TimestampWhat period are you in my class?What is your name?What is your e-mail address?What is your thesis statement?What is your backup thesis statement in case your previous submission is unacceptable?Polazzo's Take
12/17/2013 13:05:164Justin Chenjstchn89898@gmail.comThe president should not be allowed to interfere with the problems of other countries without the approval of citizens.Congress should have greater power in influencing U.S position within foreign policy.This topic is on the line of acceptability. Make sure you focus on the domestic politics and not on the international issues. Approved.
12/17/2013 17:12:237Emily Hamiltonemilyhamilton320@gmail.comThe Ninth Amendment should be replaced with a provision for adding rights to those defined in the Constitution.Federalism is the cause of nearly all of America's domestic governance problems.The 9th Amendment thesis is a good one, though you should note that a specific list of enumerated rights might theoretically eliminate all rights not listed (e.g. the right to shave, etc).
12/17/2013 19:49:547Sylwia Jemielity sylwiajem96@gmail.comThe federal government should allow a greater budget for space programs in America, to get the country back in the new age space race. There should be a greater emphasis on sustainability reform and more effort on the government's part to make those reforms possible. The space race idea is good... approved!
12/17/2013 20:27:337William Aung williamtunaung@gmail.comAffirmative Action has not done enough to address the inequality fostered in today's society. The Second Amendment needs to be tailored with accordance to the needs of Modern America. I'd like a bit more specificity on what you mean. Are you saying it should be expanded, altered or scrapped?
12/18/2013 3:45:258Jing LinJinglin82@gmail.comComputer technology is as universal and crucial to American education as the English language was to the world in the previous century.Politicians should be experts in science and technology to understand the technical issues that are becoming more and more relevant.Your thesis statment should be making an argument. What policy or policies are you specifically arguing in favor of?
12/18/2013 6:39:597Priya Elangovanpriya.k.elangovan@gmail.comTerm limits should be established for members of both houses of congress.Congress and the President should be obligated to enforce all decisions made by the Supreme Court.The term limits topic is a good one. Approved!
12/18/2013 20:20:3910Anna-Leigh Ongalong-88@hotmail.comThe life terms of Supreme Court Justices prevent the incorporation of new ideology into the legal system, and are undemocratic in that they give presidents uneven opportunities to appoint. They should be exchanged for shorter terms. Presidents should be required to consult with their cabinet when making major decisions/ the cabinet needs to become a more permanent acting fixture, and should not be able to be ignored at will by the president. Your topic on life terms is good. Approved!
12/18/2013 20:31:0110Alan Baranovalanbaranov@gmail.comIs it okay for the National Hockey League to refuse to test players for steroids even after the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004? (They "trust" players to stay clean from performance enhancing drugs, even though Article 47.5 of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement says that "Every NHL Player is subject to two no-notice tests" ) Should the government give so much money in subsidies to our major league sports? (Already over $25 billion in the 20th century) Your first statement is not a statment, it's a question. The second topic looks better to me.
12/18/2013 20:46:548Ethan Schwabschwabe543@gmail.comAll users of illegal substances should be sentenced to death.We are not entitled to a right to privacy and should waive our rights to the government for our safety. I think you'll have a lot of problems arguing for your first thesis. The second one is a bit more plausible.
12/18/2013 21:14:097Gen Lipkingennastuy@gmail.comMarijuana should be legalized in the U.S. (perhaps will expand to include other illicit substances).The president and vice president should be required to have each be from different political parties. (Ex. A Democratic presidential candidate runs with a Republican vice president candidate.)Both are fine--whichever you prefer.
12/19/2013 21:43:354Jackie Chanbusyjc10@gmail.comCongressional oversight over affairs of national security should be put under further restrictions, especially limiting the committees to fewer members of Congress to protect our nation's interests by limiting the possibility of leakage of information to other parties.We should abolish the redrawing of state districts by the state legislatures and replace with a system that is more fair.Both are acceptable.
