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4GB LAA PatchIt is stupid unintuitive. Novice users can't install it right for the life of them and consistently post about crashes in the atriumGet Valve to patch Steam's version to match, raise min specs to 8GB RAM.BLee
Atrium Crash ---^Users on low end PCs with only 32-bit os and <4GB RAM crash on load4GB Patch or Upgrade Hardware. We may be able to squeeze the atrium down and I'm attempting it now. But odds aregood it's unsolvable. Will go green when locked. Too many of them. BLee|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Atrium FPSUsers across the board register sub 20fpS in Atrium. Tore it up, slapped it back together. Renavmeshed. Tested. All working. I can go back and re-topo the core pieces and the terminal stack, but that's all that can be done at this point. All of them. BLee|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Slave Collar needs removerThe slave colar needs to come off after the highway battle for escapees. And for Raiders it needs removing on first greeting Elsdragon "you are no longer a slave."Player.removeitem on Elsdragon greeting. For Escape Artists, run script that switces it for a playable dud vesrsion. Fixed for 203Many|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Can't Find ElevatorUsers can't find side elevator. More obvious signage. :pSeveralBLee|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Union City HQ CrashUsers can't load NCR HQ without crashes. Focus testing. Suspect it is memory hemohage from all the corpses, as it happens after the battle. Eliminating all wasteland flora helps. Need to purge bodies after battle immediatly. Lower effects. Remove civilians. ManyBLee
Noss Vertibird Missing 3D on vertibird is not loaded in time so playgroup forward command failsfixed in 203. Workaround: prid XXAB8961 <enter>
playgroup forward 0 <enter>
Dr. Lang no DialogueHe has no nothing to say because the quest didn't exist. TGSpy finally wrote the doctor. Merge to 203 esm. Export audio for Raven. Record. Edit. Pack. ManyBLee
Graphical issues w/ ENBSeveral graphical bugs, see-through walls and similar when using an enb.1) Disable AA and AF in the NV Launcher options, 2) Disable ENBManyGhost (Sid)???
Jameson Stops at OoxacaHe stops at the last xmarker heading and hangs out there.Script bug. Fixed in 203BLee||||
Foodboy Glass Clipers Getting stuck on glassBigger collision box.
Gun Gun Guns theft no reactNo reaction from GGG MerchantFixed
Vault 18 Kira Owership ItemsNo reactfrom theft.Fixed
Voiceless Speech Fail to StartIf voicless die before getting to the room, speech fails to start, npcs never arrive.
NoneThink the script may depend on getifincombat. I could wall off the ferals or move them but a roboust soluion is editing that out of the script. - fixed for 203. Removed the isincombat check several
Collision on Monitors in AtriumDuring the explosions at the Atrium, if you go up the stairs, you're able to clip right through the middle monitors.i think this is a result of an oversight, you are not supposed to reach the monitors as the intended reaction is to fall thru the now missing glass floor to the cafeteria below, glass presumely broken on the explosions. but the collision file was not removed so you can still walk on it. Vardogor#2426Vardogor|
Rockwell Follower TrapIf you have not discovered Rockwell Tunnel during the quest that has you escape the vault reactor blast radius and discover it at a later point some of your companions (probably all that can be present during the vault escape - tested with A.L.P.H.A., B-6RK and Ben) will get stuck standing in the tunnel. When teleported to the player due to being too far away, they will immediately try returning there.Fixed in 203Nexus. One of them was JimUK confirming2 reports
Angel breaker doorThe trailer door in AngelBreakers triggers the cottonwood cove script when openedReplace NVCCRadTruckDoor cell -23, -10 - Fixed in 2031 report
Kill Elsdragon Quest BugIf you don't talk to Duville before leaving the HQ to Kill Elsdragon, the quest is brokenFixed in current WIP plugin2 reports
Blance VSec ArmourVseca rmour debuff more in line with entry level vs patriot, but still vable across campeignlower DT. treat helmet plus gear plus riot shield as a package.
