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TimestampNamePositionSchool or OrganizationSchool Web SiteLocationAre you a Certified Google Teacher?Grade Levels/ Type of OrganziationI'm willing to be contacted if other educators have questions about our use of Google Apps.Skype or Chat InfoEmail AddressImplementationRationale for going with Google Apps Education Edition:Benefits of using Google Apps Education Edition:Additional Thoughts, Resources, and Ideas:
11/11/2008 11:10:45Diana KenneyCurriculum Technology Integration Coachalameda unified CaliforniaYesPrimary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High School, College - graduateYesdiana.kenneydmkenney1222@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We are using Google apps. primarily in our middle schools. The students and teachers like that they can have access to their documents anywhere they have web access. Teachers like that they can comment and edit student work within Goggle Docs. We don't allow students to use the igoogle page ( I wish we could ) because there are too many inappropriate gadgets for the students to access. Students like having gmail and a place to store their documents.
11/11/2008 11:09:38Christine ArcherTechnology CoordinatorCherokee Trail High School, COYesHigh SchoolYeskodomayacarcher-davison@cherrycreekschools.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Cost and quality of product fits our needs. Love the collaboration feature. My school is using it and now looking at district wide implementation.
11/2/2008 11:30:44Colette Cassinelli7-12 Computer TeacherValley Catholic School (custom start page)Beaverton, ORYesMiddle Grades, High SchoolYescolette.cassinelli (Skype or Gtalk)colette.cassinelli@gmail.comI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.Since my school does not provide email for our students, I wanted all of my MS & HS computer students to have access to email and all of the Google applications. We purchased a separate domain name for this purpose and I administer the email accounts for about 200 students. We consider this first year as a pilot implementation and if all goes well, we might roll this out to all the students at our school.I use Google shared docs with my HS Journalism students extensively for all our story writing and editing and we use Calendar for production due dates. I also set up email groups for each class and use it for communicating with students and sending them directions for class projects - as well as posting directions on our Google Site.
We use our email addresses when signing up for other web accounts like VoiceThread or Glogster. Students are well-connected and often use the email for sharing information with each other (chat is turned off) and collaborate with Google Docs.
I created a custom start page and then had Google remove the ability for students to add additional gadgets - but I also lose the ability to make changes too. I made a custom widget but have an error on it and now I can't fix it. I hope this feature is improved or I might need to disable the start page.

I wish that Maps was part of Google Apps for Education. I have a second Gmail account that I allow students to use for a personalized map project we made.
3/13/2009 7:16:13Liz DavisDirector of Academic TechnologyBelmont Hill Schoolhttp://www.belmont-hill.orgBelmont, MANoMiddle Grades, High SchoolYeslizbdavislizbdavis@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Better spam filtering, more applications, ease of use, greater capacity, faster, more reliable.We will switch over this summer. I am looking for advice for a smooth transition (we are leaving first class).
11/3/2008 6:15:22Christina JenkinsTech CoachCIS 339www.cis339.orgBronx, New YorkYesMiddle GradesYesgchat jenkins.christinajenkins.christina@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We're using google apps for ed with all 850 students at our middle school. It's about collaboration, cooperation, transparency, and efficiency. We're using it in classrooms, instructionally, and schoolwide with teachers and administrative systems. We use Docs, for example, to keep track of data, to record meeting notes, and as 2-way feedback documents between teachers and admins. Too many to list here. In addition to seeing a rise in student achievement, staff morale has gone up as well.
11/2/2008 8:14:11Sallie HillDirector of TechnologyBlue Ridge Governor's School Virginia (7 different counties)YesHigh SchoolYesshoutten (Skype and GTalk) or (Gtalk, school account) district or organziation is using Google Apps. 1) Allows students to collaborate with others SO easily!