12/19/2013 22:53:198Frankie Lisupfrankie@hotmail.comThe federal government should vastly increase infrastructure spending in order to bring US infrastructure back to a state of good repair and invest in new forms of transportation.The federal government should try to reduce the deficit through a mixture of tax increases and spending cuts.Both are good... Note that it's always civil engineers arguing that our infrastructure is in bad shape; they're the ones who would be hired to do the work to upgrade it.
12/19/2013 22:55:404Chiwu Kimchiwukimis@gmail.comThe government is far too influenced by special interests, and should instead focus on public opinion. The government must re-direct its focus on clean energy and the environment, as President Jimmy Carter did. Both are fine.
12/20/2013 1:52:478Bilal Arshadbilal7407@gmail.comIron triangles are a major problem in American government; people should have more authority over the coalition between congress, bureaucracies, and private interest groups. Furthermore, government officials should not be allowed to accept jobs from private interest groups, effectively stopping the "revolving door" in one direction. The Supreme Court justices should not be allowed to serve life terms. Both topics are good.
12/20/2013 21:30:064Mandy Wongmwskei@gmail.comReforming the archaic mental health system should be made a public health priority, especially in the wake of the ACA, so that patients can readily access quality mental health services.The USDA should exert more power on the food industry, tightening guidelines, and increasing the frequency of inspections, to better protect the American public from food-related illnesses. Both topics are fine.
12/20/2013 23:51:047Andrew Guoandrew.guo5@gmail.comThe election system the United States should be reformed to reduce political polarizationThe government should focus more on reducing income inequalityBoth are good.
12/21/2013 13:56:384Anna Meloamelofellow@gmail.comThe arts should be re-funded in public schools.Classic dueling should be legalized.Not clear what you mean about the arts. Are you serious about the second topic? Please resubmit and clarify.
12/21/2013 22:27:117Alexandrina Danilovalexadanilov@yahoo.comThe government should make public education reform a priority.The federal government should reduce national defense spending.Both approved, but I want a lot more specificity for the first topic on education.
12/21/2013 22:38:354William Aung (Resubmission)williamtunaung@gmail.comAffirmative Action needs to be remodeled to address the inequality fostered in today's society. The Second Amendment's power must be severely curbed. Both are good.
12/22/2013 3:10:367Hudson LeeStuyhlee@gmail.comThe legal principle of the Exclusionary Rule is justifiable in theory but foolhardy and counterproductive in practice, requiring adjustment or abolishment for a more effective criminal justice system.Parliamentary tactics involving the Filibuster must be eliminated from all components of the Federal government to try and spur our stagnant Congress into action.Both are approved.
12/22/2013 12:30:0910Marie Frolichwintergirl96@verizon.netDue to the increase in natural disasters and environmental emergencies, it is clear that the government is in need of a more specific and rational method of risk management. Only through increased governmental intervention in disaster-prevention and protection can the negative effects of natural disasters be severely reduced. The citizenship concept of jus soli should be altered significantly, and should include the stipulation that the children of illegal immigrants fulfill additional requirements before becoming U.S. citizens. Both topics are good.
12/22/2013 13:56:138Jing LinJinglin82@gmail.comComputer technology should be incorporated as part of the core curriculum in America's schools. Affirmative action should be excluded from every facet of American life. Both topics are fine, but if you are doing the one about computer technology, you have to be clear about the government's role.
12/22/2013 14:08:5210Sindy Liu96sin.liu@gmail.comFDA regulations on food products should be stricter to decrease risks of food poisoning and other food-related illnesses. The government should do more to help and promote union labors rather than repress them.Both topics are approved.
12/22/2013 14:33:107Jennifer Zhaojenzhao967@gmail.comCivil forfeiture is a violation of people's property rights and should be abolished.Mandatory sentencing laws do not take into account of the specifics of criminals' situations and should be reformed so that judges have greater jurisdiction over repeat offenders.Both topics sound good to me.