10mm PistolDon't overwite vanilla models!Make a new entry - also fix transparent slide with nistencilproperty
Saving old glory carava 4Players can't trigger ambushMission 4 script is looking for wrong mapmarker. Fixed for 203
Texture OptimizationThe 1024 textures I repacked are slowing down performance.Pray we never use .dds again and use 3rd party tools to fix this assinine issue.
Vault Protectron ArmyThe haunting continues. They follow forever. Just kill them via script at Blast Radious explosion. Say it's an EMP.
Freezes on leaving V18Users report the game hard locks leaving the gate to The PassSuspect it's just the events being too crazy. I can't replicate it but it is common enough tht I'm tracking it as a major issue to look into, even though we don't want to waste all our time on it. Atrium first. Union City. Then this, as it's endemic of the full world. **Reloading and trying again fixes it.**
Silverman water and power mismatchSilverman uses from dialogue about killing infectrd at the relay to talk about restoring power via marius. The dialogue is recorded and in GECK just not scripted. Dialog flag on restoring via Marius Fixed for 203
gun runners inherited dialog from New Vegasthe Protectron on the Gun Runner Kiosk still mention its location as the New Vegas branch of The Gun Runners.this is probably because the NPC is the entity from NV. can be solved by making a copy of the NPC and dialog file, then editing the dialog on the copy. - fixed in 203
Camper quest/lines.Richard Camper did not force-greet me. His line You take care out there, kid. Try not to get into trouble, and avoid that mine, you hear? is missing audio. The quest objective to join him for a chat is not marked complete, its marker remains a goal for the quest, and he never leaves his spot.

Besides the missing audio, none of this happened the first time I played in an earlier build. Could be related to different variables being set. For example, I took my time exploring and met and killed Wilco this time. Last time, I was rushing and didn't see Wilco till much later than Camper.
Before conversation:

Fixed for 203. Camper now forcegreets regardless, unless the player cheats with MoveTo, COC, COw and starts NCR or SVR questlinesEPDGaffneyI
Cottonwood cove door at Angel breakers object and remove script. - fixed in 203I
Atrium RoomboundsThis was fine before that stupid gym hallway update...Adjust edges.
Vayger Killed EarlyIf players kill or shoot Vayger early, they never get greeting and he's dead, breaking quest.Atomatically update to ESCAPE! if Vayger is killed at any time. Fixed in 203
Albino Blackfolk BugMod Managers often cause dark skinned chracters to turn pale while. This is caused by an ini edit made by Vortex and Mo2. We get blammed for it however and that is lame.Texture generation is done and will be included in the 203 texture BSAs Roy: You must generate FaceGen and BodyMod textures if your plugin is an ESM. otherwise you need to set bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 but if you generate facegen you don't need it that setting is shit, it forces the game to generate textures for every NPC, it wastes memory and resources then use DDS Converter 1.4 to batch convert the folders via drag and drop, settings are DXT1 , Repeat, Mipmaps they are saved as tga, delete any DDS geck makes and just convert the TGA use the drop downmenu in geck to generate all of them, it takes a couple of hours maybe, just delete any that aren't in your ESM name folders
Earnest Enclave Hologram intercept too early as a nerdApparently his deafult nerd greeting is to talk about the hologram out of order, breaking immersion. the earnest's line was "Your ears still ringing from the game? The overseer wants to see you in his office. It's all over the intercom." the only relevant condition is "GetQuestVariable PBDialogVault18PQ, iPQEarnestControl == 1.00" which is set in this part of the script PBDialogVault18PQScript: " if (iPQEarnestTrigger) else if (GameHour >= 23) if (Player.GetInCell 00BrazilVault18b == 1) set iPQEarnestTrigger to 1 set iPQEarnestControl to 1 PBrazilVault18EarnestSchwartzPQREF.evp ;go find player if in the Atrium " in other words, no matter whether you encountered the enclave guy or not - you'll be summoned to the overseer once the clock hits 11pm (and you're in the appropriate location). <--- disable this situation unless hologram has been triggered.
