Public List of Recognized Student Organizations 2018-2019
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Organization NameGroup TypeOrganization DescriptionOffice/Department RecognitionConsititution Link
AASiADiversityBased on our belief that the various interests of the Asian American organizations on campus are often interrelated, Asian American Students in Action, as the coalition between Chinese American Student Organization (CASO), Koreans of Williams (KOW), Nihonjin American Student Union (NASU), South Asian Student Association (SASA), and Vietnamese Student Organization (VSO), is committed to facilitation, interaction, and communication among these groups. AASiA is also an independent group, separate from the coalition groups, with its own goals and activities and works to foster Asian American awareness in the Williams community. AASiA is also prepared to act as the representative of the coalition groups in large events jointly sponsored with other organizations on campus. Through social activities, intellectual discussions, and political activism, AASiA strives to provide a forum for community building and cross-cultural exchange.Office of Student Life / College Council
Alhambra Consulting GroupGovernanceAlhambra Consulting Group (ACG) is Williams College’s student-run consulting group. As a firm, Alhambra aims to foster regional economic development in Berkshire County by providing pro-bono strategy and management advisory to local businesses, non-profits, and political (public sector) groups. Alhambra's primary services include conducting academic & business research, collecting and analyzing data, advising and designing marketing & advertising campaigns, and developing and implementing technology. Alhambra's primary focus is to leverage the resources of Williams College to engage with the regional issues of Berkshire County and foster long-term growth and change for our clients and our community.Office of Student Life / College Council
All Campus Entertainment (ACE)DiversityAll Campus Entertainment (ACE) is the largest student-run campus programming organization. We have five different subdivisions, Concerts, Traditions, General Entertainment, Stressbusters, and Marketing that all work hard to plan interesting, diverse events that appeal to the needs of the Williams College community. Through our co-sponsorship opportunities, ACE works in conjunction with other student groups to create strong campus connections and enhance students’ educational experience beyond the classroom.Office of Student Life / College Council
Anything but Straight in Athletics (ABS)DiversityABS is a student group meant to support the LGBTQ identifying students on campus who consider themselves athletes. ABS means to provide a safe and confidential space while also nurturing a casual, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. The group functions to serve those who attend meetings, be it as a support group, a social sphere, a place to escape and hang out, or to engage in pointed and relevant discussion.Office of Student Life / College Council
Asian Dance TroupeArtsThe Asian Dance Troupe (ADT) is a non-audition dance group that specializes in East Asian popular dance, from contemporary fan dances to well-known Korean idol dances. We neither require nor expect our members to have any prior experience with dance; anyone is welcome to try our styles of dance. Our members may volunteer to teach other members dances in preparation for our annual spring performance. Rehearsals for each dance are typically only one hour per week. If invited, ADT also performs for campus events.Office of Student Life / College Council
Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM)GovernanceWe are the Williams College student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) established in 2014 in response to the lack of existing structures or programming for women in math and the discrimination that went unnoticed both inside classrooms and out. We aim to provide a social space for women in STEM who have felt uncomfortable in general math settings and we work towards long-term structural changes that will make the Williams Math Department more inclusive.Office of Student Life / College Council
B-STEMDiversityThe Black STEM Student Association (BSTEM) aims to create a safe and supportive space in which minorities in the sciences are encouraged to continue their studies and can freely and directly speak of their experiences in STEM fields. This support system for underserved groups in STEM fields is essential to help support students and to combat the effects of the discrimination that they may experience in STEM fields.Office of Student Life / College Council
Badminton ClubClub SportThe Williams Badminton Club strives to provide a fair, fun, and professional atmosphere for students, faculty and members of the Williams community. We practice, train, and compete in an organized fashion, by holding at least two practices per week, with opportunities to compete in both at and outside Williams, as the occasion arises.Office of Student Life / College Council
Berkshire Doula Project
Service/Community Engagement
We are a student-run, volunteer collective on campus that addresses doula work, abortion, and the reproductive justice needs of Williams College and our surrounding community. Our vision is to create a society in which all people with uteruses have access to the care and support they need throughout their reproductive lives. Our goals are: To educate future full-spectrum doulas with the doula model of continuous, non-judgmental emotional, physical, and informational support; To provide free, compassionate, and empowering full-spectrum doula services to people who are pregnant in the Williams community and around the Berkshires;To host community events that support destigmatization of reproductive experiences and a better understanding of reproductive health, rights, and justice; and,To improve and raise awareness of reproductive resources available to students and community members on and around campus.Office of Student Life / College Council
