Disc Course Rating System
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Winter ParkSilver CreekBlueberry HillLTCBrown DeerDretzkaHighbridge GoldLincoln RidgeSandy PointStanding RocksElverHeistandYulgaGrignonBaird CreekToken CreekRichmond HillStoney HillGrey FoxLeigh FarmUNC ChapelWater Works
Design/Setting(53pts possible)Score ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore ReasonScore Reason
Shot Shape Variety (6 = mix of left/right/straight, multiple routes, forced routes (anny or hyzer), uphill long and short, downhill long and short, and across hill)6Excellent balance of L/R/S including forced routes or multiple route options663not much shot sahping due to openness4no real hills4665555453too open to shape any shots4566665
Tight/Open Variety (6 = More wooded than open. Canopy of woods including tunnel holes. Gap holes like shooting into or out of trees/open boundary. Holes bordering thick woods. Open holes with some type of OB. Open ripper holes.6Tight tunnels, open to wooded gap holes, open surrounding by trees, and wide open holes with OB663545655664424466664
Shot Length Variety (6 = Holes over 450’ and down to around 200’. Elevation adding more or less distance for more finesse than power. Uphill holes adding more power than perceived distance. Relatively tight fairway width to length ratio (i.e. 5-10%). Plus a few true par 4 and 5 holes with defined 350’ landing zones or mega distance, NOT just long open fields)6715' downhill to 200' thru a 10' wide tree lined tunnel. Uphill and downhill holes of various distances. Gold tees offer par 4.5535long holes are bland56544554435566665
Elevation (6 = Large elevation changes like a ski hill. Drastic and sharp elevation like a winding creek or ravine. Holes uphill, downhill, and across hill. Woodland ridges, and open morraines. Terrain utilized in a risk management way, not just distance)6150' total elevation change, mini sharp elevation changes due to creek and washout ravines in the woods552225534552453564565
Water(6 = Ponds, creeks, rivers - one of each. At least one really defined and deep water feature that MUST be thrown over. i.e. water definitely in play. Nasty muckholes don't count. Min 2pts if no water) 6A creek on 5 holes and ponds on 3 holes36432553water holes not always in play2232422363563
Multi-Shot Holes (6 = Not a pitch and putt. Good drives needed due to rough or landing area. Multiple drives or carefully executed upshots (due to risky greens) are required. Few true par 4/5 holes from Blue and higher tees. Risky greens may turn one missed putt into 3. OB or obstacles forcing risk management for lower scores.)6Require carefully placed drives, or multiple drives, and precise upshots due to risky greens. Gold tees require drive placement.553446544554425566654
Risk VS Reward / Punishment (6 = Risky greens, drastic terrain/elevation changes increasing risk of rollaways, thick rough, mandatory flight paths, defined OB, obstacles near pins)6Thick rough, many elevation changes, risky greens with slopes and obstacles, OB roads and water, harsh wooded rough5534No elevation near greens, only occasionally in set of trees, mostly wide open35656444534564665
Beauty / Peaceful(6 = Scenic beauty, sweeping views, QUIET, peaceful, and tranquil, beautiful and unique natural features such as majectic trees, mountains, rock formations, steep ravines.)6Amazing views over the 363326455444224563354
Multiple Configurations (5 = At least two tees for various skill levels, alternate pin locations on all, plus a few third set of tees at GOLD Level. Min 2pts)4Red, Blue, and a few Gold tees. Alternate pins on some holes.4423One tee, some alternate pins44444445435323535
Basics (32pts possible)
Number of Holes (4 = More than 18 holes, or 18 without one throwaway)427 holes, zero throwaways320 holes, a few throwaways418 holes, but at a discin complex218, many throwaways3344443some throwawy holes44333343433
Signs (4 = General tee sign needs are accurate distance, description, key objects, general flight path shown. Other information signs like next tee. Plus creativity or artistic design)3Plain but descriptive and information packed signs333243342224414313434
Tee Pads (4 = Well defined, any type of material will do, as long as it is relatively flat and free of lumps. Concrete MUST be long enough and flush with surrounding ground). 2Crushed stone pads, often rutted, and sloping uphill or downhill4432Concrete NOT flush34443444414444434
Targets(4 = Discatcher, Mach 3 or 5, or Chainstar. Deduction for poor homemade ones, Mach 2, or other portables. Generally in good shape) 4DISCatcher new443Homemade spitmonkeys444444444434424444
Layout/Flow (4 = start and end at the parking lot. Pass near the parking lot at some midpoint in order to restock or get equipment)4Start at parking lot, end 350' away, pass it twice3Hole 1 not easy to find3no passing lot at midpoint3doesn't really pass at mid3Difficult holes 1-3, doesn't pass at mid3Doesn't pass at mid3Doesn't pass at mid443Doesn't pass at mid334434434124
Maintenance (4 = Clean upkeep and debris. Mowed well. Trash at a minimum. No broken equipment or signs. Woodchips and landscaping)3Very well maintained, not immaculate with woodchips and landscaping2lots of trash442trash, glass1GLASS and TRASH43trash43trash 22441443mowing3242
Pay to Play4 = A MUCH higher need for amenities and upkeep, better be immaculate if pay to play including landscaping, terraced greens, elevated tees. Or 4 if not pay to play.4Free, donation tube4Free4Pay to Play, pristine locale4free4free4free4elite complex fee4free3resort fee3county fee 44444343private4444
Shared Use & Crowds(4 = exclusively for disc golf, highly regarded by local players, thus a high level of pride and upkeep rather than local trash players that take their time and cause backups)3Occasional but limited mountain bikers and hikers2LOTS of local idiots4Dedicated Use3On college campus, but limited interference33433resort use elimntaes some holes4234223443332
Amenities (15pts possible)
Benches (3 = Benches on every hole, and a few tables here and there. Plus creativity in using local material and handmade creations like out of local logs, etc) 2Benches and tables on a few holes2Benches and tables on a few holes2Benches and tables on a few holes0No benches or tables I remember222231no benches or tables113212222111
Trash Cans (3 = multiple large heavy use area cans, and smaller mini cans at every hole)2A few buckets on tee signs, and a few large cans2A few buckets on tee signs, and a few large cans2A few buckets on tee signs, and a few large cans1Only a few large cans I rememeber222231few large cans112212222112
Restrooms (3 = accesible restroom facility with water at the parking lot, plus additional toilet at a far away point)3Restroom and portapotty by parking, remote porta potty2Main restroom not always open, no remotes2Main portapotty only, no remotes2Main portapotty no remotes222222322222221111
Practice Facilities (3 = practice basket right by parking lot, and some open spots for drives)3basket and small open area3basket and large open area2some open area2basket and small open3basket and open3basekt and open2some open area2basket and some open2basket1no practice331112221112
Message Board (3 = full kiosk of info including contacts, maps, scorecards, current events, descriptions, etc)3message filled welcome board1no much for welcome board3Welcome shack2Welcome board223232222212212212
TOTAL (100 points)924.6773.85894.45582.9673.35663.3894.45854.25814.05723.6743.7763.8753.75743.7492.45753.75804834.15773.85804804753.750000000000000000
DGCR Tie Breaker / Rounded ScoreIn instances where a course is in the middle of the ½ disc rating scale, whether or not I will play it again will be used to round the score up or down for DGCR rating).54533.53.554.54.544443.52.53.5444443.5
July 11, 2011