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Conclusions and Steam Taxonomy Recommendations
While standardized language among fans will remain hotly debated, the unique and commercially demanded features here warrant multiple additional tags on Steam. I endorse Bullet Heaven and Survivors-like, a portmanteau of "survivor" and "roguelike". A bullet heaven game might not be rogue-inspired. A survivors-like game might not be a shooting game, like Boneraiser Minions. See Explainer for full essay and r/survivorslikes sidebar.
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Vampire Survivors
The game that sparked the debate! Not the first, but the most influential. Detailed review notes are available for each ranked title!

The numbers in the similarity column measure similarity to Vampire Survivors, not a review. You can also see review scores! A couple extremely different games are included to test the ranking scale - as more games get fully ranked, these will stay near the bottom. Help us improve the wiki by hitting the edit button and filling out or correcting info. You can also submit info via the dev/player surveys linked in the header.
9.910.060.0100.00%9.89.82051789.710.092.8Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, RetroFantasy, Horror Themed, Comedy, Undead1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111118100%7100%4100%4100%5100%7100%9100%6100%10100%601200100%
Halls of Torment
Free "Prelude" Early Access
An action RPG inspired survivors-like commonly recommended if you like things a little more slower and challenging or just isometric with a Diablo 1 vibe. Feels more like VS when you enable Auto-Aim and Auto-Attack, but you might enjoy more control. The quick toggle option is appreciated. Crazy amount going on for Early Access. Darker vibe may appeal to you. This is one of the most popular and highly regarded titles on the list and I agree with that prestige., Enemy Hell, Dungeon Crawler, Hack and Slash, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Wave Shooter, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich, Twin Stick ShooterPre-Rendered Sprites, Retro, SeriousFantasy, Horror, Horror Themed, Dungeons, Undead10.911110.810.80.810.810.81101111111101111111101111110111110.50.8110.7111111117.798%6.294%388%4100%490%693%894%5.394%9.799%53.9113995%
HoloCure - Save the Fans!
Very commonly recommended free game for if you want something tight to the Vampire Survivors formula and just as fun. Technically a fan game for Hololive, it's a feature rich game anyone can enjoy. Some features, including fishing, are tucked into a little life sim menu mode. Has aiming and special moves but they can be ignored and still play ok.

Many meta notes via Joske and Genki on Discord!
9.08.752.293.50%9.39.9211259.78.36.2Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Fishing, Content Rich, Female Protagonist2D, Pixel Art, Cute, AnimeContemporary, Meme Game, Comedy10.8111111001100.3111111111111110.20.211110111110.50.511110.91111110.81111117.899%3.374%4100%4100%5100%4.481%894%5.999%9.899%52.2112294%
Rogue: Genesia
Early Access Free Demo
For me personally this is a game that very much scratches the VS itch, but has its own twist on the graphics, gameplay modes, and tons of interesting challenges. Ramps up a little slower. Does have manual dodge / special moves, but can get closer to one handed play either with the mouse or by turning on auto-aim.
8.98.651.492.83%9.39.344809.69.019.7Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, RoguelitePixel Art, HD-2DFantasy10.81111110.20.200.900.5110.8111111111110.20111110.710.81111111110.70.70.511110.80.70.91117.899%2.870%3.898%4100%5100%5.287%8.597%4.991%8.995%51.4111493%
Different. A very interesting genre-twisting option if you want a vertically scrolling space game that otherwise checks off most survivors-like features. Fairly unique for its presentation as a classic shoot em up, limiting it on exploration scores but perhaps making it more fun than most clones with a twist on the format. Surprisingly, the "lock on" mechanic makes this less of a bullet heaven than other titles, despite the shmup format. Interesting for our scale, this is an aiming mechanic but with only movement controls. Runs are 15 minutes but also more difficult. If you want to avoid rather than mow, Gunlocked supplies a nice gameplay loop.
8.88.349.991.58%9.29.13359.98.72.4Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Wave Shooter, Auto-Shooter, Vertical Scrolling Shmup, Shoot 'Em Up, Single Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up2D, Pixel Art, RetroSci-fi, Space, Ship (Air/Space)1110.8110.70.6111110.511110.511110.91110.300.1101100.81110.81110101110.80.90.411111110.87.194%6.596%3.594%4100%4.292%3.172%7.692%4.890%9.196%49.9109992%
Boneraiser Minions
A auto-battler necromancy game if you want to raise hell but not freeze your computer. As a summoning focused horde avoidance game, it has a lot of depth. But it may not satisfy bullet heaven cravings if you want to see a million things pop out of your character or so many enemies you get one frame a second. It also has a dash and special move button, differentiating it from VS there. Active updates, a beloved title by many! Additional notes and score adjust by Raring on discord.
8.88.349.891.50%9.29.638659.68.55.8Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Arena Survival, Auto-Battler, Summoning Game, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Cute, NeonFantasy, Horror Themed, Necromancy, Magic, Comedy, Villain Protagonist, Undead10.9111100.50001011111111110.61110.40.1010.811011111111111111110.6110.9111116.490%371%4100%4100%490%3.978%9100%6100%9.598%49.8109892%
Void Scrappers
Demo on
A fan loved tightly designed little space survivors-like with a really jammin soundtrack that seals the deal. One handed play possible if you map the boost. Definitely faster and much harder than most games here start off. There's a lot of competition among the space games, this is one of the better ones. It manages to straddle the line of simple and complex in many ways, never seeming to suffer from the lack of trappings in some other games, but also hiding a bit of its depth under arcade stylings and unclear unlocks., Enemy Hell, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, RetroSci-Fi, Comedy, Ship (Air/Space), Space10.811110.
Elemental Survivors
Free Demo Early Access
A "party based" jrpg styled survivors-like with togglable auto-aim. Some have noted this is a more chill survivors-like in Steam reviews, and it does seem less horror themed at least. My concern is it might be too easy at the start and I'm rarely forced to make a wacky useless build. I don't prefer an easy early game in this genre, but some on steam specifically say they like it because it's "more forgiving". If you find VS a little too stressful, this might be a great pick for you. Looking forward to checking back in on it during EA. Meta notes via dev!
8.78.852.793.92%8.68.9539.17.72.6Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Hack and Slash, Mowing Game, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Single Stick Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, JRPG, Party Based2D, Pixel Art, Retro, JRPG, CuteFantasy11111110.90.80.81110.80.9100.7111110.
Keeper's Toll
Early Access
A solid choice if you want a game that feels like a Vampire Survivors visual remaster that focuses on individual class skill trees instead of combo synergies. EA, not a ton of content yet, but responsive devs. The closest in terms of movement controls on this list so far!

Edit: seems it's adding a dodge, but nothing has changed about enemy patterns so it's hard to complain too much about it. Though I did lol to the ear of a very receptive dev.
8.68.651.492.83%8.68.81058.68.34.4Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Dungeon Crawler, Bullet Heaven, Hack and Slash, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Action RPG, Summoning Game, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror Themed, Necromancy, Dungeons, Martial Arts, Undead111111110.60.701111111111110.5100.501111111110.80.70.7001111110.6110.810.80.81110.918100%5.388%4100%4100%270%7100%6.284%5.697%9.397%51.4111493%
Chess Survivors
Possibly the best of three directly Chess related games on this list (in a genre highly related to "auto chess), try this one if you'd like to add a huge degree of strategy and puzzlement to your VS-formula. Super interesting. More classical rogue-like movement but physics based bullet heaven attacks. A solo dev project seemingly held together with duct tape, but packed with charm, this is a VS-formula twist not ot be missed. It's criminal it has so few players. No buyable meta progression besides goal based unlocks. Responsive Dev!, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Turn Based Hybrid, Grid-Based Movement, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Chess2D, Pixel Art, LofiChess, Board Game10.80.5111110.911010.711010.911010.7101100111100.80.811110101110.8110.8110.7110.70.9117.396%5.690%2.986%388%3.787%479%6.687%5.898%9.196%48108090%
Sea of Survivors
Early Access
An innovative seafaring survivors-like with a constantly moving sailing mechanic breathing fresh air into the genre. Simple controls, big challenge! Just came out into Early Access but had an earlier demo people enjoyed. I'm not sure yet how over the top it gets, help me figure it out and send in adjustments to the score! Currently placed a little lower due to lack of content in the 'breadth' section, but movement focus wise this is one of the closer ones and the only one so far with its own unique twist on movement-only!