Beyond the BinaryAcademicCreate a safe and affirming atmosphere for transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams college Facilitate community building and peer support networks among transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams college Host events that center and celebrate the presence of transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams collegeOSL/College Council
Black Student UnionDiversityOur primary objective is to proactively engage the Black community, provide a holistic support system for Black students at Williams, and adapt the structure of BSU to changing campus needs. We aim to make BSU an organization that directly funnels students’ concerns to campus administrators, and provides social, emotional, academic and professional support for Black students. We aspire to stimulate campus dialogue on experiences that are unique to Black people in the Purple Bubble and beyond, through hosting valuable discussions, and inviting speakers to campus.The Davis Center
Brayton Afterschool Tutoring
Service/Community Engagement
Volunteers work at the elementary schools in North Adams to help with the after school programs for kindergarten-7th grade students. Many of the programs start with reading or homework help and have themed games or projects. We work one-on-one with the kids or help with group activities.Center for Learning in Action
Bread and Roses
Service/Community Engagement
Bread and Roses is a student organization interested in bringing discussions of labor rights and organizing to campus, by engaging with existing labor movements in the Berkshire area and learning about labor history more broadly. We organize talks with local unions, and try to facilitate student participation and support for worker's rights. Our group also holds discussions for students to learn about and discuss left politics, theory, and action more broadly.Office of Student Life / College Council
Campus DemocratsGovernanceThe purpose of our organization is to give Williams students and members of the community a platform through which they can discuss and advance their political views. We hope to learn from one another in order to further our political knowledge and activism. We plan to help elect candidates, inform constituents about policies, and create a college campus that is more politically active. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.Office of Student Life / College Council
Cap & BellsArtsCap & Bells, as the only student theater group on campus, facilitates the production of theater by and for the student body. Any student can propose a show, and any student, regardless of prior experience, can participate in shows as an actor or designer.Office of Student Life / College Council
Ceramics ClubArtsCeramics club holds open hours twice a week where students that know how to make pottery teach others how to. Those students who know how to make pottery and will keep the space clean can be approved by someone on the leadership to get the code to the studio. We have three wheels, lots of clay and glaze, and a kiln.Office of Student Life / College Council
Chamber Orchestra of WilliamsArtsThe Chamber Orchestra of Williams is a student-run flexible-instrumentation chamber ensemble dedicated to innovative programming and engaging performances. We aim to engage the Williams and greater Williams community through a commitment to meaningful concert experiences.Office of Student Life / College Council
Chinese American Student OrganizationDiversityThe Chinese American Student Organization will bring to the Williams College community a sense of awareness of the Chinese culture through public events that reflect important aspects of this culture as deemed appropriate by tradition and relevance. This organization will also provide a sense of community between members through informal events and programs.The Davis Center
Circle of Women (at Williams)
Service/Community Engagement
Circle of Women (CoW) is a national nonprofit organization--run completely by students--that provides the necessary resources to girls around the world who are pursuing an education. As such, our focus is primarily abroad. The organization partners up with local groups to implement construction projects and each school/college chapter fundraises to make such projects possible. The Williams chapter is responsible for CoW's most recent project, which is a girls' higher secondary school in Jabergali, Pakistan.Office of Student Life / College Council
Club VolleyballClub SportPrepare/field a team for the NECVL intercollegiate club volleyball season in the spring as well as assorted pre-season tournaments in the fall, and Nationals if possible.Office of Student Life / College Council
Coalition for Immigrant Student AdvancementDiversityCISA aims to achieve administrative progress and create a campus consciousness around immigrant issues. We hope to improve college policies to better address the needs of immigrant and mixed-status family students. We also want to foster a richer campus dialogue and give a voice to these stories.The Davis Center
CoDaArtsCoDa combines both ballet and modern technique. CoDa is run by its co-directors, where students take class and participate in their choreography (often original but have also done re-stagings such as Martha Graham's "Celebration") as well as student chroegraphies.Academic Department
Combo ZaArtsCombo Za is a group dedicated to teaching and performing improvisational comedy on the Williams campus. We hold auditions at the beginning of each year, meet for practice three times a week, and hold monthly performances from October until the end of the academic year. We have shows with other performing groups on the Williams campus and with other improv groups in the area to diversify our performances. Our purpose is to bring improvisational comedy to as wide an audience as possible and to hone our own comedic skills in a constructive social group atmosphere.Office of Student Life / College Council