12/22/2013 16:02:588Lydia Goldberg goldberg.lydia@gmail.comThe H1-B visa system should be reformed to make it easier for highly skilled workers to find employment in the United States.There should be a federal law banning voter photo ID requirements because the discriminatory effects outweigh the potential reduction in voter fraud.Both topics are good.
12/22/2013 17:00:288Abiramy Logeswaranabiwiz96@aim.comThe death penalty for certain crimes should be legalized in all fifty states because it is an important tool for preserving law and order, impeding other such grave crimes from being committed and cutting costs related to life imprisonment. More stringent regulations must be implemented to see who actually qualifies for welfare, food stamps and other government subsidies in order to reduce the number of people who cheat the system. Both topics are good, but you should know that it costs more to put someone to death than to keep them in prison for the rest of their life.
12/22/2013 17:14:1310Edmond Muiemui1214@gmail.comGender equality will not be achieved until people stop seeing it as only the fight for increased women's rights.Private money should be made more transparent and unlimited for a real and truly free democracy to exist.Both are good, though you should be a bit more specific on the first topic.
12/22/2013 17:54:477Eugene Leee@elee.meThe federal government today is one of the greatest purveyors of the economic gap between the rich and poor, the loss of the middle class, and financial inequality. It is the role of the federal government to ensure fairness and equality throughout the country, especially the economy through income tax management and government subsidies.Affirmative action, when properly regulated by the government, or more specifically by the Supreme Court, is an effective equalizing measure which considers brings historical context, social injustices, and mitigating circumstances for contemporary society and higher education. When these factors are properly considered, minorities do not have an advantage over the majority but rather enjoy equality, an American principle.Both are fine, but you don't need the lengthy preamble before you unveil your statement.
12/22/2013 19:44:448Milo Hanmilohan96@gmail.comThere should be testing requirements for elected officials.Puerto Rico should no longer be US territory.Both are fine, but are obviously in need of some detail.
12/22/2013 20:56:308Amy Lauamylau0901@gmail.comThe federal government should require mandatory rehabilitation to juveniles convicted of a crime (who are not tried as adults) instead of placing them into detention centers.Before citizens are allowed to register to vote, they should pass a test that shows fundamental knowledge of the US government system.Both are fine, but note that topic two resembles the tests used to enshrine Jim Crow laws in the South.
12/22/2013 21:03:464Risham Dhillonrdhillon24@gmail.comKendra's law should be made permanent. The United States employment based immigration system should be reformed to eliminate country-specific quotas that propel discrimination based on place of birth. Both are fine... I didn't know that Kendra's law is not permanent.
12/22/2013 21:28:198Michael Sugarmanmichaelsugarman17@gmail.comDue to its unjust consequences, the system of discrimination determination must be altered. In order for America to truly be a free country with equal rights for all citizens, the list of suspect classes must be amended to include sexual orientation.What do you mean by discrimination determination?
12/22/2013 21:36:354Elena Milinelenamilin@gmail.comThe best way to reform education in America such that socioeconomic circumstances will no longer play as much of a role in future success is to pursue universal kindergarten legislation.The American security state is both ineffective and a violation of the human rights guaranteed American citizens in the Constitution.Both topics are good!
12/22/2013 22:42:5410Grace Ouyanggrace.ouyangg@gmail.comObama's plan for higher education affordability reform should not include devising a subjective college and universities rating system. There should be greater government regulation in many aspects of the food industry. Both topics are fine.
12/22/2013 23:03:504Amy Wangstuy.awang96@gmail.comThe stringent airport security policies that arose as a result of the 9/11 attacks distracts attention and resources away from more pressing issues at hand and effectively does more harm than good for American society. The best approach to repairing the United States Postal Service, which is currently trending towards bankruptcy, is privatization. I really like your first topic. Google "Securty Theater" and you'll discover a lot of resources on this issue.
12/22/2013 23:32:348Max Litvack-Winklermaxlw15@gmail.comIt should only take 2/3 of state legislatures (or ratifying conventions) to amend the constitutionthe House of Representatives should be expanded to accomodate the ever-increasing American populationBoth topics are fine.
