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TimestampBesides Vitalik, who are 3 or more people in the Ethereum Community that make good role models? What do you admire in them?What are 3 or more organizations, communities, social movements and/or ideologies that are (loosely) related to Ethereum?What values does/should Ethereum embody? Why?What originally attracted you to Ethereum? Why are you still here?What is your happiest memory related to Ethereum? Why?Is there anything in Ethereum (past/present) that frustrated you, or could have been done better?Is there anything in the community that exhausts or tires you?Is there anything we 'failed' or are 'failing' at?In your mind, what would make a good Ethereum community member?What are the values/principles you use to help guide your life?What kind of future do you envision?Are there any fears you hold that you think are relevant to Ethereum?What gives your life meaning? Why?Other CommentsName (or leave blank for anonymous)
2018/05/23 10:58:27 PM GMT+7Rhys Lindmark -- Pushing to do good in the community through work at ETHCommons + ETHDenver + Effective Altruism. Always positive, pro-builder, bringing the community together and completely transparent. Griff Green - Ultimate connector, going out of his way to organize events for good of Ethereum like Open Source Block Explorer and ScalingNow! -- helps me with intro's all the time, Andy (CryptoWanderer) - building ETHPrize interview set and obsessed with developer relations and moving the ecosystem forward all from a mindset of giving back and super hard worker.ETHPrize, Doge-Ethereum Art Project, Community of Communities TelegramTransparency and Collaboration -- these result in speed and fairness. Would like to see more on the innovation + moving faster side also. Would be nice to have more formalized governance and a way to make things happen fasterCommunity -- best people ever. I've seen ETHPrize scale from an idea a few months ago to a community effort with more than 100 people helping along with many different organizations all on a volunteer basis. Coolest thing everGetting the bounty for the Doge-Ethereum bridge so that we could donate it to a real life art installation to be launched in Vancouver summer 2018.It's moving slowly and new people don't have clear line of site into priorities. So there ends up being a lot of documentation. Would love to see priorities and governance clearly defined for the community so people know whats important, where to find information and how to best contribute. This is number 1 problem -- as incentivized community member = what should i be doing and how can I find this outGovernanceTransparency - collaboration -- willingness to give 3x before asking for something. Never willing to talk negatively about other projectsRadical self reliance, inclusion, no judgment, no fear, listen to others, bias for action
Clearly an ultra positive one
Moving too slow -- letting governance limit experimentation. Actually converting research to implementation. New ecosystems are coming. How do we lock in developers and scale now with better, faster, stronger experiences.
Self reflection, helping others, working on hard problems, being vulnerable, failing at things, succeeding at things that are hard, personal connections, introducing peopleRobbie Bent
2018/05/23 11:10:01 PM GMT+7Emin Gun Sirer, Vlad Zamfir, Stephan Tual
Emin / Vlad - honest, scientific (data / evidence-driven) approach
Stephan - not afraid to experiment, community building
Universal Basic Income (UBI)
Openness, non-ideological, evidence-driven, decentralisedSolidity - being able to run code on the blockchainShowing a friend a dApp and seeing his mind get blown...Some EIPs seem endless and unable to reach conclusions (see EIP677 / 712)Too much politics. The unfreezing / governance discussions are tough. Probably important, but I'm super pumped about moving the technology forward and this seems to suck the momentum and good nature of human beings out of things. Reasonable clarity over timelines for important network changes (e.g. PoS / sharding).Non-ideological (in terms of technology), happy and willing to engage in discussion with anyone!
2018/05/23 11:13:40 PM GMT+7Vlad - just like his style. Nick Johnson - well spoken, thoughtful, and usually right. Taylor Monahan - she's real, smart, and passionate. Cyber libertarianism / digital self-sovereignty advocates. Openness, software for the people - by the people, a focus on doing what's right as opposed to what's easy or established, fearlessness, adaptability, sustainability.Crypt0 / Omar Bham. I made decent money investing, but now I try to be a pillar of the community and help integrate others into blockchain culture and Ethereum.Getting interviewed by Vice magazine about cryptocurrency trading, having a dialogue with Vlad after transcribing one of his Casper lectures into common english for others to read, having my security guide added to the MEW/MyCrypto knowledgebase and contributing to both of those projects.Constantly frustrated with new projects coming out that aren't open source, have no team information, no audit trail, etc. ICO spam. Any "purist". Bitcoin purist, immutability purists, etc. Core values are good, but being open to reasoning is better.Defining a clear Ethereum philosophy. It may be too late to effectively do this without major controversy. Somebody who is both technically knowledgeable, patient, kind, and has a lot of free time. I know my ability to serve the community is constantly degraded simply due to lack of time and energy.Individuality, straightforwardness, not being scared to fail or be wrong - but excited to learn from it.One in which technology actually enhances the human experience, rather than distracts from it.I fear that blockchain technology will never reach it's potential. It will become something that augments the established systems, but fails to bring about new paradigms. I'm particularly worried that the societal impact of blockchain will be limited, even though it has the potential to completely change the way people interact, exchange value, and voice opinion.Whatever I ascribe to it at any given time. Sometimes it's just that I have to be there to feed the dog, sometimes it's because I'm making a positive difference in somebody else's life, sometimes it's just fun.AtLeastSignificant / Tomshwom
2018/05/23 11:24:01 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Micah Zoltu, Vlad ZamfirResistance to government censorship.Building censorship resistant applications. I'm not sure why I'm still here.Learning about it initially. Second happiest is getting lucky on price movement.Yes, could have been run more like a business and less like a collective.Lack of strong leadership.Leading Ethereum.Global advancement of science and technology.A great one, where humans are replaced (with what is TBD).Witnessing science and technology.
2018/05/23 11:30:35 PM GMT+7
2018/05/23 11:46:08 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir, Nick Johnson, Martin Swende. I admire their integrity and passion for their work.I live in Switzerland, where the government is more decentralized than other parts of the world. That's the closest thing I can think of.Ethereum as a platform should remain neutral and embody only decentralization.World computer / smart contracts attracted me. I'm still here as I see the potential in cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications as a whole.EIP process could be better streamlined.Discussing EIPs, ICO spam, generally dealing with FUD.EVM is slow. Performance needs to be prioritized. My biggest gripe with Ethereum is the low gas limit at the moment.Someone who is passionate about making the world a better place through creating better alternatives to fundamental things like money, governance, etc.Integrity, and a drive to be generally productive.An overhaul in politics such that most countries end up becoming coalitions (think EU or Swiss Canton system) as opposed to two party dictatorships.That scammers, opportunists and criminals (e.g. EOS, Tron, IOTA) ruin the ecosystem for everyone else and cause overbearing regulation.Matthew Di Ferrante
2018/05/23 11:48:27 PM GMT+7Peter Szilagyi, Daniel Nagy, Viktor Tronlibertarian ideology"code is law" and blockchain immutability, because we need unstoppable dappsliberating the economic activity from the omnipotent government controldevconsusability could be betterhard fork discussions, because they contradict our original vision and valuesusabilityintegritynon-aggression principlei hope that nation state will gradually lose its grip on society due to the rise of decentralizationVlad Gluhovsky
2018/05/24 12:04:38 AM GMT+7Piper Merriam - the true buidler; Yoichi Hirai - with high moral standard to himself; Vlad Zamfir - the honest, valuable, and amazing troller. ;)Using incentive to make the world better.The liberty and the opportunities. I do want to build something cool.Too many shitty ICOs and scammers in this industry.We need better UX for devs and users.Willing to share, not too cocky, authentic, and honest.Recently - YOLO.Ethereum 2.0 will be very interesting.Hmm, missing my private key?I'm an absurdist today.Thank you for making this survey and improving the community.
2018/05/24 1:03:14 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir, Emin Gun Sirer, Joe Lubin. I appreciate their combination of technical expertise & ethics.Anarchism, Venture Capitalism, FuturismAnarchism, because the network fundamentally derives its value from the sum of its participants, who are all voluntary actors in it. The network's ability to hold value is only proportional to its ability to keep its many stake holders happy.The ability to create computer programs that could be run verifiably.The DAO hack was a lot of fun. It was like living in a science fiction movie.Every time someone is communicated as a leader or an authority, or authoritative council, it misrepresents the actual power system of the blockchain, and undermines community faith in it. (Yes, I'm talking about the EIP0 event, too).The immutability fundamentalists. The impatient token investors.Governing around hard forks. Adequately engaging with other blockchains that purport to provide benefits.An ethical person who isn't afraid to learn a couple of technical things.Imagine a better world and try to work towards it.Silly beautiful.Ethereum becomes a little too culty around Vitalik, and whie Vitalik pushes this away, it's impossible to fully decentralize people's faith in the system.I give my life meaning, because I choose to, because it's more fun than not.Dan Finlay
2018/05/24 1:26:37 AM GMT+7Gav,
Christoph Jentzsch,
Ewald Hesse
Energy Web Foundation
2018/05/24 1:31:26 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Greg Colvin, Jarrad Hope. They each do work which moves Ethereum forward as a technology and as a utility, but also help organize the community in various ways. Also these devs/leaders have integrity in their conduct and do a lot to maintain and expand the spirit of the community."using technology+economics and our free will -- not psychological bias or coercion -- in order to create desired outcomes" (is there a name for this? crypto-social-good?), Left-libertarianism, AnarchismOne core value is openly and collaboratively shaping the technology which we all depend on in order to bring out the best qualities in people and societies. The underlying infrastructure of all sorts of technology and its expression in our day-to-day lives are currently shaped by market forces or governmental processes, systems which lead to monopolization and mass errors. Another core value is choice; that anyone who does not want to participate in a particular technology configuration has the ability to move to one which better suits their needs and values. Shaping technology according to our values, and having the choice to choose our configuration, has the potential to provide each of us with the ideal environment in which we can reach our fullest potential as human beings.I could immediately see that the proposed technology would give adopters tools with which they could build powerful social systems. I could see a lot of positive outcomes naturally emerge from the basic properties of Ethereum. As the work progressed and networks of various kinds formed, I could see that developer groups and institutions were able to produce the systems that I had anticipated (and much more). I am here to help move the work forward; it will need guidance in order to safely reach maturity.A great memory for me was getting to know a developer who had a very different view of the potential of Ethereum to create social change. This happened in a beautiful setting at a park, which set the tone. I found it wonderful to understand this alternative perspective and it brought me closer to this person.Many people in the community do not yet know how to properly communicate, or to lead a group which can examine and decide on an issue without individual or group biases. This is a pain point. Also, there is lecture culture, hero worship, and other aspects of general tech culture which may diminish our ability to properly inculcate new arrivals to the values of the community.The global nature of the community does cause sleep problems! The community failed to establish governance and communications practices early enough. There is also no psychological support for the amount of economic value or social power that many individuals are managing.Someone who finds a role for themselves and executes that role to the best of their ability, within the constraints of generally accepted behavior and decency.I attempt to map my own interests and abilities with what I understand are the needs of others around me. Often in my mind these perceived individual needs are abstracted or aggregated, and the result is a notion of what society might need. That notion drives a lot of what I do. But I also accept that my ability to understand what is needed is highly limited and prone to bias.One in which the great forces of our world are constantly in a state of rebalancing. Wonderful places are created by our intentions and effort, and I see the Ethereum community and others like it creating such places in the near future. We are creating a world in which we can be safe, and be ourselves, but it may not last.Ethereum and blockchain technology like it can be used to create terrible places in which human beings are not respected or behavior is tightly controlled. Ethereum can be used to organize resources in order to destroy or subvert places in which human beings are respected and lead a contented life. I fear these possibilities, just as I do the abuse of other powerful technologies such as machine learning, robotics, social networks, and biological engineering. Meaningfulness in life is rooted in my sense that I have a purpose, and that everyone and everything around me has a purpose and is connected. I do not know exactly where this sense comes from, but I follow its basic guidance. And this guidance points toward me helping others around me in various ways. Logically, I can also conclude that maintaining a sense of meaning leads to a better life for myself and those around me. The meaning that I find is inescapable. Just about every way I look at my role among others leads the conclusion that our life is meaningful and that there is a positive outcome from that property.This is a great survey and I can't wait to see the results.Jamie Pitts
2018/05/24 2:04:04 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir (balanced), Karl Floersch (good educator) and Hudson Jameson (fair)Ludwig von Mises Institute, End the Fed movement and Positive MoneyImmutable ledger, but willing to change consensus rules to achieve scaling.Fair money that can scale for the whole world.When I realized that zkSNARKs could be done on Ethereum. Privacy is important.The DAO bailout should never have happened and it is frustrating with all the people crying for bailouts all the time.People crying for bailouts. The DAO bailout was bad. There is a reason why the Bitcoin Genesis Block is mentioning bailouts.A person that is pro open discussion and anti censorship.Always learn.Fair money for the whole world.Not really.Always good to have a vision for making the world a better place.Marius Kjærstad
2018/05/24 2:25:29 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir - critical thinking, Joseph Lubin - incubating businesses, Karl Floersch - love and energy, Griff Green - positivism, Viktor Tron - perseveranceConsenSys, Web3 foundation, Status, Ethereum Community FundContribute to freedom and self-determination, Resist commodification. Ethereum as technology can contribute to reduction of freedom and increase of commodification, if used unwisely. These values need to be used to test future decisions.Community of true nerds - I always felt lack of them around me in my previous life. I decided I do not want to be "normal" (i.e. not nerdy), because life is too short, and being a nerd pays really well too :)Devcon2 in Shanghai. It felt like a visit to a parallel universe, and the one I wanted to be inWe got too quickly to the point where we need to care about backwards-compatibility. You may remember that Frontier contracts did not supposed to survive after homestead, for example :)Arguments about which blockchain is betterNot reallyI classify them into 3 types: bees (work in a team for a project), bumble bees (work alone on a project, like me), and butterflies (travel around and carry ideas between people).Simplify life. Live for experiences, not for goals. Everything is a balancing act.Chaotic and confusedInvolvement into cryptocurrencies becoming marginalised or even criminalisedStories, real and fiction. I thought about it for a while and decided that accomplishments do not give my life meanings, but my experiences do. And experiences of the past are just stories that I collect over time.Alexey
2018/05/24 2:35:31 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamphir - mathematical rigor, Griff Green - community devotion, devotion to the vision of full decentralization, Jori Baylina - InventivnessIPFS (or to be more clear any content-addressable data stores). The idea of democracy (power to the people). The idea of communism (the idea that we all benefit when we all share). Yes -- the last two may seem in conflict, but I don't think they are. Democracy in that all have a voice.Inclusiveness. Solution to prisoner's dilemma comes when individuals relinquish selfish gains for larger gains available from community. Original: Disruption of existing societal norms. Now: Disruption of existing societal norms.The 17 day period after the end of the DAO token sale but before the hack. Everyone involved in that moment KNEW that the world was going to change.The entire "Summer of the ICO" was a total shame. Almost all of the original "We will change the world" disappeared and was replaced by "I'll get mine." Totaly shit show.Every single project makes massive compromises related to the issue of decentralizations vs. centralization. They all say "We will decentralize later." I think it will be nearly impossible to ever "decentralize later." I want everyone to decentralize now. It will be painful, but the pain is better now than later. Plus, by imposing the pain (of no-compromise decentralization) on ourselves now, we will force the system to get better more quickly. By compromising on decentralization, we're delaying the ultimate full decentralization day.Totally, 100% failing to deliver decentralized solutions. Nearly everything is highly centralized. Token contracts have 'owners' with special privileges. Almost all dApps link to EtherScan. Many dApps use MetaMask/Infura.Someone who is purposefully giving, kind, polite. Griff Green is a near-perfect example.Be kind. Giving, in the end, has higher returns than taking.Assholes have next to nothing. Nice people have more than mean people.The fact that many of the dApps / systems we are developing are (in reality) high-centralized will lead to a much worse situation vis-a-vi data availability / privacy that we currently have. Centralized system that have a profoundly better mechanism to collect data (the blockchain), will be able to gather and process data about individuals millions of times better than is currently the case. It's already bad--if we're not careful, we will make things much worse.Meaning comes from releasing oneself into one's own fascination. If one is fascinated with one's own moment-by-moment work, the meaning emerges unbidden.Very much interested in seeing the results.
2018/05/24 3:20:05 AM GMT+7Viktor Tron - ideas and the way of thinking, Lewis Marshall - excellent technical and engineering skills.Some of ethereum liberal ideas are shared with anarchist ideology, some of ideas that I share, too, but not all.Freedom in scope of information technology.Idea of creating a platform for the next iteration in information technology evolution.Working with swam team members together in the same place, not just remotely.Complexity of the whole system for the end user. Nothing particular.Nothing particular.Different from all of other members as much as possible. Cultural diversity and thinking differently are crucial for any development.Kindness, trust, creativity, correctness, simplicity, quality over quantity... Do not do anything that you would not like to be done to you.I am afraid that the future is not so bright, and that everybody should do the best at the field of activity to promote the values they believe, whatever they are. I see that more social freedoms will be traded for material gain or basic instincts, and that information technology can be the tool to prevent it.Technical quality and pace of development.To provide stability to the people that are very close to me, by being creative, and hoping that the work will help people that I do not know, also.Janos Guljas
2018/05/24 3:46:09 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson - Solid technical foundation, general willingness to engage with the community, seems able to genuinely try to understand dissenting opinions and ideas.