Concussed CowsSpecial InterestTo provide support for students recovering from concussions and to help the college implement the best possible practices in concussion management. Our group will be a way for those struggling with concussions to connect with other students so that they don't have to go through the difficult process alone. We will also work to educate the community about concussions to reduce stereotypes and misconceptions.Office of Student Life / College Council
Converging WorldsDiversityConverging Worlds (CW) is a student organization which was created to raise awareness about racial injustice in our court and carceral systems. Through penpal relationships with currently incarcerated, queer people, a transformative justice mentorship program at Reid Middle School in Pittsfield, MA, the publication of SUMMIT - a magazine dedicated to the sharing of concrete ideas for community programming in Berkshire County, and a social activist speaker series, CW seeks to end the school-to-prison pipeline and think critically about alternatives to our current carceral state.Center for Learning in Action
Dance DhamakaArtsWe are the only Bollywood dance group on campus. We are nonaudition and have a big spring performance every year on Main Stage in the '62 Center.Office of Student Life / College Council
Effective Altruism @ Williams
Service/Community Engagement
EA @ Williams aims to build a community of “effective altruists” -- people who apply strategy and creativity to maximize their positive impact on the world -- at Williams College. By serving as a forum to discuss effective giving, ethical career choice, high impact research, and self-improvement, the club aims to guide students in applying critical reasoning skills gained in the classroom to current local and global issues. In addition to creating a collective learning space, we strive to raise and donate money to effective charities that we believe can best mitigate global poverty, cure diseases, and save lives.Office of Student Life / College Council
EOS Mentoring for At-Risk Youth
Service/Community Engagement
EOS mentors at-risk high school students in Pittsfield. We do job application, writing, and other various workshops to help provide them with real-world skills.Center for Learning in Action
EphlatsArtsThe Ephlats is Williams College’s oldest continually-running a cappella group. We are an all-gender group that performs a variety of musical genres, with an emphasis on contemporary popular songs. We perform multiple on-campus concerts every year, in addition to two annual tours and a number of other regional bookings.Office of Student Life / College Council
EphoriaArtsEphoria is one of the female voice a cappella groups on campus. As such, we aim to provide women a space in which they can pursue musical excellence. Ephoria also aims to give its members opportunities to engage in both the campus community and the greater Berkshire community.Office of Student Life / College Council
Ephs at the ClarkArtsEphs at the Clark provides students with direct access to one of the largest museums in the Berkshires, the Clark Art Institute. Students help program events specifically for college students and are able to partake in a varietyOffice of Student Life / College Council
Equestrian TeamClub SportThe Williams College Equestrian Team rides and competes in hunter-jumper equitation. The team practices two times a week at Bonnie Lea Farm under the guidance of Head Coach Lisa DeMayo. The team is affiliated with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and competes regularly against schools in the region.Office of Student Life / College Council
Equity Research GroupSpecial InterestInformation in financial markets is arguably the most crucial asset - which Equity Research is all about. ER deals with detailed analysis and reports of a specific sector, which is usually relayed to firms as a factor in determining investment decisions, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, initial public offerings, and more. We examine a company in a specific sector in fine detail, using data from Annual Reports and other sources, to compile a Research Report at the end of the year. For students interested in finance, this is a great opportunity to experience real world practices conducted by investment banks worldwide.Academic Department
Figure Skating ClubClub SportWe teach people how to figure skate and hold open skate sessions as well as teach the figure skating PE class. We have an annual performance in the early spring and sometimes hold other skating events. We may also go to North Adams to skate before our rink opens in the fall.Office of Student Life / College Council
Film ClubArtsOrganizes film screenings and discussions on campus, promotes student work in film/video, and works together to produce short films.Office of Student Life / College Council
Friendly Visitors
Service/Community Engagement
The main purposes of this organization are to guide Williams College students through the application process of volunteering at Williamstown Commons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and or Sweet Brook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, provide transportation for student volunteers, and guarantee a positive experience for volunteers. Once volunteers are accepted by the Center, they become “friendly visitors” and are matched up with one of the residents and spend quality time with their resident each Sunday.Center for Learning in Action
Frosh RevueArtsFrosh Revue creates and writes a sketch comedy show about the freshman experience at Williams. Frosh Revue seeks to create community not only among the ten freshmen who write the show, but also among the many generations of Frosh Revue alumni. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.Office of Student Life / College Council