2) Easy to manage as an admin
3) Free with AMAZING uptime and great support
1) E-mail, Docs, and Sites have revolutionized the way our teachers and students communicate
2) Having all users on same system makes working together seamless
3) Much more of a "Community" feeling since our students are in 7 different locations
12/4/2009 20:23:28Kate TaborTeacherFrancis W. Parkerfwparker.orgChicagoNoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesktabor@fwparker.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. No my baliwickEasy collaboration
Kids with executive functioning can "hand in" work right after it is done
Easy data collection
Gmail has wonderful search functionality as well as storage
Like the video hosting
Not too many downsides as far as I can see
12/2/2009Nancy JonesMs Tech IntegrationistSacred Heart Schoolswww.shschicago.orgchicago,IlnoMiddle Schoolyesnjones2423 -skypenancy.jones@shschicago.orgWe are piloting google docs in middle school, and experimenting with some administrative stuff as welleasy access from anywhere, supports different platforms, easily allows for collaboration, costfree . allows students to work together without having to meet somewhere or be driven somewhere, allows for easy combination of data amongst a grade level personnel We are not yet using it for gmail with the students.
3/12/2009 9:21:50Dana PeroDirector of TechnologyScience & Arts Academywww.scienceandartsacademy.orgDes Plaines, ILNoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle GradesYesdpero@scienceandartsacademy.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We enjoy using GApps for Educ in our school. Right now we are using it with staff and faculty. I am hoping to add our middle school students next year, after investigating the best ways to "lock down" their email.Great product, with lots of functionality!
12/2/2009 12:16:56Joshua SommermeyerAssistant Principal of Curriculum and TechnologyConcordia Lutheran High Schoolwww.clhscadets.comFort Wayne, INNoHigh SchoolYesjsommermeyerjsommermeyer@clhscadets.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Needed the upgrade from a crummy groupwise solution... was cheaper/easier on the budget/staff we have... offered much flexibility...Free, no maintenance...for the people who are worried about security... you systems are more secure than Google? Really? Um, no...

it really sucks when gmail goes down...
11/2/2008 20:18:12Michelle KrillTechnology CoachSouth Western SDhttp://southwesternsd.orgHanover, PAI've been accepted for training at a Google Teacher Academy.Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesmmkrillmmkrill@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Using Google Apps to encourage in-district collaborative activities.We are just getting started. 11/3/2008
11/11/2008 11:17:29Glenn MosesAssistant PrincipalOdyssey Charter Schoolshttp://odysseyk12.orgLas Vegas, NVNoPrimary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYes district or organziation is using Google Apps. The LMS my school went with did not have an internal email. At about the same time Google started offering Apps for Education. High level of collaboration between students. High level of feed back from teachers.Easy to set up and administer. If your school needs an email application this will give you that and so much more.
11/2/2008 9:53:16Ken SheltonTeacherWalter Reed Middle Schoolwalterreedtech.wetpaint.comLos Angeles, CAYesMiddle GradesYeskennethshelton-skype, kshelton01 and chocxtc-AIMkas6415@lausd.netMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. I use google apps for easier collaboration with and amongst my students. Also google apps. is the foundation for me running a paperless classroomDigital Citizenship, authentic learning, 21st century learning, collaboration, connectivity, and increased levels of accountability
11/11/2008 14:39:55Maureen TumenasTeacherBerkshire Country Day Schoolhttp://www.berkshirecountryday.orgMANoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle GradesYesmaureen.tumenasmtumenas@berkshirecountryday.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We are using Google Apps for calendar and shared docs. We don't own our domain, owned by former board member, so do not have admin rights to do a whole lot other than share docs, etc.It gives me one secure place to share docs and calendar. Sharing to the entire organization or sub groups is fast and easy. We use an online calendar for parents, but faculty things that do not get shared with parent community were only available as a weekly pdf=not working. So, we have 3 calendar editors and everything is shared and uploaded immediately.Development loves it and has their own little group. Parents who are on various committees like the ease of adding appts to their calendar from invites.Still do not have complete buy in from both admin and fac. Some admin still print and distribute info. Some faculty, despite short courses in google apps, despite offers of 1:1 help- just plain want a piles of paper in their physical mailbox, I guess.
