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www.arabicwiki.orgScott Boman
List of Super Proton Synchrotron experiments
Assured Clear Distance AheadAvizo (software)Elliott Cresson MedalHistory of radar
Representation theory of the Lorentz group
List of DC Multiverse worldsLie algebra extensionNetwork motif
History of Young Physicists' Tournament in Russia
Diving cylinderSpartan (software)Hughes Medal
List of important publications in physics
Bicycle and motorcycle dynamicsMultiverse (DC Comics)High-temperature superconductivityMagnesium in biology
Henry Jasper RedfernCalutronSupercapacitorList of Folding@home coresWilliam Roy
List of Super Proton Synchrotron experiments
Field electron emissionArrowverseTechnicolor (physics)Lagrangian coherent structure
Sebastian Shaw (comics)
Safety of high-energy particle collision experiments
Orders of magnitude (length)Atmospheric radiative transfer codesVASVIK Industrial Research AwardModern searches for Lorentz violationOscillator representationEarth-TwoBlack holes in fictionSound reinforcement system
Crimson DynamoAmerican Geophysical Union
List of most polluted cities by particulate matter concentration
RELAP5-3DAnton ZeilingerCriticism of the theory of relativityRelativity priority disputeList of time travel works of fiction
First observation of gravitational waves
Critical Foreign Dependencies Initiative
Eshel Ben-Jacob
International Young Physicists' Tournament
Nuclear power debateMOOSE (software)Shaw PrizeTimeline of quantum mechanicsIsing modelSoundwave (Transformers)Faster-than-light neutrino anomalyNetwork science
Anthony E. SiegmanGeorge Samuel Hurst
List of United Kingdom MPs by seniority, 2010–15
List of quantum chemistry and solid-state physics software
Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology
Le Sage's theory of gravitationCriticism of the theory of relativityList of Andromeda episodesPolythiopheneAutomatic identification system
CGP GreyTRIUMFCapacitor types
Comparison of software for molecular mechanics modeling
Carl Friedrich von WeizsäckerTimeline of quantum computingRelativistic quantum mechanicsHiro NakamuraAdS/CFT correspondenceMultidimensional network
Larry FleinhardtHigh Flux Isotope ReactorFilm capacitor
Speakeasy (computational environment)
Theodore Harold Maiman
History of Solar System formation and evolution hypotheses
Particle filterAlternative versions of SupermanGeopolymerCritical infrastructure protection
John Browning (scientific instrument maker)
International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility
Speed limitKIVA (software)Reinhard OehmeAnalogue filterTimeline of quantum mechanicsHyperspace (science fiction)Glossary of string theoryChữ Nôm
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Shirley Ann Jackson
Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology
Peak uraniumSchrödinger (company)Rumford PrizeBadnjak (Serbian)Mechanics of planar particle motionKarai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Cross-linked polyethyleneList of writing systems
Emanuele FoàAntiproton DeceleratorAutoclave (industrial)Starmad
James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics
Colossus computerPath integral formulationShe-HulkModified Newtonian dynamics
Reading education in the United States
Geordi La ForgeChanchal Kumar MajumdarAluminum electrolytic capacitorCHARMMVirender Lal ChopraNyāya SūtrasEuler equations (fluid dynamics)Ultraseven (character)Poly(methyl methacrylate)Gas lighting
OpticianList of accelerators in particle physicsLongest flightsJCMsuiteRobert H. DickeInvention of the telephoneLagrangian coherent structureAge of Apocalypse
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Bouncing ball
Theodore von KármánDESYSwarm behaviourCoot (software)Demidov PrizeTimeline of physical chemistryNewton's theorem of revolving orbitsSnapper Carr
An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
He YizhenF. J. Duarte
Environmental impact of nuclear power
BALLRoderick MurchisonHistory of Lorentz transformationsGanyingPhantom ZoneMirror symmetry (string theory)Centrality
Martin David KruskalSuperconducting Super ColliderList of thermal conductivitiesEPICSWilliam Snow HarrisSpherical wave transformationFinite strain theoryUltraman (character)Vasiliev EquationsPentagram map
Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovichSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryNeuroscience of free will
Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine (SMARTS)