Future Business Leaders of AmericaSpecial InterestProvides a strong foundation for those interested in the business world. We want to help and give fellow students the opportunity to have first hand experiences with how to approach this business path. Our goal is to help students foster a comfortable environment to ask questions to each one how to get their foot in the door in an interview or any business related activity.Office of Student Life / College Council
Game Development ClubStudent MediaOur club focuses on learning how to design, create, and test video games. We look at some of our favorite games and think critically about what makes them fun and why we connect with them. We create a space for people who are thinking of a career in game development, who want to make games as a hobby, or who just want to learn more about how games work.Office of Student Life / College Council
Get BakedSpecial InterestGet Baked is a student organization that meets once a month to bake for the student body. Each month we decide on a different theme, buy the ingredients, and welcome anyone wishing to bake with us. When food is served at 10 PM in Mission Kitchen, all are welcome to swing by and taste our desserts. We aim to provide an inclusive environment to all students, especially freshmen and those who prefer to not go to parties.Office of Student Life / College Council
Good Question A CappellaArtsGood Question (GQ) is a co-ed a cappella group from Williams College. We specialize in contemporary pop music, but members choose their own solos to perform, so our repertoire is varied! We perform concerts at Williams and elsewhere and record annually. We hold auditions at the beginning of the school year to invite new members.Office of Student Life / College Council
Harrison Morgan Brown Pre-Health SocietySpecial Interest1. Organizes activities, trips, and events that will help Williams students to cultivate their passion for medicine. 2. Consolidates sources of information about the field of health care, including speakers and health care professionals, to help Williams students make well-informed decisions about preparing and pursuing a career in medicine. 3. Serves as a liaison between the Health Professions Advisor and the various pre-health students of Williams College.Office of Student Life / College Council
Hats for the Homeless
Service/Community Engagement
Hats for the Homeless is an organization in which students use fiber arts to engage with the Berkshires. We knit and crochet hats, scarves, and other warm gear for homeless shelters in local communities in an effort to encourage engagement with them.Center for Learning in Action
Her Campus WilliamsStudent MediaOur goal is to provide Williams students with an online magazine that comes from the students themselves and discusses social, political, and college issues on a platform that comes from the students themselves. We hope to improve the transparency of the issues facing other students on campus and hopefully creates a space for free and creative thinking.Office of Student Life / College Council
Hindu Students OrganizationReligion/SpiritualThe Hindu Student Association provides students with opportunities to practice and learn about Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world and one that is practised by over one billion people around the world. In addition to organizing prayers and festivities during major Hindu festivals, HSA helps improve the newly established Hindu Prayer room. It also promotes discussion on Hinduism by holding occasional talks and courses.Office of Student Life / College Council
InterFaith ClubReligion/SpiritualThe InterFaith Club serves as a discussion group and mediating body for individuals and groups of various faith backgrounds and life philosophies on campus. We aim to provide a safe and intellectually engaging space for people of different worldviews to come together to discuss themes they may encounter form their different backgrounds. We also offer resources on and access to various forms of faith-based and faith-related community service and activism. Finally, we plan to collaborate with the Chaplain's Office to facilitate discussion between various other groups of faith on campus.Chaplain's Office
International ClubDiversityThe Williams International Club brings together the international community on a regular basis, organizing events ranging from international banquets to talent shows. It also provides support and guidance to international students.Office of Student Life / College Council
Jazz @ WilliamsArtsWe provide jazz playing and listening opportunities for students, on and off campus. We keep students updated on events happening in the jazz department and reach out to new and prospective students about getting involved with Jazz at Williams.Office of Student Life / College Council
Service/Community Engagement
The purpose of Kinetic is to cultivate a social innovation incubator committed to designing and implementing creative, non-political, sustainable, scalable solutions to pressing social issues in the Berkshire region. Kinetic teams, which are comprised of 4-8 Kinetic members, work on a particular issue in three distinct phases: research, design, and implementation. Kinetic members work to understand the entire landscape of an issue and to discover gaps where they can intervene and create systemic change.Office of Student Life / College Council
Koreans of WilliamsDiversityKoW holds monthly cooking events and weekly discussions, namely KoW KoW Talk on Korean/American identity and Korean Language Table. KoW has a formalized network of KoW Fams that has a mix of upperclassmen (Big Sibs) and underclassmen (Lil Sibs). They are open to Korean/Americans and non-ethnic Koreans alike and have private meetings for socializing. KoW Fams are useful as support systems and as smaller channels of communication, which make KoW a much more integrated and intimate community. Lastly, KoW engages with other student organizations (especially other MinCo groups) and student committees.The Davis Center