8.58.450.391.92%8.78.2978.79.22.0Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Naval Combat, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, CuteNautical1111111111111111010.810.71110.500.511111110110.5100.201011111110.511110.61118100%7100%2.885%3.796%380%693%4.776%6100%9.196%50.3110392%
Spellbook Demonslayers
Early Access
The vibe of this one is great, from the complex system of interactions to the metal soundtrack. Has a dodge button, though, and aiming, which is useful early on but a quick toggle allows you to switch to automatic. It's a smaller arena based shooter, I think my biggest simple desire for it would be more exploration aspects and some characters/ skins to mix it up.
8.58.350.091.67%8.78.410149.28.46.8Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Arena Shooter, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, LGBTQ, Female Protagonist2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, Cartoon, MetalFantasy, Magic, Demons, Underworld10.81111110.800110.81110.911111110.811-0.1-1111100.81010.910.4101111111111110.91117.899%4.683%3.999%4100%4.898%2.971%6.184%6100%9.9100%50110092%
Bio Prototype
This bioengineering themed arena wave survival game might be my favorite of the Brotato-style auto shooters so far. The logic puzzle style chaining of abilities from your "brain" gives me something enjoyable to look forward to on each round end and within the rounds the movement-only wave survival is quite enjoyable. I also dig the ugly-cute aesthetic and overall vibe, making this a title I'm looking forward to putting more time into. I think if you like Brotato and want to really think through strategy between rounds, this is a good choice. If you like "spellcrafting" games this could be considered similar. It even lets you test your build before going to the next wave!
8.57.645.788.08%9.39.220419.98.84.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Brotato-style, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Auto Shooter, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Spell Crafting, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, Cartoon, Cute, UglycuteSci-Fi, Mad Science, Bioengineering, Monster Building1111111111111111100.8-0.500111111-1-110.30.3010.81110.610101111111110.5111110.98100%7100%2.885%0.556%5100%0.654%6.486%6100%9.598%45.7105788%
Time Wasters
A commonly suggested survivors-like made even better if you'd rather aim and dodge boost in space. With a cute vibe, anime gal characters and satisfying gameplay, this one sucked me in. I spent a ton of time with this one, only reason it's not highly recommended is enemy and map variety is lacking, despite some fun map tower defense style features. Much zippier gameplay from the start compared to some games. It's easy to jump into your next run.
8.47.645.788.08%9.29.016779.29.317.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Mowing Game, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Rogue-lite2D, Cartoon, Anime, CuteSci-Fi, Ship (Air/Space), Space10.811110.90.60.60011-0.81111111110.30.90.5010.90.1111110.21110.20.2010010.9110.810.8110.8111117.396%2.870%4100%4100%2.777%693%4.676%4.789%9.497%45.7105788%
Return to Abyss
Underworldly anime styled mowing game with some cute character designs. I like the vibe and gameplay a fair amount so far but localization isn't quite there yet, with some text layout bugs and confusing explanations. You can save game mid run to quit out, which I appreciate as a steam deck player. Overall I'm hoping to come back to this one later and find it a bit easier to navigate. It's certainly very similar to Vampire Survivors (except for the hub world) but it may not be the most notable survivors-like on the list, currently with about a 7.5 on the review., Enemy Hell, Hack and Slash, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Cartoon, Anime, CuteFantasy, Horror Themed, Underworld11111111110.2111111111111111111111110.71111110.511-
Nomad Survival
One of the earlier survivors-likes on the market and one of the most directly inspired, with full scores on move-only controls (except for one class). It has some twists on build crafting and deep stats. Put together and functional, would be plenty of fun for a couple dozen hours. Problem is it doesn't stand out much now. I don't see it recommended as much this year, but I do love the no-downside 3x speed option to bust through unlocks.
8.38.752.493.67%7.98.914407.27.72.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dungeons11111111111111110111111111110.10.21111011111101011110.20.21111110.810.918100%7100%388%4100%5100%4.381%789%4.487%8.995%52.4112494%
Time Survivors
Free "Chapter 0"
Full game not out yet, but this is a fairly tight to formula survivors-like, with just a special move button you don't need to often use. Some fun powerups and a pixel inspired 3d art style that feels relatively unique so far on this list, uninspired weapon names but some interesting twists. I'll be watching it, scores subject to change! Meta notes via dev! Review score via Chapter 0
8.38.551.092.50%8.08.3317.78.03.4Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Wave SurvivalPre-Rendered Sprites, RetroTime Travel, Meme Game10.81111110.8011011101111110.
Scarlet Tower
Early Access Free Demo on
Perhaps the most thematically and directly inspired (non-shovelware) I've played so far, especially with regards to weapons. It tries to do a lot but comes off with the impression a lot of surface level complexity (and annoying if pretty UI) covers for less actual depth / impactful feeling gameplay. Control-wise, it has toggle-able auto-aim and auto-fire and a dash, so that bumps it down a little in the ranking despite it feeling more like VS than almost any other game on the list. Pretty, but felt too derivative vibe-wise to me., Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel Art, SeriousFantasy, Horror Themed, Vampires10.81111110.80.800.910.811111111111110.51111111110.8111110110.810.30.110.910.80.81110.817.899%5.388%4100%4100%4.595%7100%7.893%4.285%8.492%53.9113995%
Yet Another Zombie Survivors
Early Access
What my partner called "a survivors for the Call of Duty demographic", this zombie slaying take has some of the more complex 3D graphics in this genre, but manages to keep things fast, simple and snappy despite the "realism". While we're a little burnt on zombies and the aesthetic doesn't appeal as much to us and resulted in some quibbles ("taller" and easier to get hit, gems floating so hard to identify position) for some people this likely appeals to you in a way games with pixel graphics simply never will. Could use more content but it's pretty fully developed for Early Access and I'm looking forward to coming back on release., Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Party BasedRealistic, 3D, SeriousMilitary, Zombies, Horror Themed11111110.911111111110.91111110.5010.3-0.5111101110.40.20.5011-0.510.110.2110.8110.80.71110.97.999%7100%3.999%4100%3.585%3.877%6.184%2.873%9.397%48.2108290%
Bing in Wonderland
Free Demo
Pretty Different. A side perspective rogue-lite hack and slash arena bullet heaven. This one from Wanba Studio in Beijing is among the more notable titles on the list. It takes the best features from many different games while confidently (and at time absurdly) doing its own thing. A vibe like if Binding of Isaac was made by classical Chinese ink wash painters, just impeccable low/high brow ugly/cute vibes throughout. Good music, packed with charm (and content too.) Action focused controls but full auto-aim and button mash friendly design makes it still relatively accessible compared to other sidescrolling rogue-lites. My partner and I both dig this one very much, which is good because I need to rest my hands after a run.
8.26.740.283.50%9.79.714799.79.85.6Bullet Heaven, Dungeon Crawler, Hack and Slash, Brotato-style, Arena Shooter, Wave Survival, Sidescroller, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Cartoon, Lofi, Painterly, Ink Wash, Calligraphy, Cute, Browser Game, UglycuteComedy, Meme Game, Fantasy, Xianxia, Wuxia, Dungeons, Grossout, Martial Arts10.5101110.4-1-1-10.5-110.8000.5100.81111110.5-1-1111111111111110.811111111110.91110.55.987%-1.738%1.569%2.885%4.595%371%9100%5.898%9.9100%40.2100284%
Nova Drift
Early Access
Different. A great pick if you you want to pull the trigger in space. Despite not sharing all the features, it can really scratch the "over the top" survivors-like itch with beautiful neon screenwipes. More asteroids influenced than "twin stick" influenced. I personally find the drift physics quite engaging once I've gotten going. Really fun game. Edit: I've got to go back and play more and update the notes. Gets better and better with new content - one of the best games on this list!
8.26.639.382.75%9.89.692179.710.020.1Asteroids-like, Bullet Heaven, Bullet Hell, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Mowing Game, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Neon, Retro, Geometric, Vector Inspired, Vivid, Arty, RaveSpace, Ship (Air/Space), Abstract10.11111100-0.50-0.800.81EA111110111111-1-1101101111010.31111110.50111110.21110.76.188%0.554%388%388%5100%157%7.391%4.588%8.291%39.399383%
Free Demo Early Access
A Crysis meets Starship Troopers meets Crimsonland survivors-like, aka a top down shooter with sci fi tech. It seemed designed to be a twin stick shooter (looks like it) but with auto-aim on it's very much was a survivors-like stuck in a mission based 2010s shooter user interface. Once you get into a run it's solid. It's not a chatty game but actually does have subtle humor sprinkled about it and while it has a dash and special move they are all mapped to the left side of the controller by default. Lots of challenges and an endless mode. It's not AAA graphics but if you want your next survivors-like to be a sci fi wave shooter on land with a 3D engine this might be the best pick I've come across yet. Still developing!
