How many regular season contests should baseball be permitted?
Schools already trailer their schedule to their needs. We don’t need the state telling people how many games to schedule.
Teams should be allowed to play as many as they see fit to get their tem prepared.
Any more games than 25 would cause pitching issues for small schools. Pitch count already limits pitching rotations. Small schools do not have as many expendable arms.
Schools have the autonomy to schedule as few games as they wish. Most 3A / 4A programs can handle the game limit as it currently is and the programs who cannot, do not schedule that way.
If teams think 40 is too much then they can schedule less

Why are we trying to fix what’s not broken.

My brother and brother in law coach baseball in the state of Illinois. Most years they get at most 25 games in. Tons of cancellations and postponements (follow a northern Illinois school on Twitter for 1 season and see what they tweet about). Lose kids to travel ball teams. Small crowds.

Rick Heller, Iowas baseball coach, is a huge advocate for baseball starting later at the collegiate level. Has the state of Iowa ever thought that maybe we are the only ones doing it the correct way and it’s benefiting the kids?
If teams have the pitching and can play 40 games, that number shouldn’t change. We used to schedule 40 a year, but the pitching rules won’t give us the latitude to do that. I’m all for pitch counts but I believe a little tweaking could take place with the numbers.
If teams don’t want to play 40 then they shouldn’t schedule 40
Baseball should be allowed to stay at 40 games. Some schools are not going to be able to play that many games, but the schools that have the arms and numbers to do that should be allowed to play 40 games.
Let schools choose based on their individual needs
There are teams that still play 40 plus games currently and I’m all for it. We ended at 32 this year and likely could’ve played a few more when all is said and done. When dates are varsity DH, it makes things easier — especially when it comes to getting umpires.
Cory McDonald, New Hampton: Comparing baseball to basketball etc. regarding the number of permitted contests is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Besides baseball, does any other IHSAA team sport - including basketball - play doubleheaders? Again, it's apples to oranges.
I believe schools should have the choice of how many games they play with a max of 40. Smaller schools typically have less pitching so choose to play less whereas larger schools typically have more pitching so choose to play as many games as they can.
40 games should be the maximum and 30 should be minimum depending on classes. 4A and some 3A teams have the athletes for 40 games, others I understand if they want fewer games due to numbers but 30 should be the minimum.
I think that if teams are able to play 40 games they should be able to, as long as they aren’t disregarding player safety (arm care, heat, etc)
30 is enough. I am tired of some conferences choosing to play double headers and other conferences choosing to play home/home JV/Varsity. The state should mandate how conferences schedule so that it evens the playing/game field for all concerned.
Though we don't play anywhere near the maximum allowed number of games, I believe a school should have the option of up to 40.
Under the current format schools can schedule as many games as they can handle Based on numbers, travel and budget
With the substitution rules in baseball being unlike football or basketball, having 40 games is the only thing that makes sense with a roster of 25 plus players. If you start limiting games it also limits who we will play and what we do. The Prange Tournament, for example, would probably cease to exist. Trips to Norway and Rippey IA would be very limited. If teams don’t want 40 they can choose to not play 40 games. If 1A and 2A teams don’t have enough players they shouldn’t schedule the max. If we are forced to play less we will only have room to play conference games and maybe a few others, but it will not leave any flexibility in schedules and who we are able to play. What we have done this year would not have been possible with out the amount of games we put on our schedule.
Teams can choose to play less than 40 if they choose but zero reason to limit those that want to play as many as possible. It’s up to the school/coach to decide. Leave it as is.
With weather I think that is the right number of games. More and more kids are electing to play travel ball.
Give flexibility!
The number needs to stay there. If it gets changed to a lower number, then the bigger schools will get screwed. You don't have to play that many if you are a smaller school. We don't play 40, but you need to have that as an option for the bigger schools to allow their pitchers to actually get work in. If you don't they won't get ample time to develop as a player.
I don't see the argument for why this would need to change. If a team wants to play 40 games, they should be able to play 40. If they only want to play 20-25, that should be fine too. Baseball is a sport that across the board plays more regular season games than other sports, at all levels (youth, high school, college, pro). It is just the nature of the game. It is meant to be played more often. Between this & the other issue, the bigger issue in my mind is definitely ensuring that we continue to play baseball in the summer. However, I don't think that larger schools should have to play less games just because smaller schools are unable to play as many games.