Lehman Community Engagement
Service/Community Engagement
Recognizing that community outreach and interaction is necessary for the actualization of the mission of a liberal arts education, the Lehman Council (for Community Engagement) serves to promote, foster, and maintain a spirit of service on campus. This done through organizing and supporting many different community-oriented service projects throughout the year. We organize a Fall and a Spring Great Day of Service to engage the wider campus community in service in addition to smaller monthly and annual projects. Our projects range from baking for the less fortunate, volunteering at the Berkshire Humane Society, helping at the local co-op farms, building for Habitat for Humanity and many more! We are also enthusiastic about aiding other groups and students in organizing projects for their own interests.Center for Learning in Action
Machine Learning ClubAcademicThe purpose of this organization is for students of different technical/academic backgrounds to support each other in learning machine learning. Students who wish to learn machine learning in R, Python, Java, SAS and any other computer science language are welcome. We plan on going through machine learning tutorials for periods of 1-2 hours every week.Office of Student Life / College Council
Martial Arts ClubClub SportWe, the members of Martial Arts Club, established to provide a conduit and support for martial arts at Williams College through access to classes and facilitation of teaching, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and policies of Williams College. This club is an umbrella group for martial arts at Williams. The club exists to allow students who know martial arts, or are interested in martial arts, to share or take classes on the form they are interested in. Classes can be student organized and student led, or the club will provide certified instructors. All classes must maintain a safe environment in which students are not exposed to any unacceptable risk of injury. Unacceptable risk is here defined as a risk greater than that associated with other sports or activities. Therefore, all necessary safety equipment must be used at all times while practicing martial arts.Other
Service/Community Engagement
We hold weekly meetings and run programming related to masculinity, accountability, sexual violence, and consent.Office of Student Life / College Council
Service/Community Engagement
Matriculate is an education access nonprofit based in NYC. The Williams chapter recruits Williams College students to become volunteer college advisers for low-to-moderate income high school students from around the country. The group undergoes training and professional development via Matriculate and often with support from Williams Office of Admissions, and meets weekly to learn college advising content and skills.Office of Student Life / College Council
Medical Ethics SocietySpecial InterestOur goal is to expose students aspiring to careers in various healthcare-related fields to the ethical issues likely to confront them after Williams. Outside speakers will be invited to share their real-world encounters with bioethical issues and to engage with members in a roundtable environment. Members will gain insight into controversial topics ranging from federal policy to everyday clinical practice.Office of Student Life / College Council
Men's WUFOClub SportWe are a competitive intercollegiate club ultimate frisbee team that competes in the USA Ultimate (USAU) Division 3. We practice 8-10 hours per week all year, starting from the first week of classes and ending toward the very end of the year. Our season is comprised of four regular-season tournaments along the Eastern Seaboard, and culminates in the postseason tournaments Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals. Another group under the Men's WUFO umbrella is our all-gender B team, BUF, which welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and experience levels.Office of Student Life / College Council
Minority CoalitionDiversityMinority CoaltionThe Davis Center
Moo-mamiSpecial InterestMoo-mami teaches members of the community useful cooking techniques and immerses them in the process of raising money for charity. Organization participants will learn and become comfortable with a variety of cooking techniques, thereby acquiring a valuable life skill that students ordinarily are not exposed to in the academic classroom. Through the culinary lessons and time allotted to practice, we hope to build and foster a sense of community around food. Another element of the club consists of familiarizing and raising awareness about various social and medical issues around the world. The process of raising money for charity offers students an opportunity to engage in fundraising for a worthy cause.Office of Student Life / College Council
Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching BandSpecial InterestThe Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band is a most prestigious musical ensemble* at Williams College. The Band provides music and entertainment for Williams athletic events including but not limited to football games in the fall season and basketball games during winter study, as well as various parades throughout the year. More than anything, however, the Band is about injecting a little bit of fun and silliness into your Williams studentdom. Which is to say, *musical experience not required.Academic Department
Muslim Student UNIONReligion/SpiritualWilliams MSU serves both the Muslim community on campus and those interested in learning about Islam. We seek to foster a welcoming based on faith and friendship open to all who identify as or with the Muslim community regardless of personal belief or degree of practiceThe Davis Center