Scott TremaineAmerican Geophysical Union
First observation of gravitational waves
Teleportation in fictionThe Day After Tomorrow (TV special)General Chinese
Seymour Benzer
American Astronomical Society 215th meeting
Woodward effectROOTJacob Bekenstein
Timeline of electrical and electronic engineering
Matrix mechanicsConvergence (comics)Causal setsRigid rotor
Theodore Harold MaimanForschungszentrum JülichNames of the days of the weekList of protein-ligand docking softwarePeter ZollerSpeed of gravitySymmetry in quantum mechanicsMartian ManhunterKerr metricIodine in biology
Katharine Blodgett GebbieDeutsche Physikalische GesellschaftRelativistic quantum mechanicsCar–Parrinello molecular dynamicsNigel Lockyer
Rømer's determination of the speed of light
Velocity-addition formulaScarlet WitchAxionAnalytical mechanics
Henry Harrington JanewayFuture Circular ColliderParticulatesAccelrysG. S. Venkataraman
United States gravity control propulsion research
Mean field particle methodsSpider-Man 2099Weakly interacting massive particlesCommunity structure
Graviton (comics)
Open-pool Australian lightwater reactor
Mechanics of planar particle motionFreeFlyerJean-André DelucElectromagnetic massN-body problemCaptain AtomDe Sitter invariant special relativityNetworks in marketing
Vito VolterraThe British Vacuum CouncilMetamaterial antennaMPMCVictor WeisskopfClassical elements in popular culture
Perturbation theory (quantum mechanics)
Black Cat (comics)Antiproton DeceleratorOrbit modeling
Spencer, Browning & RustEuropean Spallation SourceUnited States housing bubbleAMBERC. R. HagenDelayed choice quantum eraserRotating locomotion in living systemsAlternative versions of Spider-Man
Loop representation in gauge theories and quantum gravity
Hydraulic power network
Amnon MarinovDiamond Light SourceMenstrual synchronyDesmond (software)James Dwight DanaNordström's theory of gravitationQuantum potentialPower GirlHistory of gamma-ray burst researchQuantum LC circuit
Sasquatch (comics)Paul Anton CibisCanonical hours
Hybrid theory for photon transport in tissue
Thomas HutchinsHistory of fluid mechanics
Derivations of the Lorentz transformations
Star Trek: Deep Space NineBinary black holeDragon King Theory
Nir ShavivBell Labs Holmdel ComplexTantalum capacitorRAPTOR (software)Charles-Adolphe Wurtz
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump
Metric tensorGate (novel series)Balm of GileadGeneralized coordinates
Leonidas D. MarinelliJohn E. PickeringTechnicolor (physics)Swiss-modelRalph Kronig
List of cosmic microwave background experiments
Relativistic angular momentumRobert Evans (wrestler)Mass in general relativityDigraphia
Gioacchino FaillaPhysics WorldNegative-index metamaterialVisual Molecular DynamicsOm Prakash Bhasin AwardHistory of quantum field theoryRenormalizationKitty PrydeBalsam of PeruEnergy system
Caroline Herzenberg
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
List of longest suspension bridge spans
GROMACSArtur Ekert
Kaufmann–Bucherer–Neumann experiments
Rotational spectroscopyTimeline of Star TrekHistory of string theoryParametric oscillator
Jon ButterworthJohn H. EbersoleList of longest tunnelsCoNTubRichard KirwanFaraday's ice pail experimentClassical central-force problemFarscapeFalse vacuum
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Development Ephemeris
Madan M. Rehani
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram
Reversible cellular automatonNUPACKASA Gold MedalHistory of electric power transmissionEnsemble interpretationMandarin (comics)Causal fermion systemHelium atom
Angus MacGyverKEKList of long tunnels by typeYAMBO codeGeorge SalmonHistory of the transistorContact mechanicsKnown SpaceExtreme mass ratio inspiralRelativistic Lagrangian mechanics
Rabia Salihu Sa'idSociety of Exploration GeophysicistsApothecaries' systemGeant4Pascual JordanAdvanced Composition ExplorerViscoplasticityTerminator (franchise)Flatness problemNumerical continuation
Edith Anne StoneyPhilips Natuurkundig Laboratorium
List of longest cable-stayed bridge spans
Lead Finder
Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize
Timeline of electromagnetic theoryQuantum fictionList of games containing time travelString field theoryTwo-state quantum system
Jacob Bekenstein
United States Invitational Young Physicists Tournament
Glossary of industrial scales and weighing
GROMOSJohannes Peter MüllerHistory of subatomic physics
Rotation formalisms in three dimensions
The ShadowCAMPUS (database)Iterated function
