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Academic9-12ASU Global Freshman Academy
We are now offering a two-class, eGAP Year with an intense focus on Spanish and Global Health. The Spanish course includes one-on-one classes with experienced Guatemalan teachers
We are now offering a two-class, eGAP Year with an intense focus on Spanish and Global Health. The Spanish course includes one-on-one classes with experienced Guatemalan teachers
Academic9-12Brown PreCollege Online DirectorJamesChansky
Academic9-12Columbia University:Online Summer Immersion Programs into a world-class Ivy League education this summer with Columbia’s world-class instructors, and a dynamic online learning platform.

Interact with Columbia scholars and experts in their fields.
Engage with an international community of students
Prepare for college and the admissions process through specially designed programs.
Participate in extracurricular activities led by current students.
Earn a Columbia University Statement of Completion and evaluation letter.
Academic9-12Cornell PreCollege can choose from dozens of regular university courses, work with a Cornell faculty member, study alongside undergraduate students, and improve your college study skills. It's a great chance to earn college credits without leaving home.

Most online courses are delivered via the web-based learning system Canvas. You'll complete your assignments within a scheduled time frame, but some courses may offer you the option of getting a head start on your classwork. Generally, you'll interact with the instructor and other students via email, discussion boards, interactive chat rooms, video conferences, and/or phone.

The grades and credits you earn will be recorded on an official Cornell transcript and are generally transferable toward a degree at Cornell or elsewhere.
Academic9-12Cornell PreCollege Online can choose from dozens of regular university courses, work with a Cornell faculty member, study alongside undergraduate students, and improve your college study skills. It's a great chance to earn college credits without leaving
Academic9-12Cornell University precollege Online
Connected Camps’ mission is to build a global online community where kids build, code, play, and learn from one another. Learn more about our organization here.
Academic4-12Education Unlimited/girls
Academic9-12Georgetown University College Credit summer, get a head start and earn college credit at Georgetown. Our college credit courses ease your transition into the college learning environment through a blend of lectures, class discussions, and featured virtual guest speakers. You’ll have the opportunity to take classes with current undergraduate students, learn from prestigious Georgetown faculty, and engage in challenging coursework that will prepare you for success in college and beyond. Choose from our eight-week online courses, our five-week on-campus courses, or opt to do a combination of
Academic9-12Harvard Summer School summer programs for high school students are designed to prepare you both academically and socially for college.

Here, you will expand your worldview, meet new people from all over the globe, test-drive potential majors, gain valuable knowledge and skills, and explore Boston—one of America’s most vibrant and historic cities—amid a community of supportive peers and advisors. Online Precollege programs are synchronous.​
Academic9-12Horizons Academic (HARP) is a trimester-long online research program for extraordinary high school students to refine their interest in an academic subject. Students will develop a college-level research project under the individualized guidance of a professor from a globally renowned university. After a trimester of reading, writing, and exploring, Horizon scholars finish their final projects, most often a 20-25 page research paper. By showcasing a student's very best work, Horizon gives students the opportunity to get letters of recommendation, pursue external publication, and demonstrate their exceptional talent to
Academic9-12PennState Precollegewww.summerstudy.cpm/pennstate
Academic9-12, CollegePolygencepolygence.orgPolygence is a selective online academy giving a unique edge to students in their academic endeavors through research projects guided by top academics at Stanford‭(609) 937-2132
Academic9-12PreCollege Programs at Boston University for success in college at Boston University Summer Term. With five exciting and challenging high school summer programs to choose from, you can earn college credit, discover a new subject area, perform cutting-edge research in University labs, or immerse yourself in hands-on learning. Push yourself academically while experiencing college life, making new friends, and engaging in social activities around Boston and on campus. BU Summer Term offers you a choice of one-, two-, three-, and six-week programs, with options to live on campus, commute from home, or study online. We invite you to join other motivated teens from 50 states and 87 countries to experience this great introduction to college life and academics.Summer Term Officesummer@bu.edu617-353-5124
Academic8-11Stanford PreCollegiate Summer 2020Program Guide's precollegiate summer programs
Academic9-12Tufts University you for your continued interest in our Summer 2020 Virtual Campus Pre-College Programs. We are so excited to share our new dynamic online summer plans for each of our unique Pre-College programs! To let you know about how we will capture the world-class Tufts academics and college experience on a Virtual Campus, we will host a series of virtual open houses (April 21-23, 2020) to help you explore what Tufts Pre-College Programs can help you achieve this
Academic9-12UCLA Summer College Immerion Program SCIP UCLA Summer College Immersion Program (SCIP) is designed for exceptionally high-achieving high school students to provide a real-world introduction to an academic life at UCLA, one of the world's greatest research universities. SCIP students will enroll in two UCLA academic courses while also participating in lectures, seminars, and popular workshops such as Undergraduate
Academic9-12UMass@ Amherst: Precollege Summer Program online pre-college programs are designed to give you a preview of the UMass student experience, including college-level academics and being part of a learning community of high school students from all across the U.S. and the world. All courses are taught by UMass faculty and advanced graduate students, and combine live video instruction, independent project / group work, and check-ins with faculty and TA’s.