12/22/2013 23:41:267Thomas Yeoh2yeo2@gmail.comSteps must be taken to transform the overly time-consuming and unwieldy Congressional lawmaking process into a more streamlined and efficient system that is better suited to tend to the current pressing needs of the people.Policies regarding election circumstances such as gerrymandering and vote distribution among representatives must be reformed in order to more accurately represent the composition of the population.Both topics are approved.
12/22/2013 23:44:254Yu Xiang Chenyuxiangchen96@gmail.comRacial equality can never be achieved.Racial diversity should be increased in Congress in order to represent thoroughly not simply through population but race also.Your first topic is far too general and your second still needs more specifics. RESUBMIT please.
12/23/2013 0:00:1910Xiang Wenshungx@hotmail.comWith the advent of the technological age, the Government must strengthen their control over the safety of the Internet without interfering with the privacy of their citizens.Undoubtedly, information is a very important resource but government agencies must follow set regulations when peering into the lives of its citizensBoth topics are fine, though it's hard to think that anyone would disagree with your first topic. Also, government is singular...
12/23/2013 0:12:528Wan Qi Kongwqqkong@gmail.comThe concept of citizenship based on jus soli should be reformed dramatically to avoid the prevalence of "anchor babies." Those who manipulate jus soli in such a way should be punished accordingly. However, the anchor babies themselves should not be punished. Additionally, children of illegal immigrants should be given a path to citizenship.The Cabinet should not be made up of the Secretaries of each department and perhaps should not exist at all.Both topics are fine, but you should note that the term "anchor baby" coud be construed as pejorative.
12/23/2013 0:16:017 Bethany Chan In order to preserve freedom and equality in the United States, reforms should be made for illegal immigrants to have the ability to become citizens after proper tests, if they so desired. There should be term limits and regulations against actions like gerrymandering that drive representatives to work more towards helping the people rather than helping themselves get reelected.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 0:39:444Sungmin Kimsammypower214@gmail.comPunishments of torts due to negligence should be less severe than it is today.Governments should not honor NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) opposition and offer monetary compensations. Both are good. Monetary compensation, not compensations.
12/23/2013 1:55:594Charles President Obama, along with his Cabinet, must be proactive about regional matters in East and Southeast Asia if he aims to truly become "the Pacific President" and safeguard the security and welfare of both the citizens of those regions and domestic citizens.The speeds of environmental action and environmental changes are on opposite ends; therefore, President Obama and Congress should avoid pushing radical political agendas and in order to prevent stagnation, compromise and work together.Your first topic is too intertwined with international affairs, and I don't understant the second. Please RESUBMIT.
12/23/2013 11:05:104Daniel Changdanielchang96@gmail.comMoney spent on the Department of Defense should be appropriated elsewhere, such as on the Department of Energy.Public parenting classes for new or prospective parents should have mandatory attendance primarily stressing the importance of education for their child's future, to better ensure the children would also understand the importance of education during their formative years.Both topics are fine, if slightly implausible.
12/23/2013 11:30:308Dea Deetondea.deeton@gmail.comAnti-rape legislation reform would bring more perpetrators to justice: the burden of proof should fall on the defendant such that he/she must prove affirmative consent of the victim according to a strict and objective legal standard.Like the EU, the FDA should adopt transparent food labeling practices, especially in the case of GMOs, in order to protect public health and the rights of the consumers to know what they're buying and putting into their bodies.Both are fine.
12/23/2013 11:40:078Lisha Hanlishahan1997@gmail.comThe process of obtaining citizenship for the United States, especially the doctrine of jus soli, should be altered to provide less loopholes. Because of the power bureaucrats can hold, democracy within the bureaucracy should be enhanced, with either elected officials closely controlling the bureaucracy or having the public elect federal bureaucrats.Both are fine.