Bigger Chevy superman triggerif you're sprinting too fast you can sometimes run straight past an event and not trigger it, *SPOILER* I had this at Fort Dagger Point with Chevy, managed to sprint straight past her to where Bragg ends up being afterwards and had to spend a few minutes figuring out why nothing was happening.Bigger trigger. -fixed for 203. Trigger is huge now. Also collision markers to stop those climbers
Flip spanner the other way in nifscopeUugh.Just flip it around, jesus christ. |||||||
NMCs texture logo deleteSomehow during a merge <- NMC's snuck into our BSA files. That has to come out ASAP. Remove from BSAs by overwriting in 203
Check Daggerpoint Cave to ensure it can be entered after MQ03 at any time.Users are getting stuck outside and cant enter the cave when Bragg says to do so. Wild Card and RWB.
cells are not being updated fast enoughsometimes i reach the next cell and its not updated, so i run into the LOD and everything breaks. example on the union city quest to defend the gate, if i walk too fast and reach the bar just shortly of being bombed by the vertibird. the cell is not properly updated and the troopers survive and start running on circles. and most noticeable you can pass thru geometry like noclip is enabled. trying to reach the gate, which i presume is on another cell further crashes the game. this also happens on other parts of the map, if there are enemies spawned on the partial loaded cell they dont attack and companions also dont engageThis is a New Vegas performance issue. Not really a bug fixed by reloading a previous file important: im still trying to reproduce this issue a couple more times so i can get more video evidence. also need to test if saving on a partial updated cell will affect anything when the save is loaded.Nevadita#7777
NCR Trooper catchphrase supressorPatrolling the pass almost makes you wish... that's supposed to be a one off joke. :p Not ever 30 seconds. And that Noss prick."say once." - fixed in 203
Timing adjustment on vayger OOC during capture, excuse me, let me just take my dozen mercenaries with me into this super mutant stronghold... CLIP timing is ok. The problem is on the Toober's end.BLee
Mandrake too toughMandrake is a bullet sponge (stacking DT bug)Edit NPC script to apply DT properly fixed in 203Rick
Ben Corrupt voice filePBFollower_PBFollowersBenS_00A9F7FF_2 causes game crashRestored from July backup. Fixed for 203
Wasteland Defense Duville Cant be killedYou have the objective to kill him but he's still essentialPlayer's are using MoveTo to get back to Silverman! Problem is in PBrazilCH3NCRMQ04UCShowdownSceneScript in the case where you return to Silverman firstRick
Father lives til the End.Man, i was savior of the vault, united the Raiders, and helped the NCR, i even convinced the Father to aid me in taking down the Enclave. After killing Chevy Braggs, he just stands there, doing nothing. Not initiating dialogue
so, i complete the game anyway and the game doesnt mention him in the ending at all. Apparently this is on purpose. I basically left the character equivalent to a global holocaust alive and hes not mentioned at all. Its like somehow leaving the Master Alive in fallout 1. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE WILL DIE
Chevy need to zap him early. Or Bragg can do it since he's already staged. In fact it's better if Bragg gets him. - fixed for 203. If chevy doesn't get him, Bragg will. The real bug was the Father stopped following at chevy so he would just sit there if Chevy was taken out by the player. Tightened up the triggers and put collision barriers to discourage climbers.BLee
Brahmin in water Quest assistCarrying 90 jugs of water is hard. But you have all these handy Brahmin from Saving Old Glory! How about that! One of the Brahmin in the pack can be set to the Water Pack brahmin and the player can acccess its inentory with a nice 900 WG limit.
Argument in Pinehaven never starts.Argument between companions in Pinehaven never gets started. Player left to get Fixer for Matheson and believes that may have broken something.Before:

Fixed for 203Advent#7681EPDGaffneyI
Angel Breakers Cottonwood message.