Coordinator, Summer Programs
Academic9-12University of South Fl-Tampa light of continuing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), the University of South Florida has decided to shift USF Pre-College to an online delivery method for Summer 2020.
Academic9-12Wake Forest Immersion
It is more apparent than ever that the world is closely connected and reliant on the young minds of tomorrow to address life’s toughest challenges. We look forward to continuing to support our students in this journey.
Academic, AP, Honors, IB and regular classesK-12K-12 online classesscoreatthetop.comScore Academy and Learning Centers are a fully accredited, K-12 online private school available for US and international students. It's a tight-knit school community offering all the services and resources needed to create an engaging student experience online or in person.
Academic, AP, Honors, IB and regular classes9-11Notre Dame Summer Scholars Online have developed Summer Scholars Online in response. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in one of 27 exciting programs of study, all taught by Notre Dame faculty.
Academic, College Prep, Career9-12Summer Discovery Online 2020 Discovery will offer an range of academic courses,business, STEM, Law and Government, and Leadership. Virtual community building activities will be offered:sports, clubs and competitons as well as college prep and career counseling. Particiants will be given a virtual calendar, so they can attend special events in real time. Courses will be taught by professors from university partners.Managing
Academic, Gap9-12, CollegeGPSAgpsa.orgOur eService programs can accomplish the mission of creating global minded citizens with healthcare insights and impact. E Courses during school year: pandemic focused; and E gap program: global health issuesFoundersDr. Bob LennertMalkin
Academic; Internships9-12Summer Discovery Online 2020 over 40 years experience running residential pre-college programs, we know that academics is only part of the pre-college equation. That's why we've developed an unparalled, online pre-college experience that combines world-class ACADEMICS with COMMUNITY, COLLEGE SUCCESS, and CAREER EXPLORATION to help students develop the skills to succeed in college and beyond.
Director of Summer Operations
aerospace,3-9Camp Kennedy Space Central Florida Online Outreach programs from the Space Center
AI9-12AI Scholars Online: Stanford University Technology Scholars (YTS) is a two-week intensive summer program where students are exposed to real-world engineering and problem-solving. Through hands-on learning and interdisciplinary coursework, students will learn how to leverage technology to solve complex problems. We wish to turn the next generation of students into tinkerers, idea generators, and fearless pattern sniffers with a strong motivation to identify and work on the most challenging problems of the world.program
1(650) 289-8553
All8-11Stanford Precollege Institutes are very pleased to announce that we will be offering an online alternative to the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes this summer. In partnership with Stanford Online High School (OHS), a global leader in online education, we are designing a curriculum of online courses that will offer a rich and engaging summer experience. In the coming weeks, we will share more information as details of the online alternative are developed, including the session dates, course offerings, revised tuition cost, and other important information.Excutive DirectorRckSommersommer@stanford.edu16507219322
Art9-12UCLA Art Summer Institute at the world-renowned UCLA Department of Art this summer! The Art Summer Institute is designed for talented and highly motivated high school students. Each two-week session carries three units of UCLA college credit and is structured around a combination of daily, focused studio work, artist lectures, field trips, and a final exhibition. Students may enroll in one or both two-week sessions and choose from Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, or Video & Performance
Arts, Music, 2-12Interlochen Arts Camp us this summer at Interlochen Online. The world-class Interlochen faculty have transformed on-campus programs into virtual experiences that combine the joy and intensity of Interlochen Arts Camp with an interactive and fun experience of summer learning.
