Recommend a Book for the Red Dots (Responses)
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p.s. Do you want to be a longlist reader for a category next year? The committee will form in early March 2017. Members will commit to getting their hands on books and reading them -- lots of them -- during March, April, and May. Then having time to get together to discuss and produce a balanced basket of titles by June 1st.
If so, what categories interest you?
6/7/2017 12:40:23testtestOlder
10/16/2017 11:21:34
The Case of the Careless Aliens
Archit TanejaOlder Readers2016Aarushiaarushi.dahiya@gmail.comIndia
11/22/2017 9:35:35The Journey
Sanna, Francesco
Younger Readers
2016Beautifully illustrated book about refugees and their journey of finding somewhere to live.Linda
Author/illustrator is Italian
11/22/2017 9:41:19Maybe something beautiful
Campoy, F. Isabel ; Lopez, Rafael
Younger Readers
2016Small actions by the young can make a big difference to a community. Beautifully illustrated.Linda
11/22/2017 14:08:30Mayday
Karen Harrington
Older Readers2016
High interest book for Middle School readers. It deals with many issues: survival after a disaster, family relationships and friendships
11/22/2017 21:18:01The PromiseNicola Davies
Younger Readers
A young thief makes a promise not knowing her actions will effect many lives and the environment.
1/25/2018 19:25:49Lucky Girl
Shabnam Minwalla
Younger Readers
This is a must read book!! It is incredibly funny and full of fun poems! It is easy to relate to this book!
1/25/2018 19:30:25What Maya Saw
Shabnam Minwalla
Mature Readers2017
It is fast paced and interesting! It is full of twists and turns! All readers will love it and it will make non readers want to read.
1/25/2018 19:34:16Lucky Girl
Shabnam Minwalla
Younger Readers
2016It made me laugh for 2 hours straight! It is very
1/25/2018 19:38:01What Maya Saw
Shabnam Minwalla
Mature Readers2017I absolutely loved it! An amazing book... This book definitely has to be nominated:)
5/17/2018 14:33:22
Culinary Charades (ISBN-13: 978-1948210010)
Anna Wing-bo Tso
Younger Readers
This colourful picture book is about two cousins exploring wonderful indigenous food in Hong Kong. The wonderful illustrations showcase the local food, familiar backgrounds and vehicles in Hong Kong. Fun and hilarious Chinese-English translation of food is looked into. Love it!
Angela Lamglasssolitaire@hotmail.comHong Kong
5/17/2018 14:45:46
The Summer of 1997 (ISBN 13 : 9781948210027)
Anna Wing-bo Tso
Younger Readers
This is a picture book to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong in 1997. It nostalgically captures beautiful moments from the British colonial period of Hong Kong.
Raymond Koowaimankoo@hotmail.comHong Kong
5/17/2018 15:03:40
Unforgettable Neighbours (ISBN 13: 9781948210034)
Anna Wing-bo Tso
Younger Readers
This picture book is like an animal safari in my grandparents' lovely old home. The hilarious true stories in the book are fun to read.
Anna Kong
5/30/2018 10:09:27
Open: A Boy's Wayang Adventure
Eva Wong Nava
Older Readers2018
I would like to recommend this book to be considered for the Red Dot Book Awards because it is a culturally diverse book, set in Singapore, against the backdrop of the Chinese Opera story of The Monkey King's Journey to the West that encourages young readers to be more compassionate to individuals on the autism spectrum. The protagonist, Open/Benjamin Oh, is an autistic boy who loves to draw monkeys and he must finally overcome his personal barriers to become the Monkey King on stage. This book was given a 5-star review by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite: "Told in a strong first person narrative voice, Open: A Boy's Wayang Adventure is a story that teaches readers the power of determination, the beauty of friendship, and how a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder could beat the odds to achieve his goal."
Eva Wong
9/15/2018 11:30:14
Captain Green and the plastic scene
Evelyn Bookless
Early Years2018Great way of teaching young children about helping protect our environment. Jon Mounseyjmounsey@nlcsdubai.aeSingapore
9/15/2018 13:26:01Captain Green
Evelyn Bookless
Early Years2018A lovely book with a strong messageEmma
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