Winifred BurkleInstitute for Plasma ResearchMetamaterial cloakingSystems Tool KitSandra Faber
Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation
Quantum vacuum thrusterBlack CanaryAllotropes of sulfur
Particle in a spherically symmetric potential
Shion UzukiMiriam Posner FinkelChronology of JesusMolecular design softwareJean-Baptiste BoussingaultHistory of perpetual motion machinesEngine powerCastiel (Supernatural)TektiteChinese family of scripts
Helena G. WellsInternational Physicists' TournamentBlack holes in fictionLISE++Gerson GoldhaberAntiproton DeceleratorBouncing ballInvasion! (Arrowverse)Gravitational interaction of antimatterBiological network
Louis George Carpenter
Ukrainian Physicists' Tournament for University Students
Finite-difference time-domain methodAscalaph DesignerExtreme Light InfrastructureChanchal Kumar MajumdarDynamic substructuringSpider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)Amorphous iceStep response
Helen CzerskiWolfson Centre for MagneticsEqual temperamentMDynaMixPawsey MedalTrouton–Noble experimentFour-vectorSpider-Man (Miles Morales)Amorphous siliconDynamical billiards
Elaine OranHealth Physics SocietyNew Chronology (Fomenko)DelPhi (software)William ProutSchiehallion experimentModified Newtonian dynamicsBatman (Terry McGinnis)Bumblebee modelsLyapunov exponent
Margaret Eliza MaltbySaskatchewan Accelerator LaboratoryEquation of timeUCSF ChimeraRichard DalitzLoading coilRolling resistanceSexuality in Star TrekAsphalt concreteEcological network
Scotty (Star Trek)John Robert de LaeterNuclear renaissance
Comparison of nucleic acid simulation software
Gerald GuralnikTests of special relativity
Tensor derivative (continuum mechanics)
Crime Syndicate of AmericaAntimatter rocketChinese bronze inscriptions
Margaret G. Kivelson
Institute of Solid State Physics (Russia)
2D MaterialsCFD-ACE+Mikhail ShifmanFizeau–Foucault apparatusVasiliev EquationsList of Andromeda charactersCanonical quantum gravityTranslation surface
Nancy Farley WoodMainz MicrotronVelocity-addition formulaVSimMichael Green (physicist)
Timeline of atomic and subatomic physics
Asymptotic safety in quantum gravityMister MxyzptlkK-theory (physics)Cyber-physical system
Walter M. ElsasserThe Racah Institute of Physics
Standard Model (mathematical formulation)
MODELLERCharles HuttonFizeau experimentClebsch–Gordan coefficients for SU(3)Dazzler
Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
Microscale and macroscale models
Nergis MavalvalaPotsdam DenkschriftQuartz crystal microbalanceZemaxNeil TurokHistory of string theoryPentagram mapList of locations of the DC UniverseThe Black HoleCompartmental modelling of dendrites
Otto Robert FrischBruce McKellarN-body problemTinker (software)Jerry Nelson (astronomer)Bucket argumentRouthian mechanicsStar Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastTreehouse of Horror VIAir data inertial reference unit
Joan Curran
National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom)
Mesoamerican Long Count calendarTraceProEddington MedalHistory of thermodynamics
Republican Seismic Survey Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Solomon Grundy (comics)Vaidya metricPahawh Hmong
Sharon GlotzerAbdus Salam Centre for PhysicsUnderfloor heating
Optics Software for Layout and Optimization
Karl GegenbaurMeasurements of neutrino speedRenormalization groupA Wrinkle in TimeArchitectural glassInfrastructure and economics
Petrus Peregrinus de MaricourtThere's Plenty of Room at the BottomList of longest rivers of CanadaFoldXRichtmyer Memorial AwardAnnus Mirabilis papersMagnetic refrigerationDimension WAgarwoodMorse potential
Laura Greene (physicist)Compact Linear ColliderSpeed limit enforcementPhyzSakurai PrizeBuddhist logicTensor operatorList of Static enemiesStrangeletTirhuta
Norman KemberNational Synchrotron Light Source
List of longest rivers of the United States (by main stem)
Sirius visualization softwareLeconte PrizeTimeline of nuclear fusionKelvin–Stokes theoremSentry (Robert Reynolds)Gamma-ray burst progenitorsHistory of writing in Vietnam
Ortwin Hess
International Association of Physics Students
Bodyweight exercisePyMOLVladimir GribovHughes–Drever experimentSuperfluid helium-4Spider-GirlNon-expanding horizonInterdependent networks
Harold Armytage Sanders
Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Underwater habitatSimbiosysHarold Brown AwardPhysics outreachKirchhoff–Love plate theory