Executive Director, Customer Experience
Arts, photography9-12Los Angeles Center for Photography Los Angeles Center of Photography is proud to offer classes in photography specifically designed to educate and enrich the lives of Los Angeles’ city youth. As the largest non-accredited school of photography on the West Coast, we are devoted to advancing the skills and increasing the personal enrichment of photographers of all experience levels and ages. Help us fulfill our mission of bringing the arts to the Los Angeles communities’ city youth and introducing them to the wonderful world of photography.
Executive Director/founder of the Los Angeles Center of Photography
Arts, photography9-12Director of
Arts, photography9-12
Director of Operations and Education
Arts: Dance, Voice, Drama,Musical Theater 9-12Arts Bridge Summer Program robust virtual 2-week curriculum will include one-on-one lessons and coaching, small group instruction, and large group classes in real-time. Content is designed from both an artistic and an admissions perspective including everything from lessons/coachings and acting classes, to sessions related to the college admissions process. Ends with video audition.
Director of porgram operations
Business, Product design; entrepreneurship9-12Columbia:Entrepreneurship; from idea to product design course combines video demonstrations of drawing techniques, individual conferences with the instructor as well as online group critiques, and virtual studio visits with professional artists. Critical issues in art are addressed once a week through group writing prompts and online discussion, so as to generate meaningful debates as a context for studio work. An online demonstration of how to professionally document and edit work in Photoshop for a digital application concludes the week.Program
Business, Sports9-12Wake Forest Sports Marketing happens in the game, the front office and behind the camera fuels a $250 billion a year industry that represents one of the fastest growing career fields worldwide. This institute explores the many professional options available in the global sports
Business; AI9-12Wharton Online Programs and Certificates coursework is a true preview of college academics—it is both rigorous and rewarding, and students earn one college credit upon the completion of a program track. Students will collaborate on coursework in and out of designated class times, all while meeting students from across the globe virtually.
Business; STEM8-11Wake Forest Online Immersion programs for High school students there subjects you’re thinking about taking in college but would like to know more about? The Online Immersion Program, designed for high school students ages 13 and up, has been created for this purpose. It offers exciting topics, covered in depth, through online coursework led by Wake Forest University professors and Wake Forest School of Medicine professors (depending on the course you choose). The program is available year-round, and the online format allows you to study anywhere, anytime, while working at your own pace. University mentors provide guidance. You will complete a Capstone project to show what you’ve learned and earn a Certificate of Completion from Wake Forest
Camps7-collegeAmerican Camping Association camps have created online options for this summer
President/Chief Executive Officer
Coding; technology, 4-12Code Connects Coding classes and tech talks including: webdevelopment, careers in tech, Creative Tech, Quantum computing, Healthcare and Tech, AerospaceChief Information OfficerRaviPrendseinfo@the-cs.org323-790-9992
Comedy, writing9-12Columbia:Comedy Writing Intensive this course students are introduced to the key tenets of writing and performing comedy. With the guidance of professional New York City performers and writers, they learn how to generate writing through improvisational comedy. Budding comedians and comedy writers learn how to make people laugh both on and off the page, a skill that can take practitioners down a variety of career paths on stage and in film and television. Participants hone their comedic sensibilities with a wide variety of exercises and readings, and build confidence by learning the art of Yes, and! Subject areas include sketch comedy, improvisational comedy, and stand-up. The course features frequent guest speakers.Program
Computers, coding, girlsCode for Social Good[Students must already know how to code] Code for Social Good is a volunteer community that seeks to promote social welfare by supporting nonprofits in need. We appreciate the cause your company represents and we want to be able to help you continue your mission.