12/23/2013 13:26:437Anthony Chanagkchan31696@gmail.comProstitution should be legalized.Euthanasia (or Assisted Suicide) should be legalized.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 14:42:087Michael Limmichael.lim1121@gmail.comThe National Security Agency domestic spying violates the constitutional right to privacy that is stated in the 4th Amendment.The 2nd Amendment does not guarantee that any American citizen can own fire arm without restriction.Both topics are approved.
12/23/2013 15:48:2710Shuyi Fengshufengyi@gmail.comThe government should increase regulation on business/the financial sector.The government should undertake comprehensive illegal immigration reform to allow those already in the United States to stay legally if they fulfill certain requirements.Both topics are fine, but which regulations should be increased?
12/23/2013 16:31:338Sunyoung Jeongsy.j715@gmail.comThe government should have stricter enforcement of food labeling practices.The government should spend more money supporting food campaigns that educate the public rather than reforming the health care industry.What do you mean by stricter enforcement? Approved with the condition that you state your thesis more clearly in your paper.
12/23/2013 16:32:3810Stanley Wustnlyw@gmail.comThe debt ceiling should be eliminated to prevent a future default crisis.Legislation should be passed to reform the corrupt and unfair aspects of the college admissions process.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 16:37:498Sammi Wongsammiwong85@gmail.comSame-sex marriage is fundamentally a human right and should be federally legalized across all fifty states. Affirmative action should be removed because it only benefits some minority groups. Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 16:39:1710Robert Tomrtmathwiz@gmail.comAffirmative action is failing in its attempt to promote equality and should be abolished.The filibuster should be abolished.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 16:49:594Lily Kimlilyjkimm@gmail.comAffirmative action should not be evaluated by race or gender, but by economic and financial status. The purpose of affirmative action should not be to look "colorful" but to allow for less privileged individuals to succeed among other intelligent people.Rather than punishing people for undocumented immigration by deportation or jailtime, government aid should be provided so that rather than detracting from American society, they can contribute to it.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 17:10:5710Jack Cahncahnja@gmail.comCorporations do not have a right to freedom of religion.

Will discuss recent hobby lobby case (can corporations claim religious exemptions from participating in Obamacare) and the supreme court precedent behind this issue.
Retribution should be the primary purpose of the criminal justice system. Both are good... the second is intriguing, but I've read Blecker's articles (though not the new book).
12/23/2013 17:17:144Austin Chiaustinchi131@gmail.comAbortion is a necessary and essential medical procedure that has shown to be beneficial to society, families, and women especially. Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing events that could happen to a woman, therefore no woman should ever be forced to use their own bodies to support another life.The practice of removing a fertilized egg from a mother's embryo is a very controversial issue in the American society. Abortion should be justified because a woman should have a choice whether to have a child or not.Both of your topics seem to be identical, but they are fine.
12/23/2013 17:38:2210Juliette Hainlinejuliette.hainline@gmail.comThe U.S. government should establish a Ministry of Culture (or just a Secretary of Culture), to promote a uniform national heritage and make culture more widely available to the general population. The First Lady of the United States should be allowed to have a government position, and affect societal change, as opposed to the ceremonial, "cheerleader" position that is given to her by marrying the powerful man. Like the one they have in France! Sounds good, as is the other topic.
12/23/2013 17:41:538Janet Lamjanetlam3933@gmail.comGun control is not the solution to major shootings; instead we should focus on providing people-oriented preventive measures like better psychiatric care to avoid future shootings.The United States needs to have stricter laws regarding immigration otherwise it will continue to implicitly condone illegal immigration.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 18:00:0910Jason Hanjason.han1996@gmail.comCivillans should not be allowed to own firearms of any kind. Presidential (and other) elections should be decided by popular vote.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 18:00:298Jiten Pateljitenpstuy@gmail.comCongress should place stricter restrictions on jus soli citizenship, taking into consideration the citizenship status of the child's parents.Congress should pass stricter legislation regarding the right of privacy entailed to phone conversations.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 18:20:147Mira Liu-Sarkarliu.sarkarm@gmail.comImmigration reform is needed to ensure a diverse stream of legal immigrants, and decrease the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. The forced teaching of creationism is unconstitutional.