Technology in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Antimatter cometEquidistributed sequence
Katherine Clerk MaxwellTelescope Array ProjectBoiling water reactor safety systemsShelXleThomas Graham (chemist)
Tests of relativistic energy and momentum
Theoretical and experimental justification for the Schrödinger equation
Cloak and Dagger (comics)Weyl metricsEcosystem model
Victor Bergman
Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize
Mains electricity by countryCASTEPSavas DimopoulosRotating spheresBending of platesAlternative versions of BatmanSterile neutrinoLyapunov stability
Russell W. Porter
Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Acceleration (special relativity)Optica Optics SoftwareRobert J. BirgeneauPopper's experimentObjective stress rateSmokescreen (Transformers)PreonSensor web
David L. FriedFaraday cupNuclear electromagnetic pulseDOCKEugene W. BeierPhase space formulationSandwich theoryThunderbolt RossGullstrand–Painlevé coordinatesAdiabatic invariant
Tsvi Piran
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Chinese sexagenary cycleEpcard
Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, 1st Baronet
Aether drag hypothesisQuantum tomographyThe Force (Star Wars)Petroleum jellyI.D. Systems
Nancy MakriExtreme Light InfrastructureSwitched-mode power supplyWHAT IF softwareHector Memorial MedalF. J. DuarteTopological orderSailor VenusTopological string theoryIntegrable system
Moshe CarmeliRonald Ernest Aitchison
Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry in India
International Conference of Laser Applications
Principle of least actionShear wave splittingEarth-OneSuperfluid vacuum theoryKhitan scripts
Bern PorterEuropean Geosciences UnionPioneer anomalyAvogadro (software)Klung Wilhelmy Science AwardEmission theoryYang–Mills theoryNate GreyEvent symmetryNonlinear system identification
Gertrude Scharff Goldhaber
Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics
Epoxyeicosatrienoic acidTremolo-XEPS Europhysics PrizeIves–Stilwell experimentTime-evolving block decimationPinhead (Hellraiser)SNOLABInfrastructure-based development
Yvette CauchoisSND ExperimentHopi time controversyPSF LabDavid Wallace (physicist)Arago spotWigner rotationCrisis (DC Comics)D-braneIterated filtering
Emil CohnRaman Research InstituteSpherical wave transformationCP2KGregori Aminoff PrizeLadder paradox
Tradeoffs for locomotion in air and water
Black BoltOutline of black holesPhysical symbol system
Veronica VaidaAcadémie de PhysiqueHistory of the steam engineRasMolMerle TuveAfshar experiment
Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations
Rachel SummersIndia-based Neutrino ObservatoryLiving systems
Amy Wong
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
Electrical resistivities of the elements (data page)
CONQUESTHyron SpinradAtarRelativistic mechanicsViewtiful JoeFuzzball (string theory)Delta potential
Sarah BridleCulham Centre for Fusion EnergyList of boiler types, by manufacturerNogrid pointsblowJohn GoodrickeHistory of quantum mechanicsSize effect on structural strengthCultural influence of Star TrekProton decayFundamental ephemeris
Paul NemenyiErnest O. WollanFriction stir weldingLigandScoutBohdan PaczyńskiTime dilation of moving particlesHyperelastic materialStatic (DC Comics)Topological recursionInfrastructure asset management
Cyril DombTanya MonroElectrical impedance tomographyNogrid pointsRolf LandauerStoic physicsDetailed balanceList of What If issues
Penrose–Hawking singularity theorems
Maldivian writing systems
Kenneth M. BairdShelter Island ConferenceList of chronometers on HMS BeagleChemical WorkBenchJ. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial PrizeDeutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
Koopman–von Neumann classical mechanics
Singularity SkyPolyphenyl etherGlass cockpit
Jennifer Tour ChayesBevatronPotentiality and actualityFLUKADirac MedalKamioka ObservatoryDe Sitter invariant special relativityDoctor FateThe Impossible PlanetQuasicircle
Laura Mersini-Houghton
International Nathiagali Summer College on Physics
Time in physicsBigDFTSam Edwards (physicist)MahābhūtaRigid rotorBewitchedS-dualitySvenska Spindlar
Matilde MarcolliCentre for Quantum ComputationList of longest arch bridge spansAmsterdam Density FunctionalWalther KosselHistory of entropyStructural integrity and failureSlidersScalar–tensor theoryEcological collapse
Cornelius LanczosPrinceton Plasma Physics LaboratoryNew Chronology (Rohl)Q (software)Michael Berry (physicist)The British Vacuum CouncilPlate theoryNarnia (world)Lost in Space (film)Foochow Romanized