Code for Social Good is made up of volunteers from across the tech industry. We are technical writers, coders and programmers who are ready to assist you with the tech services you require. Simply submit a request and we will connect you with the help you need.
Contest;writing9-12Discover submittable
Courses9-12edX Marketing
Courses6-12MOOC of the top universities in the nation provide MOOCs:Stanford University
Harvard University
Arizona State University
Michigan Institute of Technology
Brown University
Ohio State University
Boston University
University of California – Berkeley
University of Pennsylvania
University of Texas at Austin
Cornell University
Princeton University
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Creative Writing; Journalism9-12Columbia: Creative Journalism creative possibilities do true stories hold? How can truth telling and storytelling work together? This class helps students build interviewing and reporting skills while learning about journalistic ethics and exploring forms such as feature writing, profiles, op-eds, and audio pieces. Participants read a wide variety of articles and compose a new story draft every night. Through in-class workshops, students develop their skills in ways that allow them to serve as editors and peer readers for each other and for classmates and publications at their home schools.Program
Debate; Public Speaking;5-12Capitol Debate Virtual Camp home-based learning experience 8-10 kids/instructor (offer 2 week and 1 week programs: Extensive learning: Ten full days of lessons (Monday-Friday)
Real-time feedback: From leading public speaking and debate experts
Practice, practice, practice: Students speak every day
Live interactive activities: Impromptu speeches, mini debates, improv, shark tank presentation, persuasive speeches, debate tournament, and more
Success, success, and success: Parent showcase & award ceremony
Debate; Public Speaking;4-10Debate Camp Online Camp offers an opportunity to stay connected in these times. Our multi-level program now ONLINE welcomes all abilities in grades 4 through
Drawing, Art9-12Columbia:Drawing Intensive week-long class focuses on preparing the drawing portion of a fine art portfolio application for college submissions. As the week progresses, each student receives an in-depth critique from the instructor of their current work and of their plan for their portfolio. The course is focused on completing several large projects so as to showcase observational drawing skills, ranging from still life to architectural space to self-portraiture, as well as conceptual skills.Program InstructorIoana
Economics9-12Economics for Leaders
Program Director, Economic History for Leaders & Student Scholarships Manager
Program Director, Planning & Outreach
Engineering, girls9-12Sweet Briar College Explore
Summer Explore Engineering Design Course
English, Writing6-1292Y: Young Writers Workship DirectorCarrieOmancoman@92y.orgPhone
English, Writing9-12Gothom Writers Online, creativity-stretching, not-like-school courses for writers ages 13-17. Useful for expanding your talent or gaining skills bound to help with essays and schoolwork.

These Teen courses are offered both in New York City and Online. The NYC classes are conducted by Gotham Writers Workshop. The Online classes are a partnership between Gotham Writers Workshop and Teen Ink. All students in the online classes receive a free one-year subscription to Teen Ink.
Director, Communications & Events
English, Writing9-12Gothom Writers Online
Dean of Students, Director of One-on-One Services
English, Writing9-12Writers Studio three decades The Writers Studio has been helping students become stronger, more resourceful writers — with more craft at their disposal, more knowledge of what makes a piece of creative writing satisfying to a reader, and more access to the full range of their emotions and imagination. We have developed our own teaching method, which gives students the opportunity to “try on” many different narrative approaches. In the process of studying and trying out the techniques found in a wide array of published work, students end up discovering their own material and voice. They also find a supportive community of like-minded classmates. The school is flexible enough to meet the needs of students at all levels of experience and commitment. Students can take a single six or eight-week workshop, or proceed through a series of increasingly challenging
(212) 255-7075
Entertainment production;technology;digital media etc7-12Full Sail Sail Labs is now offering live Virtual Summer Camps this June and July. These live instructor camps teach STEAM-based topics in subjects students love including technology, entertainment, media, and art. Each week-long camp is designed to fully engage students 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday, with 4 hours of learning each day divided into 2 hour blocks.