8.17.846.889.00%8.48.49128.38.65.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Mowing Game, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Arena shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite3D, RealisticSci-Fi, Military, Comedy10.81111111100.800.81111111111110.810.40.1111100.80.80.810.51010010.10.5011110.
Bounty of One
Free Prototype on
Full release is out now! Western themed survivors-like worth checking out. Interesting mechanic where you only fire when standing still. Auto Aim is very direct and weapons tend to basically just be guns, so with the dash-stand-dash gameplay it feels kind of like a more tactical Brotato, but I think more fun feeling theme wise. However, it doesn't have the build depth of Brotato at this time. You only get one weapon and they aren't very different for most characters, so it's not as over the top as VS either.
8.17.645.387.75%8.68.917788.88.06.0Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Auto Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Arena Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Rogue-lite2D, CartoonWestern, Fantasy10.811110.
Free Demo
A cute goo busting survivors-like with pretty straightforward single stick shooter gameplay. In my first impressions, it's a pretty straight up Vampire Survivors clone gameplay style. While I kind of appreciate the art style, it was a little unclear in action sometimes and eventually overall it felt a little lacking to me. Not as much depth, not as much over the top aspects, no exploration. Endless mode only afaik, but that ends up with me never feeling like I've "won". It could benefit from clear specific build related challenges. If it was the only game available, I could play a lot of it, but otherwise it feels like I'm grinding a lot of time for less payoff in terms of wacky mechanics. Many love it, try the demo!
8.07.846.989.08%8.19.211317.77.52.2Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite3D, Cell Shaded, Claymation, UglycuteAbstract11111111111110.91011111110.910.40.80.1-1-0.9111100.510.70.101111010.510.70.810.910.80.810.91118100%6.999%388%4100%3.282%2.165%6.385%483%9.296%46.9106989%
Army of Ruin
Incredibly similar in game design, VS-like score dragged down by special move button, muddy 3D graphics and lack of charm. Many people love it, personally I thought it felt slower and less impactful. With so many other options to play, I kind of bounced off it and based much of the scale for high level gameplay based on research.
7.98.349.591.25%7.58.815787.36.31.7Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite3D, SeriousFantasy, Dungeons10.81111110.60.41100.50.81111111110.911110.811110111111011010.210010.810.70.50.810.90.817.899%4.381%4100%4100%4.999%5.891%894%2.268%7.588%49.5109591%
Shape Shifter: Formations
Early Access
A game that applies all of the survivors-like lessons to a classic abstract arena shooter format, so far seems to be very good at both. Vibes of Geometry Wars or the vintage vector shooters both are based on. I've been playing mostly with auto aim / auto shoot which I think works pretty well and makes it feel a lot more survivors-like in a way my sore hands enjoy. Build depth is pretty good for a more arcade-style title and while there isn't much setting/stage variety I don't spend much time thinking about it. I admit I'd love if there was at least an unlockable boss-free mode, since it feels full on bullet hell with them. Great vibe overall, looking forward to more content., Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Bullet Hell, Auto-Shooter, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Twin Stick Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Arcade3D, Retro, Neon, Vector Inspired, Geometric, Vivid, RaveAbstract10.811110.90.50.5000.800.811Planned10.6111110.900.5-0.5-1-11000101110.11010110.910.100.80.811111110.57.295%3.172%2.683%4100%1.969%050%5.178%483%8.693%3797081%
Soulstone Survivors
Free "Prologue" Early Access
This is a popular survivors-like many seem to prefer to VS, though it's not my personal favorite. It's got a heavy dash reliance and a more "professional" 3D vibe. it would rank way higher except for aesthetics and small maps. Devs said "a spin on the genre taking itself more seriously." I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for. Personally I like meta-progression to not be spread over so many different views. it has a lot to draw people back, but never gets quite as crazy in a run. Much more focused on avoiding red enemy attack circles. You might agree it feels generic or you might love it!
7.87.544.787.25%8.19.0131368.27.03.4Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Hack and Slash, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto Shooter, Arena Shooter, Mowing Game, Single Stick Shooter, Action RPG, Roguelite, Content Rich3D, Cell Shaded, SeriousFantasy, Dungeons10.811110.910.500110.811110.8111111010.90.3-0.11100011110.81010.801010010.80.910.80.8110.917.798%4.381%3.898%4100%3.989%2.266%7.692%267%8.291%44.7104787%
Forest Fire
Demo on
A little different. A fucked up arcade rogue-lite about setting little pixel people and hosptials on fire. Feels esepcially fucked right now but it's just so cute! Maybe this is climate change activism? Interesting twist, not a bullet heaven and perhaps not a horde survival game, but very similar enemy hell with movement focus and how it plays. It's a pretty creative and satisfying arcade game and would have been a huge hit when I was a child in an actual arcade. If you like the dodging, it could be your zone out game. However, without real build depth I feel it's likely most people will enjoy it for a few hours and not a few dozen, unless they just find it comforting. Also feel my money was well spent though. Also feel a little dirty.
7.86.740.183.42%8.88.8539.28.51.2Enemy Hell, Dodge Em Up, Single Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Arcade2D, Pixel Art, Cute, UglycuteContemporary, Meme Game, Comedy, Abstract111111-0.8110.81101-0.10.4110.811110.10.8000110.4110000.
A survivors-like for horror fans, if you want to pull the trigger in the dark with a flashlight. And considering it's totally free (with an optional tip for the dev DLC) there's little reason not to try it. Especially if you came way from VS looking for more arcade games. Bare bones in some ways, but it gets you quickly into the next run eager to try a totally new build. Minimalist horror vibe is just right., Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Arcade, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Retro, Pixel Art, ScaryHorror, Horror Themed, Abstract10.411110.80.60-0.510.40-111110.91110110.811-10100000.71-1000.501011111110.811111110.66.893%0.956%3.999%388%4.898%050%2.262%6100%9.899%3797081%
Star Survivor
Free Demo Early Access
A bit janky but ambitious deck building space ship equipping survivors-like, which also has a campaign mode. Metaprogression is available via both purchasable ships and unlockable and upgradeable cards. Has a boost mechanic relying on ship direction to create a high level of challenge - it may be too much to zen out to, but the great degree of customization and variety of game modes here may addict you. It's a little generic looking, starts slow, and some bugs and UI issues bring down the review score.
7.77.746.088.33%7.77.43377.48.34.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Deckbuilding, Auto-Shooter, Arena Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Rogue-lite3DSci-fi, Space, Ship (Air/Space)10.811111100011-0.5111111111111110.10.5111010.3110.911010010.51000.80.811110.81117.899%2.568%4100%4100%5100%4.683%6.284%2.571%8.492%46106088%
20 Minutes Till Dawn
Here's a game for people who would rather aim carefully and pull the trigger, at least for the first few hours of meta unlocks and the start of every run. It's got a cool vibe but feels more like 'traditional' arena shooters of the past couple decades, despite the obvious modern horde survival inspiration.
7.76.840.884.00%8.69.2217879.07.55.9Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Lofi, ArtyFantasy, Horror Themed10.411110.80.6-0.501-0.50-0.50111111110.80.910.80.80.5-0.3100100.91110.8101111110.
A must play for Newgrounds nostalgic arena shooter fans that also seems to alienate some hardcore Vampire Survivors fans. Featuring 1 handed play and on the surface very similar and often suggested, but missing many exploration features and subtle differences (like leveling at end of waves) might make it not hit the zen mark. Lots of people love this one but I admit I personally couldn't get into it. It was a little disappointing after the many recommendations. Great character ability twists and buildcrafting challenges if it clicks for you. Very popular for a reason!, Brotato-style, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Auto Shooter, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Cartoon, Lofi, Browser Game, UglycuteSci-Fi, Flying Saucer Aliens, Comedy, Meme Game10.911110.90.4111110.811100.800.80110.80.511-1-1110.710.80.4111010100.210.20.500.410.510.90.811110.87.295%6.899%2.885%1.873%4.393%2.568%5.480%2.369%8.693%42.1102185%
God of Weapons
Demo on
An inventory management Brotato-style survivors-like with an enjoyable dungeon (if not actual crawling.. elevator riding?) presentation for the arena. This is a newer but fully released title a lot of folks are excited about with an active fan community. My first impressions are very positive. It's not as over the top but the inventory management for "leveling up" is a puzzle twist I liked. Also similar to Brotato (aside from the small arena) with end of round equipment choices instead of leveling on XP gain with organic waves. Not as lofi feeling but still a lot of charm, worth checking out if you'd like to spend some time stacking axes in gloomy rooms.