Your first topic is fine. Your second is simply a restatement of the current law.
12/23/2013 18:20:144Benjamin Attalattal.benjamin@gmail.comThe Supreme Court should always interpret the constitution using Constitutional Originalism, with few exceptions.The Supreme Court should always interpret the constitution using Loose Constructionism, with few exceptions.Both topics are fine... interested to see which you choose.
12/23/2013 18:42:117Ben Vanden Heuvelbenjaminvdh@gmail.comThe Federal Government derives too much of its power from Supreme Court decisions which have used tenuous justification to take power away from the states; the Court should, therefore, take a much more textualist approach to the principle of judicial review to avoid upsetting the checks and balances of our government. The Federal Government should require a greater degree of congressional approval to engage in military operations and carry out surveillance across the globe, and the U.S. Government should try to return to a greater degree of isolationism in terms of its use of military muscle.I'd much rather see the first than the second.
12/23/2013 18:43:134Long Yiplongyip48@gmail.comDue to their contributions, certain cases of undocumented immigration should be exempt from penalties and given permanent residency.Affirmative action is discrimination to the hard working students of American High Schools.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 18:45:248Michele Linmichelelin123@hotmail.comNonpartisan redistricting commissions should take over the responsibility of redrawing district boundaries in order to prevent gerrymandering.Instead of serving life terms, Supreme Court Justices should have a term limit.Both topics look good to me.
12/23/2013 18:49:2510Shahreear Newazshahreear.newaz@gmail.comJustice John Marshall wasn't right to grab the power of judicial review to increase the power of the Supreme Court.Congressmen shouldn't be allowed to rely so much on their staff-members because the public never elected the staff-members; they elected the congressman.Both topics are good... I seem to recognize them from somewhere...
12/23/2013 18:55:088Jamie Wujamiewu4@gmail.comThe Electoral College as it is today is inherently undemocratic and needs to be reformed. The rules governing the filibuster today need to be reformed to prevent its abuse by the minority.Both are fine.
12/23/2013 19:06:0210Crystal Liucrystalliuu@gmail.comAffirmative action should be reformed to be based on socioeconomic class (instead of race) to decrease the gap between the rich and the poor.Late-term abortions should be restricted so that they are allowed only in cases in which the mother and/or child are endangered.Both topics are fine. For the most part, late-term abortions are limited in the manner you advocate for in the second topic.
12/23/2013 19:06:394Daniel Zhanghdz121@yahoo.comThe formation and polarization of political parties is ultimately what has caused the drastic expansion in Executive Power. This is causing an imbalance within the division of power and should be stopped.The rights of the accused should be reformed. Double jeopardy, unlawful search and seizure, etc should be authorized.Both topics are fine. But how do you stop polarization when it is driven by so many powerful socio-economic forces?
12/23/2013 19:14:354Anne Tanannet0514@gmail.comThe increasing polarization in America's government is creating a stagnant society that is not solving problems because of the inability to compromise.Life terms for Supreme Court Justices should not be abolished.Both are fine. See my comment above regarding polarization.
12/23/2013 19:24:264Paula Carcamopaula.carcamo1441@gmail.comAffirmative action should be a temporary solution to separating the historical connection between race and socioeconomic disadvantage. To repair the entanglement in the long-run, zoned schools should be improved at the primary education level and government aided efforts should be made to gentrify low income areas. Mental health tests should be required for all those who seek to buy a gun within the United States.Both are good.