In Angel Breakers, people are getting the Cottonwood Cove radiation leak prompt message box repeatedly to the point of locking their game.
See line 27 above. Fixed for 203Hadrian#0163
Marius First Greet Post MQ02Greet Marius post MQ02 is default hostileFixed for 203
Tarantulas Are BadNPCs attack them a lot. Delete them. Also go on a snake cull.
Scientist Overseer SkipWhile doing a scientist playthrough you can see and talk to the overseer about the Enclave at the very start of the mod.Fixed for 203Dootwalker#9751Voidwalker
John Bragg Ashpile respawnIn the hydroponic battle - should not respawn till MQ05 in that caseHe has to. No choice. Can conditionalize Bragg in LaserDisintegrationFXSpell.
Buff Annai so she doesn't die as eaily vs BraggsAs is her health is only 125. She dies. Frequently.Gave her 1200 health and enchanted her and the Braggs with a 5hp health regen spell on their armor.
If the list reaches 80 items for 203, we quit adding to it. :p I'm cutting it off here. Past this we go no futher. This is where we tap out. Choose carefully what we focus on.
BETA 204 fix list below this line. <- Apparently Obsidian will be playing this one so... Better make it good!
Optimize Oggs?It has been reported that our Virbis Lib files in vanilla are causing slowdown potentiall and we may have used the wrong compression method. Compress without breaking shit. Test to see if this is true. This is only for oggs unter the FX directory that should be wav filesBLee
Vendertron Missing Buying OptionAfter 203 apparently his vedor option went poof. Conflict with YUP and possibly others. Fixed for 204. Vendortron now has it's own dialog container.
Lock that door in Atrium and Upper ApartmentsCinema Door and Upper Apartments Set Inaccessible.
Dream cave must be blocked off more clifs. Blee
Navmesh missing around mouth of new Athens CaveNavmesh it right. Move the bugs. Remove Prospector inside and swap all Lakelurks with dead NCR Troopers.BLee
Stevee needs genericsGlasses need fixing too.Add generic voice 02. Maybe give him real lines in the future.BLee
SpeedyB Aviator MirrorsGlasses are always whiteEdit nif to add the environment map and set the map to shinybrightBLee
I15 Spawners NerfedPlayers are farming ammo and guns at the spawners.Make all gear lowpoly and unplayable.BLee
Kira quest when she's deadSo I got a quest to free Kira from Eldragon, or whomever, but I killed Kira earlier. If she is dead, that quest shouldn't be popping up, right? She was a bit annoying anyways
Didn't we fix that already? Fig reported this a while ago. fixed for 204
Jameson caravan stuck at Daggerpoint front gateIf player chooses to scout ahead and goes too far from the caravan, the script will set conditions as if you had arrivedReload a previous save and don't go past the first set of Ghouls that you run into, or just don't chose the option to scout ahead FIXED FOR 210
CARDs quest won't failCards under the table hangs around forever if you just ignored it before entering the vertibirdFixed for 210. Will now fail at stage 50 of SVRMQ01
Kira quest launching Escape late in gameAfter stage 10 of SVRMQ01, Defying Elsdragon and freeing Kira should just fail SVR quest line or launch Wildcard. Kira's quest also doesn't finalizeFixed for 210
Yetti Hail after Jenn's Quest Dialog MissingYetti has a nice chat with the player after breaking into Bragg's office with Jenn. That is currently just set to repeat, "hope you and Jenn are havin' fun? You know.Set Greeting. Move to an XMarkerHeading outside player apartments door. Greet player as the arive. Chat, then end the Quest there. Added for 204.BLee
Fix the stupid spanner.Still mucked up apparently. We should replace it with a pipe wrench. Modders resource? Fixed for 204
Empty MerchantsNeed inventories linked to merchants. Link inventories to Merchants. Fixed for 204.BLee|||||
MQ05 Duville dialog dropoutWhen returning to Duville, his dialog drops out if the player has vault killer but not Born Soldier III Change condition to Vault killer. Fixed for 204