7.56.639.883.17%8.48.517628.68.22.3Survivors-like, Brotato-style, Hack and Slash, Wave Survival, Horde Survival, Arena Shooter, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Puzzle3D, SeriousFantasy, Dungeons10.811110.6100.501111100.20.70.201111011-0.5-1111010.70.8110.20.50100.
Heretic's Fork
Free Prototype on
Pretty Different. A great pick if you never want to move and want a game to play without having to stare at the screen. Excellent music. Recently released deckbuilding tower defense rogue-lite which ditches the movement mechanics and adds on drawing new "cards" on level up instead of an RPG style or item collecting system. So far feels like a really enjoyable throwback to old browser or freeware games - which it seems to acknowledge with the menu user interface - and has impeccable style. Seems like more content will be added, which is good, could use more card interactions and weird stuff.
7.56.438.482.00%8.68.410708.29.38.5Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Deckbuilding, Auto Battler, Tower Defense, Turn Based Hybrid, Roguelite2D, Pixel Art, Browser Game, Lofi, Retro, Arty, MetalUnderworld, Horror Themed, Comedy110.51-1111001100.510.811110.91110.70.311-1-10.100010.4010.50.50.30111111110.50.71110.80.80.510.65.584%3.575%3.898%3.999%490%-0.944%4.776%6100%8.392%38.498482%
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Greed Mode)
Free Demo on Newgrounds
Very Different. An earlier style of game if you want a difficult rogue-lite that feels close to a real time rogue-like, focused on room based exploration. Greed mode, however, introduced in Afterbirth, is a wave survival mode, with an endless mode possible. No currency unlocks, more a bullet hell than bullet haven, and other aspects make this a very different kind of game, despite how it gets recommended often to Vampire Survivor Fans. Knocks it out of the park in terms of content breadth and replayability. I'm fucking terrible at it.
7.55.432.677.17%9.59.72302869.88.97.0Dungeon Crawler, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Wave Survival, Story Rich2D, Cartoon, Pixel Art, Browser Game, UglycuteUnderworld, Horror, Horror Themed, Comedy, Grossout, Dungeons1-111110.2-1-1-10.5-1-0.6-
Reality Break
Free Demo Early Access
Very Different. An option if you'd like to aim and pull the trigger in space, want more exploration aspects, and enjoy inventory/equipment management. Also more story. It has wave survival often, but it's not a horde movement/zen game. It's an isometric looter shooter ARPG, kind of like Diablo, with some Rogue-lite inspired elements but not your expected permadeath style. Lots going for it at this early stage of development! RPG, Twin Stick Shooter, Looter Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Wave Survival, Roguelite, Story Rich3D, Retro, Neon, VividSci-Fi, Space, Ship (Air/Space), Alternate Reality0.4-11110.30.70.2-100-0.50010.
Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde
This one sticks very very close to the VS formula on the surface, but loses some points on our scale by dumping the pixel graphics and retro lofi charm along with the endless mode. It also has a special moves button for not a lot of reason - it never goes quite as over the top or feels as intense. Still, it's a well supported and documented game with a relatively active fandom. At around the 7 scores you start to see similar but less well reviewed games.
7.27.947.589.58%6.67.113316.16.57.0Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Mowing Game, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, CartoonFantasy111111110.501101110111111110.30.50.2110.91111110.81111100101-
Risk of Rain 2
Very Different. An action focused rogue-lite third-person shooter with tons of enemies. Often recommended on reddit to fans of over the top builds, but high focus on reaction speed and aiming makes this very different from VS. It's also notable for an active multiplayer player base. No currency based meta progression, so very highly dependent on player skill.
7.25.432.477.00%9.09.61662518.58.94.1Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Bullet Heaven, Third-Person Shooter, Roguelite, Content Rich, Dungeon Crawler3D, Cell ShadedSci-Fi1-11-0.5110.50-1-1-0.5-1-1-10.20110.70.500111010.81100.31111111111110.210.8110.80.50.911100.9110.3369%-5.312%2.784%1.569%3.888%5.388%9100%4.890%8.191%32.492477%
Very Different. Closer to Isaac or Gungeon. Scaling and review mostly by Adorn on discord: "A top down twin stick shooter dungeon crawling action roguelike with a chaotic spin on traditional mechanics. It revolves around running through the map activating "beacons" which will unlock a portion of the level's boss, who will start chasing the player in a cat-and-mouse style rampage. This sequence feels very similar to Monster Hunter where you will need to chase or be chased by the boss as you gather powerups and weapons to upgrade yourself. Each powerup is also likely to have lots of synergy with other powerups leading to very chaotic gameplay where your bullets fill the screen. It's a movement focused game with aiming elements and sprint/dodge mechanics." No hordes, but lots of rogue-lite elements that may appeal to you. See to the right for very detailed notes!
Bullet Heaven, Bullet Hell, Dungeon Crawler, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Roguelike, Female Protagonist, Story Rich2D, Pixel Art, Cute, Uglycute, Vivid, ArtyFantasy0.70.5111-0.50.70-1-1-1-1-1-0.80.5-10.80-0.5-111110.800.80.711110.511110.5110.50.510.7100.5111110.80.910.30.911-14.478%-5.312%-0.741%275%3.383%6.596%7.290%4.588%8.995%28.888874%
Very Different. Perhaps you want a 30m run isometric rogue-lite but with more hands on hack and slash action, no horde survival, no bullet heaven and need a full story. Very different! One of 10 games included to test the scale (see FAQ) with a commonly seen recommendation that does share some mechanics but differs widely on others. This is game came out to universal critical acclaim and has received some fun updates since. As shown here, a game that's very different but extremely highly regarded might still be able to get around a 7 on our ranking - it may still be worth trying!
7.14.426.371.92%9.89.821623210.09.526.6Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Top Down or Isometric, Action Roguelike, Dating Sim, Roguelite, Content Rich, Story Rich3D, Cartoon, Cell Shaded, ArtyFantasy, Greek Mythology, Mythology, Underworld, Dungeons, Romance1-11110.70.20.1-1-1-1-1-10-0.5-1-10.20.30111110.510.20.50001110.8101111110.110.21110.20.31110.21110.3475%-5.511%-1.531%388%3.787%3.575%7.893%4.386%7.789%26.386372%
Legend of Feather
Early Access
First impressions: A tight to formula Vampire Survivors clone with a Chinese mythology trapping and pretty cute enemy design. I'm torn on the graphics which are undeniably "cheap" feeling but also nostalgia inducing for their similarity to earlier online games and older downloadable titles. It's translated (mostly) from Chinese which is probably why the depth of the visual design doesn't feel artificial, but it could use localization with more personality. It also locks meta progression to character, which drastically slows down advancement. From my limited gameplay so far it doesn't seem to have as much depth or over the top design to weapons. While it did charm me I'm not sure it will draw me in, though I'll definitely at least give it some more time when it's out of EA.
7.07.344.086.67%6.77.6345.67.02.1Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Anime, Cartoon, Cute, Browser GameFantasy, Xianxia, Wuxia, Martial Arts111111110.90.91110.711?1111111110.80.50.2-111110110.510.800100.5010.20.5010.710.40.510.50.60.818100%6.596%388%4100%4.393%3.273%5.379%2.268%6.583%44104087%
Assault Android Cactus+
(Infinity Drive Mode)
Different. This is an older arcade top down shooter. Cactus used to be mentioned more right when VS came out, before the clones. It comes with a campaign mode and "infinity drive" wave survival mode that technically has an end at 49 levels but is "near impossible" to get to. Also a "daily drive" that can give you some of that randomized challenge run feeling. No Rogue-lite elements or builds, but collecting 'volts' to increase weapon power feels very similar to VS XP. It might scratch your itch, it's widely considered to be a great game.