12/23/2013 20:02:267Shi Hui Ngfionang21@yahoo.comThe system of filing a patent should be reformed so that there are stricter rules for the object being patented and less competition for people to file a patent first.The immigration policy of jus soli should be abolished so that the citizenship of the child is based solely on the citizenship of his or her parents.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 20:17:098Julia Witkowskijuliawitkowski@aol.comState universities should charge the same lower in-state tuition price for all American students, regardless of what state they are from.Congress should be abolished in order to shift from federalism to a more unitary government system. Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 20:24:334Thoasin Bari The United States government is too influenced by special interests groups, specifically the NRA. In turn, the second amendment has become obsolete to our government and should be removed from the constitution. The Patriot Act is unconstitutional and should be removed from the United States government. Both topics are fine, if a bit sprawling.
12/23/2013 20:30:077Katty Wukattywu96@gmail.comThe government should ban creationism because it interferes with education.The Diversity Visa Lottery is more problematic than beneficial to the United States and therefore should be abolished. Creationism is banned in the public schools already. Interested in seeing an argument against the diversity visa, though.
12/23/2013 20:32:417Julia Chajuliacha97@gmail.comTax laws mandating that some immigrants renounce 27% of their foreign financial assets or otherwise suffer criminal penalties as well as a 50% asset deduction should be revised.Federal financial aid should be given to undocumented college students who intend to live and work in the USA after graduation.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 20:35:564Benjamin Sydelben.sydel@gmail.comMotive should never factor into the sentencing of a crime. (Hate Crimes)The Electoral College should be reformed or abolished.I'm assuming that your fist thesis is that there should be no such thing as hate crimes. Both thesis statments are approved.
12/23/2013 20:42:4210Tahia Islamtahia.islam@gmail.comThose prisoners who haven’t been convicted of terrorist activity in Guantanamo Bay (that is, the majority of them) should be set free for two principal reasons. First, withholding the right to a fair trial is inimical to the principles of the United States. Second, Guantanamo Bay is a liability for American security since it serves as a symbol for terrorist recruitment abroad.
Teachers should receive merit pay, or at least more official recognition city- and nation-wide for improved proficiency levels among students and proven effectiveness in the classroom.
Both are fine. Your first topic needs only the first sentence.
12/23/2013 20:52:247Philip Shinphilipdshin@yahoo.comThe government should allow voluntary euthanasia for all cases, and involuntary euthanasia for specific cases that justify capital punishment.The government should withdraw troops from Afghanistan and find an alternate approach for the War on Terror.Both topics are fine, though it seems like we are already mostly withdrawing from Afghanistan.
12/23/2013 21:13:588Nancy Linnancylin321@gmail.comAffirmative action policies based on race should be abolished in college admissions and socioeconomic factors should be taken into account instead.Term limits should be imposed on unelected officials such as bureaucrats and judges.
Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 21:24:3810Justine Berfondjaberfond@gmail.comThe United States government needs to enact stricter gun control laws in order to end meaningless violence and deaths.The current state of campaign finance law has led to the corruption of political leaders and unless substantial changes are made the federal government may never be able to recover.Both topics are fine.
12/23/2013 21:28:328Keshara Senanayakepewpewbling@Yahoo.comTerm limits should be abolished for presidents All treaties should be approved by a majority in the House of Representatives The first topic is fine. For the second, do you mean instead of the Senate? Or in addition to?
12/23/2013 21:58:254Riaad Persaudrspersaud96@gmail.comThe Electoral College is not democratic. The rights to privacy should not be violated for National Security. I assume that the fist thesis should actually be "the electoral college should be abolished." No one would argue that it is democratic. The second topic is fine.
12/23/2013 22:11:578Alvin Weialw475@gmail.comIn order to promote America’s historic ideal of egalitarian self-government and to eliminate the detrimental influences of special interest groups in democracy, elections should be publicly funded and the corporate personhood doctrine should be repealed.The federal government should regulate fracking in order to manage its impending environmental impacts.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 22:12:374Andy Zhangandyzhangstuy@gmail.comThe Federal Government should cut down on the annual budget allocated to the Department of Defense. The distribution of power in Congressional Committees should be less concentrated in the hands of the committee chairs than it currently is. Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 22:12:394Anan Kazianankazi@yahoo.comFunding public schools through property taxes is inherently trapping lower income communities to low income social brackets indefinitely.