NCR Water BugPBrazilCH3NCRMQ02XiabulaWaterSceneScript has weak conditions at eventflag 1 and might never advance, causing a problem at the end with Silverman's dialog not being avaialable to complete the questTemporary bypass at console: SetStage xxa9ff05 90 <enter> Fixed for 204
Jameson Luck Option lowerJameson directions still confusing. Caravan luck option is too high. Set to 2. Aslso, set Strengtht to 5 for Annai. Write in toptional directives.BLee||||||
Set Jameson Caravan to Run.Jamesson and Jarl need to run. Walking is too slow.Adjust Package at daggerpoint gates to always run to the destinations. Added for 204||||||||||
Oran's hostile to VikingsMQ05 if Vikings with you when meeting Annai/JerriFixed for 204
Set player house at RHX studioPlayers need a place to store their shit.Set all crates in area to persistent reference.Blee
Load Screens Not StandardLoading screen tooltips appear. Images do not.Apparently this feature is broken in the hard code of New Vegas itself, and the GECK cannot overide the feature. <- Run this script on startup.BLee
Rbalance Vsec Armor and Patriot armorThey're outta whack.Fixed in 204, plugin from engie cat. newcali_vault18balance.espEngie
Rebalance ChevyWeakass to Badass (She was tough with 16DT, not so much anymore with 8!)Fixed in 204, plugin from engie cat. newcali_vault18balance.espEngie
Vault 18 item conditions100% iterms to not so much.Fixed in 204, plugin from engie cat. newcali_vault18balance.espEngie
Respawning items in Robotics LabDouble the primers overnight!Fixed in 204, plugin from engie cat. newcali_vault18balance.espEngie
Missile Launcher SNAFU
Missile Launcher can't be activated after activating again.the script in question is PBCH3NCR01MortarControlTermScript, it sets iActivated to 2 when activated, and forgets to reset it back to 0 when no action is taken. here's a quick fix -- mortarqf.espEngie
Eliza Med Check too HighEliza should be high. Not the basic med check. Lowered 40 to 10, since it is unaviodable.
End of 204 edits for the Weekend of November 10th. This is just a quick ESM only update. Fixing small issues with 203 and minor issues for the weekend.
BETA 213 fix list below this line -- 213 will be a full re-release of all files. November 26th at Midnight
MOPPs on all MESHESMOPPS was fucked up for many years on Niftools, and it needs to be manually run through the new 64-bit build. Otherwise they WILL contribute to our crash problem. Every Nif under meshes, one at a time. (Build 210.)BLee
Lost Roads Quest pointerStill points to Athens even if you killed everybody there. Including Jackson and Wilco, who they managed to kill before they got stunned.Players report they can kill everything at Athens-Tec, a mine with 10,000 Raiders in it before even getting through Lost Roads. In thise case, lets put a last ditch "Stun Gun" at the entance to the mine, right after the watchtowers, and spawn a bunch of either tesla beams or pulse genades there. This then teleports the player to Elsdragon. Fixed in 204BLee|||
Character Revision possible bugI think I found a bug with editing your character at the end of the prologue bit when you go to bed, basically I didn't like my tag skills so I made everything else the same same face, special, just changed the tagged.Then picked the same level 2 perk. However when the next part started, I noticed my Charisma was 9 instead of it's original 8(7 special+Sweet Talker). I checked my perks and now my character had the Nerd-orable Perk.The problem is my character is on the path of the Athlete and I'm Int 3 so I had no way of doing Kira's quest, but I did manage to pass the initial Charisma Check. I checked and I didn't have it before ending the prologue,I made sure it wasn't a weird fluke and tried it a few times and it still happened, then I tried starting the prologue without changing anything and my character didn't have the perk anymore. So I have to think it hassomething to do with editing the character at the end of the prologue.Fixed for 210Nadodan#7560