7.04.526.772.25%9.59.412079.89.32.3Twin Stick Shooter, Dungeon Crawler, Top Down or Isometric, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Survivors-like, Story Rich3D, Anime, CuteSci-Fi, Cyborgs, Robots-1-111110.80.3-1-11-10.8-1110.510.70.2000000.1000.50111000.511111111000.51110.80.70.5000.21110.63.169%-1.241%3.290%0.253%0.151%3.575%8.597%3.579%6.281%26.786772%
PhaigeX: Hyperspace Survivors
Free Demo. Early Access
Worth trying the demo for this swarm survival space shooter currently in development. I can't get enough space shooters, this one is notable for the particularly numerous and tiny drone swarms. Auto Fire and Aim toggle. Fast movement reaction speed will help you when playing it. It's more hands on than Void Scrappers or Time Wasters and more complex in the menus and I'm not sure that's better. Still, aesthetics wise they may appeal to different demographics of shooter fans. It controls more like a classic twin stick shooter and the upgrades are relatively classic too, but it shares enough features to be considered a survivors-like. I'll check back in on release!
6.95.834.678.83%8.08.1118.08.02.0Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2DSpace, Ship (Air/Space)10.611110.7-0.5000.40.8-10.61110.81-0.50.7110.5100.71-10.10110111100.500.2100.800.110.70110.80.80.810.710.70.65.886%1.863%3.898%2.278%3.282%2.165%4.776%2.672%7.889%34.694679%
Risk of Rain
Free Demo on Indie DB
Very Different. Sidescrolling metroidvania style shooter often recommended on reddit to fans of over the top builds. But it's very reliant on action controls with many buttons and doesn't have a bullet heaven vibe right away. Platformer, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Dungeon Crawler, Sidescroller, Roguevania, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel Art, ArtySci-Fi1-11-1110.50.2-1-1-1-1-1-100110.70.70010.20.500.70.41110111111110.51111111110.50.5110.80.6110.80.12.767%-67%2.784%1.771%1.868%693%8.597%6100%8.291%30.790776%
Dead Cells
Very Different. Metroidvania Sidescroller Rouge-lite with Souls inspired combat, it shares some elements with other Rogue-lites. Perhaps you want to jump and slash and don't like currency based meta power creep, preferring to develop your skills and find in-game discoveries to progress. Very Hard! Want it to feel more like Vampire Survivors? Get the Castlevania crossover DLC. That kind of makes it worth including.
6.83.923.569.58%9.69.711957110.09.18.0Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Sidescroller, Metroidvania, Roguevania, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dungeons1-11-110.900.7-1-1-1-1-10-0.5-1-100.1-10010.40.70101110111110.21111111111110.20.310.60.801110.12.666%-5.511%-1.926%050%2.171%693%8.296%6100%6.985%23.583570%
Whisker Squadron: Survivor
Early Access
Very Different. An excellent pick if you want to mix it up with a rogue-lite Star Fox style rail shooter survival with leveling mechanics. Has a ton of control differences but sometimes the differences from most survivors-likes makes a game your next favorite. Main complaint is there just isn't enough content. I want more varied pilots, weapons, maps, more bullet heaven aspects. I hope they bring a lot more during Early Access. Needs more for the price and a greater breadth and depth would skyrocket it up this list. Hate the energy meter firing delay.
6.54.325.971.58%8.79.21808.48.43.8Survivors-like, On-Rails Shooter, Roguelite3D, Vector Inspired, Neon, RetroSci-Fi, Robots, Ship (Air/Space), Furry, Abstract1010110.4-1-10-1-10-111010.811110.40.500.10-11100.4000.
Crypt of the Necrodancer
Extremely Different. Rogue style short runs in a horror fantasy setting with pixel graphics, but rhythm based gameplay without bullet heaven elements. Used to come up more in recommendation threads on reddit. Fan comparison scores via Necrodancer discord. Maqua: "A rhythm turn-based roguelike that lets you perform beat downs to the beat. Less like Vampire Survivors due to fundamental differences in design, but the variety of characters as well as in-game leaderboards allows you to get a lot of replay value even after you master the mechanics." Tufwfo: "Extremely difficult roguelike where all inputs are done to the beat of the music. Learning the patterns of all the enemies leads to mastering the game which is incredibly satisfying after hundreds of hours." Movement focus, but feels very different!

(Tufwfo Review)

(Maqua Review)
Turn Based Hybrid, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Roguelike, Rhythm Game, Content Rich, Grid-Based Movement2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dungeons, Horror Themed, Undead0.8-10.710.90.8-1-0.51-
The Riftbreaker
Very Different A top down shooter horde survival game, but in the long term resource gathering sense in the main campaign mode. Build a base, or rather multiple bases, as you attempt to survive on an alien planet. Relevant to this sheet is the timed survival mode. It recently came on sale on steam so I decided to see how it matches up on this scale considering it shares some elements. It may be an interesting one to check out if you enjoyed the horde and exploration aspects of the genre but wished for a long game with persistent progression instead of short runs. Technically, though, with a hardcore mode enabling permadeath it's optionally rogueish. I wouldn't say it's similar to Vampire Survivors, but it is a horde survival game for sure!
6.33.521.267.67%9.09.1139019.48.510.8Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Survival Craft, Sandbox, Base Building, Top Down or Isometric, Twin Stick Shooter, Tower Defense, Action RPG, Roguelite, Content Rich, Story Rich3D, Realistic, SeriousSci-Fi, Mecha0.7-0.5110.7-10.60.3-1-1-1-1-1-10.50.8101-1-101110.50.5010.90.500.111110.1111111-11-0.5110.80.30.6-111-0.711102.868%-5.511%2.885%-138%380%4.582%8.195%2.369%575%21.281268%
Loop Hero
Free Alpha on
Very Different. It's hard to have a better pick if you want a rogue-lite auto-battler with really unique map-building non-direct control of the main character. But chances are you didn't know you were looking for that. Included to test the scale but also because it's a great game that might scratch your itch if it's about exploring a new system with great progression and interesting synergies, along with tense action that's not reflex based even if it doesn't have stick movement focus. It's above 5.0 so it might be recommended to appeal to VS fans, but only with major disclaimers about differences., Strategy, Deckbuilding, Roguelite, Content Rich, Story Rich2D, Pixel Art, ArtyFantasy, Apocalypse, Alternate Reality, Time Loop10.80.61-0.70.8-1-10-10-10-1-101-1-0.50.2-11110.
Path of Exile
Free to Play!
Very Different. Sometimes you just want to slowly craft one build. Forever. An isometric MMO Action RPG sometimes recommended on reddit to fans of over the top screenwiping builds. No short runs - you can play the same character and slowly buildcraft for 100s of hours. Included to test the scale. Games above 5.0 on our ranking might satisfy your urges from Vampire Survivors, but the higher up ones are generally more likely to do so.
6.23.420.667.17%9.08.82085589.19.059.6Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler, Hack and Slash, Bullet Heaven, Mowing Game, Spell Crafting, Top Down or Isometric, Content Rich, Story Rich3D, RealisticFantasy, Horror Themed, Dungeons-1-0.9111-10.80.6-1-10-1-1-1-1-1-10.511-1-1-0.5110.5111101111110.5111111-0.510.
Very Different. Perhaps you want a lot more action challenge and AAA graphics. Third-Person Shooter Rogue-Lite, might scratch some of the same itches but very bullet hell compared to heaven. You see it mentioned on reddit an it's not an out of the line recommendation, because it does really pull you into another short run and you can certainly see a lot of bullets on screen at once. It's a great game, but not particularly similar at all in the movement categories. Hell, Dungeon Crawler, Third-Person Shooter, Roguevania, Roguelite, Story Rich3D, Realistic, SeriousSci-Fi, Time Loop, Dungeons1-11-0.910.40.3-1-1-1-1-1-1-10-10.800.2000.20.60.300.50.50.111111111100.511111-1100.2110.10.3111-11110.30.855%-67%050%0.860%1.464%7100%7.592%2.268%6.482%19.479466%
Rogue Legacy
Free Demo on Indie DB
Very Different. Popular rogue-lite sidescroller included to test the scale. Rogue Legacy 2 Is similar enough to not require a seperate ranking, since neither is really a VS-like. Not a bullet heaven! Great games though. Perhaps you're tired of top down auto shooters want a hack and slash sidescroller rogue-lite with similar currency based power creep. and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Sidescroller, Metroidvania, Roguevania, Roguelite2D, CuteFantasy, Dungeons, Dynasty1-11-111-1-1-1-1-1-1-110-1-100-1010.7000.10.1011110.5101110.410011111111-0.201110111-0.4050%-421%-225%0.759%0.252%5.589%6.486%6100%6.884%18.278265%
Cult of the Lamb
Very Different. An action controls hash and slash game more similar to Hades than Vampire Survivors, with additional town building element between runs. It's isometric and rogue-lite, a great game, but likely can't get very zen. If you want more Hades, there's Cult of the Lamb. But I'm sure diehards will have a giant chart to tell me why those are very different some day.