Dan Finlay - Solid technical foundation, part of a for-profit-entity but has remained dedicated to producing a public good without compromise, history of working towards establishing and following standards

Hudson Jameson - Kind, Genuine, While not deeply technical he works hard to have sufficient technical knowledge to be able to serve the community, actively engages the community in a kind and fair way, does a job that needs to be done but which many of "us" don't want to do (community support), strong history of trying to provide the community with accurate and impartial information.
Burning Man - Has central entity which orchestrates but doesn't "control", relies on broad community buy in and collaboration for the "thing" to be successful, outsider view often sees it as indulgent/wasteful/confusing.

IPFS - Heavy focus on distributed tech, focus on tech over hype

Keybase.io - Limited centralization, tool allows independent verification of most things, privacy focused, focus on making cryptography usable.
- Embracing change via forks to improve the protocol (so we don't stagnate)
- Reject absolutism, embrace diversity of ideas (so we don't have our own version of the block size debate)
- Reject tribalism, embrace collaboration (so we don't fall into an us vs. them mindset)
- Incentive alignment and financial transparency and disclosure (so we can have an honest and open discourse)
- Vision focused on a radical future, but realistic mission focused on what we can realistically do "now" (so we actually produce results and deliver a platform that people can use now)
Fascination with the decentralized type of anarchy that blockchain offered.Finding myself in a position with a voice working on something that "matters".The initial pre-mine distribution should have had a vesting period to help align incentives.

Gavin Wood seems to have a history of placing his own self interest above that of the community or ecosystem but that is largely perception that may or may not be accurately rooted in reality.
Engaging with people on reddit or really any forum under which the real identity of the person is masked is difficult because it is near impossible to tell if someone is just trying to create controversy or whether they are truly engaging.

So much spin and mis-information on reddit that I could spend all day trying to correct people and probably not make a dent (so why try?)
I think the Foundation **should** have put a mining subsidy in place on day 0 to ensure the Foundation was funded indefinitely. Foundation has a large war chest but it won't last forever.Care and focus on technology, practical/pragmatic approach, strong desire for honesty technical discourse, integrity.Integrity, Kindness, Compassion, Don't take self too seriously, Never stop buildingPost scarcity - Everyone gets what they need and can choose to spend their time doing what they are passionate about.Is this really going to change anything? Are we creating the perfect off-shore tax haven?Building and creating, being useful, having a purpose, being good at the things I do, freedom to live my life how I choose.

Why?.... good question.
Piper Merriam
2018/05/24 6:39:51 AM GMT+7Dmitry Buterin (positive competent person), Gavin Wood (few words, great work with parity) , Alex Van de Sande (great proposals, deep understanding)Libertarianism voluntary association of creators, self-governance, self-responsibility, non-violenceEthereum has power to fix the world1) Most important: Trade-off between personal freedom and management is not solved yet. Some important core projects are badly managed.
2) frustrating: deluting community by loud neophytes with more sense for money than for core ethereum values.
3) frustrating: resignation of Yoichi Hirai.
too much noise in community -- we need better filtering (personally adjustable).community is failed to help people who lost money. self-governance is failed till now. goodness, competencedon't harm intentionally, be good, understand in details, help others.commonwelth of self-governed creative communities, where more competent people (in any aspect) have more visibility.1) big, unstructured, loud, incompetent discussion in community.
2) unsufficient ETH capitalization comparing to cap of all tokens may make atacks on PoS economically reasonable.
3) ETH is split/hardfork prone because development is considered more important than stability. Good governance can prevent it, but it is not implemented yet.
be free, gain more understanding, start new projects. thanks for your work, guys. Please let me know the results@Ethernian
2018/05/24 6:55:56 AM GMT+7Yoichi Hirai
Alexey Akhunov
Hudson Jameson
Nick Johnson
Bitcoin, EFF, TorEthics outside of the LawThe blockchain revolutionThe DAO hack and hard fork - it was hope that when things are bad enough the Ethereum community will take responsibility for the platformAlways lots. Mostly people's unwillingness to take responsibility, or to have patienceAlways lots. People are exhausting.We are failing at showing empathy/sympathy to victims of the (mal) execution of smart contractsWilling to participate in blockchain governance, even at own personal legal risk, even when it involves participating in politicsI just try to do the right thing on a case by case basisIdeally one where the human race exists Lots. Mostly that Ethereum/the whole blockchain revolution will be captured by corporations/the law.My willingness to not skeptically question the meaning I find in life. Because the search for meaning is self-defeating.Next time, have more context and humility in the foreword, please.

>If you are reading this, your voice matters to the future guidance of Ethereum.

What is the point of this rhetoric? To make me feel special? I'm not special.

>The intent behind this survey is to create an open data-set of individual perspectives to help inform the Shared Values of Ethereum.

Don't use the passive voice to obscure who is doing the asking. Whose intent? What authority do you claim to have, to coordinate "future guidance"? Why is "Shared Values of Ethereum" capitalized?

The foreword def could use work
2018/05/24 8:40:58 AM GMT+7First of all I think a good role model is not so much someone who has achieved a lot materially, but who has a well-guided moral compass. It's nice that Karl Floersch meditates, and he seems like a nice guy, although I don't know him that well. Lane Rettig tweeted something that showed empathy, which was nice. I remember Vlad Zamfir talking about how his approach was more faith-based, long-term and led from the heart, which was nice. Also Vinay Gupta seems to be spiritually minded (e.g. ending his posts in God speed!). I should note that I think that it is ignorance to not seek God, seeking God is the purpose of life.There are many examples (too many to list) of organizations, e.g. all the dapps and alternative cryptocurrencies that have taken some inspiration from Ethereum (or vice versa). Online communities such as Reddit, Twitter, Medium, Peepeth, Akasha, Meetup and Telegram see a lot of interaction to do with Ethereum. Social movements and ideologies that are most similar include privacy, radical markets and similar movements/ideologies interested in more decentralized governance.There is this, which seems reasonable: https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/White-Paper#philosophy, although the only one of these points that is really an ethical value is non-discrimination. I think the aims and ideals of SRF are exemplary: http://www.yogananda-srf.org/Aims_and_Ideals.aspx, and some of them are general enough for any organization, e.g. "To serve mankind as one’s larger Self."I saw and still see that there is a lot of potential with Ethereum to be useful, since it can be used for virtually any governance or economic activity, at lower transactions costs than traditional media of exchange. (I'm still here because there is still lots of potential.) When I had a job in the renewable industry, I worked full-time for a short while, but initially I worked part time and I went back to working part time because I wanted to spend more time studying and contributing with Ethereum. Ultimately I left that job because I felt like my creativity was stimied there, it was slowing down progress, and it's preferable to be more focused.Nothing particularly outstanding, but building and pushing out releases brings some satisfaction, and solving difficult problems is rewarding.I have had to sacrifice income, studying and working unpaid (so far), hopefully in order to be more useful. Scammers and phishers. There seems to be some degree of sheep-like blind following, cultishness and bubblishness (to the moon!, general excitement when it is better to be calm, etc.) and lack of due diligence.Well there have been stuck and lost funds; volatility; ASICs; scalability; https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Ethereum-introduction#issues.If they hodl, they have done due diligence and only invest what they can afford to lose. It's a plus if they build, but it's understandable that people have ties that may prevent that (e.g. family, mortgage, etc.) And if they build, they are not in it for the money, but to selflessly serve.Generally, following the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship, e.g. regular and deep, twice or more daily meditation and love for God.I actually agree with Paramahansa Yogananda's prediction that one day there will be no money. Money has not always existed, and we will not always continue to need it. When we get to a higher level of enlightenment/Self-Realization in civilization, people will be less needy and greedy. I should note that it is better to be practical. '“Forget the past,” Sri Yukteswar would console him. “The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”'Generally, it is better to avoid being fearful. But of course it is sensible to be cautious and reasonable. I think we need to avoid greed, maliciousness and other evils, and they only way to do that is by ousting it with something mutually exclusive, which can only be love, meditation and following spiritual principles.As I've touched on, seeking God is the purpose of life. To the meditating devotee and spiritual aspirant, God is gradually and increasingly realized as ever-existing, ever-new, ever-conscious bliss, known in Sanskrit as Satchitananda. That is what everyone is seeking, consciously or subconsciously, rightly or wrongly. The yogi in nirbikalpa samadhi has merged zer individual consciousness with that consciousness, ze is one with it at all times.James Ray
2018/05/24 1:39:18 PM GMT+7Joseph Poon - intellectual honesty, diverse thinking, commitment to new organizational values not only technology innovation; Karl Floersch - commitment to education, intellectual honesty, a walking rainbow1) Decentralized Power & Decision Making (no need for centralized authorities to be the ultimate decision makers, as they often operate in self-interest or not fully reflective of general will); 2) Mitigating our own "moloch" or self-interest by creating systems that make us check ourselves - eliminating arbitrage opportunities; 3) Every single person should have access to every single thing they want as long as it's not harmful to society - e.g., financial access, choice of job etc.We're all in this together (this being life) - we shouldn't limit the contributions that each individual can provide to either decision making, access, economy-building, discussions etc.Because I used to consult for the top financial institutions in the US/Canada - banks, insurance companies, credit networks and I realizied that they'll never change their ways or ideologies to include and benefit all members of society. I also studied economics and grew up in a house of developers so it became clear to me very quickly that Ethereum opens up entirely new economic opportunities globally - breaking down some of the barriers in politics, economic development and equality.Badger badger Mushroom dance at EDCON - because Ethereum is a rainbow of very bizarre, intellectual and interesting people that just want to build a world of acceptance & have fun.Pure shillers/investors.Haven't failed - but are struggling to communicate that this isn't a technological movement, it's an ideological movement towards decentralization of power, decision-making and capability.Aligned ethos, not only in it to make money.Intellectual honesty, kindness, following the "river". Accepting the things I cannot change, having the courage/ability to change what I can and having the wisdom to know the difference. Ability to trust individuals and not having to rely on incumbent institutions to gain access to basic life needs.That nothing will change, institutional investors and banks will buy into the movement, use the technology and their incumbent power will continue.Learning.Eva Beylin
2018/05/24 2:50:32 PM GMT+7Joe Lubin: business acumen, forsight; Stephan Tual: evangelism, PR; status.im: broad support and collaboration over competitionIPFS, Tendermint, FOSS, web3/p2p communitybusiness neutrality, social inclusivity, decentralisation/cut the middle man, potential to lower barrier of entry to businesses, economic sustainability to peer-to-peer techswarm summit 2018organisational issues at the foundation. clarity on POS/sharding readiness and timelinecontributionnon-aggression principle, compassion, generositydecentralised and prosperoussome dev teams show inability to grow and hire; inability to deliver a well thought through POS/sharding before scalability hits big timechange the world a better place one line of code at a timeviktor tron
2018/05/24 3:12:40 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Vlad Zamfir, Edmund Edgar, Makoto InoueHonesty, Tolerance, EqualityThe idea of decentralization and the cool idea of "unstoppable" appsLaunching Etherplayweb3 api is evolving slowly, discussion about gasPrice took time to take placeICO and money talks
2018/05/24 4:26:33 PM GMT+7Piper Merriam: He is thoughful, ethical and considerate about other people, but not afraid to voice his opinion even if it can be controversial. He also has a wide range and is involved both in the low-level tech and the higher level meta-discussions.
Nick Johnson: mainly the same reasons as Piper. Also very wide range, from evm to ENS to EIP discussions. He is also a very talented engineer.
Taylor Monahan: Despite the mycrypto/mew controversy, I like it that Taylor has always worked very hard to protect users, spending a lot of time on education and tirelessly working to solve problems and help the ethereum ecosystem forward.
Reddit - being the main forum for ethereum users.
The decentralization movement -- ranging from tech like ipfs, sia, zcash, openstreetmap to airbnb and uber.
1. Technology exists to serve humans, not the other way around. We should not be slaves to technology, but use it to help human kind (in general and individually). Ethereum should not be a technocracy ruled by technical elites.
Originally it was the vision of autonomous contract coupled with the technical challenges. Reading the initial blog posts by Vitalik sparked my interest, but the actual low-level programming of the EVM got me hooked.

I'm still here because of
* The vision of automous contracts able to interact with real-world processes and people still exist
* The people: I work every day with people smarter than me, who are open, supportive and caring.
* The challenges: there's an immense amount of things still to build, and the range of things to dive into is astounding.

Not a specific memory per se, but getting accepted into the Ethereum dev community, and later becoming one of the core-developers for geth ranks highly. I think they're totally awesome, and I started out auditing the EVM and learning Go in the process a couple of years ago, so would have never thought to reach that point.

Other than that, I've had a lot of Eureka-moments when finding bugs and flaws.

The competition between Cpp/Geth, and later Parity/Geth is frustrating. To compete on the infrastructure-layer (protocols, test-networks etc) hampers the development process. We should not compete against eachother -- it's way too early. We have the entire world to take over. Why fight over a pond when there's an entire ocean to discover...

There are a lot of technical things that could've been done better, but I won't list all those.

The process for advancing Ethereum is frustrating, since it moves so slowly forward. I would personally like more to have a stronger leadership which could set the path and make a roadmap.
That people don't realize the technical challenges of just 'standing still'. They complain about geth becoming bad, when in fact the state of Ethereum today is _massive_, and growing at an unsustainable rate. And on top of that they want even higher gaslimits.

The discussions about ether-recovery, and the old DAO-debate tires me. It's a trench-war, and I don't see any solutions that will work well for everyone.
1. User experiece. We still do not provide a good SECURE UX for interacting with Ethereum (I'm working on that though).
Someone who, like Vitalik, Piper and Nick, are not afraid to listen to an opposing view, and are open to the possibility that they are actually wrong. And then change their opinion. Or, if not, continue the discussion in a civilized manner.

Someone who not only sees one facet of a problem, but thinks about all aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem and contributes to several areas.
Tough question....

* Don't do anything I wouldn't want to take responsibility for if it became public.
* Real lives are the most important. If a bug can lead to someone committing suicide due to losing all his money, that's more critical than a bug (e.g. a consensus issue) that would annoy the entire ecosystem.
* Everyone is a noob in most areas, so don't be afraid to speak up, reach out or ask stupid questions.
* Treat people with respect.
Dystopian version: the technology changes, but old power-structures remain, just with new faces. Plus environmental disaster.

Utopian version: the technology changes, and many old power-structures crumble. People gain back power over their resources, their privacy. People eat synthesized meat and/or insects, clean up the oceans and creates unicorns.
That Ethereum just becomes the next thing, but eventually also succumbs to being 'tamed' into a walled garden, just like the Internet in the hands of ISPS and governments. My kids, wife, work. I believe my brain is happiest as long as it's learning new things and constantly gets challenged. Martin Holst Swende
2018/05/24 5:08:33 PM GMT+7Gavin Wood - for taking the Ethereum to the enterprise level with his foresight and work around the parity Ethereum client.
Alex van de Sande - for ideas around real world use cases and all the work he did around making Ethereum accessible
Christian Reitwiessner - For building and advancing the core language of the EVM and all the work around making smart contracts pay to write.
Ethereum should embody the values of openness, and technological progress and transparency. Blockchain tech enables for the first time to automate trust relationships in a completely new way without human trust parties involved. This is a major shift in power from monolithic controlling institutions to direct access to economical interaction without borders or restriction.Ethereum was the first blockchain that makes non-monetary use cases possible, and spurred an innovation around new decentralised systems. I am fascinated by the community and the things being build, and the strong collaboration between all participants. It also created the largest developer community around blockchain out there and a mass of open source tools to benefit and accelerate everybody's ideas.Launching the network and the way how it launched was a very fun moment, as it was very dynamically (self generation of the genesis block, miners jumped in, etc.). It all started with a nerdy group of people and took the world in a breeze.The organisation structure about tools, projects could be improved. Im personally a bit frustrated by the attraction of ICO projects that have little to nothing todo with decentralised projects. While also the expectations for token evaluations is not in alignment with reality, as they don't compare to decentralised, or blockchain projects. Moving those projects to proper equity based token models would be a huge help here.The focus on money and the price can be tiring at times. Also the mix of less knowledgeable parties and projects with no basic understand of the technology is annoying.We need to better self regulate ICOs, and create incentive structures to
1. make ICOs more responsible for founders/investors (i.e. refundable ICO)
2. make token evaluations more clear, as they all seem to be mixed up right now

We also need to improve a lot on tooling, and best practices, as well as documentation. Here we are lacking the most behind, as everything happened so fast over the last years!
A person who understands and focuses on building a decentralised future that enables better and more fluid interactions between everybody. Putting the control and power into the hands of each individual, rather than creating new monolithic power houses.Transparency, openness, sharing and helping A future in which freedom of the individual is a given, and where choosing the right choices for one self is not restricted by status, property, or economical societal restrictions.
Ethereum allows to iterate faster over incentive systems with real stakes in it. This allow us to test and improve economical constructs in an unforeseen fast pace, where in the past years of creating and establishing laws was required.
This is the core benefit ethereum brings, and will accelerate human interaction on a society and economical bases exponentially.
Ethereum can be used for good and bad. It can become skynet, or the Orwellian dream machine, or the enabler of individual freedom. Both are possible and will happen. The question is to which extend each side?Building my dreams and creating a more liveable place for everybody.Fabian Vogelsteller
2018/05/24 7:01:23 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir - Care for Ethics - Critical thinking
Karl Floersch - Positive Energy
Christian Reitwiessner - Modest and Skillful
Zeitgeist Movement
Chaos Computer Club
Satoshi Labs
Equal Rights
Positive progress to create a world where humans and mother earth are living in symbiosis for a long time.
Very interesting/inspiring technology and crazy (in a positive way) people. I think we can build a Resource-Based-Economy (RBE) on top. Could be a great substrate for a lot of progress. Has the potential to destroy banks and other centralized and powerful entities. I am still here because I think all these things are still possible.Creating the RLP encoder in Kotlin/Kethereum - sounds silly but I like this piece of code ;-)Influx of Greedy people and Gamblers.Scaling so far unfortunately.Care for ethics and a try to foresight the impact of their creation. Be inclusive and share knowledge.Try to not harm people and mother Earth. Try to stay open. Try to create nice and useful things. Try to share creation and knowledge. Try to stay positive. Try to stay alive.Happy symbiosis between mother Earth and all humans. Exploring the cosmos and trying to gain more knowledge and get wiser.Yes - a lot unfortunately. Extreme capitalism growing on this substrate, Power just shifting to other entities - but still concentrated, A.I.'s using this substrate to harm humans, Inability to stop something that went wrong ..Creation - because I think it is maybe the only thing that has the chance to last.Enjoy life - Don't be evil - Try to do the right things - Be positive!ligi
2018/05/24 7:12:20 PM GMT+7Vlad Z - standing up for his ideals even if they may be unpopular to the community. Eg writings on the DAO, on governance.