11/11/2008 11:04:44Reggie RyanDir TechMount Prospect SD 57http://www.dist57.orgMount Prospect, IL - USANoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle GradesYesrryan@dist57.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Centralized admin, free, jump start collaborationCollaboration, simple, freeAm looking at moving email over as well, but hesitant right now. We've not integrated as much as I'd like. Will use Apps as possible key ingredient of netbook pilot with elementary school kids. Would like to move away from local network access entirely.
11/3/2008 18:09:36Karla OroscoTeacherAkers Elementary Lemoore, CAYesMiddle GradesYeskarlacalbear@gmail.comI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.The technology teacher and my grade level team are using Google Apps as a trial in our district. We wanted to help kids utilize organization tools like email and calendar as well as collaborate on assignments and projects via Google Docs. Kids are really enthusiastic and are excited that they can use these tools by opening their own accounts once they are in high school. They enjoy the collaboration with their peers as well as teachers. My teaching team really enjoys using Google for team collaboration. It has saved us lots of time and paperwork.
11/3/2008 7:02:17Sara BeauchampSpecial Education TeacherNegaunee Public Schools, MichiganYesHigh SchoolYessaravanabel@gmail.comsaravanabel@gmail.comI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.Using Google Apps has freed up time spent in class typing up papers. Because the documents/presentations, etc. are accessible 24-7 from any internet accessible computer, students are able to work on it when they have time--not just during a one-hour class period in the library or lab. In addition, students can share their work with their teachers, their classmates and parents in order to get feedback and revision/editing comments. Groups of students have created projects in Presentations, all working from home, different classrooms, etc. It is just so darn convenient! Right now all of our freshmen have a Google Account set up through the school. 75% of the sophomore class has one also. Many students have their own accounts and we are encouraging them to do that as we move forward with the use. I think I covered this above, but I think access and increased class time for discussion of what is written/project, etc. is the most important. Get all your teachers on board and using it first. That is one stumbling block we still have. I think once you use it and it becomes part of what you do personally, teachers will be far greater motivated to use this in their classrooms. I haven't even used word to create a document in is a tool that has made what I do, how I communicate so much more efficient and meaningful.
11/3/2008 19:29:28Ronna Van VeghelTechnology IntegratorNew Canaan Public Schoolswww2.newcanaan.k12.ct.usNew Canaan, ConnecticutYesPrimary Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesronna.vanveghel@newcanaan.k12.ct.usMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We just started using Google Apps. We have used most of the Google Applications separately for a number of years and we wanted to continue to use them district wide in a way that would increase communication and collaboration.More staff members have started using the Google applications than before. It makes communication throughout the district seamless.
Leslie SchechtDirector of TechnologDistrict 75 York, use google apps for several initiatives to gather information across the districtCollaboration, admin has access to all information and data, can see info from any computer at any time. see previous
11/11/2008 12:37:22Diane Peters7th grade teacherChehalem Valley Middle, ORNoMiddle GradesYesreaderdianepetersd@newberg.k12.or.usI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.Our district is using Gmail/ domain and we are starting to use gmail for our students'email. Some of the teachers are using Google Apps.
I love being able to see my students' work no matter where I am. They love being able to use it from home.
I don't have to carry papers home. We can always print another copy if we need to. Kids can work from home or anywhere in the school.
11/4/2008 4:57:45Kern KelleyTechnology TeacherM.S.A.D. #48www.sebasticook.infoNewport, MaineYesIntermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYeskakelleykernkelley@gmail.comI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.We went with Google Apps for a number of reasons. Of course price is always a factor in education, but because we have PCs, MACs and Linux machines, we needed a cross platform solution. This gave us one. Also the tools that are provided with the Apps make it useful across the grade levels.Google Apps allows our students the ability to collaborate like no other resource we have tried. For the price the service is invaluable to our students and teachers.