NBCClub SportSince its foundation in the 1999-2000 school year, NBC has increased in size and is a well-known and praised dance troupe on campus. The style of the group’s hip-hop dancing has grown to encompass diverse types of dance forms. NBC prides itself on producing original, student choreography to be shared with the rest of the Williams community in highly attended performances each semester.Office of Student Life / College Council
Nerf ClubAcademicWe hope to hold Nerf battles on a semi-weekly basis to promote student camaraderie and enjoyment! By organizing these cathartic events, we hope to help burn student stress and promote the relaxation of student minds & bodies during periods of intense stress and high workloads.OSL/College Council
Nihonjin-American Student UnionDiversityNASU seeks to create a space for Japanese-American students as well as allies to support each other and discuss their experiences. Our programming seeks to educate the student body about Japanese-American history and culture, and built a community.The Davis Center
Nordic Ski ClubSpecial InterestWe provide transportation, skiing opportunities and ski gear for those interested in recreational cross-country skiing. In past years, we have also served as a communications hub and facilitator for those interested in skiing with other ephs, and helped teach those who have never skied before. We also provide waxing clinics for those without access to ski frames or waxing irons.Office of Student Life / College Council
NovelTeasSpecial InterestWe are a book club that meets every other week to discuss the novels that are nominated and voted on by all members. We read three books per semester with two meetings for each book. In addition, we sometimes host movie nights when there are film adaptations of the books we read.Office of Student Life / College Council
OurStem+DiversityThe purpose of the organization is to promote the mission of SACNAS at the local and national level to offer educational and professional development resources and opportunities to students. We want to foster not only the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American students but also other underrepresented groups of students in STEM+ to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership. Members are dedicated to giving back through mentorship, peer networks, professional development, and by engaging in STEM+ research and leadership of the highest caliber. The organization, its members, and chapters are committed to encouraging minority students and scientists to advance to their utmost capability. We will organize campus, regional and community activities to promote the scientific and personal development of its members.Office of Student Life / College Council
PAC (Perennial Amateur Convention)ArtsThe PAC hopes to regularly churn out comedic content in the form of live shows and online videos, but does not limit itself to those mediums. We exist so amateur comedic writers, filmmakers, and actors have a community to work with on campus, and a means to make the projects they could not make alone. Along with that, we hope to have a generally good time, with chill vibes and the like.Office of Student Life / College Council
Parlor TricksStudent MediaParlor Tricks is a student magazine dedicated to publishing the best creative work at Williams College. We welcome submissions of all types, including, but not limited to: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art of all kinds, music, personal essays, interviews, recipes, and multi-media projects. We are a group of dedicated individuals who care not only about publishing the best creative work that Williams has to offer, but also about creating a community in which to engage with artistic works of all kinds. We publish multiple times a year, with our largest publication printed each spring, and host events throughout the year, including readings, musical performances, and workshops.Office of Student Life / College Council
Peer Health
Service/Community Engagement
Peer Health is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting the everyday well-being of Williams College students by providing both education and resources. We believe that everyday well-being is essential to the flourishing of both students and the student body at large. We coordinate a variety of projects that work toward our vision of a student body of well-balanced individuals.Office of Student Life / College Council
Pownal Pen Pals
Service/Community Engagement
Members of Pownal Pen Pals exchange letters with students of Pownal Elementary School about once a month. Pen pals learn about each other throughout the year and Pownal students develop their writing skills. In addition, we intend to bring Pownal students to the Williams College campus in order to meet their pen pals and also to see where their education may take them. Pownal Pen Pals intends to enhance to both the Williams and Pownal communities by creating connections between these students.Office of Student Life / College Council
Purple Bike Coalition
Service/Community Engagement
The PBC is a student run organization that intends to provide bicycle maintenance services to Williams students and the greater Williams community, while educating people on the processes used to repair the bike. PBC mechanics will teach bicycle riders simple maintenance techniques and try to give riders the skills to fix and maintain their own bikes. The PBC will replace simple parts and perform the maintenance free of charge. The PBC will conduct a free bike rental program for students, staff, and faculty. The PBC, affiliated with the Center for Environmental Studies, looks to improve the quality of cycling on the Williams campus by providing safety and riding tips.Office of Student Life / College Council
Purple RainArtsPurple Rain is an all-gender a cappella group that primarily sings music in the genres of RnB, hip-hop, alt/indie pop, and soul. We rehearse three times per week and, in addition to singing at various events, we perform two major shows per semester. We take pride in providing a space for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together, create wonderful music, and enjoy close, lasting friendships.Office of Student Life / College Council