Rhys L - working like crazy for little pay to help grow a blockchain for good community. Strong values. Great listener.

Joe L - showing and strategizing how to bridge the utopian vision of Ethereum with the world of today. Amazing execution.

And there are more! :)
Blockchain for good movement
Share-alike eg GPL, creative commons, C4
Ambitious positive vision for the future
Execution, buidl
What's in "Mike's crypto manifesto"
Because of the valuesMany great memories Would be nice : Less opaque and more inclusive governance, larger scale deployment of foundation funds to developer ecosystem, better network scaling. These are all getting addressed, great!Ethereum maximalists. The growing assumption that it's Ethereum or nothing.See "frustrations" section It's not up to me, or anyone. The point is for the community to be inclusive.Ambitious positive vision for the future
Execution, buidl
Always be learning.
A positive one! If we don't screw it up. Jury's out.Some more centralized entity with a huge network takes away Ethereum momentum. Eg telegram or Amazon Making the world a better place. Knowing that blockchain / Ethereum is a great lever to help do so.Trent McConaghy
2018/05/24 7:19:41 PM GMT+7Griff Green: philanthropic attitude, humanness, pursuit for the good
Alex van de Sande: focus on technical implementation, modest, ready to help
Ming Chan: passion and self-sacrifice for Ethereum
Cypherpunk movement, DASH, Bitcoin (?), EEA (?)Decentral; serve the human being and society; freedom, especially freedom of speech; protection of human rights; general virtues; respect; technological progress. In order to progress human mankind.The fascination of programmable assets; the surprise that something completely new and disruptive was born that can change a lot of things to the better and enables to see the world with different eyes. I am still here because I strongly believe that Ethereum is the perfect medium to improve the world and I want to contribute to the improvements.There are so many happy memories relating to Ethereum that it is hard to choose. Maybe the unicorn day: the day ETH went above the USD 1bn market cap the first time. I was on the phone with Ming and Vitalik was cheering in the background, and we had proof that Ethereum was not just a fantasy, but a strong belief shared by an increasing amount of people. There are many other moments that made and make me happy, basically every time I meet valuable people working at the heart of Ethereum related projects.Not at all. It's an evolution. Current mistakes are the best lessons for the future.The community is pure. Every viewpoint is valuable.The challenges are scalability, stability, and governance. We are progressing on all fronts.A good Ethereum community member shares the passion, listens respectfully, speaks up in his areas of expertise, seeks to contribute, behaves modestly, and puts others first.I am here to help others. I want to give more than I receive in all aspects.A future where we can translate the virtues of human mankind into technology in order to amplify the best of us.The greed for power, in all aspects.The people I interact with. They are all that matters.EIP0 and this survey are a great idea!Yessin
2018/05/24 7:55:27 PM GMT+7Andy Tudhope - a real ambassador for his project, down to earth and approachable, knowledgeable
Jon Choi - flies under the radar, super smart, modest and stays out of the limelight, working hard on the big problems in the ecosystem
Griff Green - working hard to promote radical transparency everywhere, community organizer, leads an amazing team building a product that will make the ecosystem stronger and make the world a better place
UBI - Universal basic income - several communities around the world e.g. meetups in Berlin discussing this idea and beginning to put it into practice (via e.g. Circles UBI)
Radical markets - see Vitalik's recent blog posts and the recent book by the same name
Social justice - not any specific group, just this topic in general - lots of relevance to Ethereum
Inclusivity - we are building the future and it should include as many people as possible, ideally all humans everywhere
Equality of opportunity - same idea
Open mindedness - in the sense that we are willing to dispense with existing systems that modern society is bound to "just because" and consider radical alternatives (cf. Radical Markets idea)
Technocracy/technical excellence - because Ethereum won't amount to much if it doesn't work well in the first place
Innovation - we are willing to take technical risks that other communities e.g. Bitcoin are not
Authenticity - winning the hearts and minds of the community - this is what sets us apart
Ethereum is the set of tools and the community that's best-positioned _today_ to make the world a better place. The wealth gap and certain other disparities increasingly frustrate me but it's still the best hope we've got, and it's early enough that contributions today will have an outsized impact in the future.Coding heads-down in an airbnb in some random city in some random country surrounded by other smart, hard-working, well-intentioned hackers working to build the future. This is the most exciting thing on the planet today.My experience at the Ethereum Foundation was pretty terrible. That organization needs a lot of help.People shilling ICOs. Non-technical folks who haven't created any value constantly grabbing the limelight and spouting things that aren't inline with the ethos of the buidlers. There are too many conferences and events and most aren't very high quality.Our branding and messaging - not one specific project but the community and platform at large - have completely failed to garner the attention or respect of the masses to-date. People at large associate Ethereum with "scam." This is a massive hurdle and will require coordinated effort to overcome.Someone who represents the values described above. Someone who is excited about and passionate about technology but who at the same time has a sense of humanity, loves people, and wants to make the world a better place. Someone who feels the burden of the responsibility we have today to work for a better future.More or less the same ones described above. Excellence, modesty, humility, humor, respect, focus, love, authenticity, open-mindedness, empathy.We are at a turning point and I can see two futures, one bright and one dark. In the bright one, we use tools like Ethereum to build a much better future for humanity - we escape the oppressive nation-state system, defeat nationalism and nativism, and usher in a new age of globalization that's fairer and affords better opportunities to everyday people everywhere. The dark one is really dark and involves recentralization where large companies capture the power of Ethereum and related tools for themselves and their shareholders.The fear that the current wealth distribution is unfair and unsustainable and will lead to unrestDoing good, hard work for the right reasons, building a better world. Spending time around people who are doing the same. What else is there? I take pride in the good work that I and the people around me do and I feel that we have a real chance to change the future.Awesome initiative. Let's take #EIP0 to the next level! 💪Lane Rettig
2018/05/24 8:07:38 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Vlad Zamfir, Taylor MonahanOpen, Easy to use, Transparent decisions, Pushing the boundary The Stephan Tual Ethereum world machine video. He did a really good job selling it.Mining and seeing it work, buying an ens domain though my local node.The whole ETC stuff, scaling is a big problem and it normally takes a while but still frustrating. I miss the usual blog posts from the ETH devs that were quite common a few years ago.the general hate from some of the more toxic parts of the community, sometimes there seems to be a witch hunt attitude.Welcoming people, we all grow together (helping each other / sharing knowledge), focus on community events, a we all win together mentality.Help everyone grow together, don't be a dick, try to be a positive example in debates.Less centralized and more .... walkaway style. Just choose who you want to work with and what you want to work on and find a group of people that shares your vision and do it opensource. Knowing i'm having a positive impact zerocool
2018/05/24 8:07:48 PM GMT+7Hudson Jameson - because he is always responsive, transparent and handles the Dev meetings very well
Griff Green - because he cares about the community and the technology and is looking for solutions today. His open and transparent approach and involving the community is outstanding
Jordi Baylina - because as part of the WhiteHatGroup he is taking on the responsibility to keep ethereum safe and by showing his participation in the WHG he makes himself a role model.
Swarmwise from Rick Falkvinge opened my eyes on the power of open source
Voluntarism is the motivation for a lot of people in this community
Projects that live the spirit of Ethereum to me are Giveth, Aragon, Status and Swarm City (but I am biased with the later)
Be transparent - have open discussions on any topic and involve every community member because diversity of oppinions leads to be a better solution at the end
Be inclusive - same as above actually, simply dont judge oppinions based on the person sending it
Dont be personal - all discussions should stay objective and on topic. Arguments should only focus on the issue itself and not become personal. This also means that critic should not be taken personal. Even though we are in it with all our heart and it sometimes feels like we are attacked, just remember its not about me, there is a bigger goal to gain than my own ambition.
UX attracted me, because it was not there. I participated in the Augur Token Sale and it gave me sleepless nights. I realized that this new world is created by Devs that love the technology, but if no one cares about UX, none of these products will be used.
I am still here because 90% of the projects still have crappy UX.
In addition I think that most products aim for the wrong target group. ICOs are only attractive for Investors and the products that are actually useable today are promoted to developed countries. But thats not where this technology is needed. No developed country needs a decentralized service. Go to countries where decentralization is a benefit, not an obstacle.
Devcon2 in Shanghai was a great experience. It was where I connected to many people in the Ethereum Ecosystem. It was like finding a family that you never new existed.I think the Foundation should spend more effort on educating about Blockchain. No, the community is great. What is very tiring is the ICO Frenzy and that everyone thinks that Blockchain is the solution for everything.I think Forking to make up for mistakes that projects have created themselves has to stop. Its like with kids if you know that Mom and Dad will bail you out, you will act unresponsible. Learning through negative consequence is what I prefer. Anyone that creates value for the community. No matter what the motivation is, if the outcome is positive for the majority of the community he should belong to it.My Motto is "Get it done!" - Nobody wants to hear excuses and it does not help to blame others, all that matters is the outcome of what you do. I respect people that appologize for their mistakes instead of blaming others or the circumstances for it. A future that gives people the choice to be more self sovereign (not everyone will want it though). This hopefully leads to a distribution of wealth and by that taking away the focus on financial value and instead focus more on individual values.No, I dont fear anything with Ethereum. In my oppinion Ethereum is one way of coming to the future as described above, but it might not be the only way, or even can get replaced. This will only happen if another solution works better for the same outcome. Therefore it will be OK for Ethereum to be replaced.I like to solve problems. It really motivates me when I can help someone find a solution to his problem.
Blockchain has many problems right now, so I am perfectly placed :o)
What I like most about the community is that it does not feel like there are competitors, even though there are projects that work on the same topic. It seems we all feel we are working for a greater vision than simply the solution we want to build. As longs a someone is building it, it is good for us. Bernd Lapp
2018/05/24 8:25:02 PM GMT+7Vlad zamfir, Griff green and Taylor Monahan. They have strong ideological values. Voluntarism, cypherpunk, anarchyCypherpunk, because those ideas are at the core of the technology. Changing the world with it Meeting vlad in Barcelona. Because he’s a magician and very funny dude Yes, I don’t like the ethereum alliance. We should not be trying to emulate the old world in this new tech. Consensys. NoSomeone who can translate the tech to regular folksCypherpunkDecentralised utopiaScaling Building swarm city. Because I want to bring ethereum to the masses through a simple consumer facing dapp with a nice trusted brand. Kingflurkel
2018/05/24 8:55:48 PM GMT+7Jutta Steiner: she has demonstrated great ability to remain calm and make good decisions for the community under great pressure and stress.
Peter Szilágyi: having been lead of geth development for years, he has been effectively one of the most important decision makers, yet has been low profile and ego free for years and is probably not as well known
Griff Green: he has been fundamental in helping a lot of people during troubled times, was trusted with large amounts of money and has proven to be extremely honest and friendly
rationalistic engineers that believe the scientific method, idealistic hippies that want to change the world and end human suffering, radical capitalists that believe markets are efficient tools for bothrational, scientific approach to technology that has positive impact in a large number of people, that is both individualistic because it believes in people's abilities to make good choices for themselves, and collectivistic, because it believes every human is deserving of worth and accessing stable trustworthy tools for self improvementI came here because Bitcoin was ignoring the radical possibilities of smart contracts. I am still here because the world still needs decentralization and ethereum still seems the best bet for it.At Devcons and other meetings, I've had a great time spending many hours talking and mingling with the most intelligent people I've ever met.The 'Lambo' people, those who are ostentatious of wealth or are in just to make quick moneyThe establishment of the financial system has been catching up to us faster than we are catching up to the mainstream publicpeople who want to help build apps that help the worldI always try to understand the feelings and positions of people on the other side of the debateOne where anyone, from any background, has access to an internet-connected device that gives them access to the same financial instruments, legal recourses, security of assets, etc than a rich swiss citizenThe world might not care about decentralization. Maybe they would be happy trusting apple all their money and private data.I have a dream job and a family full of love. I hope to use that luck I had to leave a positive impact in the lives of those who were not as fortunate as meAlex Van de Sande
2018/05/24 9:00:07 PM GMT+7I am biased towards the enterprise end of the spectrum: Conor Svenson has done great work at the EEA; Ben Eddington is leading R&D at our organisation (ConsenSys) and is working hard on sharding etc; Joe Lubin is well Joe. There are many individuals within the EF and other firms who I don't know well but all pushing hard.Other decentralised protocols (IPFS, Golem, iExec, etc); open source more broadly; self-sovereigntyBuilding decentralised infrastructure to enable new classes of applications and reducing friction/intermediation to provide fairer, more trusted systemsVision, and, developers, developers, developers...I worked a lot on the Java platform and similarities as a programming paradigm for a new architecture, VM based, etcEveryday is a new challenge :)The relationship between the EEA and EF has improved a lot recentlyThe rocket shipUnderstanding that our community is not a homogenous population. At ConsenSys, I frequently say "to change the world, we need to change all of it". As Ethereum and decentralisation goes "mainstream", we need broader communication tools and governance mechanisms. I hope the EEA can work with the EF, to help facilitate conversations with commercial entities working on Ethereum generally (not just private changes)Any individual focused on constructive contribution and collaboration, who believes in the movement. This obviously includes devs, devs, devs -- and also includes people who help build and manage communities, doc writers, thinkers, speakers, etc. What matters to me most is behaviour: collaboration, respect, positive contribution, etc.Try to facilitate the most constructive outcome for all involved.A more frictionaless and decentralised world, with abundance for allThe complexity of the current governancePretty much everything!Jeremy Millar
2018/05/24 9:03:58 PM GMT+7Alex Van de Sande: Nice and focused. Emin Gun Sier: Academical and truth-seeking. Gavin Wood: Hardcore and insist.Github/UbuntuCommunity driven development, it makes community as valuable as a single companyOpen source culture and fighting darkness as a community / I felt responsible to protect the community we build togetherShanghai Attack, see core devs fighting the hackers in the hotel lobby. Made me first time feel like in a cyber war, very cyber-punk feelingEF's less responsible and disorganization, as well as Vitalik was kinda controlled by individuals, no longer down with the real developer communityPolitics between projectsConnect global community together and build togetherOpen minded and less disturbed by crypto marketFocusDecentralized apps replacing platformsOver confidence and lose of developlersMake a difference in the world. Cuz its funXin Xu
2018/05/24 9:33:21 PM GMT+7Hudson James, Karl Floresch, Joesph Poon, - all super nice and thoughtful
Vinay Gupta - Sophisticated and can speak to Govts
Nick Dodson - Governance thought leader and brilliant JavaScript coder
Richard Ma - Quantstamp, incredibly thoughtful and sincere
Occupy Wall St, Burning Man, punk RockCooperation, Merit, TransparencyI work in NYC, banks nearly blew up the world, I was at Occupy Wall St. Here because greedy rent seekers extracting value, brittle inefficient infrastructure, and ideal fairness in a globalized economy.Vinay’s ending talk at DevCon1. Because it was a distributed community that acknowledged itself for the first time and with a thought leader validating that we are actually doing this now.Not providing a much needed tool because it was “out of scope”. A human friendly database query layer that is open source for not having to go things like linked list traversalEvery Ethereum event something goes wrong. AV, A/C, tickets, venue, somethingNode developers taking UX requests to heart. There is more than just tech, if it’s hard to use it’s hard to use.

Ethereum Package Manager!!!!