6.22.917.264.33%9.59.45198510.09.029.3Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Action Roguelike, Roguelite, Colony Sim, Top Down or Isometric, Story RichCartoon, HD-2D, Cute, UglycuteFantasy, Furry, Dungeons, Demons, Underworld, Necromancer, Cozy, Horror, Horror Themed0.8-11110.2-0.70.2-1-1-1-1-100-1-10.10.201110.50.600.500.50000110.8100.510.50110.300.211100.10.70.710111-0.52.566%-514%-1.729%388%1.666%2.568%5.882%3.579%6.583%17.277264%
City of Beats
Very Different. A dungeon crawl style twin stick shooter with each run consisting of branching paths, the noteworthy mechanic here is that your shots are notes to the beat and overall it's just very plugged in to the music. In a great way! The action takes place on cloudy cyberpunk rooftops and not in dank cellars, but it may remind you of games like Hades. While we're reviewing it due to being in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest, it's not a survivors-like and not sure it's a bullet heaven either. Seems like a classic twin stick shooter! Since it's not on topic, I probably won't put as many hours into this one, but will attempt some review. More difficult in a hands on way than most survivors-like fans may be looking for.
6.03.319.666.33%8.79.4398.88.01.2Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Dungeon Crawler, Roguelite3D, Neon, Geometric, Vector Inspired, RaveCyberpunk1-111110.5-0.5-1-1-1-1-1-11-1-10.3001110.50.400.500.2-0.5110110.61-0.50.411010.2010.51110.
Enter the Gungeon
Very Different. On the surface similar, this dungeon crawling twin stick shooter has high action complexity. It's a rogue-lite bullet hell shooter with heavy emphasis on trigger pulling and dungeon exploration instead of horde waves. It's much more tactical and requires careful aiming. I get why people might recommend it since it's popular and also a rogue-lite but personally I don't think it has what interests me about this particular subgenre, ditching obvious build crafting for reflexes. Instead of heavy emphasis on distilling to the basic controls it adds FPS style reload and trigger controls to twin stick shooters, which is making it more complicated. It's a highly regarded game, just attempting to do very different things. Crawler, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Content Rich2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dungeons, Comedy1-11110.60.6-1-1-1-1-1-10.4-0.5-1-100-10110.5000.500.50.400.10.111111111111100.210.90.900.
Early Access
Very Different. More Enter the Gungeon style than survivors-like. Was in the steam "Bullet Heaven" sale but while it has an interesting mechanic where you gather enemies shots and send back at them, I'm not sure it really is one. It seems to be entirely in a dungeon crawl format Hades style, not sure yet how a lot of mechanics work for sure. Making notes. Doesn't seem to have survival modes, probably not what you're looking for if you're looking for a survivors-like, but maybe for a dungeon crawl. Still in development!
5.92.917.264.33%9.010.0288.78.21.4Bullet Hell, Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite2D, Pixel ArtSci-Fi, Space1-11110.60.7-1-1-10-1-1-1-1-1-100-10110.5000.500.50.4110111110.510.1011110.1110.
Very Different. This little arcade style arena wave shooter has excellent style, with a wriggly spider protagonist and some fresh feeling mechanics. The pointer to target and click to move control scheme works best for me on steam deck. There's no metaprogression and it's more bullet hell than bullet heaven, really. I'm not sure it's really very related to Vampire Survivors and probably won't get as long play times out of people, but I'm glad I tried it in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest. Hell, Wave Survival, Arena Shooter, Arcade2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Lofi, Arty, Rave, VividAbstract, Insects-1-10.91110.6-10-11-11-1-11-0.510.2-10-1-10.2000-0.5-1-10-11000.10.50000010101110.50.40.5100110.81-11.559%-236%1.771%-313%-0.347%-236%1.659%4.588%6.281%6.766756%
Jetboard Joust
Very Different A sidescrolling shmup with some rogue-lite elements it probably will appeal much more to people looking for a Joust and Defender inspired game instead of a survivors-like. It's got a bit of a dungeon crawl choose-your-path structure to it and item find and between level upgrades to create your build. Still, with very action focused controls it remains more of an action arcade game than any sort of auto-battler buildcrafter. Ranked for comparison since it was in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest sale.
5.22.514.762.25%8.08.1448.57.52.0Sidescrolling Shmup, Shoot 'Em Up, Dungeon Crawler, Arcade2D, Pixel Art, RetroSci-Fi, Flying Saucer Aliens0.4-110110.20-1-1-1-1-10.10.5-1-10.10-
Early Access Free Demo
Very Different. Perhaps you want an entirely different turn based Peggle-type puzzle game that somehow gets recommended to VS fans. Not saying it's a terrible recommendation if you like runs and upgrades and complex games that appeal to casual players. It's absolutely a rogue-lite and a cute game. But in many ways it is extremely different - included to test the scale. Very different but good games might get around a 5.0. Anything under 5.0 could be thought of as "less recommended" to fans of Vampire Survivors., Peggle-like, Puzzle, Roguelite2D, Pixel ArtFantasy1-1-0.8-100.3-0.50001-10-10.5-1-1000100.80.6100.50-1-100001110.20.510010.5110.8110.50010.50.70110.8-1-238%-0.546%-225%1.873%2.171%-143%5.279%5.394%5.578%12.972961%
Very Different. An interesting recommendation with a big genre shift, perhaps if you want a stress/zen combo movement focused arena game with absolutely no shooting or Rogue-lite elements. Extremely different - included to test the scale but also to demonstrate it's not that far and people should push the boundaries of what these genres mean. It does have procedural generation so gets a partial score there!, Action Puzzler, Top Down or Isometric, Physics-based, Puzzle2DAbstract, Science0.1-11111-1101101111-1-1-0.8-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-10-1-10000000-0.5110010101100100.3000.50.80.810.43.169%586%-1.828%-40%-410%-236%2.564%375%4.472%6.666656%
Dwarf Fortress
(Steam Version Fortress Mode)
Free Ascii Version
Extremely Different. A titan of gaming history and a personal recommendation to anyone on the planet, but while it is influenced by Rogue and has some surface traits in common it's very different. So different that attempting to score it on these named categories is very hard. A long form rogue-Like where you manage many many characters. An interesting one, included to test the scale. You may find some similar aspects of this game appealing, though! Don't mind my 378 play hours, that was all just one run so I haven't really seen much of the game. Note: We're scaling the base management mode, not the single character control Adventure. Sim, Basebuilding, Survival, Real Time With Pause, Roguelike, Content Rich, Story Rich2D, Pixel Art, Lofi, AsciiFantasy, Dungeons0.30.20.51-1-0.9-1-1-1-10-1-1-10-1100.2-1-1-0.8-0.8-10-1-1-1110.500.511111-111100.51011110.50-1000111-1-1.938%-514%0.253%-3.65%-410%586%5.581%592%3.568%2.762752%
Free on Many Platforms
Extremely Different. The original mid-eighties game which named the rogue-like genre. Yes, it's on Steam! For 2.99! Rogue-lites have metaprogression, this game does not. Traditional Rogue-likes are also turn based among many other hotly debated features. Included to test the scale and out of curiosity. Turns out Vampire Survivors is totally a Rogue-lite but Rogue is nothing like a Vampire survivors-like. Well worth checking out if you want to experience videogame history. Crawler, Traditional Roguelike, Top Down or IsometricAscii, Lofi, SeriousFantasy, Dungeons, Abstract0.5-1-1110.1-1-0.50.2-11-1-110-1-10010-1-100.300-1110010010.50010001101-
Hero Siege (2.0)
Very Different. Recent reviews are very negative, a 1.9, likely due to shift to paid unlockables. It used to be more like a Rogue-Lite. An interesting one - inspired by the same classics and with a similar retro pixel vibe, instead of distilling and extrapolating from the ARPG gameplay into tight Rogue-lite runs, it shows what happens if you bog down a little game with complex Diablo style systems and clog the menu with transactions. No quick in and out - it does not scratch the Survivors itch.
4.83.521.067.50%6.27.2286876.54.83.1Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawler, Top Down or Isometric, Action RPG2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Dungeons-0.5-1111-10.30.8-1-10-1-1-0.5-1-1-10.30.7100011011110.51111111111011110.
