Recommend a Book for the Red Dots (Responses)
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p.s. Do you want to be a longlist reader for a category next year? The committee will form in early March 2017. Members will commit to getting their hands on books and reading them -- lots of them -- during March, April, and May. Then having time to get together to discuss and produce a balanced basket of titles by June 1st.
If so, what categories interest you?
6/7/2017 12:40:23testtestOlder
10/16/2017 11:21:34
The Case of the Careless Aliens
Archit TanejaOlder Readers2016Aarushiaarushi.dahiya@gmail.comIndia
11/22/2017 9:35:35The Journey
Sanna, Francesco
Younger Readers
2016Beautifully illustrated book about refugees and their journey of finding somewhere to live.Linda
Author/illustrator is Italian
11/22/2017 9:41:19Maybe something beautiful
Campoy, F. Isabel ; Lopez, Rafael
Younger Readers
2016Small actions by the young can make a big difference to a community. Beautifully illustrated.Linda
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