All ERC’s should be posted up in a registry like NPM.
Thoughtful, not brash, strong critical thinking path for parsing many concerns. Integrity! Being straight up about your wants / needs, what your observations are and how you interpret them, and explaining why. Someone who makes empty promises really irks me.Anyone can vote from their phone in a direct democracy through Toshi/Status etc. Get a loan without a bank. Use my Decentralized credentials across apps (like Facebook without Facebook)Inability to blacklist scary DAOs or censor awful things like child porn that could be pushed to the chain.I’m using that talent to help fix how broken the world has become. Meritocracy with assures fairness built in via computers. Nepotism / Secret deals / etc need to be a thing of the past.I am worried that certain actors have too much ETH already like Joe Lubin and whose influence can effect its long term growth via trying to compete at every chance rather than be transparent and making deals.
2018/05/24 9:34:20 PM GMT+7joseph poon, karl florsch,loom-network, swarmcity, oysterthe power thats brought to the people
2018/05/24 9:35:14 PM GMT+7Joseph Lubin for his pragmatic idealism, Karl Floersch for his energy and capacity to explain difficult concept in a very accessible way, Vlad Zemfir for his dedication to hard problems.Protocol Lab, Free software foundationDecentralisation, disintermediation, social inclusionI was attracted by the way new pb were solved in a p2p manner. I am still there because the research and engineering aspect are moving fast in very interesting directions. When I understood that it was now practical to program stateful p2p protocols.Not really.Scalability and usefull dapps, because we are only at the beginning.As long as it is unknown, i'd say his/her capacity to understand and explain to the others the technicalities and the consequence of the ongoing development in the ecosystem.
His/her capacity to discuss in a rationally argument manner.
Be useful, be happy. Train your self for the happiness of doing so and achieve great things as a side effect.A sustainable one (for the earth and humanity).In the end if ethereum contributes more to the problem more than to the solution of sustainable more equitable human activity, I would be very disappointed.
2018/05/24 10:30:12 PM GMT+7Jarrad (Status founder), Carl (Status founder), and Moshe Hogeg (Sirin Labs)Status, Sirin, and the idea of focusing long termOther than the idea of decentralization they should value the idea of being censorship-resistant. More governments and regimes are now censoring the internet more than ever before and Ethereum seems to be the alternative. The Ethereum based apps such as Status and CryptoKitties seem to be censorship proof and that can help the lies of millions of people that are going to fight against government censorship for the sake of expressing their viewpoints.The blockchain technology and the fact that it is resistant to censorship. I believe as someone who is running a media tech startup (planning to cover blockchain startups soon) it is crucial that we start welcoming activists and journalists so that the governments of the world can't easily shut them down.The fact that you could easily deploy a DApp on the Ethereum blockchain network.The gas fees. Those are fine for existing users but can get horribly confusing and frustrating for new users.Not really, everyone is nice to each other and welcoming to newbies.Ethereum is failing to reach out to the masses about its potential. The team tends to travel to countries where people already have freedoms and it's usually a bunch of developers showing up at Ethereum conferences. By targeting emerging markets and countries with repressive regimes, Ethereum could show the world that it is truly censorship resistant and it can't be blocked by governments.Someone who is nice and welcoming. Especially when they are good at explaining difficult concepts in the Ethereum world.I tend to value privacy, freedom, and individual liberty as my core values. These are the principles I live by and I tend to support or invest in companies that try to help spread these to the world.A future where we don't have any worries from censorship whether it's from school, work, or governments. So we need to end up using the power of the Ethereum blockchain to build censorship-proof applications.The fact that it is confusing to beginners. So that could lower the adoption of the platform and that won't be so great since we need to make Ethereum more mainstream.The fact that I live to work hard at something I am passionate about. As a media tech company we are using AI to curate the best news for our readers based on their interests. But I also want to have an environment where people can openly criticize governments without fear of censorship or have anonymity cover their footprints on the internet.Ethereum has great potential. It needs to get rid of censorship in big censorship countries such as Iran, Russia, and China. But it needs to also make itself simpler for beginners so the adoption can continue to increase globally.Jazil Zaim
2018/05/24 10:38:37 PM GMT+7Dan Finlay, Griff Green, Jarrad Hope, Mihai Alisie - I could name more. I think all the people standing out are the ones very vocal with their values and drive against unfairnessThe Pirate Bay & Bittorrent, The P2P foundation, The W3 consortiumCreating fair systems through decentralized consensus - it is sorely needed in a world of paper jurisdiction and governanceAt first, I wanted to do better financially with crypto. Soon I discovered Ethereum and my interest went from the financial aspect to the disruptive quality against traditional systems. The freedom of participation, the language used in the community as well as their values and for sure the technology and the "how" is what attracted me specifically.Being at Devcon3 and meeting the larger dev community for the first time. It felt like home almost. Certainly welcoming, brilliant in thinking and always planning the revolution.Scaling initiatives should have out stronger. The public is still oblivious.Trade analysis.We are failing at developing not enough models to reel all the other people in.Somebody who is comfortable to live the economic realities of tomorrow, today, and is ready to build with othersI see a binary choice between adapting a mindset of competition/scarcity or cooperation/abundance - everything that brought me to this point made me internalize the latter.The old paradigms are in full swing, fueled by the same technological explosion and we watch as parts of the world sink into darkness and spoofed reporting. I want to be an optimist and say that if we can incorporate decentralized decisionmaking and verifiability of sources as valid tools in society - transparency might be enough to turn the tide.authoritarian state manages to keep spinning a narrative and effectively blocks further changelove, family and communitykay
2018/05/24 10:42:55 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir, Joseph Lubin, Karl Floersch - all very open minded, care for the people and not only for their own profit.OmiseGO, Aragon, ConsenSysPower for the people, unenslave us from the current systemPotential to change the world for goodAs soon as I looked it in detail and saw the potential it was mind blowing...When Vitalik said he is against hardcap of eth, all the talks stopped. Maybe you should look at it in detail and consider setting a hardcap for eth. And if not it would be good to explain why and what are the benefits for not settings a hard cap for ETH.The people that only want to get rich and dump their ETH for fiatNot that i'm aware of. So far ETH looks like the most promising project IMHO.People that contribute, people who explain the potential of ETH to not so tech-savy people.I believe in Karma.A future where the wealth of the world is split upon the people and not held by 1% of the populationMaybe fears of hacks, exploits. Security should be a big topic.I can safely say, Ethereum gives my life a meaning and something to hope for, that could change the world.I'm a millennial and I really believe in the young generation, we can change our future. So happy for Ethereum, we are building something new, not fighting the old. And that's the good thing. All these old, wealthy, greedy people that rule the world will get in trouble, because NOW WE ARE IN CHARGE! Denislav Rangelov
2018/05/24 10:58:24 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson: always helpful and chillax.Ethereum Classic. :)Does: a libertarian, even anarchist worldview.
Should: More or less the same values as the average human being. Ethereum should not be a mechanism to enforce social change, but to be used by society for the good of all.
Originally, I thought I could make games on it, without the effort of servers and whatnot. Now, I see it as a superior replacement for all sorts of "trusted" backendsThe first hack.ether.camp hackathon. No worries, no obsession over ICOs and prizes, just hacking away.The DAO Hardfork was a tragedy. I don't know what else could have been done, but I wish there had been another way.Endless price obsession, and constant maximalism and tribalism. This shouldn't be money kindergarden.Legality. Ethereum was born from an ICO and the mother of many more. It's only now that people are starting to realize that laws are there for a reason.Someone whose primary motive in participation is not profit. Sure, it's fine if your crypto HODLing pans out, but that shouldn't be the basis of one's life. Meanwhile, it's important to respect each other's opinions.I'm a devout Catholic. I'd C&P the Catechism of the Catholic Church in here, but I don't think there's room. ;)Endless bliss of the saints as they gaze upon the Eternal for all eternity, while those who knowingly rejected the Divine Mercy of God suffer just torment.

Oh, but you mean the _worldly_ future. Fine.

I suspect blockchain tech will inevitably prevail, and chances are it's going to be more than one blockchain that "wins." Regulation will invariably come. In a better world, there will be one world government that eventually has jurisdiction over the blockchain(s). Otherwise, it will be a legal no-man's-land.
I fear the battle of corporation against individual will be won by the corporations, perhaps with government assistance. Also, the inequality of wealth eventually leading to chaos or even global civil war.Eating Jesus. I know. It's pretty awesome. It's the most important thing happening on the planet, even more than bitcoin.I reject the idea of "Code is Law." It's not. Code is code. Law is law. You can't create genuine Authority out of nowhere.Matthew P. "Smithgift" Schmidt
2018/05/25 3:53:38 AM GMT+7/u/Jtnichol, mod On /r/ethtrader. He has the biggest caring community mind I have ever seen. Naval. Deep insights. Nassim taleb for his insights. The lady who started bitnation, for being naive enough to believe it was possible and act. The Dao creators. Egalitarianism, free/radical markets, trustlessI was originally attracted to the “world computer” and smart contract concepts. Vitalik or Charles hoskinson posted on a ripple forum asking questions about their consensus model. Still here because this community believes the impossible is possible. It’s almost impossible to be cynical and be a part of the community. The Dao launch is probably happiest. The hack was one of lowest points. I continually think what it could have been if it would have succeeded. There were so so many opportunities missed there. None at this time that I can think of. The Dao stuff was a black mark. Anyone who says the ideology and vision that eth enables will not come to fruition because of the status quo. Potentially having vitalik as central point. I have seen activity to reduce that. It’s really a double edged sword because he brings so much value, wisdom, vision, and humility to the community. Anyone who can be open minded. Quick to adopt change. Not violently tribal. I try to be transparent as possible about my shortcomings. I am a follower of Jesus, so Love above all else. A future of empowered individuals with the tools needed to make it possible. I buy into bitnations vision of government as a service provider. I envision a more fair and equal future. Only thing I fear atm is competition or black swan events. Regulatory fears in the USA and abroad. Biggest thing for me is technology. I am passionate about all things tech(except printers). Love the theory of tech, the change it has enabled. It’s good to get up every day and do what I love.
2018/05/25 8:32:05 AM GMT+7Lane Rettig, Jon Choi, Bob Summerwill - Good intentions.FOSSHow to help the next great protocol. This one has 25% of its tokens with one human.VitalikShipping manager.balance.ioDistribution of tokensDistribution of tokensDistribution of tokensSomeone who cares about the.... Distribution of tokensDistribution of opportunityhttps://medium.com/balance-io/open-source-banking-c96389c04cfbDistribution of tokenshttps://medium.com/balance-io/open-source-banking-c96389c04cfbRichard Burton
2018/05/25 8:34:05 AM GMT+7Bob Summerwill-Blockchain therapist, Jamie Pitts-outside the box thinking, Joe Lubin-sharing the wealth and bringing blockchain mainstreamAny grassroots org, long-now foundation, First nations groups, humanist movementsEmpowering people to reclaim ownership of their own lives, hope-rather than hopeless, everyone/anyone can play a part, coordinating the collective humanity, making the world a better place for humansThe people seemed most in it for the right reasons, very smart & caring people, being part of something that was starting a revolutionSo many, but meeting Bob Summerwill has proved to be the most pivotal :)Everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel over and over. It can get very frustrating. Sometimes feels like a group of people were taken to a new planet, with nothing on it and they feel they need to start everything from scratch. We are not using knowledgable people, outside of blockchain enough. Also, most normal people don't really get what blockchain is and we are not doing a good job of explaining the mission. People are too tight with the pursestrings and too many people are doing things on volunteer time and running themselves ragged. The money needs to be shared better, or many grassroots people will get frustrated and leave. And they are the backbone. Bringing in outsiders, brandingSomeone who will be open minded & not just trying to exploit peopleTreating all people decently, trying to understand all angles of things, always seeking further knowledge, trying to find balanceone where people aren't doing meaningless jobs to get their basic needs met, where the distribution of wealth isn't so vast, where people can understand their cognitive & primitive instincts and don't just resort to fear. That we will sway too far to the left. That we will not be agile, elastic, adapative enough to survive long term. Family, friends, people, a purposeEthereum gives me hope, that something can be done. That people can come together to create the lives they want, that people are instrincally decent, when they have base needs met & fear alleviated. Alison Alexis
2018/05/25 9:03:42 AM GMT+7Laura Shin (tough interviewer, strong social impact values, educational, female, non tech background) Karl (energy, values driven), Joseph (relentlessly investing good stuff because it’s the right thing to do)Philanthropy, social impact investing, international community development, international relations Transparency, decentralisation, open/welcoming, integrity The culture of the people has a purity about it. Values alignment Sharing a house with Eth Research and hanging out/working Time to work on it now. Bring more people in to the Ethereum community Integrity, hungry to learn, open to dialogue Love God, love people Where more people have choice to access education, finance, jobs, health We need wise mentors that have been around the block to mentor all us young guns Opportunity to contribute to making a better present and future for people Thanks for asking Kelsie
2018/05/25 9:31:07 AM GMT+7Hudson Jameson, running a tight ship; Alex Beregszaszi, getting things done; Jure Zih, doing open source the right way Artwork, scheisters, libertariansDoes: fairness; should: stabilityMaking money; relationshipsHow well the Solidity project responds to GitHub issues"Please enter your bank account password and enable webcam access to purchase Ether"NopeThe community failed to learn from the Ethereum Classic fork.Someone who is delivering results or who is teaching new peopleStay focused on the prizeThink of 50 years ago and the future they expected. Not very much has changed: people go to bars, drive cars, pay taxes, complain about stuff, work most of the time. Some of the ways we do that stuff changed. I think the delta over the next 50 years will be similar.Ether is a currency for funding transactions. Soon the time+watthour cost for transactions will decrease. I'm not sure many people understand the logical result here.Learning. Yes.No.William Entriken
2018/05/25 9:53:15 AM GMT+7Peter S., Christian, Fabian, Piper, Vlad, Nick ... to pick just 3 is really difficult. The entire community is so helpful and supportive. I mention these guys because they are visible, brilliant and are constantly working hard to improve things.For me just the open source movement in general. I've been locked away in the corporate world for years and to see what is happening on this front is astonishing.Transparency, democracy, honesty, integrity and most importantly - constantly trying to push the boundaries of technology.The team. The mission. The challenge.To see how the Ethereum team handled the DAO - those were early days and the team showed really solid leadership.nononoKnowledgeable, generous, patient. I've learned so much about Ethereum because of the efforts of the community.Treat others like I would like to be treated. Be open and honest.I hope we apply technology to make our planet cleaner and improve the lives of all species that inhabit it.I have a dark secret. I sit down with Ethereum every day and I struggle for applications. It's the strangest technology. I've never come across something like it. It seems so powerful and accomplishes something that is very difficult to do so I am frustrated that I am having trouble coming up with new ideas how to use it.I like building things and seeing them help people.The Ethereum team is an inspiration. I really look up to you. Keep up the good work!MBS
2018/05/25 12:05:43 PM GMT+7Joseph, Karl, Jarrad, because they advance the Ethereum ecosystem.Blockchain4socialgood, United Nations, unconditional basic incomeSolving social problems like identity and financial access, limiting concentrated power of organizations and governments. Ethereum should help people while still rewarding those who help.The permissionless power to solve problems of people less fortunate than others.The devcons, meeting other helpers of humanity at conferences. Great vipe, but it gets poisoned by financial greed more snd more.NoPrice talk, ICO advertisementsOnboarding enough developers.Someone who wants to experiment, help people, make money.Honesty, openness, empathy, curiousnessWhere people, also with completely different mindsets, can peacefully live together on this planet because neither feels to need to screw over the other one.That it could get overtaken and corrupted, then guided into a wrong direction, to control / "enslave" people.The future. I expect major improvements for everyone. In the distant future, though.Keep up the good work, JarradMichael
2018/05/25 2:55:10 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir (Honesty), Alex Van De Sande (Pragmatism), Afri Schoeden (Patience), Nick Johnson (Teacher), Phil Daian (Objective Knowledge)Plasma, ConsenSys, OmiseGo, PolkadotBlockchain for the people, empowering users, incentivizing participation and trust minimization. Fostering understanding of the technology and making it accessible to all. NOT immutability above all else. Social implications of a collaborative blockchain with a microeconomy built around it incentivizing behavior, participation, and building more than just a simple payments/settlement network.Buying my first Cryptokitty, because it was the first real usage beyond payments I was exposed to. Addressed governance questions and issues earlier on.DeviateFishConveying smart contract best practices a bit better to the community, including the importance of safe mathValues building and experimenting for the greater good, and is a willing participant and active contributors to many facets of the Ethereum community discussion. Values objective measures over subjective idealogies.Do unto others... Also, try to understand one person each day who walks in obviously different shoes and in a different direction than myself.Self sovereign future.Absolute power corrupting absolutely. My relationships with others. Building relationships with others is key to generating some impact on the world.@cyber_hokie
2018/05/25 3:17:16 PM GMT+7Peter Szilagyi (programmer skill, balance of development and popularization), Alex van de Sande (advocacy and focus on user experience), Taylor Monahan (enormously valuable contribution with minimal external support)Cypherpunk, Agorism, Open Source Softwareopen/permissionless participation, fairness, radical decentralizationBeing the first universal smart contract platform. The acceptance of ERC-681. It was the result of a year of (often heated) discussions, resulting in a broadly acceptable compromise.The DAO hardfork. The way it was decided and communicated was against what I believed Ethereum was about.Constant barrage of advertising by teams doing scammy ICO'sCompetent, honest, open, willing to cooperateSeeking technical solutions to problems. Doing unto others what I would like others do unto me.One with much more choice regarding lifestyle, legal and financial frameworks than what we currently have. One with more voluntary cooperation and less coercion.Sometimes it seems like we are one really stupid decision from disaster; something similar to the DAO hardfork could undermine Ethereum's credibility beyond repair. Also, I am somewhat afraid of violent crime specifically targeting members of our community.Seeing the (enormously positive, liberating) impact of the things I help bring about. It really feels like we are making history.Daniel A. Nagy
2018/05/25 4:03:28 PM GMT+7Aeron Buchanan, Jutta Steiner, Gavin wood, Christoph jentschEnergy Web Foundation, event horizonTrust because it is really workingSmart contracts and their possibilities DAO because of the whole community and how they solved everythingContributing with everything, not only codesIndependencePower to the peopleNoErwin
2018/05/25 4:03:38 PM GMT+7Aeron Buchanan, Jutta Steiner, Gavin wood, Christoph jentschEnergy Web Foundation, event horizonTrust because it is really workingSmart contracts and their possibilities DAO because of the whole community and how they solved everythingContributing with everything, not only codesIndependencePower to the peopleNoErwin
2018/05/25 4:06:53 PM GMT+7Gav for getting shit done
Nick Jonson for community engagement
Carl Floersch for ethusiasm
Energy Web Foundation
The backbone for the future of automatized collaboration and trust relationships.The idea of the DAO attracted me.
I am still here because I believe that Ethereum is the core of a tech stack that will enable people and "systems" to collaborate more efficiently. I see it in a line with other tools such as language, writing, telecomunication, shared myths (religions, states, corporations) as a groundbreaking invention.
The moment i read about the DAO and realized the potential of the tech.I love Parity but their pushing towards unfreezing the funds despite clear opposition of the ecosystem was frustrating.Marketing people using the same language over and over again. Buzzwords stalled my enthusiasm slightly. Hiring people. Look at what kind of people Dfinity hired.A good member behaves in a way that contributes to long term price increase of ETH. I am not a speculator but this is IMO the essence of any answer to the question.Freedom, Independence, Health
I want to look back on my live when I am old and think "I did some cool shit"
For me: self employed, family, traveling
For Ethereum:
I believe that Ethereum is the core of a tech stack that will enable people and "systems" to collaborate more efficiently. I see it in a line with other tools such as language, writing, telecomunication, shared myths (religions, states, corporations) as a groundbreaking invention.
Compeditors could take over. Regulation might block the roads.See values/principles
2018/05/25 4:27:05 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir; speaks his mind, honest; Karl Floersch; enthusiasm for everything; Nick Johnson; willing to debate Vitalik on Eth cap, Jez San; transparent and communicative in building Funfair; Linux, liberal economics, keynesian economicsFreedom, uncensorable (largely), community-drivenOriginally, price action; I am still here because of a fascination with revolutionary tech and as an investmentWhen ether rebounded from $130; because I bought at $400. But also using the ethereum tech to buy DGX, play blockchain poker (Virtue), buy and sell cryptokitties, set up a CDP and lever up a little ether; using the technology.I am a little worried about the unclear governance. More emphasis needs to be taken on this. Having listened to the podcast on Unchained with Aya, the new Executive Director of Ethereum, I am not sure she is the one to lead Ethereum into the future (if that is indeed her role).Scaling; can't wait until we see these solutions in placeUsability is a big issue that is talked about a lot but little progress appears to be made in my opinion. Perhaps we need to wait until the tech is more stable.Interested, aware of the issues/projects, spreads the word, builds on the platform, helps othersTreat people as you would treat yourself.I like the present but I am curious for the future. An end to the inflexible 9-5 lifestyle. Please no more Donald Trump.There are a lot of smart contract competitors that have less to lose and can 'move faster and break things' more easilyImproving at something; Learning something of interest/usefulJonathan Lau
2018/05/25 4:29:35 PM GMT+7Hudson Jameson [for his consistency, mediation skills, and organization], Greg Colvin [for quietly being a voice of reason and sanity], Vlad Zamfir [for being steadfast in what he wants from the community, and fighting incessantly for it] The Dat Project community (and the Beaker Browser community), presenting another great direction for the "decentralized web" with working software, useful tools, a growing community, and *no tokens*.Pragmatism over ideology: we want to make things, not argue about things.