Beat Hazard 3
Early Access
Very Different. A top down twin stick shooter that uses "your music" (or at least your spotify) to generate arcade style levels. Or at least effects. Certainly over the top and similar in that it's top down and a shooter, perhaps if you're looking for more top down shooters it's an interesting option. Reviewed because it was in the Steam Bullet Heaven festival. It's not really a typical bullet heaven, more like a typical top down shmup. Which makes sense as the Beat Hazard series has existed since long before the term bullet heaven did. Perhaps will appeal to some of the same impulses but it's generally very different and not a survivors-like. Low review almost entirely due to UI and illegibility in both menus and gameplay. May improve!
4.72.314.061.67%7.19.22806.16.01.5, Bullet Hell, Twin Stick Shooter, Arena Shooter, Arcade, Isometric or Top Down, Music3DSci-Fi, Space, Ship (Air/Space)0.3-111110.6-1-1-11-1-1-110.600.40.2-1-1110.2000.20-1-1101000.811110.21100001000.5110.20-0.50.511-0.22.968%-329%1.265%050%0.454%050%789%158%4.774%1474062%
Grim Horde
Free Demo Early Access (Abandoned)
A summoning survivors-like that unfortunately never "made it past the concept stage" according to one steam reviewer I agree with. Contrasting it with Boneraiser Minions which is a zippy and fun game full of content, it's an unfortunately also ran. There's some nice aesthetics and animations, but the gameplay is unfortunately quite slow and feels just too non-interactive, even for an auto battler. I hope the devs try again with a different project and in some ways I respect them for feeling it was "done" if it just didn't seem fun. It's hard to justify the price on it in this state, even at three dollars. Suffers heavily on the latter half of our scale for lack of depth, breadth, and gameplay.
4.03.923.669.67%4.05.8552.73.52.5Survivors-like, Auto Battler, Horde Survival, Summoning Game, Top Down or Isometric, Rogue-lite2D, Pixel ArtFantasy, Necromancer, Demon Summoning110.70-0.71-110.20.511-110.5100.50.901110.40.100010.5110000.30.3000.50.5010100.
Elden Ring
Extremely Different. Perhaps you'd like leveling up and challenge with a horror fantasy setting but prefer a drastic change in format to AAA 3rd person and want to always progress one character. I thought it might be interesting to include a very different game I've got a lot of hours in and see what's similar. Included to test the scale. A souls-like technically has some similarities to a rogue-lite - there is a similar "one more run" feeling after death at least, but Elden Ring is totally focused on permanent progression. It's a very good game but even high review scores can't bring a game this different above the 5.0 threshold that I internally think of as separating the "recommended" games from the ones that likely won't satisfy your search for another game similar to Vampire Survivors.
3.9-1.9-11.340.58%9.79.253713310.010.0283.3Action RPG, 3rd Person Adventure, Soulslike, Content Rich, Open World, Story Rich3D, Realistic, SeriousFantasy, Horror, Horror Themed, Dungeons-1-11-11-1-10-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-0.5-0.81-1-1-11-0.5-1-1-111-0.8-1111110.111-10.211-10-101100-1-1-1-1111-1-331%-70%-3.39%-225%-2.525%3.273%5.379%050%050%-11.348741%
Extremely Different. Isometric shmup but while it's listed alongside over a hundred survivors-likes in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest it's actually a very demanding boss rush twin stick shooter that feels quite unlike Vampire Survivors. Most games like this aren't on this spreadsheet, but we'll keep it on here as an example of the genre since it's currently suggested alongside the rest of these games. Personally, I think a twitch reaction bullet hell boss rush game like this is unlikely to fulfill your desire for a game like Vampire Survivors. Hell, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Boss Rush3D, Cell Shaded, SeriousFantasy0.8-111110.1-1-1-1-10.1-1-111-1-1-1-1-1000.30.200.1-1-1-10010001-0.510.310.1100000.40.100010.
Call of Duty 2
If you don't want to play Vampire Survivors at all! This WWII campaign based first person shooter is nothing alike! Yes, it's a "shooter" but it's completely different! Included to test the scale. Our use of a negative-shifted measurement within categories allows us to get a low ranking for a very different game, and it still be a functional game sharing basic features. It's mostly an aesthetic difference, but a lower score is easily understood at a glance. Otherwise a game like this might get around a confusingly high score! It may be a little confusing now, but as we fully rank more games, these different ones will stay near the bottom.
2.1-3.8-22.930.92%8.09.368427.27.520.0First Person Shooter, Story Rich3D, Realistic, SeriousMilitary, Historical, WWII-1-11-11-10.2-0.3-1-11-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-0.5-1-1-1-1-1-1-0.5-1-10.70.5-1-110.5-10.50.5-1010000-10-100.50-0.50-1-1-1-110.51-1-2.137%-514%-3.56%-40%-4.55%-0.348%156%-1.538%-240%-22.937131%
Different. First person bow arena shooter.. honestly more of a game design proposal than an actual game. Gets a 0 in price despite being cheaper because.. the content isn't actually there, like they built part of the engine and half the weapon and then put it up. I would like to see them finish it, but I'm worried they won't. This should be free at least until they fix the bow shooting and hire an artist. Low score is overall due to missing many basic features., Enemy Hell, First Person Shooter, Wave Survival, Arena Shooter, Roguelite3D, LofiAbstract0.9-11-1110.21-1-10-10-10.21010.511110.80.701-1-1-110000-1-1-110.10-110-0.80-0.50.2-1-1-0.5010.500-1-0.5-
Free Demo
Very Different. FPS / Tower Defense Hybrid. This zombie shooter was in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest so we checked it out. It's definitely not a survivors-like or a bullet heaven. It's a more oldschool wave defense game, with a really frustratingly obscure and tutorialized set of features instead of a way to easily drop into action. It probably won't satisfy survivors-likes fans, but you could check it out if you liked older games like Orcs Must Die. I had a lot of quibbles around this one that kept me from putting more time in, but I think it's ok since it's not as related as other games anyway. Correct me if I missed any features!
1.8-1.0-6.144.92%4.58.51312.13.02.7Wave Survival, First Person Shooter, Tower Defense, Base Building, Story Rich3D, Cell Shaded, Low PolyContemporary, Zombies0-0.81-10.8-101-1-10-1-1-1-10.51-11-1-1000.20.500-10.3-0.50.8000100.2-0.5010.2010-0.5100.1-10-0.5-0.50-0.5-0.5-
IDIOTIC (The Game)
Free Demo
Very Different. Reviewed since it's included in the Steam Bullet Heaven Fest, this first person arena shooter with parkour elements shares some features with the genre like power increase choices on level gain and currency based metaprogression between matches but overall won't satisfy most fans. It's not that it's in first person, some excellent related games are, but that it's also more movement than build focused and really lacking in the content area. And very very janky and unfinished feeling. I respect it's a first project from a learning dev, and I think it's technically a survivors-like, but seems very unlikely that this is the game you're looking for in our database., Wave Survival, First Person Shooter, Arena Shooter, Parkour3D, LofiAbstract, Alternate Reality1-11-1110.10-1-10-1-1-10100.30.311110.20.100-
Beach Invasion 1944
Very Different. First person wave shooter where you play as the wrong side at the battle of Normandy. WARNING I got the code for this game to review as part of a press package for many games in a sale and didn't realize what it was. This game will put n-zi Medals on your profile earning a previously unconceived -1 in achievements due to the unique gameplay loop of panicking and contacting support to remove them. Much more detail in notes. Probably don't try this one. I feel dirty sharing the link even for academic purposes. I didn't originally expect games to really go below 0, but I guess it's useful to have some outlier examples for a scoring guide.
-0.4-3.8-22.631.17%2.98.65680.20.00.7Wave Shooter, First Person Shooter, Tower Defense, Malware3D, Realistic, SeriousMilitary, Historical, WWII0-11-1-110.5-1-10.11-1-1-1-101-10.9-10.4-1-1-1-1000-1-
Dev Scores Submitted via Score Card (Reviewing in Progress)
This section includes mostly upcoming games where devs themselves submitted a score card or filled the web form. Tags sugggested by devs.
They'll be moved up top after I've checked it all over and adjusted the feature scores to be in line with how other games are scored.