Queer Student UnionDiversityThe Queer Student Union is a group of students who share a common interest in cultivating, nurturing, and enriching the queer experience at Williams College. We are advocates for queer perspectives, and we work to ensure that the presence and voices of queer students are recognized and respected by the college administration, the student body at-large, and the larger Williams College community. Through our active presence and involvement on campus, the QSU hopes to confront anti-queer discrimination and marginalization while seeking to understand and address how it interlinks with sexism, racism, classism, ageism, and ableism, among others, to perpetuate oppression.The Davis Center
Queer, Transgender, Intersex People of Color (QTI+PoC)DiversityWe have three main goals to serve students that are queer transgender intersex people of color. First, to ensure the safety and comfort of Williams students that are queer transgender intersex people of color. Second, we provide these students with abundant opportunities to find a family-like environment during the time at school. Third, we make the presence of students from diverse cultural backgrounds an educational asset to benefit both students that are queer transgender intersex people of color and those who do not fall in this intersectional identity.Office of Student Life / College Council
Quilting ClubArtsThe Quilting Club meets to share quilting knowledge and share experiences. Creating quilts is a tradition that has been part of the college for many years as a winter study and the club helps students interested in learning the skills necessary to create artwork. Quilting is very soothing and requires work and dedication, creating a perfect opportunity for students to de-stress as they feel a sense of instant gratification by making something to show for their efforts.Office of Student Life / College Council
RASANSpecial InterestThe Williams College Rape and Sexual Assault Network seeks to support all survivors and those affected by the entire spectrum of sexually violent behavior, including but not limited to sexual assault, dating violence, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation, incest, sexual abuse, and any other breach of consent, regardless of the survivor's background or experiences. RASAN strives to connect any interested member of the Williams community with any and all appropriate resources for additional support, awareness, and education. The members of RASAN ensure the availability of a 24-hour confidential hotline for survivors of sexual violence as well as their allies. RASAN is also committed to educating the Williams community through workshops, member training, and public events; to promoting a culture of consent; and to supporting other student groups working to achieve similar goals. In order to best serve our community, RASAN works collaboratively with these other student organizations to provide educational, informative, and intersectional programming to the entire Williams community.Other
Refugee Advocates: No Lost Generation, Williams College
Service/Community Engagement
No Lost Generation - Williams College (NLG) is the campus chapter of a national group supporting and advocating for refugees and immigrants. Our current focus is working with schools and local organizations to educate our campus and community about the global refugee crisis and migration.Office of Student Life / College Council
Ritmo LatinoClub SportRitmo focuses on sharing Latin American history and culture with the campus through dance and music. We hold our own performances, campus-wide dance lessons, and sometimes perform and student lead events.Office of Student Life / College Council
Sailing TeamClub SportWe are the Williams Sailing Team and we compete in Div 3 and Div 1 regattas with our peer institutions. In the fall we mostly practice and in the spring we go to regattas.Athletics
SankofaArtsSankofa is a group that performs regularly on campus. We pride ourselves in accepting students from all different backgrounds and cultures, its what makes us who we are. We also step at School events such as Ephreciation and perform in the community like at Mass MocaOffice of Student Life / College Council
Sexual Wellness Advocacy Network (SWAN)
Service/Community Engagement
SWAN works to introduce topics of consent and healthy relationships to local middle school and high school students through workshops. We also create relationships with administrators and teachers to create consent-promoting initiatives. It is the purpose of SWAN to work closely with students, teachers, and administration to figure out the best ways in which to bring our information and messages to local campuses. With every place we go to, we hope to create a consent-promoting, survivor-supporting campus. In addition, SWAN works to improve Williams students' ability to understand and thus teach consent to local students.Office of Student Life / College Council
SGI Buddhist ClubReligion/SpiritualWe are an organization that focuses on exploring elements of Nichiren Buddhism. We plan on meeting every couple of months to talk about the philosophy and the essential aspects of the practice. We hope to foster a warm and welcoming environment for all who may be interested.Office of Student Life / College Council
SIPD: Students for Israeli-Palestinian DialogueSpecial InterestThe Israeli-Palestinian conflict/occupation is full of nuance. We value discourse and feel that there is a gap in campus conversations. Our goal is to create more open dialogue, education, and compassion within the community about this conflict. We hope to achieve this by inviting speakers to campus and creating workshops and trainings for students to engage thoughtfully and respectfully over such a charged topic.