Entrepreneurship8-12LaunchX Virtual LaunchX Virtual Program delivers the same quality program experience and community in an online environment. This isn’t just the interactive classes, simulations, and speakers. We’re also providing the mentors, check-ins, progress tracking of teams, and support for prototyping. Your calendar will be semi-customized to your team and even to your role within the team, so that you get a more tailored experience. What’s more, we’re able to provide some pretty awesome speakers now that we’re less restricted by geography! (stay tuned for annoncements on these)
Entrepreneurship, mentor, 9-12Endevvr helps student entrepreneurs from around the world start real companiesFounder and Executive
Extracurricular; community service6-12Create your own project; support a nonprofitTurn your interests and talents into your own summer-long project. A few ideas: Form a garage band with some musically-inclined friends and practice with local gigs. Teach yourself how to program. Practice your creative writing and submit your work to journals that publish high school students.
Film, Art9-12Columbia University Pre-College Summer Immersion
Photography: The Camera Craft this course students gain a hands-on understanding of the basic principles of photography, approaching it within the context of the fine arts.
Using their own DSLR or smartphone cameras, participants work on assignments and self-directed projects which touch on a diverse range of approaches to photography, with the goal of creating a final portfolio for web presentation at the course's conclusion. The course takes the form of both a seminar and a lab, and participants work on both individual and collaborative projects.
We focus on the critical context of photography and its broad conceptual applications. Critical issues in art are addressed in the form of short seminars designed to generate meaningful debates as a context for studio work.
Upon conclusion of the course, students will have completed a web-based portfolio to showcase their new bodies of work.
Participants are expected to have their own cellphone cameras or DSLR’s and access to Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (free trials are generally available).
Program insturctor
Film, Art9-12Otis College of Art and Design: Summer of Art, College Preparation Program intensive, four-week, pre-college program is for individuals 15 and older who wish to study at one of the top art and design colleges in the country. Serious young artists seeking to strengthen and enhance their art and design skills, as well as students with limited art training, are invited to participate.

Photography Course: Develop your skills in both traditional and digital photography while focusing on traditional themes of still life, portraiture, and documentation. Course begins with the traditional single-lens reflex camera, properties of black-and-white film, shooting techniques, film development, and printing. Through the use of new technology, including the digital camera and Adobe Photoshop, learn how to enhance and manipulate images. Students furnish their own 35mm film and digital cameras, film, and paper.
Film, Film making9-12Columbia: Filmmaking with Iphone and Ipad filmmaking experience is required, though students who do have experience or who have taken one of our three-week filmmaking courses will find that this course is a good way to further their training.Program
Film, screenwriting, public speaking9-12American University:Discover the World of Communication 9 pre-college online non-credit classes are: International Communication, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Films, Visual Literacy in Action, Scriptwriting and Video Production, Screenwriting: Hollywood Three-Act Structure, Professional Newswriting and Reporting, Professional Video Storytelling, Podcasting 101 and Flash Fiction Writing. In addition we offer one American University College Level Course for 1-credit, COMM-102, Public Speaking. Email us at or call 202-885-2098DirectorSarah
(202) 885-2098
Finance; 9-12Columbia: Intro to corporate finance introductory-level course is intended for students who have an interest in learning more about how corporations make business decisions and fund those decisions. The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of both sound theoretical principles of finance and practical tools of financial decision-making.Program
Finance; insurance,9-12Gothom Writers Online, creativity-stretching, not-like-school courses for writers ages 13-17. Useful for expanding your talent or gaining skills bound to help with essays and schoolwork.

These Teen courses are offered both in New York City and Online. The NYC classes are conducted by Gotham Writers Workshop. The Online classes are a partnership between Gotham Writers Workshop and Teen Ink. All students in the online classes receive a free one-year subscription to Teen Ink.