11/2/2008 8:24:54Tom BarrettICT Subject LeaderPriestsic primary SchoolNottingham, EnglandNoPrimary GradesYesbarrett.tomthomasgeorgebarrett@googlemail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Powerful technology in the hands of every learner. Collaborative computing for free.The use of Apps allows children access to the latest browser office on any machine - powerful tools in the hands of learners with no barrier to cost.
Collaborative elements of working together sharpen the sense of communication between children.
11/2/2008 13:52:44Katie MorrowTechnology Integration SpecialistO'Neill Public Schoolshttp://www.oneillhighschool.orgO'Neill, NE, USAYesMiddle Grades, High SchoolYesmrsmorrow@mac.commrsmorrow@mac.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. FREE!
Easy to import student information system and have consistent Google logins with their laptop logins.
Google Docs and Google mail are the two tools we are using the most as of now.
Wish they could include other Google apps (especially Blogger).
11/2/2008 10:04:56Brenda DiettrichCareer & Technical Education TeacherAvanti High School, WA 98501NoHigh School, College - undergraduate, College - graduateYesbadiettrichI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.I was using Google pages but I have been switching all my classes to Google site. It's more robust and can do more.Google sites is free, easy to use and really accessible to staff and students.
3/12/2010 14:29:41Jayme JohnsonDirector of Academic TechnologyVillage Schoolhttp://www.village-school.orgPacific Palisades, (skype and ichat)jjohnson@village-school.orgGrades 4-6 at our school use Google AppsOur students grades 4-6 are using google apps for education. We decided to implement Google Apps to eliminate the mac/pc and software version issues we were having with reports and homework documents. Teachers and specialists who work with grades 4-6 also have accounts.Less paper being used; fewer issues with files not opening; no more "I forgot my flash drive" excuse.
Teachers are saving time because student work is turned in online and can be accessed from anywhere. Projects can be fed into specific email folders, allowing for easy grouping and grading.
Henry ThieleDirector of TechnologyMaine Township High School District 207http://www.maine207.orgPark Ridge, ILNo9/12/2010Yeshenry.c.thielehthiele@maine207.orgFull implementation for students and staffCollaboration, cost, ease of useCollaborationThis is a great product that helps schools change the way they communicate and share information
11/2/2008 8:37:26rom feriaAsst professoruniversity of the philippines - undergraduate, College - district or organziation is using Google Apps. the service is free and provides far better infrastructure than what we can setup and maintainStudent and faculty are already familiar with the services google offers - no retraining needed. As cited above, the infrastructure needed to provide the same level of service is beyond what the university can provide and support.
12/5/2008 8:11:48Page LennigTechnology DirectorWaynflete School (ME)www.waynflete.orgPortland, MENoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesplennigpage_lennig@waynflete.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Increase collaboration between faculty and faculty; make it easier for student and student/teacher collaboration; free alternative to MS OfficeIncrease collaboration between faculty and faculty; make it easier for student and student/teacher collaboration; free alternative to MS Office
Frances Newsom-LangInstructional Technology SpecialistNYC DoE/Office of Educational Technology, NYNoK-12Yesnewsom-langWe use google docs for all collaborative documents within our district. We are using google maps as part of our Title IID grants to infuse technology into Social Studies instruction. Google forms play an important roll in assessment. Google Apps provide a fluid, seamless venue to stimulate collaboration and communication. The ability to access any collaborative document anywhere at any time. The ability to provide a visual means of collecting data, embedding it on a map that students can use to clearly see a timeline of events over a geographic region. Schools can use Google docs to work collaboratively on CEPs, and other schoolwide documents.