Usability, usability, usability.

Being accessible, welcoming, and purpose agnostic: as far as I recall, one of the most explicit early goals for Ethereum was to be agnostic to the purpose it would be used for. This should imply no special logic as much as possible (or at the very least, special logic should be optional in all cases).
At a high level: I wanted to be able to make fire-and-forget apps (logic on Ethereum, data on swarm, communications via whisper) which would ideally outlive me, or at least my attention. I'm still here because that's still mostly the case (although I have moved most of my development work to Dat-based projects), and Ethereum isn't an ecosystem of a single blockchain anyway. I have many fond memories of helping out with support for Swarm City, and testing various versions of their apps. This is an ongoing experience. We slipped up in preventing commercial talk on the /r/Ethereum subreddit, to the point where I stopped using reddit for my Ethereum-based information.

I found it extremely annoying that Skype was (and remains) one of the primary forms of group communication between members of the community. I felt pushed out by the community in the earlier days due to the closed nature of communications (the Ethereum.org forums [which I tried to be active on] and Skype) and eventually the cognitive overload led me to just leave and come back a few years later... where the same exact thing happened again with Slack. We need ways for people to communicate and give and receive feedback in low-noise environments, but this is clearly a Hard Problem. Also, why did it take so long to migrate to decentralized chatrooms?
Noise, Moonkids. The way the DAO fork was handled might be considered a failure. At the very least, all major clients implemented both sides of the fork, so why was there a fragmentation of the community? I feel like there was (at the time, but now the communities are too different) a false dichotomy about what "Ethereum" is: the two forks didn't need to be considered different projects, and doing so set the negative precedent, not the fork itself. Someone too busy building something to attack others; someone who's first reaction to criticism is reflection, not justification or retaliation; someone who doesn't consider the Ethereum community a monolith in terms of ideology or purpose (or even blockchain); **someone who isn't aware that Ethereum is anything other than a tool/isn't aware of the "Ethereum community"!**Always try to empathize with the people I communicate with. There is always common ground to base communication on.

I don't have to be busy all the time, nor do I have to do anything I don't want to do, or am unenthusiatic about.

Nothing needs to be constant or unconditional.
One where *everyone* can afford to only do the things they are enthusiastic about; a future where negative/antisocial behavior is never rational, albeit always still an option (that is almost entirely unheard of in practice, because we'll live in a high-trust environment with external costs and benefits of our actions accounted for and punished/rewarded). The ballooning complexity of the development environment; we're only recently getting development environments for EVM languages that make it "as easy" as developing outside the Ethereum ecosystem. I mostly just live day-to-day, but I like making cool things and sharing viral ideas and seeing how they interact with the world, so I guess satisfying my curiosity has always given my life meaning? I don't need to reason about it, it's already outside what I care to care about. This is the first time I have seen this questionnaire anywhere and I don't know why. Joshua Mir
2018/05/25 5:49:54 PM GMT+7stablecorporationSupportServermistownerTimesotherDiscret and stable team healthLife MonacoHackingFamily PEPEcoinPEPE Invest s.r.o.
2018/05/25 7:59:09 PM GMT+7Jo Lubin (vision, conviction & serenity); @avsa (breadth of scope; self-education; politically literate); Yoichi (righteousness).Nothing is like Ethereum.Radical liberalisation; non-paradigmatic creativity and decentralisation above all. The 'why's wouldn't fit here.To be honest, the possibility of, one day, breeding actual DAOs.Probably the first day our team deployed a token contract and made a transaction. Or the day we met in person for the first time, and talked about this. I guess it has to do with sharing this magical feeling of opening up a new world to explore, that the pioneers one day had and many people are probably connected through. Tough question. It's hard not to feel that some people shouldn't have belong to the community in the first place. But, with time, the right things eventually get done. I think the Ethereum ecosystem is a hard-to-find example of fitness and survival.Maybe, at this point, I feel its a bit overinstitutionalised.We're failing at scaling and at UX, collectively, at this point, I guess.1 - Does not put his interest above those of others.
2 - Has decent knowledge of *both* the potential and the limits of the technology.
3 - Is welcoming to new entrants (and competition!), respectful to all colleagues, and never disdainful.
1 - Put the interest of the whole above all.
2 - Give love unconditionally.
3 - Be welcoming to new people (and competition!), respectful to all, and never disdainful.
Peace.The gap between the more educated and the less educated grows exponentially big. See "The selectorate theory".Joy in doing simple things with people I love; thrill in multiplying things that can be of good to others; fulfilling curiosity. They say when you can't answer "why" anymore, that's when you've reached true meaning :)Thanks for taking the time to come up with this questions? They're really good and made me have a different day than I'd have otherwise :)@felipether
2018/05/25 11:28:42 PM GMT+7that guy who started consensys. he put his own money into everything, right? how noble. and Jarrad Hope, because he successfully got his project off the ground. (i don't know of many people in the space...)get something working today, perfect it tomorrowcame for the moonshot, stayed for the tech communitywhen i realized that these people are happy to plow forward even in the face of seemingly insurmountable technical hurdles, because they have full faith in the fact that they WILL figure out a way to overcome them, even if they seem solidity `revert()` not returning a message!no!not yetwelcoming, helpful, generous with their time.the golden rulea better onethat the fiat MONEY POWER will somehow subvert our revolutioncultivating mass wisdom through information transformation
2018/05/25 11:52:22 PM GMT+7Vlad, Karl and Emin. They all have a commitment to scientific research and strong ethical compasses. They also have a sense of humour.This question is too broad to be meaningfulTransparency, openness and rigour.I was originally attracted to the power of smart contracts to enforce transparency in the charity sector. What made me stay is the cryptoeconomic research going on in our space, and the community's openness and collaboration.There have been many but the happiest was coming out with the Alice project at an Ethereum London meetup in 2016, after a year working in stealth. The welcome we got, including from potentially competing projects, was amazing. Getting accepted to speak at Edcon and all the support since has also been great.The scale of the ICO hype and scamming. I can feel it's created massive cynicism and suspicion. We consider ourselves a "second wave" project and find it hard to engage with the core and cut through the noise.Hype. Scams. Self-righteousness. Tribalism. Trolling.Not really, but I think clearer communications on the Ethereum's direction, partners, design choices and trade-offs would be helpful for newcomers in the space. We feel informed as a "veteran" team, but there are a lot of Chinese whispersSomeone committed to transparency, openness and rigourActing on my personal desires in a way that also helps others.One of personal freedom and collective harmony.Hubris is a massive risk. Whether that's lambos or badgers and unicorns.My work on social impact and my family. For the former, I have a huge debt to Ethereum.Raphael Mazet
2018/05/26 12:30:03 AM GMT+7Hudson Jameson (inclusivity, strong community organizer, good person!). Robbie Bent (makes it his mission to be helpful to people). Manuel Arroz (productive! community oriented, but technical first.)1. BUIDL - which I strongly dislike the name of, but like the spirit! 2. web3 - new infrastructure for the decentralized web. 3. /r/ethereum - it's still a Community :)Inclusivity. Openness. Respect. Technicality. I think it should be technical first, as a development platform, rather than a financial platform. But beyond that it should aim to be inclusive and open...a place where everyone can be comfortable.Permissionless innovation platform. Decentralized development stack. Embed economics into any protocol or application. I'm still here for these reasons.Swarm Summit 2017 in Berlin. Amazing week to work alongside the community in person, and only focus on building and architecting web3.Promoting projects at conferences that focus on subjects like porn I believe is damaging to the inclusivity efforts of the community. If an audience of 95% males is laughing and joking about topics that are very uncomfortable to 50% of the population or more, than this will not create a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable participating.The event circuit is getting out of hand! Same projects presenting the same talks. Takes tremendous time, money, and energy to keep up. More focus on building and less on promoting at events.

Also, this is less about the community, but I'm tired of architecting around the uncertain regulatory environment in the US :)
The golden rule.Creating "unstoppable technology" comes with consequences that developers are not always considering. How do we also create effective decentralized checks and balances that allow users to opt into certain protections, if that is their preference?
2018/05/26 12:43:49 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir - very publicly sets out ideals with which I identify
Nick Johnson - very good at expressing complex ideas in a straightforward way, takes time to do so
Makoto Inoue - welcoming to new people and proactively creating opportunities for them to learn
Self sovereign identity is important. I think peer to peer trade is important. Probably the fact that we are an international community that's welcoming as well. Openness is key alongside technical rigor. Love how unstoppable Dapps can be built and interacted with. I love how more and more smart people keep pouring into the ecosystem to work on it together. Seeing long-time projects hit the main net. MakerDao and DigidDao specifically. There are a lot of rent seekers in the space now, subtracting value. Explaining to outsiders that ICO's do not define Ethereum.Educating more people about why Ethereum is so much more than cryptocurrency.Someone who builds but also educates. Do as little harm as possible. Enjoy my freedom and let others enjoy theirs. Don't impose myself or be imposed on by others. Decentralized and more free. More and more wealth and power continues to be concentrated in fewer and fewer people's hands. The worst kind of centralization. Working to build create and build new ideas that are going to help remove suffering and abuse of power from the world.I am by no means a maximalist. I want to see multiple blockchains succeed, but I love Ethereum the most right now <3James
2018/05/26 12:52:12 AM GMT+7Joe Lubin (bridging Ethereum with the real world), Karl Floresch (great enthusiasm / energy), Hudson Jameson (a really good guy who understands the importance of community engagement)I don't fully understand this question, but I engage with Ethereum through Reddit (r/ethtrader and r/ethereum) primarily. I also participate in several Discords with key participants in the community.Ethereum treats everyone equally, regardless of what views they hold or how much money they have. It is accessible to everyone, and controlled by no one. We may not always think it is fair, but it works in a 100% predictable way- creating certainty in an uncertain world. It can be trusted above nearly anything else, even when we cannot always trust one another. This will likely help us cooperate more and create the conditions for us to build greater trust between one another.Because I saw the value smart contract technology could bring to the world, and also saw it as an investment opportunity (was in Bitcoin in 2013). I've stuck around because the community is awesome (really motivated to change the world), is making excellent progress, and because of the ownership "staking" model that Proof of Stake will introduce.To be honest, when I saw the price skyrocket to $300. Second happiest: when I bought my first CryptoKitty, because I had never provably owned unique digital property before.EIP 999 discussion was not managed well (I was not in favor of it, but that was not the point). Also, Vitalik introducing the April Fools hardcap "joke" wasn't really a great way to introduce such an important discussion. Also, in general, we don't put enough emphasis on user experience in actually using Ethereum.Investors / "hodlers" are often treated with disdain in community discussions, even though they will be as essential as miners are now when we shift to PoS. Yes, we are here to make money in part by investing in ETH, but many of us also deeply believe in the Ethereum vision / value proposition and want to make the world a better place.Not failing yet, but we need to implement meaningful scaling solutions soon and drive dapps to use it. I want to see Ethereum more used, and for more diverse purposes, beyond small games and token trading.Someone who contributes constructively to the community, through whatever tools and skills they have available to them.Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Creating a Positive Impact for the WorldOne that is accelerated by exciting technology, which hopefully creates more harmony than there is today.I am afraid scaling won't work. I'm afraid we'll never solve governance.Working to create a positive impact for the world through every action I take, whether big or small.DCinvestor (Reddit), @iamDCinvestor (Twitter)
2018/05/26 1:34:35 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir - When he isn't trolling, admire his technical brilliance.

Joe Lubin - Fantastic advocate for ETH ecosystem getting the message out there.

Vansa Chatikavanij - Fantastic speaker, trying to break down blockchain to basics that are relatable for masses to understand. Advocate for the unbanked.
Omisego - I think what they are trying to do should be the goal we strive for using this technology for social good.Innovation in the space - Don't become what BTC has become, don't rest on success. Concerns that the current way we run systems is not going to work going forward. The rise of surveillance capitalism.

First interaction with a smart contract blew my mind considering this was on a decentralised network - My thought was this is very clunky to use at present for most people but if it can be refined this could be the start of something very special.EIP 999 and any future attempts to resurrect this. Especially when the narrative was trying to be changed that the average user was the bad guy by certain members of the EF team was a pretty low point.See above. Please, please put someone on to improve user experience of the mist wallet/basic configurations for running nodes etc.

Wouldn't say it's a failure really more a symptom of success. The network is getting pretty clogged, need scaling solutions asap.
Advocate for the space in general, calling out misinformation when they see it. Educating the public about the difference between platforms. Humility.

Basically Vitalik is a fantastic example of what a good Ethereum community member is.
Empathy, honesty, determination, ambition, love and caring for those around me.A world where work isn't the centre of most peoples lives or at least the culture of being tied to a place 9-5 in order to survive. Pursuing more meaningful pursuits, more time with friends and family.Scaling won't be feasible anytime soonSadly work, I would love to be free of those constraints so I could pursue goals that are meaningful to me and not someone elses.
2018/05/26 1:50:57 AM GMT+7Peter szilagyi - Ethical and hard-working

Vlad Zamfir - challenges and stands up to challenges.
Loved cruptocurrency fundamentals, but the governance of Bitcoin had me upset. Went from bitcoin to peercoin then to ethereum.

