the drama surrounding them." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "Set in 1940s Trinidad, when British colonialism and U.S. occupation were folding, Commonwealth Short Story Prize winner Hosein's HUNGRY GHOSTS contrasts the lives of wealthy farm owners Dalton and Marlee Changoor and their impoverished workers, with the plot driven by Dalton's disappearance (100,000-copy first printing)."
Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs
Iduma, EmmanuelI Am Still With YouHachetteAlgonquin BooksHardcover978164375101627.002/21/202330,000 LMR, Librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "FOR THE CULTURE by Klancy Miller is an anthology about how Black women & femmes have shaped today's food & hospitality culture! Featuring interviews with amazing people like Leah Penniman (author of BLACK EARTH WISDOM), recipes, & essays about matriarchs who paved the way!"
Biography & Autobiography / Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / African American & Black
Jackson, BruceNever Far from HomeS&SAtria BooksHardcover9781982191153282/7/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "Raised in Manhattan's Amsterdam housing projects, falsely accused of robbery at age 10, witness to a close friend's murder at age 15, and drawn into the drug trade, Jackson was then made an offer that set him on a path leading to Georgetown Law. Now he's Microsoft's associate general counsel, having also spent three decades working with some of the top music producers in the United States."
Fiction / Historical
Johnson, SadeqaThe House of EveS&SSimon & SchusterHardcover978198219736027.992/7/2023N/ALibraryReads pick -- Multiple "Much Love" on Edelweiss -- JenniferSchultz @Jennsreads, "THE HOUSE OF EVE by Sadeqa Johnson is a breathtaking story of star-crossed lovers, loss, and sacrifice in 1950s Washington DC and Philadelphia. I will read anything and everything she writes." -- LJ Prepub Alert, "intertwines the stories of two young Black women-15-year-old Ruby, whose college ambitions are threatened by an ill-advised affair, and Howard University student Eleanor, looking for acceptance from her boyfriend's elite Black family."
Fiction / Horror
Jones, Stephen Graham
Don't Fear the ReaperS&SGallery / Saga PressHardcover978198218659327.992/7/2023100,000LibraryReads Hall of Fame pick -- HOT, Multiple Much Love on Edelweiss -- Sharon Layburn, "Any horror fans out there? DON'T FEAR THE REAPER is the 2nd in The Lake Witch Trilogy & the blend of classic slasher horror style & ephemeral mysticism is pitch perfect. Can't wait to see what Jade gets up to next!" -- DEC, LMR, S&S EducationLibrary @SSEdLib, "December 12th, 2019: Jade returns to the rural lake town of Proofrock the same day as convicted Indigenous serial killer Dark Mill South escapes into town to complete his revenge killings, in DON'T FEAR THE REAPER, sequel to MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW" -- APRIL, Joe_Jones @Joe_Jones, "First up for me is DON'T FEAR THE REAPER by Stephen Graham Jones. This is the sequel to MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW and amps up the action while giving slasher fans everything they could want and then giving them even more!" -- Pub date moved from July, 2022 to Feb, 2023 -- LJ Prepub Alert, "In DON'T FEAR THE REAPER, Jones's follow-up to the LJ best-booked MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW, an exonerated Jade Daniels returns home from prison just as convicted serial killer Dark Mill South arrives to avenge 38 Dakota men hanged in 1862 (100,000-copy first printing)."
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Labuskes, Brianna
The Librarian of Burned Books
William Morrow Paperbacks
Paperback978006325925619.992/21/2023100,000LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "We [love] Brianna Labuskes, author of THE LIBRARIAN OF BURNED BOOKS, We interviewed her and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of INDEPENDENCE, last month during our historical fiction FB Live.Watch it here:" --LMR, Virginia Stanley @VStan523, "Run don't walk." -- SEPT, LMR, librarylovefest @librarylovefest, "Disturbingly timely, THE LIBRARIAN OF BURNED BOOKS follows three intertwined women who believe in the power of books during dark times. This WWII novel is based on true events, includes queer representation, and addresses the importance of the written word." HARDCOVER LIBRARY EDITION, 9780063297128
Fiction / LGBTQ+ / Gay
Mallon, ThomasUp With the Sun
PRH/Random House
KnopfHardcover978152474819730.002/7/2023N/ALJ Prepub Alert, "In the 1950s-60s, actor Dick Kallman starred on Broadway and prime-time television but retired as the roles thinned out; in 1980, he was murdered during a robbery at the Manhattan apartment where he lived with partner Stephen Szladek. Reimagining his life, Lambda and Pen/Faulkner finalist Mallon brings out Kallman's sharp edge and self-destructive tendencies, backdropped by the strains of show business and the era's suppression of gay rights."
Fiction / African American & Black / Mystery & Detective
Mosley, WalterEvery Man a KingHachetteMulholland BooksHardcover978031646021728.002/21/2023100,000LJ Prepub Alert, "In this sequel to the Edgar award-winning DOWN THE RIVER UNTO THE SEA, Joe King Oliver is asked by uncommonly rich family friend Roger Ferris to determine whether white nationalist Alfred Xavier Quiller was set up when he is accused of murder and of selling sensitive information to the Russians. Assisted by unorthodox bodyguard/mercenary Oliya Ruez, Oliver struggles to grasp the breadth of Quiller's various business dealings while wondering why Ferris is so concerned. With a 100,000-copy first printing."
Fiction / Historical / World War II
Randel, Weina DaiNight Angels
Brilliance Publishing
Lake Union Publishing
Trade Paperback
978154203800316.992/1/2023N/ANanette, "I enjoyed Weina Dai Randel's NIGHT ANGELS, the story of a Chinese diplomat stationed in Vienna during the early days of WWII who defies the Nazis by issuing visas to Jewish residents to help them escape. I'm often burned out on WWII fiction, so I really appreciated a different perspective! "