11/2/2008 13:09:07Connie SitterleyDirector of Instructional TechnologyPENNCREST School Districthttp://www.penncrest.orgSaegertown, PANoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYescsitterleycsitterley@mac.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We have provided email through MS Exchange for students for at least 10 years. We decided to go with Google apps over a year ago so that the students could have access not only to email but also to the apps in the suite. The students are beginning to utilize the ability to collaborate and they also appreciate the compatibility with MS Office which is available to them at school. We believe that the future of productivity tools will be web-based and use of the google apps allows students to develop an understanding of their use in preparation for their future. The fact that the google apps for education is provided free (we have 3000 accounts), and that the storage provided (7 gb+) is more than the district can provide was a selling point to the school board. We are still assisting staff and students to work toward realizing the full potential of google apps for learning.Additional storage space
Access at home and school
Compatibility with MS Office
Collaborative options
Ease of use
Teachers and students beginning to think about collaborative activities
11/11/2008 11:19:30Diane MainTechnology TeacherMilpitas Christian Schoolhttp://www.mcsi.orgSan Jose, CAYesPrimary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, staff trainingYesAIM: dowbiggindianemain@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We need tools for collaboration, especially for students, but it will also help immensely for staff needs. It's free. Why not?We are still implementing it at different levels, but I am having students hand in work by uploading it to a Site in some cases.
7/14/2009 18:15:13Jac de HaanTechnology Implementation CoordinatorBillings Middle Schoolhttp://www.billingsmiddleschool.orgSeattle, WAYesMiddle GradesYesjacdehaan(skype)jacd@billingsmiddleschool.orgI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.Collaboration, accessible anywhere with a connection, system fluency for teens, meeting students where they already are75% decrease in computer-related excuses for missing work/homework. No more version control issues for students. Calendars/docs/sites coordination extends learning beyond the classroom.
4/29/2009 8:06:38Peter RichardsonDirector of Technical ServicesRutgers Preparatory Schoolwww.rutgersprep.orgSomerset, NJNoEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYespeterkrichpeter@rutgersprep.orgMy district or organziation is using Google Apps.
11/2/2008 18:06:18Lucie deLaBruereTech Integration SpecialistSt. Albans City Schoolwww.sacsvt.orgSt. Albans VermontYesEarly Childhood, Primary Grades, Middle GradesYesldelabruere@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We are using it in our school in grades 7 & 8
We call it their digital locker.
It was an effort to give older computers more functionality (using web apps) and digital equity decision -- give students home access to tools we use at school.
Would be more comfortable talking about the pros and cons of using google apps with junior high schools using email
11/3/2008 17:39:07Vinnie VrotnyDirector of Academic TechnologyNorth Shore Country Day Schoolnscds.orgWinnetka, ILPrimary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesvvrotnyvvrotny@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. We are implementing during December 2008 after delaying the project in the summer. We are doing so for a variety of reasons. The main reason is move our current email hosting off-site. The cost will be the same, since we are purchasing the archiving extra. For students and faculty, the ability to use the collaborative environment (docs, sites, etc.) within the curriculum is a huge bonus. Teachers will be able to create using school email accounts.
Sarah SutterArt Teacher/Tech IntegratorWiscasset High, MaineyesHigh SchoolYesskype: sarahsutteredu
11/16/2008 15:31:13Alice BarrHS Instructional Tech IntegratorYarmouth School Department, MEYesIntermediate Grades, Middle Grades, High SchoolYesalice.barralicebarr@gmail.comMy district or organziation is using Google Apps. Collaboration
Ease of use
Sharing documents and collecting data is so easy, therefore prompting teachers to have a tool that use often and with success.It's not our only set of tools, but we use it with other things. It's an option for teachers and students. Students REALLY like it.
3/17/2009 9:49:34YesI am using Google Apps with my classroom only.
Joshua Wolffsutterview at gmail for google chatsutterview [at] gmail9-12 only, staff and students, no gmail (still using first class) Rolled out Sept 2009.access, collaboration, one-stop-shopping rather than putting together a random bunch of tools used by individual teachers. Much more buy in from both students and teachers since it was school-wide. See previous.We're a 1:1 school. Building admin on board, ramping up the use of docs instead of handing out paper. District admin not in this particular loop - I added them, but it's not on their radar.