I say 30 but that is based under the current system of a 6-8 week contest season. I am a huge fan of the varsity/varsity-reserve set up and if you have two DH and a V/VR game a week that gets us 30 games in 6 weeks… weather permitting.
Stay at 40 for a max and each conference and then each school can decide what is best for their own need...why "punish" those that can and want to play 35-40 games.
We need 40 games!
Easy to schedule as many games as you want
Baseball is a summer sport. That is when the majority of the MLB games are played. Iowa does not have consistent spring weather. By moving the season up further you would have more weather issues. The bigger problem then the weather is the sharing of athletes. If the goal of the association is to have as many student athletes play as many sports as possible then they should try to avoid the spring season. Track and soccer already overlap and cause issues at some smaller schools. Once again you are hurting the students by making them chose one sport over the other.
40 games are currently ALLOWED to be scheduled. If some schools would prefer a schedule with less games, they have that option. For schools who want 40, we should be allowed to play 40.
If we moved baseball to the spring season, we would lose our program. Golf, track, soccer, and trap shooting already take away kids early in the season. I hate that we lost a week already.
Leave it at 40 teams can schedule as they see fit for there team but don't limit those that want to play more games.
We are in the summer not during school year. Teams can schedule as they see fit. Basketball also gets 10 weeks for those 21 games. Can we shorten Basketball season.?? Baseball gets 7.5 weeks.
With pitching count rules it is hard for a small program to play more than 30
This allows maximum participation.
Out goal is to always play 25 games. We find that we do not have enough pitchers to play more games than this during the season, but I have no problem with teams that feel like they have the pitching to play 40 games.
Only way to do it to be fair to all classifications.
Schools with minimum players have to develop guys. It’s tough enough to get all your athletes out for baseball. Those that do I guess fair better than those that don’t.
Why would we ever want to move backwards in opportunities for our kids to play?
You don't have to play 40, why lower the limit if its not mandatory. If a coach wants to play 40, let them.
40 seems perfect.
Schools choosing to play less games are already doing so. Please don't take the opportunity to play 40 games away from those who want it. Speaking with players in the area, none of them want to play fewer games.
As we saw with pitch counts being implemented, schools chose the number of games they will schedule based on what they can afford to play because of pitch counts. If schools want to play 40 games let them, if schools want to play 20 games that is ok. If we reduce the number of games we are hurting opportunity for our student athletes as some schools/students want to play as much as they can. Let the schools choose if they want to play 20,25, or 40 games.
40 games is too many games for some teams and often times is too many for our mid size 3A program. With that said however, if a team is able to play 40 games and has the pitching to do so, then they absolutely should be allowed to. We schedule anywhere from 35-40 games year to year and that varies based on the number of pitchers we project to have.
Schools are not required to play the max. If you don’t want to play 40 games. Schedule less and either practice/give kids more time off. Leaving the number at 40 gives school and coaches the option to schedule according to their needs and beliefs.
Schools currently have the ability to schedule fewer than 40 games and smaller schools do. It would only hurt the larger schools and their players to limit them to 30 games. Again this is a theory that would be to the detriment of the game and high school baseball.
Allow up to 40. Let the coaches and school admin decide what is best for their squads.
You do not have to schedule 40 if you wish but for the programs that can handle that many games they should NOT be penalized.
Teams can play less if desired. I like the option of playing 40 games.
I feel 40 games is a high amount, but for those that play a lot of doubleheaders this would still allow quite a few games.
If a team wants to play 40 games, let them schedule 40 games. If teams want to schedule 20 games, let them schedule 20. Certain schools have enough pitching to make it happen and they do it well. Some schools can’t. You can’t develop pitchers if there aren’t innings to be pitched. Limiting games would bring an end to great traditions like the Prange Classic and weekend opportunities for schools to play other teams from different parts of the state. Lastly; our kids want to play games. They don’t want to practice 3 times a week in June.
Coaches can choose not to play the 40 game max a handful of coaches do that already. Basketball does not have to factor in weather or clean up there courts and paint there lines. We have to take the weather into consideration so having 40 games or close to just to make sure you get enough games in is big. I remember some years having 40 games on the schedule and only playing 25 to 30 because of the weather. We will lose more games to weather and that is going to suck.

talking with some coaches you will lose some great coaches and umpires with a move up in the season.