BloodDome Classic
Totally sick retro styled free arcade shooter, with survivor-like style leveling and oldschool difficulty and trappings. Light on 'extras' but that makes it feel more nostalgic - just one player sprite, one enemy type, one black screen stage. Twin stick mode and auto-aim/fire mode are unlockable. Note: Scored based on submitted scorecard. (Tweaking)
7.15.532.877.33%8.78.3628.99.00.5Survivors-like, Enemy Hell, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Arcade2D, Pixel Art, Retro, MonochromeAbstract, Deadly Game10.311110.310.50.510.510.5?01111100.81100.50.50000010-10-10.500.50101?11000.8111111110.66.691%479%388%2.885%380%157%050%375%8.894%32.892877%
Breakout Survivors
Free Demo. Very Different. Concept mashup with the classic blockbreaker pong-like genre. I dig it. Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard about early version of in progress game (Currently adjusting.)
7.45.633.477.83%9.110.0168.98.52.0Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Arcade, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Breakout, Puzzle2D, RetroAbstract10.111110.71111110.810.7100.811010.
Free Demo
Different. Twin stick arcade style arena shooter roguelite perhaps a little bit like Brotato meets Nova Drift - notably not auto-fire or auto-aim. Unlocks seem to be for ships, but not currency power progression so it still heavily favors hands on action. Very unique stacking attack and reload mechanic. I'm not very good at it, but working to progress a bit to evaluate. Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard. (Currently Tweaking)
6.73.923.669.67%9.510., Deckbuilding, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Arcade2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Cute, Vector Inspired, GeometricAbstract10.4111110-0.5-11-1-0.5-10.80.5000.101010.80.5000.9-1-10000011100001?11110.
Dev Scores Submitted via Score Card (Released)
This section includes mostly upcoming games where devs themselves submitted a score card or filled the web form. Tags sugggested by devs.
They'll be moved up top after I've checked it all over and adjusted the feature scores to be in line with how other games are scored.
Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard
9.28.953.594.58%9.49.419---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown1111111111111111Planned111110.511110.50.501111Planned1110.511011111110.511111111118100%7100%388%3.594%4.595%4.582%7.592%5.596%9.598%53.5113595%
BloodDome 99
Free Demo Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard.
9.07.947.589.58%10.010.025---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, ArcadeUnknownUnknown1011111100001001111111111111111001011011101110.511111111111111794%157%4100%4100%5100%479%789%5.596%10100%47.5107590%
Elewar: Fused Survivors
Free! Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score based on dev submitted scorecard., Auto Shooter, Arena Shooter?, Single Stick Shooter, Action RPG, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown11111110.20.81110.511110.5011111110.511011100111111011010.510.30.41111111110.57.295%6.395%2.581%4100%4.595%479%894%3.277%9.497%49.2109291%
Fantasy Survivors
Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard.

All other meta / additional notes via Daemonbound from Discord.
8.47.544.887.33%9.39.346---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown10.51110.90.90.9111110.81101111110.
Survivor Mercs
Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, RogueliteUnknownUnknown10.81110.90.90.7-
Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on game designer submitted scorecard
7.77.545.087.50%7.87.8549---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Auto-Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Arcade, Single Stick ShooterUnknownUnknown111111100.5011-10.511100.51110.50.5010.51001110.50110.8111110.5110.81110.3110.80.510.8111794%371%2.581%3.594%380%3.575%8.396%5.898%8.492%45105088%
Raining Blood: Hellfire
Early Access
Different. Top down "COD Zombies inspired bullet Hell." Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard., Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Top Down or IsometricUnknownUnknown-0.2-1111111-1-1-1-1-1-1-10.4110.9-
Free Demo
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard and follow up interview. (currently tweaking)
7.35.532.977.42%9.29.298---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown10.50.5110.
Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard about early version of in progress game
7.44.828.874.00%10.010.024---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, RogueliteUnknownUnknown0.3-10.3-11-
Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard about early version of in progress game Survival, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown0.80110.510.310-0.511-1-0.50.500.510.800001100.810-
Ragnarok Survivors Valhalla
Free Demo Early Access
Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard.
7.05.734.178.42%8.38.36---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Auto-Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, City Builder, City ManagementUnknownUnknown0.70111110.7111110110011110010.50100100100.50.50.50110100.710000000.510.51110.50.56.490%693%275%388%2.575%264%4.575%1.764%5.578%34.194178%
Early Access
Bullet heaven with pretty deep potential builds, currently in development. "A mashup of survivors and Path of Exile style systems." Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard.
7.04.727.973.25%9.39.333---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Dungeon Crawler, Auto-Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Roguelite, Action RPGUnknownUnknown0.70.511110.6-10.50.8-0.4-0.50.4110.70.500.8-1110.7111110.60.6000.50.500.40.600.50.60.90000.710-100-10110.61110.60.54.880%2.870%275%1.771%5100%2.266%367%0.756%5.276%27.987973%
A little different. This classic wave shooter is credited with being highly influential on the survivors-like genre. We got some survey data from the dev, who tagged it as a survivors-like themselves! Dev: "The game is old! It was originally released in 2002 (freeware), then 2003 (shareware), then 2014 (remastered with very little gameplay changes)!", Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Score Attack, ArcadeUnknownUnknown-0.6-0.711110.50.2-0.5-0.510.21-0.81111110.9-
Mage Lords of Brams
Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard.
-6.337.781.42%--1---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Mowing Game, Horde Survival, Arena Shooter, Auto-Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, Roguelite, Summoning GameUnknownUnknown0.50.810.710.910.900.20000.71101110.9110.70.700.400.200.710.2010.80.710.510.600.81100.
Highway Rampage
Different. Vertical scrolling shmup with a large array of unlockable characters and varied ways to complete. Early version was endless, not sure if endless mode is in the current version. Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard (Currently adjusting.)
6.33.621.467.83%9.09.010---Horizontal Scrolling Shmup, Shoot 'Em Up, Dungeon Crawler, ArcadeUnknownUnknown0.3-1110.510.5-0.5-0.5-1-1-1-1-0.50000.50.5-0.2-
Missiles Away
Free Demo Early Access
Very Different First Person helicopter spin on the survivors-like formula? Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard about early version of in progress game (Currently adjusting.)
6.32.515.062.50%10.010.022---Survivors-like, Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Wave Shooter, Arena Shooter, Twin Stick Shooter, First Person ShooterUnknownUnknown0.5-0.20.9-1110.90.7-1-1-1-1-1-11100.70.810.5??
Zombie Admin
Pretty Different. Top down shooter door to door room clearing zombie survival roguelite. Note: Feature comparison score reported based on dev submitted scorecard.
6.12.615.863.17%9.59.545---Bullet Heaven, Horde Survival, Wave Survival, Twin Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, RogueliteUnknownUnknown0.5-111110.80.6-0.5-11-11-1-0.400.3110100-1000-110.3010.3000.4000.40.40.300.50.20000.
Very Different. Like Mavis Beacon Teaches Bullet Heaven. Probably you're too young to get that. What I mean is you have to type to fight in this one, making it pretty unique. May not be intended to be a Survivors-like but perhaps worth checking out if you want a change of pace and still enjoy some other elements. Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard
6.12.313.561.25%10.010.027---Bullet Heaven, Wave Survival, Top Down or Isometric, Arcade, TypingUnknownUnknown-1-1111111-1-11-0.5-1010111-1-1-1-1-1000-1-1-11000010-0.5101010100.51001111111110475%-1.539%388%-40%-230%-143%3.569%2.571%995%13.573561%
Soundodger 2
Very Different. A movement focused game but about dodging sound synced bullet hells. There aren't a lot of single stick shooters out there and the dodge em up subgenre is an interesting one. Worth exploring if you are looking for other movement focused shooter inspired games. Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard (Currently adjusting.)
5.81.911.559.58%9.79.7122---Wave Survival, Arena Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Top Down or Isometric, Dodge 'em Up, Music Game, Bullet HellUnknownUnknown-1-1110.91-1-110.90.800.9000000.9000.50.3-10000-1-0.9000000.9?-1?10.6010?001000.
Very Different. A movement focused game but about dodging sound synced bullet hells. Note: Feature comparison score and metadata reported based on dev submitted scorecard (Currently adjusting.) There aren't a lot of single stick shooters out there and the dodge em up subgenre is an interesting one. This game came out a little while ago but I think is a good example. Shooter, Single Stick Shooter, Pacifist, Dodge 'em Up, Top Down or Isometric, Music Game, Bullet HellUnknownUnknown-1-11111-1-1110.511?10000.5000.40-10000-1-10000000-101?010?00.3100.200.50.5-0.6-