SisterhoodDiversityThe main purpose of Sisterhood is to empower its members, instill a sense of unity, navigate the world as a double minority and help support those who identify as a black female in the outside community. We do this through holding weekly meetings and various activities (such as formals, parties, recreation days) to provide black students with a platform to address issues that are important to them that may be overlooked or undetected.Office of Student Life / College Council
Society for Conservative ThoughtDiversityThe Society is a non-partisan student organization dedicated to providing an academic space where students can freely engage with conservative scholarship in the tradition of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk. Students of all varieties of political and social beliefs are invited to study, discuss, and challenge these ideas that are neglected in the College curriculum. We pledge to uphold the besieged principles of intellectual diversity, academic freedom, and humanistic liberal arts at Williams College.Office of Student Life / College Council
Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersAcademicSHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development. We plan connect students to a network of predominantly Latinx students in engineering, where they can learn about job opportunities as well as sharpen their engineering skills.Office of Student Life / College Council
Society Of The GriffinsDiversityThe mission of The Society of the Griffins is to foster a brotherhood for men of color while creating equitable pathways to success at Williams College. On our journey to individual and collective achievement, we hold unity, fidelity and excellence above all. We aim to connect with communities within Williams and the Berkshires, more broadly, as exemplary men for others.Office of Student Life / College Council
South Asian Students AssociationDiversityThe purpose of SASA is to provide social, academic, and cultural enrichment regarding the region of South Asia, as well as a voice for the interests and representation of the South Asian-identifying student community, to the various members of Williams College, including students, faculty, and staff.The Davis Center
SpringstreetersArtsThe Springstreeters are an all-male a cappella group founded in 1980. We hold auditions every fall, perform on and off campus throughout the year, record studio albums, and tour up and down the East Coast during spring break. We pride ourselves on our common love of music, welcoming and supportive environment, aptitude for fun, and lifelong friendships that last beyond our four years in the Purple Valley.Office of Student Life / College Council
Stanley Kaplan Council in American Foreign PolicySpecial InterestThe Kaplan Council invites speakers for a monthly lecture series. We also run the Williams Journal of Foreign Affairs.Academic Department
Service/Community Engagement
Storytime is a place to build community around diversity through vulnerability and compassion. In the past, the event has occurred weekly in upstairs Paresky on Sunday at 9pm with a speaker that shares a story of their choosing. Board members facilitate the selection and preparation of storytellers. Questions and casual conversation often follow stories. Last year was a tumultuous one, as the board wrestled with its role in addressing issues of inclusivity in Storytime's mission and structure. The consensus is to take a "Storytime Sabbatical" in the fall to collect community feedback on the role that they wish Storytime to fill in the Williams community and make changes for the spring semester.The Davis Center
Student Athlete Advisory CommitteeGovernanceThe mission of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committees is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image. As the Williams College chapter, our goal is to promote these values to the fullest extent possible here in the Purple Valley. Go Ephs!Athletics
Student Choreographers' CoalitionArts/PerformanceThe Student Choreographers’ Coalition was formed as an outlet for dancers at Williams to choreograph, rehearse, and perform together. SCC dancers rehearse and perform in original pieces created by students. SCC choreographers are welcome to invite any non-SCC dancers to participate in their piece(s) if they so choose.Office of Student Life / College Council
Student Veteran AssociationDiversityThe Williams College SVA is a professional and academic organization for student veterans at Williams College. We help veteran students navigate life at Williams, find veteran-specific opportunities and resources off-campus, and engage with community, faculty, and staff veterans. This takes multiple forms: we celebrate Veterans Day with faculty and staff veterans in order to recognize and appreciate their service. We also provide valuable insight and understanding of an underrepresented minority to the campus at large through one-on-one conversations, community engagement, and classroom participation.Office of Student Life / College Council
Students for Education Reform
Service/Community Engagement
Student's for education Reform is an organization that is committed to improving the state of education in the United States. We advocate at both the state, local, and national level pushing for positive legislative change and raising awareness for important educational issues. At the college we work to increase understanding and foster discussion about education related issues by holding events, bringing in speakers, conducting school/school board visits and holding dinner meetings.Office of Student Life / College Council
Students for Justice in PalestineDiversitySJP is a diverse group of Students, faculty, staff and community members at Williams College. Our group is organized according to democratic principles in order to promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian People. As an advocacy group we are committed to our role to be, first and foremost, a response to the needs and demands of the Palestinian people. In recognition of our positionality as solidarity organizations, we look to Palestinian civil society to determine the course and direction of our work. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to introduce, embolden, and bring to surface Palestinian voices and narratives in public discourses on our college campuses.The Davis Center
Students for Justice in PalestineDiversityStudents for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a club that organizes around the occupation of Palestine and advocates for Palestinian human rights. Through campus events, teach-ins, workshops, film screenings, art installations, guest speakers, op-eds, and beyond, SJP seeks to mobilize the campus around the occupation of Palestine. Our club stands in solidarity with Palestinians fighting for dignity, equality, and freedom everywhere, and works with other student organizations on campus committed to anti-racism and indigenous resistance to settler colonial violence.Office of Student Life / College Council
Students of Caribbean AncestryDiversitySoCA bridges between the Caribbean, the Williams College community, and all who are interested in Caribbean culture. We are a forum for those who are involved to interact, share, and learn about Caribbean cultures. We organize actives that foster interactions with and among the Caribbean community and introducing the Caribbean/its culture to the rest of the Williams College community and those outside of Williams College.The Davis Center