Keep the season games at 40. The bonds that the boys make during our quick short season is bigger then some of the friendships made in the other sports. please don't let them take that away
Smaller schools can become an issue limiting games if kids play both JV and Varsity.
I know 30-40 games are hard to do for the smaller schools, mine included but why take it away from the larger schools. But also pitch count has added another wrinkle to deal with too.
If teams are able to fill their schedule, 4A DHs, weekend tournaments etc.
max of 40. The AD and the head coach can decide if they want to play less if that is what is needed for that school. Put a minimum and a maximum guidance into play. Rain outs are bound to is very seldom that we get all 40 games in for a season as it is now. but if we lower it to say 35 and 5 dates get rained out and they are double headers now we are at 25 games.....that is not fair to our student athletes that are putting in the work to better themselves to possibly play at the next level. Would we question that 9 games are too many for Football?
These questions seem to all becoming from 2 pieces of HS Baseball....The AD's and the Umpires. To me this is a very bad look. Coaches and players put a ton of time into this sport, way more than the AD and the Umpires. I can promise you there are plenty of young umpires that want to ump, we need to give them the opportunity. They are out there, talk to coaches, we all have guys that are ready to learn and get involved. Pay them better, help them with initial cost like the gear cost. I see so much expansion and building going on at many schools, why not look at paying our umpires more money if this is an issue......obviously there is money at our schools to build, then there should be money to pay umpires a higher base.
Teams already have the option to limit the amount of games they’d like to play.
I believe the 40 game limit is fine, you are not required to compete in 40 games. This allows schools to set up their schedule to match the needs of their programs.
Changing this game volume will not serve a helpful purpose. 40 games is relatively light considering what most travel baseball teams play from 9u through 14u. The focal point should be that of allowing more rest and practice time to produce a better baseball product.
Why limit teams? Play ball.
Pitch count rules make it tough to play 40 but I would love to if we had the pitchers or pitch count rules give more power back to the coaches. Some of our kids are begging to play more games.
Teams and school districts should be allowed to seek out as many as they’re able to handle while following strictly the pitch count limit. Leave it up to us!
This has always been the way it is. Are other sports being evaluated to be shortened?
Shorten just a bit for costs.
Teams are able to choose to play fewer games if it best suits their need. The maximum can remain at 40. Under current scheduling, we have moved from scheduling 38-40 regular season games to 35-37. I believe schools should have the option to play up to 40 if they can make it work. If a program believes they are better off scheduling 32-35, they can do that. We scheduled 36 this year with one rainout to play 35.
As a 1A-2A program we try to schedule 30-35 games every year.
Why change what has worked for many years.
With the number of pitchers most small schools have it’s not feasible to have more than 4 games a week. If you have jv games with varsity during those 4 games now you’re talking about a minimum of 8 pitchers that week.
Few teams play 40 regular season games--many schedule 40, but with rainouts and weather it is difficult to get 40 games in. If a team would like to play 40 games more power to them. If a team doesn't want to play that many--they don't need to schedule that many.