I am still here because I feel the project is run well and I believe it will change the world for better, removing corruption and providing transparency.
Getting free OMG through airdrop. I had no idea what it was, and learned quite a bit after receiving it au gratis.I was confused between EOS and ethereum when I got my first ethers.

The disdain for polkadot.
The demands for releases.
NoParticipation in events. Sharing opinions. Do not feed the trolls. Provide help when it is needed. Try to fix things myself before asking for help.Fear over past dao/multisig/contract bugs - over how deeply embedded a problem can be.I enjoy optimizing resources by providing visibility to them, reducing waste. Less waste leads to a better world.Tony
2018/05/26 2:13:43 AM GMT+7Joseph Lubin
Driving force behind ConsenSys, which is behind some of the highest quality projects in the space. Balanced outward demeanour, which grants credibility to the Ethereum ecosystem, and which contrasts nicely with the irrational cypherpunk fanaticism so prevalent in crypto.

Brian Armstrong
Coinbase is making a lot of great business decisions lately and is really driving Ethereum into the mainstream with Toshi/Cipher and 0x-based decentralized exchange. Brian's blog posts and Coinbase' overall communication also reveals that there is a strong mind and coherent vision underpinning these decisions, not merely short term economic incentive.

The combined whole of Ethereum developers and researchers in the Ethereum foundation, Parity and other valuable cornerstone projects like 0x, Maker, Digix, ... would be role model number three.
Too many to name. I don't think any one of them should take precedence over the other. Ethereum should not be driven by ideology. It should be an intentless world computer in so far as that is possible.Pragmatism, rationality, objectivity, justice, equality, generality, inclusivity, nuance, ...The abstraction from a discrete set of features to a general purpose, programmable blockchain seemed like a logical evolution. I'm still here because the rest of the world is starting to realize the potential as well, and synergetic, ground-up ecosystem growth is happening before our eyes.Seeing my net worth increase significantly after investing in ETH, because not having to worry all too much about a constant inflow of money to maintain my lifestyle is very freeing.- The website and overall documentation tends to be somewhat lacking. It doesn't hurt to display some impressive (but true) statistics on the front page for instance (amount of known dapps, link to the EEA, etc). The first thing newcomers tend to see is the official ethereum.org website after all. It's not so easy to see that Ethereum is the de facto dapp platform that underpins web3 right now.
- Core developer calls, governance meetings, and several other videos and live streams tend to be barely watchable due to terrible video and/or audio quality. Donating proper headsets to anybody that joins a core developer call would help perhaps. I noticed that it is improving lately though.
- Geth seems to be lagging behind Parity, yet is still the majority client. Too many people report inability to sync a full node with Geth. Without incentive to run a full node, at least the process should be as smooth as possible.
- WASM should get higher priority. The sooner the EVM can be retired, the better.
- Perhaps sometimes a bit too much leniency towards considering to introduce subjectivity in Ethereum's governance, particularly with regards to the Parity recovery proposals. Hopefully EIP0 manages to produce something that can serve as a starting agreement position for such discussions in the future.
The answer to that question depends on who should be considered part of the community. ICO scammers and opportunists are pretty high on the list I'd say. In the broader crypto community, Ethereum naysayers that purposely try to create a false narrative because Ethereum is not their tribe, endangers their net worth and/or belief system are high on the list.See earlier answers.Shares the values from previous answers, skilled in one or more areas that help the ecosystem, apolitical, level-headed, hung like a mule, a good sense of humor.See previous answers. Values and principles are there to be constantly reevaluated and fine tuned so as to match the non-binary reality surrounding them.A future where Ethereum is the dominant force of the crypto ecosystem, with virtually anything that can be considered of value tokenized for ultimate synergy.- Due to market irrationality and skewed incentives, the crypto ecosystem could become a patchwork of different blockchains doing essentially the same thing, causing an engineering nightmare with at best awkward protocols on top to unite them all.
- Ethereum's scaling and general progress takes a lot longer than expected and/or the outcome is underwhelming or otherwise disastrous
- Ethereum community spirit weakens due to hubris after taking #1 market cap position. The underdog position has certain psychological advantages.
Life needs no meaning for me. I keep myself in reasonable health to maintain status quo happiness level and have some interests and people that keep me going.Ethereum has been doing rather great so far. Let's keep up the good work and we'll have the chance to radically transform global society.antiprosynthesis
2018/05/26 2:19:04 AM GMT+7Lubin, Greco, june - bigger long term visionECF, OMG, ZRXinclusive cooperation for lasting changefinancial motives for real positive changessurviving DAO hack proved this might really be possibleuncertainty in resolution of parity hack and regulatory concernstribal behavior clarity on how to deal with events such as parity hack redditor DCinvestorspread positive energy and dont be distracted by noisemore difficult for the elite to take advantage of everyone below themscaling, regulation, and governancefamily/friends/love, anything else is insignificant without that solid foundationexciting time to be alivecharles
2018/05/26 2:41:00 AM GMT+7Hudson Jameson- I appreciate his dedication to educating the community and governance.
Jarrad Hope- He is doing alot to creating a global ethereum community
Vlad Zamfir- he does a great job of discussing highly technical aspect of Ethereum.
open source, transparency, freedomcommunity and the learning mindset. I also appreciate the importance of transparency.It is a really open community for N00b and very encouraging of people getting started with Ethereum. I also liked how open the community is and that all the resources are available online.Writing my first smart contract.I wish there was more diversity in the community and more opportunities for people in diverse communities to engage with Ethereum. nope.someone that is engaged and encouraged about growing the community and equipping others to utilized Ethereum for their needs.Do no harm, Economic Empowerment, Equality, and FreedomA global one where there are agreed upon human rights and that people can create the life they want anywhere in the world. A life where all people have access to the tools they need to make their best life possible.A better future for my children.
2018/05/26 3:13:53 AM GMT+7nonsensical questionDon't try to conduct qualitative research in this way. I hope you're not writing your thesis on this as (looking at your research method) I would give you a straight F (me being lecturer in research)
2018/05/26 3:29:08 AM GMT+7Karl Floersch - the way he present complicated ideas in a fun, engaging and less serious manner is really inspiring, both in terms of getting the message across about how systems work at a deep level and in terms of the higher level, conceptual impacts they may have.

Jordi Baylina - a fantastic developer working on really great standards and other smart contracts that will have a massive impact for the people he lives with and cares most about. He is also just so approachable, caring, and engaged, so any interaction with him leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Robbie Bent - I have never met someone both so driven to, and talented at, moving Ethereum forward by actually interfacing with all the people he can, drawing out their key insights and then connecting them problems we all have with the people capable of fixing them in interesting ways.
FOSS - Stallman and Barlow and the principles that they developed in the early 90's are very closely aligned to what we're all doing and we should learn as many lessons from them as we can.

https://dynamicland.org/ and Bret Victor - socially aware, contextual computing and a vision of where tech should take us and how we ought to implement it that not enough people are paying attention to: https://vimeo.com/36579366 and https://vimeo.com/71278954 are great examples.

FreiFunk - mesh network in Berlin. Bring on the future of properly decentralized, peer-to-peer internet infrastructure!!
Decentralization - esp. as it relates to and enhances privacy and Freedom of Speech.

Economic Inclusion - unbank everyone!

Open Access - make all the data free! It's not IP or even data that is "defensible" anymore (to use shitty VC language), it is governance itself.

Connection - peer-to-peer systems are about building technologies that allow us to LIVE with each other in more constructive and mutually beneficial ways. Getting this right is incredibly important.
The promise of systems that could actually deliver on Bitcoin's promise of peer-to-peer electronic payment systems that everyone with an internet connection can use, understand and leverage for the benefit of themselves and their communities (i.e. it makes anti-rival goods and the production thereof a real possibility for all of us).

The notion of being able to read data from the chain in an essentially perfect way (deterministic and agreed upon by a global set of peers) means we can institute, at the level of the linguistic protocols we use to organise society, more open, transparent and equitable systems. This is a dream worth living and dying for.
A drink and a walk to dinner through Bangkok with Jarrad Hope (who I also would have listed in the first question had he not sent me this form) where we got to really understand what drives and inspires the other and where I was able to understand a lot more about the person behind the vision.

This kind of personal connection with the people driving forward the next web is what I live for, and Jarrad is by far one of the most interesting person to have these kind of discussions with.
Lots of the developer tooling sucks - which is why I have been driving ETHPrize and all the developer interviews so much.

I also get frustrated that everyone is in such a rush to "change the world" rather than thinking clearly and critically about what that really means and how it applies to the compromises they are making for the sake of convenience, or just to ship early. We are far too prone to rhetoric over running code, and this tends to attract people like those hanging around blockchain week in NYC recently.
Repetitive questions can get tough to handle after a while.

Explaining to people (especially speculative token investors) that good things take time to build when you are not willing to compromise on the key principles listed above also gets tiring.

Trying to collaborate with people who have very different opinions and approaches can be both invigorating and exhausting - better governance frameworks that allow people with very different approaches to work together on common problems while solving their unique use cases are definitely needed.
We're failing hard at documentation and therefore missing a lot of opportunities to attract more talented contributors.

The various different scaling initiatives are taking a long time and it is difficult to understand what sort of effect both Layer 1 and 2 stuff will have on both developer and user experience. I have yet to see any serious considerations of what happens when devs need to figure out which shard to inject their contract into, or what provider to use when connecting to a Plasma chain etc.
One who actively participates and doesn't let the feeling of inadequacy we all inevitably face when meeting people at the core of the ecosystem get in the way of adding their unique perspectives and talents to the community.
This person does first and asks permission never. They take ownership of an aspect that they have critically identified as one in which they can add real value according to their skill set.
They realise that not everyone has to be a coder and that we desperately need UXR people, PMs, technical writers, designers, and a whole slough of other kinds of people, all of whom - were they willing to just run with something themselves and see where it leads - can advance the common causes we are all passionate about.
basically, they are not afraid to fail and just want to help in whichever way they can because they are intrinsically motivated to see this stuff exist in the world.
Love hard. Love it all with everything you have and everything you are.
Seek wonder and feel passionately when you find it.
Share who you are sincerely.
Listen to others attentively.
Always learn.
Find people who are better than you and work with them.
One in which people have more time and freedom to work on what they find to be meaningful.
One in which we connect in ways that generate value for both of us and the wider communities of which we are a part.
One in which political power is diffuse and adaptive enough to respond locally while applying globally.
One in which what you contribute carries much more weight than who you are.
One of open access to knowledge and resources for everyone on the planet. Literally.
I fear too much rhetoric over running code.
I fear we won't be able to find good enough governance systems before Ethereum or something like it really goes mainstream and that the culture and ethos we have developed will become diluted.
I fear the compromises we will have to make to ensure we can scale the current systems to meet global demand.
Being alive is THE super power. Life itself is the only thing commensurate with humankind's capacity for wonder - coming to this simple realisation at an experiential level is the root of all meaning for me.

It's true, what you told me,
all that time ago and right now:

I need to feel how you love,
how it is your heart holds together
this infinity,
how you give it back
when it comes due;
let it go
as if that had been the trick
to making meaning of the beat,
to feeling compassion like blood
returned on a tide
that tells of ten thousand things
never to be known.

And we, people of the sky,
who came here on a flight of birds,
or riding rain animals like
those old keepers of the kumm,
standing on another edge
and holding the world together
with a few simple words
about what it felt like
to give up, feel
the Earth itself move through you
and explode.

Then fear, and tears,
a hundred lifetimes of surrender,
before grace and gratitude:

to feel how you love.
You've dreamed a world way beyond
what can be said.

A world with her,
and three lines of old French
stretching far into the spring sunset
which slides on forever;
finds you searching for breath
halfway up a mountain,
the padded silence of pine trees
suggesting a scene from long ago,
lost in the mist now rolling in
and the stray valleys of snow
clinging on to coldness
before this spreading life.

And at the top, two old birds,
an eagle and an owl,
carved lovingly into the fallen
trees, like shattered echo chambers
letting loose an old sound,
something you have heard
but since forgotten, something
like the snow and the spring
the the nonexistent boundary
between them...

Both lifelike and limited,
those two great birds watch
from fixed wooden eyes,
waiting for another dreamer
to wonder past and wake them,
will them up
into their native element,
no more to grieve, dear heart,
nor fear the seeming-

Here is waking after dreaming.
Andy Tudhope
2018/05/26 4:11:27 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson - technically brilliant but aware of his limitations / aware of the need for governance.
Jerome de Tychey - bridge builder and community manager, makes a wide variety of people feel welcome.
the liquid democracy folks and similar groups.
the universal basic income groups.
society over capitalism. Bitcoin is full if anarcho capitalist extremist and ayn rand fanboys. ethereum folks always consider the social impact.the sense of wonder and possibility. the optimism. It reminds me of the spirit of the web in 1995.watching the launch of frontier. see the blocks coming in and no major forks... it was actually working and live. very exciting to be a part of that.more widespread support for infrastructure projects (as opposed to dapps) like swarm, whisper, ens, or even mist/browser.the endless price discussions. the lambo crowd. the people who don't see distribution and fairness as a problem or even refuse to discuss the issue as a matter of principle -- whatever is is what the market created and therefore correct -- I hate that attracting people who are not affluent white western males. diversity in general is really lacking.and idealist. an activist. a bridge builder. a communicator. I seek equality not in material goods, but equality of opportunity. that is what our society (economy?) is failing at. If I have been lucky, then I wish to share with others to even the scales. I don't pretend that I've somehow earned my luck.it'll be a rough few decades ahead. it looks dark to me. things cannot keep going the way they are and I fear we won't adjust smoothly.inequality is a prime driver of political instability in the west and I fear ethereum is not addressing that at all. creating a new crypto elite will not solve our problems.learning and teaching. sharing.
2018/05/26 4:27:39 AM GMT+7Vlad, Karl Floersch, Joe Lubin.– Vlad: Honest skepticism. Karl: Honest optimism. Joe: ETH Evangelism and cool headedness.ConcenSys, Ethereum Foundation, EthtraderOpenness, progressivenessI don’t really remember. I’m here for the community and to see how this thing works out.Explaining Ethereum to my girlfriend and having a good discussion.There needs to be a DAO sometimes along the way.Doomsayers and Mooboys.Too soon to tell.Someone who is curious.Try not to be a dick.Troubling times ahead, overpopulation will make for some heavy conflicts globally.Any downturn of the economy will have some effect on Ethereum. In what way remains to be seen.Family & Friends.P
2018/05/26 6:50:25 AM GMT+7Hippies, Burning man, Digital Nomads.
The open-source movement is relevant to a whole new level.
Humility, openness, transparency.I was into Bitcoin. I didn't get Ethereum at first, too abstract. I was overwhelmed with information already so I consciously decided to ignore Ethereum. Until I find out about web3. Then I materialized everything that could be done. All the socio-economic systems redesigned, decentralized.
The next 'aha!' moment was when I did the first prototype and I realized how 'easy' was to move money around, without any external service. As a developer was a very eye-opening experience. I now could think about very complex systems without any external dependency.

I'm developing with Ethereum because it pays the bills and it's very complementary to my other interest.
But, I believe trust based networks around the individual (not a piece of information in the blockchain) are a fundamental missing piece. Mostly because they resemble the analog world. Proper reputation systems are not only decentralized but distributed. In this sense I personally value more technologies such as IPFS or the libp2p stack.
More that a memory... the energy of the community. The minds of some of its members.ICOs and abundance in general incentivize building platforms from the top down instead of the bottom up. They need to deliver a promise in a paper, and they have all the money, no need to find out the real needs.
Big percentage of projects in the space (not only scammy ICOs) don't have 'real' users , and they're building for hypothetical use-cases. And the few users they have have a huge vested interest. This creates the illusion that value is created, when is not. This will end up back-shooting the whole community.
We're explorers. I perceive a little too much certainty about the future.
We have failed communicating the value of Ethereum. The currency part has devoured what I believe is the real proposition.I don't think there is any other movement that embraces decentralization like Ethereum does (including other cryptos).
Do you want to decentralize? This is your place.
Optimize for personal growth. Avoid comfort. Humility, antifragiilty, sustainability, self sufficiency, transparency.The dilution of the nation-states.
A world were the benefits go to who creates value not who controls the channels.
A world not driven by economical incentives but by global needs.
Short term: Noise. Value of the Ethereum project perceived as the value of the currency.