The power of judicial review undermines the power of the other branches of government. Both topics look good to me.
12/23/2013 22:22:217Agnes Shinshinagnes@yahoo.comTerm limits should be imposed on the justices of the Supreme Court.

Physician-assisted suicide should be legal in all 50 states. Both topics are approved.
12/23/2013 22:54:484Raymond Linraylin9622@gmail.comEspecially now in a time of seemingly inescapable partisan gridlock in Congress, federal agencies and independent commissions should be more assertive in their duties and make efforts to be more relevant to the public. The United States will ultimately gain more in the long run if it shifts resources from military development to diplomatic expansion. Both topics are good
12/23/2013 22:56:3310Arfan Rehabareha308@gmail.comThe government should abolish prisons, increasing the use of alternatives, such as electronic monitoring, intensive supervision, etc.The government should spend more money on NASA to promote the advancement of space technology and exploration.Both topics are approved.
12/23/2013 23:07:568Haley Hehaleyhe1123@gmail.comThe government should reallocate more resources to help rehabilitate misdemeanor offenders rather than giving them harsher sentences.The government should impose stricter regulations and more extensive background checks on welfare beneficiaries.Both topics are good
12/23/2013 23:08:424David Cahncahnda@gmail.comReligious organizations in America should be tax exempt.Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is unconstitutional.
12/23/2013 23:13:278Noah Rosenbergnrosen56@gmail.comAssisted Suicide and voluntary euthanasia are constitutionally protected and should be (1) federally legalized and (2) provided for under the Affordable Health Care Act. Pornography poses a threat to national moral health and should be censored by the federal government.Both topics are fine. Approved.
12/23/2013 23:14:0810Soham Dagasohamdaga@gmail.comThe United States Federal Government should embrace a multipolar system instead of attempting to be a hegemon. The United States Federal Government should embrace a multi-party system instead of a bi-party system. Your first thesis is too international. Your second is fine--though it would presumably mean revamping how we elect our legislatures.
12/23/2013 23:17:037Robert Hoffmanrsh696@yahoo.comGun violence in the United States is a multi-faceted problem that cannot be solved through legislation alone.It is okay for religion to enter the public square through individual citizens, but it should not be in any way promoted or disparaged by government officials.Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 23:21:258James Bessoirjbessoir@gmail.comThe government should give NASA more funding and plan more manned missions to space in the not-too-distant future. The government should cut back on its surveillance activities within the U.S. and abroad (the use of unmanned aircraft, wiretapping, and internet espionage should be cracked down on in particular).Both topics are good.
12/23/2013 23:26:304Allen Loallenlo427@gmail.comThe US Defense Budget should be drastically reduced to reasonable levels (as compared to other superpower nations) while still allowing the US to maintain military superiority by demanding--and to a degree, forcing--the increased efficiency of the military sector. Stop and Frisk should be declared legal and allowed to be applied on a national scale.Both topics are fine, but you should note that Stop and Frisk is already allowed--technically they are known as "Terry Stops."
12/23/2013 23:30:337Jessica Panjess.pan9@gmail.comUniversal health coverage should be considered as a fundamental right.Corporations should not be considered as "persons". Both topics are fine. Approved.
12/23/2013 23:30:364David HuangDavidh54678@gmail.comThe National Security Agency and its policies and practices are a necessary evil to protect the people of the United States.The policy of stop and frisk, implemented after the 9/11 attacks, is an unconstitutional violation of privacy, and should be abolished.Both topics are fine. Approved.
12/23/2013 23:33:3010Tara Cicictara.cicic@gmail.comThe American justice system should be reformed so that the focus for non-violent criminals is rehabilitation and so that the the main goal for violent criminals is punishment and removal from society, with the death penalty remaining as an option for the "worst of the worst". Jus soli is a logically and legally sound principle which acts as a protection against the continuation of the kind xenophobic and racist laws which have plagued America's history. Good, though your second topic merely defends the status quo