I'm not a fan of comparing the number of allowed contests in baseball to other sports as baseball is significantly different than other sports in terms of the number of games played at all levels all the way up to Major League Baseball.
The background info is again misleading and looks like an attempt to manipulate votes. IA Basketball also allows teams to petition for a 22nd game and grants that so technically the regular season for IA Basketball is permitted 22 games in regular season. MLB - 162 games, NBA - 82 games. IA follows same ratio currently which is more than acceptable.
I honestly think that you should be able to play as many as you as a coach feel your team can handle. However I do understand the appeal of limiting the number of games due to scheduling conflicts as well as not burning out kids.
HS baseball will become less appealing when travel can offer higher game total and more opportunities for college exposure.
After multiple conference games a week, I feel pitching gets watered down alot.
40 is the appropriate number, if teams have the depth in players that they are trying to work through the field. Teams with fewer players can make the choice to play less.
While my team and most around don't play a schedule close to 40 games, I think it's good to do it because, some schools have a lot more pitchers and they need to play those games to develop their lower end varsity pitchers. I've coached teams in the past where 40 games didn't feel like it was enough because I had so many pitchers. Also, those kids would have been crushed if the schedule was smaller because they loved baseball. Another thing is that there are several conferences that have a double header format which eliminates the option of playing many non-conference games/tournaments. 40 games isn't a requirement, so if schools don't want to play 40, they don't have to.
Staying at 40 allows schools the flexibility to determine what is best for them.
Feel it's a better fit then 35 games. ( have had a lot more arm troubles the past few years )
I think you play as many as you want.
35 will give teams a chance to practice during the week
I don’t think the number of games should change. If it has to because we are in school then my vote would be to leave the schedule as is.
40 games is the correct number
If they have the pitchers, let them play to develope as many players as they have.
If people want to schedule 40 they should be able to. No reason to change anything here.
40 should be the max with schools having the option to play 25-40 depending on their desire. Our school still enjoys the Saturday tournament experience, some schools do not. We are very capable of doing what is best for the student athletes. Many schools decreased games the 1st week due to state track, what other sports would do that? There has been a lot of weird change the past couple of years with baseball. Moving the schedule and decreasing games will put travel ball as the priority. This is not what we need or want. Many coaches have already reached out to me and said they would be done coaching. Again, this would be bad for the sport. Please consider all options and read the comments from coaches. We do not GIVE UP our summer for baseball, we PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES to teach life and the great game of baseball.
I think teams should be able to play as many as they see fit up to 40, and if a program doesn't feel they can handle a full slate they can adjust accordingly. Limiting games will only make it easier for teams with a few solid pitchers to dominate, as opposed to finding who has the best roster top to bottom. I see no reason for Boone to make changes.
We don't have enough pitchers to play any more then 30!
finishing the regular season around the 4th is reasonable
This allows the freedom of schools choosing how many games they want to play. We play near a maximum schedule every year and probably will in 2024 with the extra week back. This should not be a state decision. We are one of the few 1A schools that play near a max schedule and if this changes I will strongly consider resigning from coaching. Why limit games and experiences for student athletes if we truly care about student athletes? The number of games being played shouldn't be changed or a question that should ever be discussed again!!
The pitch count rules were set in place to stop coaches from over throwing pitchers. Now it forces coaches to develop more pitchers to get through seasons. This is 100% a good thing for the sport. It not only gives different kids opportunities to contribute to their team, but opportunities for coaches to see what they may have otherwise missed by not having certain players pitch.

Kids love to play more games as opposed to more practices. As a former player and current coach, I believe more is gained through game experience than you can get through just practicing. Allowing kids all those extra at bats and game repetitions is a good thing.
It’s okay to play less, but large conferences would take up the entire season with conference games if games number is reduced
I completely understand we are in an umpire shortage but instead of limiting the number of games an athlete can play I believe we should move to DH's. If smaller schools don't want to play 40 games then don't, but especially at the larger schools, cutting games will make kids pick between Iowa HS Baseball and Legion or travel ball. These athletes will get their games in whether it is playing for our high schools or not.
Nothing is broke about 40 games it doesn’t need fixed. Leave the game amounts up to the coaches! Us smaller schools such as 1A and 2A don’t have the pitching for 40 games. We won’t schedule that many anyways. But why take away from 3A and 4A schools who can play that many regular season games. LET THE KIDS PLAY AND COMPETE. What really needs changed is State Track week or State Baseball week. Track needs moved up or Baseball players just understand that if they play baseball that they might be playing during the “no contact period” Us Coaches/ players and our families make that choice and know the sacrifices. My first two weeks of practice I never had a full team. Played our first week of games without every covering anything with our full team on field. Due to kids in other sports. All the other sports do not have to deal with this but Baseball gets thrown under bus and has to.
Keep the limit where it is.
With baseball playing the 2nd shortest season of all sports, it is not in the best interest of our athletes to have less contests. Summer sports are the only season that has to share their athletes with numerous other sports. We already overlap competition dates with soccer, tennis, golf & track. We are the only sport that has State tournaments for other sports going on during our regular season competitions. We also have the unique situation of having to allow Summer camps/clinics, and allowing basketball to use our athletes for competition in the middle of our season.
I like the 30 - 35 game range. This seems to be the range that we schedule each year.
35 games with same number of weeks: I think this would help with umpire shortage and also give teams more flexibility with makeups. The 40 game schedule taxes pitching staffs and leads to lots of ugly long games. These games are also tough on umpires.
Create a whole new record book for the shorter seasons? I already feel like we have a short season.