Long term: The people that first got into Etherum , were some of the best minds, very ideologically driven. Big percentage of these people are now economically independent. The incentive to keep working hard is therefore much smaller.
The people joining now is much more driven by the currency aspect of it.
Is the cool innovation gone?
Other cryptos may become more innovative and may end up winning the long run?
I don't believe I have a purpose. I do have a monkey mind that wants to keep me alive. This monkey mind is happy when it evolves and when it sees other's happy.
Let's learn how the systems that drive our world work. Understand where they fail. Let's make better ones.
Exploring. Learning. Building.
Xavi Vives
2018/05/26 7:18:38 AM GMT+7Ryan Ford, Phillip Defranco, and my dad. Ethtrader, coinbase, APEX Movement Decentralized blockchain, Fairness, ease of use. The technology and the investment. I’m still here for both watching the developments. Being able to share it with others, long talks, fun times, world view changingSometimes the community goes too crazy The amount of coins NoSomeone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and good at sharing those qualities with others. Science, peace A good oneScaling Parkour. It’s my passion and community
2018/05/26 10:44:31 AM GMT+7Gavin Wood, Andreas, Vlad ZamfirLiquid democracy, digitalization of tangible propertyFreedom, decentralizationDecentralization, a much fairer worldTheDAO fork and returning the stolen funds to the proper owners.Maybe we can focus on more University partnerships.Some people are only here for the money. I am here because Ethereum will make the world a better place.We need to support the developers more by helping with testing.Humble and fully supportive of decentralization.Freedom. Honesty. Justice.A world where the system is fair for all.Not really.Ethereum ;)
2018/05/26 5:27:04 PM GMT+7I prefer not to have leaders as all.Censorship resistance, Privacy. Both at completely missing.The fresh spirit. I lost confidence in Ethereum with the hard fork and the Slockit TheDAO disaster. That most important Ethereum devs have been part of that flawed project was a very bad sign to me about the state of that community. Hard fork, TheDAO. Another very bad experience was the poor software quality of Mist. When I converted my private keys it rejected my password. Got shocked. Was a stupid carriage return bug which was reported since weeks but not fixed. Pretty bad impression for the QA of the software.That superficial "positive" thinking mentality. Prefer hard facts and brutal honesty as it is more usual in Bitcoin.Hard fork, TheDAO, After that I lost interest so not followed much more recent failures like the Parity MS issue, etc.Critical feedback to what happensI think it will survive only because it has such a huge community. Same as MS survived bc they have such a huge customer base. Not very positive.
2018/05/26 6:04:07 PM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir for being open, rational and analytics. Jarrad Hope for being passionate and unselfish building useful tools for the community.Net neutrality, Wikileaks, FSFWelcoming, transparent and open. Censorship resistance.The idea of smart contracts attracted me. The welcoming community got me to stay.Meeting friendly people at conferences.Launching scaling solutions.A fear of scaling solutions not being released ;)
2018/05/26 6:43:20 PM GMT+7Martin Koeppelmann, Karl Floerch, Joseph Lubin (they all really understand well and care)I care less about the companies or affiliations, but about some really great people!Trust, reliability but practical to achieve a societal change.Ethereum allows us to rebuild the systems of our world. It hasn't changed, and I'm still here because I want to make this change happen.Not really one specific moment (yet), it's an exciting time since the beginning. DevCon 1 was an very important moment for the community. Vitalik on stage on the final keynote... It gets more political; I'm proud of the level of sharing, but recently have seen first movement towards 'to invented here' and some arrogance - I hope this is not becoming the norm.I assume we could have communicate the DOA hard fork better, but I think we learnt a lot. I'm worried about BIP999 and implications into the trust of Ethereum.Intensions to improve the world, and not driven by greed. Honesty, Openness, Fairness, Integrity,...I want to see a future, which empowers individuals to have true choice - what to consume, what to work, who to interact with, access to services and good in a more equal way.Split the community with very controversial decisions (e.g. BIP999) - we had a head start, but I want this community to shape the future. It's important to make progress to stay ahead of competition which has very different objectives... Doing something good with positive impact to many people.Thanks for driving this - curious to see the resultsRouven
2018/05/26 6:45:19 PM GMT+7W3 foundation
The open source movement
Spreading the benefits of technology
Sharing knowledge
Open community

The power of the ideas behind Ethereum is enormous. If the implementation delivers on those ideas, the result will be technology with the potential to empower people who are currently powerless. But this won't happen on its own. Indeed there's a real risk that early adopters who have benefited enormously financially could form a self-serving plutocracy unless the community keeps at its heart the ideal of sharing this technology, and the knowledge needed to harness it.
As a technophile, I see in Ethereum a future which empowers people. It would be however disingenuous not to admit that my small contribution to the Ethereum crowdsale, which has become quite valuable, has kept me more emotionally invested.

The community of people who I admire is another big draw.
Probably a recent talk I went to by Viktor Tron. I was once again blown away by the scope of what may be possible, and got a real buzz.The online community is beset by trolls who I feel manage to have an outsized impact on the community. We need tools that can represent stakeholders better than whoever posts most frequently on Reddit.As above, trolls.The 'move fast and break things' mentality seems to have gone, and it feels as though progress on the core protocol is stalling (but admittedly I am not close to the action so this is probably a warped perception).Someone actively who shares their expertise and time to educate new members.What a question. Trying to understand the world around me and making it better for those less fortunate. Fairness.An open source one where knowledge is pooled and individuals are empowered.My fear is that the permissionless environment of Ethereum will ultimately concentrate power in the hands of a tiny elite, despite all its promise.Relationships, discovery
2018/05/26 6:49:49 PM GMT+7Jordi Baylina - He is constantly working on improving our protocol, cares for the community and is a very good and kind person

Patrick McCorry - His research on payment channels is really helpful to all the people working on the field

Martin Swende (https://twitter.com/mhswende) - His knowledge on security analysis and contributions to ethereum protocol testing can only be rivaled by his capacity for hard work. I respect Martin a lot.

Want to add a 4th. Peter Szilagyi(https://twitter.com/peter_szilagyi) - Without him geth would no longer be used. Really admire his hard work on the go ethereum client.
Ethereum should embody the values of freedom of expression, financial freedom and inclusion. The why is a hard question to answer. That's what I always thought Ethereum stood for.I was originally attracted to Ethereum due to its hard technical problems and the revolution it promised to bring to the way we perform financial transactions. I am still here because we are not done and still got work to do.Going to Devcon2 right after the DAO Hack and the whitehat actions aftermath. Because I met the community of people for whom I went through a summer of hell and they were all so nice and thankfull, and not even a single person was rude or hostile.Yes. Communications between internal projects of the foundation (while I was working for the foundation internal comms was non-existent) and more lately between projects that solve similar problems. It seems to me that there are multiple teams working on similar projects and there is virtually no exchange of ideas between them.Price talkWe are failing at scaling fast enough. With Raiden we hope to help there, but all other scaling projects have to pick up the pace. We must all innovate in the scaling aspect. Also we fail at onboarding and UX.Anyone that does not enjoy trolling and/or harassing other fellow netizensSet high goals and strive to get closer to them one way or another every single day. Don't forget the people around you, friends and family are important.That's a rather broad question. So I will answer with a broad answer. I envision a non-dystopian future. So a Star Trek future, instead of a Blade Runner one.Money and power corrupts, and I fear that many people in Ethereum are in it for the money and not aligned with the general technical goals of the community.Building things that will make a differenceDisclaimer: The questions were rather broad, and I just answered with the first thing that came to my mind. This is just my personal opinion and not that of my employer.Lefteris Karapetsas
2018/05/26 7:34:44 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Jutta Steiner, Afri Schoedon

Nick seems very authentic and open to criticism. Furthermore he's a real professional. I've asked him lots of questions on gitter and he's always responding with a perfect answer.

Jutta seems to have a great vision of technology that can empower people and create a real decentralized web.

Afri is an incredibly nice bloke who's also very open to criticism. He's also a real professional.
Microsoft/ Apple: It will bring great technology to the masses.

Environmental movement: The plan to switch to PoS made that clear from the beginning.

Atheism - sort of: People don't have to believe something because someone else told them it's true. They can easily verify the truth or integrity of data themselves.
Liberty: No one is barred from using the network.

Transparent processes: The EIP process and general development is very transparent.

True decentralization: Right now it seems that a few big players own the platform. There's Joe Lubin with Consensys and Vitalik who seems to have a major say on development. Furthermore, since Vitalik and a few other players own a lot of ETH, centralization with PoS seems like a great risk. (I have no idea how to solve that problem though.)
I got into bitcoin in late 2011. But other than to use it to buy drugs online it didn't make much sense to me. Also the community was kind of toxic from the beginning and it only got worse over time.

When I stumbled across ethereum in 2014 I immediately realized that programmable money has great potential and many use-cases.

I am still here because the community is incredibly welcoming and I am currently launching my first startup.
When I wrote my first Smart Contract and deployed it on the mainnet. I hadn't tested it before so it didn't work as I expected but there it was: A truly decentralized application anyone in the world could use. I was blown away. It frustrates me that a majority of the community doesn't seem to support bugfixes. Especially people who joined in late 2017 seem to be against bug fixes of major issues (like the Parity hack).

The toxic reaction of many people on reddit to these proposals surprised me as well. There wasn't even any real discussion as there was in the past. Just lots of ignorance and schadenfreude.
- Reddit became partly toxic
- that people **still** fall easily for scams
- that a few big players (Consensys, PolyCapital, Coinbase) seem to own the market
- the huge sums of money some startups raise and then spend on other things
At the moment we're failing at user experience. It's hard for new users to get into the space and most dapps are still very difficult to use. Pure interest and voicing their opinion without trolling or being toxic is sufficient. Basic democratic principles like liberty and equality.

I alsl try not to be ignorant and try to inform myself on topics before I voice my opinion.

Being nice to people has generally helped me out a lot in life as well.
I'd love to see a world that profits more people than just the top.If the space becomes too dominated by big players there won't be much innovation in the long term. That's a tough question I don't have an answer to.
2018/05/26 8:41:06 PM GMT+7Karl Floersch. His kindness & passion is infectious. His desire to educate others in patient & understanding ways inspires me to do the same.

Joe Lubin. Although he can sometimes be seen as an overpowering force in the industry, I've always admired his (almost stoic) restraint. He works extremely hard behind many scenes, but is never first to take credit, always putting others on the pedestal, even when it is not warranted. It's a constant reminder that we are all in this together.

Rhys Lindmark. Kind & understanding. Behind his friendly facade, he is relentlessly working on making sure we can move towards a new economic world of abundance.
Internet Archive.
Bitcoin community.
Inclusivity, Openness, Default to Transparency, Diversity.

This is a technology that is & will hold the world's intent in it. This is a technology that whole world needs to use. It is by nature less agnostic than something like HTTP or TCP/IP, because it captures a shared history within it. Thus, we should strive to make sure that that shared history is one all of humanity wants to tell in the future.
I was a developer trying to make Bitcoin do interesting things, wanting to experiment with how we can create more value for the many. Bumping into a hostile programming environment (technically & sometimes socially), made me extremely excited when Ethereum was announced: a blockchain that focused on developers and by extension of that -> inclusion.

I had ideas about the way the world was going to change, and it's not there yet. I'm still here because we aren't done yet. I want to see many more people be able to support their lifestyles, wherever they are in the world, by using blockchain technology to reduce the barriers for them to do so.
Strangely... Back in late 2014/early 2015 when I interviewed to be a part of ConsenSys. Back then it was just Joe Lubin & Ashley Taylor in the company. I was about to give up working in the space after I tried to build a bunch of things in the cryptocurrency space for a year. My funds were running out. Joe telling me that he read my blog posts and that he wants to build all of it, made me realise that I am not alone in seeing this new world come to fruition. Maybe we are still crazy, but at least I didn't feel so alone anymore. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime.I've always felt that the Ethereum Foundation could've fostered a more radical approach: radical transparency & more radical openness.

Additionally, I'm worried that those pushing for governance over a blockchain will become governors. In other words, we might have rulers arrive simply because we left a metaphorical backdoor open for them. It's why I feel that although talks about governance is relevant, we should be very, very wary that it speaks for all users of the system or will ever at all. Those who wish to have governance should not expect that *any* governance is necessarily necessary.
Sometimes I feel we keep having the same conversations without it ending somewhere meaningful.

I personally get tired of too many conferences, but that's a personal issue.
I find it a slightly hard pill to swallow that the industry grew in value so quickly without it being in the right hands yet.

It might be okay if we end up with a new oligarchy if we ALSO have a more empowered long-tail, but I feel that it's a tenuous situation. Will the world still hold the same opportunities then? We are failing if we aren't self-aware about this problem.
Kindness, patience, inclusivity & healthy dose of disregard of the rules. The willingness to help new people wanting to learn and enable their world.Kindness, patience, inclusivity & a healthy dose of disregard of the rules. ;)

I value my integrity a lot: perhaps sometimes to my own detriment.
I hope to see a future where many people are empowered to do what they want to do with their lives: even in the extreme, to be so empowered to choose to do nothing with their lives.I fear that society will automate faster than we can invent new economic models for it. Societal instability will result. It's relevant to Ethereum, because Ethereum is a promise to make sure we weather through this change without too much turmoil.Being creative & being able to spend meaningful time with people I care about: friends, family, lovers. Most of what we do I feel is so that we can get back to that space of uncomplicated niceness & goodness.

Being able to work on things that enable more people to do the above.
Simon de la Rouviere
2018/05/26 10:12:04 PM GMT+7Nick Johnson, Vlad Zamfir, Griff GreenDecentralization, Open Source, Effective AltruismSovereignty and CooperationI feel like decentralization is a tool to fix broken institutions by providing resilient alternatives, I'm still here because Ethereum (and its community) seem most likely to accomplish that goal. After joining the community last year and interacting with people exclusively on slack, github, and twitter, going to devcon3 and running into people that I didnt even realize I had met before online, but feeling like we had been friends for years. I'm frustrated by the tendency for projects both in the wider blockchain space and within the Ethereum space to create tribes and development silos. We are all working towards the same vision/goal, more things should be done as collaborations, more things should be shared openly, and we should not hesitate to adopt the ideas, improve on them, and share them in the spirit of open source. We need to transcend petty competition, and work together to fight moloch. Scammers, ICO promoters, and the serial exploitation of unsophisticated retail investors (and subsequent regulatory attention that comes with that). We are failing to communicate the value of meaningful decentralization. So many things are broken in the ecosystem, we are not production ready. A good community member recognizes that there are problems and takes it upon themselves to do what they can to help make improvements. It doesn't matter if your a developer or even technical, coming to the table with a contributors mindset is what makes it possible to build something that will disrupt current power structures. See https://opensource.guide/how-to-contribute/I consider myself a selfish altruist, which means I look for things to do that allow me to both do good while doing well. We live in a positive sum world, and if you are conscious about where you spend your time you can create value for the world and for yourself at the same time. I expect that we are heading to either utopia or dystopia, where we live in a world of abundance and equal opportunity, or one where that abundance is captured by a wealthy elite and the rest of the population is strictly controlled. I'm doing everything I can to nudge things in the direction of utopia. Ethereum is young and promising, but far from complete. I believe that in the long term optimizing for true decentralization will ultimately be the most valuable and disruptive technological force, but in the short term centralization tradeoffs may capture investor mindshare. So many people in community are true believers and hold a vast majority of their wealth in ETH, I worry that markets are fickle the real builders haven't hedged enough to be able to continue to work on this stuff in order to see it through to the point that it can truly disrupt things. lkngtn
2018/05/26 10:28:41 PM GMT+7Seriously? Admire? Nobody. This is not a cult.None. It's a protocol. It should be neutralNone. Again it's a protocol and it should be neutralUncensorable turing complete network. I still hope all of this bullshit stop. But probably won't happend unfortunatlywtf?The DAO hardfork. That was a big mistake and we are still paying the price today with all the parity drama.Exactly this kind of survey. and the cult of personalityRemain neutral on a bunch of topic.Anyone.Nodes issues, scalling issues, the move toward PoS, rent fees..Clearly not the same you do. This is not middle school, the community need to get their act together and stop focusing on this kind of bullshit when there are way more pressent issues at hand, seriously.
2018/05/26 10:50:09 PM GMT+7Will Warren from 0x Project. He's a prototypical #buidler. He's seen the power of Ethereum, found a place of leverage within it, and has relentlessly executed towards that goal (without being distracted by events, money, etc.). Humble, low ego, curious.

Robbie Bent from Truebit. Again, super high "execution quality", but is especially good at linking communities, thinking from an abundant mindset, finding win-wins, etc. He's a true "community guy". Just wants to connect folks for a better future. Robbie is a humble and reflective helper. Quirky too :)

Linda Xie from Scalar Capital. Although Linda has a bunch of power, the primary way she exercises it is through: a) Funding deep infrastructure projects, and more importantly b) Constantly helping educate beginners about the space. She's also constantly highlighting other "less well known" folks who are doing great work. Linda empowers people.
1. The #Open community (Mozilla, Wikimedia, Creative Commons). We both value open-source, open access (permissionlessness), and empowering the crowd.
2. Burning Man. We both value creativity, expressing your authentic self (and the reverse—no judgment), and imaging a new world.
3. Effective Altruism. We both value rigorous assessments of how to positively impact society.
VERY difficult question.

1. For "should", I tried to answer this question for #ETHCommons here (see the section titled "VALUES of the Ethereum Commons Co-op"): https://medium.com/@RhysLindmark/co-evolving-the-phase-shift-to-cryptocapitalism-by-founding-the-ethereum-commons-co-op-f4771e5f0c83

I think that section is worth reading, but the tl;dr is that I think there are two "root" values: Decentralization and Transparency.