Fine Arts, Computers10-12Ringling College of Art and Design PreCollege online experience will take place June 21 to July 18, 2020, during the same 4 weeks as originally planned. You will build your portfolio and prepare for college and the professional world of art and design by learning from and studying with Ringling College’s professional faculty, exactly like our undergraduates. If you can access the internet, you can participate in PreCollege. It works like this: You sign up. Then you sign in for free remote access to our top-tier lab computers using the latest software available. Sure, there are a few more steps in between, but if you can find a browser, then we can easily walk you through the
Gap12-PGAmerican Gap Association programs are still running
GAP12, PGGap Year Association programs are still
Gap, Downwest Semesters,and%20deserts%20of%20the%20West.
In case you're working with someone who's deferring for the fall, this is a short-term (5 weeks!) option that'd be a great alternative to Outward Bound, NOLS, etc. and still allows for your client to do other things (work, internship, etc.). Just wanted to share!Cofounder,
Gap, Internships, VolunteerOmprakash: dialogue and learning between social change agents around the world. Offering 2 online programs: Solidarity and Storytelling Across Differences; and Grassroots NGO and CBO
Gap, Internships, VolunteerYear On; Gap Program On is working on completelly online semester-length program combining virtual volunteer projects.
Gifted9-12Summer Insitute for the Gifted SIG 399-5421
Health; science;biomedical9-12Lebanon Valley College: Health and Biomedical Sciences Camp modified, online program will include live lectures, guest speakers and online laboratory exercises. The Registration fee for the online program is $175. To register and submit payment, please click the links below. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration, and we will be in touch with additional camp details in the coming weeks!DirectorDr.
Internship9-12Emerging Leader Internship Program Emerging Leader Internship Program is an elite opportunity uniquely designed for hard-working, top tier students. Only the best applicants will be accepted into the program. Determinations will be made after careful review of the following
Internships9-12Chegg Internships School summer internships in Remote are pretty common, but don't expect to be in charge at the end of your internship! Usually, you’ll have to work from the bottom up, but interns are much more likely to get a job offer from the employer they’re interning with. If you decide to intern at a smaller company, you’ll sacrifice the name prestige for other benefits, such as having an opportunity to see your projects go from start to finish. Simply gaining High School experience is essential in order to provide value and creativity to the
Internships9-12Online Internships for High School Students;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiM1pmAnovpAhVFZN8KHUCBC-sQp4wCMAB6BAgLEAE#htidocid=zfMC1cvhaKrWtAOMAAAAAA%3D%3D&sxsrf=ALeKk01hmYs4bScJS_flpooo642QyLdN0g:1588080801123Remote internships for high school students; some paid others unpaid
Journalism, media, politics, technology, arts, sports, business, fashion9-12NYTimes Summer Academy Online famous NY Times summer program goes virtual!info@nytedu.com646-438-7269
Language6-12Concordia Languagehttp://www.concordialanguagevillages.orgConcordia Language Villages is offering in-person programs in Minnesota starting July 27. Earlier sessions have been canceled. It’s also offering week-long online programs for several foreign languages throughout the summer and online four-week high school credit programs with 180 hours of instruction.General
Languages6-12Language Bird® is the premier online world language program for middle and high school students. We are the first accredited online provider specializing in a one-to-one, 100% live experience in 11 different world languages. LanguageBird® is the world language expert providing an unparalleled experience for teens online. There is no better classroom ratio than 1 to 1. Our online setting allows the flexibility needed for today’s students, as well as the learning experience to mirror the future of their education and careers.
Languages6-12Language BirdOUTREACH COORDINATORDamarieS
Languages6-12Language BirdADMIN/
Languages6-12Language Studies: Babbel, Duolingo and Rosetta StoneBabbel:; Duolingo: a new langauge using apps: Babbel; Duolingo, Rosetta Stone
Languages10-12,CollegeUniversity of Chicago Virtual Summer Language Institute intensive courses provide one year's worth of language
Leadership5-12Stomping Grounds HEART
Leadership7-12Virtual Summer Teen Leadership Camp year we decided to turn our teen leadership program into an immersive, virtual summer camp! Don't let the lack of opportunities or changed plans limit your teen this summer. Instead, provide them with a week-long virtual experience that will help them realize their true leadership potential. After all, well-developed leadership skills help propel teens in academics, work, social interactions, entrepreneurship, prepping for college – the list goes on!Dr. Barb Hughson, Director Laura Majcin, DirectorDr.