Robert KarplusInternational Youth Nuclear CongressWeightlessnessMonte Carlo N-Particle Transport CodeMaurice GoldhaberTeleparallelismAnalytical mechanicsSkywarpMummiaFlight control modes
Sheena Radford
Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory
Pumpable ice technologyD. E. Shaw ResearchCharles BlagdenKennedy–Thorndike experimentJerk (physics)Tales of the AbyssPolyoxymethyleneNonholonomic system
Andrey Aleksandrovich GershunParticle FeverSteam whistleCS-ROSETTAWilliam BrownriggSalamanders in folklore and legendHigh entropy alloysEarth-ThreeRosinTone letter
Naomi GinsbergLaboratori Nazionali del Gran SassoEngine powerFORM (symbolic manipulation system)Luciano MaianiPaul Anton CibisAharonov–Bohm effectTerra (comics)Plastic shopping bagHolon (philosophy)
Myron MathissonND experimentPressure measurementASTOSBerthold Leibinger InnovationspreisIndia-based Neutrino ObservatoryOrbit modelingAlternative versions of Iron ManT-dualityBiological systems engineering
Lisa KalteneggerFrancis J. BradleyMarine steam engineAutoDockFranz Ernst NeumannHistory of gravitational theory
Rotations in 4-dimensional Euclidean space
Miss MartianSudbury Neutrino ObservatoryEvolving networks
Alexander NeckamDade MoellerBouncing ballAbalone (molecular mechanics)Robert A. Millikan awardCodex on the Flight of BirdsCovariant derivativeNorthstarThe Satan PitDevelopmental systems theory
Carolyn Parker
ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering
LiborMacroModelLeRoy Apker
Relationship between mathematics and physics
FlightAlternative versions of RobinStructure of liquids and glassesSzarvas inscription
Emmett BrownLaboratori Nazionali di FrascatiCapacitor plagueScigressNathan IsgurAether theoriesCircadian clockSyndicate (2012 video game)XENONArithmetic dynamics
Igal TalmiHarish-Chandra Research InstituteKullback–Leibler divergenceSHARC molecular dynamics softwareGeorge Shuckburgh-EvelynAtanasoff–Berry computerGibbs paradoxSchrödinger's cat in popular cultureKerr–Newman metricLitema
Mirage (Marvel Comics)EPS Europhysics PrizePeriodical cicadasOrac (MD program)Alexei Yuryevich SmirnovHole argumentGreen's functionAlternative versions of WolverineAntimatter tests of Lorentz violationFractal analysis
Felix Ehrenhaft
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
Notes inégalesKintech LabMichael Cates
Heisenberg's entryway to matrix mechanics
PropagatorTuxedo MaskPVC clothingSpatial network analysis software
Amasa HolcombIOP PublishingTense–aspect–moodMolecular Modelling ToolkitWallace L. W. SargentWu experimentDragon King TheorySuperboy-PrimeGrassmann numberClique percolation method
Ugo FanoWilliam Taylor HamShort chronology timelineYASARAGary A. WegnerBorexino
Translation operator (quantum mechanics)
Marvel Zombies (series)Flyby anomalyInterplanetary Transport Network
Fotini Markopoulou-KalamaraCentre for Quantum Technologies
List of companies in the nuclear sector
List of software for nanostructures modeling
ASA Silver Medal
Electronic delay storage automatic calculator
Maxwell's equations in curved spacetime
Cheshire CatECTFEPaleohispanic scripts
Kurt H. Becker
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Electric energy markets by countryModel for Prediction Across ScalesArie BodekDegree Angular Scale InterferometerSeismic communicationThe Day After Tomorrow (TV special)Supersymmetric quantum mechanicsTargeted immunization strategies
Farzana AslamPhysics BowlPinch (plasma physics)SIESTA (computer program)James Ivory (mathematician)IonocraftBiology Monte Carlo methodHouse of MTachyonic fieldCarian alphabets
Nathan RosenList of streets at CERNAudio power
List of computer-assisted organic synthesis software
John DollondDelay line memoryQuantum logicSuperhotW′ and Z′ bosonsBifurcation memory
Joseph W. GoodmanISIS neutron sourceList of urban parks by sizeMolecular ConceptorMarkus Fierz
High Altitude Water Cherenkov Experiment
Speeds and feedsStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyKoide formulaMixing patterns
Alfred LandéCERN CourierAdverse possessionStep (software)William Hewson (surgeon)Physics WorldFrictional contact mechanicsPrime DirectiveGreisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limitIndividual mobility
Niall McCruddenIYPT 2011Instant replayBOSS (molecular mechanics)Hans Bethe Prize
Timeline of gravitational physics and relativity
Entropy of mixingEmma SwanHessdalen lightsD'Alembert's principle
علوم الفيزياء