2. For "does", I think Ethereum currently has the values: quirkiness/creativity, humility, curiosity.

I'm very tempted to have those values be part of the "ETH package", but I don't know if they should be mandated.
The ability for Ethereum to: decentralize power and create an antifragile system. AND the group of smart, well-intentioned people who are working towards that future.

I'm still here because that has continued to be true.
1. Before companies were aggressively self-taxing to fund infrastructure (EF Grants, ECF, etc.), I was frustrated by how little funding was being pushed towards infrastructure.

2. Maybe something connected to ICOs? How could we have "self-regulated" them better? When we release a powerful new technology/standard, can we do a pre-mortem on it to make sure it impact society well?
When we constantly hypothesize about systems, rather than thinking about people. e.g. You're at a meetup. 30min of beers/pizza. 90min of talks. Then everyone goes to a bar afterwards and talks about the "awesome new future" we're building. We talk talk talk about it late into the night. It's fascinating and I love it. But we should be more aware that Ethereum is a mind virus, and we should leave room for other conversations. (Ask yourself "what % of time has each person spent talking? About what topic?")I see this as similar to the "frustration" question from above. We should co-evolve more with various aligned communities like #Open, Effective Altruism, Coops, etc.

We're moderately failing at gender diversity.

The thing we're most failing at, BY FAR, is the "decentralization of power" side. The top 100 accounts hold 35% of supply (https://arewedecentralizedyet.com/). We are becoming myopic around decentralization through *technological* means, and not thinking nearly enough about decentralization through *mindset*. And even if we have that mindset, we're not applying it to our actions. We're living it the past mindset. We have too many rich crypto whales, and not nearly enough people giving back. Pineapple Fund should be the rule, not the exception.
- Desire to positively impact the world
- Curiosity
- Humility
- No greed (selfless, no ego, etc.)
Humility, curiosity, transparency, intentionality. In the face of massive converging exponential technological change, we need to create an abundant antifragile infinite game.

Yep, I'm aware that's a high level description. Ethereum is a key piece of that future because it is a new "Organizational Technology" that makes trust more abundant and decentralized power (which is necessarily for fragility).
1. We "move too slowly" on governance and scaling.
2. We don't "spread our vision" quickly enough. (i.e. We were all disappointed with Consensus 2018. We need to show new members the Ethereum vision and connect with those existing folks to bring them closer to our worldview.)
Two things:
1. Meaningful human connection
2. Empowering others to have meaningful human connection. i.e. Trying to maximize how long humanity "stays around" (an infinite game of antifragility...the x axis of time) + maximizing happiness while we're around (releasing folks from a scarcity mindset, moving them up Maslow's hierarchy...the y-axis of happiness).
THANK YOU for spearheading this Jarrad. Let me know if I can help going forwards!Rhys Lindmark
2018/05/26 11:03:16 PM GMT+7Joe libin charlie sheen, Dr moe levinRsk ambassadorsCommunity, caddis that's what's it aboutSmart ContractsMy first escrow contract on the #etherum t test networkDo a hackLeadershipNoActiveHard workConsensus drivenAdaptionFamilyFasinating curriculumLedger academy
2018/05/26 11:11:49 PM GMT+7Bob Summerwill - for being not greedy and working to make bridges between different crypto-projects.
Taylor Monahan - for being passionate about protecting new users against loosing their money (by teaching them good security practices)
Lots of really nice people in the Eth-community. What they have in common: see the value-section below.
Linux foundation. Open source software development. Openness. Friendliness. Collaboration. Also towards (partially) competing projects. The awesome new technology with potential to change the world!Investing in the DAO was my first experience of using smart contracts. The first weeks of the DAO I learned a lot about Ethereum. (The DAO gave me both the best and the worst memory related to Ethereum...)Some prominent members of the Ethereum community have shown a lot of un-necessary spite/shadenfreude against other crypto projects, particularly Iota and EOS. Nobody profits from that sort of behavior. Until recently there were too few people working on the core Ethereum tech (scaling, POS) compared to dApps. Seems to have improved lately, however.I fear that Casper and sharding will come too late.One that works tirelessly both when prices increases and decreases (most Eth-heads do).Integrity wins in the long run. Treat people the way I want to be treated.There are two outcomes: hell/extermination and heaven-on-earth. I think AI-tech will lead us to one of those places.NoMartin Storm Larsen (@mrstormlars)
2018/05/26 11:12:52 PM GMT+7Alex Van De Sande, Emin Gun Sirer, Vlad Zamfir, Isabella Rebel aka Rabbyte

Vlad is as critical to Eth as Vitalik, but they still disagree intellectually, and have a diversity of opinion.
Emin is levelheaded, rational and immune to bullshit.
Isabella/Alex differ from the standard crypto-anarchist/crypto-libertarian belief system that is practically standard with bitcoin, and they reflect a diversity I don't often see in cryptocurrency/blockchain
Polkadot Foundation, The UN, Estonian GovernmentAnti-censorship, decentralization, trustlessness

These are fundamental properties of Ethereum, and so far in terms of community consensus there doesn't seem to be disagreement on these.
Turing completeness on a decentralized platform, where code isn't tied to a specific machine in the world, the REAL cloud computer.Attending a meetup in Singapore with Vitalik presenting, and seeing a loooot of people in attendancediscourse over governance is still tense, fragmented and frequently emotional.critics who seem more interested in insults or rhetorical slamdunks rather than (or in addition to) genuine rational criticism. e.g. Preston Byrne, Deviatefish (reddit)governance discussions. the post-parity hack discussions were kind of a mess. Everyone seemed to be talking over each other, rather than at each other. No one seemed to understand each other's perspectives.engaged, motivated. educated on technical matters (at least till a conceptual level). mature (very important)logic as a decision making framework, with emotions and values being guiding principles. the belief that social frameworks are needed to bring the good out in humans, and to hold back the bad in humans.individual liberties are not suppressed (with rare exceptions).
the worst excesses of capitalism regulated to avoid inequality, corruption, ecological harm, exploitation, etc.
Universal basic income
universal healthcare
scalability issues. the failure to convince the wider public the importance of a decentralized platform (despite the evidence being very obvious!), simply because libertarian politics and bitcoin politics have so poisoned blockchain's popular image.making art, doing good. human progress (with equality in said progress)karaidon (reddit)
2018/05/27 12:50:39 AM GMT+7Rune (maker dev - long term thinking and building), jtnicol (ethtrader mod - welcoming friendly non elitist), James ray (research focus and meditation)Open source, libertarianism, privacy , transhumanismEthereum is building powerful shared infrastructure which will have huge political and social implications. In designing and governing this infrastructure we should value social good and ensure we think through the implications for society. We should act with humility, care, awareness of minority rights, and awareness that the technology will be used for good and ill purposes that we cannot predict. We should value expertise and technical merit adopting the best ideas but we should also value diversity of opinion and ethics. While many in the community are libertarian we should not build politics into the system or impose our politics on others. We do not set out to ‘smash the state’ , destroy the banks, or get rich, but rather to improve the world. We should be inclusive, and work with others rather than be tribal or maximalist, however we should also make Ethereum the best network and ecosystem we can. There is nothing wrong with competing to be the best platform.Proof of stake (bitcoin is an environmental problem), Ambition (ethereum has great potential). Documentation is bad and the whole dev experience is confusing. Also experience of a user downloading a client for the first time is bad (slow sync and “now what” need some kid of dapp store with Dapps to try)Trolling and airing private personal disagreements on social media by people I otherwise respect Too slow to Launch Swarm. Need Contract pays (to compete with EOS users paying for gas is too much friction), Need official Messaging network layer so that whole web 3 vision delivered Rational, Polite, Visionary.Stoicism, Rationality, Doubt Too little time and space to elaborate here.Black mirror nosedive but decentralised. Some other network with worse values wins. Censorship proof terrorism, evil markets, child porn.Ideas, Family, Being useful.
2018/05/27 12:52:18 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson
Tech / Quality of Discussion
Taylor Monahan
Boundless Energy
Gavin Wood
Building on regardless
We are building a platform not another Bitcoin. We can make different choices and learn from accidents and mistakes.
We can fix mistakes as long as the impact can be properly evaluated and as long as community opinion is consulted.
Social change with a ❤
Came in for the tech. Stayed for the tech and the amazing caring community.Helping others learn, helping protect newcomers from scams.
Getting onboard a project that helps people (HelloGold)
Not so far. (Apart from ether crashing when I was about to cash out to buy a house 😂)Twitter scams.Nope.Somebody who wants to make a positive contribution to the tech, ethereum community, or world at large using ethereum.Be kind and condiderate where possible. Help others. Teach.Asimov's kind of vision.Community, family look after those who appreciate you.
tech - because.
Riding my Harley - time to be inside your head.
Dave Appleton.
2018/05/27 12:55:03 AM GMT+7While Vitalik clearly is impressive, I'm not sure he's actually a role model. While I believe in his integrity, his leadership skills lack maturity.
Lane has made strong contributions recently. So has Hudson. Nick is putting a lot of time an effort into communicating in a constructive way with the "community"
It's technical capabilities to provide a technological solution to social problemsLack of leadership within the Ethereum foundation – although it's just one entity among others. Lack of coordination to come up with sustainable models for financing its infrastructure. The growing level of greed an entrenchment. Same as a above. Who is we?What makes a good citizen?
2018/05/27 12:58:39 AM GMT+7Karl Floersch, Hudson Jameson, Joseph Lubin. Creating a diverse, decentralized ecosystem that empowers the individual.Ethereum was the next logical step after bitcoin in creating a decentralized ecosystem. I believe this is just the beginning and ethereum will continue to grow and help foster new ideas.
2018/05/27 1:02:02 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir - Constant transparent criticism
Aragon team - decentralising themselves
Nick Johnson - doing crucial work in the background
Gaming clans
Limitless experimentation
I followed where the smartest developers are building stuff. They are still building on Ethereum.Seeing demos at EDCON in Paris. First time the power really hit me.UI/UX is still a problem. Tribal wars between coins. We're all on the same side.Distributing wealth more widely to people contributing work to the community.Humble technical talentConstant learning
Follow curiosity
Empower others
A human centric future, removing power from organisationsEven if you deliver on all the things you set-out to do, the macro setting might still keep success away.Learning & happiness. Really appreciate the work you're doing here - looking forward to the outcome!
2018/05/27 1:48:55 AM GMT+7Ryan Selkis for having strong morals (all of which I agree with) and sticking with them.

Isabella Rebel (rabbyte), for similar reasons; she had no problem calling out nonsense when she sees it. Can be confrontational and aggressive at times, but never in a "wrong" way.

The Aragon Fam for having some of the original philosophical drive for decentralization; it shows in their work and their product.

The Zeppelin Crew are some of the most wholesome people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Anything and everything they do is done with care and consideration for the community.

Arachnid on GitHub (is that Nick?) for all of the nonsense he puts up with on those GitHub issues; really speaks to how attached to the movement he is.

Cryptograffiti and the crypto art people make a lot of fun things.

Afri Schoedon for helping me with parity devops problems on Twitter and also being a level headed person.

Simon de la Rouvie for being a wholesome person across the board.

Elena Nadolinski because she's one of the short list of names building real things with non-fungible tokens, nonstop, and demoing at hackathons all the time.
DSA send to be related but I only recently learned about them. The parts about redistribution of wealth seem to be shared, at least.

Honestly I don't really attach a specific ideology by name. But there are obviously vibes that I associate to Ethereum, primarily along the "self-sovereignty" line; the relegation of government to a utility provider, personal autonomy, default privacy, that sort of thing. Maybe there's an ideology for that?
1. Came to learn about Bitcoin because of the price
2. Finally read that whitepaper
3. Interested in the tech, but thought that payments was a subset of a larger thing you could do
4. Whoops, Ethereum already exists, neat
5. I like the tech, so that's what pulled me in deeper
6. Eventually discovered that I identify with a lot of the ideology I mentioned above (self-sovereignty, namely) and that's why I stick around and build things
Building and releasing steak.network was pretty fun.

Chatting with Simon in Cape Town was pretty fun.

Being on a panel at a conference for the first time was pretty fun.

Getting to go to Buenos Aires and chill with the Zeppelin crew for a month was amazing.

EthDenver was pretty fun. And we got to meet the floobots so that's dope.

Being invited to Japan to accept the Ethereum Community Fund grant was an excellent time.

Meeting the people at IDEO has been great.
Everyone had probably already mentioned the obvious things like Solidity, etc.There are a lot of people I don't agree with (from a technical perspective or otherwise) and that obviously conflicts with the "this is an open process" thing that I like so much. It gets annoying to deal with.

I manage a few communities, and responding to the noobs is incredibly tiring. Especially the ones that come in with some swagger like "I've programmed before, this is going to be a piece of cake" and then follow up with bad or otherwise terrible questions that indicate they have no idea what's happening and definitely haven't read the whitepaper.
Ethereum has a two year head start on community, but a bunch of fundamentally bad dev/user experiences; I could see another chain coming along with a better DX and siphoning developers away. And two years isn't a ton if we think power laws are going to happen. Must innovate to stay on top, etc.Wew, didn't know we were getting existential today. For now, I'm glad to be part of the forefront of a movement that I think will make the world better. I'm uniquely (relative to most people in the world) equipped with the ideas and abilities to help make it happen, so it seems obvious that I should be working on it. Not in a "ugh, gotta work on this" way, but in a "I understand that this might be a big part of what I want to do with my life" sorry of thing

But I haven't thought too much about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Matt Condon
2018/05/27 2:03:32 AM GMT+7Vlad Zamfir: research-focused, anti-hype
Tayvano: user-focused, no bullshit, vocal
beaker browser/dat
Science/debate over emotion/ego
Governmental experimentation
Mad science P2P / new territory
Debt owed to users / unnachieved ecosystem goals
Meeting online friends in person at DevCons and people thanking me for what I work onI still think the Dao undoing was a mistake, we should have had to deal with the consequencesWeb3.js and geth rpc having little concern for backwards compatibility or semver. Rpc lacking standards.Failing to be universal.
We should have been able to eat zcash's functionality by now. Problem is that evm is not a compiler target, so hand rolling complex systems in a new language is hard.
State of P2P network is also a concern, hard to find peers and stay in sync. Geth team seems really closed to outside world, or at least hard to reach out to.
Erc20 should have had a better reference implementation that could be deployed as is and controlled by an external custom contract.
Processing a Transaction should have been evaling the txdata as evm, allowing for more flexible txs like batch and conditional
Values open source + community + healthy debate cultureShip it, experimentFully automated space communismSoon to be obsolete compared to some upcoming wasm-vm gen3 blockchains?Making things people enjoy
2018/05/27 2:24:14 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson (helpfulness to anyone, deep expert knowledge), Simon de la Rouviere (deep thought, sharing his insights), Taylor Monahan (strongly working towards bringing this to the masses despite it being a frustrating battle), Ameen Soleimani (touching on real moloch issues and working to solve them), Evan Van Ness (manages to keep the rest of us sane by summarizing what has happened in the maelstroem of Ethereum during last week), N/ABeing the best damn computational court around a-la https://media.consensys.net/interplanetary-linked-computing-separating-merkle-computing-from-blockchain-computational-courts-1ade201ecf8a?gi=720fb23882a0 - and work hard towards bringing this technology to the masses.The lovely community, being helpful, sharing and welcoming for anybody.Being able to solve a solidity assembly problem after several days of frustrating debugging by a simple question to a helpful person on gitter who could really have offered that service at several hundred EUR an hour. It confirmed to me that Ethereum wins because of the developer offering and community spirit.We should have introduced a design pattern for Kleros style arbitration & Plasma style exit dispute much earlier to have prevented the need for hard forks.Lack of a proper ethereum.org website and no general foundation-oriented approach towards bringing this to the masses, despite having a big wallet. /r/ethereum is a total shitshow for any newcomers - requiring post karma to even post comments kills anybody who wants to participate who's not a longer time redditorHelpful, sharing, collaborative, open sourceN/ASee "The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age" and "The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Individuals and Networks". Roughly covers it. Except crazier.What happens if our boot nodes for the P2P networks surrounding our technologies get filtered out by a government? What if they shut the internet, Cameroon-style, for several months?Doing things that leave a mark on the world. Because if I'm not remembered by anybody, it'll be like I haven't existed.Carsten Munk (@stskeeps)
2018/05/27 2:49:00 AM GMT+7Nick Johnson, emin gün sirer, Dan finlayGiveth, Consensys, omisegoDon't know I am initially attracted by the programming capability, still stays due to community When I first used my smart contract for real during devcon2 Slow networklots of position talks Too much speculationHelping each otherBe happy Happy life Gas price too high to be unusable even with scaling solutions like payment channel or plasma I want to have build something everybody uses Makoto
2018/05/27 5:32:49 AM GMT+7Esteban Ordano, Iuri Matias. Both of them are great developers and Steban is looking into the future. Evan Van Ness because of all the reading he does to sort things out.1) The technology. 2) It is very interesting and actively developed. First the code and now apps.Going to devcon and seeing some of the devs I've seen in Twitter.More events in latam.Be honest. Make friends.Sometimes it's dark and sad.Blockchain size. Censorship.Somewhere I read that the question doesn't make sense. It only makes sense because I'm alive.