LGBTQ7-upBrave Trails Trails was formed to respond to the needs of the large and growing population of LGBTQ youth. There is not a summer camp anywhere in our target area, which specifically serves LGBTQ youth in a leadership capacity. We believe camp provides a unique outlet to build leadership and community while exploring the outdoors and just having some good old fun! Given the current climate of inequality in our world, there is a need to empower the next generation of LGBTQ leaders and give them the tools to continue in the quest for justice and civil rights, for all.Co-Executive
Math7-12MathCamp progam for asiring math majors
Math8-11Mathily ONLINE program for aspiring Math
Math8-11Ross Mathematics Program the Program will run online sessions from Sunday June 28 through Friday August 7, 2020. The Ross Number Theory course will be available to all students accepted to the 2020 session. That course cannot be as deep and intensive as the in-person experience, but online participants will gain some experience with the Ross style of inquiry-based
Math10-11Stanford University Mathmatics Camp important program for future math majors;SUMaC online this
Math, Science6-12University of Michigan Math and Science Scholars on the link to see the courses that will be offered
(734) 647-4466
Medicine9-12Wake Forest: Making the Rounds: Insider's Guide to Becoming a Doctor wanted to be a doctor? Or think you may want to pursue pre-med in college? If you have a passion for science and want to get an inside look at how physicians manage the patient journey from ambulance to ER to operating room to rehab, Wake Forest’s new, online course opens the door of learning to this exciting
MusicBerklee:Aspire:Performing Intensive world's most comprehensive summer music performance program—and now you can participate anywhere. From one-on-one instruction with Berklee’s renowned faculty to a rigorous curriculum offering six college credits, this immersive online summer program will enhance your instrumental or vocal performance mastery. Learn how to groove with other musicians, develop improvisational and reading skills, and improve your technique in weekly private lessons.
Music, Piano, KeyboardBerklee: Piano-Keyboard Workshop your skills in improvisation, performance, chord theory ensemble playing, and synthesizer technology in this 12-week online workshop. Through live class sessions and independent coursework, you’ll hone your skills in your preferred style while learning from professional musicians and connecting with other players from around the world. Receiving a final grade of B or higher earns you three college credits, which can be applied to an undergraduate program at Berklee or another college or university.Program
Music, Music Production,Sound DesignBerklee: Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Workshop your limits as an electronic musician in this 12-week online program. Learn the ins and outs of contemporary music production, or enhance your sound design skills while working with experienced producers. Connect with other electronic musicians from around the world through live class sessions and independent coursework, which you can complete at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to explore everything from the foundations of sound synthesis and sampling to sound creation and manipulation. Receiving a final grade of B or higher earns you six college credits, which can be applied to an undergraduate program at Berklee or another college or university.Progragm
Music, Song WritingBerklee: Songwriting Workshop yourself in the art of songwriting, and discover effective melody, rhythm, harmony, and lyrical techniques. During this 12-week online program, you’ll learn from experts about writing, recording, and producing songs that will be successful in today's music industry. Share your ideas, get feedback, and collaborate with other songwriters from around the world through live class sessions, clinics, and independent coursework, which you’ll complete at your own pace. Receiving a final grade of B or higher earns you three college credits, which can be applied to an undergraduate program at Berklee or another college or university.Program
Music, VoiceBerklee:Vocal Summit the next step to develop your sound in this 12-week online program with instruction in vocal technique, style, and performance skills. Open to vocalists, singer-songwriters, and instrumentalists who sing, the Vocal Summit will let you explore the world of contemporary vocal music. You’ll work with experienced coaches who have mastered the art of healthy vocal production through live online classes, clinics, and master classes while completing coursework at your own pace. Receiving a final grade of B or higher earns you three college credits, which can be applied to an undergraduate program at Berklee or another college or university.Program